Seeker! Ken Campbell Podcast

Seeker! Ken Campbell Podcast

By Daisy Campbell and David Bramwell

Daisy Campbell and David Bramwell plunder the audio archive of theatre maverick and raconteur Ken Campbell to bring you some of his finest monologues and other specially recorded episodes; celebrating one of the most hilarious and unclassifiable talents of our time.


History of Comedy P2

Ken’s perfect love – Gastromancy – The hunt for The Lost Vowel
21/04/191h 2m

History of Comedy P1

Call of the Wild – Ventriloquism – An outbreak of Montanism
21/04/191h 6m

The Thayer Interviews

Ken discusses his work, his life and his off-beat philosophy with filmmaker Sheridan Thayer.
16/03/1923m 26s


In this show Ken’s far-ranging tales are linked by the art of Doris the parrot.
16/03/191h 20m

Werner Erhard’s Dark Journey: My Part in it

In which Ken attends the legendary EST training and discovers a new form of humour
02/03/1946m 36s

Letter to Bob: The Meaning of Life

An audio-letter from Ken to counterculture legend Robert Anton Wilson, keeping him up to date with Ken’s latest capers. Originally recorded at Ken’s home in Epping Forest by trusted ally James Nye
02/03/191h 1m

Mystery Bruises P2

Ken’s adventures with the world’s top scientists (including Stephen Hawking) lead him to discover what we’re supposed to suppose – and why serious drama is extremely dangerous

Mystery Bruises P1

Ken experiences multiverse interference in the form of mystery bruises – and takes up Transcendental Meditation with explosive results
02/03/1942m 53s

The RDC Hoax

Ken’s elaborate hoax to convince the world that the Royal Shakespeare Company had become the Royal Dickens Company. “That’s it for The Bard”.
16/02/1933m 54s

Hail Eris

Ken describes the bizarre and extraordinary endeavour of staging the legendary counter-culture novel Illuminatus. This was the first production for The Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool.
16/02/191h 23m

What I learned from Ken Campbell

An all-star panel discussion recorded at the British Library with Toby Jones, Nina Conti, Prunella Gee and Terry Johnson, and hosted by David Bramwell
16/02/1950m 2s

Jamais Vu Part Two

A journey to Tanna – Prince Pilip – Yasur the Volcano
16/02/1938m 26s

Jamais Vu Part One

Pidgin English – Billy Connelly – Artist’s Choice
16/02/1947m 6s

Pigspurt Part Two

Nose-arse – Philip K Dick – Ken Dodd in the South Pacific
23/01/1949m 2s

Pigspurt Part One

Enantiodromia – The Bishop of Colchester – The Captain
23/01/191h 14m
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