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Self? Help!

Self? Help!

By Terence Mickey

Self? Help! is the podcast for anyone who's thought: Who the hell am I? What in god’s name am I doing? And how did I get here of all places? And then to figure it all out, you turned to a book—because you’re that kind of person, and so is your host, Moth Storyteller and creator of Memory Motel, Terence Mickey. He doesn't care from where you seek your guidance, whether it’s Leo Tolstoy or Dr. Seuss. He's a firm believer that we cannot get enough help in this life and that books are, indeed, magic. In Season 1, listen in as Terence talks with New York Times best-selling authors Susan Cain, Paula McLain, Johann Hari, Sarah Knight, and Eli Finkel.


Eli Finkel's Existentialist Crisis

Bestselling author of "The All or Nothing Marriage," Eli Finkel's story of how existentialism not only cured his writer's block but transformed dread into joy.
02/05/19·18m 48s

Introducing Outside the Book, Episode 1: Alan Lightman

Meet Outside the Book—a sibling podcast to Self? Help!—in which authors talk about life away from their desk to share experiences they hold dear, but have not yet committed to the page.
21/03/19·23m 8s

Sarah Knight’s Mental Space Manager

Bestselling author Sarah Knight's story of having everything but happiness, learning to say no, and creating a new life she loved—with a little help from a good book.
21/03/19·19m 6s

Paula McLain’s Antidote to Toxic Love

NYT bestselling author Paula McLain shares her story of dangerous romance, the lure of toxic love, and the book that helped her break the cycle and heal herself.
21/03/19·32m 18s

Johann Hari’s Key to Humanizing Addiction

Why do we treat addicts the way that we do? This is Johann Hari's story of discovering the real history of the War on Drugs and why it never had to happen.
21/03/19·28m 49s

Susan Cain’s Career Transformer

NYT Bestselling author Susan Cain's story of throwing society’s expectations out the window to find her ideal career—and the book that helped her do it.
21/03/19·21m 45s

Trailer: Self? Help!

Self? Help! is the podcast for anyone who thought: Who am I? What in god’s name am I doing? And how did I get here of all places? And then to figure it all out, you turned to a book. Because you’re that kind of person.
19/02/19·3m 3s
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