The Gerry Anderson Show

The Gerry Anderson Show

By BBC Radio Ulster

Dive into an alternative world of humour and wonderment. This is a permanent archive featuring some of Gerry’s best shows from 1984 onwards, 2 episodes added each week. Part of BBC Radio Foyle’s 40th birthday celebrations


Spinster Of This Parish

Sean Coyle pays tribute to 40 years of Gerry - last in the series.
06/12/19·14m 47s

Never Been Called A Gentleman

Gerry has a cottage, and an angry golfer calls (First Broadcast 27/11/2001)
22/11/19·15m 37s

The Days Of The Blow Lamp

What a blacksmiths smelt like, how to talk to a horse, and Geordie's geese (09/05/2001)
18/11/19·31m 38s

Gerry's Bad Accents

Is it stick or schtick? and a local celeb cookbook - who's cooking chicken? (06/09/1991)
15/11/19·21m 50s

The Man With The Old Voice

Gerry becomes Hugo, and Sean strips to his shorts (First Broadcast 24/06/2009)
11/11/19·21m 48s

Protestant Baps, Catholic Buns

Gerry tries to buy a hub cap, and what's a suppressor? (First Broadcast 09/10/2001)
08/11/19·18m 21s

More Beef On A Crutch

Vintage Gerry from 1984, featuring a young Mr Coyle as a certain boxer (22/10/1984)
04/11/19·16m 48s

Two Words: Shut Up

Gerry & Sean discuss tonic wine and smoking (First broadcast 18/01/2010)
01/11/19·28m 15s

Gerry's Ghost Hunt

For Halloween, we revisit Gerry's tour of Crumlin Road Gaol (First Broadcast 29/10/2005)
28/10/19·29m 33s

A Hypnotised Hen and the Child of Prague.

A brief, but legendary moment. Audio quality is poor, but it's the only copy we know of!
25/10/19·6m 17s

Do You Take Sugar?

What tricks did your employer play? (First broadcast 13/03/2012)
18/10/19·19m 33s

Hugh's Got Rhythm

The phones aren't working, Seamus Heaney meets Bojangles (First Broadcast 26/09/2009)
14/10/19·21m 54s

A Special Programme About Baldness

Cures for baldness: rainwater and cow pats (First Broadcast 28/09/2011)
11/10/19·23m 54s

To Wig Or Not To Wig

Sean has a fan & is it better to dye or wig? (First broadcast 12/08/2008)
07/10/19·21m 8s

The Wee Man Is Very Quiet

Classic movie talk annoys Gerry, and he doesn't use the toilet brush
30/09/19·27m 30s

Away And Tighten A Vinegar Bottle

How to greet people, and chip shop trickery (First Broadcast 10 09 2008)
27/09/19·20m 14s

Jackie & Daniel In The Wild West

The Unforgiven, reimagined Ulster style (First Broadcast 05 12 2007)
23/09/19·14m 46s

Stone The Crows

Wigs, and what happened to the chicken? (First Broadcast 06 05 2008)
20/09/19·27m 36s

How Does It Rate On The Filth Scale?

Sean's eye brow, and a first taste of drink
16/09/19·24m 41s

A Kangeroo Landed In The Garden

Nothing wrong with hugging, and Tony Curtis' horn (First broadcast 27/10/2010)
13/09/19·24m 3s

No Real Names Any More

How to care for a hedgehog, and Fonsie the Football Coach (First Broadcast 25/10/2007)
09/09/19·23m 43s

The Only Organ That Doesn't Lie

The nose knows, and a lesson in 'sleaze'
06/09/19·28m 43s

No Future In Being A Hyena

Which animal would you be? Geordie is confused by a rest room (First Broadcast 27/10/09)
02/09/19·25m 57s

Fonsie Sells Nadine A Car

Gerry struggles with Jimmy Cricket (First Broadcast 10 11 2008)
30/08/19·22m 51s

Gerry's Festival Days

Airports, Derek Bell - and Sean brings Roy Walker back (First Broadcast 27 04 2011)
26/08/19·29m 32s

Sean's Sore Arm

Gerry worries that his star power is fading. (First Broadcast 07/02/2008)
23/08/19·23m 59s

Are You Still Keeping Pigeons?

The strange tale of Mike Tyson and a pigeon.
19/08/19·27m 10s

I Know Where You Got Your Hair

New hair, a wedding ring and the back seat of a car. (First broadcast 30/08/2010)
16/08/19·25m 44s

Geordie & The Wee Duck

A listener finds a duck, the Isle of Man gets Gerry in trouble (First Broadcast 28/06/06)
12/08/19·22m 41s

Two Types Of People

Gerry explains the art of talk shows (First Broadcast 25/09/07)
09/08/19·25m 44s

A Play About A Dog

Why attraction loses its lustre & is Gerry's laugh fake? (First broadcast 24/09/2009)
05/08/19·25m 11s

The Whiskey Chronicles

How Gerry got a taste for scotch, and gremlins in the machine. (First Broadcast 17/03/10)
02/08/19·20m 57s

Pushy Backy Standy Uppy

Sean's vanishing posterior and a singing donkey (First Broadcast 27/11/2007)
29/07/19·22m 25s

To Have Loved And Lost

Valentine's Day, Budgies and a cousin called Kevin (First Broadcast 14/02/2008)
22/07/19·22m 47s

When You Weren't Allowed To Be Bald

How to enjoy a half pint, and baldness (First Broadcast 27/09/2011)
19/07/19·30m 17s

To Cuddle A Spaceship

A man chases a fox, Geordie buys a cow (First Broadcast 06/04/2009)
16/07/19·27m 44s

A Play About Northern Ireland

King of the Culchies, and bad plays about Northern Ireland (First Broadcast 14/10/2008)
12/07/19·25m 1s

A Bear Ran Down A Hill

Gerry went fishing & how to rotivate a lawn (First Broadcast 07/04/2009)
08/07/19·33m 13s

A Spud Sits Weeping In The Attic

Geordie has trouble with a calf and some chewing tobacco (First Broadcast 21/10/2010)
05/07/19·24m 58s

Go To Bed Little Hedgehog

How to walk like a Protestant or a Catholic. (First broadcast 16/04/2008)
01/07/19·28m 9s

A Tale Of Cow Dung & Snuff

Do glasses have legs or arms? (First Broadcast 15/03/2011)
28/06/19·24m 11s

Gerry The Docker

Gerry's at the docks, Geordie's at the gin (First Broadcast 11 02 2009)
24/06/19·31m 39s

Skinny Malink Melodeon Legs

Gerry is not interested in children's rhymes of yesteryear (First Broadcast 23/10/2007)
21/06/19·31m 35s

The Days Of The Big Hand Bag

Airport problems and a history of Derry fashion
17/06/19·30m 43s

No Peas? That'll Cost You Extra

You're Bernard Ingham! And why less food costs more. (First Broadcast 10/09/2007)
14/06/19·30m 17s

The Balmoral Show

Gerry, Sean and Geordie meet goats, lamas and cheeky children (First Broadcast 12/5/10)
10/06/19·21m 38s

That Thing The Doctor Used To Do

Sean's riotous past, and an old use for '3d bits' (First Broadcast 22/02/2011)
07/06/19·30m 49s

Gerry's Own Goal

A football career cut short by a spectacular own goal (First Broadcast 20/11/2004)
03/06/19·29m 12s

Seven Pints & A Fish Supper

An unusual promotion in a local bar (First Broadcast 23/06/09)
31/05/19·29m 11s

Local Ads For Local People

Gerry dissects local radio ads, Sean won't do Ivan Little (First Broadcast 06/08/2008)
27/05/19·23m 47s

Michael's Haunted House

Michael says he has had several run in's with the 'deceased' (First Broadcast 29 03 2004)
24/05/19·33m 15s

Men With A Flick

Why can we put a man on the moon, but not put a man's flick down? (24/10/03)
20/05/19·27m 53s

Shut That Gate - The Musical

Gerry is writing a musical about the Siege of Derry (First Broadcast 04/05/2009)
17/05/19·29m 52s

Attacked By Crows

A listener is plagued by crows & Gerry wants back on TV (First Broadcast 20/04/2010)
13/05/19·32m 56s

How To Talk To People In Pubs

Gerry wants to talk to people in pubs (First Broadcast 19 01 2006)
10/05/19·41m 44s

Cowboys & Vegas

Cowboy museum in the desert & Brendan Bowyer in Vegas (First Broadcast 22/05/1991)
06/05/19·38m 7s

Tommy Kelly

Tommy Kelly's in Hong Kong in this vintage edition of the show (First Broadcast 04/01/89)
03/05/19·25m 13s

Airports & Teabags

The price of teabags at airports (First Broadcast 20/08/2005)
29/04/19·20m 13s

A Day Out In Enniskillen

Gerry takes a dander round Enniskillen (First Broadcast 26/06/1995)
26/04/19·41m 28s

Pregnant Ferret & Loud Levels

Geordie has a ferret problem, Gerry has a level problem (First Broadcast 21/06/2004)
22/04/19·26m 28s

Deceased Budgies & Grumpy Gerry

A listener loses his budgie & Gerry is in very bad form
19/04/19·28m 56s

Petrol Pumps & Gout

A young Ballymena listener complains about 'pointless' stories (First Broadcast 15/10/06)
15/04/19·21m 33s

A History of Gerry in 100 Objects

Gerry takes a bus trip to the Ulster Museum (First Broadcast 05/02/2010)
12/04/19·39m 1s

Chipeaters, Whistlers & Wah Wahs

Unusual names for Belfast folk, and a keen whistler (First Broadcast 27/06/2005)
08/04/19·26m 2s

Derry Wives & Guardian Angels

American GIs stuck in Derry, and Charlie Landsborough stops by (First Broadcast 03/11/03)
05/04/19·46m 6s

The Cow With Warts On Her Teat

Hand Dryer usage, greyhounds chasing sausages & how to mingle (First Broadcast 12/01/05)
01/04/19·31m 55s

Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive & Coronation Street

Gerry & Sean get lost in a Beverly Hills garden (First Broadcast 20/05/1991)
29/03/19·44m 29s

Talking Teeth & Eating Teeth

Eccentric aunts, crosswords and a man with a broken leg (First Broadcast 09/02/2009)
25/03/19·39m 33s

Sean, I want to talk to you

Gerry is not happy with this morning's calibre of caller (First Broadcast 04/10/2004)
22/03/19·27m 55s

Gerry's Guide to the Big Apple

Gerry plans to run in the NYC Marathon...but plans can change (First Broadcast 27/12/11)
18/03/19·47m 25s

Golfing Gripes & Michael Moore

A golfer is upset, and Gerry talks to director Michael Moore (First Broadcast 12/08/04)
15/03/19·37m 54s

San Fran Daniel

Gerry takes a taxi tour of San Francisco with Daniel O'Donnell (First broadcast 23/05/91)
11/03/19·41m 25s

The Quiet Man

Who was The Quiet Man? Gerry is fed up talking about it (First Broadcast 20/12/2004)
02/03/19·29m 53s

A Terrible Thing Has Happened

A bus trip to Ballywalter estate ends in disaster...for a vase (First Broadcast 17/12/88)
02/03/19·22m 44s

Love & Hatchets

Sean injures himself with a hatchet and a listener is in love (First broadcast 12/08/03)
02/03/19·43m 42s

Venice Beach, Paramount Studios & Sonny Bono

Gerry meets a tarot card reader on Venice Beach, takes a tour of Paramount Studios with Jackie Fullerton's uncle and travels to Palm Springs to meet mayor Sonny Bono.
02/03/19·41m 15s

It's Always Sunny In Northern Ireland

Sunny weather woes, chipmunks and Frank Carson (First broadcast 08/08/2003)
02/03/19·45m 57s

Welcome to The Gerry Anderson Show

Sean Coyle and Eve Blair introduce the new Gerry Anderson podcast.
25/02/19·3m 21s
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