By Ella Grace Denton

Unravelling your conditioning & reconnecting with yourself


22. Living With Alopecia: Discovering My Root Cause & Developing Deeper Self Acceptance + My Advice, Tips & Tricks!

This episode has been SUCH a long time coming.. almost 3 years in fact! Auto-Immune Diseases are super prevalent in todays society and deeply misunderstood. Here I share my 3 year journey of trying to work out the ROOT CAUSE of my Alopecia Areata, although I am not 100% finished with this exploration I have come SO FAR and hope this Episode provides answers for those struggling. 
04/01/21·59m 27s

21. Discovering Womanhood Without A Womb w/ Tasha Bishops

Tash was born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome. Affecting 1 in 5,000 women, MRKH means she was born without a womb.  In this episode she shares her incredible story with us, and reminds us that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, powerful, and respected every single day – with absolutely no qualifiers. Infertility, gender, sexual orientation, background, money, job, mental health or any other kind of issues are things that effect each of us differently, daily. Find Tasha @wearethepantsproject
15/10/20·1h 5m

20. The Domino Effects Of Bravery: Upgrading Your Frequency

I come to you today with a solo episode sharing my experiences of upgrading my own frequency to the point wherein my life aligns fully with my heart. This is a journey for everybody, and never ends but I hope this episode gives you the tools you need to let in those upgrades! 
07/10/20·24m 0s

19. Trans Truth & Transphobia W/ The Amazing Charlie Craggs

I was fortunate enough to have the incredible Charlie Craggs join me earlier this year to share her story. The passion, strength and fire that lies in the heart of this woman is beyond my comprehension and I  feel honoured to have had her open the doors to us about her experience as a Trans Women in this Episode! Instagram:
30/09/20·35m 11s

19. Plant Medicine For The People w/ Erin Lovell Verinder

Author, Consult & Guide in the healing realms of plant whispering Erin Lovell Verinder is filled with deep wisdom, her book Plants For The People spoke to me deeply and so I had to get her on ReWilding! Plant Medicine calls me so deeply, whether to journey with or work alongside in the kitchen, I know the power plants hold and there's no one better to come on here and speak to us about this age old magic than Erin.  Instagram: @erinlovellverinder
09/09/20·36m 43s

18. The Mystery & Magic Of The Feminine

This week I am blessing you with an episode that came through me on a beautiful day when I was experiencing the full magic and mystery of the forgotten feminine medicine. I hope it embellishes you with it's magic! Find me @ellagracedenton
02/09/20·31m 11s

17. Living In Devotion, Embracing Your Darkness & Learning Non-Violent Communication W/ Mollie Mendoza

Wow. We recorded this almost half a year ago yet the relevance remains strong as ever in this gorgeous deep dive conversation with my teacher, friend, and Mindset & Empowerment Coach Mollie Mendoza! You can find her on Instagram: @unmind_ 
26/08/20·48m 25s

16. Season Two BEGINS: What is ReWilding and how the hell can you do it?!

Welcome home hunnies! We are back and better than ever after a big break away the much anticipated Season Two of ReWilding begins!  In our first Episode back I dive into what ReWilding really means to me, how you can do it and why it's essential for our wellbeing that we disconnect from the taming of a sick world and start to create a new one from the core of our beings. This is a DEEP first episode - just how we like it.  Let's rock n roll babies
26/08/20·35m 42s

15. Am I Gay?! // Exploring Intimacy With Women

Yep. The title say's it all. In this final Episode of Season #1 I share my experience with being intimate with a woman for the first time! It's been a total awakening for me, and I really hope this very real Episode is the same for you!  Love, EGD
01/12/19·46m 38s

14. The Dark Feminine

Who is she and why are we suppressing such magnetic energy in both our personal lives and societies as a whole?!  Happy Halloween!  Love, EGD ReWilding: The Retreat -
31/10/19·37m 56s

13. Eating Disorders & Limitless Recovery W/ Mel Wells

I finally had the opportunity to have the ever inspirational Mel Wells (@iammelwells) on ReWilding to tell her story!  Mel's journey with food and her body, from bulimia & orthorexia to making a full recovery, is empowering women worldwide to challenge their entire belief system around food and their bodies and rewrite their stories and I hope it helps you in all the way's you need! Love, EGD
07/10/19·46m 2s

12. We Broke Up - How, Why & What Next? w/ Ben Brown

In this episode Ben and I finally dive in to what's actually been happening behind the scenes with our relationship and I'm so happy we can finally share the transition we are making. It's always been really important to both Ben and I that we can share our relationship - in all it has been and all it is yet to be - openly and freely, in the hopes of inspiring others on their journeys! We're both still learning and really appreciate all of your love and support.  Find Pt.2 on Bens Podcast -
24/09/19·40m 55s

11. Therapy, Mental Health & Medication: Sharing My Experiences

In this late night Episode I delve into my experiences with therapy, depression, anxiety, mental healths stigma’s and medication. I hope by speaking openly about my experiences I can inspire any one who needs an extra budge to ask for help or reach out. Stigmas can suck my dick. Resources:
31/08/19·51m 29s

10. Sexual Healing, Freeing Your Pussy & Divine Masturbating w/ Grace Hazel

What. An. Episode. An hour and a bit of absolute wisdom as I'm joined by Women's Sexual Healing Mentor & Vagina Witch, Grace Hazel.  We answer your questions from "Let's talk about squirting" to, "I'm worried my vagina looks weird", to "How can I connect to my sexuality after sexual trauma?" We covered it all - nearly! I think we'll defo be delving into an Episode 2 at some point and I think you'll agree. Cosy up and enjoy this ultimate raw girls chat as much as we did! You can find Grace Hazel @grace___hazel on Instagram
16/07/19·1h 20m

9. Reconditioning Your Limiting Beliefs & Lifting The Lid On Unhealthy Relationships w/ Sarah Coxon

I'm so happy to be able to share this beautifully expansive, brave, and deeply interesting conversation with the amazing Sarah Coxon, I know this episode has the capacity to help so many women - Sarah runs The Academy of Womanly Prosperity and helps women all over the world live fearlessly, intuitively and abundantly!  In this episode we dive into the power of reconditioning our limiting beliefs around money, career, relationships and much more as women, our personal, fairly radical, experiences and beliefs around  nxiety, depression and the bodies response to trauma AND we really lifted the lid on abusive relationships and the fear that so many women experience around sharing their stories. You can find Sarah on Instagram: @drsarahcoxon
06/07/19·1h 39m

8. Life Changing Retreats & The Power of Going Offline

In this episode I share my experiences of being on the road and having been fortunate enough to attend two really life changing retreats!  I found a space where my love of music and spirituality met in Kirtan, experienced the magic of community living, witnessed the power of facing my fears, reconnected with my deepest sense of being on my second retreat with Mooji and made the choice to stay on the road in Portugal for two weeks, camping and living road tripping!  Find Molly Mendoza @unmind_ Find Sam Garrett @samgarrettmusic & on Spotify  Find The Hanuman Project @hanumanproject Find videos of Satsang with Mooji on YouTube LOVE!  EGD  
18/06/19·44m 5s

7. All Things Astrology! - Q&A w/ Debbie Frank

In this long awaited episode, I asked my Astrology mentor, Debbie Frank all your Astrological questions!  If you've been wanting to delve into the art of Astrology, on any level, this episode is an amazing place to begin. You can check out Debbie's amazing Online Course, Enlightened Astrology here: Love! EGD
31/05/19·50m 6s

6. Untangling "The Feminine", Women's Circles & Finding True Connection w/ Anoushka Florence From The Goddess Space

In this Episode Anoushka and I dive deep into what "the feminine" archetype really is, our personal awakenings, growing up with religion, and holding Womxns Circles! This is the ultimate sacred sisters DMC podcast episode, so snuggle up with a cup of tea and join us!  Click Here to look into joining the Luna Community before anyone else!  You can find Anoushkas Instagram here and her offerings here.
08/05/19·41m 17s

5. Letting Go Of Who You Want To Be & Becoming Who You Are

In this episode I share what the journey of letting go of who I wanted to be and becoming who I am has looked like - and continues to look like - for me! It's been a trip!  This is a very special, and personal episode for me, delving into the truth of why I believe we are subconsciously in survival mode as a society and how, when we begin to comprehend the oneness that sits in the seat of everything, we can begin a journey of being free!
19/04/19·40m 56s

4. How We Could All Benefit From Being A Little More Sober Curious W/ Ruby Warrington

After years of struggling to find the fun in drinking alcohol, trying desperately to fit in with friends whilst avoiding the peer pressure to drink and feeling pretty isolated during my time at a booze heavy university I finally had the pleasure of delving into the world of Sober Curiosity and sharing some serious wisdom around all of of this with Ruby Warrington! In this Episode we delve into the ideas shared in her groundbreaking new book: Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol. Below are all the links you'll need to connect with Ruby and her work: Sober Curious Ruby Warrington The Numinous
05/04/19·45m 12s

3. Navigating Your Spiritual Awakening W/ Ella Grace Denton

In this Episode I answer your questions as I delve into how we can navigate a spiritual awakening. From understanding what a spiritual awakening even is?! To dealing with judgement from friends and family and overcoming the fear of change. This episode was such a special one for me to be recording and I hope you enjoy it! Luvvvvvv, EGD
24/03/19·55m 40s

2. Sexual Liberation, Self Acceptance & Finding Your Purpose W/ Africa Brooke

I am beyond excited to have been joined by Africa Brooke in this Episode whose work focuses on self development, sober living and shameless pleasure! We totally blew the lid off sexual taboos, pussy power, shared more about our own journeys of self discovery and basically recorded the podcast that our teenage selves needed. You can find Africas direct Instagram here and more about The Cherry Revolution, here! Enjoy!
05/03/19·1h 31m

1. An Introduction to ReWilding & A Bit About Me!

I'm Ella Grace Denton and this is ReWilding, a Podcast dedicated to helping Womxn unravel their conditioning & connect with the Wild Womxn inside.  I aim to create a powerfully safe space for Womxn to connect with themselves, one another and the world around them!  Expect incredible guests, raw sharing, taboo breaking real advice, astrology, card pulling, and so much more. As myself and my favourite Wild Womxn share our journeys and top tips for all the Womxn wanting to walk the path of ReWilding together. Intro & Outro Music:  Run by Ella Grace (Me!) Instagram:  @ellagracedenton @oneoneone
15/02/19·20m 6s
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