Another Dead Man Walking

Another Dead Man Walking

By Sky News

Sky News correspondent Ian Woods has been invited to witness the execution of a man in the US state of Oklahoma. Richard Glossip is on death row for a murder he says he didn't commit. In this series, Woods examines the case, interviews the key people involved and discusses the controversy over the use of lethal injection.


Episode 10: 'Til death row us do part

In the 10th episode of Another Dead Man Walking. Sky News Senior Correspondent Ian Woods talks to Richard Glossip about his marriage, and Oklahoma’s plans to use nitrogen gas in his execution.Woods reveals that Glossip got married to a 21 year old woman who is training to be an undertaker. And Woods and Glossip discuss the row which led to them not speaking for 18 months.The acclaimed podcast series began in July 2015 as Glossip was preparing to face execution for a murder committed by someone else.Series produced by Matt Steele.
08/11/1824m 37s

Episode nine: The new search for witnesses

With his execution still on hold, Richard Glossip’s lawyers have been trying to find new witnesses who could prove his innocence. That search has been aided by a major documentary series on American television. Acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger believes Glossip has been the victim of a miscarriage of justice, and has been tracking down some of the key figures who were responsible for his murder conviction. Excerpts from “Killing Richard Glossip” courtesy of Investigation Discovery/Radical Media.
21/04/179m 43s

Episode eight: Oklahoma's drug problem

Ian Woods reports on the drugs mix-up that halted Richard Glossip's execution, a Papal intervention into the case, and there is a big development in Glossip's private life.
10/06/1621m 49s

Episode seven: Another year to live

Richard Glossip gives his first reaction to the indefinite postponement of his execution and tells Sky's Ian Woods how the prison authorities who wanted to kill him are now concerned for his health.
23/10/1523m 47s

Episode six: Appeals denied

Richard Glossip takes his case to the appeal court and the U.S. Supreme Court. For the first time we hear from the killer Justin Sneed, whose testimony put Glossip on death row. And - as Sky's Ian Woods reports - just when it seems all hope of a reprieve has gone, there is an unexpected twist.
01/10/1531m 26s

Episode five: Execution on hold

In the fifth episode of Another Dead Man Walking, Ian Woods goes to an execution, but instead, is a witness to a celebration. Richard Glossip wins a stay of execution just three hours before he was due to die.The inside story of how attorneys fought to gather the evidence to save his life, and won a temporary victory.
17/09/1529m 33s

Episode four: Time running out

Time is running out for Richard Glossip who is due to be executed in Oklahoma. Sky's Ian Woods visits him on death row and reveals the last desperate attempts by his attorneys and supporters to find a way to save his life.
10/09/1528m 21s

Episode three: The evidence

As Richard Glossip awaits execution in Oklahoma for a murder he says he didn't commit, Sky's Ian Woods examines the evidence in the case and hears a former British police officer tell Glossip it was a miscarriage of justice.
03/09/1519m 16s

Episode two: The lethal injection controversy

The Lethal Injection Controversy. In this episode, Sky's Ian Woods reports how Richard Glossip’s case became the centre of a national debate about the use of lethal injection, and how a late stay of execution was to prove only temporary.
27/08/1517m 30s

Episode one: Would you like to watch me die?

Sky's Ian Woods has been invited to witness the execution of a man in the US state of Oklahoma. Richard Glossip is due to be given a lethal injection next month for a murder he says he didn't commit. In part one of this series, Woods introduces Glossip and explains how he got involved in the case.
20/08/1514m 23s
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