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Debate is not a dirty word.
It's OK to ask questions.
In a series of conversations, we discuss freedom of speech, trans issues, white privilege, cultural appropriation – and much much more.


Jessica Kellgren-Fozard: I got online hate for not being disabled enough

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a deaf lesbian YouTuber who likes the label "disabled", saying it is part of who she is and should not be seen as a bad thing.
29/05/1917m 15s

Courtney Act: Feminine doesn't mean female

Australian drag queen Courtney Act joins Niall to discuss feminism, and explains how performing helped her work out her gender identity.
14/05/1919m 25s

Girli: I'm a popstar, but I won't be Photoshopped

Singer-songwriter and rapper Girli is a passionate feminist who uses her provocative music to get across her message. We find out what happens when pink meets punk, and why she refuses to be Photoshopped.
06/02/1923m 7s

Kimberly McIntosh: Why I took a break from dating white men

Kimberly McIntosh is a young writer and campaigner on race and racism, whose work includes a series of magazine articles about her search for a 'woke' man. Niall Paterson asks her about dating, cultural appropriation and white privilege.
30/01/1929m 10s

Yungblud: Old people robbed our generation

This week, Niall Paterson sits down with Yungblud - a British alternative rock star who's recently toured the US and played to a sold out Royal Albert Hall - to talk about mental health, snowflakes and Brexit.
24/01/1925m 47s

Caolan Robertson: The left created people like me and Tommy Robinson

In our first episode, Niall Paterson sits down with Caolan Robertson - a young, hard-right film-maker who made his name working for the likes of former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson - to talk about immigration, Islam and the media.
17/01/1931m 43s
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