The Bench with Jenna and Jon

The Bench with Jenna and Jon

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Catch up on the latest news and hear the best interviews from around the Betfred Super League and beyond with Jenna Brooks and Jon Wilkin.


Kevin Brown | Stadium names, warmups and pranks

Kevin Brown joins Jenna and Jon this week to run through his career highlights, whether stadiums should have names, what it's like to play for your country and the best prank he's played on a team-mate.
27/03/23·28m 42s

James Simpson | Mustaches, wheelchair rugby growth and meeting royalty

Jenna and Jon are joined this week by Leeds Rhinos wheelchair rugby league coach, James Simpson to discuss all things mustaches, the growth of the sport and meeting royalty after England's World Cup success.
20/03/23·31m 47s

Kelsey Gentles | Pregnancy, protein shakes and tattoos

York Valkyrie and England winger Kelsey Gentles joins Jenna and Jon at Sky Sports HQ this week to talk about pregnancy, name changes and whether protein shakes and leg-tattoos are good or bad for the game.
14/03/23·39m 48s

Kyle Amor | Ostrich rides, 'Marras', and falling back in love with rugby league

This week, former St Helens prop and proud Cumbrian Kyle Amor joins Jenna Brooks and Jon Wilkin to discuss how representing his county helped him rediscover his love of the game, his new life after leaving full-time rugby, and tackle questions in our new feature 'Off The Bench, On The Bench'.
06/03/23·30m 49s

Danny McGuire | 'Legends', Leeds vs Saints, haircuts and influential coaches

Danny McGuire joins Jenna and Jon on The Bench to discuss what it's like to be a 'legend', the rivalry that existed between Leeds and Saints and which coaches shaped his career.
01/03/23·32m 10s

Brodie Croft | Life on the ostrich farm

On this week's episode of The Bench, Jenna Brooks and Jon Wilkin are joined by Betfred Super League star and reigning Man of Steel Brodie Croft. The Australian half-back gives us the inside track on how his career has been revitalised at Salford Red Devils, why he believes the team can shake up Super League's established order, and reveals all on his early years growing up on an ostrich farm in rural Queensland...
23/02/23·28m 43s

Frank Slevin and Mark Applegarth | 'The frog in the well' and how much has Jon learned?

Welcome to The Bench with Jenna and Jon!In this first episode, Jenna Brooks and Jon Wilkin are joined by Frank Slevin, the Chair of Rugby League Commercial to chat about the upcoming men's, women's and wheelchair Super League seasons. Jon's done his research and asks Frank about 'the frog in the well' - all will become clear, we promise!Then Jon gets a chance to prove how much he's learned about Wakefield's new head coach - Mark Applegarth. How will he get on in his first season in charge of Trinity, and how does he feel about his team being tipped as favourites to be relegated?
16/02/23·37m 45s

Welcome to The Bench with Jenna and Jon!

Welcome to The Bench with Jenna and Jon!Each week, Jenna Brooks and Jon Wilkin will be chatting all things rugby league and speaking to the big names in Super League and beyond. Make sure you subscribe to catch all the latest episodes.
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