New Lines

New Lines

By Sky News

New Lines is a journey through modern Britain. It runs the length of the UK from Northern Ireland into Scotland, passing through Lancashire, Manchester, the West Midlands, London and Essex. It will examine the divides and fractures in society through the voices of those affected, and backed up by data which shines a new light on how Britain is changing.


Are young people at risk in 'brutal' mental health units?

Patients tell us of their experiences at privately run centres paid by the NHS to care for children and teenagers with mental health problems, while former staff describe an 'out of control' culture of self-harm.:: Anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal can call Samaritans for help on 116 123 in the UK, or email
15/05/1914m 2s

What happens to children who are rejected by their school?

More pupils are being kicked out of school than ever before - often for taking and selling illegal drugs, carrying knives and beating up teachers. Home editor Jason Farrell has been given rare access to two units set up to look after children who've been excluded.
30/04/1914m 14s

The volunteers who are trying to rehabilitate sex offenders

How can a dangerous sex offender be rehabilitated? Is it even possible? The little known Circles project tries to do so, by putting a sex offender into an intensive series of discussions with ordinary people. This bold and controversial therapy is now taking place throughout Britain. Adele Robinson has had unique access to the sessions, and to the people who give up their time to do such traumatic work.
17/04/1912m 20s

Computer says no: The predictive algorithms that are changing lives

Predictive algorithms, where computers crunch statistics to advise on possible futures, are increasingly commonplace in UK councils and police forces. They're being used for everything from traffic management to benefits sanctions. Critics say it's unclear how extensively our data is being used.Sky's technology correspondent Rowland Manthorpe meets those who are predicting our futures, and the people who've found their lives have been changed by computer models.
01/03/1914m 19s

Debt: I Have £5 To Make 63 Meals

The lack of affordable housing combined with high interest loans - often from illegal loan sharks - means many people on low incomes are struggling to survive in modern Britain.The latest leg of our series examining life around the UK takes us to Birkenhead, where we meet families who can't afford to heat their homes, and are too scared to answer the door.
31/01/1913m 35s

The Changing Face Of Dating

The search for love used to be all about lonely-hearts columns, blind-dates and match-making friends. But now -- if you're single, it's pretty safe to presume you're on a dating app.As part of its Line 18 series, Sky News has been investigating the changing face of the way people look for partners.Sky's Ashish Joshi has been looking into it.Line 18 is a journey through modern Britain in 2018. It runs the length of the UK and it will examine the divides and fractures in society through the voices of those affected, and backed up by data which shines a new light on how Britain is changing.
21/12/1814m 54s

Caring For People With Learning Disabilities

In the latest of Sky News' 'Line 18' podcast, Sky's Health Correspondent Paul Kelso looks at the long-term care of people with a learning disability and autism and how many are being kept in hospitals for far longer than is recommended.Produced by Laura Safe and Rachel Lucas.
31/10/1810m 34s

The Housing Crisis

In the latest of Sky News' 'Line 18' podcast, Sky’s Economics Editor Ed Conway looks into the housing crisis and how people in various parts of the country are affected in different ways.Produced by Annie Joyce and Helen-Ann Smith.
21/09/1814m 12s

Gang Violence In London

Sky’s Kumba Kpakima meets some of the most feared gangs in London, and members of the communities being hit by violence.Produced by Anna Jones and Andy Hughes.
25/07/1817m 20s

The Right To Be Female: Transgender Women Clash With Feminists

In this instalment of Sky News' 'Line 18' podcasts looking at division in our society in 2018, Sky's Lucy Cotter learns what people think about proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act.The transgender community wants to simplify the legal process - but it's facing opposition from hard-line feminists.Produced by Amy Hitchcock and Simon English.
19/07/1813m 56s

The North/South Divide Over Men's Health

In this episode of Sky News' Line 18 series, Nick Martin examines why, statistically, men in the north of England are living shorter lives than those in the south.With the help of researchers at the University of Manchester, we've discovered that 1100 more men aged between 25 and 44 die in northern England than the south each year.Nick visits Blackpool, Manchester and Wigan to try to make sense of the findings.
30/05/1815m 9s

Food Banks and Universal Credit

In this instalment of Sky News's 'Line 18' reports looking at division in our society, our political correspondent Tom Rayner travels to Greater Manchester to look at how food bank use has been affected by the roll-out of the government's flagship benefit reform, Universal Credit.Produced by Simon English.
24/04/1813m 29s

How Divided Is Northern Ireland - 20 Years On From The Good Friday Agreement?

In the third of Sky News' special 'Line 18' reports assessing the divides and fractures in our society, Ireland Correspondent David Blevins looks at Northern Ireland, 20 years on from the signing of the Good Friday agreement.Do people feel safer, and have attitudes changed?
09/04/1813m 43s

The Jobs At Risk From Automation

In the second of Sky News' special 'Line 18' reports assessing the divides and fractures in our society, Technology Correspondent Tom Cheshire looks at automation.The automation of UK jobs, where robots take on roles previously filled by human workers, is inevitable according to some experts.Sky News worked with researchers from think tank Localis to map local authorities' exposure to cliff-edge automation.Tom went to Northamptonshire which - as our data shows - is the most vulnerable county in the UK.
03/04/1814m 48s

Wealth and Inequality

Sky News Business Correspondent Adam Parsons hosts the first Line 18 Podcast.Line 18 is a new series of stories on Sky News, looking at how the United Kingdom is changing in 2018.In this episode, Adam looks at wealth inequality.Produced by Anna Jones and Helen-Ann Smith.
05/03/1814m 39s
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