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The Sister, The Undoing and The Queen’s Gambit

This week on Backstage, the so-called ‘Halloween dump’ continues...First up is spooky new ITV show The Sister – we discuss whether it will continue the channel’s recent run of form.Find out why Claire is obsessed with new psychological thriller The Undoing which is coming to Sky Atlantic and Now TV.There are interviews with the cast of two new movies – Netflix’s Over The Moon and Pixie, which is in cinemas.And there’s even time to talk about new Netflix mini-series The Queen’s Gambit, which has taken everyone by surprise.Enjoy! Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and get in touch using – we love emails!
22/10/2053m 15s

The Sister, The Undoing and The Queen’s Gambit

This week on Backstage, the so-called ‘Halloween dump’ continues...First up is spooky new ITV show The Sister – we discuss whether it will continue the channel’s recent run of form.Find out why Claire is obsessed with new psychological thriller The Undoing which is coming to Sky Atlantic and Now TV.There are interviews with the cast of two new movies – Netflix’s Over The Moon and Pixie, which is in cinemas.And there’s even time to talk about new Netflix mini-series The Queen’s Gambit, which has taken everyone by surprise.Enjoy! Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and get in touch using – we love emails!
22/10/2054m 25s

Rebecca, Riviera and Blackpink

This week, we talk about another adaptation of the classic novel Rebecca.We’re battling the American justice system with The Trial of the Chicago 7, and Prime Video’s heart-wrenching documentary Time. We then shimmy to the glitz of season 3 of Riviera on Sky Atlantic, and switch to the not so glitzy Epping Forest, for The Chop: Britain’s Top Woodworker.All the while tempering Stevie’s slow-burning standom for Korean Pop-Doc BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky and making peace with our very own Katie Spencer going away to bring new life into the world! Enjoy! Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
15/10/2046m 57s

The Haunting of Bly Manor, The Spanish Princess and The Bridge

This week on Backstage, after discussing the postponement of Bond and the knock-on effect for cinemas, we’re checking out whether The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix is as scary as its predecessor - The Haunting of Hill House.We sample a couple of the new films in Prime Video anthology Welcome to the Blumhouse – as well the new movie from Kevin Bacon You Should Have Left which also saw Jason Blum on board as a producer.Hear from the stars of The Spanish Princess which is definitely worth a watch for those missing Game of Thrones.And we discuss The Right Stuff, The 40-year-old Version and new reality show The Bridge – which might not be all Claire thinks it’s cracked up to be.Welcome to Backstage. Enjoy! Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
08/10/2050m 53s

Brave New World, The Boys In The Band and Emily In Paris

This week on Backstage, Stevie gives us the goss on what to catch at London Film Festival. We go through the dystopian drama Brave New World and are moved by a conversation with Jim Parsons and his feelings about new Netflix queer film The Boys In The Band.There is a little bit of escapism with Emily In Paris, and we ask two questions: Why is Fargo no longer set in Fargo? And are any of you tired of the Walking Dead yet? Welcome to Backstage. Enjoy! Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
01/10/2052m 55s

Emmy Awards, Utopia and Life

This week, we have a quick chat about Emmy wins and what is worth watching in this quite upside down 2020.We talk about Amazon Prime's remake of 'Utopia' and change pace to the soapy-drama of BBC's 'Life'.Stevie finds out who exactly Grayson Perry is as he speeds across the United States in Channel 4's 'Grayson Perry's Big American Road Trip', as well as a lovely conversation about a league of royal spies for Disney Plus.Welcome to Backstage. Enjoy! Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
24/09/2048m 29s

Enola Holmes, Us and Paris Hilton

This week we have an emotional conversation with Paris Hilton about her new YouTube Originals documentary, ‘This Is Paris’.We get into it with the new Millie Bobby Brown produced Enola Holmes on Netflix, and we get closer to the Cuckoo’s Nest with Ryan Murphy’s Ratched.We also touch base with Ewan McGregor as he relays his passion for electric motorcycles since riding through Southern and Central America for Long Way Up, and we talk about Tom Hollander’s role as a beleaguered father in the BBC adaptation of David Nicholls’ ‘Us’. Enjoy! Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
17/09/2040m 25s

The Third Day, The Singapore Grip and Cuties

This week, we get eerie with HBO/Sky collaboration The Third Day featuring Naomie Harris and Jude Law, as we heavily anticipate his live streaming to make it that much weirder.We question the colonial implications of ITV’s Sunday offering Singapore Grip as Claire speaks to actress Georgia Blizzard about her insufferable character in the show.We also head across the Channel to the controversial French film Cuties, while Stevie taps into his inner teen with Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms… And no one knows what to do with the Duchess. Enjoy! Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
10/09/2043m 10s

The Boys, Away and our Mulan review

It’s one of Amazon’s most watched shows, and now The Boys is back for a second season. While Katie and Stevie couldn’t be any more excited, Bethany is reserving her judgement. With more graphic violence and gore than you can shake a stick at, it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.Netflix blasts into space with its ambitious space drama Away, starring Hilary Swank as a conflicted captain on a mission to Mars. The team have mixed reactions to some of the no-gravity scenes, achieved with the help of wires and some super slo-mo acting. One thing they do agree on is that space seems to get better phone reception than all of the WFH locations they’ve so far explored in their own flats.We go back to the roots of a popular Swedish detective in Young Wallander, also on Netflix. While the show doesn’t hold back on the torso shots (proving that lead actor Adam Palsson hasn’t been slacking in the gym), it’s Scandi-crime credentials are slightly less forthcoming. For those that don’t like subtitles though, this English-language interpretation does mean you can skip all the pesky reading and concentrate on the gratuitous upper-body nudity.Meanwhile, Disney’s big blockbuster of the year premieres on their streaming service Disney +. The latest in their long line of action re-makes, Chinese actress Liu Yifei stars in the hard-to-fill lead role. With more attention paid to the original 6th century folk tale than the 1998 cartoon version, Stevie educates everyone when he explains what the name Mushu actually means (Spoiler alert: Mushu the dragon, voiced by Eddie Murphy in the Disney original, isn’t in the remake. There is a phoenix.). While it’s a decent re-telling, everyone wonders if kids will have the stamina to actually sit through the $200m (£150m) epic.And in possibly the craziest film the Backstage gang have ever reviewed, Charlie Kaufman latest movie I’m Thinking Of Ending Things comes to Netflix. Starring a pair of Jessies – Irish actress Jessie Buckley and American actor Jesse Plemons – this genre-confounding movie will keep you on your toes and most likely make you question the meaning of life, the universe and everything…Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
03/09/2055m 39s

Get Duked, Strike and our Tenet review

Teenagers doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award get a lot more than they bargained for in new Prime Video film Get Duked. While Stevie wonders if rabbit poo really has hallucinogenic properties, Claire’s been chatting to the cast about what it was like running around in the countryside together.Strike is returning to the BBC with Strike: Lethal White. It’s the latest detective drama based on one of JK Rowling’s books. The team wonder if the author’s recent comments will put people off watching and Katie isn’t sure lead character Cormoran Strike is a good influence on lazy boyfriends everywhere.Everyone’s favourite watch of the week is the compelling I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, which is coming to Sky Crime and Now TV. The true crime documentary mixes the hunt for a serial killer and rapist, with the personal story of a woman who became obsessed with solving the case – writing a book that the show is based on. There’s a lot going on but it manages to avoid being confusing or hard to follow. Katie’s been chatting to Gaz Coombes from Supergrass who are back together, though not playing the series of festival sets they expected to this summer. Find out what she asked that got us wondering how much the band actually like each other.And after talking about it for months, Claire has finally seen Tenet. She reviews both the film and the cinema-going experience in a post-lockdown world.Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
27/08/2045m 17s

I Hate Suzie, Lucifer, and Ronnie Wood

The gang is back together on this week's Backstage, as Claire returns from sunning it up on the coast!And the excitement doesn't stop there - Billie Piper and Lucy Prebble's new Sky Atlantic show I Hate Suzie is very, very good. Claire chats with Daniel Ings, who plays Suzie's husband Cob, about the project. Less exciting, however, is Disney+'s new family film The One And Only Ivan. It's got a stellar cast, and some great CGI animals, but it might even be too boring for some of your kids, let alone the grown-ups!Not one, but two teen movies for you this week. Babyteeth is out in cinemas now, and Chemical Hearts is on Amazon Prime. One's great - the other, not so much.And it's the devil himself - or is it? Netflix's Lucifer is back for part one of its fifth season, but something isn't quite right with the Hellish prince. Something also isn't quite right with the acting.Plus, Katie got to speak to actual living legend, Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, about his new art project, and there's a hint of some new music on the way...Get in touch via email. We'd love to hear from you:
21/08/2049m 52s

Introducing...Polonium & the Piano Player

Two Russians agents release a miniature nuclear weapon in a 5-star London hotel. But former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko is not the only victim? For the full series, search 'Polonium & the Piano Player.'From Sky News StoryCast.
20/08/202m 6s

Jason Sudeikis, Bear Grylls, and Lovecraft Country, we're not reviewing Little Birds again! It's just absolutely baking here in England, and Stevie can't believe Bethany and Katie don't have air conditioning.There's still plenty to talk about this week, despite the heat!Katie's favourite Bear Grylls is back with a new show on Amazon Prime which has the longest title known to humankind - World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji. It has conches, medallions, and Bear back-flipping from a helicopter, but it's not enough to impress the team. Heartwarming new comedy Ted Lasso is available now on Apple TV+, which follows a pretty clueless American football coach as he tries to teach "soccer" (actual football) in England. Hear what Jason Sudeikis had to say about his time in the UK and his thoughts on our comedies. Creatures from hell and white supremacists are both here to terrify characters in the new HBO and Sky Atlantic series Lovecraft Country. With a unique, fresh take on sci-fi and horror, the team are thoroughly impressed. Listen to their review...if you dare...And - The Fresh Prince Of Air as a drama? Well, it's happening! Hear the story of how and why in this week's episode. As usual, we love hearing from you - email and we may get back to you!Now, where's that glass of ice water...
14/08/2050m 2s

Black Is King, Selling Sunset and Mandy

While Claire is off on her jollies, Bethany Minelle is back - and she's just as excited about Black Is King as Katie and Stevie. The gang talk costumes, music, and whether anyone, really, can compare themselves to Beyonce.Series three of Netflix's real estate reality show Selling Sunset is out now - but the team aren't sold on it. Producer David is drafted in to defend the online hit - can he persuade them to watch more of it?No persuasion needed for the team to watch Mandy, which is written, directed by, and stars Diane Morgan. It has Doberman Pinschers, naked sushi, and tarantula bashing - what's not to love?And have you ever wanted pictures to be judged by photographer-to-the stars Rankin? Listen to find out how a new Sky Arts show might help you...Plus; the team discuss the BAFTA TV awards; Katie talks about her new favourite show that sees a journalist trying to avoid getting "shivved" in prison; Stevie pulls out a spectacular Valley Girl impression; and hear the aftermath of Bethany batting away a wasp.(Cover photo: Travis Matthews/Disney Plus via AP)
07/08/2047m 47s

Umbrella Academy, Ramy and Little Birds

The superhero siblings are back for a second season of Umbrella Academy and everyone agrees it’s an improvement on the first series. Plus Claire’s been chatting to stars Tom Hopper and Robert Sheehan about cult-leader costumes and how they’re not really famous.Ramy also returns for a second series following creator and lead actor Ramy Youssef’s Golden Globe win. This time the show comes with some star power in the form of Mahershala Ali, and Ramy explains to Backstage how the Oscar-winner came to be in the show.Sky Atlantic’s new adaptation Little Birds is described as erotic, and while it may not be that sexy, it’s definitely a great watch, and Stevie reckons lead actress Juno Temple is one to watch at the moment.The Emmy nominations have been revealed – find out which Brits have been nominated and why Netflix is celebrating.Plus there’s a whole new Taylor Swift album to discuss – Katie thinks it’s a bit too cable-knit but if it’s good enough for Bon Iver, it’s good enough for Claire.Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
31/07/2045m 5s

A Suitable Boy, Kissing Booth 2 and Comic-Con

This week’s episode kicks off with a discussion about new film Saint Frances which is actually coming out in cinemas – with Tenet getting pushed back indefinitely will smaller independent pictures be enough to tempt audiences back in to theatres? Plus hear an interview with the movie’s star and writer Kelly O’Sullivan.The BBC are breaking new ground with upcoming series A Suitable Boy – their first historical drama with no white characters. Claire thinks it’s perfect Sunday night viewing, and explains why that isn’t a bad thing.Prodigal Son is coming out on Sky One in the UK. The show about a police profiler and his serial killer Dad has already aired in the U.S and been given a second series, and while Katie’s doing her best to defend it, the team are divided on whether it warrants more episodes.The Kissing Booth is back and Stevie has got the full low-down on why the teen drama matters to Netflix, and why it might seem a little dated in the context of their other YA films.And Comic-Con returns – virtually at least. Hear why it’s much better that way for Stevie and get the story of when Katie and Stevie first met, long before Backstage was even a twinkle in their eye…Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
24/07/2041m 36s

Idris Elba, Cursed and Shark Fest

It’s not the biggest week for new releases but the Backstage crew rise to the challenge with this new episode that includes Idris Elba interview clips, an explanation of what’s going on with cinemas at the moment, and a discussion about sharks. Yes, really.Cursed is Netflix’s new re-telling of the sword in the stone legend, and while Stevie has a lot of love for its star Katherine Langford, the show itself isn’t getting such favourable reviews.Idris Elba’s semi-autobiographical comedy In The Long Run is back on Sky One and while Katie and Claire insist it’s a sweet, gentle rom-com, it’s the only show that Stevie has ever seemingly ditched after the first episode. Find out what Idris and his co-star Bill Bailey have to say about The Wire actor taking on the comedic role, plus there’s a little treat for fans of Luther.A celebration of all things shark is happening on National Geographic and the team ponder whether the over-the-top narration is strictly necessary and why sharks are seen as such villains on TV and in films.There’s rumblings from the United States that summer blockbuster Tenet will be pushed back again – find out why what’s going on in the U.S and China is very bad for the cinema industry here. Finally, there’s a little teaser for Palm Springs – a film so new it doesn’t have a UK release date yet, and Peacock – the new streaming service from NBC Universal that’s launched in America with a series that’s got Stevie all hot and bothered.Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
17/07/2040m 55s

The Plot Against America, Little Voice and Scoob

This episode of Backstage kicks off with HBO and Sky Atlantic's new drama The Plot Against America. It shows us an alternative history of the US through the eyes of a working-class Jewish family, who see their country turn to fascism. It's got Winona Ryder and great costumes, so Katie's sold - but what about the rest of the gang?Light, fluffy, and incredibly earnest - the team discuss new Apple TV+ songwriter drama Little Voice. Is the music any good? And how exactly is the main character, Bess, able to afford a storage unit in New York on such a small salary?Also on Apple TV+, hero of the hour Tom Hanks' new war film Greyhound is available to watch. Stevie found the trailer incredibly intense, but could it be an Oscar winner?Over on Netflix, Charlize Theron is giving it her all in The Old Guard. It's got a great cast, a female director who doesn't usually do action movies, and an interest romantic storyline. But is it actually worth watching?And Claire chats to Jason Isaacs about his new role as Dick Dastardly in Scooby-Doo's new film, the creatively titled...Scoob (spoiler - the whole team really loved it!).Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
09/07/2041m 34s

Hanna, Hamilton and Warrior Nun

Stevie kicks off this week with a tough, but incredibly impressive documentary. Storyville’s Welcome To Chechnya on BBC 4 tells the true story of the purging of LGBT people in Chechnya, and the organisations striving to help. Hanna is back for a second season on Prime Video and Claire’s been chatting with the star Esme Creed-Miles and writer David Farr. The new series sees Hanna learning more about the other teenage girls who have been trained to be killing machines, but is this the last we’ll see of the show?Hamilton is perfect for now, and just about any time really. The team rave about the filmed version of the Broadway show which is out on Disney Plus. There’s a new comic-book based show on Netflix, and as Katie explains Warrior Nun does what it says on the tin. There’s a kick-ass young nun, loads of dodgy accents and more action than could possibly be expected. It’s definitely not boring, but it definitely is bizarre.Plus find out what the team are watching when they’re not watching TV for the podcast… it’s a diverse selection.Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
02/07/2045m 15s

Eurovision, Rose Byrne and Glastonbury

Will Ferrell’s take on Eurovision has arrived with new Netflix film ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’. It’s got the songs, performances and costumes you’d expect but will it appeal to people who aren’t fans of the competition? There’s a new political comedy movie available on demand – ‘Irresistible’ stars Steve Carell and Rose Byrne as political nemeses vying to get their candidate elected in a small-town mayoral race. It’s from comedian Jon Stewart and it’s definitely got some interesting things to say about American politics, but Stevie wonders if it could have had some more detail. Plus hear from Rose Byrne about what it was like licking Steve Carell’s face.New Hulu show Love Victor (only available in the US at the moment – boo) is set in the same Universe as the cult film Love Simon but Victor’s experience is very different to Simon’s. It’s a great teen story and gets the thumbs up from the team.Dark is back on Netflix for a third series and it’s completely beyond Claire. Hear Stevie desperately try and explain it to a totally vacant response.Katie and Claire have got the Glastonbury blues but at least there’s going to be highlights from previous years shown on the BBC. If we drink some warm cider and put our wellies on it will be just like being there, right?And what does the shift in the timings of next year’s big ceremonies mean for awards season? Stevie and Claire discuss the possible impacts for 2021 and beyond, and what Venice Film Festival will be like with social distancing in place.Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
25/06/2045m 17s

The Great, Dads and 365 Days

Brace yourself - it’s a raunchy old week for the Backstage podcast this time around.Katie, Stevie and Bethany step back into 18th century Russia with Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult for miniseries The Great.Written by The Favourite co-creator Tony McNamara, the anti-historical romp through the court of Catherine the Great is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.The Politician gets a second season on Netflix, as Ben Platt and Gwyneth Paltrow are joined by Bette Midler and Judith Light in the latest outing of the musical comedy.Perry Mason steps back onto our screens in yet another reincarnation, this time with Matthew Rhys at the helm.The legendary criminal defence lawyer takes on a gruesome case in Hollywood’s Golden era in the dark and brooding Sky Atlantic drama.There’s a change of gear as Jurassic Park actress Bryce Dallas Howard steps behind the camera for Apple TV + Father’s Day documentary Dads.With celebrity contributors including Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith and Jimmy Kimmel, it celebrates parenting in today’s world and asks the question, what is fatherhood?Even if there is no definitive answer, you will learn a few new parenting terms to beef up your childcare vocabulary.And in an X-rated finale, the team end on the Polish film 365 DNI (or 365 Days), which has fast become the most watched film on Netflix.With a morally troubling storyline, questionable acting and laugh out loud scoreboard – it’s so bad it’s… bad.Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we’d love to know what your think!
18/06/2051m 44s

Pete Davidson, Artemis Fowl and I May Destroy You

In a crazy week for new releases, the team pack in as many shows as possible, and invite Bethany Minelle back to help spread the entertainment love.They kick-off with Spike Lee’s prescient Netflix movie Da 5 Bloods, about four Vietnam veterans returning to the field to exorcise some memories and while they’re at it, dig up some treasure too.Stevie’s been catching up with tattooed Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, and finds out how he’s doing after making the very personal movie The King Of Staten Island with director Judd Apatow, streaming now.Katie isn’t convinced by David Tennant and Michael Sheen’s latest show – lockdown project Staged on the BBC iPlayer – despite the hair extensions and peek into their private lives it offers.Bethany catches up with Frozen star Josh Gad in her kitchen (she’s in her kitchen, he’s not) and finds out all about the Disney adaptation of much-loved kids book Artemis Fowl. She also does her best to find out if we can expect Frozen 3 soon… With limited success.There’s a rare moment of agreement as Michaela Coel’s latest BBC drama, I May Destroy You, blows everyone’s socks off, and in lieu of actually escaping abroad this year there’s a bit of time to chat about Polish language Harlan Coben adaptation The Woods, on Netflix.The BBC’s Salisbury Poisonings bring back distant memories of a time when Hazmat suits on TV were uncommon, and then a complete gear change to the supernatural spoofing of BBC Two’s latest series of What We Do In The Shadows.Phew, we told you it was packed.Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
11/06/2050m 23s

The Wretched, Alex Rider and Queer Eye

It’s a strong week for new releases, but the team start by chatting about a movie which has been dominating the U.S box office for weeks – sure there might not be a lot of competition at the moment, but Stevie reckons The Wretched is well worth a watch and he’s been chatting to its directors Brett and Drew Pierce.Claire is loving new teen spy drama Alex Rider on Prime Video, and it turns out that it’s not just aimed at a youth audience, so that’s a relief.It may not sound like their usual cup of tea, but everyone is liking a show about the Fifa-gate scandal – it helps that El Presidente, which is also on Prime Video, is very funny, even if the subtitles are a bit of a minefield.Queer Eye is back on Netflix… Need we say more? You know the format by now and the fab five are perfect viewing for when you need a pick me up. Stevie reckons he should be on the next series but Claire and Katie aren’t so sure.HBO Max is confusing, though Katie’s a fan of Anna Kendrick’s new show on there, Cannes definitely isn’t happening, but we knew that, right? And the TV Bafta nominations are out – find out whether the ‘Must See Moments’ were seen by the Backstage team or not.Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
04/06/2044m 52s

Space Force, Dakota Johnson and Gaga

In what seems like an excellent bit of planning, but could well have been total coincidence, the team are reviewing three comedies on this week’s show…New Netflix series Space Force seems great on paper with an all-star cast led by Steve Carrell, but it seems to have a problem living up to its description as a comedy.BBC Two’s The First Team is the latest offering from the creators of The Inbetweeners and definitely has the lad bants that you would expect from the creators of the bus w*&ker.Hannah Gadsby’s new stand-up show on Netflix is named after her dog Douglas but is about so much more, it’s very funny and Hannah gets the dubious honour of being Stevie’s Unicorn for this week.Claire’s been chatting to the cast of Universal’s new rom-com The High Note and not only did she broach the subject of famous parentage with Tracee Ellis Ross but also managed to get Dakota Johnson to reveal her biggest diva demands… If you don’t stan Dakota after this week’s episode, you never will.There’s a sequel in the works to Labyrinth and Katie’s worried that the infamous tights may not be brought back and Stevie’s filling us in on all things Chromatica as Lady Gaga prepares to finally drop her latest album. Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
28/05/2041m 2s

Janelle Monae, Snowpiercer and Eurovision

Claire’s been chatting to (and singing at) Janelle Monae who’s joined Prime Video’s Homecoming for its second series. It’s a huge thumbs up for the new season of the Hitchcock-esque show and yet more proof that 30 minutes is a very good amount of time for an episode of TV.Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer has been re-imagined as a series on Netflix. Jennifer Connelly is undoubtedly brilliant in it, but only Stevie made it the whole way through the screeners. The team unpick what works, and what doesn’t.Also on Netflix is new movie The Lovebirds – it should have been on the big screen but does it matter if you don’t get the cinema experience for this one?Stevie, who lives in New York, has watched far more Eurovision than Katie and Claire, and has got the low down on the Icelandic entry, and the upcoming film based on the annual event.Taika Waititi has got a bunch of celebs together to read James and the Giant Peach and it’s taken everyone back to their childhoods.And Katie’s worried about the impact social distancing will have on the Drag Race final – find out who Backstage thinks will take the crown. Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
21/05/2044m 39s

White Lines, Modern Family and R Patz

New Netflix show White Lines is a lovely bit of escapism, but is it too soapy for Katie? Claire’s been chatting to the show’s stars Laura Haddock and Danny Mayes who reveals what it’s like getting to DJ to a crowd of thousands. Also on Netflix is the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Interactive Special – it’s a choose your own adventure featuring a brilliant Daniel Radcliffe performance. Find out whether it’s just a gimmick and whether that matters.It’s the very last episode of Modern Family on Sky One and the team talk about the show’s success and the impact it’s had on TV since. Rihanna’s arrived on the Sunday Times rich list – a refreshing change from the rest of the top ten, find out why she might not be affected by the pandemic in the way some other musicians will.Hamilton is coming to Disney Plus… Need we say more? Find out when it’s arriving and get the lowdown from Stevie who’s seen it more than once you know…And Claire is obsessed with GQ’s lockdown profile of Robert Pattinson, hear her present evidence that suggests R Patz and Paris Hilton are using the same PR strategy.Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
15/05/2041m 46s

Stevie returns, Mark Ruffalo impresses and all aboard the space Cruise

Stevie is feeling a whole lot better and re-joins Katie and Claire for a somewhat strange week of TV offerings.The team review the new Netflix show from La La Land director Damien Chazelle, who is continuing his love affair with jazz - an excuse for Stevie to practice his jazz hands, but perhaps a bit too jazzy for Claire.Mark Ruffalo puts in two brilliant performances in new Sky Atlantic drama I Know This Much Is True. Based on a best-selling novel, it’s intense viewing and the team discuss whether now is the right time for TV that’s tough to watch.Michelle Obama is the subject of new documentary Becoming. Out on Netflix now, it’s an intimate look at the former first lady – and a relief to everyone that even she has to compete with her siblings at times.There’s a new rapper called Dave – this one has his own show on BBC Two. The comedy follows the exploits of Lil Dicky and gives Katie the opportunity to show off all the hip hop lingo she knows.Stevie’s making Katie and Claire jealous with all the great TV he’s getting to see in the States that hasn’t made it here yet.Tom Cruise isn’t impressing anyone with his plans to shoot an action movie in space and Stevie has some thoughts on those pictures of Adele.Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and do get in touch using – we love emails!
07/05/2043m 22s

Hollywood, Birds of Prey and Grayson’s Art Club

TV critic and biscuit obsessive Toby Earle joins Katie and Claire to talk through this week’s new releases.There’s an extremely special guest star to help dissect Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix offering Hollywood, which puts a new spin on one period of Tinsel Town’s history.The bizarrely titled Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) gets the overwhelmingly bland rating of “good-ish” – find out what worked and what didn’t in the latest comic book film to be made available on demand. Plus hear from star and producer Margot Robbie who Claire chatted to what seems like 100 years ago, but was in fact only a couple of months.Apple TV is bringing out British comedy Trying and the team chew over whether it’s the best series yet on the platform that’s been struggling to make a mark.Over on Disney Plus you can find out more about your favourite movies with Prop Culture, it’s definitely for film nerds, but is it only for film nerds?And Katie’s insisted we include Channel 4’s Grayson’s Art Club as it’s her latest favourite show ever. Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and you do get in touch using – we love emails!
30/04/2046m 6s

Normal People, Extraction and Beat the Chasers

Stephen Dixon is back to help Katie and Claire check out the latest TV offerings while Stevie recovers from coronavirus and it’s a very wide ranging week.They start with the BBC adaptation of best-selling novel Normal People, Claire’s been chatting to one of the leads, Daisy Edgar-Jones, who admits she didn’t read the book until after she’d auditioned. Netflix’s big new action flick Extraction has split the team, Stephen and Claire think it’s well worth a watch, but Katie doesn’t agree. We’d love to know who you think is right on this one – please help us settle the debate once and for all.Katie may have watched new Amazon Prime show Upload in completely the wrong order but that didn’t stop her from really enjoying it and it's not the only sci-fi this week, there’s another new futuristic offering - this time from Sky, but Code 404 seems to be missing the mark somewhat. Plus there’s what Katie keeps describing as a “late-night” version of The Chase! Claire’s been chatting to Chaser Shaun Wallace, aka The Dark Destroyer, who claims he and the other Chasers aren’t actually that competitive… Please do subscribe if you like what you hear and you can email us about Extraction or anything else on
23/04/2046m 9s

Gangs of London, After Life and Devs

First off, a massive THANK YOU to every single one of you lovely listeners as we’ve now hit the magic million downloads. We think you’re all great, and have wonderful taste in podcasts, so a huge thanks to you all! On this episode – and while Stevie recovers from coronavirus - Katie and Claire are joined by Sky News anchor and committed Trekkie Stephen Dixon. They discuss the very bloody but brilliant new Sky Atlantic drama Gangs Of London and hear from star of the show Joe Cole. Futuristic Alex Garland offering Devs is finally out on BBC Two in the UK so that gets a proper review - but not everyone is loving it. Ricky Gervais returns with series two of After Life on Netflix which Claire admits had her sobbing by the end - but is it the right show for the current climate? And find out why new Amazon Prime film Selah And The Spades has got the team confused.If you like what you hear then please, please subscribe, it really does help. And the team would love to hear from you - get in touch at
16/04/2040m 49s

Tiger King, Quiz and Sonic

It’s a different podcast this week as Katie and Claire have some serious news to bring you which will explain why there’s not been an episode for a couple of weeks. As well as that there’s a dive in to the latest documentary from Netflix which has been giving us all a welcome distraction from what’s going on in the world – Tiger King is under the Backstage spotlight, but is it really that good or is it just perfect timing for a show like this?There’s a lot of love for Quiz - the upcoming ITV drama based on the Who Wants to be a Millionaire coughing scandal, plus you can hear from star Michael Jibson.And find out why it’s hard to review a film when you’ve watched it with a 4-year-old… The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is out on demand this Easter – we decide whether it’s worth downloading to keep families entertained. Please subscribe if you like the podcast, and we love to hear from you - get in touch at
09/04/2034m 34s

What to watch while stuck at home

The Backstage team have been inundated with requests for recommendations about what to watch while we are all stuck inside - so we thought we'd do a special podcast sharing our best tips on what movies, boxsets, and documentaries to catch up on!Claire, Katie, and Stevie talk through their favourite 80s films, must-see TV, and uplifting documentaries that will hopefully entertain us - and whoever we're sharing our screens with!Please subscribe if you like the podcast, and we'd love to hear from you about what you watched and what else you would recommend - get in touch at backstage@sky.ukClassicsThe Godfather trilogy - We found out on this episode that neither Claire nor Katie has seen them all! The whole of Wes Anderson's back catalogue - if you don't like Bill Murray this might not be for you! (But who doesn't like Bill Murray?)Lord of the RingsTakenGhostbustersDie Hard - The first three. Maybe the fourth at a stretch. And they are fine to watch even though it's not Christmas - we've checked!The Dark Knight trilogyMatrix trilogy Star Wars - The ORIGINAL trilogy only. (We're still not ready to talk about the last movie!)Back to the Future trilogyRaiders of the Lost Arc - In fact, just watch all the Indiana Jones films!80s FilmsFerris Bueller's Day OffThe Breakfast ClubSixteen CandlesPretty in Pink(Basically any John Hughes films)Great awful moviesMamma MiaMamma Mia Here we go AgainCats? (We're hoping we'll be able to stream this soon)Box SetsSeinfeldUnbreakable Kimmy SchmidtThe Good Place - Claire has only seen three episodes!The (US) OfficeParks and RecreationFriendsSuperstore - The US version of TrolliedThe Mindy ProjectSchitt's CreekWestworldLost - (We know.)Game of Thrones - (We also know.)MadmenThe SopranosThe WireBreaking BadBetter Call SaulSuccessionSave MeBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Netflix) - Stevie is OBSESSED! Gilmore GirlsThe Good WifeThe Good FightDownton AbbeyGrey's AnatomyHouseDocumentariesCheer - Daytona is cancelled this year :(LosersMusicalsCrazy Ex-GirlfriendZoey's Extraordinary PlaylistReality TVGreat British Bake Off - Watch, bake, watch, bake, repeat!RuPaul's Drag RaceExerciseFit in 5 - Work off those working from home snacks!MusicGigs from home - check out the celebs doing live concerts on social media, started by Chris Martin.The Met Opera is live streaming a new opera every day on their website - if there's anytime to get into opera it's now!SoundtracksI'm not OK with this - wonderful 80s soundtrack!End of the F***ing WorldAny Quentin Tarantino film soundtrackSame goes for Edgar Wright films!Euphoria And, of course, Sex EducationWe hope this helps, stay safe and healthy everyone and we'll be back soon with more podcasts soon!
20/03/2045m 1s

The English Game, Crip Camp and Making The Cut

It's a big week of TV reviews from Katie, Stevie and Claire. Julian Fellowes is the man of the moment with two new shows - The English Game on Netflix and Belgravia on ITV, but do football and period drama mix? There's definitely something Stevie is enjoying about one of the programmes but can anyone confirm when hipster beards were first invented?In solidarity with a fellow Spencer Katie's insisted we all watch Mister Winner, but if Barry from EastEnders is the best thing about the comedy, and he's only in it for five minutes, is it worth checking out? Crip Camp is this week's top recommendation, find out why the team loved the new Netflix doc and why you should be watching it.And it's all about fash-un daaaarling on new Amazon Prime reality show Making the Cut - Stevie knows one of the contestants but does he know the inside goss? All that, plus another excellent buffet anecdote - this time involving Stevie and one Mrs Hillary Clinton. Please subscribe if you like the podcast, and we love to hear from you - get in touch at
19/03/2036m 40s

Love is Blind, Westworld and Caitlin Moran

Dating shows seems to have reached new levels of bonkers-ness and Katie, Stevie and Claire are loving both Love Is Blind and Five Guys A Week. New comedy Feel Good divides opinion but the real winner of the week is Westworld which no one quite understands, but everyone loves anyway. Stevie's also seen new Alex Garland sci-fi Devs and reckons that's worth a watch as well. Claire's been chatting to Caitlin Moran about the upcoming film based on her book How To Build A Girl - hear how the writer deals with online trolls and the proposal she has for the Kardashians. Get in touch with us via and please do subscribe if you like what you hear.
12/03/2043m 10s

Spenser Confidential, Ru Paul and Breeders

The outrageously spelt Spenser Confidential has got Katie, Stevie and Claire laughing… though possibly not for the right reasons. There’s an interview with Sharon Horgan and Dame Kristin Scott Thomas on their new film Military Wives, based on the true story of a British choir. Spielberg has returned to TV with anthology series Amazing Stories on Apple TV… Is it amazing though? Find out with our review. Claire isn’t sure new Sky One show Breeders will go down well in the US, but Stevie certainly enjoyed it. And everyone is excited about the return of Ru Paul to Netflix.Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you hear, and if you want to get in touch then drop us an email:
06/03/2045m 53s

Steve Coogan, Noughts & Crosses and Cooking with Paris

Paris Hilton is back with a Youtube cookery show and it’s bizarre but is surely going to boost sales of fingerless gloves. Find out why Stevie was made to feel pretty uncomfortable while watching new BBC show Noughts & Crosses – based on the book by Malorie Blackman. Katie’s got a new fave – it’s the latest Netflix offering from End of the F***ing World director Johnathan Entwhistle called I Am Not Ok With This. Plus Claire’s been chatting with Steve Coogan as he’s on the big screen in Greed and the small screen with The Trip to Greece. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you hear, and if you want to get in touch then drop us an email:
27/02/2042m 17s

Al Pacino, Narcos and the Brits

Katie and Stevie welcome Bethany back to chat about some of the best things on TV now awards season is over. We unlock a secret or two in the fantasy world of Locke and Key, imagine a nightmare fuelled American where the Fourth Reich is on the rise and step into the equally violent world of the drug cartels of North America for the second series of Narcos: Mexico. Plus a whistle-stop tour of To All The Boys 2: PS I Still Love You, a backstage look at Brits and Gemma pops in to give us a flavour of the 80 Sky original shows coming up this year. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you hear, and if you want to get in touch then drop us an email at
20/02/2054m 42s

Parasite, Cats and parties: The Oscars debrief

Katie, Stevie and Claire have a rundown of the Oscars 2020, including who won what and why history was made. We hear from the winners and get the backstage gossip. If you like what you hear please subscribe, it would mean a lot to us. And feel free to get in touch with us
10/02/2028m 40s

Oscars A to Z

It’s a massive pre-Oscars episode as Katie, Stevie and Claire go through the A-Z of the Academy Awards. It’s been a labour of love for Katie and you’ll never guess what she’s come up with for X and Z. Then Claire time-travels to the future to speak to Sky Cinema’s Oscar veterans Lucy Cotter and Alex Zane in Los Angeles to find out what they think we need to look out for this year. From arguments over Brad Pitt to analysis of Parasite’s chances of Best Picture, this is your one-stop shop for all things Oscars before the big night. If you like what you hear please subscribe, it would mean a lot to us. And let us know what you think is going to win this year at
07/02/2058m 41s

Parasite, Cheer and Daniel Kaluuya

Stevie’s psychic! He called Billie Eilish’s success at the Grammys and now he’s backing Parasite to win best picture at the Oscars. We do our best to review the movie without giving anything away. There’s a whole host of TV to chat about – find out what Katie, Stevie and Claire thought of the latest series of dark anthology Inside Number Nine, the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm, three new doco/reality shows on Netflix – Goop Lab, Next in Fashion and Cheer, and Nordic Noir Ragnorak. Plus hear from the stars of new film Queen and Slim: Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you hear, and if you want to get in touch then drop us an email at
30/01/2039m 37s

Uncut Gems, Armando Iannucci and Picard

Katie’s been trying to watch this year’s most stressful film while eating her breakfast - find out why Uncut Gems isn’t really morning viewing. Hear from Armando Iannucci who is the man of the moment with two new releases – the film The Personal History of David Copperfield and TV show Avenue Five – which both star Hugh Laurie much to Claire’s delight. Star Trek is back and it’s good news for fans of Sir Patrick Stewart who admits he didn’t realise quite how old his character Jean Luc Picard is. And Stevie is trying to convince the others to watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina which is back for a new series – hear him pitch it as a tale of teenage empowerment while also talking about warlocks. We love hearing from you, do get in touch with us at and please subscribe if you like what you hear. It really does make a difference!
22/01/2040m 43s

Cobra, Sex Education and Oscar nominations

It’s a new week so Katie’s got a new TV obsession – find out what kind of Prime Minister Robert Carlyle makes in new show Cobra. Sex Education is back and Claire’s been chatting with the cast about their most awkward moments on set. Stevie’s having a musical moment and has brought our attention to two new programmes, one of which reminds Claire of Homes Under the Hammer. Despite being so sunny, the new series of Love Island gets a luke-warm reception, and there’s a deep-dive on the Oscars and Brits nominations. Plus, a brief chat about Bond, as the artist who’s going to make the new film’s theme song has been revealed. Want to share your thoughts on what we spoke about this week? Tell us via our email address - if you like what you hear, then please hit that subscribe button.
16/01/2039m 47s

Golden Globes, The Masked Singer and Sir Sam Mendes

Katie, Stevie and Claire have checked out some of the new shows which are coming your way this month. Hear what they thought of The Outsider, The New Pope and The Masked Singer. They also dissect what went on at the Golden Globes and talk through the Bafta nominations. Plus, there's an interview with Golden Globe winner Sir Sam Mendes about his war epic 1917. If you like what you hear please do subscribe and feel free to get in touch with the show -
09/01/2042m 39s

What to watch now you're sick of Christmas

It's a Christmas-free zone on this week's Backstage as Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss new shows to get excited about including Dracula, The Witcher and the second series of You. Claire's spoken to Ben Hardy about working with Ryan Reynolds on 6 Underground and Greta Gerwig who claims Little Women was tougher to make than The Revenant. Plus hear from Marriage Story director Noah Baumbach as his film starts to dominate awards season.
27/12/1933m 58s

What to watch over Christmas

It’s a festive special starting with one of the big films out this week – Katie has seen Cats and is being a lot kinder than many of the critics. There’s a wealth of Christmas TV reviews – find out whether you should be watching new adaptations of A Christmas Carol and Worzel Gummidge, a sequel of sorts to Cinderella or the long-awaited return of Gavin and Stacey. Plus hear from some of the stars of the shows including Stephen Graham and Mackenzie Crook. If you like what you hear then please do subscribe, and most importantly MERRY CHRISTMAS!
19/12/1933m 6s

1917, Ed Norton and Mrs Maisel

Stevie and Claire have both seen 1917 and are raving about it as much as the critics are. The team talk about Ed Norton's passion project Motherless Brooklyn and we hear from the actor - who wrote and directed the film as well as starring in it. Stevie is still recovering after getting to interview the stars of The Marvellous Mrs Maisel ahead of the third series. There's a discussion about what else Amazon Prime Video has got coming up and a test of Stevie's musical knowledge as new streaming figures are out. Get in touch with the show at
05/12/1939m 51s

I'm A Celeb, Naomie Harris and The Grammys

Stevie and Claire talk about the latest series of I'm A Celebrity while Katie hangs out with some millionaires - find out if Nadine's ex-bandmate Kimberley is backing her to be named Queen of the jungle. The team review Upright, the new show from Tim Minchin, they dissect the Grammy nominations and discuss the rumours around Glastonbury. Plus Stevie has been getting the latest on the upcoming Bond film from the brilliant Naomie Harris. Get in touch via and if you like what you hear please do rate, review and subscribe.
28/11/1940m 31s

Dolly Parton, Daniel Craig and Cats

It's a packed week as Katie, Stevie and Claire talk about Dolly Parton's new anthology series Heartstrings, the creepy new Apple Plus show Servant and Knives Out - the upcoming whodunnit from Star Wars director Rian Johnson. The film-maker reveals to Claire what Daniel Craig was like on set, while star Don Johnson admits to Stevie that his character was based on people he knows. Hollywood has arrived in Camden and Claire's been down to the brand new Music Walk of Fame, where The Who were the first act to get a stone. The team get highbrow talking about a new dance tribute to Kes and of course they discuss *that* Cats trailer. Meow. If you like what you hear be sure to subscribe.
21/11/1941m 50s

Frozen 2, The Crown and Simon Cowell

Katie, Stevie and Claire are fresh from the seeing the Frozen sequel, but as always they aren't in agreement about how good it is. They also discuss and review the new BBC adaptation of the War of the Worlds and season three of The Crown - which sees Olivia Colman taking over as Queen Elizabeth. Claire's been chatting to Simon Cowell on the red carpet as he rushes to put out his new show X Factor: The Band and Stevie has been checking out Disney Plus after the streaming service launched in the U.S. AND we hear from the stars and director of Last Christmas, with a special message for Stevie from one of the celebs.
15/11/1940m 21s

His Dark Materials, Felicity Jones & Eddie Redmayne and The Irishman

The team discuss the new adaptation of His Dark Materials and the return of both cult series The End of the F***ing World and mad historical drama Britannia. Claire's been chatting to Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne about their new film Aeronauts (which leads Katie to make a surprising phobia admission) and find out whether The Irishman is worth 3 and a half hours of your time.
07/11/1941m 38s

The Morning Show, Jason Momoa and Brittany Runs a Marathon

It's an Apple TV launch special as Katie, Stevie and Claire review The Morning Show, See and Dickinson. Hear how Jason Momoa feels about comparisons between his new series and Game of Thrones (spoiler: not great!) and hear from Jillian Bell, star of new film Brittany Runs a Marathon. Plus the team look ahead to what we're all going to be listening to this Christmas and find out why Stevie is channeling Alanis Morisette.
30/10/1941m 13s

Hot Priest, X Factor: Celebrity and Watchmen

Love is all around as Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss new TV Show Modern Love and hear about Stevie's encounters with stars Andrew Scott (aka Fleabag's Hot Priest) and Anne Hathaway. The team discuss whether celebrities can save the X Factor, if two Paul Rudds are better than one and if Watchmen is going to satisfy comic book fans. Plus get Stevie's top tip for Facebook Watch and the team's musings on Adele's first new music since 2015.
17/10/1944m 18s

Judy, Joker and Motherland

It’s a jam-packed episode featuring interviews with Renee Zellweger, Ben Platt and the director of new true-crime doc I Love You, Now Die. Plus Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss Renee’s Oscar-worthy turn in Judy, all the controversy surrounding Joker, and Netflix’s new show The Politician. They also review the new series of Motherland, and round up all the biggest stories from The Emmys.
04/10/1947m 23s

Undone, Defending The Guilty and Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK

Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss Amazon’s trippy and expensive new show Undone, a new twist on a police drama with Netflix’s Criminal, and the BBC’s comedy about barristers Defending The Guilty. Plus get all the gossip from the pink carpet at the launch of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK, and find out what should and shouldn’t have made it in to The Guardian’s list of the top 100 TV shows of the 21st century.
19/09/1938m 38s

Top Boy, Downton Abbey and Jesy Nelson

Katie's on holiday so it's left to Stevie and Claire to discuss the new series of Top Boy, Sky's doctor drama Temple and Jesy Nelson's forthcoming documentary. Stevie also gives us his top picks from TIFF so far and Claire's been chatting to the cast of Downton Abbey. Plus there's the drama from the TV Choice Awards and hear from a Love Islander.
12/09/1941m 22s

Film festival special and It Chapter 2

We pick out highlights from Toronto and London Film Festivals so you know what everyone will be talking about come awards season. Stevie's chat with Jessica Chastain is horrifying enough but for fans of scary movies there's also an interview with It Chapter 2 director Andy Muschietti.
05/09/1947m 57s

Cara Delevingne's accent, Orlando Bloom's fairies, Sean Spicer's dancing

Claire's been chatting to Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne about their new show Carnival Row. Plus we discuss the Strictly and Dancing With The Stars lineups, and dissect the latest string of announcements from Disney.
29/08/1948m 21s

The Crown, Guy Garvey and #DrunkTaylor

There's big news about The Crown this week, and Claire's been chatting to Elbow's Guy Garvey. Plus the big new comedies we're loving, and we've finally found a festival for Stevie. Oh, and #DrunkTaylor was trending.
15/08/1943m 49s

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Edinburgh Fringe and Meek Mill

Claire's back on the podcast and has been to chat to Brad Pitt, Katie went to the Edinburgh Fringe, and Stevie joins from LA. And because we're not quite ready to let Bethany go, find out what she's been doing in the back of a van with Frank Skinner.
08/08/1945m 54s

The Great Hack, Keeping Faith and Tom Cruise

Katie, Stevie and Bethany dip into the dark side of social media and ask if it's okay to teach your dog to perform a Nazi salute (Spoiler alert: No it’s not) with two very different documentaries: Netflix’s The Great Hack and BBC Three’s The Nazi Pug: Joke or Hate? They look at the second season of hit Welsh drama Keeping Faith, see what went down at Comic Con and enjoy some memes trolling the Cats trailer. Plus, awards season kicks off with some big Toronto Film Festival announcements.
25/07/1943m 53s

Ed Sheeran, Bond and Bros

Katie, Stevie and Bethany dish the dirt on Ed Sheeran’s new album No.6 Collaborations Project, prep their PJs ready to spend A Night In With Bros and do some time with the final season of Orange Is The New Black. Plus they talk corrupt superheroes in The Boys, lost planes in Manifest and cute cubs in The Lion King. Bond and Big Little Lies squeeze in a mention too.
18/07/1946m 2s

The Lion King, Aziz Ansari and Emeli Sande

Stevie embraces his inner lion cub in preparation for the live-action remake of The Lion King. Stranger Things continues to offer mullet-based conundrums for Bethany, and Katie takes a look at Aziz Ansari as he makes his showbiz comeback - with a mixed reception from fans. Plus a new Extinction Rebellion documentary on BBC Three reveals the group behind the climate-crisis protest and Agatha Raisin is back fighting crime on Sky. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift tops the Forbes rich list and Emeli Sande reveals her real name.
12/07/1953m 48s

Miley, Taylor and Stranger Things

Katie, Stevie and Bethany get nostalgic for the 1980s thanks to the third season of Stranger Things and vintage mullets in new Queer Eye. We talk moral dilemmas in hard hitting BBC drama Dark Money and Jessica Alba kicks some ass as she returns to our screens. Plus Miley Cyrus rocks a PVC catsuit while hanging out with her mum, Taylor Swift goes full mean girl and Netflix set up home at Shepperton Studios.
05/07/1954m 18s

Trailer: Just say "I'm Stevie"

Every week, Katie, Claire and Stevie get together to chat about the TV they've been watching, the celebs they've been interviewing and the showbiz news that has kept them busy.

Stonewall, Little Mix and Naomi Campbell

Katie fangirls over Little Mix, Stevie scares himself silly with Midsommar and Bethany kills time while waiting for Naomi Campbell. Plus, we talk to the cast and crew of Beatles film Yesterday, get possessive over Pride, and revel in the Glastonbury line up.
27/06/1953m 45s

George Clooney on Amal, Trump and Catch-22

Bethany Minelle chats to George Clooney and Christopher Abbott about new World War Two miniseries Catch-22.Listeners of this week’s regular Backstage recording will have already heard the unexpected way the interview kicked-off…In this full interview, George explains how meeting Amal completely changed his life, why he’s not a fan of Donald Trump and how the famous phrase could have been completely different.Girls star Christopher opens up about getting naked on set, getting used to seeing his face on billboards and taking on the comedy drama’s lead role.Catch-22 starts on Thursday the 20th of June at 9 on Channel 4.
14/06/1911m 46s

Grimdark, hopepunk and George Clooney

Katie shares the best of the Pinkpop festival, Stevie gets appropriately overexcited about Euphoria and Bethany has a beverage melt-down in the presence of George Clooney. Meanwhile, we wave goodbye to The Good Place, strike a pose for Pose and welcome in a new season of The Handmaid’s Tale. Plus, Frozen 2 gets gloomy and if that’s too grimdark for you, Murder Mystery offers some hopepunk relief. And if you’re missing Chernobyl, you’re in luck, we’ve got just the documentary for you.
14/06/1952m 24s

BTS, Black Mirror and Big Little Lies

Katie, Stevie and Bethany talk about all the must see TV hitting our screens including Miley Cyrus in Black Mirror, Meryl Streep in Big Little Lies and Ellen Page in Tales of the City. BTS come to London and we listen in to what they had to say before their Wembley gig. Plus Katy Perry drops a new tune, English vampires descend on New York and Patricia Arquette tells us she how she nearly became a nun.
06/06/1949m 24s

Backstage at Sundance Film Festival London

Katie, Stevie and Bethany hang out at Sundance Film Festival London getting the lowdown on new films including Late Show starring Emma Thompson, The Farewell with Awkwafina and Corporate Animals headed up by Demi Moore. Plus all our usual showbiz chat as Love Island returns, Good Omens gets apocalyptic and Fleabag has a European makeover.
31/05/1944m 37s

Elton John, the Game of Thrones finale, and what to watch next

So that's it. Game of Thrones is all over. After getting up very early in the morning to watch it, Katie, Bethany and Stevie pick over the final episode. Plus: Our guide to the TV you should get hooked on next, and we catch up with the stars of Rocketman.
21/05/1957m 31s

Backstage at Cannes and the Baftas

It's been a busy week with Katie getting the inside line on Killing Eve, The Virtues and Patrick Melrose from the Baftas red carpet. Plus, Stevie is avoiding French food in Cannes, and we ask whether criticism of Game of Thrones is justified.
17/05/1945m 10s

My Dad Wrote A Porno: 'Someone came dressed as a cervix'

Ever wondered what it would be like if your dad wrote a graphic novel and gave it to you to proof read? If so, this is the bonus edition for you.We chat to My Dad Wrote A Porno superstars Jamie Morton, Alice Levine and James Cooper about the birth of their hit podcast, celebrity fans, their impending TV stardom and just how hard it is to cast the perfect Belinda Blinked.And just a warning – there’s some mild sexual references and lots of body part covered in this chat – as you may well expect…
10/05/1919m 56s

Met madness, Spiderman spoilers and Hathaway’s wisdom

Katie, Stevie and Bethany talk Met Ball outfits, Game of Thrones coffee-clangers, Spiderman’s new film and Netflix’s woke animation Bertie and Tuca. We also chat to Anne Hathaway about claiming her space and the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcasters about their new HBO show.
09/05/191h 6m

Backstage with Zac Efron and Extremely Wicked cast and crew

We had so much to ask the cast and crew of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, we thought we'd give you an extended talk with actors Zac Efron and Lily Collins, and director Joe Berlinger.The Ted Bundy biopic is in cinemas now, and on Sky Cinema.
03/05/1917m 20s

Goodbye Avengers, overloading on Taylor and killing with Zac Efron

Katie, Stevie and Bethany talk Avengers: Endgame (but you can switch out for the spoilers), the Bond 25 cast give us some updates, Taylor Swift drops her kaleidoscopic new single and Stormzy gets all political in his. Plus film chats with the Tolkien cast and crew, and Zac Efron on lessons to be learned from his Ted Bundy biopic, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.
02/05/1947m 18s

BTS, Coachella and Avengers Endgame

In Backstage, the entertainment podcast from Sky News, Katie, Stevie and Bethany talk BTS ruling the charts, Kanye creating drama at Coachella, Kim Kardashian paying it forward and the Marvel Comic Universe marathon Avengers: Endgame.
27/04/1951m 1s

Our full chat with Deborah Frances-White

Bethany and Katie went backstage for a chat with Deborah Frances-White about her Guilty Feminist UK tour and upcoming movie Say My Name. It was so much fun, we thought we'd put it out in full.
13/04/1926m 2s

Mourning Fleabag, hurting Bear Grylls, and guilty feminism

Stevie has been to the world premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, while Katie and Bethany chat to Deborah Frances White - star of the Guilty Feminist podcast and writer of new film Say My Name. Plus we're already missing Fleabag, but very excited about Joker.
12/04/1957m 1s

Apple TV, Us and Rocketman

In Backstage, the entertainment podcast from Sky News, Katie, Stevie and Bethany discuss Apple’s celeb crammed introduction to the world of TV streaming, delve into the documentary inspired by hit podcast Serial and try to work out what the heck Netflix’s Russian Doll is all about. Plus we chat to the cast of Jordan Peele’s horror Us and Taron Egerton gives us a little insight into playing Elton John in biopic Rocketman.
29/03/1946m 14s

Fleabag, After Life and Marie Kondo

In Backstage, the entertainment podcast from Sky News, Katie, Stevie and Bethany take a look at the TV getting everyone talking, the shows NOT to watch with your grandma and how to spark a little joy in your viewing life. Plus, the K-Pop scandal rocking South Korea and the college admissions ‘scam’ hitting celebrities in the US.
15/03/1932m 37s

'Eat cake and throw up': Colman, Gaga and Lee on their Oscar wins

Before packing up to head from LA, Bethany is joined by Hollywood reporter Brent Simon to review the Oscars, and hear the best bits from backstage as winners Olivia Colman, Spike Lee, Lady Gaga and Rami Malek face the press.
26/02/1939m 29s

Oscars preview: British hopefuls and pre-show blunders

Bethany is in LA where she's had the briefest of sneak peaks behind the scenes ahead of the Oscars. Joining her are Sky's entertainment correspondent Lucy Cotter and Hollywood journalist Brent Simon to discuss the PR nightmare that has been the build up to this year's awards. Plus we hear from hopefuls Glenn Close and Melissa McCarthy.
22/02/1939m 6s

Liam Neeson, Barry Jenkins, Monty Python and Company

In Backstage, the entertainment podcast from Sky News, Katie, Stevie and Bethany ask what was Liam Neeson thinking, and pull apart the bits in between the SuperBowl. Oscar winning director Barry Jenkins gives us the low-down on If Beale Street Could Talk and Company star Rosalie Craig tells us why we need to talk about single women in their 30s. Plus we go back in time to when Monty Python went back on the road.
09/02/1939m 40s

Oscar nominations, Christian Bale, Bros and Gwyneth

In Backstage, the entertainment podcast from Sky News, Katie, Stevie and Bethany dissect the Academy Award nominations and predict some winners; the Bros boys tell us how they’re doing their bit to combat fake news and we peek at the festival fail that’s spawned not one but two documentaries. We also chat to Oscar nominated Vice stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams. Plus we go back in time to re-live the day Chris and Gwyneth “consciously uncoupled”.
25/01/1949m 15s

Golden Globe wins, Bafta nods, and Stan & Ollie

In Backstage, the entertainment podcast from Sky News, Katie, Stevie and Bethany get stuck into awards season, discussing the stars who took home the big prizes at the Golden Globes, the BAFTA nominations following suit and the possibility of a hostless Oscars. We talk to Stan And Ollie cast members Steve Coogan John C Reilly Shirley Henderson and director Jon S Baird. Plus we go back in time to when Usher was still on divorce number one.
18/01/1945m 32s

Lady Gaga, Spike Lee and Oasis

Katie, Stevie and Bethany discuss the films getting them excited in 2019 - an eclectic mix including a chorus line of pitch-perfect #Cats, a big-eared baby elephant #Dumbo and the piano-playing Rocketman himself, Elton John. We chat to Spike Lee about his chances at Oscars 2019 with #BlacKkKlansman, and how far he thinks we've come in the three years since Oscars So White. Plus we go back in time to hear Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher calmly discussing their differences before declaring themselves the best of friends... Just kidding they have a humdinger of a row and Oasis go their separate ways. And on that note, Happy New Year.
31/12/1837m 40s

Taron Egerton, Rachel Weisz and Channing Tatum

Katie, Stevie and Bethany discuss a Coldplay rebrand, Shawn Mendes’ unnecessary sexuality clarification and Bruce Springsteen on Broadway. We also grill Robin Hood star Taron Egerton over his action hero credentials (he doesn’t reckon he has any), Rachel Weisz on why she’s sick of being asked THAT question and Channing Tatum on his love for Amanda Bynes. Plus we go back in time to when Lady Gaga maxed out her budget on the Monster Ball.
30/12/1836m 31s

Golden Globes, Grammys, Sly Stallone and Steve Carell

In Backstage, the entertainment podcast from Sky News, Katie, Stevie and Bethany discuss the British artists creating a buzz in Hollywood and the big cash rewards for reality stars who survive I'm A Celeb. Dolph Lundgren opens up about his CreedII bestie Sylvester Stallone and Welcome To Marwen’s lead man Steve Carell bows down to #stiletto wearing women everywhere. Plus we go back in time to find out why you just can’t get some #tunes out of your head.
20/12/1837m 20s

Fantastic Beasts, The Spice Girls and Oscars Panic

In this edition of the Sky News entertainment podcast, Katie, Stevie and Bethany discuss the celebrity response to the devastating wildfires sweeping California, the #Oscars nomination hopeful jumping through hoops to make the cut and Tom Hardy’s gift to mothers around the world. We also talk to Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindelwald stars JudeLaw, Eddie Redmayne and Ezra Miller to see what they have to say about the franchise finally acknowledging Dumbledore’s sexuality. Plus we go back in time to celebrate “People Power” with the Spice Girls.
16/11/1834m 27s

Mark Wahlberg, Maniac and Sir Elton John

Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss Mark Wahlberg and other celebs bizarre schedules, the future of the DC Universe and new Netflix releases Maniac – with interviews with Emma Stone and Justin Theroux – and films To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is A Loser Plus we go back in time to hear Sir Elton John talking about Glastonbury among other things.
28/09/1833m 16s

TIFF, Crazy Rich Asians and Celebrity Big Brother

Stevie is at the Toronto Film Festival #TIFF and has the low down on Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born Halloween and other movies that will be big come awards season. Katie explains why she loves Lin-Manuel Miranda even more since he turned up at a pub in Wales and Claire speaks to Gemma Chan and Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians. Plus there's a look back in time to when the Big Brother house was a tourist attraction and the latest Celebrity Big Brother comes under the spotlight.
12/09/1832m 8s

Autumn TV, Idris Elba and Bond

The summer is coming to an end so Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss the TV we can look forward to this Autumn including Bake Off Strictly and X-Factor, The Bodyguard, Sharp Objects and the final Big Bang Theory. Plus they dissect the #celebrity stories that have made headlines during silly season and hear from Idris Elba on his directorial debut Yardie and of course those #Bond rumours. And we go back in time to hear from another 007 Daniel Craig.
29/08/1834m 5s

Oscars changes, Mercury Prize and Kylie

In Backstage, the entertainment podcast from Sky News, Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss the recently announced controversial changes to the #Oscars. Stevie reviews The Meg and Crazy Rich Asians and we hear from some of the Mercury Prize nominees including Lily Allen and Everything Everything. Plus we go back in time to hear Kylie reflecting on her career.
15/08/1831m 52s

Being 'Woke,' Mission Impossible and ComicCon

In this Sky News entertainment podcast, Katie Spencer, Stevie Wong and Claire Gregory contemplate whether we’re getting too 'woke' when it comes to showbiz. Stevie gives the new Mission Impossible film a glowing review and we hear from cast members Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson, plus get all the goss out of ComicCon where the new Doctor spoke to reporters and a host of new trailers were debuted, and we head back in time to when Madonna took a tumble.
31/07/1834m 1s

Mamma Mia Sequel, Latin Pop and the Emmys

Katie and Claire have all the gossip from the Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again world premiere - hear from stars including Cher and Pierce Brosnan. Stevie introduces us to the In My Feelings challenge and the team chat through the Emmy nominations. Plus we go back in time to hear from Mick Jagger.
18/07/1830m 25s

Isle of Wight Festival, Taylor Swift and Love Island

Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss the Isle of Wight festival including an interview with headliners Kasabian, Taylor Swift's Reputation tour, the documentaries that have been making waves in the US and Love Island. Plus we go back in time to when Naomi Campbell had been a witness at a trial in The Hague.
03/07/1833m 34s

Ocean's 8, The Carters and John Travolta

Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss new heist movie - and the latest female reboot - Ocean's 8. Hear from stars including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter. Katie talks about the two best gigs of her life which both happened in the last fortnight and we go back in time to when John Travolta was on the press tour for his film Battlefield Earth, which wasn't brilliantly received.
19/06/1829m 12s

Kanye's listening party, Ivor Novellos and Kate Winslet

In the latest episode of the entertainment podcast from Sky News: Stevie got an invite to the listening party for the new Kanye West album Ye - find out what went down in Wyoming. Claire spoke to Stormzy Elbow Lionel Richie and Billy Ocean at the Ivor Novello songwriting awards and we head back in time to hear Kate Winslet chatting about how she landed her role on Titanic and her relationship with James Cameron.
05/06/1824m 57s

TV Baftas, Cannes and Childish Gambino

In the entertainment podcast from Sky News Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss the highlights from the TV BAFTAs including interview clips with Claire Foy Thandie Newton and Jodie Whitaker, Stevie brings all the gossip from the #Cannes Film Festival and they discuss Childish Gambino's This Is America. Plus they head back in time to when Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley were the showbiz world's golden couple.
16/05/1828m 42s

Abba, Westworld and Kanye

In the entertainment podcast from Sky News Claire, Katie and Stevie discuss new music from Abba and the upcoming release of Mamma Mia 2 Hear from Westworld star Rodrigo Santoro as the show returns and poopy-di-scoop Kanye West has released two new tracks and has a whole lot to say. Plus hear about the box office success that #Marvel has had with Infinity War and we go back in time to the Britpop era - it's Oasis v Blur.
01/05/1827m 27s

Beychella, A Quiet Place and The Rock

In the entertainment podcast from Sky News, Claire Gregory, Katie Spencer and Stevie Wong discuss Beyonce's triumphant set at Coachella, Amazon's record-breaking Lord Of The Rings TV show, and hear an interview with Emily Blunt about her box office smash A Quiet Place, which was directed by her husband. Plus The Rock talks about the response he's had since opening up about depression and we go back in time to the first arrival in a new generation of one of the most famous families in the world.
18/04/1826m 33s

Ready Player One, Harry Potter and Yeezy Dating

In the entertainment podcast from Sky News, Katie Spencer and Stevie Wong discuss the Harry Potter play and Yeezy dating. There's an extended interview with Steven Spielberg and Olivia Cooke about new sci-fi flick Ready Steady Now and we go back in time to when the stars of Harry Potter were thrust into the limelight.
04/04/1830m 46s

Spielberg, Boyega and Girl Power

In the entertainment podcast from Sky News Katie, Stevie and Claire discuss Love Simon Flight of the Conchords missed gigs and the tardiness of celebs and Steven Spielberg Plus hear what John Boyega has to say about producing as well as starring in Pacific Rim Uprising and we go back in time to an era of girl power.
20/03/1827m 33s

Oscars 2018 Special

Sky News' entertainment reporter Claire Gregory presents a special podcast from Universal Studios in Hollywood to look ahead to this weekend's 90th Academy Awards. Hear about the stories dominating the build up, listen to some of the big name nominees and find out where some previous winners actually keep their Oscars statuettes.
02/03/1823m 28s
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