Behind the Headline

Behind the Headline

By Sky News

A Sky News correspondent talks in depth about their experiences covering a particular subject or story, providing insight, opinion and analysis based on what they have seen or heard while out on the road.


The Royals with Rhiannon Mills

The Royal family divides opinion. To some they are an integral part of our national fabric, a global institution, and a huge tourist draw bringing in much needed revenue. To others they are an unworthy privileged elite who should not be supported by taxes in a 21st century democracy. What cannot be doubted is the fact the Royal family regularly makes news. Covering the births, weddings, deaths, travel and personal lives throws up unique challenges for Sky News Royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills.In this Behind the Headline podcast, Sky News presenter Tom Macleod talks to Rhiannon about what the members of the Royal Family are like, how she approaches reporting on them, her thoughts on republicanism and whether the Royals are here to stay.
21/12/1857m 20s

China And North Korea with Katie Stallard-Blanchette

It's the second largest economy in the world and a major political power but living and working in China as a foreign reporter presents its challenges.Katie Stallard-Blanchette did just that as Sky News' Asia correspondent for three years. She faced major obstacles in trying to report in the real China. Challenging authority, questioning its oppressive approach to human rights and navigating through China's role on the world stage.During her time in Beijing, Katie also travelled to North Korea and ended her stint in the region just as the secretive state begins to engage with the rest of the world.In this Behind The Headline podcast, Sky News presenter Tom Macleod talks to Katie about her experiences covering two heavily censored nations.
04/06/1848m 55s

The NHS with Paul Kelso

For 70 years, the National Health Service has been at the heart of British society. Comprehensive, universal and free at the point of use, the NHS is a source of national pride.Its importance and significance can never be questioned, but its complexities are regularly at the centre of social and political debate. Sky's former health correspondent Paul Kelso spent his working life in hospitals, GPs' surgeries and care homes speaking to doctors, nurses, patients and politicians to try to make sense of it all. In this podcast, Paul shares his thoughts and experiences with Sky News presenter Tom Macleod.
13/04/1853m 1s

Mexico's Drugs Gangs with Stuart Ramsay

Nearly 30 thousand people were murdered in Mexico in 2017. The highest number in two decades. It's why the CIA compares the levels of violence with Iraq and Syria.The drugs trade is at the epicentre of the crime wave. A huge increase in the production and supply has resulted in a multi billion pound black market and the competition among the cartels for a slice of the fortunes has left the police struggling to cope.Extortion, kidnapping and murder are daily events.Sky's Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay has been to the country to speak to those involved - the bosses, the police, the producers,the hitmen carrying out the violence and those affected.Stuart tells Sky News presenter Tom Macleod about his experience covering the story, the terrifying stand-offs and the high-security visits to the poppy fields.
16/02/1848m 33s

The Rohingya Crisis with Ashish Joshi

Since August 2017, 600 thousand Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar for neighbouring Bangladesh. The United Nations has described the exodus as a 'textbook example of ethnic cleansing.' Sky News correspondent Ashish Joshi has been to the region three times to see for himself the immense human suffering of the men, women and children forced to leave their homes. In this first 'Behind the Headline' podcast, Ashish tells Sky News presenter Tom Macleod about his experiences covering the story and what he's learned as a result.
06/12/1745m 50s
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