Sophy Ridge On Sunday

Sophy Ridge On Sunday

By Sky News

Sky News’ Sophy Ridge with her agenda-setting political interviews - and analysis of what the guests have had to say.

Every week, Sophy speaks to the biggest names in politics and then invites correspondents and commentators into her studio to debrief on the main stories.


Introducing… Electoral Dysfunction

Today, something different – we're bringing you the trailer of an exciting new podcast from Sky called Electoral Dysfunction.Beth Rigby. Jess Philips. Ruth Davidson. With polls suggesting trust in politicians is low, three political powerhouses unite to unravel the spin and explain what’s really going on in Westminster and beyond.Every week, they will examine our political leaders and their policies – how they’re written, and how they’re sold to voters – as we prepare for a general election. With so much at stake, they will work out which politicians are coming out on top and who is having an Electoral Dysfunction – and what it all actually means for you.Here's the trailer. For more, follow Electoral Dysfunction now wherever you listen to podcasts.
01/03/2414m 5s

Sophy hands over Sunday baton | Tony Blair & Kemi Badenoch

It's Sophy Ridge's final time presenting Sophy Ridge on Sunday, but she doesn't go quietly. On this week's episode she interviews former Prime Minister Tony Blair and business secretary Kemi Badenoch who is in New Zealand negotiating Britain's biggest trade deal since Brexit. Plus, in the studio is programme editor Scott Beasley, political correspondent Sam Coates, as well as Sophy's successor, Trevor Phillips.They discuss the political interviews this week, the highlights of Sophy's interviews during the past six years, the impact of the podcast, and what is to come in Trevor's new show in September.
16/07/2358m 16s

Yes to trees, not tree-huggers | Rachel Reeves and Victoria Atkins

She could be the most powerful woman in Britain if the election goes her way. Joining Sophy on the podcast is the shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves, who explains more about her vision for Britain, and why she’s not a big fan of Just Stop Oil.For the Government, financial secretary to the Treasury, Victoria Atkins, defends the Prime Minister’s aim of halving inflation, and answers Sophy’s questions about a mural for child asylum seekers that was painted over by the Home Office because it was deemed too welcoming.Joined by Sky’s political correspondent Liz Bates, and show editor Scott Beasley, Sophy analyses those interviews and sets up the upcoming week in politics.Producer: David ChipakupakuEditor: Paul Stanworth
09/07/2346m 56s

NHS strikes and the 'complicated' issue of teacher pay rises | Steve Barclay and Bridget Phillipson

Host Sophy Ridge interviews Health Secretary Steve Barclay, who has criticised junior doctors, accusing them of "walking away" from talks over pay and conditions. For teachers, Labour's shadow education secretary Bridget Phillipson tells Sophy that giving teachers a pay rise is a "complicated issue". Joined by Claire Ellicott, deputy political editor of the Mail On Sunday, and show editor Scott Beasley, Sophy analyses those interviews and sets us up for the upcoming week in politics. Producer: Soila Apparicio
02/07/2335m 4s

Inflation, interest, and independence | John Glen, Lisa Nandy, and Humza Yousaf

With the Bank of England trying to bring down inflation, interest is now at 5%, its highest rate since April 2008.The Government is now urging people to "hold their nerve", as Rishi Sunak put it. But Britian may be headed for another Summer of Discontent, with one Treasury minister unable to commit to a public sector pay rise live on Sky News. On this week's Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, hear Trevor Phillips' interviews with the Conservatives' John Glenn, Labour's shadow levelling up secretary Lisa Nandy, and the First Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf.Plus, analysis from Trevor, the communications advisor Laura-Emily Dunn, and the show's editor, Scott Beasley.You can watch Trevor's new documentary, Windrush and Us, here.Producer - David ChipakupakuEditor - Dave Terris
25/06/2353m 8s

'Terrible': Ministers react to lockdown party video | Michael Gove and Anas Sarwar

Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove has called a new leaked partygate video "terrible" - and says the fact the event went ahead is "indefensible". The footage appears to show Tory staff drinking, dancing and joking about "bending" COVID lockdown rules in December 2020.On this week's Sophy Ridge On Sunday podcast, hear Mr Gove's reaction to the clip - and the views of Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar.They also discuss the mortgage market, Scottish independence and the green transition.To analyse those interviews, Sophy is joined on the podcast by political correspondent Liz Bates and programme editor Scott Beasley.Plus, hear Sophy's exclusive broadcast interview with former Tesco boss John Allan, who was forced to step down over misconduct allegations. Speaking to Sky News, he insisted he was "completely innocent", but admitted making an "ill-judged remark".
18/06/2355m 57s

'The world has moved on from Boris Johnson' | Grant Shapps, Guto Harri, and Pat McFadden

After an explosive weekend, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned as an MP, taking supporters Nadine Dorries and Nigel Adams with him in exiting the Commons, with whispers that more may follow. It's left his eventual successor, Rishi Sunak, with an almighty by-election-related headache, as Westminster rolls towards the summer break.Sir Keir Starmer says the country now needs a snap general election, with Mr Johnson's resignation overshadowing a major u-turn in Labour's £28bn flagship "green prosperity plan", and yet another MP being suspended from the Party, pending investigation. On this week's Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, hear interviews with the energy secretary Grant Shapps, and Labour's Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Pat McFadden.Former Downing Street Director of Communications under Mr Johnson, Guto Harri, gives an insight into what his former boss might do next. Plus, hear analysis from the Sun on Sunday's Kate Ferguson, and the Guardian's Peter Walker.Producer - David ChipakupakuEditor - Paul Stanworth
11/06/2352m 15s

Boris Johnson, small boats and unacceptable behaviour claims | Robert Jenrick and Jonathan Reynolds

MPs return to parliament this week after recess amid some headache headlines for the government surrounding the COVID inquiry and Boris Johnson's WhatsApp messages when he was prime minister. Meanwhile, immigration minister Robert Jenrick reckons many more migrant boats have been intercepted in the English Channel after "landmark deals" with France.On the Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, hear interviews with Mr Jenrick and Labour's shadow business secretary Jonathan Reynolds, who's asked about the party's response to serious allegations involving Geraint Davies MP, who's been suspended under investigation.On the podcast today, Daily Mirror's political editor John Stevens joins Sophy for analysis and discussion.Annie Joyce - senior podcast producer Paul Stanworth - editor
04/06/2337m 5s

Suella Braverman’s speeding row | Thérèse Coffey and Andy Street

As Home Secretary Suella Braverman faces criticism over claims she asked civil servants to help her avoid completing a driving awareness course alongside other motorists, the Prime Minister is under pressure to launch an investigation into accusations of impropriety in his government. On the Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, hear Sophy's interviews with Environment minister Thérèse Coffey, Conservative Mayor for the West Midlands, Andy Street. Plus, Sophy is joined by Sky's political correspondent Liz Bates and programme editor Scott Beasley to analyse those interviews.
21/05/2340m 23s

Local election results, Brexit and nurses' pay | Grant Shapps, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jonathan Reynolds

The fallout from local election results, where the Conservatives lost more than 1,000 councillors and 49 councils, is hitting home for the Tories as Rishi Sunak faces criticism from his own party. Plus, Brexit is back. Energy Secretary Grant Shapps says Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer wants to "re-open" the Brexit settlement while Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg tells Sophy Ridge that Brexit stopped the Ukraine invasion from succeeding.On the Sophy Ridge On Sunday podcast, hear Sophy's interviews with Jacob Rees-Mogg, Grant Shapps, as well as shadow business secretary Jordan Reynolds. Plus, Sophy's joined by Sky's political correspondent Liz Bates and programme editor Scott Beasley to unpick and analyse those interviews.
14/05/2349m 35s

Local elections and policing coronation protests | Wes Streeting, Lucy Frazer and Daisy Cooper

The Tories suffering a “hammering” in the local elections, losing more than 1,000 councillors and 49 councils. Sky News analysis also suggested Labour would become the largest party in Westminster in a general election - but short of an overall majority. And Saturday’s coronation has prompted questions over the police response to the anti-monarchy protests following arrests. On the Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, hear Sophy’s interviews with the Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting, the Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer and Lib Dem Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper. Joining Sophy on the podcast this week for analysis and discussion: Sky’s deputy political editor Sam Coates and James Heale, The Spectator’s political correspondent. Annie Joyce - senior podcast producer Paul Stanworth - editor
07/05/2345m 2s

Local Elections, attack ads and AI | Keir Starmer and Mark Harper

As campaigning ahead of this week’s local elections in England ramps up, so is the expectation management from both Labour and the Conservatives.Transport Secretary Mark Harper says his party expects to lose 1,000 seats on Thursday and Labour Leader Keir Starmer defends his party’s personal attacks on PM Rishi Sunak. Plus, are governments prepared for the impact of AI on our economy, artificial intelligence expert Stuart Russell says they aren’t. Political Editor at the Daily Express, Sam Lister joins Sophy Ridge to unpick all those interviews and look ahead to the week in Westminster. Podcast producer: Rosie Gillott Podcast Editor: Paul Stanworth
30/04/2358m 11s

Raab's bullying report and the local elections | Oliver Dowden and Ed Davey

Days after former deputy prime minister Dominic Raab's resignation, Sophy Ridge talks to the new man in the job, Oliver Dowden.They discuss if he believes Dominic Raab is a bully, the upcoming local elections, and whether Tory scandals are distracting from court backlogs.Plus Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Lib Dems, tells Sophy about the party "gaining momentum" and his thoughts on the Raab bullying report.To discuss these interviews in-depth, Sophy is joined by The Guardian's deputy political editor Jessica Elgot, as well as programme editor Scott Beasley.Producer: Emma Rae WoodhouseEditor: Philly Beaumont
23/04/2338m 3s

Labour party adverts and NHS strike deals | Greg Hands and Wes Streeting

Chairman of the Conservative Party Greg Hands admitted the party could lose 1,000 seats at the forthcoming local elections on May 4. Speaking to presenter Trevor Phillips on Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Mr Hands said that the party was “fighting really hard”. Plus, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting defended his party’s recent controversial advertising campaign, saying “the figures speak for themselves”. The Daily Mirror’s political editor John Stevens and programme editor Scott Beasley join Trevor to analyse this week’s interviews. Podcast producers: Rosie Gillott and Soila Apparicio Podcast Editor: Paul Stanworth
16/04/2353m 35s

Planes, ports, and paternity | Suella Braverman, Lisa Nandy, and Guy Opperman

It's been a busy few weeks for the Home Secretary Suella Braverman.There's been the damning report into London's Metropolitan Police, questions over the Government's plans to reduce crossings in the Channel, and just as schools begin to break-up for the Easter holidays, back-to-back queues are affecting the Port of Dover.The Home Secretary speaks to Sophy about all these issues, plus her plans to introduce a new legal duty for people working with children to report "signs or suspicions" of sexual abuse. For Labour, shadow housing and communities secretary Lisa Nandy tells Sophy why she believes the Government hasn't properly prepared for a post-Brexit Britain. Plus, the employment minister and Conservative MP for Hexham, Guy Opperman, tells the programme why he wants better maternity care, and support for parents who experience child loss. For a midweek political hit, why not try subscribing to the Beth Rigby Interviews... podcast? Programme Producer: Lucy Bishop Programme Editor: Scott Beasley Podcast producer: David Chipakupaku Podcast Editor: Paul Stanworth
02/04/2348m 5s

Anti-social behaviour, ‘laughing gas’ ban plus Matt Hancock | Michael Gove and Lucy Powell

On the Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, Sophy speaks to levelling up secretary Michael Gove about measures to tackle anti-social behaviour, banning nitrous oxide - widely known as laughing gas - and an undercover sting by anti-Brexit campaign group Led by Donkeys, targeting MPs including former Tory ministers Matt Hancock and Kwasi Kwarteng. Plus, Sophy interviews Labour’s shadow culture secretary, Lucy Powell. And there’s analysis with Sky's deputy political editor Sam Coates.
26/03/2334m 9s

Rwanda policy, strike deals and Boris Johnson | Oliver Dowden and Miguel Berger

After the government said it was working on starting its deportation flights to Rwanda by the summer, Sophy Ridge speaks to Oliver Dowden, chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, about ministers' plans to reduce small boat crossings to the UK and asks him if his party is avoiding scrutiny on the policy. Sophy also speaks to Miguel Berger, the German ambassador, about the UK's improved relationship with the EU under Rishi Sunak.She is joined by Sam Lister, the Daily Express's political editor, to dissect the interviews and look ahead to Boris Johnson's appearance before MPs on the Privileges Committee over accusations he deliberately misled Parliament about partygate this week.Programme Producer: Scott Beasley Podcast producer: Rosie Gillott Editor: Paul Stanworth
19/03/2340m 48s

Spring Budget, Scottish leadership race and Gary Lineker | Jeremy Hunt, Rachel Reeves, and Ash Regan

Despite a big week in politics looming, the row over Gary Lineker’s controversial tweet and subsequently stepping back from presenting Match of the Day is dominating headlines this weekend.But that’s not all that’s happening. Just days ahead of the Spring Budget Sophy Ridge speaks to the Chancellor of Exchequer Jeremy Hunt as well as Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves. They talk about their own party spending techniques as well as their opposing views on the Lineker row.Plus, ahead of the Sky News Scottish Leadership Debate – Sophy asks candidate Ash Regan some quick-fire questions.On the Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, Sophy is joined by political correspondent Liz Bates to analyse all the interviews.Producer: Emma Rae WoodhouseEditor: Philly Beaumont
12/03/2338m 58s

The small boats plan and the Northern Ireland deal | Chris Heaton-Harris and Lord Dannatt

New small boat crossings legislation will be “very black and white”, the Northern Ireland secretary Chris Heaton-Harris has said. Speaking to podcast host Sophy Ridge, he said the new laws will mean that people who come to the UK illegally will be banned from claiming asylum. We also hear from former Chief of the General Staff Lord Dannatt, who said sending weaponry to Ukraine “almost certainly” depletes the UK's defence capability but that it's important to support the country in its war with Russia. Our political correspondent Liz Bates and programme editor Scott Beasley join Sophy to analyse this week’s interviews. Podcast Producer: Soila Apparicio Editor: Philly Beaumont
05/03/2338m 40s

Northern Ireland Protocol latest | Dominic Raab, Mark Francois and US Senator Bernie Sanders

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab reckons the government is on the 'cusp' of an agreement to change the Northern Ireland protocol - the agreement, negotiated during Brexit talks, which allows goods to move across the border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland without needing checks. On the Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, we also hear the thoughts of Mark Francois, who chairs the European Research Group (ERG) of Conservative Eurosceptic MPs. Also, we hear from Mr Raab on the bullying claims made against him, tougher rules for transgender prisoners and the courts backlog in England and Wales.Plus, Sophy interviews former US presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders.On the podcast joining Sophy with analysis of this week’s interviews is senior associate editor at the New Statesman, Rachel Cunliffe, and programme producer, Scott Beasley.Annie Joyce – senior podcast producer Paul Stanworth - editor
26/02/2351m 10s

Not So Quiet On the Northern Irish Front | Penny Mordaunt, Yvette Cooper, Lord Peter Mandelson, and Naomi Long

But, just as Westminster had thought Boris Johnson was out of the picture, sources tell Sky News he thinks it would be a "great mistake drop the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill", controversial legislation which allows UK ministers to rip up parts of the protocol and ignore EU rules. On this episode, Trevor Phillips is joined by The Scotsman's Westminster correspondent Alexander Brown to analyse interviews with Leader of House Penny Mordaunt and Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper.Plus, former Northern Ireland Secretary under Tony Blair, Lord Peter Mandelson, and the leader of Northern Ireland's Alliance Party, Naomi Long. Podcast producer - David Chipakupaku  Editor - Paul Stanworth
19/02/2352m 10s

Tax, international aid and the loan that keeps attracting interest| Andrew Mitchell, John Nicholson and John Redwood

As the death toll from the earthquake in Syria and Turkey continues to rise, Development Minister Andrew Mitchell defends the governments cuts to the international aid budget as Conservative MP John Redwood calls for tax cuts at home.Plus, SNP MP John Nicolson and member of the DCMS select committee says Richard Sharp’s position is no longer tenable after a report critical of the BBC chairman’s connections to former prime minister Boris Johnson is published. On the Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, Sophy is joined by political correspondent Liz Bates to analyse the interviews. Podcast producer: Rosie Gillott Editor: Paul Stanworth
12/02/2337m 7s

Liz Truss comeback | Grant Shapps, Jonathan Reynolds and Alicia Kearns

Liz Truss has broken her silence after resigning, becoming the shortest serving prime minister in UK history. In a 4,000 word essay, the former PM defended her controversial economic policies and said she didn't get a "realistic chance". On the Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, Sophy is joined by Camilla Turner, chief political correspondent at The Telegraph who broke the story, and producer Scott Beasley. They react to the prime minister's comments, as well as unpack the reaction from today's guests. Plus Sophy, Camilla and Scott discuss the dangers of TikTok, after Foreign Affairs Committee chair Alicia Kearns warns Sophy to delete the social media app.Show Editor: Scott Beasley Podcast Producer: Emma Rae WoodhousePodcast Editor: Philly Beaumont
05/02/2337m 58s

Nadhim Zahawi is sacked

Nadhim Zahawi has been sacked as Tory party chairman after an ethics inquiry into the handling of his tax affairs found a "serious breach" of the ministerial code. On the podcast, Sophy is joined by Rachel Cunliffe, senior associate editor of the New Statesman, and producer Scott Beasley to react to the news. Programme Editor: Scott Beasley Podcast Producer: Soila Apparicio Podcast Editor: Paul Stanworth
29/01/2325m 3s

"You're the journalist not me." | James Cleverly and Sharon Graham

The foreign secretary, James Cleverly, avoids answering questions on the latest 'sleaze' allegations to hit the Conservative Party – from Boris Johnson’s £800,000 loan to Party chair and former Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi’s tax affairs. Plus, General Secretary of Unite the Union, Sharon Graham accuses the government of lying about negotiating to end strikes. Sophy is joined by The Daily Mirror’s political editor, John Stevens and show editor Scott Beasley to discuss both explosive interviews. Show Editor: Scott BeasleyPodcast Producer: Rosie Gillott Podcast Editor: Philly Beaumont
22/01/2334m 41s

What next for strikes? | Mark Harper, Peter Kyle and Dr Philip Banfield

As further strikes take place across the country this week, the Royal College of Nursing has threatened its biggest walkout in England next month unless talks with the government progress soon. At the same time, Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer has warned the NHS will “die” without drastic change. But it’s not just industrial action in the health service the government is up against; teachers plan to walk out in February too and rows across the transport network are among those ongoing. Is there a way forward to end strikes across different areas of the public sector? And do unions think Labour have a better plan for the health service? On this edition of the Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, interviews with transport secretary Mark Harper, Labour’s shadow Northern Ireland secretary Peter Kyle and chair of the British Medical Association, Dr Philip Banfield – plus, analysis with Sky’s political correspondent Liz Bates and show editor Scott Beasley. Also, Sophy interviews Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko after a deadly missile attack in Dnipro, a city in central Ukraine. Annie Joyce – senior podcast producer Dave Terris - editor
15/01/2342m 51s

"The NHS is on its face" | The Westminster Accounts and Sir Keir Starmer

How much does your MP earn, on top of their salary, and where does the money come from?For years, many stories have come out of Westminster that have seen MPs wrestling with money - the expenses scandal, cash for questions, the Owen Paterson saga - and time after time, politicians have promised to make changes.But a Sky News investigation with Tortoise Media has pulled together the details of the money that is still flowing around politics, with MPs making £17.1m on top of their salaries in this parliament (i.e. since 2019). Around two-thirds of that money has gone to just 20 MPs.On this edition of the Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast, our deputy political editor Sam Coates joins Sophy and show editor Scott Beasley to talk through the Westminster Accounts project, and why it matters.Elsewhere, with Labour continuing to hold a lead in the polls, the party's leader Sir Keir Starmer sits down with Sophy for his first big interview of 2023, outlining his plans for the country, should he win the next election.Plus, both he and Health Minister, Maria Caulfield, give their first responses to the Westminster Accounts project.You can search The Westminster Accounts for your MP by clicking here.Producer: David ChipakupakuEditor: Paul Stanworth
08/01/2348m 57s

Winter strikes: James Cleverly, Wes Streeting and Dr Emma Runswick

“More people will die” this winter due to strikes, Dr Emma Runswick, the deputy chair of the British Medical Association council, has warned. James Cleverly, the foreign secretary, says the health secretary’s door is open for talks but repeatedly told the Sophy Ridge on Sunday programme that negotiation on pay was down to independent pay review bodies. Meanwhile, shadow health secretary Wes Streeting says he's willing to engage with unions but isn't prepared to "just accept lower standards for patients".On the podcast today, Jayne Secker - in for Sophy this week - is joined by Scott Beasley, the show’s producer, and Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe, political correspondent for the Financial Times. Annie Joyce – senior podcast producer Dave Terris – editor
11/12/2242m 7s

December strikes, migrant crossings | Nadhim Zahawi and Miguel Berger

The government could use the army to help ease the disruptions caused by possible public sector strikes, Conservative Party Chairman Nadhim Zahawi told Sky’s Sophy Ridge. Sophy is joined by Sebastian Payne, Whitehall Editor at the Financial Times, to analyse Zahawi’s comments. Also, Sophy and Sebastian discuss German ambassador to the UK Miguel Berger’s suggestion that Germany does not see a fundamental change in the Russian position amid the war in Ukraine. Podcast producer: Soila Apparicio Editor: Paul Stanworth
04/12/2248m 23s

Strikes, immigration and I’m A Celebrity | Mark Harper and Lisa Nandy

Sophy Ridge with some of the week's biggest political interviews – plus, analysis of what her guests have had to say.This week she interviews Transport Secretary Mark Harper who is quizzed on strikes – who says inflation matching pay-rises for public sector workers are unaffordable. Shadow housing secretary Lisa Nandy also talks strikes – as well as hitting out at the government’s "back of a fag packet" immigration policies. Plus former FA chairman, Greg Dyke, gives his take on the Qatar World Cup controversy. Joining Sophy to unpack all of this is Sky’s political correspondent Liz Bates – and they start by discussing Matt Hancock reaching the final of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
27/11/2247m 37s

NHS, Swiss-style EU relations, housing | Steve Barclay, Jonathan Ashworth, Kwajo Tweneboa

Sophy Ridge with some of the week's biggest political interviews – plus, analysis of what her guests have had to say. Sophy speaks to Health Secretary Steve Barclay about the planned strike by nurses and winter pressures on the NHS. Mr Barclay says demands from the Royal College of Nursing for an above-inflation pay rise are "unreasonable".Shadow work and pensions secretary Jonathan Ashworth calls for more talks about the strike. Plus, social housing activist Kwajo Tweneboa joins Sophy to discuss the story of Awaab Ishak – the two-year old boy who died from a respiratory condition caused by exposure to mould in his family's flat.To discuss those interviews for the podcast, Sophy is joined by Daily Mirror political editor John Stevens and programme producer Scott Beasley.
20/11/2248m 29s

The Autumn Statement | Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Simon Clarke

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt promises "we’re all going to be paying a bit more tax" ahead of his autumn statement but promises his budget statement "won’t just be bad news". On this episode Sophy is joined by the Daily Telegraph's associate editor Christopher Hope to examine her interview with Mr Hunt as well as former minister and Liz Truss-backer Simon Clarke, who urged the government to focus on spending cuts rather than tax rises. Producer: Scott Beasley Podcast producer: Rosie Gillott Editor: Philly Beaumont
13/11/2241m 29s

Oliver Dowden on Rishi Sunak's leadership | Paul Blomfield on assisted dying

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Oliver Dowden, on the economy, threat of strikes and new Cabinet Office minister Sir Gavin Williamson facing bullying claims. Plus, Labour MP Paul Blomfield talks about his decade-long campaign for a change in the law to allow assisted dying, after his 87-year-old father Harry took his own life following a terminal cancer diagnosis.We also hear from Dr Mark Pickering, from the organisation Care Not Killing, which promotes palliative care. Sophy is joined by Sky News' political correspondent Liz Bates and producer Scott Beasley to talk through her big interviews. WARNING: This podcast features discussion about suicide. If you need to speak to someone, call the Samaritans helpline for free on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.orgSROS producer: Scott Beasley Senior podcast producer: Annie Joyce Editor: Paul Stanworth
06/11/2252m 41s

Rishi Sunak’s first week | Michael Gove, Yvette Cooper, and Inna Sovsun

Levelling Up Secretary, Michael Gove, has apologised for the Tories installing Liz Truss as leader. "We made a mistake. We took the wrong turn," he tells Sophy Ridge. Also, Labour's shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper says it is "irresponsible" to have a home secretary in Suella Braverman who "isn't trusted by the security service," and Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun on how she talks to her son about the threat of nuclear war. Sophy is joined by Sky News' political correspondent Liz Bates and producer Scott Beasley to talk through her big interviews. SROS Producer: Scott Beasley Podcast Producer: Soila Apparicio Editor: Paul Stanworth
30/10/2246m 51s

Rishi v Penny…v Boris? | Steve Baker, Chris Heaton-Harris, and Damian Green

Liz Truss is out of Number 10 – and by next Sunday, we’ll have a completely new Prime Minister in her place. Will Rishi Sunak head back to Downing Street? Does Penny Mordaunt have a shot instead? And will Boris Johnson decide, three months after resigning, to try to get his old job back?On this episode, Sophy is joined by our political correspondent Liz Bates and producer Scott Beasley to look over the interviews with a supporter of each of the candidates – Northern Ireland minister Steve Baker for Rishi Sunak; his boss, Chris Heaton-Harris, for Boris Johnson; and former deputy under Theresa May, Damian Green, for Penny Mordaunt.This episode was produced by David Chipakupaku.The editor was Paul Stanworth.
23/10/2248m 48s

"Treated the country as laboratory mice" | Robert Halfon and Andrew Griffith

Conservative MP Robert Halfon tells Sophy Ridge that some in the Conservative Party have looked like "libertarian jihadists" over the past few weeks and have treated the country "like laboratory mice"The Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Andrew Griffith, says that Liz Truss still has the support of her government despite the economic turmoil.Sophy is joined by Sky News' political correspondent Rob Powell and producer Scott Beasley to talk through her big interviews.
16/10/2244m 38s

Winter is coming | Nadhim Zahawi, Jonathan Ashworth, and Angus Robertson

After a bruising few weeks for Liz Truss, and warnings that Britain may face blackouts this winter, Trevor Phillips steps in for this week's Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast.On this episode, Trevor is joined by Sky News' political correspondent Rob Powell, to examine his interviews with Cabinet Office Minister Nadhim Zahawi MP, and Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jonathan Ashworth.Plus, we hear from the SNP's Angus Robertson on the future of the Scottish indpendence movement, and the Royal College of Nursing's General Secretary Pat Cullen, as nurses debate whether to strike.Podcast producers - Emma Rae Woodhouse and David ChipakupakuEditor - Paul Stanworth
09/10/2251m 12s

Conservative Party Conference: Jake Berry, Andy Street and Mel Stride

The Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast comes from Birmingham this week, where the Conservative's party conference is taking place. On this episode, Sophy is joined by our political correspondent Liz Bates and producer Scott Beasley as they discuss the continued fallout from the government’s fiscal event as well as today's interviews - featuring Conservative Party Chairman Jake Berry on attending a drinks reception with the Chancellor as the markets crashed, plus Conservative Mayor of the West Midland Andy Street and Chair of the Treasury Select Committee Mel Stride. Editor - Paul Stanworth Podcast producer - Rosie Gillott
02/10/2247m 22s

Labour Party Conference: Ed Miliband, Andy Burnham, RMT and Unison

The Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast comes from Liverpool this week, where Labour’s party conference is taking place. On this episode, Sophy is joined by our political correspondent Liz Bates as they discuss reaction to the Tories’ mini-budget from new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng and fears over potential general strike action as well as today’s interviews – featuring Labour's Energy and Climate Change Secretary and former party leader Ed Miliband, Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, trade union general secretaries Christina McAnea, from Unison, and Mick Lynch, from the RMT. Annie Joyce – senior podcast producer Paul Stanworth – editor
25/09/2246m 48s

The day before a new PM | Nicola Sturgeon, Philip Hammond, Edward Lister

Sophy Ridge is back after the summer recess to a busy week in politics, interviewing Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, former chancellor Philip Hammond, and former adviser to Boris Johnson Lord Edward Lister. The day before a new prime minister is chosen by Conservative party members, Sophy is joined by Sky’s political correspondent Amanda Akass and producer Scott Beasley to discuss the fractures in the Tory party, and analysis of today’s interviews. Producers: Soila Apparicio and Scott Beasley
04/09/2255m 56s

Race to replace Boris Johnson | Dominic Raab, Sir Iain Duncan Smith and Lee Rowley

Tory leadership debates got underway this week, as the race to become the next prime minister sees five candidates battle it out – Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, Penny Mordaunt, Kemi Badenoch and Tom Tugendhat. Sophy Ridge is joined by Sky’s political correspondent Rob Powell and editor Toby Sculthorp as they discuss interviews with those backing three of the hopefuls looking for the keys to Number 10. Also, a reminder that on Sky News this Tuesday at 8pm, Kay Burley will host a leadership debate, with the final Tory candidates taking part.Host: Sophy Ridge Senior podcast producer: Annie Joyce Editor: Paul Stanworth
17/07/2251m 51s

Conservative leadership contest: Grant Shapps, Tom Tugendhat & Jeremy Hunt

Interviews with three Conservative leadership hopefuls: Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee Tom Tugendhat and former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Sophy and team on discussions of tax and spending plans from three of those hoping to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.Host: Sophy RidgeContributors: Scott Beasley & Toby SculthorpProducer: Scott Beasley

Strike strife | Grant Shapps & Mick Lynch

Interviews with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and RMT union General Secretary Mick Lynch. This week we’re focusing on the nationwide train strikes that will see mass disruption as railway workers walkout to demand big pay rises given the cost of living crisis.Host: Sophy RidgeContributors: Scott Beasley & Toby SculthorpProducer: Scott Beasley
19/06/2246m 4s

Brandon Lewis, Mick Lynch & Kira Rudik

Interviews with Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis, RMT trade union general secretary Mick Lynch and Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik. There are discussions about the Prime Minister’s future following the Sue Gray report, the potential for a nationwide rail strike and an extremely powerful account of what has happened to Ukraine and its people.Host: Sophy RidgeContributors: Rob Powell and Scott BeasleyProducer: Scott Beasley
29/05/2243m 41s

Nadhim Zahawi and Ukrainian MP Lisa Yasko

Interviews with Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi and Ukrainian MP Lisa Yasko. Sophy and Scott talk through discussions over Sue Gray’s Partygate report, the cost of living crisis and a very powerful account of the situation in Ukraine.Host: Sophy RidgeContributor: Scott BeasleyProducer: Scott Beasley
22/05/2244m 57s

A Eurovision of the future for the Protocol

Interviews with Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, Shadow Climate Change Secretary & former Labour leader Ed Miliband and Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney. Sophy and Scott talk through discussions over the Northern Ireland Protocol and the cost of living crisis - all with the backdrop of Ukraine winning Eurovision.Host: Sophy RidgeContributor: Scott BeasleyProducer: Scott Beasley
15/05/2245m 20s

After elections across the UK

Post-election interviews with Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, Labour’s Lisa Nandy and Lib Dem Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper. There are discussions of local elections across Great Britain plus the historic result in Northern Ireland where Sinn Fein topped the polls – and the possibility of the Lib Dems in coalition.Host: Sophy RidgeContributor: Scott BeasleyProducer: Scott Beasley
08/05/2241m 6s

Pre-election special: Keir Starmer, Nicola Sturgeon & Kwasi Kwarteng

A pre-election special featuring interviews with Labour leader Keir Starmer, First Minister of Scotland and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and the Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng. There's discussions of sexual misconduct at Westminster, the cost of living crisis and independence for Scotland.Host: Sophy RidgeContributor: Scott BeasleyProducer: Scott Beasley
01/05/2235m 20s

Exclusive interview with trans MP Jamie Wallis

The Conservative MP, who came out as trans, talks exclusively to Sky’s Sophy Ridge about the start of his transition process. Jamie Wallis, who represents Bridgend, also discusses the support he's had and admits the process ahead will be 'challenging and difficult.' He also speaks about his experiences of rape and blackmail.Presenter: Sophy RidgeProducer: Scott BeasleyPodcast producer: Paul Stanworth
24/04/2230m 17s

Ukraine horrors | Grant Shapps, Alicia Kearns & Andriy Klepikov

With shocking reports from parts of Ukraine where Russian troops have withdrawn Sophy and team have an interview with the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps – who also defends the government’s record on tackling the cost of living crisis. There’s a discussion of the Shrewsbury maternity care scandal with Conservative MP Alicia Kearns and an interview with a public health expert on the ground in Ukraine about access to lifesaving HIV drugs.Host: Sophy RidgeContributors: Scott Beasley & Toby SculthorpProducer: Scott Beasley
03/04/2250m 13s

Nadhim Zahawi, Jonathan Ashworth & Maria Mezentseva

As the war in Ukraine enters its second month Sophy and team have interviews focused on the big topics at home and overseas. Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi delicately responds to President Biden's call for Vladimir Putin to go - and talks about his plan for schools. Labour's Jonathan Ashworth calls the Chancellor 'Mr Tax' and there's a powerful interview with Ukrainian MP Maria Mezentseva.Host: Sophy RidgeContributors: Scott Beasley & Toby SculthorpProducer: Scott Beasley
27/03/2250m 54s

We're back | Rishi Sunak & Olga Stefanishyna

Sophy and team are back to discuss her interview with Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who says sanctions against Russia "are not cost free for us" and that he "can't pretend I can completely protect people from the difficult times ahead". Also, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishyna, tells Sophy Russia is committing genocide in her country. Host: Sophy RidgeContributors: Scott Beasley & Toby SculthorpProducer: Scott Beasley
20/03/2240m 49s

Indian (variant) summer | Matt Hancock, Sir Mark Walport & Prof Adam Finn

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says if the Indian variant is 50% more transmissible than the Kent variant, it will cause "problems" for the lockdown easing roadmap. He says local lockdowns could return, and defends the government against the charge that it was too slow to stop travel from India. Sir Mark Walport, former Chief Scientific Adviser, raises concerns about Monday's easing of restrictions. Adam Finn of the JCVI says the Astra-Zeneca vaccine could now be given to under-40s.
16/05/2148m 11s

Flat out of hell | Liz Truss, Jess Phillips & Bill Gates

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss insists the Prime Minister hasn't broken any rules around the refurbishment of his Downing Street flat. Labour's Jess Phillips calls for a full investigation. Philanthropist Bill Gates argues for vaccines to be sent to the developing world soon. He also criticises UK foreign aid cuts.
25/04/2145m 53s

Independence and interdependence | Nicola Sturgeon & John Kerry

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon defends her record on education, health and drug deaths. She calls out Alex Salmond for his "contemptuous" attitude to voters. U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry says the consequences will be "beyond catastrophic" without "urgent" action on climate change.
18/04/2154m 36s

What will Alba mean for Scotland? | Douglas Ross & Kenny MacAskill

Sophy and her team discuss what Alex Salmond's new party 'Alba' will mean for the Scottish elections in May. Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross says it poses a serious threat to the Union. Kenny MacAskill - who has defected to Alba from the SNP - says his new party aims to help his old.
28/03/2145m 43s

Holding out for a holiday? | Ben Wallace & Steve Baker

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says we “can’t be deaf and blind” to rising coronavirus cases abroad, insisting progress made by the UK’s vaccination programme can’t be put at risk. He says it’s vital the Government monitors the situation, and he responds to fears the spread of Covid-19 in Europe could put plans to holiday overseas this summer on hold.Concerns around restrictions at home are also gathering momentum, as a growing Conservative rebellion fights to prevent extending the emergency coronavirus laws until October.
21/03/2149m 12s

Schools back till summer? | Williamson, Spielman, Nandy & Black

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson says the government is considering longer school days and shorter holidays to help children catch up. Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman warns against the idea. Williamson says teachers will not get a pay rise. Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy and the SNP's Mhairi Black talk International Women's Day.
07/03/2149m 32s

What will be in the Budget? | Rishi Sunak & Anneliese Dodds

Chancellor Rishi Sunak strongly hints that the furlough scheme and other coronavirus support will be extended in the Budget. He refuses to deny he told Conservative colleagues that he plans to raise taxes now so he can cut them before the next election. He also warns that the public finances will have to be rebalanced. Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds will not say whether Labour would support a corporation tax rise.
28/02/2146m 25s

Roadmap to freedom? | Hancock, Starmer, Hague & McDonnell

Health Secretary Matt Hancock lays out the government's new vaccine target. He says the lockdown easing roadmap will be "cautious" and "indicative". Keir Starmer says all children should return to school on 8 March. William Hague calls for the end of most restrictions in April. Lord Hague and John McDonnell give conflicting advice to Keir Starmer.
21/02/211h 1m

Staggering back to school | Dominic Raab & Prof Tim Spector

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab suggests schools could reopen on a staggered basis. He says the UK is "on track" to meet its mid-February vaccine target. He also says Conservative MPs are making "arbitrary" demands for the end of lockdown. Professor Tim Spector explains research suggesting vaccines are 67% effective three weeks after one dose.
14/02/2148m 58s

Border(line) decisions | Nadhim Zahawi & Dr David Nabarro

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi defends the UK government's decision to only put arrivals from certain countries into hotel quarantine. He also confirms the UK will not have vaccine passports. The WHO's Special Envoy on Covid-19 Dr David Nabarro says the UK should give away vaccine once it has jabbed over-50s. He also says British scientists have been vindicated over the 12-week dosing gap.
07/02/2148m 18s

Continental controversy | Tony Blair & Liz Truss

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair slams "foolish" and "unacceptable" vaccine nationalism by the EU. He also calls for teachers to be prioritised for vaccines. International Trade Secretary Liz Truss says diverting vaccines to teachers could cost others' lives. She says the UK could share its vaccines with foreign countries.
31/01/2153m 0s

A double dose of trouble | Dominic Raab & James Comey

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says the government hopes to set out plans to ease lockdown restrictions by March. He says every adult will receive an offer to be vaccinated by September. But he is unable to guarantee there will be enough supply to provide second doses within twelve weeks to those who have already had their first jab. Former FBI Director James Comey warns of violence at Joe Biden's inauguration. He also compares Donald Trump's "hunger for affirmation" to a toddler's.
17/01/2147m 3s

NHS under pressure | Matt Hancock

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the UK is "on course" to vaccinate two million people a week against coronavirus. He says annual jabs are "highly likely", and backs the police who issued two women in Derbyshire with fines for driving to a beauty spot. JCVI member Adam Finn calls for teachers to be prioritised for vaccines. Paramedic boss Tracy Nicholls says some people are waiting nine hours for ambulances.
10/01/2152m 49s

Covid, Cummings & out of date chocolate | 2020 in review

Sophy looks back over the most extraordinary year in an end of year special with her producer Matt Lavender, editor Toby Sculthorp and Sky's political correspondent Kate McCann. They discuss coronavirus, Boris Johnson, and much more. Plus they hand out some end of year awards, as well as a few Christmas presents.
20/12/2049m 18s

Deal or no deal? | Dominic Raab & Arancha Gonzalez

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says there is still a "long way to go" for a post-Brexit trade deal to be done with the EU. He does, though, lay out where the UK could compromise. Spain's Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez gives the view from the EU.
13/12/2049m 42s

Brexit cynicism | George Eustice, Nick Thomas-Symonds & Gary Neville

Environment Secretary George Eustice says post-Brexit trade talks are "in a very difficult position" despite restarting in Brussels. He lays out where compromises could be found. Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds refuses to say Labour will vote on any deal. Former footballer Gary Neville lays into both major parties for a lack of leadership.
06/12/2050m 27s

Vote fears over Tiers | Dominic Raab and Jim McMahon

The government’s fighting on two fronts this week – the Prime Minister’s offering some concessions on Covid restrictions to attempt to head off a backbench rebellion AND trying to get a deal over the line with the EU on Brexit. We were joined by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to discuss the looming conundrums. The shadow transport Jim McMahon have the Labour perspective on both issues. Sky's political correspondent adds her analysis.
29/11/2036m 24s

Lonely this Christmas? | Rishi Sunak

Chancellor Rishi Sunak says we "will not see austerity next week" when he lays out his Spending Review. He also discusses government plans to let families see each other at Christmas, and doesn't rule out a pay freeze for public sector workers.
22/11/2042m 27s

SpAd Jobs & Spag Bog | Simon Coveney & George Eustice

Ireland's Foreign Minister Simon Coveney says there'll be no UK-EU trade deal if the UK government reintroduces its law-breaking legislation. Environment Secretary George Eustice says it will do just that. He also describes Dominic Cummings as good "in short bursts". Sophy and the team discuss a bitter internal dispute.
15/11/2045m 50s

Voting: What is it good for? | Dominic Raab & Sajid Javid

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab struggles to say all votes should be counted in a democratic election, after President Trump claims fraud in the United States. Former Chancellor Sajid Javid explains why the right man won. Sophy discusses whether Joe Biden will be a friend to Boris Johnson.
08/11/2042m 35s

Lockdown 2.0 | Michael Gove & Sir Mark Walport

Michael Gove says England's second national lockdown could last more than one month. He also defends the government against accusations it has moved too slowly to bring the restrictions in. SAGE scientist Sir Mark Walport explains the differences between this lockdown and the first one.
01/11/2055m 20s

Making a meal of it | Free school meals & Dido in trouble

Conservative Sir Bernard Jenkin, Labour's Rosena Allin-Khan and Children's Commissioner Anne Longfield all call for a rethink on the government's decision not to fund free school meals during the holidays. Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis defends the government. Conservative colleagues Jenkin and Lewis also clash over whether Dido Harding should step down as head of Test & Trace.
25/10/2043m 55s

Give me a (circuit) break? | Michael Gove & Sir Jeremy Farrar

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove says the government is not planning another national lockdown. He slams Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham for "posturing" over new restrictions, and raises the prospect of more financial support for people self-isolating. SAGE member Sir Jeremy Farrar says it's not too late for a "circuit break" lockdown, but that one is needed "now".
18/10/2053m 12s

Trouble in Scotland | Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon denies that coronavirus is out of control in Scotland, as case numbers continue to rise. The First Minister also defends the fact that only half of Scotland's daily testing capacity is being used. Sophy also asks her about former First Minister Alex Salmond.
11/10/2044m 34s

White House, Red Alert | Trump has Covid

After US President Donald Trump gave an update on his battle against Covid-19, Sophy speaks to his friend Nigel Farage. Former UK Ambassador to Washington Sir Christopher Meyer says the White House isn't being "open" about the President's health. Plus Sophy talks to Andy Burnham and Brandon Lewis about whether UK local lockdowns are working.
04/10/2045m 36s

Rebel Rebel: How could they know? | Steve Baker & Oliver Dowden

Conservative MP Steve Baker lays out why he and his colleagues plan to rebel against their own government. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden says coronavirus rules must be followed if students are to return home from universities for Christmas. He also discusses the plight of struggling football clubs.
27/09/2044m 42s

A New Leader, A New Lockdown? | Sir Keir Starmer & Matt Hancock

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer calls for the Prime Minister to apologise over problems with accessing tests for Covid-19. He also raises the prospect of backing a trade deal with EU, and lays out what makes him different from Jeremy Corbyn. Health Secretary Matt Hancock defends the testing system, and calls for people to follow newly-tightened coronavirus rules.
20/09/2053m 53s

Making laws or breaking laws? | Robert Buckland

Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland defends the government's decision to break international law by overriding the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. He also explains the latest moves to contain coronavirus. Professor Peter Openshaw warns there is little time left to avert a major spike in Covid-19 infections.
13/09/2039m 8s

Brexit, Protests... and Dancing | Dominic Raab & Diane Abbott

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says this week is "the moment of reckoning" for a trade deal between the UK and EU. He also defends new trade adviser Tony Abbott after previous comments about lowering standards to secure agreements. Former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott praises Extinction Rebellion protesters, and reveals she was asked to appear on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
06/09/2042m 48s

Treat them mean, keep them quarantine(d) | Dominic Raab & Tony Blair

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab explains why the government has reimposed quarantine for Britons returning to the UK from Spain, and why it was done with so little notice. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair calls for more coronavirus testing, and lays out his concerns about the future of the Union. Plus Sophy and the team look back over the last few months.
26/07/201h 1m

Problems from abroad | Dominic Raab & Lisa Nandy

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab responds to calls from the family of Harry Dunn to raise his case with the US Secretary of State. He also promises an update on the UK's extradition deal with Hong Kong, and hits out at "reprehensible" Russian behaviour. Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy explains Labour's shift in foreign policy.
19/07/2044m 59s

Bestest friends | Michael Gove & Sir Richard Dearlove

Michael Gove says International Trade Secretary Liz Truss is one of his "bestest friends" amid rumours the UK's border will not be ready for the end of the Brexit transition period. He urges people to return to work, but will not say that the government plans to make face masks mandatory in shops in England. Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6, calls for a "reset" in the UK's relationship with China.
12/07/2048m 5s

Super Saturday? | Matt Hancock & Anneliese Dodds

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says "very largely people have acted responsibly" after pubs, restaurants and other establishments reopened. He also says the government could fine or shut down businesses not operating safely. Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds lays out her demands for Rishi Sunak's upcoming statement.
05/07/2043m 59s

More guidelines than rules? | Priti Patel, Mark Drakeford & Jonathan Reynolds

Home Secretary Priti Patel defends the Prime Minister after Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford accuses Boris Johnson of overly-optimistic "messaging" on coronavirus. She denies Dominic Cummings' trip to Durham has undermined compliance with lockdown rules. She also refuses to say that Boris Johnson had no contact with the property developer at the heart of the Robert Jenrick scandal. Jonathan Reynolds explains why Keir Starmer sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey.
28/06/2039m 41s

Putting the PUB in Public Health | Matt Hancock & Yotam Ottolenghi

Health Secretary Matt Hancock gives a strong hint that pubs and restaurants will reopen on 4 July. He defends the government's Test and Trace system and the failure to launch the NHS app. Chef Yotam Ottolenghi explains the practical barriers that restaurants face to reopen.
21/06/2044m 32s

Two metres? Too white? | Rishi Sunak, Nick Thomas-Symonds & Rose Hudson-Wilkin

Chancellor Rishi Sunak suggests the two-metre social distancing rule will soon be dropped as he says the government is taking a "fresh look" at it. Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds underlines the shift in Labour's position as he reacts to violent clashes in London. Rose Hudson-Wilkin - the first black female bishop in the Church of England - says the church has to become more diverse.
14/06/2048m 49s

A race for answers | Matt Hancock & John Barnes

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the UK is not a racist country but more "must be done" in light of the Black Lives Matter protests. He defends the diversity of the government, even though the Cabinet contains no black members. Former footballer John Barnes says that structural racism needs more attention, instead of focusing on individual "racist incidents".
07/06/2046m 8s

Too soon to ease lockdown? | Dominic Raab & Nicola Sturgeon

Sophy challenges Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on whether lockdown measures are being eased too soon in England. She also questions him about just how much he knew about Dominic Cummings’ 260 mile journey from London to Durham. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon defends the Scottish government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis in care homes.
31/05/2041m 47s

Cummings up: A resignation? | Grant Shapps & Steve Baker

Sophy challenges Transport Secretary Grant Shapps on whether Dominic Cummings broke the lockdown rules he helped devise. Steve Baker becomes the first Conservative backbencher to call for Mr Cummings to resign.
24/05/2044m 59s

Too good to be true? | Michael Gove & Rachel Reeves

Michael Gove reveals that the government has hired over 17,000 contact tracers to track coronavirus infections. He also defends the government's treatment of care homes during the pandemic. Labour's Rachel Reeves calls for more transparency on plans to reopen schools.
17/05/2045m 26s

Easing does it | Robert Jenrick, David Davis & Mark Drakeford

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick tells Sophy that the government is adjusting its coronavirus message to encourage people to return to work. Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford says the 'Stay at Home' message still applies in Wales. Former Brexit Secretary David Davis calls on Boris Johnson to significantly ease the lockdown.
10/05/2049m 43s

Could COVID lead to age discrimination? | Grant Shapps & Ros Altmann

Ros Altmann warns that the government must avoid "age discrimination" as it eases the coronavirus lockdown. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps explain how public transport could be made safer as people return to work. He also defends the government as the UK's death toll approaches the second-largest in the world.
03/05/2041m 53s

Unlocking lockdown | Dominic Raab & Andy Burnham

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says it would not be "responsible" to discuss how the lockdown could be eased at this stage of the coronavirus outbreak. He also says he will hand the reins of government back to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday. Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham explains how he thinks businesses could start to reopen.
26/04/2040m 44s

Had enough of experts? | Michael Gove & Sir Jeremy Farrar

Michael Gove says that accusations that Boris Johnson failed to show leadership in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak are "grotesque". He refuses to say why protective equipment was sent to China when there are shortages in the UK. Sir Jeremy Farrar, a key government adviser, explains that the UK has probably passed the coronavirus peak... for now.
19/04/2045m 26s

Apologies and forgiveness | Keir Starmer, Alok Sharma & Rose Hudson-Wilkin

New Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer calls on the government to apologise for the lack of protective equipment reaching the NHS frontline. Business Secretary Alok Sharma refuses to apologise, and defends the government's coronavirus response. Bishop of Dover Rose Hudson-Wilkin gives a message to mark Easter Sunday.
12/04/2043m 24s

Sunbathing sadness | Matt Hancock & Alan Johnson

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says that sunbathing is against the social distancing rules the government has brought in to tackle coronavirus. He also gives an update on the Prime Minister's health. Former Health Secretary Alan Johnson says he is "absolutely amazed" the government was not better prepared for the pandemic. And he gives a blunt assessment of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party.
05/04/2043m 10s

Testing times | Michael Gove, Tony Blair & Rosena Allin-Khan

Michael Gove says the UK is now testing 10,000 people a day for coronavirus. But he refuses to be drawn on when lockdown measures are likely to be lifted. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair calls for testing of almost the entire UK population. Labour MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan makes the same plea on testing, just after finishing a night shift in A&E.
29/03/2040m 19s

Clarity on coronavirus | Robert Jenrick & Jeremy Corbyn

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick tells Sophy that the government will act to enforce social distancing measures to tackle coronavirus if people refuse to cooperate with official advice. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says that the government needs to go further in its response to the virus outbreak. He also says which Shadow Cabinet job he would fancy under his successor.
22/03/2046m 43s

Budgets, bravery and leadership bids | Rishi Sunak, Rosie Duffield & Layla Moran

Chancellor Rishi Sunak says that he will give the NHS "whatever it needs" to deal with coronavirus. He also outlines plans to move a fifth of Treasury workers to the north of England. Labour MP Rosie Duffield speaks powerfully about her experience of domestic abuse. Layla Moran announces she will run to be the next Lib Dem leader.
08/03/2048m 4s

Containing coronavirus | Matt Hancock & John McDonnell

Health Secretary Matt Hancock explains the measures the government may be forced to take to tackle coronavirus. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell on the Labour leadership race and whether Keir Starmer is a "Corbynite".
01/03/2040m 16s

BONUS: Labour leadership debate special

In this bonus episode, listen to the best bits of the Sky News Labour leadership debate between Sir Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy and Rebecca Long Bailey in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. Sophy is joined by Matt Lavender and Kate McCann for post-debate analysis.
28/02/2047m 25s

Flood on his hands? | George Eustice, Diane Abbott & Lisa Nandy

Environment Secretary George Eustice defends the Prime Minister's absence in light of the widespread flooding across the UK. Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott questions the loyalty of Sir Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy. Nandy herself clarifies her position on trans rights.
23/02/2049m 1s

Reshuffle kerfuffle | Grant Shapps & Sir Keir Starmer

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says the Budget may not go ahead as planned after the Prime Minister's Cabinet reshuffle saw the Chancellor resign. Plus Sir Keir Starmer defends the party's Brexit policy as he sets out his stall to be Labour leader.
16/02/2049m 22s

John Bercow: Bully or bullied? | Dawn Butler & Robert Jenrick

Labour deputy leadership candidate Dawn Butler says that if Brexit is the reason the Conservatives have not nominated John Bercow for a peerage, then that amounts to bullying of the former Speaker. Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick says that Parliament is "a better place" without Mr Bercow. Plus Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham on his compromise offer to the government on HS2.
09/02/2046m 18s

Diverging views | Dominic Raab & Arlene Foster

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab explains that the government will prioritise freeing the UK from EU rules in trade negotiations with Brussels. Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster says that these plans to diverge could lead to a further weakening of Northern Ireland's place in the union.
02/02/2038m 51s

Lords a leaving? | James Cleverly & Jess Phillips

Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly says the government is considering moving the House of Lords out of London. He also expresses sympathy with Prince Harry and Meghan. Plus Labour leadership hopeful Jess Phillips has a pointed message for one of her rivals.
19/01/2044m 37s

Long-Bailey's long-term plan | Rebecca Long-Bailey, Brandon Lewis & Clive Lewis

Rebecca Long-Bailey sets out her stall for the Labour leadership, pledging to abolish the House of Lords and leaving the door firmly open to a second Scottish independence referendum. Clive Lewis also makes his leadership pitch. Security Minister Brandon Lewis gives an update on the tensions in the Middle East.
12/01/2043m 33s

Middle East headaches | Dominic Raab, Emily Thornberry & Lisa Nandy

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab refuses to endorse President Trump's decision to order the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry criticises the Prime Minister for remaining on holiday during the crisis. Thornberry and Lisa Nandy lay out their respective pitches to be the next Labour leader.
05/01/2048m 12s

Election fallout | Michael Gove, Caroline Flint, Richard Burgon & Ian Blackford

Caroline Flint gives a damning assessment of the state of the Labour Party in the wake of the general election result. Richard Burgon defends Jeremy Corbyn. Michael Gove and Ian Blackford give a taster of the argument to come between the UK and Scottish governments over a second independence referendum.
15/12/1946m 52s

Making your mind up | Boris Johnson, Jo Swinson, Nigel Farage & Jon Ashworth

Prime Minister Boris Johnson tells Sophy there will be no checks on goods travelling between Britain and Northern Ireland under his Brexit deal. He also lays out more detail about his immigration plans and admits that only 31,000 of the 50,000 more nurses he wants will be "new". Jon Ashworth says he personally supports free movement of people. Jo Swinson and Nigel Farage defend their respective tricky election campaigns.

Reacting to terror | Jeremy Corbyn & Dominic Raab

Jeremy Corbyn tells Sophy that convicted terrorists should "not necessarily" have to serve their full prison sentence. He also calls for the Royal Family to be reduced in "size". Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab lays out Conservative plans to lengthen sentences for terrorists.
01/12/1950m 13s

The Battle for No 11 | Sajid Javid, John McDonnell & Nicola Sturgeon

Sajid Javid and John McDonnell describe their contrasting visions for the UK and its economy over the next five years. Nicola Sturgeon explains in detail her price for supporting a Jeremy Corbyn-led government.
24/11/1944m 0s

An immigration nation? | Brandon Lewis & Jon Ashworth

Security Minister Brandon Lewis explains how the Conservatives plan to tighten immigration rules if they win the general election. Labour's Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth lays out his idea for free dental check-ups.
17/11/1933m 15s

The numbers game | Kwasi Kwarteng & Nia Griffith

Business Minister Kwasi Kwarteng defends the Conservatives' claim that a Labour government would cost the UK £1.2trillion - but won't say how much a Conservative government would spend. Nia Griffith, Labour's Shadow Defence Secretary, fails to confirm that Jeremy Corbyn would ever use nuclear weapons as Prime Minister.
10/11/1944m 3s

And they're off! | Prime Minister Boris Johnson

In an exclusive interview, Prime Minister Boris Johnson tells Sophy why voters can still trust him despite breaking his October 31st Brexit pledge. He also explains why Donald Trump is wrong and says a second Scottish independence referendum won't happen on his watch. Sophy also asks him about the naughtiest thing he has ever done.
03/11/1932m 27s

Anti-election fever | Philip Hammond & Jonathan Ashworth

Former Chancellor Philip Hammond tells Sophy the Prime Minister should "stop throwing tantrums" and focus on passing his Brexit deal. Labour's Jon Ashworth explains why his party does not want to go to the polls yet.
27/10/1936m 26s

Crunch time | Michael Gove, John McDonnell, Amber Rudd & Nigel Farage

Michael Gove tells Sophy the UK will leave the EU on 31 October, despite the Prime Minister requesting an extension. He also reveals which Cabinet minister he's made a Brexit bet with. John McDonnell explains what Labour wants to see. Amber Rudd confirms she will vote for the PM's deal. And Nigel Farage offers Boris Johnson an electoral pact. Editor Toby Sculthorp and producer Matt Lavender join Sophy for analysis.
20/10/1949m 15s

Brexit pendulum swings again | Jeremy Corbyn & Jacob Rees-Mogg

With optimism increasing about the chances of a Brexit deal, Sophy speaks to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He warns MPs against backing a Boris Johnson Brexit deal, even if it's attached to a second referendum. Leader of the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg admits he may have to "eat his words" and compromise to support the Prime Minister's Brexit plans.
13/10/1940m 43s

'Podcast Live' Special | Justine Greening

In a special edition recorded in front of a live audience at the 'Podcast Live' festival in London, Sophy and Matt talk to former Cabinet minister Justine Greening about Brexit, the state of politics, and her future outside Parliament. She also reveals her talent for impersonations of colleagues...

Climate emergencies and penalty shoot-outs | Extinction Rebellion & Robert Jenrick

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick tells Sophy the government has "no plan" if it cannot get a Brexit deal and Parliament prevents the UK leaving in October without one. Extinction Rebellion activists explain why they are planning to cause mass disruption in the next couple of weeks. Plus Sophy and Matt come up with a novel way to solve the Brexit deadlock...
06/10/1937m 10s

Getting Brexit done? | Matt Hancock and Nigel Farage

The Conservatives are kicking off their party conference promising to 'get Brexit done'. As health secretary Matt Hancock sets out plans for 40 new hospitals, Sophy challenges him on the funding for these. Nigel Farage discusses making a pact with the Conservatives ahead of the next general election and why an MEP has been kicked out of his Brexit Party.
29/09/1934m 53s

World leaders and their allies | Jean-Claude Juncker, David Cameron & Len McCluskey

In a rare UK broadcast interview, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker tells Sophy that a Brexit deal is possible but that a no deal will lead to a hard border in Ireland. Former Prime Minister David Cameron reveals his advice to Boris Johnson. And Jeremy Corbyn ally Len McCluskey says Shadow Cabinet members who cannot support the leader should "step aside".
22/09/1937m 20s

Talks and Speakers | Stephen Barclay, Harriet Harman & Chuka Umunna

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay explains to Sophy where the "landing zone" for a revised Brexit deal could be. Harriet Harman lays out why she wants to be the next Commons Speaker. Chuka Umunna defends the Liberal Democrats' decision to support revoking Article 50.
15/09/1937m 37s

"Tin-pot dictators" and breaking the law | Dominic Raab & Shami Chakrabarti

After an extraordinary week in Westminster, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab tells Sophy that the government will "test the limits" of a law passed by MPs to block a no deal Brexit. Labour's Shami Chakrabarti brands the Prime Minister a "tin-pot dictator" for threatening the move.
08/09/1943m 38s

A democratic outrage or business as usual? | David Gauke, John McDonnell & Alok Sharma

After Boris Johnson asked the Queen to prorogue Parliament for a month in the run-up to Brexit, rebel Conservative MP David Gauke and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell explain how they will seek to stop no deal. International Development Secretary Alok Sharma, meanwhile, gives the case for the government.
01/09/1938m 38s

Making plans and influencing voters | Jeremy Corbyn & Rishi Sunak

Sophy sits down with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to discuss Brexit, his plans for an election and - in his first major interview since a documentary about the issue - anti-Semitism in his party. She also talks to Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak about preparing for no deal and whether Boris Johnson's spending plans add up.
28/07/1935m 21s

Enemies and alliances | Tobias Ellwood & James Kanagasooriam

With tensions between the UK and Iran continuing to escalate, Sophy talks to Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood. Plus election strategist James Kanagasooriam explains if the Remain alliance that has been constructed for the Brecon & Radnorshire by-election could work nationally.
21/07/1932m 22s

Court cases and investigations | Priti Patel, Gina Miller & Dame Margaret Hodge

With Gina Miller threatening to take Boris Johnson to court, Niall asks her why and also gets the reaction of Johnson supporter and former Cabinet minister Priti Patel. Plus Dame Margaret Hodge gives her view on the latest row about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.
14/07/1936m 15s

The reality of a no deal Brexit | Dominic Raab & Minette Batters

Sophy talks to former Conservative leadership contender Dominic Raab about why he is now backing Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister. Plus Minette Batters, the President of the NFU, warns what a no deal Brexit could mean for farming.
07/07/1931m 48s

Our next Prime Minister? | Boris Johnson & John McDonnell

Sophy sits down with the man likely to be the next Prime Minister - Boris Johnson. She quizzes him on his spending plans, Brexit, the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, and whether he has any plans to lock up his rivals. Plus Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell talks Brexit and anti-Semitism.
30/06/1938m 43s

The case for and against Boris Johnson | Nicola Sturgeon and Rishi Sunak

Boris Johnson's leadership campaign has been derailed by an apparent row with his partner at home. But how much of an impact will it have on his battle for Number Ten and does he have the character and ideas to defeat Jeremy Hunt? Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Johnson-backing Conservative MP Rishi Sunak have their say.
23/06/1932m 4s

And then there were six | Dominic Raab, Amber Rudd & Kim Leadbeater

Despite an underwhelming showing in the first round of the Conservative leadership contest, Dominic Raab tells Sophy Ridge he is still "quietly confident" heading into round two. Amber Rudd reveals if she would now accept a lift home from Boris Johnson, and Jo Cox's sister Kim Leadbeater remembers her on the third anniversary of her murder.
16/06/1942m 20s

Race to be prime minister | Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt

Sophy is joined by two of the front runners in the Conservative leadership contest - Home Secretary Sajid Javid and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt - to discuss why they want to become the next prime minister.
09/06/1943m 37s

He's running: Sam Gyimah, Sadiq Khan & David Gauke

Sam Gyimah is the 13th Conservative MP to announce a run for his party's leadership. He tells Niall why he's running. Plus Justice Secretary David Gauke explains who he is backing for leader, and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has some choice words for Donald Trump.
02/06/1937m 21s

Tory leadership battle: Esther McVey, John McDonnell, Justine Greening and Damian Green.

With Theresa May stepping down, the Conservative leadership contest has started in earnest. Esther McVey is running but Justine Greening is not - Sophy talks to both of them to understand their reasoning.Theresa May's longtime friend and former deputy Damian Green tells us who he is backing. Plus John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, explains how Labour sees it all.
26/05/1943m 20s

'More runners than the Grand National' - The Conservative leadership race

Could the race to succeed Theresa May have more runners than the Grand National? Sophy asks Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay and Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood if they will run, and analyses the state of the race.
19/05/1929m 40s

Tony Blair & Sian Berry: Climate change and (political) earthquakes

With the European elections coming up Sophy asks former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair if he can still vote for the party. Plus Green Party co-leader Sian Berry explains why the Greens are on the rise.
12/05/1939m 19s

Local elections and leadership pitches

It's not often you get straight answers about MPs' leadership ambitions, but Rory Stewart broke the mould on this week's #Ridge. Listen to his interview with Sophy, her chats with Jonathan Ashworth and Nigel Farage, and exclusive analysis about the local elections and what next for Brexit.
05/05/1939m 33s

It's not all about Brexit: Climate emergency and election challenges

Sophy interviews shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey about Labour's demand for radical action on the environment, while the Conservative deputy chair Helen Whateley assesses her party's chances in this week's local elections. Political reporter Rob Powell is on hand with the analysis.
28/04/1935m 9s

Life beyond Brexit with guests Iain Duncan Smith and Anna Soubry

Sophy is joined by former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith and The Independent Group's Anna Soubry to get their (somewhat different) takes on the latest delay to leaving the EU. Plus, with the time pressure around Brexit easing off, Sophy talks about another issue - the case of Julian Assange - in a rare interview with his lawyer.
14/04/1942m 30s

PODCAST LIVE! 'No one knows what happens next on Brexit'

Sophy and Matt Lavender discuss the current state of politics - and its future - with the Labour MP Lisa Nandy and the Conservative Johnny Mercer at the Podcast Live event in London. The show was recorded in front of a live audience.
08/04/1959m 10s

Third time's a charm? Maybe not...

After another defeat for Theresa May's deal in Parliament and with MPs unable to agree on a way forward, Sophy talks to Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry and James Cleverly - the Conservative Party Deputy Chairman - about what happens next. Plus, could an election be on the cards?
31/03/1938m 59s

A second chance for a second referendum?

With the Prime Minister's future hanging by a thread, Sophy speaks to the Chancellor Philip Hammond, who also has some interesting things to say on a second referendum. Plus Hilary Benn - the Chair of the Brexit Select Committee - explains how MPs will try to take control next week.
24/03/1940m 57s

Jeremy Corbyn's "enthusiasm" for a second referendum

Is Jeremy Corbyn enthusiastic for a second Brexit referendum? And are government ministers still bound by collective responsibility? Sophy speaks to the Labour leader, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox and former Cabinet minister Esther McVey to find out.
17/03/1939m 13s

Sir Keir Starmer & Dominic Raab

Ahead of a major week of Brexit votes, Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer and former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab outline their positions and predictions. Plus Sophy has some exciting news.
10/03/1935m 17s

John McDonnell, Caroline Flint & Rory Stewart

After Labour shifted its position to back a second referendum, Sophy speaks to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Labour MP Caroline Flint. Plus Justice Minister Rory Stewart explains whether the government will support a delay to Brexit if its deal is defeated.
03/03/1939m 12s

Chuka Umunna & Barry Gardiner

After he quit the Labour Party to join The Independent Group, Chuka Umunna explains his decision to Sophy. Plus Barry Gardiner, his former colleague and Shadow International Trade Secretary, lays out where he thinks the Labour Party should go now.
24/02/1939m 4s

Chris Heaton-Harris and Lord Dannatt

As the UK debates whether it should take back Islamic State fighters and jihadi brides, Sophy gets the opinion of former head of the British Army Lord Dannatt, and Brexit minister Chris Heaton-Harris is in the studio to discuss whether the government’s wasting its time trying to get concessions on its EU withdrawal deal.
17/02/1933m 29s

Tony Blair, Jonathan Ashworth & Liz Truss

In a wide-ranging edition, Sophy talks to former Prime Minister Tony Blair about Brexit, peace in Northern Ireland, and anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Plus Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth and Chief Secretary Liz Truss chat about social media and mansplaining.
10/02/1940m 53s

Dr Liam Fox & Minette Batters

What does the Government do now? Is there any hope for its Brexit deal? Sophy quizzes International Trade Secretary Liam Fox. Plus Minette Batters, the president of the National Farmers' Union, explains what no deal would mean for her sector.
03/02/1931m 18s

Damian Hinds & Angela Rayner

Will Britain leave the EU on 29 March? Sophy talks to Education Secretary Damian Hinds to find out. Plus Labour's Angela Rayner outlines her views on a second referendum, and explains why her party is prioritising scrapping university tuition fees.
27/01/1934m 50s

Dominic Raab, Nicky Morgan & David Lammy

What should the Prime Minister do after her Brexit deal was rejected by an historic margin? Sophy talks to three MPs with different ideas - former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, Conservative Nicky Morgan, and Labour's David Lammy - to try to find out.
20/01/1941m 44s

Chris Grayling & Rebecca Long-Bailey

With the big vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal due on Tuesday and the government looking set for defeat, Sophy talks to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling about what comes next. Plus Rebecca Long-Bailey explains whether Labour will call a no confidence vote in the government if the deal is voted down.
15/01/1932m 5s

Matt Hancock & Barry Gardiner

Sophy is joined by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who lays out the government's new 10-year plan for the NHS. Plus Barry Gardiner, Labour's Shadow International Trade Secretary, explains how his party would do Brexit differently. #Ridge
06/01/1935m 44s

Nicola Sturgeon & Damian Hinds

After the Prime Minister pulled the vote on her Brexit deal and faced an attempt to oust her from within her own party, Sophy speaks to Education Secretary Damian Hinds. Plus, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon explains why a second referendum on Brexit may have to be accompanied by another vote on independence. #Ridge
16/12/1836m 37s

Esther McVey, Dominic Raab, Hilary Benn & Dominic Grieve

What is going to happen with Brexit this week? Sophy tries to get to the bottom of it with former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and - in her first TV interview since resigning from the Cabinet - former Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey. Plus Dominic Grieve discusses a possible split in the Conservative Party, and Hilary Benn explains why he might be helping the Prime Minister out. #Ridge
09/12/1839m 10s

Sir Keir Starmer & Nick Boles

What happens if the Prime Minister's Brexit deal gets voted down by MPs on 11 December? Sophy talks to Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer and Conservative MP Nick Boles to try to find out. #Ridge
02/12/1833m 20s

Iain Duncan Smith, Lisa Nandy & Philippe Lamberts

The EU might have signed off Theresa May's Brexit deal, but can it get through the House of Commons? Sophy talks to former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith and Labour MP Lisa Nandy, and concludes that the chances aren't good. Plus, in a special show from Brussels, Sophy talks to senior MEP Philippe Lamberts. #Ridge
25/11/1823m 12s

Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn

In a special edition Sophy dissects an incredible week in politics with not just one major party leader, but two. She asks Prime Minister Theresa May about her Brexit deal and her chances of survival, and quizzes Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on his views of a second referendum. She also explains why she asked what she did, and what she made of the answers. #Ridge
18/11/1852m 19s

Tom Tugendhat & Nia Griffith

Sophy talks to Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, the former army officer who now chairs the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, about the sacrifice made in World War One by Commonwealth citizens, and about his ambitions for the future. Plus Labour's Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith talks remembrance and Brexit. #Ridge
11/11/1829m 52s

Yvette Cooper & Kemi Badenoch

Sophy asks Yvette Cooper, the Labour Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, whether the Home Office is fit for purpose and ready for Brexit. Plus Conservative vice-chair Kemi Badenoch explains how she sees the future of her party, and tells Sophy about her less-than-traditional upbringing. #Ridge
04/11/1833m 22s

Philip Hammond & John McDonnell

In a pre-Budget special, Sophy talks to the Chancellor Philip Hammond about austerity, Brexit and his shopping habits. Plus Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell explains why his expectations for the Budget are pretty low. #Ridge
28/10/1835m 43s

Suella Braverman & Robert Halfon

Sophy talks to Brexit minister Suella Braverman about the prospects of a deal and whether she's a sleeper agent in government. Plus Conservative MP Robert Halfon explains that there's no time like 2016 when it comes to Theresa May. #Ridge
21/10/1831m 51s

Iain Duncan Smith, Caroline Flint & James Cleverly

Sophy talks to Iain Duncan Smith about Brexit and the government's flagship welfare reform Universal Credit, which was his idea. She also chats to Labour MP Caroline Flint about whether she could back Theresa May's Brexit deal against her own party's wishes. And in a choice between Stormzy or Stormy Daniels, who would Conservative Deputy Chairman James Cleverly pick? #Ridge
14/10/1832m 36s

John McDonnell, Jeremy Wright & Sir Richard Dearlove

Which Conservatives does John McDonnell admire? Does the Cabinet minister in charge of sport know who Liverpool are playing this weekend? And why should a former security chief spend his retirement thinking about his role in the Iraq War? Find out about all this and more as Sophy talks to the Shadow Chancellor, Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright and former MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove. #Ridge
07/10/1830m 26s

Conservative Party Conference Special

In a special podcast from the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, Sophy talks to former Brexit Secretary David Davis about his opposition to Theresa May's Chequers plan and why he thinks we should be wary of Boris Johnson. And she chats to Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson about her battles with mental health and her new book on women in politics. #Ridge
30/09/1838m 13s

Labour Party Conference Special

In a special podcast from Labour Party conference in Liverpool, Sophy chats to Labour's Deputy Leader Tom Watson about second referendums, deselections, and why he doesn't have a speaking slot. #Ridge
23/09/1825m 14s

Dr Liam Fox & Jo Swinson

Sophy talks to International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox about the government's plans for immigration after Brexit, and how long the Prime Minister can survive for. She also asks Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Jo Swinson what the point of her party is, and whether she could be the leader to revive its fortunes. #Ridge
16/09/1835m 42s

James Brokenshire & Chuka Umunna

In the first podcast of the new season, Sophy talks to Housing Secretary James Brokenshire and Labour MP Chuka Umunna about Brexit and anti-Semitism. She also discusses their answers, whether the government needs to just get on with Brexit, and a possible new party, with special guest Nimco Ali. #Ridge
09/09/1830m 48s

John McDonnell

Sophy travels to Hastings to talk to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell about Brexit, anti-Semitism, the pairing row in Parliament and his plan to invest in towns which have been "held back". Plus Sophy looks ahead to the political summer holiday and how things will look when MPs return in September. #Ridge
22/07/1826m 32s

Tom Watson

Sophy talks to Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson about whether his party's Brexit plan is really that different to the government's. He also tells her about how he wants England to host the 2030 World Cup, and Sophy discusses whether Theresa May could learn anything from Donald Trump. #Ridge
15/07/1822m 29s

Jeremy Corbyn

As the NHS celebrates its 70th birthday, Sophy talks to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about his plans for the health service. They also discuss Brexit, the legalisation of cannabis and prostitution, and whether coverage of the World Cup has become too nationalistic. #Ridge
01/07/1817m 47s

Dr Liam Fox

Sophy travels to Somerset to talk to International Trade Secretary Liam Fox. They discuss Brexit, trade, Donald Trump and whether certain Cabinet ministers get away with more than others. #Ridge
24/06/1828m 41s

Suella Braverman & John Healey

Sophy talks to Brexit Minister Suella Braverman about Brexit negotiations, immigration and whether we'll have more money for the NHS after we leave the EU. And she chats to Labour's John Healey about his plans to make housing more affordable. #Ridge
17/06/1831m 55s

Dominic Raab & Rebecca Long-Bailey

After a dramatic few days in Brexit and with crucial votes to come in Parliament next week, Sophy talks to Housing Minister Dominic Raab about Cabinet divisions. She also travels to Salford to ask Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey whether Labour's Brexit policy is really achievable. #Ridge
10/06/1823m 54s

Arlene Foster & Stella Creasy

With pressure growing on Theresa May to change the law on abortion in Northern Ireland following the referendum in the Republic, Sophy talks to DUP leader Arlene Foster and Labour MP Stella Creasy about their views. #Ridge
03/06/1820m 51s

David Gauke & Jon Ashworth

Sophy talks to Justice Secretary David Gauke about prisons and Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth about abortion. #Ridge
27/05/1825m 3s

Andy McDonald & Will Tanner

With the East Coast rail line coming back under state control, Sophy debates the merits of nationalisation with Labour's Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald. And she is joined by Will Tanner - a former policy adviser to Theresa May - to discuss whether the Conservative Party has a future. #Ridge
20/05/1829m 17s

Jon Trickett, Jess Phillips & Nus Ghani

As Labour announce plans to shift power and wealth away from London, Sophy travels to Doncaster to talk to Shadow Cabinet member Jon Trickett. And a year on from first speaking to them, she chats to Labour's Jess Phillips and Conservative Nus Ghani about being a woman in Westminster. #Ridge
13/05/1823m 49s

John McDonnell & James Cleverly

Niall looks ahead to the local elections and discusses immigration and anti-Semitism with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and the Conservative Party's Deputy Chair James Cleverly #Paterson
29/04/1829m 47s

Nicola Sturgeon & Richard Burgon

After Britain joined with the US and France to strike President Assad in Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack that killed up to 75 people, Niall is joined by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Labour frontbencher Richard Burgon to discuss whether the strike was justified, and what happens now. #Paterson
15/04/1831m 12s

Brandon Lewis & Ian Lavery

With the Salisbury spy poisoning still dominating the news and tensions between London and Moscow on the rise, Niall speaks to two party chairmen – the Conservatives’ Brandon Lewis and Ian Lavery of the Labour Party – to discuss what should happen next. #Paterson
18/03/1826m 53s

Sam Gyimah & Peter Dowd

Niall talks to the Universities Minister Sam Gyimah about the ongoing strike by lecturers and the attempted murder of a former Russian agent on British soil. He also looks ahead to the Spring Statement with Labour's Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Peter Dowd. #Paterson
11/03/1827m 57s

Dominic Raab & John McDonnell

Niall talks housing policy and homelessness with Housing Minister Dominic Raab. He is also joined by John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, to discuss Brexit and the controversial friends of his Shadow Cabinet colleagues. #Paterson
04/03/1832m 25s

Andrea Leadsom & Baroness Chakrabarti

With big speeches on Brexit coming up from Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, Niall is joined by the Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom and the Shadow Attorney General Baroness Shami Chakrabarti. #Paterson
25/02/1824m 14s

Sam Gyimah & Gerard Batten

With the government poised to launch a review into university financing, Niall talks to the Universities Minister Sam Gyimah. He also chats to the new (interim) UKIP leader Gerard Batten about his plans for the party and his controversial views on Islam. #Paterson
18/02/1826m 13s

David Gauke & Jonathan Reynolds

With pressure mounting on the government to make crucial decisions on Brexit, Niall is joined by Justice Secretary David Gauke. He also talks about Labour's nationalisation plans with Shadow Treasury minister Jonathan Reynolds. #Paterson
11/02/1830m 37s

Dominic Raab & Dawn Butler

With pressure growing on the government to make a decision about what it wants the UK's future relationship with the EU to look like, Niall speaks to committed Brexiteer and Housing Minister Dominic Raab. He also discusses equality and abuse in politics with Labour's Shadow Women & Equalities Minister Dawn Butler. #Paterson
04/02/1825m 50s

Baroness Evans & Richard Burgon

As key Brexit legislation arrives in the House of Lords, Niall talks to the leader of the Upper Chamber Baroness Evans. He also discusses the CPS' decision to review all rape and serious sexual assault cases with Labour's Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon. #Paterson
28/01/1837m 26s

Caroline Nokes, Debbie Abrahams & Chuka Umunna

In the first show of 2018, Niall talks to the new Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes about her new job, government reshuffles and Donald Trump. He is also joined by Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Debbie Abrahams and backbencher Chuka Umunna to discuss Brexit, benefit cuts and political abuse. #Paterson
14/01/1836m 55s

Brandon Lewis, Barry Gardiner & 2017 Review

Our final podcast before Christmas features Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis and Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner talking about Brexit. Three backbench MPs review the year and look ahead to 2018, and trade experts Sir Andrew Cahn and Lord Digby Jones explain what the UK can achieve in talks with the EU. #Paterson
17/12/1734m 21s

James Brokenshire, Shami Chakrabarti, Peter Bone & Mark Regev

After the UK and EU agreed to move Brexit talks on to trade and transition, Niall speaks to Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire. He also chats to Labour's Shami Chakrabarti and Conservative backbencher Peter Bone. And with violence flaring once again after President Trump's decision to formally recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Israel's Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev spoke to Niall. #Paterson
10/12/1735m 24s

John McDonnell, Justine Greening & David Cullinane

In our latest podcast Niall grills Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell on Labour's spending plans. He also talks to Education Secretary Justine Greening about social mobility and Sinn Fein's David Cullinane about Brexit and the Irish border. #Paterson
03/12/1736m 16s

Liam Fox, Debbie Abrahams & Sir Vince Cable

At the end of Budget week Niall talks to the International Trade Secretary Liam Fox about the Government's plans for trade and Brexit going forward. He also talks Universal Credit with Labour's Debbie Abrahams and sits down with the leader of the Lib Dems, Sir Vince Cable. #Paterson
26/11/1734m 21s

Jon Ashworth, Andy Burnham, Stephen Hammond & Luciana Berger

With the Budget coming up Niall talks to Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth and influential Conservative Stephen Hammond about what they want to hear from the Chancellor. He also chats with the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, and visits Liverpool to investigate mental healthcare provision. #Paterson
19/11/1736m 50s

David Davis, Peter Dowd & Sir Stuart Peach

In our latest podcast Niall talks to Brexit Secretary David Davis about the progress of exit talks. He also speaks to the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Peter Dowd and Sky's Defence Correspondent Alistair Bunkall sits down with Sir Stuart Peach, the Chief of Defence Staff. #Paterson
12/11/1734m 7s

Amber Rudd, Emily Thornberry & Rupa Huq

With allegations of sexual harassment and abuse engulfing Westminster, Niall speaks to the Home Secretary Amber Rudd. He also talks to Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry and her Labour colleague Rupa Huq. #Paterson
05/11/1729m 4s

Andrew Gwynne, Philip Dunne & Owen Paterson

After allegations of sexual harassment hit Westminster, Niall talks to Shadow Communities Secretary Andrew Gwynne. He also speaks to Health minister Philip Dunne and Conservative Brexiteer Owen Paterson. #Paterson
29/10/1727m 12s

Jon Ashworth, Johnny Mercer & Universal Credit

Niall talks to Labour's Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth about Brexit and the NHS. He also chats to one of the Conservatives' rising stars Johnny Mercer about Universal Credit and defence policy. And with the welfare reform dominating the political headlines, Niall brings together a panel to discuss its roll-out. #Paterson
22/10/1726m 42s

Alok Sharma, Barry Gardiner & Henry Bolton

With housing back near the top of the political agenda Niall quizzes Housing Minister Alok Sharma about the Government's record and policies. He also discusses Brexit with Labour's Barry Gardiner and chats to the new UKIP leader Henry Bolton. #Paterson
15/10/1728m 13s

Karen Bradley, Emily Thornberry, Sir Howard Davies & Mike Russell

After Theresa May's eventful conference speech, Niall talks to Culture Secretary Karen Bradley. He also sits down with Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, the SNP's Brexit spokesman Mike Russell, and the chair of RBS Sir Howard Davies. #Paterson
08/10/1731m 44s

Conservative Conference Special

Niall heads to Manchester for the Conservative Party Conference and talks to Communities Secretary Sajid Javid about housing and his support for Theresa May. He also sits down with former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine to talk unity and Brexit, and discusses the party's future with a panel of backbench MPs. #Paterson
02/10/1728m 18s

Labour Conference Special

Niall heads to the Labour Party conference and talks to the party's Deputy Leader Tom Watson. He also chats to key union leader Dave Prentis and discusses the future of the party with three backbench MPs - Lisa Nandy, Clive Lewis and Caroline Flint. #Paterson
25/09/1728m 23s

Damian Green, Nicky Morgan, Dawn Butler & Ed Davey

After Boris Johnson laid out his Brexit red lines in a newspaper article, Niall talks to Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green. He also chats to students and former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan about the Conservative Party's future. Dawn Butler joins him to discuss the public sector pay cap and Labour's Brexit position, and Ed Davey explains why the Lib Dems are still relevant. #Paterson
17/09/1731m 57s

Dominic Raab, Ken Clarke & Jon Ashworth

In his first show Niall talks to Justice Minister Dominic Raab about the Brexit negotiations and his leadership ambitions, and is joined by veteran Tory Ken Clarke. He also discusses Labour's latest Brexit position with Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth. #Paterson
10/09/1730m 30s

Justine Greening, Sir Vince Cable, Barry Gardiner & MPTV

Sophy talks to Education Secretary Justine Greening about her plans to change the gender reassignment process.Niall Paterson, meanwhile talks to the new Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable and Labour's Barry Gardiner. MPTV with Jess Phillips and Jacob Rees-Mogg also makes a triumphant return. #Ridge
23/07/1723m 58s

Tony Blair, Sarah Newton & Fabian Picardo

Sophy talks to former Prime Minister Tony Blair about Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn and his legacy. She also chats to Sarah Newton about Cabinet infighting and her plans to tackle acid attacks, and Gibraltar's Chief Minister Fabian Picardo about the future of the 'rock'. #Ridge
16/07/1729m 22s

David Lidington, Debbie Abrahams and Paul Drechsler

Sophy talks to justice secretary David Lidington about Tory leadership rumblings and shadow work and pension secretary Debbie Abrahams on Labour's spending plans.She also heard from the CBI's Paul Drechsler about what businesses want to see from Brexit.
09/07/1729m 13s

Sir Vince Cable, Owen Smith, David Lammy & George Eustice

Sophy talks to Sir Vince Cable about his plans for the Liberal Democrats and gives her analysis, as well as speaking to Owen Smith about Brexit and the Labour Party.She also chats to Environment Minister George Eustice about austerity and fishing, and visits the Broadwater Farm estate in Tottenham where she talks to residents and local MP David Lammy.
02/07/1729m 45s

Priti Patel, Shami Chakrabarti, Ken Clarke & Stella Creasy

Sophy talks to Cabinet minister Priti Patel and Shadow Attorney-General Shami Chakrabarti and gives her analysis as the fallout from the Grenfell Tower fire continues.She also discusses the latest Brexit developments with Ken Clarke, and abortion in Northern Ireland with Labour MP Stella Creasy. #Ridge
25/06/1730m 9s

John McDonnell, Greg Hands, Iain Duncan Smith & Robert Halfon

After the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, Sophy speaks to Labour's John McDonnell and Conservative minister Greg Hands to get their reaction. Leave supporter Iain Duncan Smith looks ahead to the start of the Brexit negotiations, and Robert Halfon talks about his sacking as a Government minister. #Ridge
18/06/1728m 48s

General Election Special

After the general election surprised everyone by ending in a hung parliament, Sophy speaks to some of the key players about what happens now.Culture Secretary Karen Bradley defends Theresa May, while former Conservative ministers Anna Soubry and Lord Heseltine say the Prime Minister will have to go. Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry revels in her party's success, while Yvette Cooper explains how the Labour Party is uniting. #Ridge
11/06/1732m 24s

Scotland Special

Sophy travels to Glasgow for a Scotland special! She sits down with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, the leader of Scottish Labour Kezia Dugdale and the Lib Dems' frontman north of the border, Willie Rennie. #Ridge
28/05/1727m 21s

Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron & Dominic Raab

After the release this week of the main parties' manifestos, Sophy quizzes Jeremy Corbyn about Labour's policies and his personal history. She also talks to the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron about his views on abortion, and asks Conservative Dominic Raab about his party's controversial social care plans. #Ridge
21/05/1727m 2s

John McDonnell, Michael Gove & Alex Salmond

After Labour's draft manifesto leaked this week, Sophy quizzes Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell on whether his party's spending plans add up. She also talks Scottish independence and education with the SNP's Alex Salmond, and asks Michael Gove when he last spoke to David Cameron... #Ridge
14/05/1724m 24s

Margaret Beckett, Anna Soubry & Alan Johnson

Sophy travels to Nottingham and speaks to Labour grandees Margaret Beckett and Alan Johnson about their party's disappointing local election results. She also chats to local Conservative MP Anna Soubry about the General Election and whether the Prime Minister is as strong and stable as she claims. #Ridge
08/05/1727m 40s

Emily Thornberry, Paul Nuttall & Stephen Gethins

With tensions rising over North Korea and the war in Syria rumbling on, Sophy quizzes Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry about Labour's foreign policy and her views on defence. UKIP leader Paul Nuttall explains how he wants to integrate communities in Britain, and the SNP's Stephen Gethins talks Scottish independence and the general election. #Ridge
30/04/1724m 43s

Damian Green, Barry Gardiner & Sir Vince Cable

After the Prime Minister shocked everyone by calling an early general election Sophy speaks to Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green, Labour frontbencher Barry Gardiner and former Liberal Democrat minister Sir Vince Cable. #Ridge
23/04/1724m 56s

John McDonnell, Andrew Mitchell, Steven Woolfe & Jerry Smith

After the chemical weapons attack in Syria this week and America's military response, Sophy talks to Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell and former weapons inspector Jerry Smith. She also speaks to ex-UKIP leadership contender Steven Woolfe about immigration and his former party. #Ridge
09/04/1726m 16s

Jon Ashworth, Lord Howard, Gerry Adams & John Dean

After a key NHS waiting time target was dropped this week, Sophy speaks to Labour's Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth, while former Conservative Party leader Lord Howard says he is still optimistic about Brexit. Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams talks about negotiations in Stormont and losing his friend Martin McGuinness, and Sophy also chats to a former adviser to President Nixon about Donald Trump. #Ridge
02/04/1725m 52s

Amber Rudd, Nigel Farage, Nick Clegg & Yvette Cooper

After the terror attack in Westminster, Sophy talks to Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Home Affairs Committee chair Yvette Cooper about security and the threat of terrorism. Nigel Farage rejoices after UKIP's only MP Douglas Carswell quit the party, and Nick Clegg defends the Lib Dem's stance on Brexit. #Ridge
26/03/1727m 12s

Scotland Special - Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson & Kezia Dugdale

After Nicola Sturgeon announced her intention to hold a second Scottish independence referendum, Sophy heads to Aberdeen to talk to the First Minister. She also visits Edinburgh and speaks to Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, Kezia Dugdale. #Ridge
19/03/1728m 25s

Dr Liam Fox, Sir Keir Starmer, Arlene Foster & Liz Kendall

With the Government poised to trigger Article 50 this week, Sophy talks to International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox and Labour's Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer. Arlene Foster gives her first broadcast interview since the Northern Ireland Assembly elections, and Sophy goes on the road to Leicester to talk to Labour MP Liz Kendall and some of her constituents.
12/03/1726m 47s

Hilary Benn, Paul Nuttall, David Lidington & Caroline Lucas

After the House of Lords amended the Government's Brexit Bill, Sophy speaks to the chairman of the Brexit Select Committee Hilary Benn and the leader of the House of Commons David Lidington. She also talks business rates with Caroline Lucas and finds out from Paul Nuttall who is 'the cat' in UKIP. #Ridge
05/03/1726m 55s

Rory Stewart, Barry Gardiner & Lisa Nandy

After a difficult week for Labour Sophy talks to Shadow Cabinet member Barry Gardiner and backbencher Lisa Nandy about the state of their party. She also talks to International Development minister Rory Stewart and looks ahead to the assembly elections in Northern Ireland.
26/02/1725m 6s

Liz Truss & Diane Abbott

In the latest 'Sophy Ridge on Sunday' podcast, Sophy goes to prison to talk to inmates and Justice Secretary Liz Truss about the crisis in Britain's jails. She also speaks to Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott about the abuse she continues to receive thirty years after entering Parliament. #Ridge
19/02/1725m 10s

Chuka Umunna, Lord Lamont, Lord Newby & #MPTV

After the week in which the House of Commons approved the Article 50 Bill, Sophy talks to Chuka Umunna about what Remainers do now. She also looks ahead to the House of Lords debating the Bill with Lords Lamont and Newby. A former FBI agent discusses Donald Trump and torture, and TV's newest double-act make their debut. #Ridge
12/02/1721m 59s

Harriet Harman, Gavin Barwell, Iain Duncan Smith & Stella Creasy

In the latest 'Sophy Ridge on Sunday' podcast, Sophy quizzes housing minister Gavin Barwell about the Government's plans to make renting more affordable. She also talks to Harriet Harman, the longest-serving female MP in the House of Commons, and discusses Brexit with leave campaigner Iain Duncan Smith MP and remainer Stella Creasy MP. #Ridge
05/02/1723m 32s

Tim Farron, Alex Salmond, Crispin Blunt & Dan Jarvis

After a crazy week in politics, Sophy talks to Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond. She also speaks to the Chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, Crispin Blunt, and travels to Barnsley to meet Labour MP Dan Jarvis. #Ridge
29/01/1721m 9s

Jeremy Corbyn & Anna Soubry

The latest 'Sophy Ridge on Sunday' podcast includes an interview with the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. In the week of Theresa May's Brexit speech, Sophy also speaks to former Business Minister Anna Soubry, one of the Prime Minister's most vocal backbenchers. She also talks to three female MPs about being women in Westminster, and visits the swing seat of Nuneaton. #Ridge
22/01/1730m 49s

John McDonnell, Nigel Farage & Dr Sarah Wollaston

The latest 'Sophy Ridge on Sunday' podcast features interviews with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Sophy also speaks to Dr Sarah Wollaston MP about problems in the NHS, the man challenging Len McCluskey for the leadership of Unite, Gerard Coyne, and provides additional analysis on what her guests had to say. #Ridge
15/01/1720m 5s

Theresa May & Tom Watson

The inaugural Sophy Ridge on Sunday podcast features an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister Theresa May who talks about Brexit, the 'Sharing Society' and Donald Trump. Sophy also gets the thoughts of voters in Boston in Lincolnshire and assesses the future of the Labour Party with deputy leader Tom Watson. #Ridge #skynews
08/01/1733m 36s
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