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The Moggcast: Episode Eighty Four, Tuesday 21st February 2023

The Protocol: "I don't know why Sunak has spent so much political capital without getting the DUP and ERG onside first" Plus: How a Remain win in the referendum would have given us Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage - and why "Putin probably would have succeeded" in invading Ukraine.
21/02/2324m 42s

The Moggcast: Episode Eighty Three, Tuesday 7th February 2023

Brexit - and how Corbyn saved Britain from "a government of all the non-talents" Rees-Mogg on Cameron, Vote Leave, No Deal, May's Deal, Johnson's Deal, Gove's leadership bid - and whether a Remain view of Britain shaped the reception of Kwarteng's mini-Budget.
07/02/2330m 38s

The Moggcast: Episode Eighty Two, Tuesday 24th January 2023

NHS reform. The Conservatives should learn from Wes Streeting. And "we should encourage people to use private health." Plus: How the Tory "nimby tendency" killed housing reform. Why leadership contest this year would be "completely scatty". And those who "scribble" criticism of Johnson are "fundamentally dull".
24/01/2324m 57s

The Moggcast: Episode Eighty One, Tuesday 13th December 2022

In defence of Johnson’s premiership. Our interviewee says that a feature of one-to-one meetings with the former Prime Minister is that the other party would sometimes believe commitments had been made when they hadn't.
13/12/2231m 7s

The Moggcast: Episode Eighty, Tuesday 29th November 2022

"These rebellions are ill advised...You don't help your own seat by making life difficult for the Government." Our interviewee on why he regrets the top rate tax U-turn, backs the radical abolition of tax reliefs, and thinks Chief Whips "can't resign, really" - as he recalls the fracking vote.
29/11/2220m 21s

The Moggcast: Episode Seventy Nine, Tuesday 8th November 2022

The Truss premiership, part one. Rees-Mogg on the alternative energy support plan he preferred. Our interviewee on what went wrong - featuring Boris Johnson, the Bank of England, the OBR, pension funds, Kit Malthouse, why the Covid and energy support schemes were justified... and where the Government didn't act urgently enough.
08/11/2228m 1s

The Moggcast: Episode Seventy Eight, Tuesday 12th July 2022

Rees-Mogg says that Johnson should have the opportunity to stand again for the leadership if he wishes. Our interviewee on how he's "extremely unlikely" to stand for the leadership - plus the Sex Pistols, Sunak's failings, Gove, Zahawi's "mistake", why he opposes HS2, who he might vote for and how he would deliver tax cuts.
12/07/2230m 26s

The Moggcast: Episode Seventy Seven, Tuesday 28th June 2022

Are these by-election defeats the prelude to a 1992 surprise - or a 1997 catastrophe? Plus: Rees-Mogg and Henry Hill discuss the proper limits of the Bank of England's independence.
27/06/2226m 48s

The Moggcast: Episode Seventy Six, Tuesday 14th June 2022

The Cabinet Office Minister on the benefits of Brexit. Plus: why Ministers aren't under an obligation to vote for the Party Leader in a confidence ballot.
13/06/2224m 53s

The Moggcast: Episode Seventy Five, Tuesday 17th May 2022

Civil servants' "trade union seems to want them to be in Tuscany to call into work" The Cabinet Office Minister on the Baxdendale Report, returns to Thatcherism and why he was right to say Partygate is "disproportionate fluff".
17/05/2225m 19s

The Moggcast Live

Join us for this live recording of The Moggcast - a look at the latest political news and current affairs with Jacob Rees-Mogg. This episode was recorded live at Conservative Spring Conference in Blackpool, and is held in partnership with Thorncliffe.
19/03/221h 3m

The Moggcast: Episode Seventy Four, Tuesday 8th March 2022

"The Green Blob has had the view that UK energy is bad in principle." The Leader of the House on the war - and fracking: "it's not the San Francisco earthquake".
08/03/2226m 33s

The Moggcast: Episode Seventy Three, Tuesday 22nd February 2022

Civil servants shouldn't use Black Lives Matter hashtags. They must be be "completely apolitical". Rees-Mogg suggests that the health spending that the NIC increase will finance could be funded by savings he can find.
22/02/2226m 49s

The Moggcast: Episode Seventy Two, Tuesday 8th February 2022

Operation Midland. The treatment of Harvey Proctor was "deeply scandalous" Rees-Mogg says he doesn't know whether Starmer bears any responsibility for the practice of automatically believing complainants.
08/02/2225m 24s

The Moggcast: Episode Seventy One, Tuesday 25th January 2022

On Islam and Muslims. "Being on the same side as people who believe in God is tremendously important." The Leader of the House on Downing Street parties, whips and threats, Covid... and Ukraine.
25/01/2233m 0s
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