School Days

School Days

By Youths Choice

Do you remember what you were like at school? Well in this podcast we talk to a range of celebrities who give us some insight about what their school days were like for them! Presenters: Jasmin Trabelsi, Oyin Onanuga, Rose Jarrard, Darryl Yankah Editing & Research: Jasmin Trabelsi, Georgie Sinclair


School Days Episode 10: Aaron Roach Bridgeman

Aaron Roach Bridgeman is a highly successful presenter, documentary maker and poet. We spoke to him about his challenging school days and how he overcame them. You can catch him presenting Whatsup TV on Sky One, 
12/03/2028m 32s

School Days Episode 9: SK Vibemaker

SK is a very successful DJ, presenter, host and podcaster. He currently presents the breakfast show on Rinse FM and has interviewed hundreds of celebrities over his time in the industry. He shares his wisdom an industry experiences with us on this episode of the School Days podcast. You can keep up to date with all of his work on his website
29/10/1911m 0s

School Days Episode 8: Becky Ives

Becky Ives is a TV and Radio presenter, who has worked for some of the biggest brands including Heart Radio, UEFA and currently Premier League and BT Sport. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter
30/09/1913m 31s

School Days Episode 7: Matt Maude

Matt Maude is an award winning director, writer and producer. He recently released the multi-award winning feature documentary General Magic. You can find out more about the film on the website
23/09/197m 46s

School Days Episode 6: Rehmat Rayatt

Rehmat Rayatt is a film maker, photographer and journalist. You can see more information on  her website and follow her twitter https:/
18/09/1912m 1s

School Days Episode 5: Roberto

Heart 80's Roberto talks to Youths Choice about his schooldays. He tells us about going to an all boys school, bullying and lessons with the headmaster.
03/04/199m 48s

School Days Episode 4: Dan O'Connell

Radio X's Dan O' Connell talks to Youths Choice about his schooldays. He tells us about going to an army school from the age of nine, a rizla and some Chinese herbs and not fitting in.
13/03/199m 51s

School Days Episode 3: Reece Parkinson

BBC 1Xtra's Reece Parkinson talks to Youths Choice about his schooldays. He tells us about going from a Geek to Jock, being bullied and his favourite teacher.
12/03/197m 8s

School Days Episode 2: AJ Pritchard

Strictly Come Dancing's AJ Pritchard talks to Youths Choice about his school days. He tells us about breaking his arm on a mountain, the one and only detention he ever got and how his school supported him in his dream of pursuing a dancing career.
11/03/199m 22s

School Days Episode 1: Iain Dale

LBC's Iain Dale gives us an insight into his time at school. Like many of us, he struggled through some hard times and had some proud moments. Listen to our exclusive podcast to find out more. 
10/03/1915m 37s
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