I Made My Girlfriend Watch Wrestling

I Made My Girlfriend Watch Wrestling

By Secret Recordings

Iain thinks his relationship will be improved if his girlfriend, Bobbie, shares his love of wrestling. Join them on their sofa every Tuesday as he makes her sit through some of the most famous wrestling matches of all time. Thought you couldn't compare the WWE with Sex and the City? Think again! If your partner has a passion that you're baffled by, then this is the podcast for you.


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26: Kardashian's Bum vs The Hairy Legend

Iain ignores all your suggestions and shows Bobbie Rikishi V Albert in a Kiss My Arse match at Rebellion 2002. After a break Bobbie returns with waxing advice for the competitors, wonders why a worker from Toys R Us is refereeing and marvels at the cellulite free arses on show! Brace yourself too as Bobbie actually screams during this match!
01/10/1919m 19s

25: I Made My MUM Watch Wrestling!

It’s the first Ladder Match in wrestling history as Shawn Michaels takes on Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania X. Bobbie is working away, so it’s the first ever episode of I Made My MUM Watch Wrestling! Iain’s mum talks us through raising children who are addicted to wrestling and how Iain’s wrestling moves resulted in his brother’s broken wrist. Warning: this podcast contains not one, but TWO Hull accents.
17/09/1921m 20s

24: Gym Girl vs Wife Puncher

After Chris Jericho caused Bobbie to go viral this week, Iain shows her Jericho’s Ladder Match against Shawn Michaels at No Mercy 2008. Iain tries to teach Bobbie about the new AEW, who compares it to Dancing On Ice. Bobbie wonders about the amount of glitter on show at wrestling matches, before threatening to quit the podcast. 
10/09/1920m 51s

23: Hunk of Man vs Curly Wurly

We learn what actually happened at the end of last week’s match between Mankind and The Rock. Then we switch to King of the Ring 1998 as Kane takes on Stone Cold Steve Austin in a First Blood Match. Bobbie accuses the WWF of changing the rules in the middle of this match, asks if everyone dislikes Vince McMahon like her, questions the point of a manager, tells us how to deal with a choking partner and shows off the new fridge.
03/09/1921m 22s

22: Jack Black vs Sideburns

Bobbie seems to be responding to hardcore matches so Iain unleashes Mankind versus The Rock in an I Quit match at Royal Rumble 1999. Discussions cover why you would re-watch a wrestling match but not a football match, when The Rock looked his best, why people don’t hold up signs at events anymore and if Iain has what it takes to be a wrestling commentator.
27/08/1926m 57s

21: Caveman vs Gladiator

It’s Edge versus Mick Foley at Wrestlemania 22 and one of the most hardcore matches ever! Discussions cover why Mick Foley is the most relatable wrestler, how much strippers earn and the correct bread to dip into Camembert.
20/08/1921m 32s

20: Skater Boy vs The Walrus

It’s the first time we’ve featured John Cena on the podcast. He takes on Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012. Is this the most believable match ever put on? Plus, why John Cena dresses like a 12 year old boy, why wrestling is so tricky in denim and why you shouldn’t eat chocolate mousse while watching Extreme Rules.
13/08/1921m 34s

19: Too Many People

It’s 2005, it’s Wrestlemania 21 and it’s the first ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match between Edge, Christian, Kane, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin. Also discussed: why this podcast is under threat after last week’s episode, why Money In The Bank is a rubbish title, why wrestling matches are more exciting with briefcases, why you need to be careful about the colour of your leggings.
06/08/1922m 6s

18: Zoolander vs Leathery Skin

It’s one of the most iconic matchups of all time, Hulk Hogan versus Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI! Bobbie’s dislike for The Hulkster has been well documented on other episodes, so Iain has an uphill struggle to get Bobbie interested in this one. Discussions include what Hulk’s skin colour resembles, the difficulty of getting an even tan, which football manager the referee resembles and Bobbie’s first snog.  
30/07/1922m 54s

17: Dead Man & Fittie vs Pub Fighter & Fittie

It’s Extreme Rules from this year as The Undertaker and Roman Reigns team up to take on Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. And Iain is watching it for the first time, just like Bobbie! Other topics up for discussion: The Undertaker’s hair choices over the years; how wrestling would be different if it were aimed at a female audience; did Bobbie see someone she had a holiday fling with on TV?
23/07/1922m 39s

16: Good Bod vs Some Sort of Dead Person

It’s Rock Bottom 1998 as The Undertaker faces Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Buried Alive match. Find out why Bobbie has beef with The Undertaker’s stylist. What happened when Bobbie read Iain’s texts with another woman about her boobs. Why the WWE needs to employ better digger drivers. Plus there’s far too much talk about The Undertaker’s willy. And this match involves a storyline that even Iain can’t explain without laughing.
16/07/1923m 15s

15: Honeydew Melons vs Jaffa Cake

Bobbie is introduced to two larger than life characters at Survivor Series 1994 as The Undertaker and Yokozuna go head to head in a Casket Match. Does The Undertaker’s breath smell? Do you get to see more of Yokozuna in this match than he intended? Does Iain really dislike Love Island? Will Bobbie ever enjoy one of Iain’s Chuck Norris jokes?
09/07/1924m 23s

14: The Cheater vs The Cheated

We head back to 2005 to see if Bobbie would enjoy wrestling when it includes the real life drama of the love triangle between Matt Hardy, Lita and Edge. Plus, would Iain be OK if Bobbie had a fling with David Beckham? Would Iain take on The Rock in a steel cage to win Bobbie back? Could Bobbie say no to Vince McMahon? 
02/07/1922m 43s

13: Behemoth vs Isaac Yankem vs Little Guy

It's the third time Iain has shown Bobbie a match from Wrestlemania X-Seven. They watch the Hardcore match between Kane, Raven and Big Show. Why did Iain pretend to like Alan Partridge? Why are wrestling arena walls so thin? Why has Bobbie done 8 loads of washing in 24 hours?
25/06/1923m 42s

12: Hairy Chest vs The Spitter

It's time to show Bobbie the notorious Montreal Screwjob, when Brett The Hitman Hart went up against Shawn Michaels. Who is the owner of the mysterious pair of undies? Is Shawn Michaels better looking than Zac Efron? Why men shave their chests and has Bobbie been watching wrestling away from the podcast?
18/06/1920m 50s

11: Small Package vs Mark Wahlberg

It's Summerslam 2005 as Eddie Guerrero takes on Rey Mysterio in a Ladder match for the custody of Rey's son (or is he?) Dominic. Did the match cause a child to be confused over who his dad is? Does Iain or Bobbie want a baby more? What will Iain eat while Bobbie’s away? How much should you cry at Marley and Me?
11/06/1923m 13s

10: Unfaithful Husband vs Coma Wife

Bobbie enjoys a soap opera, so how will she react to the action from Wrestlemania X-Seven as father and son go head to head? It's Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon with the comatose Linda McMahon wheelchair bound at ringside. We analyse why Bobbie hates Vince McMahon so much, why wrestling is like Eastenders, why the washing isn’t getting done and why the fridge was left off again.
04/06/1924m 0s

9: Green Day vs Dry Hair

It's 2000 and a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match between Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz. Does Coventry have the worst ring road? What does Bobbie’s wedding dress look like? How often Iain is going to the tan shop? Do the contestants on Ninja Warrior have more skill than wrestlers?
28/05/1920m 33s

8: Trucker vs Kookie Sunglasses

Bobbie showed real interest in the promo of Stone Cold Steve Austin spraying The Rock with beer last week. So it's time to show them facing off at Wrestlemania XV in a No Disqualification match. Iain reveals his technique for ordering beer in Spain and tells us how to drive around a cliff edge dirt track in a rental car. Bobbie debuts the I Made My Girlfriend Watch Wrestling merchandise she’s had made and tells the story of the pop star who asked her out.
21/05/1924m 4s

7: The Beer Truck and The Tush

Will Bobbie be more convinced by a storyline, rather than a match? How could she not be entertained by a 1998 incident involving Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Vince McMahon and a beer truck? Bobbie reluctantly discusses her eyebrows, Iain is forced to question his taste in sunglasses and we hear a story about the time Iain’s mum got him to dress as a Chippendale.
14/05/1922m 44s

6: Fighter vs Kill Bill vs Regina George

Will women's wrestling appeal to Bobbie more? It's time for the main event of Wrestlemania 35 and Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair. Bobbie puts a case together for why you should watch 24 Hours in Police Custody instead of wrestling, reveals the amount of time Iain spends checking himself out in the mirror and gives tips on preventing nip slips.
07/05/1922m 12s

5: Helena Cell

Iain goes into this one very confident that Bobbie will be wowed by King of the Ring 1998 and The Undertaker vs Mankind. While two wrestlers beat themselves bloody the conversation steers between which body parts are acceptable for a man to shave, what wrestling could learn from Strictly Come Dancing and how wrestling is influencing Iain and Bobbie’s wedding plans.
30/04/1923m 19s

4: Cartoon Turkey vs Caramel Dessert

This match involves the one wrestler Bobbie likes. And one she really doesn't. It's icon versus icon. It's The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan in Wrestlemania X8. She and Iain discuss their celebrity pass list and she challenges him to name a single pale wrestler. Make sure you listen until the end to hear a story of betrayal, Bobbie and the Big Apple.
23/04/1919m 35s

3: No Eyebrows vs A Greek God

Bobbie’s wrestling education comes into the present with a match from this year’s Wrestlemania and Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins. We learn what Bobbie has in common with Brock, why wrestlers always have wet hair and which celebrity Iain resembles when getting out of the shower.
16/04/1919m 52s

2: Sweaty Hair vs The Big Man

While Iain tries to show Bobbie the classic match between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant from Wrestlemania III in 1987, she wonders why there were so many strange looking people in 80s films, she also manages to spoil the ends of The Notebook and La La Land and accuses Iain of watching films with another girl. The only question she manages about wrestling is whether wrestlers put socks in the pants.
09/04/1920m 49s

1: American Dad vs Wolf from Gladiators

In this first episode Iain introduces Bobbie to her first ever wrestling match. They go back to 2008 for Wrestlemania XXIV and Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels in a Retirement Match! The subjects from their sofa range from wrestlers licking children, the member of the Sex and the City cast that would make the best wrestler and a discussion about the likelihood of a wrestler losing a testicle.
02/04/1925m 43s


Just a taste of what you can expect from I Made My Girlfriend Watch Wrestling, every Tuesday.
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