Climate Connections

Climate Connections

By Yale Center for Environmental Communication

How is global warming shaping our lives? And what can we do about it? We connect the dots, from fossil fuels to extreme weather, clean energy to public health, and more. Join Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz of Yale University for a daily 90-second podcast about climate change, where we confront reality and share inspiring stories of hope.


Young people push for a Green New Deal for schools across the U.S.

As a result of student activism, a school district in Colorado will include climate change in the curriculum and implement clean energy initiatives. Learn more at
23/02/24·1m 31s

The West is losing snowpack. That’s a problem for water management

Millions rely on meltwater during the spring and summer. Learn more at
22/02/24·1m 31s

Company manufactures skis from algae oil

They’re an alternative to skis made from fossil-fuel-based plastic. Learn more at
21/02/24·1m 31s

Why it’s so important to stay out of floodwaters

They can be dangerous and even deadly — and climate change is making flooding more frequent and severe. Learn more at
20/02/24·1m 31s

Company gives retired wind turbine blades new life

Turbine blades are made of a composite material that can be tricky to recycle, but a company called Carbon Rivers has found a way. Learn more at
19/02/24·1m 31s

How to prepare for an evacuation

Here’s how to get ready — before disaster strikes. Learn more at
16/02/24·1m 31s

Company upcycles wind turbine blades into benches and picnic tables

They’re breathing new life into the giant blades. Learn more at
15/02/24·1m 31s

His roof wasn’t suitable for solar panels. Here’s what he did instead

John Smillie found a different way to help the climate and his community. Learn more at
14/02/24·1m 31s

Danish photos from the 1930s show what Greenland’s glaciers used to look like

Scientists are using the images to document the impacts of global warming. Learn more at
13/02/24·1m 31s

Philadelphia mural tells a story of transformation

The side of an old warehouse depicts the harm people have done to the environment and a vision of a sustainable future. Learn more at
12/02/24·1m 31s

John Deere aims to offer variety of electric tractors, construction equipment by 2026

The company is building a facility in Kernersville, North Carolina, to manufacture electric battery and charging technology. Learn more at
09/02/24·1m 31s

When communities evacuate, residents lacking cars can be left behind

It’s a problem that could get worse as extreme weather grows more common. Learn more at 
08/02/24·1m 31s

A four-day workweek could be better for health and the climate, companies find

Close to 200 companies have completed six-month trials of the four-day workweek. Learn more at
07/02/24·1m 31s

How better broadband access in rural areas could help the planet

It would enable residents to telecommute to work and appointments, reducing transportation-related pollution. Learn more at
06/02/24·1m 31s

A New Mexico electric utility is developing microgrids to keep the lights on when the larger grid goes down

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative provides power to 30,000 households in rural northern New Mexico. Learn more at
05/02/24·1m 31s

‘Everything was messed up’: NYC’s day cares grapple with flooding

Over 2,000 licensed child care providers in the city use homes with basements for classrooms, offices, and storage, leaving them damage-prone when heavy rains strike. Learn more at
02/02/24·1m 31s

Many municipal fire departments aren’t prepared for climate change

Firefighters accustomed to fighting fires in buildings may need training in battling wildfires as the conflagrations grow more common and extreme. Learn more at
01/02/24·1m 31s

Heat from treated wastewater can warm homes

A Duluth collaboration aims to repurpose warm water discharged from a wastewater plant to heat homes in a low-income neighborhood. Learn more at
31/01/24·1m 31s

Smartphone app can help you track your climate actions

The GetGreen app lets you earn points and compete with others for the highest score. Learn more at
30/01/24·1m 31s

High schoolers build solar car that can go 70 miles an hour

They raced it from Fort Worth to El Paso, Texas. Learn more at
29/01/24·1m 31s

Puppet king teaches Minnesota kids about climate change

The puppet shows can help kids learn tips for sustainable living. Learn more at
26/01/24·1m 31s

Project spreads the word about tax incentives for electric cars

Federal tax credits can make it cheaper to buy an electric car, but many low-income people aren’t aware of the incentives. Learn more at
25/01/24·1m 31s

Musical trio including Yo-Yo Ma records an anthem of hope

Indigenous singer-songwriter Quinn Christopherson and drag queen Pattie Gonia teamed up with Yo-Yo Ma to record a song about protecting the Earth. Learn more at
24/01/24·1m 31s

Chicagoans learn how to cut pollution at new Climate Action Museum

Visitors learn how to do their part for the climate. Learn more at
23/01/24·1m 31s

Wearable sensors worn by scuba divers could contribute to climate science

Data collected by the sensors could help scientists better understand how climate change is affecting the world’s oceans. Learn more at
22/01/24·1m 31s

How cutting back on beef helps the planet

Producing beef causes eight to 10 times more carbon pollution per serving than chicken. Learn more at
19/01/24·1m 31s

Report cards grade med and nursing schools on their response to climate change

Climate change poses major threats to people’s health. Learn more at
18/01/24·1m 31s

Could your community do this? Workshop participants trade tips on saving energy

A Minneapolis-based nonprofit hosts workshops where participants learn from each other about how to stay warm in winter and keep the heating bill down. Learn more at
17/01/24·1m 31s

To craft enticing vegan entrees, focus on flavor, chef says

A meatless and dairy-free cafe at the University of North Texas is serving up dishes like crispy eggplant Parmesan and spring pea tofu. Learn more at
16/01/24·1m 31s

All-electric skyscraper nears completion in Brooklyn

The 44-story building houses more than 400 apartments, a gym, a yoga studio, and a rooftop pool. Learn more at
15/01/24·1m 31s

Pedro the penguin teaches kids about disaster safety

As extreme weather becomes more common, this printable game prepares families for emergencies. Learn more at
12/01/24·1m 31s

Only 2% of all the electricians in the United States are women

Tonya Hicks, who runs an electrical contracting company in Mississippi, says the clean energy transition offers a good chance for women to join the industry. Learn more at
11/01/24·1m 31s

Climate change could cost Montana’s economy millions

Warmer temperatures could hurt fishing, skiing, and other outdoor pastimes. Learn more at
10/01/24·1m 31s

How climate change is affecting air travel

One form of severe turbulence has increased by more than 50% over the north Atlantic during the past 40 years. Learn more at
09/01/24·1m 31s

How warming winters are hurting outdoor fun in Minnesota

Skating, ice fishing, and skiing could all see consequences from rising temperatures. Learn more at
08/01/24·1m 31s

Farmer’s plants grow year-round in geothermal greenhouse in upstate New York

The system needs only a little energy to run. Learn more at
05/01/24·1m 31s

Climate change is hurting kids’ mental health, report finds

They’re vulnerable even if they haven’t directly experienced a disaster. Learn more at
04/01/24·1m 31s

The ‘Climate Action Handbook’ is a guide to protecting the climate

This new book can help you improve your habits at home and champion climate solutions in your community. Learn more at
03/01/24·1m 31s

Amphibians are in trouble

They’re especially vulnerable to climate change because they’re coldblooded. Learn more at
02/01/24·1m 31s

Free rain barrel program helps Duluth residents get involved in flood prevention

Climate change is making rain storms more intense and increasing flood risk in the Great Lakes region. Learn more at
01/01/24·1m 31s

Northern Minnesota couple stays warm with help from heat pumps

New, advanced heat pumps can provide heating even in cold climates. Learn more at
29/12/23·1m 31s

Will our buildings be ready for the climate of the future?

If architects and engineers don’t design with climate change in mind, their projects may not perform well over time. Learn more at
28/12/23·1m 31s

The time to build a disaster kit is now

Gather water, medicine, and food before a weather emergency strikes. Learn more at
27/12/23·1m 31s

Electric buses could help clean up the air in Vegas

The biggest contributors to the city’s air pollution are cars, trucks, and buses. Learn more at
26/12/23·1m 31s

O Christmas tree: After the holidays, trees help restore wetlands in New Orleans

Old Christmas trees protect marsh grasses planted along the shore, and the branches capture sediment and slow erosion. Learn more at
25/12/23·1m 31s

Black Girl Environmentalist is highlighting the contributions of Black women in the climate movement

Wawa Gatheru started the organization as an Instagram page. It’s grown to nationwide workshops and events. Learn more at
22/12/23·1m 31s

It’s getting easier to rent an EV on your next vacation

Car rental companies offer a low-stakes way to try out an electric vehicle for the first time. Learn more at
21/12/23·1m 31s

Air pollution made Alejandro Daly sick. Now he fights for clean air

He helped train young people to monitor air quality in their communities using low-cost sensors. Learn more at
20/12/23·1m 31s

NYC startup launches curbside EV charging stations

They’re designed for city drivers who park on the street rather than in driveways or garages. Learn more at
19/12/23·1m 31s

Three tips for saving money and staying warm this winter

These are wins for your wallet and the climate. Learn more at
18/12/23·1m 31s

‘Polar bear 911’: How a Canadian town deals with its hungry bear population

Conflicts between humans and polar bears could become more frequent as Arctic sea ice declines. Learn more at
15/12/23·1m 31s

A massive Christmas light display, eco-friendly style

Thanks to a rooftop solar array, this Vancouver couple can celebrate the holiday without running up an expensive power bill. Learn more at
14/12/23·1m 31s

As temperatures rise, so do Georgia ER visits for venomous snake bites

Researchers found that the odds of a hospital visit due to a snake bite increase almost 6% when temperatures are about two degrees warmer than normal. Learn more at
13/12/23·1m 31s

Flying was his dream. Now he wants to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel

Former pilot Todd Smith cofounded Safe Landing, a group of aviation workers who want to slow the industry’s growth. Learn more at
12/12/23·1m 31s

A South Dakota technical college wants to train students to repair EVs and hybrids

The auto repair industry is changing rapidly. Learn more at
11/12/23·1m 31s

Telehealth can help rural and underserved kids access care

That’s important because climate change is worsening health conditions like asthma. Learn more at
08/12/23·1m 31s

More than 3 million U.S. workers have clean energy jobs, report finds

The jobs can be found in construction, manufacturing, and other sectors, not just in solar and wind. Learn more at
07/12/23·1m 31s

‘It’s very, very concerning’: Antarctica meltdown left penguin chicks drowned, frozen

Emperor penguins could be in trouble as sea ice declines. Learn more at
06/12/23·1m 31s

‘Ridiculous’: Florida couple’s insurance premiums shoot up to $11,000 a year as hurricanes intensify

Some insurance companies have pulled out of Florida, leaving homeowners scrambling. Learn more at
05/12/23·1m 31s

More than a dozen Illinois schools add EVs to driver’s ed

They’re helping teens get comfortable with the cars of the future. Learn more at
04/12/23·1m 31s

‘A culture of repair’: Students learn to mend clothes and the planet

A San Francisco after-school program is helping teens upcycle thrifted clothes. Learn more at
01/12/23·1m 31s

More than a year later, the emotional impacts from Hurricane Ian still linger

Many survivors of weather disasters benefit from mental health support. Learn more at
30/11/23·1m 31s

Could your library do this? A California library is helping people try e-bikes for free

The program makes getting an e-bike pass as easy as checking out a book. Learn more at
29/11/23·1m 31s

What it was like to be a volunteer firefighter during the 2023 Canada fires

Firefighters are experiencing climate change firsthand as hot, dry conditions boost the risks of fire. Learn more at
28/11/23·1m 31s

Scientists show direct link between polluting companies and wildfires in North America

Carbon pollution from 88 major fossil fuel producers and cement makers has left the western U.S. and Canada hotter, drier, and more prone to fires, a recent study finds.  Learn more at
27/11/23·1m 31s

Why one researcher is flying less

He’s often asked to travel for research and conferences, but he’s found some less-polluting options. Learn more at
24/11/23·1m 31s

Are sweet potatoes a climate-resilient crop of the future?

They thrive in hot temperatures, within limits. Learn more at
23/11/23·1m 31s

Warming winters threaten a unique dessert cider

Making ice cider requires weeks of frigid temperatures.  Learn more at
22/11/23·1m 31s

Many cyclists want to keep biking even in winter, advocate says

But cities don’t always keep bike paths and lanes adequately plowed. Learn more at
21/11/23·1m 31s

Uber driver switches to EV, saves money

He’s one of about 50,000 who have rented a Tesla through an Uber and Hertz program. Learn more at
20/11/23·1m 31s

Wind power boosts his family’s business, Kansas rancher says

‘I always say that wind farming is my best cash crop.’ Learn more at
17/11/23·1m 31s

Solar worker helps other women get started in the industry

Riley Neugebauer founded Solar for Women, which helps women support each other online. Learn more at
16/11/23·1m 31s

Green careers can provide a new way forward after prison

Roots of Success exposes incarcerated people to careers in renewable energy, clean transportation, and other environmental fields. Learn more at
15/11/23·1m 31s

Up to 20% of lung cancer patients never smoked

Air pollution has also been linked to the disease. Learn more at
14/11/23·1m 31s

Climate change could make air travel even worse

Floods, heat waves, and storms are causing turbulence and delays. Learn more at
13/11/23·1m 31s

‘Every single time it rains hard here, everyone in town gets really tense’

Intense rain caused historic flooding in Montpelier, Vermont, last summer. The effects still linger. Learn more at
10/11/23·1m 31s

Unhoused people are especially vulnerable to wildfire smoke

Alameda County Healthcare for the Homeless provides people living outside with masks, information about health risks, and guidance for where to seek shelter. Learn more at
09/11/23·1m 31s

Battery storage helped Texas power through summer heat

Solar and wind energy stored in batteries can help prevent rolling blackouts and power failures. Learn more at
08/11/23·1m 31s

Pro mountain runner Dakota Jones is doing his part for the climate

Through his running camp, he’s getting others involved, too. Learn more at
07/11/23·1m 31s

The Inflation Reduction Act has created nearly 75,000 jobs

Plus it’s spurred more than $86 billion in private investments. Learn more at
06/11/23·1m 31s

How to cut the carbon footprint of your next flight

You could reduce your pollution by up to 63%. Learn more at
03/11/23·1m 31s

Wild spring weather swings hurt New York’s fall apple harvest

It’s a problem that’s getting worse as the weather gets more erratic. Learn more at
02/11/23·1m 31s

Goodbye, noisy leaf blowers: Illinois landscaper offers all-electric service

It’s so much quieter. Learn more at
01/11/23·1m 31s

Climate change is making fall allergy season last weeks longer

Ragweed pollen can aggravate asthma and other allergies late into fall. Learn more at
31/10/23·1m 31s

Yes, older homes can be weatherized

The U.S. Department of Energy has created a webpage with DIY projects that could help you save money this winter and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Learn more at
30/10/23·1m 31s

Inmates are nurturing sagebrush seedlings

The seedlings are transplanted into areas torched by wildfires. Learn more at
27/10/23·1m 31s

Players of this board game explore how to power New York City on clean energy

They take on the roles of a politician, activist, engineer, or entrepreneur. Learn more at
26/10/23·1m 31s

The surprising climate vulnerabilities of the world’s largest naval base

The Norfolk, Virginia, base can’t just wall itself off. Learn more at
25/10/23·1m 31s

Baltimore church becomes an extreme weather ‘resiliency hub’

Solar panels and batteries keep the lights on, and it’s stocked with emergency supplies. Learn more at
24/10/23·1m 31s

How drought and rising temperatures drove millions of Somalis from their homes

A small increase in average monthly temperatures led to a 10-fold jump in the number of refugees. Learn more at
23/10/23·1m 31s

Some homeowners in need don’t qualify for government weatherization programs

Projects in North Carolina and South Carolina are working to help. Learn more at
20/10/23·1m 31s

How to protect inland communities from climate gentrification

In some areas, wealthy coastal residents want to move inland — which could displace existing residents. Learn more at
19/10/23·1m 31s

Research: Solar panel prices are dropping without sacrificing quality

Newer, cheaper solar panels are just as durable as older, pricier models, according to a study at Sandia National Laboratories. Learn more at
18/10/23·1m 31s

The climate threat to California's stored nuclear waste

Sea level rise could eventually erode a Humboldt Bay bluff where 37 tons of nuclear waste are stored underground. Learn more at
17/10/23·1m 31s

Pacific Island nations stand to lose much more than land as seas rise

The Rising Nations Initiative seeks to secure a permanent existence for threatened island countries, protecting their sovereignty and culture. Learn more at
16/10/23·1m 31s

Wyoming facility will extract carbon pollution from the air

Project Bison is one of several direct air carbon capture systems under development in the U.S. Learn more at
13/10/23·1m 31s

‘Bubble curtains’ help protect whales from the noise of offshore wind construction

Whales and other marine mammals can be disturbed by underwater sounds. Learn more at
12/10/23·1m 31s

The reality of climate-induced relocation in Rwanda

Government-mandated moves offer improved services but can challenge traditional ways of life. Learn more at
11/10/23·1m 31s

Wildfire smoke can infiltrate your home, even when windows are closed

Air pollution can be just as bad inside a home, research finds. Air filtration can help. Learn more at
10/10/23·1m 31s

Climate change could increase pressure on declining American kestrel population

Changes in the timing of spring could cause a mismatch between their nesting behavior and the availability of food for their chicks. Learn more at
09/10/23·1m 31s
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