Climate Connections

Climate Connections

By Yale Center for Environmental Communication

How is global warming shaping our lives? And what can we do about it? We connect the dots, from fossil fuels to extreme weather, clean energy to public health, and more. Join Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz of Yale University for a daily 90-second podcast about climate change, where we confront reality and share inspiring stories of hope.


Outdoor workers in South Florida campaign for heat safety

WeCount! advocates for access to cool water, shade and more rest breaks. Learn more at
01/07/221m 31s

Poet Sophia Naz grieves after a wildfire took her home

She processes the loss in her new book, “Open Zero.” Learn more at
30/06/221m 31s

Minnesotans help trees migrate north

People are gathering seeds from southern and central Minnesota and planting the saplings in the state’s northern forests. Learn more at
29/06/221m 31s

New manufacturing process stores carbon pollution in concrete

It can cut the carbon footprint of concrete by more than half. Learn more at
28/06/221m 31s

Oak pollen concentrations are increasing 5% a year in Atlanta

Climate change is contributing to longer and more severe allergy seasons. Learn more at
27/06/221m 31s

Free environmental justice courses available to middle, high school students

Course creator Sierra Generette says she hopes the trainings inspire students to become a voice for change. Learn more at
24/06/221m 31s

Dams, climate change threaten Missouri River cottonwood forests

Young cottonwoods survive only when the river is allowed to shift its path over time. Learn more at
23/06/221m 31s

Chicago’s vintage homes become more energy-efficient

Homeowners typically see a 30% reduction on their electric bill and a 50% reduction on their gas bill. Learn more at
22/06/221m 31s

How Georgia’s undeveloped barrier islands are adapting to sea-level rise

With few roads or buildings, the islands move naturally in response to storms and rising seas. Learn more at
21/06/221m 31s

Some people prepare for climate change with survival training

The Mountain Scout Survival school teaches primitive survival skills and urban emergency preparedness courses. Learn more at
20/06/221m 31s

Solar power keeps some Puerto Rico fire stations running during blackouts

The stations can continue providing services even when the electricity grid goes down. Learn more at
17/06/221m 31s

Climate change could dry up ideal Northern Plains duck habitat

So wetland conservation is more important than ever. Learn more at
16/06/221m 31s

As electric cars gain popularity, states will need to make up gas-tax revenue

Oregon already offers drivers an option to pay a per-mile charge instead of a gas tax.  Learn more at
15/06/221m 31s

Company helps incentivize forest protection in Ecuador

Whole Forest wants to make it economically viable to preserve the forest. Learn more at
14/06/221m 31s

A new climate-friendly housing development will be all-electric

The mixed-income development will include community gardens and homes with heat pumps and solar panels. Learn more at
13/06/221m 31s

How a pilot program in Michigan helped people afford energy-efficiency upgrades

It helped customers who made too much to qualify for federal weatherization programs, but not enough to qualify for traditional loans. Learn more at
10/06/221m 31s

Saving water also saves energy

Utilities and municipalities can cut carbon pollution by fixing leaks and encouraging water conservation. Learn more at
09/06/221m 31s

Projects restore natural water flow to parts of Great Dismal Swamp

European settlers drained portions of the forested wetland in Virginia and North Carolina. Learn more at
08/06/221m 31s

Massachusetts group works for diversity in the offshore wind industry

‘We have to make sure that we’re training people up and tooling them up to be ready.’ Learn more at
07/06/221m 31s

Bond program helps nonprofits afford solar

The upfront costs of solar panels are sometimes too high for small organizations. Learn more at
06/06/221m 31s

In silvopasture, cows and sheep coexist with trees

Adding trees to pasture helps keep livestock cool in summer. Learn more at
03/06/221m 31s

Australia lists koala as an endangered species across most of its range

Bushfires, deforestation, and development have caused koala populations to dwindle. Learn more at
02/06/221m 31s

Weatherization and efficiency upgrades can help mobile home residents save money

But many people who live in mobile or manufactured homes are unaware of programs that can help them afford upgrades. Learn more at
01/06/221m 31s

The U.S. needs more clean energy workers

A labor shortage could disrupt plans to transition to more wind and solar power. Learn more at
31/05/221m 31s

Rihanna’s nonprofit is giving $15 million to environmental justice

One of the Clara Lionel Foundation’s goals is to improve climate resilience in Rihanna’s home region, the Caribbean. Learn more at      
30/05/221m 31s

Over 1.7 billion city dwellers face multiple days of dangerous heat each year

High heat and humidity can make people sick. Learn more at
27/05/221m 31s

Army Corps project aims to protect low-lying marsh

Some marshes are at risk of ending up underwater as sea levels rise. Learn more at
26/05/221m 31s

Individual actions can add up to help the climate

Twenty-five to 30% of the pollution cuts needed to prevent dangerous climate change can happen at the individual and household level. Learn more at
25/05/221m 31s

Iconic Hawaiian bird faces possible extinction

The ‘i’iwi, or scarlet honeycreeper, is threatened by avian malaria. Learn more at
24/05/221m 31s

Composting with worms, a climate-friendly alternative to the landfill

Red wiggler worms can turn food scraps into compost. Learn more at
23/05/221m 31s

Public health expert promotes benefits of electric vehicles

The cars do not emit harmful tailpipe pollution. Learn more at
20/05/221m 31s

Climate change is increasing migration to U.S.

People crossing into the U.S. from Mexico face extreme heat and dehydration. Learn more at
19/05/221m 31s

Plants species can migrate to adapt to climate change

But populations of animals that disperse plant seeds are declining. Learn more at
18/05/221m 31s

New federal funding helps low-income households afford energy-efficiency upgrades

The improvements enable people to save money and protect the climate. Learn more at
17/05/221m 31s

Climate change has created a new workforce

With disasters occurring more frequently, more people are needed for clean-up and rebuilding. Learn more at
16/05/221m 31s

Grants help Wisconsin nonprofits purchase electric vehicles

The electric vehicles will help the organizations save money and protect the environment. Learn more at
13/05/221m 31s

Therapy dogs help wildland firefighters relieve stress

California-based First Responder Therapy Dogs brings trained therapy dogs to wildfire basecamps. Learn more at
12/05/221m 31s

Prairie Island Indian Community uses nuclear waste fund for net-zero carbon goal

The tribe plans to install solar panels, make energy efficiency upgrades, and retrofit buildings to run on electricity. Learn more at
11/05/221m 31s

Apartment building retrofits can help the climate

But the process can be expensive, so financial incentives could help ease the transition. Learn more at
10/05/221m 31s

Volunteer pilots rescue sea turtles stunned by cold water

Cold stunning is a growing problem as the climate changes. Learn more at
09/05/221m 31s

Moms push Massachusetts utilities to transition to renewable heat sources

Mothers Out Front wants customers to be able to heat their homes with renewable electricity and geothermal energy. Learn more at
06/05/221m 31s

Site of retired Iowa nuclear plant to become a solar farm

The location already has infrastructure to connect to the grid, reducing project costs. Learn more at
05/05/221m 31s

Startup tests technology to recover minerals from mine waste and recycled batteries

Some of the minerals used to make lithium-ion batteries are in short supply. Learn more at
04/05/221m 31s

Indigenous farmers bring back crops adapted to hot, dry conditions

The Ajo Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Arizona offers training and seeds to help Native growers adapt to the extremes of climate change. Learn more at
03/05/221m 31s

How a Wisconsin woman ditched natural gas

Susan Millar’s 90-year-old home now runs entirely on electricity. Learn more at
02/05/221m 31s

New book says Indigenous knowledge is key to fighting climate change

Jessica Hernandez, author of “Fresh Banana Leaves,” says Indigenous communities are already taking steps to heal the environment. Learn more at
29/04/221m 31s

Detroit nonprofit offers paid training for energy efficiency careers

Workers can prepare for in-demand jobs while being paid $15 an hour. Learn more at
28/04/221m 31s

California ranch is getting ready for large electric farm equipment

The ranch is investing in charging stations and taking other steps to prepare for an all-electric future. Learn more at
27/04/221m 31s

Rural electric co-ops face barriers to going renewable

Member-owned co-ops provide electricity in many rural areas. Learn more at
26/04/221m 31s

Chicago nonprofit transforms old library into climate-friendly headquarters

Latinos Progresando sees the renovation as a chance to make a positive impact in the Little Village neighborhood. Learn more at
25/04/221m 31s

‘Drive Electric Earth Day’ events celebrate electric cars

At events nationwide, attendees can see electric vehicles for themselves. Learn more at
22/04/221m 31s

Energy efficient homes can improve residents’ health

Well-sealed and ventilated houses tend to have better air quality. Learn more at
21/04/221m 31s

Minnesota woman sees renewable projects as progress for rural areas

When a wind farm was built in her area, Mariah Lynne became a renewable energy advocate. Learn more at
20/04/221m 31s

People of color disproportionately lost power during Texas freeze

A winter storm left over 4 million homes and businesses without electricity. Learn more at
19/04/221m 31s

Illinois offers a $4,000 incentive to electric vehicle buyers

The state is also providing rebates and grants for new charging stations. Learn more at
18/04/221m 31s

Switching to clean energy rapidly improves community health

Reducing air pollution from fossil fuels could save more than a million U.S. lives over the next 20 years. Learn more at
15/04/221m 31s

Ulster County, New York, aims for 100% clean electricity by 2040

A new program helps residents switch to solar energy. Learn more at
14/04/221m 31s

How Michigan could plug into an electric vehicle boom

With the right investments, the state could attract more auto production jobs. Learn more at
13/04/221m 31s

NASA mission will monitor air pollution

Researchers plan to use a satellite to study air pollution in 10 global cities. Learn more at
12/04/221m 31s

A climate activist’s trip down the Missouri River

Graham Jordison kayaked through seven states and past 10 coal plants. Learn more at
11/04/221m 31s

Online bank funds climate solutions, not fossil fuels

Greenpenny invests in a range of renewable energy and home efficiency projects. Learn more at
08/04/221m 31s

Marine installation in California invests in renewable energy, microgrid

If necessary, it can disconnect from the grid and power critical operations using on-site energy sources and battery storage. Learn more at
07/04/221m 31s

Doctor feels responsibility to speak up for the climate

Climate change is a major threat to health. Learn more at
06/04/221m 31s

Some young adults are worried about having kids

‘There’s a lot of perceptions of doom going on.’ Learn more at
05/04/221m 31s

Online toolkit helps Muslims incorporate climate action into Ramadan

The nonprofit Green Muslims also created a calendar of activities. Learn more at
04/04/221m 31s

Two Native tribes are helping create an electric vehicle ‘pipeline’

The Red Lake Nation and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will benefit from an effort to purchase electric vehicles and install a network of chargers. Learn more at
01/04/221m 31s

Baltimore schools teach kids where their food comes from

They’re helping students feel more connected to their food. Learn more at
31/03/221m 31s

Veterans can fight climate change with jobs in the solar industry

A Texas company is helping veterans make the transition to clean energy jobs through apprenticeship programs. Learn more at
30/03/221m 31s

Even east of the Rockies, wildfire smoke harms health

The total number of hospital visits caused by smoke are higher in the eastern U.S. than in the West. Learn more at
29/03/221m 31s

Partnership turns manure into energy

Roeslein Alternative Energy is working on projects on eight of Smithfield’s Missouri farms. Learn more at
28/03/221m 31s

A simple way cities can make it easier for people to go solar

A project manager for a solar company successfully pushed for this change in Philadelphia. Learn more at
25/03/221m 31s

Why a St. Louis church went solar

Renewable energy helps the New Northside Missionary Baptist Church save money and educate the community about climate change. Learn more at
24/03/221m 31s

Kids born in 2020 may live through many more heat waves than their grandparents

An online tool is designed to help people understand how climate change could affect different generations. Learn more at
23/03/221m 31s

Illinois dump becomes community solar farm

Urbana’s solar farm is producing low-cost electricity and new revenue for the city. Learn more at
22/03/221m 31s

Realtors can be ambassadors for energy efficiency

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is training them to talk about home energy performance. Learn more at
21/03/221m 31s

Hundreds of schools, organizations to host teach-in on climate and justice

Organizers of the ‘Worldwide Teach-in on Climate and Justice’ aim to inspire students to take action. Learn more at
18/03/221m 31s

Solar canopies over airport parking lot provide shade and power

The executive director of the Evansville Regional Airport hopes other businesses try it, too.  Learn more at
17/03/221m 31s

A heat pump can help you avoid burning fossil fuels at home

Unlike conventional furnaces, heat pumps run on electricity. Learn more at
16/03/221m 31s

Montana fly-fishing guide sees effects of melting glaciers firsthand

Shrinking glaciers and declining snowpack are reducing the flow of meltwater into the state’s rivers and streams. Learn more at
15/03/221m 31s

What a researcher learned from monitoring Atlanta’s tree canopy

Tony Giarrusso at the Georgia Institute of Technology has been studying the city’s trees for over a decade. Learn more at
14/03/221m 31s

Coal town prepares for future without coal

The coal mine in Centralia, Washington, closed in 2006, and the city’s coal-fired power plant will soon be retired. Learn more at
11/03/221m 31s

Would you spend one hour a week on climate action?

Members of the ‘Climate Changemakers’ group meet weekly on Zoom to write letters, call elected officials, and more. Learn more at
10/03/221m 31s

Colorado steel mill goes solar

To reduce its climate impact, the plant in Pueblo turned to renewable energy. Learn more at
09/03/221m 31s

The Bible is full of passages about caring for the Earth

Retired evangelical pastor Tri Robinson says paying close attention to those passages opened ‘a whole new world’ for him. Learn more at
08/03/221m 31s

Startup works to develop solid-state battery technology

Solid-state batteries for electric vehicles could store more energy, more safely. Learn more at
07/03/221m 31s

This company wants you to feed insects to your dog

Jiminy’s makes kibble and dog treats out of crickets and grubs. Learn more at
04/03/221m 31s

Using the sun to clean water and charge cell phones

Solar power systems support off-grid water filtration and provide electricity. Learn more at
03/03/221m 31s

Software helps businesses reduce carbon pollution

A product from Watershed enables companies to measure their pollution and report on their progress. Learn more at
02/03/221m 31s

Sea-level rise could bring toxic floods to California coast

Pollution from inundated Superfund sites, sewage treatment plants, and other industrial sites could flow into neighboring communities. Learn more at
01/03/221m 31s

Ithaca, New York, is phasing out residential fossil fuel consumption

The city is helping property owners replace furnaces and other oil- and gas-powered appliances with systems that run on electricity. Learn more at
28/02/221m 31s

Vatican website helps Catholics fight climate change

The Laudato si’ platform helps Catholics assess their environmental impact and create a plan for change. Learn more at
25/02/221m 31s

Miami program teaches kids about climate problem, solutions

Many students in South Florida are already seeing the effects of climate change. Learn more at
24/02/221m 31s

Climate change could cause more septic system failures

In many states, regulations haven’t kept up with rising seas and extreme weather. Learn more at
23/02/221m 31s

Why natural gas prices spiked this winter

In Chicago, some heating bills are 50-60% higher than last year. Learn more at
22/02/221m 31s

More albatross couples are calling it quits

The seabirds usually mate for life, but fewer are doing so as ocean temperatures warm. Learn more at
21/02/221m 31s

NASCAR racing team cuts carbon pollution

Roush Fenway Keselowski is taking a step toward slowing global warming. Learn more at
18/02/221m 31s

Scientists study secrets of inland mangrove forest

The forest in Mexico dates back over 100,000 years, when seas were 20-30 feet higher. Learn more at
17/02/221m 31s

Musical interpretation of climate change pays tribute to Beethoven

If Beethoven were alive today, he would be writing music about the climate crisis, says composer Iman Habibi. Learn more at
16/02/221m 31s

The difference between gray, blue, and green hydrogen

Hydrogen has potential as a clean fuel, depending on how it’s produced. Learn more at
15/02/221m 31s

Tips for finding climate-friendly Valentine’s Day flowers

Many bouquets undergo a long, carbon-intensive journey to reach the U.S. Learn more at
14/02/221m 31s

Hurricanes can cause ocean acidity to spike

Marine life may be vulnerable to these fluctuations. Learn more at
11/02/221m 31s

Volunteers translate climate research into more than 100 languages

Sophia Kianni launched Climate Cardinals after noticing that most climate research and documents are available in only a few major languages. Learn more at
10/02/221m 31s

Solar stills produce clean water using the power of the sun

As droughts make water more scarce, every drop counts. Learn more at
09/02/221m 31s

Free online tool identifies climate risks in your neighborhood

‘Neighborhoods at Risk’ helps you learn about potential flooding, heat waves, and other threats to your community. Learn more at
08/02/221m 31s

Tybee Island sees more flooding as sea levels rise

Researchers from the University of Georgia are collecting feedback from residents about potential solutions. Learn more at
07/02/221m 31s

Some of Canada’s alpine lakes lose their turquoise hue

The color comes from rock flour, which is produced by glaciers. Learn more at
04/02/221m 31s

These Holiday Inn windows have a secret job

They generate electricity from the sun using quantum dots. Learn more at
03/02/221m 31s

Could small nuclear reactors help protect the climate?

They could be deployed more quickly and cheaply than traditional nuclear plants, a researcher says. Learn more at
02/02/221m 31s

Hotter temperatures prompt fly fishing restrictions

Warmer water contains less oxygen, which stresses the fish. Learn more at
01/02/221m 31s

The U.S. lags in the race to build an EV battery industry

Much of the current supply chain is controlled by China. Learn more at
31/01/221m 31s

Electric trucks could save lives

Pollution from diesel trucks is associated with health problems, and it disproportionately harms low-income people and communities of color. Learn more at
28/01/221m 31s

Utah ski resorts see declining snow quality

The state’s famously fluffy snow is becoming wetter and denser as the climate warms. Learn more at
27/01/221m 31s

New children’s book explains systemic nature of climate change

‘A Kids Book About Climate Change’ aims to empower kids to speak up and advocate for change. Learn more at
26/01/221m 31s

Habitat for Humanity homes go solar in Harrisonburg, Virginia, area

Homeowners are expected to save $40-$50 a month on utility bills. Learn more at
25/01/221m 31s

Risky: Many Americans are relocating to climate-vulnerable areas

They’re moving to regions at higher risk from wildfires, heavy downpours, and floods. Learn more at
24/01/221m 31s

Runoff after wildfires can contaminate drinking water

Fort Collins, Colorado, was forced to adjust its water treatment system to cope with polluted water. Learn more at
21/01/221m 31s

Scientists work to better understand how ocean acidification will affect marine life

The oceans have absorbed about a third of the carbon pollution that people have added to the atmosphere, which has made them more acidic. Learn more at
20/01/221m 31s

How solar farms could do double duty

If properly designed, the land used for solar arrays can reduce erosion and pollution run-off. Learn more at
19/01/221m 31s

California city finds a creative way to conserve water

Healdsburg residents used treated wastewater for trees and bushes around their homes. Learn more at
18/01/221m 31s

Extreme events, pests threaten Southeastern U.S. forests

But landowners can help protect forests by using good management practices. Learn more at
17/01/221m 31s

Nature Conservancy tool helps identify ideal solar farm sites in Georgia

It assists developers in avoiding sensitive ecosystems, like habitat for the gopher tortoise. Learn more at
14/01/221m 31s

Household air pollution contributes to almost 4 million premature deaths a year

Many people around the world cook over open fires or simple stoves that produce dangerous indoor pollution. Learn more at
13/01/221m 31s

Why a Colorado engineer switched from oil industry to geothermal

The Department of Energy predicts that more than 8% of U.S. electricity generation could come from geothermal by 2050. Learn more at
12/01/221m 31s

Demand for EVs to cause battery supply chain bottleneck, analyst says

Lithium, cobalt, and nickel are used in the production of most EV batteries.  Learn more at
11/01/221m 31s

Fewer ducks are wintering in the Deep South

Some migratory ducks are finding suitable winter habitat farther north than in the past. Learn more at
10/01/221m 31s

Georgia’s “Carpet Capital of the World” now makes solar panels, too

A new solar panel factory in Dalton, Georgia, is helping to diversify the local economy. Learn more at
07/01/221m 31s

Climate change could enable valley fever to spread

The sometimes fatal disease is caused by exposure to a fungus that thrives in hot, dry conditions. Learn more at
06/01/221m 31s

Tropical species could move north as the climate warms

Invasive reptiles and amphibians are already preying on Florida’s native wildlife. Learn more at
05/01/221m 31s

Why students pushed Harvard to halt fossil fuel investments

‘If your house is on fire, why would you stand with the arsonists?’ Learn more at
04/01/221m 31s

D.C. solar farm is a response to Pope’s call to care for Earth

The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington is using one of its properties to generate clean energy. Learn more at
03/01/221m 31s

Energy storage system to be built at former site of notorious NYC power plant

The 100-megawatt battery facility will store enough energy to power up to 100,000 homes for four hours. Learn more at
31/12/211m 31s

How audio recorders can help pinpoint critical bird habitat

Data gathered from sound recordings can help solar developers avoid building on sites used by migratory birds and threatened species. Learn more at
30/12/211m 31s

YouTube movie teaches children how to protect the Earth

“Bean & Widge Go to the Park” uses kid-friendly humor to introduce sustainability concepts. Learn more at
29/12/211m 31s

California to phase out gas-powered lawn equipment

Running a commercial leaf blower for one hour can emit as much smog-forming pollution as driving a car 1,000 miles. Learn more at
28/12/211m 31s

How to make climate action your New Year’s resolution

About 200,000 people have made a climate pledge through the ‘Count Us In’ campaign since its launch in 2020. Learn more at
27/12/211m 31s

Georgia interfaith organization helps congregations cut carbon

Houses of worship can get energy audits, funding for energy efficiency projects, and support in pursuing solar power. Learn more at
24/12/211m 31s

Coloradans cut utility bills through a community solar program

Energy Outreach Colorado helps people make efficiency improvements and get connected to solar power. Learn more at
23/12/211m 31s

Tips for talking to kids about climate change

From wildfires to stronger hurricanes, the consequences of climate change are already on young people’s minds. Learn more at
22/12/211m 31s

Seed saving group helps Kenyan farmers adapt to erratic weather

Droughts and severe downpours are making farming more difficult than in the past. Learn more at
21/12/211m 31s

Young people in the Bay Area use hip hop to demand climate action

The Hip Hop for Climate Justice program helps youth express their feelings about the problem. Learn more at
20/12/211m 31s

Retiree renovates home to produce more energy than it uses

He’s made it much more efficient and added a solar array to the roof. Learn more at
17/12/211m 31s

Planning for flooding lowered insurance premiums in a Florida county

Residents may see up to a 35% discount on flood insurance in Monroe County, home to Key West. Learn more at
16/12/211m 31s

Contributions to sustainable investment funds rose to $50 billion in 2020

Young adults are major drivers of growth in the sustainable investment market. Learn more at
15/12/211m 31s

Peat bogs will release more heat-trapping gases as warming continues

Scientists conducted experiments at a bog in northern Minnesota. Learn more at
14/12/211m 31s

Climate change is here, and Detroit is flooding

To help the city cope with heavier downpours, residents are pushing for upgrades to storm drainage and sewer systems. Learn more at
13/12/211m 31s

Climate leadership program helps teens channel concern into action

It’s a project of the Climate Museum in New York City. Learn more at
10/12/211m 31s

Iceland facility sucks CO2 from air, turns it into rock

The technology will need a lot of scaling up to make a difference to the climate. Learn more at
09/12/211m 31s

How the iconic Sydney Opera House is cutting carbon pollution

‘We have a really important responsibility to lead by example.’ Learn more at
08/12/211m 31s

Online platform connects climate projects with investors

Anyone can invest for as little as $100. Learn more at
07/12/211m 31s

General Motors to manufacture electric car battery cells in U.S.

A battery cell factory is slated to open in August 2022 in Lordstown, Ohio, with another to open in 2023 in Tennessee. Learn more at
06/12/211m 31s

Christmas tree selection may be limited this year because of a past drought

Many growers in Indiana lost over 70% of the trees they planted in 2012. Learn more at
03/12/211m 31s

The pandemic has put communities through a crash course in disaster response

It demonstrated the vast scale of assistance that people may need in future disasters. Learn more at
02/12/211m 31s

How people are working to protect giant sequoias from wildfires

Severe fires killed sequoias in 2020 and 2021. Learn more at
01/12/211m 31s

Book tells 1,001 firsthand stories of climate change from around the world

‘1,001 Voices on Climate Change’ aims to humanize the issue and inspire action. Learn more at
30/11/211m 31s

Hanukkah story can inspire energy conservation, rabbi says

The holiday celebrates the oil that miraculously lasted eight days. Learn more at
29/11/211m 31s

App allows citizen scientists to report invasive species

Early reporting helps agencies like the U.S. Forest Service to control their spread. Learn more at
26/11/211m 31s

Global warming causes new problems for a Thanksgiving staple

Cranberry farmers in Massachusetts are working to adapt to shorter winters and erratic rainfall. Learn more at
25/11/211m 31s

Living shoreline project uses natural remedies to reduce erosion

Native marsh grasses, rocks, and oysters will help shore up a badly eroded stretch of the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia. Learn more at
24/11/211m 31s

Artificial island on Georgia coast to provide nesting habitat for shorebirds

Sea-level rise is making their nests more vulnerable to flooding and storm surge. Learn more at
23/11/211m 31s

Tips on talking to your family about global warming over the holidays

Climate scientist Heather Price has a few suggestions. Learn more at
22/11/211m 31s

The link between climate change and terrorism

The terrorist group Boko Haram has taken advantage of drought-related crop failures in Nigeria. Learn more at
19/11/211m 31s

A simple idea to address fluctuations in solar energy production

Electricity production from solar farms falls during winter, but here’s one way utilities could better meet customer demand on cold, dark days. Learn more at
18/11/211m 31s

Texas nonprofit encourages disaster-resilient buildings

Build San Antonio Green is offering a new certification for buildings that better withstand heat waves, high winds, floods and power outages. Learn more at
17/11/211m 31s

Shipping vessels could cut carbon pollution by harnessing the wind

The shipping industry is considering an old solution to a modern problem. Learn more at
16/11/211m 31s

Why protecting the Okefenokee swamp matters for the climate

Conservationists worry that a proposed mine could result in damage to the carbon-rich peat soils in the swamp on the Georgia-Florida border. Learn more at
15/11/211m 31s

Colorado program gives new life to old solar panels

Equitable Solar Solutions is repurposing used panels to help low-income people access cheap electricity. Learn more at
12/11/211m 31s

Disaster-resilient New Orleans apartment complex is also affordable

After Hurricane Ida, solar panels and a battery storage system at the Saint Peter apartments provided electricity for part of the day.  Learn more at
11/11/211m 31s

Depression-era program left some New England communities more vulnerable to rising seas

Federal ditch-digging projects drained salt marshes, which absorb water and buffer coastal communities from waves. Learn more at
10/11/211m 31s

Nonprofit trains women for careers in solar

Women account for less than a third of jobs in the solar industry. Learn more at
09/11/211m 31s

Bay Area tree pollen season is getting half a week longer each year

Bad news for people with allergies. Learn more at
08/11/211m 31s

Georgia farmers experiment with new crops as the climate changes

Warmer winters are making it more difficult to grow the state’s traditional peaches and blueberries. Learn more at
05/11/211m 31s

Warming climate could bring more cobia to New York and New Jersey waters

The big, tasty fish is a favorite among anglers. Learn more at
04/11/211m 31s

California nonprofit helps Spanish speakers prepare for wildfire emergencies

Program participants receive a year of renters’ insurance and a backpack of supplies. Learn more at
03/11/211m 31s

Scientists link 2021 Pacific Northwest heat wave to global warming

Hundreds of people died during the event. Learn more at
02/11/211m 31s

Solar power brings light to Michigan community

A utility seized more than 1,000 street lights in Highland Park 10 years ago as part of a debt settlement with the city. Learn more at
01/11/211m 31s

Composting can be as fun as smashing pumpkins

In 2020, ‘pumpkin smash’ events across Illinois and beyond kept more than 150 tons of pumpkins out of landfills. Learn more at
29/10/211m 31s

Feral hogs are a problem for the climate, researcher says

They churn up soil with their snouts, releasing stored carbon to the atmosphere. Learn more at
28/10/211m 31s

Colorado home relies on sun, wood to stay warm through cold winters

Tight insulation, active and passive solar systems, and a wood stove help keep the home in Bear Creek Valley fossil-fuel free. Learn more at
27/10/211m 31s

New bank specializes in climate-friendly financing

Climate First Bank in St. Petersburg, Florida, offers loans for solar installations, energy-efficient retrofits, green building projects, and the like. Learn more at
26/10/211m 31s

Research farm studies benefits of pairing farming with solar panels

The farm encourages community leaders, students and elected officials to visit and learn. Learn more at
25/10/211m 31s

Some climate advocates are also working to address systemic racism

People in low-income, minority communities face disproportionate risks from pollution and weather disasters. Learn more at
22/10/211m 31s

Colorado organization helps communities plan for a future without coal

The state expects all but one of its coal plants to close within the decade. Learn more at
21/10/211m 31s

Nonprofit works to expand solar energy in Puerto Rico

It’s starting with a 10-home pilot project in Caguas. Learn more at
20/10/211m 31s

Scouts can earn patches for learning about solar energy

They complete activities such as building solar ovens out of pizza boxes. Learn more at
19/10/211m 31s

Project helps disadvantaged organizations access federal climate funds

The Justice40 Accelerator will provide fundraising support and training to grassroots groups. Learn more at
18/10/211m 31s

Ghost forests are an eerie sign of rising seas

Look for these weird stands of dead or dying trees the next time you’re driving along the Atlantic coast. Learn more at
15/10/211m 31s

Boulder students win national competition with a hyper-efficient home

The Solar Decathlon Build Challenge is organized by the U.S. Department of Energy. Learn more at
14/10/211m 31s

Bed-Stuy organization works to get more people of color on bikes

The Bedford–Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation has held block parties and community bike rides.  Learn more at 
13/10/211m 31s

How Georgia farmers are protecting their cattle from extreme heat

When dairy cows get too hot, they eat less and milk production drops. Learn more at
12/10/211m 31s

More ships are crossing the Arctic, worrying local Indigenous people

Sea ice melt in the region is making the ocean more accessible to ship traffic. Learn more at
11/10/211m 31s

The Great Salt Lake is shrinking, worsening risk of dust storms

Wind kicks up dirt from the exposed lake bed, degrading local air quality. Learn more at
08/10/211m 31s

Young poet calls on people to apply their talents to fighting climate change

Aniya Butler uses her skill at poetry to bring attention to racism, police brutality, and global warming. Learn more at
07/10/211m 31s

Mennonite leader helps other pastors speak up on climate change

Doug Kaufman’s pastoral retreats help empower Mennonite pastors and leaders to talk with their congregations about the problem. Learn more at
06/10/211m 31s

How ‘nuisance’ flooding is hurting coastal economies

In many communities, water spills onto streets at high tide. The problem is getting more common as sea levels rise. Learn more at
05/10/211m 31s

Global warming is making ragweed pollen season worse

Ragweed is a common culprit in late summer and fall allergies. Learn more at
04/10/211m 31s

Pittsburgh’s climate-friendly plan for condemned homes

In a pilot program, the city is salvaging construction materials from the buildings instead of demolishing them. Learn more at
01/10/211m 31s

Should ‘ecocide’ become an international crime?

It involves causing widespread, severe, or longstanding damage to the environment. Learn more at
30/09/211m 31s

Explorers hope to inspire new generations to protect the Arctic

Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby spent much of the last two years living on a remote island in Norway. Learn more at
29/09/211m 31s

Fungus found in Yellowstone is key ingredient in new meat substitute

Chicago-based startup Nature's Fynd is using the fungus to develop products from chicken nuggets to yogurt. Learn more at
28/09/211m 31s

Rikers Island could become renewable energy hub

The notorious jail on the island is slated to close by 2027. Learn more at
27/09/211m 31s

New fund aims to bring more people into the climate conversation

The Ohio Climate Justice Fund wants to ensure that the voices of Black, Indigenous, and people of color are heard. Learn more at
24/09/211m 31s

Minneapolis project demonstrates a way to make solar arrays affordable

The program is installing solar on 24 properties in North Minneapolis, a primarily low-income, Black community. Learn more at
23/09/211m 31s

Electric cars can cost 40% less to maintain than gasoline cars

Electric vehicles have fewer parts to service, so they’re generally less expensive to repair and maintain than conventional cars. Learn more at
22/09/211m 31s

Psychiatrist helps people cope with mental health toll of extreme weather

She assisted people in her native Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Learn more at
21/09/211m 31s

Initiative aims to create fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

It was inspired by the nuclear non-proliferation treaty negotiated in the 1960s. Learn more at
20/09/211m 31s

Indie musician’s new album reckons with extreme weather

The album’s lyrical images of floods and storms explore broader themes of fear and helplessness. Learn more at
17/09/211m 31s

Emory to update med school curriculum to include climate risks

Medical students successfully pushed for the change. Learn more at
16/09/211m 31s

Santa Fe group home to go solar, save money

Casa Milagro, which supports people who have experienced homelessness and mental illness, will soon be powered by a 23-kilowatt solar array. Learn more at
15/09/211m 31s

More than a million people in drought-stricken Madagascar face food shortages

Climate change could bring more frequent droughts. Learn more at
14/09/211m 31s

Minority communities often lack access to safe biking infrastructure

Charles Brown, CEO of Equitable Cities, wants to make clean, two-wheeled transportation available to everyone. Learn more at
13/09/211m 31s

Climate change isn’t just a natural cycle

Here’s how we know that. Learn more at
10/09/211m 31s

Some crops can thrive in shade of solar panels, experiments suggest

Farmers in hot, dry climates might be able to produce food and electricity on the same plot of land. Learn more at
09/09/211m 31s

Low-income people more likely to be denied federal loans after Hurricane Harvey

The people who may need the most help after a disaster are less likely to get it, a recent study found. Learn more at
08/09/211m 31s

A young activist is working to shut down oil drilling across Los Angeles

Nearly 600,000 people in L.A. County live within a quarter mile of an active oil or gas well. Learn more at
07/09/211m 31s

Rabbi calls on Jews to commit to climate action

She says the Jewish New Year offers an opportunity for renewal and change. Learn more at
06/09/211m 31s

Wildfire smoke is especially dangerous for children, researcher warns

They’re more at risk because their bodies are still developing and they’re often more physically active than adults. Learn more at
03/09/211m 31s

California tree nursery sees surging demand for trees after wildfires

The L.A. Moran Reforestation Center distributes hundreds of thousands of seedlings each year. Learn more at
02/09/211m 31s

Poetry professor helps students process climate change

Craig Santos Perez was inspired to go beyond classic poetry themes such as love and death. Learn more at
01/09/211m 31s

Calif. will need more than 1.2 million electric vehicle chargers by 2030, report finds

Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered a ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035. Learn more at
31/08/211m 31s

Wind farms off Long Island to create new jobs

But a local advocate says the industry must work with the community and unions to ensure those jobs are high-quality. Learn more at
30/08/211m 31s

Louisiana woman’s home floods twice in seven months

Trameka Rankins’ house took on water in Hurricane Delta and during a more recent bout of torrential rain. Learn more at
27/08/211m 31s

Investors ‘running out of patience’ with U.S. oil and gas companies

In May 2021, Exxon shareholders ousted three board members in an effort to push the company toward clean energy.  Learn more at
26/08/211m 31s

Seminole activist worries about threat of rising seas to her native land

Valholly Frank is part of a group of young people suing the state of Florida to force it to take action on climate change. Learn more at
25/08/211m 31s

Energy production contributes to tens of thousands of premature deaths each year

Air pollution from burning natural gas, oil, and other fuels continues to harm health even as coal use has dropped. Learn more at
24/08/211m 31s

Researchers rediscover coffee plant that could thrive in a warmer world

The species was once commonly grown in West Africa. Learn more at
23/08/211m 31s

App offers bargains on food, reduces waste

The app connects users with unsold food from restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries. Learn more at
20/08/211m 31s

How water conservation can help save energy, too

About 20% of California’s energy consumption is associated with water. Learn more at
19/08/211m 31s

New rule requires SoCal warehouses to clean up or pay up

Diesel exhaust from truck traffic around shipping warehouses is polluting local communities. Learn more at
18/08/211m 31s

How OkCupid matched people who love the climate

Nine in 10 OkCupid users want to date someone who cares about the environment, says a company spokesperson. Learn more at
17/08/211m 31s

Philipstown, New York, residents work together to cut carbon

The town is aiming to become carbon-neutral by 2040. Learn more at
16/08/211m 31s

Climate change is harming people’s health, ER doctor says

Worsening heat and pollen are sending people to the hospital. Learn more at
13/08/211m 31s

Why a retired Texas shrimper went on 36-day hunger strike

Diane Wilson opposes a dredging project that will enable more oil exports. Learn more at
12/08/211m 31s

Researchers breed sunflowers to better withstand extreme weather

They’re crossing domesticated sunflower varieties with wild ones that thrive in deserts and wetlands. Learn more at
11/08/211m 31s

Faith powers a climate advocate in coastal Georgia

In her work at Interfaith Power and Light, Hermina Glass-Hill encourages people of faith to be good stewards of the Earth. Learn more at
10/08/211m 31s

Student-athletes especially at risk this year from heat-related illnesses

Many young athletes are deconditioned after spending a year at home during the pandemic, a pediatrician says. Learn more at
09/08/211m 31s

Allergy season is now more than a week longer, thanks to climate change

Rising carbon dioxide levels also make plants produce more pollen. Learn more at
06/08/211m 31s

Older adults face higher risk of heat-related illnesses

Chronic health problems like diabetes or heart disease increase their vulnerability to heat-related illnesses. Learn more at
05/08/211m 31s

Deep sea trawling unleashes carbon from the ocean floor

Sediments at the bottom of the ocean store more carbon than all the soil on Earth. Learn more at
04/08/211m 31s

Indigenous rancher is a 125th-generation land steward

Kelsey Ducheneaux-Scott uses regenerative grazing to mimic the impact that bison once had on the Great Plains. Learn more at
03/08/211m 31s

Maritime shipping causes more carbon pollution than airlines

Fossil-fuel-burning ships transport a vast amount of cargo across the world’s oceans each year. Learn more at
02/08/211m 31s

Households waste more than 500 million metric tons of food each year

That’s more than is wasted in restaurants and grocery stores combined. Learn more at
30/07/211m 31s

Sea-level rise rates more than double along part of East Coast

Melting glacial ice and warming oceans are the biggest causes of this change. Learn more at
29/07/211m 31s

How to keep groceries and the planet cool

Many older refrigerators contain potent heat-trapping gases, so they must be recycled properly. Learn more at
28/07/211m 31s

Heat waves pose extra dangers to people experiencing homelessness

It’s hard to stay cool when you must spend many hours outdoors. Learn more at
27/07/211m 31s

Greek island goes renewable, gets more reliable electricity

A wind and solar system with battery storage now provides 60-70% of the island’s power. Learn more at
26/07/211m 31s

Volunteers work to protect iconic saguaro cactuses

An invasive, drought-tolerant grass is spreading across the Sonoran desert, increasing the risk of wildfires. Learn more at
23/07/211m 31s

Lack of affordable housing makes wildfire recovery more difficult

Some Oregonians whose homes burned in the September 2020 Alameda fire are still living in hotels. Learn more at
22/07/211m 31s

National coalition of community groups fights for flooding solutions

Anthropocene Alliance helps amplify the voices of people experiencing extreme weather. Learn more at
21/07/211m 31s

The Grand Canyon can get dangerously hot

And the risk to hikers in the canyon’s interior is growing as the climate warms. Learn more at
20/07/211m 31s

Coral reefs prevent more than $1.8 billion a year in U.S. flood damage

But climate change and habitat destruction threaten reefs and their ability to offer this protection. Learn more at
19/07/211m 31s

Environmentalist drag queen says the outdoors belongs to everyone

Wearing six-inch stilettos, Pattie Gonia is using social media to spread awareness about climate change and other environmental issues. Learn more at
16/07/211m 31s

Underserved communities could miss out on access to electric vehicles

Only a few states and utilities are working to ensure that charging infrastructure is deployed equitably. Learn more at
15/07/211m 31s

Wildfire smoke may be even more toxic than previously thought

During a wildfire, hospital admissions for respiratory illnesses in Southern California increase, according to a recent study. Learn more at
14/07/211m 31s

Seagrass can help reduce ocean acidification at local scales

Underwater seagrass meadows absorb carbon dioxide, reducing acidification in the area, recent research shows. Learn more at
13/07/211m 31s

Wildfires are especially dangerous for people with disabilities

Mobility limitations can make it hard to evacuate in an emergency, for example.  Learn more at
12/07/211m 31s

Many cities want to plant trees. Why are some residents reluctant?

In Pittsburgh, a plan to plant 100,000 trees will be coupled with a strategy to maintain the trees and communicate their benefits. Learn more at
09/07/211m 31s

EVs are better for the climate, even on today’s electricity grid

Electric cars already have a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline vehicles, and the grid is getting cleaner all the time. Learn more at
08/07/211m 31s

Superior National Forest could be a refuge to wildlife as the climate warms

The forested region in northeastern Minnesota is a critical habitat for many species. Learn more at
07/07/211m 31s

Invasive plants could benefit from climate change

They’re incredibly good at adapting to changes in the environment. Learn more at
06/07/211m 31s

Extreme weather is costing the military billions of dollars

It’s one reason the Department of Defense is taking climate change seriously. Learn more at
05/07/211m 31s

Thunder may become more common in Alaska

The number of thunderstorms in the rapidly warming state could triple by 2100. Learn more at
02/07/211m 31s

Goats help prevent wildfires by doing what they do best

Eating. Learn more at
01/07/211m 31s

Will green jobs pay well?

Jason Walsh of the nonprofit BlueGreen Alliance says careful planning is needed to build a clean-energy economy that supports workers. Learn more at
30/06/211m 31s

Scientist uses sound recordings to monitor rainforest biodiversity

When you walk through a tropical rainforest, you might not see animals, but you can hear them.  Learn more at
29/06/211m 31s

One woman is preparing her neighborhood for the next flood

Frances Acuña is getting residents ready for emergencies and is pushing the city to improve stormwater systems. Learn more at
28/06/211m 31s

The NAACP offers free flood risk training for vulnerable communities

Communities of color are more likely to flood and to lack flood protection. Learn more at
25/06/211m 31s

The Catholic Church’s landholdings could help protect the climate

For example, by conserving forest land that can absorb and store carbon pollution. Learn more at
24/06/211m 31s

Electric vehicle chargers to go up on street light poles in Kansas City

The idea is to make charging stations more accessible to everyone, including renters. Learn more at
23/06/211m 31s

Pastor pushes for a Green New Deal that would empower Southern communities

Marginalized communities across the South are on the front lines of climate change. Learn more at
22/06/211m 31s

Poorly timed traffic lights can make climate change worse

Pointless delays result in unnecessary idling. Learn more at
21/06/211m 31s

Fatherhood can make the climate crisis personal

Two Philadelphia-based fathers launched ‘Climate Dads,’ a group for dads who want to take action. Learn more at
18/06/211m 31s

Startup turns carbon dioxide into diamonds

Aether says that for every one-carat diamond it manufactures, it removes about 20 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Learn more at
17/06/211m 31s

New Orleans group pushes back on gentrification in higher-elevation neighborhoods

After Hurricane Katrina, many longtime residents were priced out of historically Black neighborhoods. Learn more at
16/06/211m 31s

How to cut the internet’s big carbon footprint

Even before the pandemic surge in teleconferencing, internet data centers accounted for about 1% of global electricity use. Learn more at
15/06/211m 31s

Maryland students to catch a cleaner ride to school

‘We know that one of the huge benefits of this will be cleaner air inside of school buses, where students are.’ Learn more at
14/06/211m 31s

How one company is building affordable, sustainable homes

Solar Home Factory is working to make climate-friendly housing accessible to more people, including renters. Learn more at
11/06/211m 31s

Why warm temperatures at nighttime can be dangerous

Cool nights give your body a break. During a heatwave, you might not get one. Learn more at
10/06/211m 31s

‘Community solar’ programs can help low-income people benefit from solar energy

The programs can help people save money on their utility bills. Learn more at
09/06/211m 31s

Virtual reality forest takes users for a walk in the woods of the future

Penn State researchers are experimenting with a prototype modeled after a forest in northern Wisconsin. Learn more at
08/06/211m 31s

How extreme heat can ground hot air balloons

A heat wave forced balloonists to cancel flights at a 2019 Michigan festival. Learn more at
07/06/211m 31s

Youth-led Sunrise Movement calls for national job guarantee

Organizer Dejah Powell says such a program would help build the labor force needed to transition the U.S. from fossil fuels to clean energy. Learn more at
04/06/211m 31s

Foresters use fire and goats to care for Mark Twain National Forest

Their work will help reduce the threat of severe wildfires. Learn more at
03/06/211m 31s

How Swiss utilities got their customers to buy renewable energy

After they made the change, participation in clean energy programs skyrocketed. Learn more at
02/06/211m 31s

Can fossil-fuel-dependent Wyoming build a more diverse economy?

The coal, oil, and gas industries generate about half of the state’s revenue. Learn more at
01/06/211m 31s

New Mexico imposes strict rule to prevent venting, flaring of natural gas

Venting and flaring at oil fields and refineries release heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere. Learn more at
31/05/211m 31s

Outer Banks communities see beach renourishment as lifeline

Rising seas and extreme storms are accelerating coastal erosion, threatening homes, hotels, and roads.  Learn more at
28/05/211m 31s

Solar panels over California’s canals could save 65 billion gallons of water a year

The panels would shade the water, reducing evaporation. Learn more at
27/05/211m 31s

Denmark plans massive wind-energy hub on an artificial island

The project is expected to eventually produce enough electricity for 10 million European households. Learn more at
26/05/211m 31s

95% of bull kelp forests have vanished from portion of California coast

The underwater seaweed forests once supported species such as salmon, crabs, and jellyfish. Learn more at
25/05/211m 31s

Dominican Catholic sisters help create climate-friendly investment funds

The funds focus on projects that help vulnerable communities around the world. Learn more at
24/05/211m 31s

Renovations put Seattle hockey arena closer to zero-carbon goal

The ‘Climate Pledge Arena,’ home to the Seattle Kraken, is expected to become the first net-zero arena. Learn more at
21/05/211m 31s

The moral imperative behind the ‘Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest’

A five-day event was designed to connect Jewish values with climate action. Learn more at
20/05/211m 31s

Bladeless wind turbine generates electricity by vibrating

It’s a promising technology still in its infancy. Learn more at
19/05/211m 31s

Increases in extreme precipitation cost the U.S. $73 billion over three decades

The U.S. is already paying the price of a warmer world, says Stanford researcher Frances Davenport. Learn more at
18/05/211m 31s

California’s ‘Climate Action Corps’ fights climate change

A similar program could soon roll out nationwide. Learn more at
17/05/211m 31s

Portsmouth Village under threat from hurricanes and rising seas

It’s getting harder to preserve a piece of history on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Learn more at
14/05/211m 31s

Hundreds of airports at risk from flooding, sea-level rise, study finds

Nearly 600 airports globally could face flooding problems by 2100 if global warming continues unchecked. Learn more at
13/05/211m 31s

Santa Fe women built homemade air purifiers to help protect people from smoke

Members of the Three Sisters Collective, a group of Indigenous activist women, mobilized to help the local community during last summer’s wildfires. Learn more at
12/05/211m 31s

Devastating disease in dolphins linked to extreme downpours

Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere around the world are developing horrific lesions. Learn more at
11/05/211m 31s

Heavier downpours strain septic systems in some rural areas

When the systems fail, sewage can leak into yards or back up into sinks and bathtubs. Learn more at
10/05/211m 31s

Women scientists launch climate campaign aimed at mothers

‘Moms tend to trust other moms.’ Learn more at
07/05/211m 31s

New tool could help cities better estimate their carbon dioxide emissions

It relies on data about pollution from power plants, factories, buildings, and vehicles across the U.S. Learn more at
06/05/211m 31s

Environmental engineer launches group for Latinos in sustainability

‘Students and young professionals are really hungry to understand ... how they get their foot in the door.’ Learn more at
05/05/211m 31s

Affordable housing could be hit hard as seas rise

The number of affordable housing units at risk of coastal flooding could triple within a few decades, a recent analysis found.  Learn more at
04/05/211m 31s

Empire State Building owner to buy 300 million kilowatt hours of wind energy

‘That's enough energy to light every house in New York state for a whole month.’ Learn more at
03/05/211m 31s

Electric cargo cycles deliver packages in Miami

Shipping giant DHL is testing the e-cycles as a climate-friendly alternative to delivery trucks and vans. Learn more at
30/04/211m 31s

Kids’ ideas for cooling a neighborhood

Artist Jenna Robb collected their ideas in a series of workshops. Learn more at
29/04/211m 31s

Air pollution from fossil fuels caused 8.7 million premature deaths in 2018

One researcher calls the situation “a public health emergency.” Learn more at
28/04/211m 31s

Sea-level rise could submerge internet cables

One foot of sea-level rise along coastlines would put more than 4,000 miles of fiber optic cables underwater at least part of the time. Learn more at
27/04/211m 31s

Nebraska farmer grows citrus year-round

He wants to help others do the same. Learn more at
26/04/211m 31s

How New York’s Javits Center slashed its energy consumption

‘As a state-owned building, we're able to really … be a model for sustainability for New York State.’ Learn more at
23/04/211m 31s

Earth is getting a digital twin

‘Destination Earth,’ a project of the European Union, will simulate the future impacts of climate change anywhere on the planet. Learn more at
22/04/211m 31s

Christian college offers online course on global warming

Brian Webb, who’s leading the class, wants to see more conservative Christians getting involved with the issue.  Learn more at
21/04/211m 31s

Wildfires can contaminate outdoor marijuana crops

Increasingly extreme fires — the result of climate change — could blunt opportunities for growers. Learn more at
20/04/211m 31s

Electric SUVs star in a new off-road racing series

The series showcases their potential as speedy all-terrain vehicles. Learn more at
19/04/211m 31s

Online tool helps people make their homes energy efficient

Utilities use it to help their customers obtain customized lists of energy-saving solutions. Learn more at
16/04/211m 31s

Barrier island prepares for more sea-level rise, worsening storms

The National Park Service is ensuring that restrooms and lifeguard towers on Assateague Island can be moved as the island shifts west. Learn more at
15/04/211m 31s

What can you do with old wind turbine blades?

A research group called Re-Wind is looking for ways to keep used blades out of the landfill. Learn more at
14/04/211m 31s

Tree plantings will help protect Colorado river in hot, dry weather

They will benefit aquatic species and people alike. Learn more at
13/04/211m 31s

New York City group retrofits apartments without displacing residents

Many buildings across the city are in need of energy-efficiency improvements. Learn more at
12/04/211m 31s

Climate change is making it harder to grow potatoes traditionally used for French fries

But new varieties are helping farmers adapt to warmer, drier conditions. Learn more at
09/04/211m 31s

Beverly Wright pushes for equity and justice in climate policy

She says strategies such as carbon trading and carbon taxes must also protect vulnerable communities. Learn more at
08/04/211m 31s

Georgia-based innovation lab works to speed the transition to clean transportation

Companies are testing self-driving electric scooters, a solar road, and other new technologies at Curiosity Lab in Peachtree Corners. Learn more at
07/04/211m 31s

How libraries can improve climate literacy

One library in Wisconsin offered programs to engage a diverse group of people in local climate planning. Learn more at
06/04/211m 31s

How extreme weather threatens the internet

Internet outages can interrupt operations at places like hospitals. Learn more at
05/04/211m 31s

Catholic seminary installs a solar farm shaped like a cross

Pope Francis has called upon the world to reduce its use of fossil fuels and reduce global warming. Learn more at
02/04/211m 31s

New York state’s climate goals are achievable, research finds

The state is aiming for 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040. It also wants to cut carbon pollution 85% by 2050. Learn more at
01/04/211m 31s

Connecticut man uses magic to teach kids about environmental issues

His magic shows are one way to capture children’s imagination. Learn more at
31/03/211m 31s

Georgia science teacher helps students recognize misinformation about the climate

So they can better evaluate what they see in the news and on social media. Learn more at
30/03/211m 31s

Composers, scientists, designers update Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” for an era of climate change

The result is familiar but unsettling. Learn more at
29/03/211m 31s

NASCAR drivers try out racing version of Ford’s Mustang Mach-E

The 1,400-horsepower prototype electric vehicle includes seven motors. Learn more at
26/03/211m 31s

Food rescue group in Hawaii reduces food waste, feeds community

Avoiding food waste is also good for the climate. Learn more at
25/03/211m 31s

Scientists work to make solar panels more efficient

A new solar cell made with a material called perovskite has set an efficiency record for its class. Learn more at
24/03/211m 31s

Artist and scientist install fake storefronts in Chicago to draw attention to climate change

The goal is to provoke people’s curiosity. Learn more at
23/03/211m 31s

Some Christians participate in “carbon fast” for Lent

It’s one way to unify faith and activism. Learn more at
22/03/211m 31s

Owner of a fly-fishing lodge worries about fracking

His business can’t survive without clean water. Learn more at
19/03/211m 31s

City residents use maps to fight inequality in their neighborhoods

Racist housing policies of the past have left residents more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change today. Learn more at
18/03/211m 31s

Solar farm to boost tax revenue in Indiana county as coal plant closes

The 5,000-acre solar and battery storage development will go online around the same time that the local coal plant is scheduled to close. Learn more at
17/03/211m 31s

How global warming could harm some wild bee populations

They help pollinate crops like tomatoes. Learn more at
16/03/211m 31s

Humpback whales change their migration patterns as the climate warms

That could make it more difficult for tourists to spot the animals, Australian researcher warns.  Learn more at
15/03/211m 31s

Poet grapples with coal’s legacy

He says the economic benefits of coal mining came with a big cost. Learn more at
12/03/211m 31s

Severe drought could make the Old Faithful geyser less faithful

It’s happened before. Learn more at
11/03/211m 31s

How Indigenous people in the Amazon are using drones to protect rainforests

They’re using high-tech tools to monitor illegal logging. Learn more at
10/03/211m 31s

Climate change could drive Komodo dragons to extinction

They could lose much of their habitat during the next 30 years. Learn more at
09/03/211m 31s

Lab-grown chicken approved for sale in Singapore

Proponents of “no-kill” meat say it’s better for the climate than traditional agriculture. Learn more at
08/03/211m 31s

Thoughtful design can make streets more walkable

It can make them safer for pedestrians, too. Learn more at
05/03/211m 31s

Wildfire smoke is especially dangerous for children, researcher warns

They’re more at risk because their bodies are still developing and they’re often more physically active than adults. Learn more at
04/03/211m 31s

Mississippi town fights back against flooding

In Duck Hill, heavy downpours would turn Main Street into a river. Learn more at
03/03/211m 31s

Cloud seeding can boost mountain snowpack

The controversial practice has shown promise in recent research. Learn more at
02/03/211m 31s

Tree swallows are nesting earlier in spring

That’s creating new dangers for their chicks. Learn more at
01/03/211m 31s

Why a Charleston woman decided to demolish her home

She’s just one of many who will need to retreat from rising seas. Learn more at
26/02/211m 31s

Residents of Kentucky coal town fear return of devastating floods

Floodwaters rose to dangerous levels last year in Harlan, Kentucky, where heavy rainfall has grown more common. Learn more at
25/02/211m 31s

COVID recovery should include climate solutions, researcher says

As countries rebuild their economies, they could help speed the transition to renewable energy. Learn more at
24/02/211m 31s

His business is building ice castles. Will that get harder in a warming world?

Brent Christensen's company constructs elaborate palaces made from icicles in four U.S. cities. Learn more at
23/02/211m 31s

Climate-friendly jobs for unemployed oil and gas workers

The president has pledged to put people to work plugging abandoned oil and gas wells. Learn more at
22/02/211m 31s

Leadership academy to teach Phoenix residents how to reduce urban heat

Planting trees can cool neighborhoods, but people don’t always know where to start. Learn more at
19/02/211m 31s

What COVID lockdowns show about a future with electric vehicles

With fewer gas-powered cars on the road, the air could get a lot cleaner. Learn more at
18/02/211m 31s

Arkansas school district goes solar, boosts teacher pay

New panels and efficiency measures are saving the district more than $300,000 a year. Learn more at
17/02/211m 31s

Crab speeds up destruction of coastal salt marshes

The marshes help buffer Eastern U.S. coastlines from storms. Learn more at
16/02/211m 31s

Flooding problems at D.C. landmarks likely to worsen

Global warming is driving intensifying rainstorms and rising seas.  Learn more at
15/02/211m 31s

Data center gives new life to site of a former coal plant

The coal plant had been the biggest taxpayer for the city of Hammond, Indiana. Learn more at
12/02/211m 31s

Montana fly-fishing lodge copes with warming rivers

Warm water contains less oxygen, which stresses fish. Learn more at
11/02/211m 31s

Proposed Indiana park will turn floodwaters into an attraction

The nearby Ohio River is expected to flood more often as a result of climate change. Learn more at
10/02/211m 31s

Sea-level rise could threaten coastal nuclear waste facilities

A recent study identified vulnerable sites along the U.S. coast. Learn more at
09/02/211m 31s

Ultrarunner Clare Gallagher speaks up about climate change

‘Clean air, I think, should just be a way of life.’ Learn more at
08/02/211m 31s

NFL restores a coral reef near Miami

The reef is close to the site of last year’s Super Bowl. Learn more at
05/02/211m 31s

Dynamic glass helps keep offices cool without blocking the view

A micro-thin coating on the glass can tint to reduce glare and heat. Learn more at
04/02/211m 31s

Some Florida homes could lose 15% in value by 2030

Sea-level rise is causing increasing danger from tidal flooding and storm surge. Learn more at
03/02/211m 31s

Eastern black rail imperiled by habitat loss, sea-level rise

It was recently listed as ‘threatened’ under the Endangered Species Act. Learn more at
02/02/211m 31s

Fleas and ticks become year-round nuisance for pets

Warmer weather is helping fleas to stay active and some ticks to move northward. Learn more at
01/02/211m 31s

How solar panels are making Puerto Rico communities more resilient

During a blackout, solar-powered community centers can provide power for equipment and storing medicine. Learn more at
29/01/211m 31s

Warmer winters create new risks for cherished Minnesota pastime

Thin, unstable lake ice makes ice fishing more dangerous. Learn more at
28/01/211m 31s

Climate change adds pressures to degraded Everglades

That makes restoration efforts more urgent, says one scientist at the South Florida Water Management District. Learn more at
27/01/211m 31s

Lockdowns led to huge drop in global warming pollution

But global emissions rose again as shelter-in-place orders lifted, recent research shows. Learn more at
26/01/211m 31s

Century-old Michigan home produces more energy than it uses

Even an old building can help slow global warming. Learn more at
25/01/211m 31s

Study links hotter weather and lower student test scores

The effect was more pronounced among low-income, African-American, and Latino students whose schools often lack air conditioning. Learn more at
22/01/211m 31s

College course teaches students how to be climate leaders

At the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, students are learning how to create change. Learn more at
21/01/211m 31s

UK’s National Health Service plans to eliminate contribution to climate change

It would be the world’s first national health system to do so. Learn more at
20/01/211m 31s

Lizards and snakes will feel global warming’s effects

These cold-blooded creatures may move farther north or to higher elevations as temperatures rise. Learn more at
19/01/211m 31s

Advocate and scholar Beverly Wright wants justice at center of climate policies

Her experiences after Hurricane Katrina laid bare how inequity worsens the impacts of extreme weather. Learn more at
18/01/211m 31s

Missouri meteorologist teaches his viewers about climate change

‘I hope that the lasting effect of me talking about climate is just more acceptance and more understanding.’ Learn more at
15/01/211m 31s

Salt Lake City’s two sustainable fire stations

The stations are equipped with solar panels, efficient lighting, and more. Learn more at
14/01/211m 31s

Environmental organizations remain overwhelmingly white

Executive Director Andrés Jimenez says increasing diversity is crucial for addressing the climate crisis. Learn more at
13/01/211m 31s

Solar-powered battery packs offer cheap electricity in Tanzania

A company called Jaza Energy is providing electricity access without relying on fossil fuels. Learn more at
12/01/211m 31s

Many states get poor grades on climate education standards

A recent report evaluates each state’s science standards to see how clearly and accurately they cover climate change. Learn more at
11/01/211m 31s

App helps electric vehicle drivers share private charging stations

EVmatch wants to make it easier for drivers to find places to power up. Learn more at
08/01/211m 31s

Small Wisconsin city becomes a renewable energy leader

River Falls, Wisconsin, ranked No. 2 in the nation in 2019 for participation in its green power program. Learn more at
07/01/211m 31s

Pandemic may lead to wider acceptance of online meetings

Business meetings held online can save money, time, and carbon pollution. Learn more at
06/01/211m 31s

Wildfires torch dwindling sage-grouse habitat

The charismatic greater sage-grouse is under threat as wildfires become more frequent. Learn more at
05/01/211m 31s

Mobile app helps Inuit hunters monitor ice conditions

As the Arctic warms, thinning sea ice poses a growing danger to hunters. Learn more at
04/01/211m 31s

Climate change is influencing Marshall Islands residents’ decisions to move

The low-lying island country in the Pacific is vulnerable to sea-level rise, freshwater shortages, and extreme heat. Learn more at
01/01/211m 31s

The link between wine corks and climate change

Give a toast to cork forests, which store a great deal of carbon pollution. Learn more at
31/12/201m 31s

Scientists search for ways to lock more carbon in the soil

Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies want to develop plants that can bury carbon pollution deep underground. Learn more at
30/12/201m 31s

More frequent, heavier rains strain U.S. dams

Many of the country’s 90,000 dams are aging and poorly maintained. Learn more at
29/12/201m 31s

Celebrating climate action during Kwanzaa

Environmental activist Heather McTeer Toney says African-American-led responses to climate change embody the principles of the holiday. Learn more at
28/12/201m 31s

Lovers of winter sports call for climate action

Warmer winters are threatening their favorite sports. Learn more at
25/12/201m 31s

Reindeer deaths in the Arctic linked to erratic weather

The losses are devastating for the animals and the Indigenous herders who depend on them. Learn more at
24/12/201m 31s

Young leader helps her generation protect the ocean

She launched the nonprofit Sustainable Ocean Alliance while still in college. Learn more at
23/12/201m 31s

How energy efficiency can help make the electric grid cleaner

When customers reduce demand for electricity, utilities can avoid turning on polluting backup power plants. Learn more at
22/12/201m 31s

Climate change alters a Louisiana tribe’s way of life

Citizens of the United Houma Nation have long depended on the land for food and medicine. Learn more at
21/12/201m 31s
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