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The Rewatchables 1999

The Rewatchables 1999

By The Ringer

The Rewatchables 1999, featuring The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and a rotating cast from the Ringer universe, dissects the most iconic movies from 1999, an all-time great year in film. Each episode breaks down a different movie with highly specific categories, analyzing it from every possible angle. The categories include: Most Rewatchable Scene, Who Won the Movie?, Best Quote, Could This Movie Be Made Into a Netflix Series in 2019?, the Overacting Award, and many more. The series will cover American Pie, Office Space, The Matrix, and more classics from '99. For more, go to


Introducing The Rewatchables 1999

Bill Simmons and his friends from The Ringer break down the most rewatchable movies of 1999.
15/04/19·1m 25s
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