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Khoa and Keren become a youtuber and cry. Support this podcast:


Khoa's miserable week and were opening a restaurant!

Khoa has the worst week of his life and we have a huge announcement!  --- Support this podcast:
14/03/2326m 3s

caught up in all the drama!

Last week, we talked about how we get all our news on social media and this includes drama as well! Keren keeps up with all things Selena Gomez and goodness gracious are celebrities dramatic. --- Support this podcast:
01/03/2321m 36s

What would we do in an apocolypse situation?

we just got into the HBO Max show The Last Of Us and cannot get enough of it. We talk about what we would do if that were to happen in real life and then we talk about the news that we get from social media. Where do you get your news from? --- Support this podcast:
22/02/2329m 21s

I have Lucky Girl Syndrome

Some might call it lucky girl syndrome but Khoa calls it manifesting your destiny. We talk about our past and what ambitions we had.  --- Support this podcast:
15/02/2324m 13s

our honest opinion on the internet/social media

The internet is an interesting place. Is it good or is it bad? Let's get into it. --- Support this podcast:
08/02/2325m 41s

new things coming

where we've been and where we are going --- Support this podcast:
01/02/2325m 54s

what we’ve been up to!

Some wild stuff --- Support this podcast:
06/12/2127m 8s

Closing Down Keren's Business

shutting down kickass workouts, our school system, how happy keren is and her glucose test tomorrow. --- Support this podcast:
30/10/2128m 0s

How much we earn on YouTube, our credit scores and how we budget our earnings.

We got a ton of questions how much we earn on YouTube, how we budget our money and build our credit. Reach out to us on instagram @baytspodcast for more questions! --- Support this podcast:
21/10/2143m 47s

Baby #4 Name Hint + Making Time For Sex As Parents

We talk baby names, how Khoa allegedly stole keren’s pregnancy pillow, everyone wants to hear about our sex life and more! --- Support this podcast:
15/10/2138m 53s

Life Update on KKandbabyJ (Pregnancy and Happiness)

we talk about life and what we've been up to from pregnancy to a new car and just happy with where we are. --- Support this podcast:
30/09/2134m 51s

My Brother Is Not Dead

story of our absence, the car accident, jackson walking in on us, corinna kopf and her best friend aircool --- Support this podcast:
26/04/2133m 11s

Our BIGGEST Financial Mistakes And How We Fixed Them

Our financial struggles of spending way too much money. More money than we THOUGHT we had. Buying our cars and having to sell them. Our credit scores and how we dug our way out of this gigantic hole we put ourselves in.  --- Support this podcast:
02/04/2136m 32s

Khoa Comes Home Drunk..

Khoa comes home after having drinks at his family's house and makes a move on Keren. What happens next? It's very exciting. I'm just kidding. We talk about an incident that happens at our home and why we don't blur our license plate anymore. What else should we talk about? School and instagram!  --- Support this podcast:
25/03/2132m 44s

The Worst Dental Nightmare Story I've Ever Heard

Khoa and Keren debate about Tik Tok and the views. Keren talks about the business side and money you can earn from Tik Tok. Khoa talks about the vacation they went on and the Oreos that are always stuck to his teeth. Should we make a hotline for you to call? Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
12/03/2129m 33s

Why We Fired Our Managers

We got an interesting top request that Keren pops off about. She feels very strongly about being a hard working independent self managed influencer while Khoa listens like the rest of us. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
03/03/2131m 30s

Lets Get Serious For A Moment..

Talking about our inconsistent vlogging and why, Landons doctor appointment where he screams at the nurse and much more! --- Support this podcast:
23/02/2132m 40s

Numb To The Hate

David Dobrik's new house, cool stories of Khoa helping people, Keren joining the podcast and how it was supposed to be, asian/american discrimination, lunar new year, Pokémon, winner for the camera! --- Support this podcast:
15/02/2129m 30s

Keren Goes To The Emergency Room Again

We talk about being a YouTuber, life insurance, pranks, our channel being blocked and Keren going to the ER --- Support this podcast:
08/02/2129m 37s

Completely Changing Our Life For The Better

What else do you want your listeners to know? We love them and we're going to eat pho today. --- Support this podcast:
01/02/2125m 30s

Good Thing The Wedding Was Called OFF!

first podcast recorded in bed, khoa almost didn't exist same with the kids.  --- Support this podcast:
22/09/2031m 3s

How We Found Success On YouTube

Khoa is enraged with anger at Keren for letting his pho boil over. Just kidding but it was super disrespectful if we're being honest. We come up with a podcast schedule and break down our real life schedule. Mentally and physically. We talk about how we found success on YouTube. Success being defined as happiness of course, not being the biggest best baddest YouTube channel to ever exist. Just be happy during the process. Embrace the hard work and enjoy. Keren and Khoa bicker alot and some parts are extremely loud so please don't listen at max volume. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
29/07/2028m 55s

Family Vloggers Exploited?

Today we talk about some things we've witnessed and our view on Family Vloggers. If you don't know theres a lot of controversy around the subject, not all family vloggers are bad its just bad people that give our community a bad name. Same with any another community theres always people out there doing things for the wrong reason. We share our life to you as if you're apart of the family. We've definenity made our share of mistakes, we love you guys. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
08/06/2026m 43s

One Year Anniversary Surprise RUINED. --- Support this podcast:
01/06/2023m 23s

Quarantine In Orlando Florida

Our first podcast since we've been on lock down in orlando florida. Jackson joins us but is shy. Let us know how your Quarantine days are going! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
26/04/2021m 50s

How We Met (12 Years Ago)

We wanted to give a little back story on how we met for anyone who hasn't heard the story before, I love thinking about the beginning. Makes me so excited for the future. And a little random embarrassing stories are in here as well LOL. Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
09/03/2022m 22s

We Answer Your Questions (Love life, YouTube, Budgeting)

Khoa and Keren ask the audience for topics to talk about. They write them down on a list and among them are, love life, starting YouTube, budgeting, a sustainable future and what they want to do after YouTube.  --- Support this podcast:
02/03/2027m 50s

Buying Our Dream Home

Keren and Khoa talk about the thought process buying their forever home, keren does a good deed and we talk about behind the scenes of being a "YouTuber"! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
26/02/2022m 41s

Drama On Our Wedding Day

We've been gone a bit and here's some reasons why. Aside from the fact that we were being a bit lazy.. listen about some drama on our wedding day and all about our honeymoon on todays episode as we try and catch you up on the past 6 months. Thanks to everyone who stuck around and continued to support bayts you guys are the best! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
11/01/2030m 2s

We Turned Down $20,000 Dollars.

Today we talk about the business side of YouTube. How you make money, monetize your content and brand deals. We talk about the time we turned down twenty thousand dollars. New episodes of BAYTS will now be  available on Tuesdays! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
21/05/1930m 13s

Dealing With CPS As A Youtuber

How people think it's okay to make false accusation reports to Child Protective Services on Youtubers and how I will be seeking legal action. We also bring light to how amazing being a YouTuber is, and how with any job there are its faults. Don't be scared away from being a Youtuber just yet, there's plenty more good than there is bad.  --- Support this podcast:
05/05/1930m 17s

Being Parents On Youtube

We talk about what its like being parents on youtube, the good the bad and the ugly. Keren brings you back to why she started it all and the downside to this lifestyle sometimes. Don't cry, we've done enough of that for everyone! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
28/04/1935m 8s

We Bought A $200,000 Car

We talk about why it's a dumb decision to buy this car, but it's even dumber to be mad about it.  --- Support this podcast:
22/04/1923m 21s
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