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It's An Important Conversation, I'm Glad We're Having It

Stugotz listens to ESPN Radio staffers Roy, Cliff, Shannon, and Terrika talk about the emotions they've felt over the past few weeks, months, and years when it comes to being black in America. They also discuss what it's like to deal with law enforcement, the extra steps they take in raising their children, and what white privilege actually is. It really is an important conversation and we're glad we had it. Now we hope that everyone listens.
06/06/201h 39m

Episode Sixty-Three

Golf trick shot artist Tania Tare joined Chris and Billy to talk about how she went from never playing golf until she was 12 in New Zealand to a viral sensation.
05/06/2036m 52s

Dr. Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

Sarah talks to Princeton professor Dr. Eddie S. Glaude Jr. about the country's response to the killing of George Floyd, the significant difference between passive and active support, and the lessons that can be learned from the #MeToo movement in the fight for racial equality. Plus, Sarah reads a prescient passage from Glennon Doyle's latest book Untamed.
03/06/2054m 50s

A Proposal, A Performance, And A Parade

Stugotz congratulates Dianna Russini on her recent engagement and then showers her with gifts to celebrate.
03/06/201h 9m

Can Baker Cook Again?

Mina talks to Andrew Siciliano of the NFL Network about the outlook for the Rams and Browns next season, the NFL coaches and ESPN personalities they'd want on their bar trivia teams, and what a typical day is like hosting the NFL RedZone channel.
03/06/201h 18m

Episode Sixty-Two

Chris Cote talks to ESPN's Chris Fallica aka The Bear, about horse racing, working on College GameDay, and of course, food.
03/06/2034m 20s

Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs is a critically-acclaimed rapper who recently released a brand-new collaborative album with The Alchemist entitled, "Alfredo" that is receiving much praise. Freddie chats with Dan about racial injustice, protests, his rise in Hip Hop, and being acquitted after being imprisoned in a foreign country. It's a fascinating conversation with one of Hip Hop's most respected contemporary artists.
02/06/2044m 19s

Episode Sixty-One

Six-Time Challenge Champ Johnny Bananas joins the pod to discuss "The Unholy Alliance" and reveal a short-lived secret alliance: "The Space Cowboys." The Crew also has an update on the "Bring Laurel Back" campaign and introduce The Jordan Wiseley Unofficial ESPN's #1 Challenge Podcast Statistician.
02/06/2055m 51s

Episode Sixty

Anthony Calatayud and Peter Rosenberg discuss some of the biggest names in hip-hop, what concerts will look like post-pandemic, his journey from Maryland to Hot97 and much more.
29/05/2048m 19s

The Shark

Stugotz talks to World Golf Hall of Famer and reputed businessman Greg Norman, The Shark, about his busy schedule, The Match Part II, and the three craziest things he's done in his life. Plus, athletes that connote an animal.
28/05/2039m 46s

Lane Change

Mina talks to Eagles tackle Lane Johnson about posing nude, what makes Carson Wentz special, and mental health awareness. Plus, Domonique Foxworth stops by to discuss the NFL's new measures aimed at improving diversity in coach and front-office hiring (24:45).
27/05/201h 3m

Episode Fifty-Nine

Sarah Spain is a sports media star and host of the popular LeBatardAF podcast "That's What She Said!"... But what is she like at home? Who is she married to? What does her spouse think of the mean tweets she occasionally gets? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Sarah and her husband Brad answer questions asked by our Reddit community on this episode!
27/05/2033m 17s

Liberty: Layshia Clarendon

Sarah talks to WNBA All-Star Layshia Clarendon about her oddly specific aspirations as a kid, the difficulty in coming out to her parents, why she's become such a vocal activist for LGBTQ rights, and her excitement about playing with #1 overall pick Sabrina Ionescu.
26/05/201h 0m

Episode Fifty-Eight

Jordan Wiseley, 3-time Challenge champ, joins ESPN's #1 Challenge Podcast this week to talk about his elimination vs. The Loch Fess Monster, explain his Challenge training regimen, break down some video and play a game of "What's the Deal with Nelson?"
25/05/2049m 54s

The Sounds and the Fury

Stugotz and Stanczyk rank the top 10 sounds in STUpodity history before talking to Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins, who quickly finds the way into Stu's good graces- complimenting him.
22/05/201h 9m

Episode Fifty-Seven

A tragic update on Tim Jerns. The disgraced former Southeast Tulsa College Strength and Conditioning Coach had blamed Dan for creating a national controversy by calling his questionable training program into question. In the weeks since, Tim Jerns had been sleeping at Red Lobsters and formed a menacing football team that was driving through all parts of the country in hopes of playing pickup games.
21/05/2020m 31s

Mini Pod: Jasmine Jordan

Sarah talks to Jasmine Jordan about what it was like to grow up with a famous father, what she thought about The Last Dance, and how MJ and her fiancé both needed some liquid courage before meeting one another.
21/05/2013m 11s


Mina and Nate Tice conduct a quarterback draft based on who they'd want for the next five years.
20/05/201h 17m

Episode Fifty-Six

Almost everyone has weighed in on ESPN's "The Last Dance." However, there is a specific demographic that has been largely ignored and unfairly dragged through the mud throughout the entire series... Charlie Kravitz and GQ's Clay Skipper speak up for the millennials.
20/05/2027m 55s


What up ya'll. NASCAR is back and I discuss what last week was like and going to Darlington on Sunday but sitting outside the track without fans. Plus, I get into my SEC feature on former athletes now working on the frontlines fighting against COVID-19 and The Last Dance finale
19/05/2039m 23s

Life is Good: John and Bert Jacobs

Sarah talks to John and Bert Jacobs about how they came up with their t-shirt brand Life is Good, how they reconnected on a cross country trip, how they've embraced the science on positive psychology, the differences between rational optimism and blind positivity, and the many super powers, as they call them, that fit their brand's ethos.
19/05/2039m 58s

Bob Costas Part II

Dan makes Bob Costas curse some more.
19/05/2037m 16s


Stugotz and Stanczyk rank the top 5 Fordham alums before talking to Mike Breen about calling the Malice at the Palace, why he'll fight anyone who says something bad about Bill Walton, and a quick game of Mark (Jackson), Jeff (Van Gundy), or Clyde (Frazier).
19/05/2058m 47s

Episode Fifty-Five

Challenge legend, Laurel Stucky, joins ESPN's #1 Challenge Podcast! Elizabeth, Billy, Charlie Kravitz and Charlie Hulme get Laurel's thoughts on last week's episode and find out what it's really like to be on The Challenge. The crew also tries to convince Laurel to book some of her friends on the show.
18/05/2051m 6s

Weekend Observations 9.0

The only way to follow up Tom Brady and Rory McIlroy was to bring in the Weekend Observations crew and an angry, bitter, jealous Mikey C. Plus, Stugotz' commencement speech for the Class of 2020.
15/05/2058m 54s

Episode Fifty-Four

Poop Sandwich! Bleacher Report's Jonathan Snowden wrote a spectacular book about Ken Shamrock titled "Shamrock: The World's Most Dangerous Man". This interview with Jonathan covers Ken Shamrock's professional wrestling career. It has to be heard to be believed. From sleeping with his on-camera sister to an incident with Triple H and a poop sandwich, you're going to be blown away by how crazy Ken Shamrock's life and wrestling career got.
15/05/2028m 26s

Stidham? I hardly know him!

Mina and Bill Barnwell discuss Stephen Jones' recent comments about the idea that paying your quarterback too much decreases your chance to win, the Patriots' decision to roll with Jarret Stidham at quarterback, and the trade rumors they'd most like to start if they could. Mina and Bill Barnwell discuss Stephen Jones' recent comments about the idea that paying your quarterback too much decreases your chance to win, the Patriots' decision to roll with Jarrett Stidham at quarterback, and the trade rumors they'd most like to start if they could.
13/05/201h 3m

Episode Fifty-Three

David Gilmore is a lobbyist for NexGen Meats. He says he's speaking for the little man that's being forgotten as the government issues bailouts to hard-hit industries. Listen and decide for yourself.
13/05/2016m 54s

The Hot Hand: Ben Cohen

Sarah talks to Ben Cohen of The Wall Street Journal about his book The Hot Hand, including the interesting reason why the creator of NBA Jam came up with "he's on fire," how we invent causes to explain patterns, the differences between the hot hand and flow state, how the best work of creators comes in bunches, and how The Princess Bride finally got made because of a creative hot hand.
12/05/2052m 16s

Bob Costas Part I

Dan makes Bob Costas cry and curse.
12/05/2036m 8s

The GOAT, #1, and Jimmy Dunne

Tom Brady (8:01). Rory McIlroy (20:08). Jimmy Dunne (44:21). STUpodity. Collision course.
12/05/201h 7m


What up ya'll. This week I chat with Rece Davis about what it was like working when all the college basketball conference tournaments were canceled and the craziness that is hosting GameDay. Plus, #DearSports and what it will be like when NASCAR returns this Sunday without any fans.
11/05/201h 10m

Episode Fifty-Two

The Challenge pod is back. Billy, Elizabeth, Kravitz and Hulme discuss the Zach and Jenna drama, the fallout from the Kailah and Bear hook up, a classic Josh blunder and being big timed by another Challenger.
11/05/2050m 30s

Bobby Wagner!

Mina talks to Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner about how he went from two star recruit to future Hall of Famer, what it was like the first time he commanded the huddle of the vaunted Seattle defense, how he negotiated his latest contract, the hardest QB in the league to defend, and his post football plans.
08/05/2035m 51s

Dream Team

Stugotz talks to a member of his media dream team- Maria Taylor- about her best Brent Musburger story, being fellow faculty members in Ernie Johnson's journalism school, her experience on College Gameday, what her dream job is, and tequila.
08/05/2050m 51s

Episode Fifty-One

On this episode of Mystery Crate, it's the return of Roylationships as Roy and his wife, Enide, discuss life under quarantine.
08/05/2023m 37s

Momentum? More like NOMENTUM

Mina talks to Ravens Manager of Player Evaluation and Analytics Corey Krawiec about big picture topics like why teams shouldn't draft for need, how views of running the football have evolved, the notion of momentum, and the things that we can't yet quantify.
06/05/2038m 26s

Episode Fifty

Tim Jerns still burns. After losing everything following his controversial first interview with Dan Le Batard, Tim Jerns is attempting to pick himself up by his bootstraps and make something of himself again.
06/05/2023m 55s

Big Z

Stugotz and Stanczyk compile a top 5 of athletes whose last names start with a Z before talking to Cody Zeller about trying to learn how to play the guitar, the time he accidentally big timed Michael Jordan, and who would be on the all-time Hornets team.
05/05/2049m 10s

How To Do Nothing: Jenny Odell

Sarah talks to artist, author, and educator Jenny Odell about cutting class in high school to look at ducks, why conceptual art isn't a stunt, recognizing art as an architect of attention, her book How to Do Nothing, and her fascination with internet ads.
05/05/2049m 54s

Episode Forty-Nine

Billy Gil, Charlie Kravitz and Charlie Hulme were very excited to surprise E-Liz with a mystery guest from The Challenge. Unfortunately the mystery guest cancelled. The crew also discussed Cory almost blowing himself up, the Kailah and Bear love story and whether or not Rogan killed Jay.
04/05/2044m 59s

It's Gotta Be The Shoes

What up ya'll. This week it's all about The Last Dance as I chat with Craig Ehlo about MJ's shot over him and why he doesn't mind talking about it and his reaction to the comments made by Ron Harper. Then, Derek Anderson joins me to talk about being one of the first five players to sign with Air Jordan and he gives his top five Air Jordan shoes. Plus, I give my Mount Rushmore of Jordan shoes and I have a surprise for Travis.
04/05/201h 27m

Weekend Observations 8.0

Stugotz, Mike Golic, Jr., and the Weekend Observations crew serve up another helping of hogwash, including a joint best man speech for Stanczyk that turns into a roast.
01/05/201h 10m

Episode Forty-Eight

Tampa slugger and friend of the show Andy Gango is a beloved fan favorite and one of the most colorful personalities in all of sports. Recently, his bizarre behavior on social media has left many confused. We reached out to Andy to see if he wanted to share what he was going through.
01/05/2030m 19s

Mini Pod: Carmen Electra

Sarah talks to Carmen Electra about her relationship with Dennis Rodman during the Bulls championship run in the '90s.
30/04/2015m 10s

The Royale, Captain

Stugotz talks to Brian Koppelman about his hit series Billions, the Royale, his all-time Knicks team, and his film Rounders. Plus, the Jets drafted a quarterback out of FIU, so Stugotz and Billy pepper him with questions.
30/04/201h 1m

Tyler Cameron

Sarah talks to football player turned model turned reality show contestant Tyler Cameron about his experience on The Bachelorette, his past and current relationship with Hannah Brown, his quarantine crew, meeting Jennifer Aniston at an awards show, dating Gigi Hadid, and his new role co-hosting Barkitecture on Quibi.
28/04/201h 2m

Love, Actually

Mina and Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus discuss the team drafts they liked the most, the Packers trading up for Jordan Love, the Eagles taking Jalen Hurts, and Jameis Winston landing in New Orleans.
28/04/2053m 22s

Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom has sold 40 million books worldwide. He is one of the country's most recognizable sportswriters. But his legacy might very well be defined by his amazing charitable work in Haiti.
28/04/2045m 21s

TJ Watt

What up y'all. Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro TJ Watt joins me this week to discuss what life is like at the Watt Compound under quarantine life. Plus, advice his dad gave him that he still uses to this day and what it's like being JJ Watt's little brother. I also get into The Last Dance and the newest addition to the Smith household.
27/04/2056m 42s

Episode Forty-Seven

Dr. Garva Yules, a respected algorithmic professor, runs a simulation on one of the most powerful supercomputers on the planet to tell us how the NBA season would have gone. Plus, Tim and Jeff Kurkjian discuss their love of baseball with Greg and Chris Cote.
24/04/2048m 18s

The Mural of Life

Stugotz has never done less work on a podcast. He simply gets out of the way and lets the real Bill Walton talk to the fake Bill Walton (Frank Caliendo). Plus, Frank sticks around to voice an NFL Draft spectacular.
23/04/2035m 52s

Ole Miss Head Coach Lane Kiffin

What up y'all. Lane Kiffin joins me and you will see him in a different light. Not only does he talk about Tua & Jalen, but also why he was the happiest at Tennessee. Why Saban is the best college football coach and Pete Carroll is the smartest coach he's been around. And, what if Reggie Bush went to Notre Dame
22/04/2038m 36s

Swin Cash

Sarah talks to Swin Cash about the dominant team she played for in college at UCONN, how the WNBA's marketing campaigns have changed over time, the exhausting fight to promote the women's game, her work as a broadcaster, and her new role in the front office for the New Orleans Pelicans.
21/04/2040m 7s

Love is a Battlefield

Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. perform their own virtual mock draft complete with the Wide Receiver Thunderdome, an explanation of "airport time," and the first round's three potential inflection points.
21/04/201h 15m

First Dance

Stugotz lists his top five rising stars at ESPN before talking to Laura Rutledge about going to Florida during the Tebow years, being named Miss Florida, and the movie-like way in which she met her husband. Plus, some bad Chewbacca impressions and a game of Either, Neither, or Both
21/04/2054m 39s

Stephen A. Smith

Dan talks to one of ESPN's most familiar faces, Stephen A. Smith, about his story coming up through adversity, key relationships in his life and much more.
21/04/2048m 0s

Episode Forty-Six

Billy Gil, Charlie Kravitz, Charlie Hulme and E-Liz to discuss cooking, The Challenge, doughnuts, Super Bowl 53 and more. The crew also tries to figure out a pitch to get Johnny Bananas to join the show, and they break down Fessy's college game tape.
20/04/2048m 34s

Rockets Owner Tilman Fertitta

What up y'all? Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta joins me to discuss how painful it was to furlough more than 40 thousand employees, playing NBA games without & what a championship would mean to him and more. Plus, I talk about trying to get Michael Jordan's autograph as a kid and being a complete fanboy when I met him a few years ago.
18/04/2048m 54s

Episode Forty-Five

The Return of Jerns! Tim Jerns joined the "Mystery Crate" two weeks ago to discuss his unconventional training methods at Southeast Tulsa College. Tim Jerns now alleges that Dan Le Batard ruined his life with that interview by taking him out of context. After some discussion, Jerns decided to return to the podcast and discuss the fallout from his controversial interview.
17/04/2022m 28s

Greeny, Are You Still There?

Mike Greenberg has nothing but time to answer any and all of Stugotz' questions about The Masters, covering the Bulls in the 90s, what the Jets should do in the NFL draft, and more.
16/04/201h 9m

Just the Tua Us

Mina and SB Nation's Spencer Hall discuss Tua vs. Herbert, Jerry Jeudy vs. CeeDee Lamb, which position Isaiah Simmons should play, and other NFL draft questions.
15/04/201h 3m

Initial Thoughts

Stugotz and Stanczyk talk to Portland Trailblazers guard C.J. McCollum about adopting a rescue puppy, what shows he's been watching on Netflix, the many ways in which he is annoying his fiancé, watching NBA players play video games against each other, his bachelor party plans, and who should be on the all-time Blazers team
15/04/2040m 0s

Sir Charles: Charles Barkley

Sarah talks to Charles Barkley about how he cried during his high school's graduation, what he learned from being cut from the 1984 Olympic team, how Moses Malone taught him to stop being fat and lazy, his fractured relationship with Michael Jordan, and his memories of playing against the Bulls of the 1990s.
14/04/2058m 5s

Whitmer Thomas

Whitmer Thomas wrote, directed and starred in one of the most creative and emotional HBO stand-up specials in recent memory. Whitmer joins Dan to share his process for this deeply personal special as well as the struggle he had producing it.
14/04/2052m 58s

American Filmmaker Ken Burns

What up y'all? This week I'm joined by documentarian Ken Burns as he discusses how at an early age he knew he wanted to be a filmmaker, what the process is like when making a documentary and more. Plus, we chat about his 8-part series on the history of country music
13/04/2048m 40s

Episode Forty-Four

Billy talks to Challenge historian Charlie Kravitz, aspiring Challenger Charlie Hulme and Love is Blind expert Elizabeth Fierman about reality competitions, pet raccoons and pregnancy pillows.
10/04/2045m 1s

Rate My Professor

Stugotz somehow weaseled his way into Ernie Johnson's online journalism school, so he checks in with EJ about his performance as a professor as well as the history of Inside the NBA. Plus, he asks the Emmy Award winning broadcaster to play a game of Shaq, Kenny, or Chuck.
09/04/201h 0m

A Fox Fix For Every Team

Mina and ESPN's Domonique Foxworth assess the areas of need for all 32 NFL teams with the draft just two weeks away.
08/04/201h 15m

The Stock Pitch

Stugotz and Stanczyk rank the top 5 all-time people with the name Ross before talking to Dodgers All-Star pitcher Ross Stripling about his secondary career as a stock broker, getting pulled from his major league debut with a no-hitter intact, and how Justin Turner stole Stugotz' idea about ending tie games with a HR Derby.
07/04/2054m 13s

The Art of Non-Conformity: Chris Guillebeau

Sarah talks with Chris Guillebeau about how he earned a Master's degree without completing high school, how he traveled to every country in the world by the age of 35, his New York Times best-selling books, as well as his new book The Money Tree.
07/04/2054m 11s

Cleveland's Myles Garrett

What up y'all? This week I chat with Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett about how he is spending his time at home during this pandemic, the new CBA and playing with guys like OBJ and Baker. Plus, I talk about being in a virtual beer pong tournament and taking my son driving for the first time
06/04/2050m 41s

30 for 30 COVID-19

Stugotz gives his all-time Phoenix Suns team, unveils a 30 for 30 trailer on the COVID-19 pandemic, and talks about two of his favorite things (lacrosse and business) with someone who is better at both: Paul Rabil.
03/04/2055m 27s

Episode Forty-Three

Tim Jerns sits down with Dan Le Batard to discuss his controversial strength and conditioning program at Southeast Tulsa College that has made national news with their seemingly involuntary workouts that press on despite 3/4 of the country being under stay-at-home orders.
03/04/2021m 40s

Bears, Lions, and Tiger Kings

Mina and Kevin Clark of The Ringer answer mailbag questions about things like Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, how the Giants will screw up the draft this year, and the Tiger King.
01/04/201h 17m

Weekend Observations 7.0 Quarantine Edition

Stugotz, Mike Golic, Jr., and the Weekend Observations crew get together for a video chat from their respective homes, which means that Mikey C can smoke throughout and playing a Smoke Break interview becomes a bit of a challenge.
31/03/2057m 33s

Block or Charge?: Rex Chapman

Sarah talks with former NBA player Rex Chapman about his Johnny Manziel-esque college career, his addiction to painkillers and the long road to recovery, and his new found fame as a social media star.
31/03/2057m 2s

Maya Moore

Maya Moore was one of best basketball players in the world. Then she quit to devote herself to something more meaningful.
31/03/2044m 1s

Mamba Mentality with Gerald McCoy

What up y'all? This week I'm joined by Dallas Cowboys' defensive lineman Gerald McCoy. We chat about why he signed with the Cowboys, who his top five quarterbacks of all time are, ranking MJ, Kobe & LeBron, what Kobe meant to him and his thoughts on Jameis Winston & Cam Newton.
30/03/2035m 50s

Poop Room

Stugotz chats with ESPN's Pablo Torre about the makings of his mashup video of Linkin Park's song "In the End" featuring a host of ESPN personalities, his foray into fatherhood, and what it's like living in NYC during the corona virus pandemic.
27/03/2044m 34s

Episode Forty-Two

The Shipping Container discusses what they're doing while being stuck at home, how much art they have on their walls, parenting in the age of electronics and more.
27/03/2042m 47s

Dream Weaver

Stugotz gives his all-time Utah Jazz team, talks to golfer Billy Horschel about his life on the PGA tour, and asks a priestess to analyze a dream.
26/03/2057m 3s

A League of Their Own: Rhea Butcher

Sarah talks with comedian Rhea Butcher about growing up loving baseball, finding their way into comedy, a brief stint as a skater, and deciding to use non-binary pronouns.
26/03/201h 15m

I Don't Give a Cam

Mina and ESPN's Bill Barnwell discuss Cam Newton being released, free agency winners and losers, and why Jameis Winston has yet to be signed.
25/03/201h 14m

That Ain't My Truck

What up y'all? This week country music singer/songwriter Rhett Akins joins me as he talks about some of his hits, moving to Nashville, playing football at Georgia and now watching his son sellout arenas. Plus, Travis and I catch up on what the last week has been like working at home.
24/03/2056m 15s

Shea Serrano

In a very short time, with no experience, Shea Serrano went from getting $15 an article to a best-selling author. Now he's giving away his money on the internet. His story is crazy. Here it is.
24/03/2045m 32s

Episode Forty-One

The Shipping Container gives you an update on how they're holding up in the age of social distancing.
20/03/2023m 4s

The Long and the Short of It

Stugotz discusses his quarantine routine and then talks to 2-time Super Bowl champ Chris Long about not texting someone back, running into a familiar face halfway around the world, and his foundation's charitable efforts in Africa. Plus, Stanczyk surreptitiously checks in on Stugotz's wife Abby to see how she's holding up with Stugotz in the house all day.
19/03/2048m 4s

TB going to TB, that answers the question

Mina and Steven Ruiz of USA Today discuss Tom Brady's fit in Tampa Bay, Teddy Bridgewater replacing Cam Newton in Carolina, the Bills trading for Stefon Diggs, and other free agent moves.
18/03/2051m 35s

Tom Glavine

We celebrate baseball by forcing Tom Glavine to tell us about the time Walt Weiss looked through his locker and found to his horror that Greg Maddux had wiped his ass with Weiss' shirt.
17/03/2043m 48s

Episode Forty

Holly Gibney, Ralph and El Cuco join the gang to review the season finale of the Outsider.
13/03/2041m 32s

Weekend Observations 6.0

Stugotz, Mike Golic, Jr., and the Weekend Observations crew reconvene for some more tomfoolery.
12/03/201h 5m

Deal or No Deal

Mina and ESPN's Ryan Clark discuss the pending CBA vote, what the Cowboys should do with Dak Prescott and Byron Jones, and how the teams with the most cap space should spend their money.
11/03/201h 13m

Community: Imran Khan and Jahmal Cole

In this super-sized pod, Sarah speaks with two leaders in the Chicago community who are trying to change the face of education and the ways we deal with poverty and crime affecting our young people.
10/03/201h 35m

King of Country

What up y'all? This week I discussed George Strait's amazing catalog of hits and what is his best song. But, I couldn't do this alone so I made some calls. You will hear from Chipper Jones, Phil Vassar, Wright Thompson, Randy Scott, Will Cain, Ryan McGee, Kash Daniel & Barry Odom among others as they give their favorite Strait song and why.
09/03/201h 16m

Episode Thirty-Nine

The Shipping Container discusses what game show they would want to be a part of and the jobs they would have if they weren't in radio. Plus, the penultimate installment of Bachelor With The Boys.
06/03/2044m 43s

Everywhere You Look, Everywhere You Go

Stugotz chats with Bob Saget about whether or not he'd get along with someone like Danny Tanner, the best television sitcom dads of all-time, and his relationships with Norm McDonald, John Stamos, and John Mayer. Plus, a game of Saget, Stamos, or Coulier and athletes or entertainers that connote bowling.
05/03/2050m 0s

Traders Gonna Trade

Mina and Gregg Rosenthal of the NFL Network discuss the 49ers' rumored interest in Tom Brady, the top 10 free agents (15:59), potential trade targets (55:02), and whether or not the Redskins should draft Tua with the 2nd overall pick.
04/03/201h 25m

Power Plays: Lindsay Gibbs

Sarah talks with Lindsay Gibbs about the historical fiction novel she wrote about survivors of the Titanic, her time working on America's Next Top Model, finding her ideal role at Think Progress, her new newsletter, and the lane she's carved covering women's sports and its coverage.
03/03/2057m 18s

John Tesh

John Tesh discusses fighting for his life, his storied career, creating the ultimate basketball anthem and his shocking beef with Bob Costas. In an effort to squash the beef, Dan only makes it worse. Pat Sajak also pops in.
03/03/2052m 0s

The Power of Sports

What up y'all? Matt Barrie joins me this week to discuss the power of high school sports, overcoming Bell's Palsy and how he got to ESPN. Plus, we talk about having fun at The Masters.
02/03/2050m 39s

Episode Thirty-Eight

The Shipping Container sets out to fix the NBA dunk contest with the CEO of Team Flight Brothers and NBA dunk coach Chuck Millan.
28/02/2038m 20s

Camp Counselor Weiner

What was Stugotz like as a camp counselor? One of his former campers will tell you. Plus, the top 10 Johns of all-time, the return of athletes/entertainers that connote, and a surprise appearance by Abby.
27/02/201h 4m

Born to be Wilder: Charlotte Wilder

Sarah talks with Charlotte Wilder about her Donna Martin Graduates moment, how teaching sailing lessons prepared her to work in a predominantly male industry, her path to Sports Illustrated, and the time she was almost run over by a pontoon boat.
25/02/201h 8m

John Amaechi On The Wades

Dan talks to John Amaechi about VERY SERIOUS THINGS ... and then, out of nowhere, the funniest, most stunning result in the history of Stump The Meech.
25/02/2046m 13s

More Football More Problems

Mina and Domonique Foxworth discuss how much the Cowboys should pay Dak Prescott as well as the ongoing labor negotiations, including the possibility of a 17th regular season game and two additional playoff games. Plus, the Pro Bowler Mina is continually surprised to learn is still in his 20s.
24/02/2054m 50s

The Cowboy In Me

What up y'all? I discuss meeting former LSU head coach Dale Brown and the letter he sent Shaq that he shared with me. Then, I get into music and what songs would be my biography.
24/02/2034m 13s

Episode Thirty-Seven

"Ya Never Know" searches for an important Greg Cote health update and Herculez Gomez previews the MLS season.
21/02/2044m 8s

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems

Stugotz talks to country music super star Kenny Chesney about his love of sports, who he'd most want to collaborate with, and the celebrity he was most star struck to see at one of his shows. Plus, a game of Chesney, Church, or McGraw.
20/02/2041m 44s

Surveying the QB...Field

Mina and Field Yates look at the offseason quarterback market and try to figure out the best fits for the Colts, Bears, Patriots, Chargers, Jaguars, and Panthers. Plus, Lenny's origin story and tales from Field's honeymoon.
18/02/201h 19m

Start by Believing: John Barr/Dan Murphy

Sarah talks with ESPN Investigative Reporters John Barr and Dan Murphy about their new book, Start By Believing, which chronicles the many red flags in the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal that were either missed or not reported.
18/02/2059m 13s

Jimmie Johnson

What up y'all? Seven time NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson joins me to discuss his retirement, insecurities, chasing his 8th title and more.
17/02/2036m 25s

Episode Thirty-Six

Miami Nightlife Legend "Purple" sits down with Billy and Allyson. Plus, Mike Golic Jr. drops by for another installment of "Bachelor with the Boys"
14/02/201h 7m

Stu's Your Daddy 2.0

There's no love lost as Greg and Chris Cote go up against Bob and Jon Weiner in another edition of Stu's Your Daddy, hosted by Hank Azaria.
13/02/2049m 5s

Without Regard- and hi: Amy Trask

Sarah talks with former NFL executive Amy Trask about her path from unpaid intern to CEO of the Raiders, how she reacted when an NFL owner asked her to get him a coffee, and the time she mistakenly thanked a media executive for their service.
11/02/2058m 48s

Breanna Stewart & Sarah Spain

What if I told you that being best in the world at sports wasn't valued in the United States the way it is abroad? Dan discusses with Breanna Stewart and Sarah Spain.
11/02/2040m 44s

Beers & Baseball

What up y'all? Two-time World Series champion Kevin Youkilis joins me this week. We chat about the Red Sox running out of beer in 2004 after winning the World Series, the unwritten rules of sign stealing and what it is like being Tom Brady's brother-in-law.
10/02/2035m 42s

Episode Thirty-Five

Allyson Turner gets annoyed with Billy Gil at the Super Bowl. Plus, Dan, Chris and Roy tour the Khan family mega yacht.
07/02/2044m 45s


STUpodity has made it a full year and instead of paying Stugotz for all of his hard work, ESPN gave him the chance to interview his idol.
06/02/2037m 48s

This *is* it, Chiefs

Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. discuss who should have been the MVP of Super Bowl LIV, whether or not Kyle Shanahan should be blamed for passing on that 2nd and 5, Shakira's oeuvre, and look back at their preseason predictions.
04/02/201h 3m

Paparazzo: James Ambler

Sarah talks with former paparazzi photog James Ambler about the time he got a ride from Angelina Jolie, how he almost fell into Anna Nicole Smith's grave, why he nearly came to blows with Jude Law, and how he ended up on Shark Tank and The Today Show.
04/02/201h 0m

Aaron Hernandez Docuseries

Long-time reporters Dan Wetzel and Izzy Gutierrez give you their perspectives on the acclaimed Netflix docuseries about New England Patriots mystery Aaron Hernandez.
04/02/2046m 27s

Man In The Mirror

What up y'all? Panthers' Cam Newton joins me this week to chat about his future in Carolina, his conversation with new head coach Matt Rhule, what he learned while injured and more
01/02/2025m 56s

The Mayor of Radio Row

Stugotz is in his personal heaven as he goes on a tour of radio row in Miami with a slew of ESPN affiliates to discuss the origins of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, his relatability, whether or not a host should name his child Stugotz, what kind of fart he would be, and what he has or hasn't agreed to with the city of Sioux Falls.
31/01/2041m 41s


On a tour of radio row in Miami Stugotz gets an exclusive with Saquon Barkley, a hug from a Hall of Famer, and interrupts a live TV Show (25:58). Plus, a spontaneous game of over/under with the truthsayer of our generation, what it would sound like if Tony Romo ordered a pizza, and a Super Bowl champ confirms that his teammates didn't pay attention to their captain (37:26).
31/01/2045m 43s

Episode Thirty-Four

Patrick Mahomes, Jimmy Garoppolo, Richard Sherman, Travis Kelce, Andy Reid, Frank Clark and Dustin Colquitt preview Sunday's Big Game.
31/01/2036m 13s

You Only LIV Once

Mina and Warren Sharp look ahead to the Super Bowl matchup between the Chiefs and 49ers. How important is play action for Kansas City? Will Richard Sherman be able to keep Tyreek Hill in check? Will Patrick Mahomes run the ball effectively? Can the 49ers run the ball all over San Francisco? And who's going to win?
28/01/2050m 43s

Golly: Chris Long

Sarah talks to 2-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long about the genius of Belichick, what he hopes for Tom Brady next season, why his Eagles Super Bowl team will always hold a special place in his heart, and the work he's doing in the name of social justice.
28/01/201h 6m

Kobe Bryant 1978-2020

There's a generation of journalists and fans who grew up alongside Kobe Bryant during his two decades in the NBA. Today, Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Jorge Sedano explain their personal connections to Kobe.
28/01/2042m 39s

Ramblin Man

What up y'all? This week Travis and I go on a tangent about Mikey C's smoking, Phil Vassar, the power of music, targeting, coach Calipari and more
25/01/2033m 36s

Episode Thirty-Three

When the whole world crashes around "The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz" thanks to a disastrous Super Bowl week, listeners can point to this episode as the beginning of the end. This episode is essentially a 40-minute cry for help. Please enjoy our Super Bowl preview!
24/01/2040m 49s


Stugotz asks Jorge Masvidal about a potential fight with Conor McGregor. Plus, where there's smoke there's fire and that's what ESPN's seldom used 49ers expert provides.
23/01/2049m 46s

The Red on Red Wedding

Mina and NFL.com's Dave Dameshek discuss Patrick Mahomes' greatness (7:45), what the Titans should do this off-season (26:07), the beauty of the 49ers offense (46:52), and why the Packers aren't a lock to bounce right back next season (1:01:11).
22/01/201h 13m

Miracle: Victoria Arlen

Sarah talks to Victoria Arlen about what it was like to be in vegetative state for four years, her remarkable recovery, winning a gold medal in the Paralympics, competing on Dancing With the Stars despite not having any feeling in her legs, working for ESPN, and being the face of Jockey.
21/01/2056m 58s

Jayson Williams

The life of former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams was filled with death...and then he went to jail for accidentally killing a man. This is his story.
21/01/201h 3m

Episode Thirty-Two

Mike corners AEW President Tony Khan and fires off as many wrestling questions he can. Plus, Billy tells us about "The Challenge" and Chris Cote debuts his new alter-ego, "Chip Flair".
17/01/2052m 50s

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

What up y'all? Former UK Linebacker Kash Daniel joins me and talk the incident he had with Kyle Trask and how he dealt with it afterwards. Plus, what he dealt with off the field that made his senior season so tough and the depression he's been dealing with since he was a kid
16/01/2057m 59s

Big Momma

Stugotz asks Mike Golic, Jr. what it was like to compete against the GOAT. Plus, major leaguer Derek Dietrich offers tanning tips, explains how he met his gold medal winning girlfriend, and weighs in on the Astros' cheating scandal.
16/01/2050m 5s

The Final Four is Loco

Mina and ESPN's Chris Sprow sulk in their beloved Seahawks loss (1:53) before looking ahead to the NFC Championship Game (9:57). Then, Mina chats with Mel Kiper, Jr. about the AFC Championship Game (40:39), what the Lions should do with the 3rd overall pick, and his pumpkin pie addiction (1:05:58).
15/01/201h 8m

Development: Scott Pioli

Sarah talks to NFL executive Scott Pioli about his relationship with Bill Belichick, marrying Bill Parcells' daughter, scouting and selecting Tom Brady, where he went wrong in Kansas City, and why advocating for diversity and inclusion is so personal for him.
14/01/201h 8m

Australian Fires

Dan suddenly develops a conscience and attempts to save the planet.
14/01/2029m 26s


Stugotz talks with SportsCenter anchor Neil Everett about going to concerts with Bill Walton, his path to ESPN, and what a typical day for him is like.
10/01/201h 4m

Episode Thirty-One

2020's star-studded first episode breaks down ABC's The Bachelor with Chris Cote, Anthony Calatayud and Mike Golic Jr. Plus, Mike Ryan, Stugotz and Izzy Gutierrez discuss the different stages of parenting.
10/01/2043m 47s

Joy! Divisional Round

Mina and USA Today's Steven Ruiz react to Wild Card Weekend before looking ahead to the Divisional Round: Texans-Chiefs (4:02), Vikings-49ers (14:44), Seahawks-Packers (34:16), and Titans-Ravens (44:04).
07/01/2059m 37s

Manifestation: Lizzi Cutler

Sarah talks to healing arts trainer Lizzi Cutler about her Karate Kid moment learning how to teach yoga in Japan, her experiences with psychic energy, teaching clients how to turn left and find their pivot points, and the importance of accountability in goal setting.
07/01/2059m 34s

Tony Khan

Dan tries to weasel his way onto the 7-story yacht of Jacksonville Jags owner...by going through his son, the president of All Elite Wrestling.
07/01/2045m 8s


What up y'all? McGee joined me this week to chat about Tua Tagovailoa going pro, Deshaun Watson's performance on Saturday, Dick Trickle, Randy Moss, Hillbilly Headlines & more
07/01/2031m 39s

New Year's Recommendations

Stugotz and Stanczyk show you how the STUpodity sausage is made. Without a plan of any kind, they churn out an episode thanks to fortuitous timing and two sensational guests.
03/01/2051m 33s

The Happiness Lab

Sarah speaks with Yale Professor Dr. Laurie Santos about how we are terrible at predicting what will make us happy, the global success of her course on happiness, finding bronze linings and other tips that can help make us happier.
31/12/191h 12m

The Wild Wild NFC West

Mina and Domonique Foxworth preview all four of the Wild Card Weekend matchups- Titans-Patriots (6:49), Seahawks-Eagles (17:06), Bills-Texans (33:52), and Vikings-Saints.
30/12/1958m 32s

Merry Listmas: Power Ranking The Playoffs

Mina and The Ringer's Danny Kelly give power rankings for playoff eligible teams, talk the best fan bases in the NFL and discuss group holiday pajamas.
24/12/191h 10m

A Festivus Miracle

Sarah and a handful of sports media personalities air their grievances for 2019. Then the year that was- the highs and the lows- in a poem, just because (25:39)
24/12/1934m 21s

Allyson Turner's Holiday Spectacular

Billy Gil and Allyson Turner are joined by a litany of special guests in Allyson's Holiday Spectacular!
20/12/1943m 47s

Weekend Observations Holiday Spectacular

Stugotz and the Weekend Observations crew- Mike Golic, Jr., Mikey A, Mikey C, and Stanczyk- gather around to spread some holiday cheer.
19/12/1952m 40s

The Kirk Store Called

Mina talks with Field Yates about underrated players and ideas in the NFL and then chats with Get Up producer Paul Hembekides about overrated players and concepts like Drew Brees and the Saints passing game and Aaron Rodgers (33:02).
18/12/191h 10m

Triumph: Robert Smigel

Sarah chats with comedian Robert Smigel about his favorite SNL sketches, the lasting legacy of the Superfans, and how one of his decisions sunk The Dana Carvey Show.
17/12/1959m 25s

Episode Willie Gault

What up y'all? McGee is back with me as we talk about Willie Gault, Mike Quick, Wham, The Power Station, McGee as a DJ, my accent, Hall & Oates, Mustaches, Was (Not Was), OJ Simpson being in the same state as his Heisman, McGee getting a parking ticket, Marty & McGee After Dark, Bojangles, Joe Burrow, Justin Fields & More
17/12/1957m 55s

Michael Schur Part 2

Dan talks to friend of the show and Hollywood TV innovator Michael Schur about the domination of Netflix in the entertainment landscape.
17/12/1946m 15s

Episode Twenty-Nine

On this car-centric episode of the Mystery Crate, the Shipping Container discuss some pet peeves when it comes to driving on South Beach. Plus, Greg and Chris Cote head to the racetrack on a high speed 'Ya Never Know'.
13/12/1934m 48s

Coffee Is For Closers

Stugotz finally speaks with the person whose name he's said the most in 2019. Plus, Adam Schefter recounts the time an NBA star accosted him in Miami as well as his recent bout with kidney stones.
12/12/1948m 49s

Solving The World's Problems

What up y'all? This week I'm joined by my brother Ryan McGee and we talk about Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields, Sean Payton at Whole Foods, Sam Pittman calling the hogs, Myrtle Beach Bowl, Dolly Parton's Pirate Show, 9 finger bandit, Cheez-Its, favorite snacks and Peloton
11/12/191h 17m


Mina and Domonique Foxworth discuss the Patriots latest camera controversy before looking ahead to Texans-Titans and Rams-Cowboys. Plus, how many members of the 2013 Seahawks will make it to the Hall of Fame?
11/12/1956m 20s

The Man: Becky Lynch

Sarah chats with WWE super star Becky Lynch about how she failed P.E. class, how she got into wrestling and eventually took a 6-year break, why she once cried in a grocery store, and what led to her adopting the moniker, "The Man."
10/12/1944m 27s

Episode Twenty-Eight

The Shipping Container and Greg Cote talk some ship with Anthony's bachelor party cruise a week away. Plus, the triumphant return of Naked Chris.
06/12/1956m 25s

Life is Magic

Stugotz talks to 2-time Pro Bowl long snapper Jon Dorenbos about reconciling with his father 27 years after he killed his mother, performing magic on America's Got Talent, how his football career ended with open-heart surgery, and getting a Super Bowl ring from a team that traded him a year earlier.
05/12/1946m 49s

The Bills Are Due

Mina and Charles McDonald of the New York Daily News discuss the Panthers' firing of Ron Rivera as well as the future of the Giants. Plus, they look ahead to Ravens-Bills and Titans-Raiders.
04/12/191h 13m

Faces In The Crowd

What up y'all? This week I'm joined by Alabama legend and 2005 NFL MVP Shaun Alexander as we talk about his career on and off the field. Plus, Travis had the plague and we chat about Justin Fields and Joe Burreaux
03/12/1951m 15s

Frozen: Kristen Anderson-Lopez

Sarah chats with the Oscar and Grammy award-winning lyricist Kristen Anderson-Lopez about the pressure of writing the songs for Frozen II, how she wrote a song while ice-skating, and what she likes to call e-pee-phanies.
03/12/191h 8m

John Amaechi

Dan talks to one of the brightest minds he has ever encountered inside or outside of sports.
03/12/1949m 6s

Mini Pod: SNL's Beck Bennett

Sarah chats with SNL's Beck Bennett about what it's like when former cast members like Will Ferrell come back to the show, who he would most want to host, and the time he met someone he's impersonated.
27/11/1911m 57s

Thanks, But No Thanks

Stugotz runs through ten of the presumably countless opportunities he's thankful to have been presented with, yet failed to show up for.
27/11/1934m 25s

Lenny Thanksgiving Spectacular

Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. discuss Lamar Jackson's brilliance (2:08) and field mailbag questions from fans, friends, and family members (7:50). Plus, Lenny is unleashed and back behind the microphone (54:24).
27/11/1956m 33s

Focus: Cal Newport

Sarah talks to author and Georgetown professor Cal Newport about how social media companies have hacked our brains to get us to continually use their products, how the American workforce struggles with unbroken concentration, the constant companion model, and ways to digitally declutter.
26/11/191h 10m

Episode Twenty-Seven

Mike Golic Jr. makes his "Mystery Crate" debut to show the shipping container how to step up their kick game.
22/11/1955m 11s

The Big Show

Stugotz and Dan Patrick discuss Dan Le Batard's wedding and the glory days of ESPN.
21/11/1953m 10s

The Next Last American Hero

What up y'all? This week I'm joined by arguably the greatest bullrider ever, J.B Mauney as we chat about his career that's had massive success and a laundry list of injuries. Then, a video went viral the other week with me and reporter Jack Patterson and I finally got to chat with him about this and what we can learn from this (44:00).
21/11/191h 18m

Baltimore RAVIN'

Mina and Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders discuss whether or not a series of statements are real like: The Ravens are the best team in the NFL (3:59), We were wrong about Kliff Kingsbury (17:28), and Russell Wilson is the MVP (36:33).
20/11/1953m 22s

Empathy: Jamil Zaki

Sarah talks to Stanford psychology professor Jamil Zaki about how empathy is in short supply these days, his Roddenberry Hypothesis, and what Manchester United fans taught us about tribalism.
19/11/1956m 18s

Carl Hiaasen

Over a long and respected career no one has captured the absurd essence of Florida in their writing quite like Carl Hiaasen. With over 20 novels and several awards to his name, Carl has tried his best to salvage the Miami Herald's reputation after Greg Cote and Dan Le Batard tainted it with their work on radio.
19/11/1941m 55s

Episode Twenty-Six

Toni Collins makes her return to the Mystery Crate. Plus, "Ya Never Know" is back by popular demand!
15/11/1938m 31s

Wedding Week

Stugotz delivers his best man speech for Dan Le Batard (8:03) and then talks about the upcoming nuptials with the officiant, Pablo Torre (20:17).
14/11/1940m 5s

Summer of Cam

Mina and Jacson Bevens of FieldGulls.com discuss the Seahawks' win over the 49ers on Monday (3:23) before evaluating how teams like the Panthers (18:41), Bears (26:52), Broncos, Bengals, Dolphins, Jaguars, and Chargers (1:04:15) should handle their QB situations.
13/11/191h 15m

A High Threshold for Boredom: Steve Rushin

Sarah talks to writer Steve Rushin about the curious way he met his wife, landing his dream job at age 25, getting a pair of pants thrown at him by a baseball manager, and the evolving landscape of journalism.
12/11/191h 13m

All American

National Champion. Bronze Star Recipient. Father of Digital Art & Computer Animation. That is what this week's guest, Charles Csuri has accomplished in his life and I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to him about all this in what was one of the most fulfilling things I've done in my career and hope you enjoy it
11/11/191h 4m

Tomorrow's Team

What up y'all? I've been to Baton Rouge, Orlando, Columbus, back to Baton Rouge and now in Tuscaloosa. I've been covering LSU all week but went to Orlando to give a 4 year scholarship to one student from the proceeds of my book. Then went to Columbus to do a piece on a WW2 hero in what has been one of the most fulfilling weeks of my life. And now I'm in T-Town for the Game of the Century 2.0

Episode Twenty-Five

Nick Kostos has been described as a "high-energy gambling personality"... Naturally, Billy is worried about him. Nick brings his disdain for Pat Shurmur and his passion for Yeezy's over to the Mystery Crate and delivers a scorching hot Michael Jordan take.
08/11/1939m 37s

Class Action Park

What if I told you that from 1978 to 1996 there was a waterpark that regularly killed patrons, but had the survivors longing to come back. That on its opening day over 100 swimmers were saved from the wave pool. That the wave pool was often referred to as the grave pool. That employees were described as under aged, undertrained, and often, under the influence. That ride designers may have had insufficient training in physics and engineering. That a successful day at Action Park wasn't measured in fun. It was measured in survival.
07/11/1946m 56s

Breaking 2 Electric Boogerloo

Mina and ESPN's Booger McFarland discuss the black cat that interrupted MNF and then preview Seahawks-49ers (2:56), Lions-Bears (24:23), and Vikings-Cowboys (36:39).
06/11/1957m 9s

Natitude: Lindsay Czarniak and Reese Waters

Sarah talks with Lindsay Czarniak about covering the Nationals' World Series run, working with George Michael, and her time at ESPN. Plus, she catches up with Reese Waters, who discusses the vibe in DC after the Nats win and tells great stories about interviewing comedians like Jon Stewart and Tiffany Haddish.
05/11/191h 17m

Episode Twenty-Four

This was supposed to be a heartfelt "South Beach Session" about a 30-year-friendship and the importance of having a mentor. However, Greg Cote was incapable of introspection so it devolved into something else.
01/11/1944m 51s


Stugotz talks to a witch (37:02) as well as the ESPN personality who cares the most about Halloween (6:59).
31/10/1949m 59s

Foxworth Power Index

Mina and ESPN's Domonique Foxworth look at the top ten teams in the NFL per ESPN's Football Power Index and discuss their weaknesses.
30/10/1958m 19s

Image and Likeness

Sarah discusses California's Fair Pay to Play Act with ESPN's Jay Bilas, sports economist Andy Schwarz, and state senator Nancy Skinner.
29/10/1948m 32s

Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac has garnered critical acclaim for his work with HBO and the Daily Show. He's one of the smartest comedians going and in this episode he joins one of the chubbiest journalists growing.
29/10/1935m 3s

I'm Gonna Be Somebody

What up y'all? I went down to the Grand Ole Opry to interview country music icon Travis Tritt and it filled up my tank and hope you enjoy it.
28/10/191h 8m

Episode Twenty-Three

SportCenter's Toni Collins makes her Mystery Crate debut. Plus, Greg Cote flashes how hip he is to contemporary music.
25/10/1950m 51s

Seeing Ghosts

Despite multiple titles for Boston area teams since 2001 The Ringer's Bill Simmons still has demons in his attic so Stugotz talks to him about Sam Darnold seeing ghosts and then looks ahead to the NBA season, even though it's already started.
24/10/1956m 37s

Philly Not So Special

Mina and ESPN's Field Yates react to a flurry of NFL trades and look ahead to Panthers-49ers (9:30), Eagles-Bills (32:59), and Bucs-Titans (49:46).
23/10/191h 5m

Place: Wright Thompson

Sarah talks to ESPN's Wright Thompson about finding his footing as a writer, the importance of the writer-editor relationship, why he always tries to "send the elevator back down," why place seems to be a recurring theme in his writing, and why empathy is the most important quality for a writer to have.
22/10/191h 2m

Old No. 7

What up y'all? This week I chat with Jack Daniel's Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett. Plus I talk about Stark Vegas, Tailgating, Joe Moorhead, SEC West, Big Ten East, Darth Vader, Cowbells, TSA, Ice Cubs, Candles, Diffusing Oils and more
21/10/191h 12m

Episode Twenty-Two

Dion Waiters chats with Allyson, Billy and Chris. Plus, The Cote's debate with the rest of the crew over what makes Italian Food so great.
18/10/1940m 23s

Adult Playground

Stugotz wanders around the halls of ESPN's campus in Bristol and talks to anyone he can find.
17/10/1938m 1s

Another Marty Tangent

What up y'all? This week we get into Georgia's big loss and meeting Goldberg, the statement made by LSU and other college football storylines. Plus, I had to be good on Friday night but got after it on Saturday. And we talk Stagecoach and Travis has some homework to do
16/10/1956m 9s

QB Tiers for Fears

Mina and Adam Lefkoe from Bleacher Report rank the NFL quarterbacks in tiers: 1. God level 2. Pretty, pretty good 3. I mean, sure 4. Thinking emoji 5. Scooby Doo.
16/10/191h 30m

Happier: Gretchen Rubin

Sarah talks with NY Times Best-Selling author Gretchen Rubin about why she decided to research happiness, why rewards are not good for habit changing, the difficulty in manufacturing a lightning bolt habit change, and how your personality affects your ability to change your behavior.
15/10/191h 2m

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is one of the great intellectuals of our time. In his latest book, he aims to shine a light on what divides us. This thought-provoking interview is worth your time.
15/10/1940m 38s

Episode Twenty-One

The Miami Heat's Tyler Herro talks drip with Chris and Billy. Plus, The Ringer's Kevin Clark joins The Shipping Container for some hard-hitting football conversation that predictably devolves into something other than that.
11/10/1955m 11s

The Atonement Burger

Stugotz atones for his sins of the past year. Plus, with Dan Le Batard on his honeymoon Stugotz tries to see if he still has chemistry with his fallback plan, who is, coincidentally, another overweight bloviator.
10/10/1941m 17s

Shana-stans Unite

Mina and Steven Ruiz of USA Today discuss whether or not the 49ers are for real, who deserves the most blame for the Browns 2-3 start (35:22), Texans-Chiefs (51:18), and the moment in their lives they'd like to relive.
09/10/191h 11m

Old Me & Captain Corona

What up y'all. My boy McGee and I chat about being at the same renaissance festival, except we had no idea. Plus, once again I injured by myself and McGee thinks my age is catching up to me. And, Travis was in heaven this weekend.
08/10/191h 1m

Man in Blazer: Roger Bennett

Sarah talks with Roger Bennett of Men in Blazers about how being an Everton fan has shaped his outlook on life, how his American pen pal made him fall in love with the Chicago White Sox, how not being able to watch the World Cup Final led to meeting his professional partner, and why becoming a US citizen was one of the best days of his life.
08/10/191h 7m

Jason Mewes

As Jay and Silent Bob return, Dan talks to Jay (Jason Mewes) about the time he put out the fire on his couch with a bucket of his own urine.
08/10/1930m 55s

Episode Twenty

Heat Players Kelly Olynyk and Derrick Jones Jr. speak to Billy and Chris at Miami Heat Media Day. Plus, an all-new edition of "Ya Never Know" in which the gang tries to get to the bottom of some of Greg Cote's idiosyncrasies.
04/10/1940m 42s

Stu Stoops to New Lows

Stugotz ranks his Top 10 best friends at ESPN, tries to talk his way on to Always Late with Katie Nolan, and asks Bob Stoops what he'd say if Antonio Brown wanted to play for his XFL team.
03/10/1955m 15s

Victory Lane

What up y'all. McGee joins the show to chat about our crazy weekend. Which started with SEC Nation, talking about Justin Bieber haircuts and our exit strategy. Then we went to the Roval 400 with the ESPY Auction Winners and had a few pops as they watched their favorite driver win the race and then got to meet him
02/10/1948m 49s

I love you and I Minshew

Mina and ESPN's Cam Wolfe discuss how Teddy Bridgewater's name adds to his likeability, the Packers-Cowboys game, Minshew Mania (22:28), the Dolphins tank (39:32), and the Mina Bowl (1:01:26).
02/10/191h 8m

Drive: Jeff Passan

Sarah talks with ESPN's Jeff Passan about focusing on his career on the first day of college, being rejected by a girl because of something he had written, how he has embraced the role of "transaction monkey," and the debut of his Elmo impression on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.
01/10/191h 15m

Mike Leach

Dan asks eccentric Washington State football coach Mike Leach if he has ever seen a ghost.
01/10/1930m 21s

Episode Nineteen

It's the much anticipated return of _______ ______'s Fantasy ______. Plus, the unveiling of a brand new segment called _____' ___ with Chris, Roy and special guest ____ ____.
27/09/1946m 11s

The Dimes Times

Mina and Mike Golic Jr. relive the reason for the delayed posting of this podcast. Plus, they discuss Daniel Jones' debut as the Giants starter (4:46), why the Redskins should turn to Dwayne Haskins (15:09), and look ahead to Vikings-Bears (31:07) and Patriots-Bills (43:10).
26/09/191h 3m

Weekend Observations 4.0

Stugotz, Mike Golic, Jr., and the rest of the Weekend Observations crew gets together for some more poppycock.
26/09/1956m 45s

Should've Been A Cowboy

What up y'all? This week I decided to have a brew master on to talk about one of my favorite things...canned beer. Plus, why I won't be joining the rodeo any time soon
25/09/1951m 25s

Danica Patrick

Dan talks to racing pioneer Danica Patrick about doubt, growth and their mutual love interest ... Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers.
24/09/1932m 21s

Trick Mirror: Jia Tolentino

Sarah talks with Jia Tolentino, a culture critic at The New Yorker, about growing up in a megachurch, doing a reality show when she was 16, writing about issues without offering solutions, and her concerns about the impact of the internet and social media.
24/09/191h 6m

Episode Eighteen

Tanking is becoming more of an issue in American sports. This week, _____ ______ & _____ __________ join Mike to have a roundtable discussion on some potential creative and practical tanking solutions for each major sport.
20/09/191h 4m

Pull Up

Stugotz talks to Blazers guard C.J. McCollum about his contract extension, Team USA's disappointing performance at the FIBA World Cup, and his favorite and least favorite NBA cities. Plus, fast food tips in frugality from Guillermo.
19/09/1953m 12s

The Best of the Best

What up y'all? This week I chat about hanging out with the Green Berets and the impact it had on me. Plus, I talk cold brew coffee, beer and country music
18/09/1941m 33s

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Mina and ESPN Rams reporter Lindsey Thiry discuss the injuries to Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers trading for Minkah Fitzpatrick, Jalen Ramsey demanding a trade, the best three teams in the NFC, Mina's fascination with a third string quarterback, and "normies."
18/09/191h 15m

Professor of Happiness: Laurie Santos

Sarah talks with Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos about her work with dogs and monkeys, her wildly popular course on happiness, the G.I. Joe Fallacy and other ways our minds trick us.
17/09/191h 11m

Episode Thirty-Three: Rich Eisen

Before he was the face of the NFL Network, Rich Eisen was one of the foundational pieces that helped build SportsCenter into a juggernaut. He joins Dan to discuss his terrific career in broadcasting.
17/09/1946m 21s

Episode Seventeen

We celebrate ____ _____'s birthday by giving you an episode with a heavy dose of ____! Dan and Stu join in on the fun! Plus, an interesting interview with a ___ ___.
13/09/1944m 29s

A Magician and a TV Wizard

Stugotz talks with NFL Red Zone host Andrew Siciliano about the success of the show, his Sunday routine, and his appearance on the game show The Weakest Link. Plus, Stugotz interviews a magician.
12/09/1959m 2s

Kliff Notes

Mina and Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network discuss the Week 1 success of Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson, the battle for supremacy in the NFC North, whether or not the Jets-Browns game is a must win, and the fast food restaurant they'd eat at for the rest of their lives if they could only eat at one.
11/09/191h 0m

Bloody Marys, Pizza & SEC Nation

What up y'all? This week we chat about Bloody Marys, pizza, my debut hosting SEC and the good and bad from week 2. Plus, well done by Tennessee fans helping out a kid.
11/09/1925m 59s

True Life: Ryan Harris

Sarah talks with Super Bowl champion offensive lineman Ryan Harris about being on an MTV reality show in high school, converting to Islam, and his career in the NFL.
10/09/191h 2m

Episode Thirty-Two: Kenny Mayne

Dan talks to quirky SportsCenter legend Kenny Mayne, and says this is the funniest thing you'll hear today.
10/09/1948m 34s

Stitches, Goat Yoga & Football

OU assistant coach Shane Beamer joins the show to explain why he needed stitches during their game against Houston. Plus, I chat about doing goat yoga on SEC Nation.
05/09/1940m 0s

The Mort Report

Stugotz talks with Chris Mortensen about their decade long friendship, his career as a writer growing up in LA, his relationship with Adam Schefter, the story of his career that involves the mafia, and his battle with cancer.
05/09/1956m 7s

Houston, We have a...Trade

Mina and Kevin Clark of The Ringer discuss the Texans trading away Jadeveon Clowney and for Laremy Tunsil (2:11), the sliding doors moment of 2019 (3:53), the merits of French onion soup (41:20), and look ahead to two of the best matchups in Week 1 (45:21)
04/09/191h 25m

Life On The Line: Ryan O'Callaghan

Sarah talks with former NFL offensive lineman Ryan O'Callaghan about the stress of being a closeted gay man in the NFL, his struggles with opioids, planning to take his own life, and the sudden end to his friendship with Aaron Rodgers.
03/09/191h 2m

Episode Sixteen

____ _________ and Chris Cote obsess over the ____ sensation that's taken the country by storm. Plus, a #LOUR beef goes next level and ___ makes a special appearance.
30/08/1941m 14s

Bear Down

Stugotz talks with College Gameday's Chris Fallica about how he became known as "The Bear," how he fell in love with gambling at an early age, and what it was like dealing with Dan Le Batard in college at the University of Miami. Plus, a game of Rece, Herbie, or Des.
29/08/1956m 57s

Good Luck and Godspeed

Mina and Bill Barnwell discuss Russell Wilson responding to Mina on Twitter (0:45), the impact of Andrew Luck's retirement (3:33), an updated assessment of Daniel Jones (42:49), and which classic novels best describe NFL teams (30:38).
28/08/191h 22m

Open Bar

This week I chat about wedding receptions, open bars and DJ's. Plus, Florida had an ugly game against Miami but they won and you'll hear my full sit down with Feleipe Franks.
27/08/1953m 58s

Authenticity in the Booth: Mina Kimes

Sarah talks with Mina Kimes about calling Rams preseason games, why she almost turned down the opportunity, how her preparation included reading an entire book unnecessarily, her spreadsheets for each NFL team, and how she's finding her voice as a broadcaster.
27/08/1953m 6s

Episode Thirty-One: Demario Davis

Saints linebacker Demario Davis is smart and kind. He bought American freedom for a total stranger. You should listen to him.
27/08/1938m 0s

Le Batard & Friends Football Preview

An All-Star lineup featuring all the players in the "Le Batard & Friends" family preview the upcoming football season!
23/08/191h 14m

Stugotz' America

Which of Stugotz' phrases will Mina Kimes use in her next NFL broadcast, what's the best piece of advice Marty Smith has ever received, and who is Stugotz' hall pass?
22/08/191h 13m

Football Women: Jane Skinner Goodell

Sarah talks with Jane Skinner Goodell about growing up in Chicago, her career as a news reporter, why her father cried when Roger asked for her hand in marriage, and her new documentary A Lifetime of Sundays about the four iconic female owners of NFL teams.
22/08/1941m 41s

That's a Clowney Question, Bro

Mina and Gregg Rosenthal of the NFL Network discuss persons of interest like Jadeveon Clowney (10:16), Derwin James (18:04), Josh Gordon (24:03), Lamar Jackson (43:48), and Deshaun Watson (57:45). Plus, Mina's recall of network television procedurals (4:01), the NFL player she had a dream about (44:39), and a major show announcement (1:04:33).
21/08/191h 14m

College Football Is Back

College Football is here and I talk about my trip to UF where I interviewed Feleipe Franks. Plus, I chat about the show Jalen Hurts is going to put on in the Big 12
20/08/1938m 13s

Working Mom: Ramona Shelburne

Sarah talks with Ramona Shelburne about how motherhood has impacted her career as a reporter, what it was like covering the Lakers' turbulent off-season, and her new project about the Donald Sterling saga with the Los Angeles Clippers.
20/08/1953m 52s

Episode Thirty: Jidenna

He overcame an attempted kidnapping in his youth, graduated from Stanford and collaborated with Janelle Monae. Grammy-nominated Hip-Hop artist, Jidenna shares the experiences that molded him as an artist.
20/08/1937m 40s

Episode Fifteen

The ______ Party makes its Mystery Crate debut with a look at what's arguably the best rivalry in sports. Plus, Stugotz and Greg Cote join in on the _______ ________ fun!
16/08/1958m 14s

Stu's Your Daddy

Which father-son duo knows each other better- Stugotz and his dad or Phil and Chris Simms?
15/08/1942m 20s

Preseason SZN

Mina and Domonique Foxworth play a modified version of Buy or Sell based on preseason headlines. Plus, the moment Mina outsmarted her 4th grade teacher (10:31), Lenny's origin story (39:55), and which NFL QB would win The Bachelorette?
13/08/191h 6m

Lasting Impression: Frank Caliendo

Sarah talks with comedian Frank Caliendo about how his first stage was on the baseball diamond, how he hurt his back tying his shoes, what he learned in an acting class, how he's trying to change his routine, and an embarrassing moment with a celebrity.
13/08/191h 20m

40 Hour Week

I chat about WVU's football team visiting a coal mine and the impact that has on the players and the entire state. Plus, Ryan McGee & I chatted with some SEC players.
13/08/1936m 43s

Episode Fourteen

Chris, Mike, ____ & _____ ________ get you pumped for the ___________ ______ season! Plus, the _________ lost tapes!
09/08/1948m 4s

Weekend Observations 3.0

The Weekend Observations crew reconvenes for another round of malarkey.
08/08/191h 13m

Episode Twenty-Eight: Brian Windhorst

Did you know Brian Windhorst was in a coma for three weeks? We ask him about that... and LeBron.
07/08/1952m 32s

KC and GoJo

Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. draft every NFL team in a game Mina created on a whim (3:04) including a realistic homer take and the team most likely to draft Tua. Plus, Hall of Fame game takes, an idea for a TV show about a dog (47:26), and the Disney duo that they are most like (1:09:51).
07/08/191h 15m

Episode Twenty-Nine: Alejandro Bedoya

Dan talks to United States soccer player Alejandro Bedoya about why he felt so helpless about gun violence in America that he had to run to the nearest microphone on the field and scream.
07/08/1935m 5s

Sports, Family & The American Soul

My book Never Settle is out and I chat about a few things from it. Plus, what I learned while visiting Clemson last weekend and what team you should not sleep on
07/08/1930m 46s

Leadership: Muffet McGraw

Sarah talks to Notre Dame women's basketball coach Muffet McGraw about how she got her nickname, the best and worst parts about being at the same place for 30+ years, her press conference answer that went viral, and her rivalry with Geno Auriemma and UCONN.
06/08/191h 8m

Episode Twenty-Eight: Brian Windhorst

Did you know Brian Windhorst was in a coma for three weeks? We ask him about that... and LeBron.
06/08/1952m 26s

Episode Thirteen

The Cote's interview ___ _____ about his journey and passion for our radio show. Also, Billy, Allyson, Roy and ______ _______ enter "THE _____ZONE!"
02/08/191h 3m

Déja Stu: Russini and Gase

Stugotz explains why he likes lakes, what he's a snob about, and why he lies about his age (1:54). Then he picks a bone with Dianna Russini (16:48) before presenting Jets HC Adam Gase with another t-shirt idea (36:05).
01/08/191h 0m

Pump Up the Sam

Mina and Warren Sharp examine the AFC East and discuss how the Jets (7:01), Bills (19:41), Patriots (43:31), and Dolphins (53:10) will fare this season. Plus, dark horse picks to win each conference and Mina makes a startling admission about a movie (1:08:28).
31/07/191h 15m

Trailblazer: Beth Mowins

Sarah talks to ESPN play-by-play announcer Beth Mowins about knowing what she wanted to do from an early age, how playing point guard has helped her in her career, finding her voice, the choreographed dance that every broadcast is, and how she deals with critics.
30/07/1958m 28s

Episode Twenty-Seven: Jim DeRogatis

Jim DeRogatis has investigated all of the accusations made against singer R. Kelly and has authored a book that goes into horrific detail. He joins "South Beach Sessions" and explains how one of R&B's biggest-ever hitmakers found himself facing a lifetime in prison.
30/07/1951m 56s

Late Nights & Longnecks

Country Singer/Songwriter Justin Moore chats about why his new album is the most authentic album he's put out and why it speaks to who he is.
30/07/1953m 12s

The Brow: Anthony Davis

Sarah talks to Lakers forward Anthony Davis about growing up in Chicago, the most scared he's ever been, whether or not he's been in a fist fight, and something his future spouse better be ok with.
29/07/196m 38s

Episode Twelve

It's a ___ centric episode of Mystery Crate! He's known as the Shipping Container's "Man of Mystery" and this week, along with his ____, _____, provide a rare glimpse into his private life.
26/07/1944m 11s

The Big Fish

In the wake of Dan Stanczyk's firing, the Shipping Container guest produces this week's episode of "Stupodity". Stugotz tries to book the single biggest get in sports... Will he succeed? Or will he just end up mailing another episode in?
25/07/1941m 17s

Position U

Who is the real DB U? College football is almost here and Travis and I chat about which schools produce the most talent at each position.
25/07/1940m 29s

Lenny Takes Seattle

Mina and The Ringer's Danny Kelly review the offseason in the NFC West and discuss how the Cardinals, Rams, 49ers, and Seahawks will do this season. Plus, Seahawks LB K.J. Wright drops by to discuss the Russell Wilson contract announcement, a crazy Pete Carroll story, and the moment he knew he'd make it to the NFL.
23/07/191h 21m

Episode Twenty-Six: John Urschel

Dan talks math with a smart and unusual giant.
23/07/1937m 25s

Fight On: Jake Olson

Sarah talks to former USC long snapper Jake Olson about his cancer diagnosis which led to him going blind, deciding to continuing playing sports, the nerves involved with his snap at USC, and the time he tricked a friend with a fake eye ball.
23/07/191h 0m

Episode Eleven

It's a Mina Kimes Mystery Crate Spectacular! Mina joins ___ & _____ to discuss the sensational ___ Little ____ and _____ occupies her time with hot ___________ takes!
19/07/1932m 54s

The Female Stugotz

Stugotz talks to Dianna Russini about her weird relationship with Mina Kimes, the time she threw a trash can at her high school coach, and what it was like to work the red carpet at the ESPYs (6:41). Plus, a surprise guest (25:54) and the super hero power Stugotz would want most (1:04:02).
18/07/191h 8m

Welcome to the Bake Show

Mina and Mike Ryan from The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz take a closer look at the AFC North and discuss how the Browns (3:18), Ravens (16:53), Bengals (39:52), and Steelers (49:51) will fare this season. Plus, who's the best Packers QB of all time (29:40), a new DJ name for Mike (58:54), and which character from Big Little Lies is Dan Le Batard (1:02:53)?
17/07/191h 8m

Bountiful: Holly Rowe

Sarah talks to Holly Rowe about having weekly progress reports with her parents as a child, taking a basketball class taught by Rick Majerus, how ESPN has changed in the past 20 years, keeping a joy journal, and how cancer made her live a bigger life.
16/07/191h 0m

Episode Twenty-Five: Billy Ray Cyrus

Dan tries to talk to Billy Ray Cyrus about music, upbringing and Old Town Road. Billy Ray prefers to talk about Pete Rose.
16/07/1930m 46s

Cooter Strikes Back

What up y'all. This week me and my boy Ryan McGee chat about the power of sports after a tragedy. Plus, I need to get a motorized suitcase
15/07/1946m 36s

Episode Ten

The ________ _________ attempts to help someone out who is suffering from a bizarre _________ _____. Also, ____ has secretly been working with a _____ ________ for a couple years and talks to __-______ ____ ____ to discuss it.
12/07/1946m 41s

Panic! at the Wedding and a Patio Chat

Stugotz gets a full recap of Field Yates' wedding from Adam Schefter, including a shirt snafu and why you want to invite him to your wedding if it's in December (7:16). Plus, Stan Van Gundy fires some NBA, MLB, and USWNT takes from his patio (24:53).
11/07/1956m 22s

Under the Influwentz

Mina and Cynthia Frelund of the NFL Network zero in on the NFC East and discuss the Eagles (5:15), Redskins (21:16), Giants (43:02), and Cowboys (51:35). Plus, whether or not John Elway can hack it as a GM (37:19), the difficulty of watching game deciding kicks (1:01:25), and a plea to update Wikipedia pages.
10/07/191h 11m

Meant to Be: Taylor Twellman

Sarah talks to Taylor Twellman about growing up in a family littered with professional athletes, choosing to play soccer over a MLB contract, how living in Europe during 9/11 changed his life, missing out on the World Cup, how concussions derailed his career, and who he would want to play him in a movie.
09/07/191h 15m

Episode Twenty-Four: Desus & Mero

They came from the podcast underground in the Bronx and became seemingly overnight pop-culture fixtures. Desus & Mero found a way to translate their unrivaled chemistry into dollars.
09/07/1927m 30s

Stitches, Saran Wrap & Shenanigans

What up y'all. This week I chat with my boy Ryan McGee and explain how I inured my foot at the liquor store. And we also talk how dangerous Saran Wrap can be.
08/07/1939m 1s

Are the Colts the Celtics of the NFL?

Mina and Domonique Foxworth evaluate the offseason in the AFC South and discuss how the Colts (4:34), Jaguars (17:22), Titans (41:40), and Texans (50:36) will do this season. Plus, Mina's proudest Twitter moment (29:59) and which NFL coach is the most wedgieable (1:04:46)?
03/07/191h 10m

Easy Going: Tim Cowlishaw

Sarah talks to Tim Cowlishaw about how he took a year off from college because of a girl, his circuitous route in journalism that led him back to Dallas, forming a relationship with Jimmy Johnson, and how an athlete inspired him to share his own battles with alcohol.
02/07/191h 3m

Hot Dogs & Cold Beer

What up y'all. This week i chat about signing a liquor waiver and what i like on my hot dog. Plus, professional eater Megabyte Ronnie joins the show
01/07/1939m 51s

Episode Nine

_______ returns to the Mystery Crate to debut a brand new stupid segment called "____ to ____" and Chris shares an embarrassing story with ____.
28/06/1940m 40s

Home and Home

Stugotz and Bill Simmons discuss how hard it is to name things, why no one criticizes female athletes, the swipe right generation, and the best and worst case scenarios for NBA teams in free agency.
27/06/191h 8m

My Wife Left Me But The Pack Is Back

Mina and Adam Schefter take a closer look at the NFC North and discuss the offseason changes made by the Packers (4:44), Lions (17:01), Bears (41:47), and Vikings (49:14). Plus, Mina asks Adam who would play him in a movie and why his news breaking tweets don't have a name like Adrian Wojnarowski's do?
26/06/191h 8m

Dream Job: Jason Benetti

Sarah talks to play-by-play announcer Jason Benetti about his cerebral palsy, getting the job he's wanted since elementary school, why he decided to go to law school after he was already a broadcaster, his fascination with comedy and how he incorporates it into his work, and how he manages to fit 220+ game broadcasts into a calendar year.
25/06/191h 10m

Episode Twenty-Three: Ariel Helwani

Dan talks to Ariel Helwani, the Howard Cosell of mixed-martial arts, about how the UFC once tried to keep him away from covering the sport he covers better than anyone.
25/06/1952m 50s

Going Vegan

What up y'all? This week I chat with Gerald McCoy about how going vegan helped save his career. Plus, I went crowd surfing in New Orleans and Travis found his favorite beer
24/06/191h 3m

Episode Eight

Mystery Crate listeners finally hear _______'s voice on the pod! ___ flashes his legendary interview skills for the first time ever on Mystery Crate and is joined by _____ _______ who tells us all about Kurt ______ and _______! Plus, another edition of __ _____ ____.
21/06/1943m 46s

Surveying the Field

Stugotz and Mike Golic, Jr. pepper Field Yates about his wedding (1:27) before letting him know what he'll be missing out on by not inviting them (17:08). Plus, Jay Bilas evaluates Stugotz's fraudulent analysis of NBA Draft prospects (25:32).
20/06/191h 1m

Who's Drinking the Raider-ade?

Mina and Field Yates evaluate the offseason in the AFC West and discuss how the Raiders (8:20), Chargers (20:09), Broncos (38:13), and Chiefs (46:52) will fare this season. Plus, who at ESPN has the best hair (55:23)?
19/06/191h 0m

The Spirit of New Orleans

What up y'all. This week I chat about my trip all over the south that included noodling, crawfish boil and beer. Plus, a friendly PSA from Travis
18/06/1934m 58s

Therapy Couch: Chelsea Handler

Sarah talks to Chelsea Handler about her new outlook on therapy, the symbolic power of oranges, getting back into stand-up comedy, and the time she dealt with a different kind of turbulence on an airplane.
18/06/1957m 30s

Episode Twenty-Two: Dave Barry

Dan gets nostalgic about Miami with long-time friend and Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist Dave Barry.
18/06/1945m 49s

Episode Seven

A fascinating look inside the world's largest _____ with ____ & _____. Plus, the most famous ____ in sports joins the Shipping Container and special guest _____ ______ for an ultra-rare interview!
14/06/1955m 10s

Kathy Ireland, Wonder Woman & Hillbilly Headlines

What up y'all? This week thanks to a crazy schedule you are going to get a taste of Marty & McGee as we chat about famous people doing normal stuff and Hillbilly Headlines
13/06/1927m 40s

Weekend Observations 2.0

The Weekend Observations crew gets together for another round of ridiculousness and hilarity, including appearances by Mina Kimes and Trey Wingo.
13/06/191h 13m

Carolina On Our Mind

Mina and SB Nation's Charles McDonald discuss whether the Falcons (6:35), Saints (19:55), Bucs (38:57), and Panthers (48:09) will be better or worse next year. Plus, who from The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz could Mina beat in a race (34:47)?
12/06/191h 6m

Chalk It Up: Woody Paige

Sarah talks to Woody Paige about how his marriage to a future Rolling Stone editor led him into sports, why he ended up in Denver, dealing with depression, and why he intentionally referred to an Around the Horn colleague by the wrong name.
11/06/191h 9m

Episode Twenty-one: Adam Carolla

Dan talks to Adam Carolla about how his childhood shaped his comedy and his new stand up special Not Taco Bell Material
11/06/1933m 26s

Episode Six

Back by popular demand ______ ______ and _____ ______ join "The Shipping Container" for a wide ranging conversation... But it really just turns into The Shipping Container hoping _____ and _____ don't rip each other's heads off.
07/06/1952m 34s

Don't Ease Me In

Stugotz talks to Blazers guard CJ McCollum, who happens to be a more polished podcast host than he is, about the media, airplane etiquette, and baby wipes (4:41). Plus, can an interview be good if the host fails to ask a question? Stugotz takes a trip with a Hall of Famer to find out (30:07).
06/06/191h 1m

The 400 Body Blows

A major show announcement (5:38). Plus, Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. discuss the notion of establishing the run (9:05), answer a bunch of questions in a mega mailbag (23:04), and put a new twist on Dinks and Dunks (59:36).
04/06/191h 7m

The Mouth of the South: Paul Finebaum

Sarah talks with Paul Finebaum about his beef with Drake, how a caller led to the biggest break of his career, the presidential candidate who didn't know who Nick Saban is, and his thoughts on The Paul Fine-bucket that's used on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.
04/06/191h 1m


What up y'all? This week I talk to Nancy Lieberman about playing at Rucker Park and getting a call from Ice Cube. Plus, we get into her lifelong friendship with Muhammad Ali
04/06/191h 19m

Episode Five

Old _____ _______ and Corporate __________ ____ join "The Shipping Container" to preview the __________ ______ _____ and hopefully not bore Billy. Plus, ____ ____ shares with us his shocking past as a ______ planning ________ entrepreneur and ____ gets serious for a moment and welcomes an author on to discuss the tragic tale of ____ ______.
31/05/1941m 17s


Stugotz complains about how overworked he is and then talks to Jorge Sedano about the discord within the Lakers organization as well as their time working together in Miami (9:50). Plus, he talks about marijuana with former NBA player Al Harrington (38:10).
30/05/1952m 19s

Stuck in QB Purgatory

Mina talks to Dan Orlovsky about how much the Cowboys should pay Dak Prescott (6:31), why Derek Carr should have a bounce back year (20:35), if Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota is more likely to get a long term contract (37:17), and which ESPN employee would make the best Bachelor/Bachelorette (52:07).
29/05/1957m 43s

A Journalism OG: Bob Ryan

Sarah talks with Bob Ryan about starting at The Boston Globe the same day as Peter Gammons, how he used to be called "The Commissioner," his frosty relationship with a former Celtics head coach, the radio interview he most regrets doing, and how he'd like to change the constitution.
28/05/191h 7m

You're Looking Live

What up y'all. This week I chat with Brent Musburger about drinking with Harry Carey, gambling and his famous Hail Flutie call. Plus, what QB would be the best drinker
27/05/191h 0m

Episode Four

Not a lot of mystery to this one. It's the LAF live show from the Gramercy Theatre in NYC.
24/05/191h 22m


Stugotz vents about a major frustration he has with his alma mater (3:32). Plus, he talks to the reporter who inspired Stugutz (16:14).
23/05/1942m 55s

Not Safe For Kirk

Mina talks to Deadspin's Drew Magary about his love of the Vikings (8:38), his Why Your Team Sucks feature (25:46), NBA Twitter (29:40), and his recovery from a brain hemorrhage that put him in a coma (43:17).
22/05/191h 8m

Be True to Who You Are: Dianna Russini

Sarah talks with ESPN's Dianna Russini about punching an opponent in the face as a college athlete, getting a prestigious internship by answering a riddle, replying to an email 10 years later, covering the tragedy at Sandy Hook, and why she needs to unfollow Tom Brady on social media.
21/05/191h 6m

Episode Twenty: Chris Jericho

When you combine his wrestling, music projects, TV hosting, and podcasting, Chris Jericho has a solid argument for being one of the hardest working people in the history of entertainment. He shares with us how he broke into the biz and sheds light onto a complicated relationship with Vince McMahon.
21/05/1930m 39s


What up y'all? This week I chat with country star Lee Roy Parnell about expecting to make it in Nashville and hanging out with Willie & Merle. Plus, story time with Travis
20/05/1950m 38s

Good Afternoon Everybody

Stugotz reacts to a busy week of NY sports the only way he knows how (7:52). Plus, Stu and the shipping container create a new game and it nearly takes longer to establish the rules than it does to play (27:57).
16/05/1955m 27s

Cool Your Jets

Mina talks to PFF Steve (Steve Palazzolo) about the Jets firing of Mike Maccagnan as well as the article that has been tearing apart the football analytics community (3:48). Plus, part two of the QB roundtable with the shipping container from The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz (37:57). Plus, a preview of Sports Wars. https://wondery.com/shows/sports-wars/
15/05/191h 12m

Forever Ready: The '99ers

Sarah talks with Julie Foudy, Brandi Chastain, Kristine Lilly, and Briana Scurry about the 20th anniversary of their World Cup run, whether or not their legacy is what they thought it would be, and the strengths and weaknesses of the 2019 team.
14/05/1954m 46s

Episode Nineteen: Michael Lewis

Dan and one of his favorite authors, Michael Lewis, talk about books, baseball's stupidity and the human brain.
14/05/1944m 52s

Episode Nineteen: Michael Lewis

Dan and one of his favorite authors, Michael Lewis, talk about books, baseball's stupidity and the human brain.
14/05/1944m 52s

Never Settle

What up y'all? This week I chat with Greg Oden about the ups and downs during his NBA career and what his post NBA career goal is. And, the Hillbilly Hotline is back.
13/05/1954m 17s

Episode Three

The ________ _________ explores _____ _____ and ____ reveals whether or not they are a billionaire. Plus, ____ and _____ return with a new __ _____ ____
10/05/1943m 29s

Weekend Reservations

Stugotz tries to secure a last minute Mother's Day brunch reservation and then talks to David Cone about how he had more fun off the field with the late 1980s Mets and more fun on the field with the late 1990s Yankees.
09/05/1953m 1s

The Right Time with Lenny

Mina and Bomani Jones talk about why Zion Williamson didn't play football (10:03), the complicating factors of how the NFL should handle Tyreek Hill (21:03), Richard Sherman's comments on Nick Bosa's tweets (41:15), and how easy it'd be to throw Russell Wilson a birthday party (53:57).
08/05/191h 7m

From Shadow Artist to Billions: Brian Koppelman

Sarah talks with Brian Koppelman about leaving his early success in the recording industry to pursue a career in writing, how his film Rounders became a cult hit, why he and his writing partner chose to write Billions, and how he decided to try standup comedy shortly after his 40th birthday.
07/05/1958m 43s

Episode Eighteen: Mike Schur

Dan talks to Mike Schur - writer for The Office, creator of Parks and Rec, and one of America's most in-demand producers of TV content - about how he almost ruined a golden age of comedy.
07/05/1944m 56s

After Further Review

What up y'all? This week I talk about my weekend at the Kentucky Derby and the historical outcome after the race. Plus, I defend the Shipping Container on the Le Batard Show
07/05/1951m 2s

Episode Two

It's ???? ????????'s "May the 4th Be With You ???? ???? Extravaganza". ???? chats with ???? ?????? about the ???? ???? films. With celebrity reactions to the latest ???? ???? trailer. ???? explains the ???? ???? expo to the shipping container and interviews a person in charge of organizing a ???? ????-themed speed dating event at the expo.
03/05/1947m 39s

Weekend Observations Reunion

Stugotz, Mike Golic, Jr., and crew reunite for another edition of the short-lived Sunday morning ESPN Radio show.
02/05/191h 8m

Mr. Jones and Me

Mina and Mike Golic, Jr. take a look at the landing spots for the top four quarterbacks drafted (6:57), offer up five winners (three teams, a GM, and a player) and six perplexing choices (43:48), and discuss the best looking NBA players (1:08:49), and celebrities that have inexplicably followed them on social media (1:11:45).
01/05/191h 16m

Episode Seventeen: Duff McKagan

Dan talks to Guns N Roses bassist Duff McKagan about how the lifestyle of one of the last real rock bands nearly killed him.
30/04/1947m 46s

Ball is Life

Sarah talks with WNBA superstar and ESPN NBA Analyst Chiney Ogwumike about how she spent her first ever basketball practice in the bathroom, being mentored by Condoleezza Rice, making a viral video while she was in college, being drafted #1 overall, how she was recently traded to her older sister's team, and the time she had a bad hair day on national television.
30/04/191h 6m

Jack Daniels & Jesus

What up y'all? This week I chat with my boy Chase Rice about his rise in Nashville, playing football at UNC & being on Survivor. Plus, roller skating, mint juleps & more
30/04/191h 11m

Episode One

In the debut episode of Mystery Crate, ????? ???? and ???? ???? talk about their experience with his ?????? ?????, and ??????? and the entire Shipping Container welcome ??????? to the family as she shares her story around her ?????????? to ??? ???????? and other things you wouldn't already know.
30/04/1940m 58s

The STUlywed Game

Which couple knows each other better- the Weiners (Stugotz and Abby) or the Golics (Mike and Christine)?
30/04/1952m 10s

Draft Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

Mina and Domonique Foxworth talk about why the Giants should not take a quarterback with either of their first round picks (14:15), whether or not Dwayne Haskins would be an upgrade over Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay (23:14), if they'd rather have unlimited queso or unlimited salsa (37:53), and if Domonique would hug Roger Goodell if he were a draft prospect this year (1:08:20).
30/04/191h 10m

Zest: Ron Magill

Sarah chats with Ron Magill about working on Miami Vice, meeting Barbara Streisand, what makes Dwyane Wade scream and run like a child, the benevolence of Shaquille O'Neal, how getting bitten by a crocodile led to him meeting his wife, the email Dan Le Batard wrote to executives after Ron appeared on SportsCenter, and the time he was almost killed by an elephant.
30/04/191h 3m

Episode Sixteen: Tony Kornheiser

Dan and his curmudgeonly friend, Tony Kornheiser, talk about radio ... and how the acid-filled Tony blazed the path for LeBatard And Friends.
30/04/1946m 6s

The Greatest Comeback: Tiger Woods Wins The Masters

What up y'all? This week Travis, Michael Collins and myself chat about being at The Masters. Plus, we talk food and a NFL QB does the best Tiger impression.
30/04/1950m 36s

The Lazy River

Stugotz compares just about everything to a lazy river, so it was only a matter of time before he applied his favorite analogy to the podcast. In an effort to get dumber, Stu chats with Kirk Goldsberry (the map guy with a PHd in data visualization) about who's most responsible for the 3-point evolution in the NBA, whether or not dunks should be worth three points, and their shared obsession with The Grateful Dead.
30/04/1949m 29s

Don't Nickel and Dime Your Quarterback

Mina and Louis Riddick discuss getting sassy on social media dealing with keyboard tough guys (2:21), Russell Wilson's new contract and whether or not you can win while paying a QB that much (7:28), how many QBs deserve to go in the first round (31:16), why more top QBs don't pull an Eli Manning (37:49), and how the draft teaches us about both trends in the NFL and the sliding scale of positional importance (43:50).
30/04/1957m 17s

Likeability: David Jacoby

Sarah talks with David Jacoby about how most people think his last name is his first name, how he used to hustle tourists in NYC, how he once wrote 500 trivia questions in a day for ESPN, why he wouldn't move to Bristol, developing SportsNation, the rise and fall of Grantland, and the gradual ascension of Jalen & Jacoby.
30/04/191h 23m

Episode Fifteen: Stan Van Gundy

Dan talks to Stan Van Gundy about how he went from having all the power in the Pistons organization to hanging around our sewage.
30/04/1957m 39s

Masters Week

Masters week is here and it's hard to tell who is more excited- Stugotz or Abby, albeit for different reasons. Greeny stops by to discuss what he'll be doing from Augusta, what makes this tournament so special, his dream scenario for Sunday, and what he remembers about the time he played there. Plus, Tom Rinaldi tells us about the best insult he's ever received, whether or not he travels with a piano, and what he'd ask Tiger Woods if he were to claim another green jacket.
30/04/1956m 3s

We Will We Will Mock You

Mina and ESPN's Joel Anderson go back and forth to create a mock draft of who NFL teams should select later this month in Nashville. Joel tells us which prospect looks like Meek Mill, the player that doesn't have a face for greatness, and why a prospect's last name is giving him a boost. Mina suggests that Mountain Time is inconsiderate, says that a player has planetary upside, and rotates through a series of phrases like "pro ready", "plug and play", and "day one starter", which all mean the same thing. Plus, Mina chats with former Washington safety Taylor Rapp about his preparation for the draft.
30/04/191h 30m

Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger

Sarah talks with Team USA runner Chris Mosier about teaching adults karate as a 10-year-old, being a mascot in college, making the decision to transition, challenging and eventually changing International Olympic Committee policies, and misconceptions about the trans community.
30/04/191h 8m

Patrick Dempsey: From fake doctor to real race car driver

What up y'all? This week i chat with Patrick Dempsey aka Dr. McDreamy about his new film Hurley, his racing career & a little Grey's Anatomy. Plus, a PSA on sun screen.
30/04/1937m 59s

Ratings Monster

Stugotz finally made it to the mountaintop and appeared on Around the Horn. Tony Reali stops by for an honest, heartfelt, hilarious, and hardly edited conversation in which he reviews the tape and scores some arguments between Stugotz and Abby. Plus, Mina Kimes, Sarah Spain, and Frank Isola offer their critiques of Stu's debut.
30/04/1953m 42s

Episode Fourteen: Billy Corben & Tony Bosch

What happens when you combine incompetence with greed, Miami and drugs? Allow Biogenesis doctor-who-isn't-a-doctor Tony Bosch and director Billy Corben to explain.
30/04/1947m 9s

The Start Of Draft SZN

NFL Draft SZN is upon us and Mina talks to Spencer Hall about how this year's QB class is like Sunday brunch (10:57), the similarities between Jared Goff and Josh Rosen (36:48), the QB he'd take a bullet for (37:11), why he thinks Ed Oliver is the best player available (54:20), the NFL Draft prospect that can play every position except QB (1:02:52), and what Jim Harbaugh would do if he wasn't a football coach (1:18:30).
30/04/191h 24m

Irrational Confidence: Amin Elhassan

Sarah talks with ESPN NBA Front Office Insider Amin Elhassan about dealing with rolling blackouts and ration cards while growing up in Sudan, the culture shock he endured as a teenager in the United States, how he rose through the ranks of the NBA front office world, how to get anywhere in an NBA arena, and the time Dan Le Batard thought he was a waiter.
30/04/191h 11m

Chris Bosh Part II

In Part Two, Chris Bosh describes where he was when he got the news LeBron had decided to return to Cleveland and why he decided to stop pursuing an NBA comeback after multiple blood clots.
30/04/1931m 36s

The Mad Hatter

What up y'all? We all know how funny Les Miles is, but in this interview you will see a different side of him. Plus, we have an announcement coming
30/04/1946m 10s

Master of Golf: Annika Sorenstam

Sarah talks with the legendary Annika Sorenstam about the importance of the inaugural Augusta National Women's Amateur, how golf gave her confidence, how competitive she is in all facets of life, and how surprised she is by Tiger Woods' comeback.
30/04/1919m 26s

Inside The Fraudcast Booth

Stugotz made his debut in the broadcast booth last weekend and he wants all of the adulation possible. He asks fellow lacrosse announcers Mike Golic, Jr. and Chris Cotter to grade his performance, offer their favorite lax slang, and to discuss a ridiculous weight room story. Plus, Ron Darling offers stories about Lenny Dykstra, Jose Canseco, and Doc Gooden, describes how Jacob deGrom's new contract made him think of (fake ace) Matt Harvey, and predicts whether or not Tim Tebow will play in the big leagues this season.
30/04/1953m 1s

Pooch Punting With Pat

Mina talks to former Colts punter Pat McAfee about acting reckless on press row of an NCAA Tournament game (4:03), which NFL coach would win a royal rumble (13:59), the kind of texter Colts GM Chris Ballard is (12:48), her experience portraying The Undertaker (43:01), and which team should be favored in the AFC North (48:32). Plus, Mina offers strong takes on beer and Pat decides how much money he'd pay to have an hour long conversation with his dog.
30/04/191h 3m

A Menagerie of Pet Peeves

Sarah talks with Greg Cote about the series of mishaps that have led to his second wave of fame, why he should not have become friends with Dan Le Batard, the time he unwittingly wrote a story that was completely false, his favorite "Back in My Day", and his infamous cough.
30/04/191h 2m

Episode Twelve: Chris Bosh Part I

In Part One of a two-part conversation, Chris Bosh takes you deep inside the most interesting team Miami has ever known.
30/04/1946m 20s

Fame And Fortune

When filling out his bracket, Stugotz relies on the things he loves most (in order): (his family), money, fame, and the sound of his own voice. Stugotz and Abby navigate the first round of the NCAA Tournament by looking at famous alumni, but their views on celebrity differ dramatically. A handful of ESPNers stop by to stump for their schools by offering their best college stories. Plus, Papagotz returns to interview the head coach that led his alma mater back to the big dance.
30/04/191h 4m


Mina talks to former NFL LB Kirk Morrison about the hype train for the Browns (3:15), the angriest looking coach in the NFL (9:55), why the sophomore slump for QBs is a real thing (31:50), what the Packers should do to help Aaron Rodgers (49:09), the Costco portion of free agency, and if he'd rather give up cake or pie (1:09:54). Plus, Mina discusses why she's here for the fish tank (11:05) and the time she awkwardly got in a revolving door with a 2-time Super Bowl champ (1:04:48).
30/04/191h 14m

Paper Boy: Tim Kurkjian

Sarah talks with Tim Kurkjian about how he once lost two jobs in two months, how Skip Bayless played a role in getting his first full-time job in MLB, how he handled losing out on a story as a beat reporter, why Eddie Murray hated him, about his 20-year streak that's more impressive than Cal Ripken, Jr.'s, how he earned a Hall of Famer's respect on the basketball court, and how the story from his career that he tells the most is about a football coach.
30/04/1958m 10s

Episode Eleven: Dan Patrick Part II

Part II of our discussion with Dan Patrick. In this episode Dan goes into detail where his relationship with ESPN fell apart and how, after several years, he's squashed the beef. Discover how Dan went from losing out on a local TV job in Dayton to having his own sports empire. DP shared plenty of great stories in Part I, he keeps them coming here.
30/04/1935m 49s

A Shoe, A Shot Glass, And The Stratosphere

Stugotz blames Mike Golic for not putting out a podcast last week (3:53) and then details the latest Weiner family vacation, in which he, once again, chickened out in front of his daughters (6:56). Plus, Rachel Nichols joins to discuss the success of The Jump, her most embarrassing moment on television, and how Stugotz was out-hot-taked twice in the same week (23:10).
30/04/1954m 32s

Pre Agency

Mina talks to Dianna Russini about Le'Veon Bell's deal with the Jets and having Adam Schefter tweet out a report from her phone (1:32). Plus, she gets reaction from Browns super fan Mike Ryan on the Odell Beckham, Jr. trade (29:29) and tries to make amends with the city of Pittsburgh by talking to Dave Dameshek (36:17).
30/04/191h 10m

Pivoting To Fun: Dan Le Batard

Sarah talks with Dan Le Batard about his childhood in Miami, his reluctant climb in sports media, the moment he lost interest in writing about sports, the pressure of conducting the sloppy orchestra that is his radio show, his relationship with Stugotz, whether or not he's concerned about burning out, and the time he pooped in a parking lot.
30/04/1956m 7s

Episode Ten: Dan Patrick: 3/12/19

Dan Patrick went from local news castoff to becoming one of the names and faces synonymous with American sports coverage. He hustled his way to CNN thinking he'd made it at $18,000 a year, only to have his journey put him in a position to unknowingly turn down $10 Million a year to Host "The Price is Right"€ several years later. Let's learn about one of the more remarkable careers in media and hear amazing stories about the glory days of SportsCenter along the way. It's an interview too good to contain to just one episode.
30/04/1936m 1s

Larry Fitzgerald Loves Gerbils

Mina chats with Larry Fitzgerald about coming back for another season, his handsome new head coach, his favorite shows to watch on Netflix, and his post retirement plans. Plus, she talks with Warren Sharp about analytical trends to watch for next season, how the Rams could have used analytics to scheme better in the Super Bowl, and who the most overrated quarterback in the NFL is.
30/04/191h 11m

Episode Nine: Action Bronson

Action Bronson, who has taken the unusual path from chef to hip hop, tells some great stories about Eminem, Santana and ... Olden Polynice?
30/04/1937m 28s

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Stugotz asks his father if he ever thought he would make it in this business (no) and why he initially disliked Dan Le Batard. Stu then tries to weasel his way onto Augusta National by chatting with Scott Van Pelt.
30/04/1955m 45s

Measure Up

Mina chats with Field Yates about Nick Foles' free agency, the Cardinals' decision with the #1 pick, and the top pass rushers in the draft. Plus, she talks with the two men who created the psychological test administered to every player at the combine.
30/04/191h 9m

Episode Eight: Dominique Foxworth

Dominique Foxworth has led an interesting life that has seen him succeed in the NFL, Harvard Business School, The NFLPA, The NBAPA, and now gasbaggery. He sits down in studio with us to explain his path... it may devolve into a fight once Dan questions his size.
30/04/1945m 10s

A Star Is Born

Stugotz discusses Abby's first run in with fame, tells a story about their honeymoon, and then has the audience do the work in a new segment called Ask Abby. Plus, Ben Lyons stops by and previews the Academy Awards, tells stories about famous actors, and weighs in on Stugotz's best action movies of all-time.
30/04/1947m 9s

Welcome To Source Season

Mina Kimes chats with Bleacher Report's Adam Lefkoe about potential landing spots for Le'Veon Bell, the top 10 free agents, the secret behind athletes' work out videos, movies that deserve a sequel, and Colin Kaepernick's settlement with the NFL.
30/04/191h 15m

Episode Seven: David Samson & Billy Corben

Former Marlins team president David Samson and director Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys, The U) do NOT care for one another. They had never been in the same room, until we put them in this small one.
30/04/1954m 55s

When Stugotz Met Abby

Stugotz details his first encounter with Abby (she does not have the same recollection) before presenting her with the greatest Valentine's Day gift of all-time, which he obviously outsourced. Plus, Mark Teixeira stops by and says that managers can only screw things up, listens to Stugotz, Billy, and Chris pitch wacky ways to fix baseball, and plays a movie game with Mina.
30/04/1941m 43s

A Tale of Two QB Conversations

Mina Kimes reacts to the Joe Flacco trade, chats with Sheil Kapadia about Nick Foles' future, and plays a QB game with the shipping container from The Dan Le Batard Show.
30/04/191h 6m

Episode Six: Terry Crews

Terry Crews took an usual path to stardom, from football player to janitor to actor, and now he's an unlikely face for the Me Too movement. His willingness to be publicly vulnerable is on full display here.
30/04/1937m 4s

Already Better Than Oprah

After reaching #1 on the Apple Podcast charts, Stugotz consults with his agent and considers holding out for more money. He then dips back into the Wake and Take well, tries to make weekend plans with his wife now that his Sundays are wide open, asks a parade of low level celebrities what he should do now that football season is over, and delivers a Sports Whisperer. How bout that?
30/04/1948m 3s

Was The Super Bowl... Good?

Mina Kimes and friend of the podcast The Undefeated's Domonique Foxworth recap Super Bowl LIII, discuss what the Rams could have done to win and look ahead to the 2019 season.
30/04/191h 1m

Episode Five: Luther Campbell

The founder of 2 Live Crew and dirty south booty music, Luther Campbell tells crazy stories that take us through hip-hop history, all the way to the Supreme Court.
30/04/1948m 27s

I Finally Got Paid So Here's The First Podcast

Now that the first check has cashed, Stu Gotz delivers the first episode of Stupodity. With a round of Wake and Take, an argument about yield signs between Stu and his wife and New York Jets HC Adam Gase, the first episode is everything you'd expect from an unprepared and overpaid Stu Gotz. How bout that?
30/04/1946m 28s

Kimes & Barnwell: The Dynamic Duo

Mina Kimes welcomes Bill Barnwell to the show to discuss Super Bowl LIII from all angles, include the Rams' offensive plans, the Patriots' defense strategy and more.
30/04/1959m 4s

Episode Four: Joe Buck

Joe Buck was the youngest person to ever call an NFL game on a broadcast network at 25. He has called 20 World Series since. The son of a broadcasting legend, he became one himself. Let's enjoy some stories with one of America's best guides.
30/04/1940m 51s

And Then There Were Fewer

Mina Kimes welcomes analyst and former NFL WR Andrew Hawkins to the show to recap Championship Sunday and explain how he managed to predict a Rams-Patriots Super Bowl in the preseason.
30/04/1953m 29s

Episode Three: JK Simmons

Let's get to know Hollywood grinder JK Simmons, who went from doing singing telegrams to becoming a yellow peanut M&M to winning an Oscar that Johnny Depp, Sir Ian McKellen and Glenn Close never have.
30/04/1946m 6s

Episode Two: Adam McKay

Adam McKay, the brilliant filmmaker and screenwriter behind projects like "Anchorman", "The Big Short", "Stepbrothers" and "Vice" discusses his career and his choices in depth with Dan Le Batard.
30/04/1932m 3s

Episode One: Neal Brennan

The co-creator of Chapelle's Show, Half Baked writer, film maker, innovative stand-up comic, actor (how many resume items are you guys going to put here to sell him to us? Why don't you throw in when he used to be a doorman, too?) ends his interview the perfect way for his new project.
30/04/1944m 18s
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