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The Charlie Kirk Show

The Charlie Kirk Show

By Charlie Kirk

Charlie is America's hardest working grassroots activist who has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the day and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and one of social media's most engaged personalities, Charlie is on the front lines of America’s culture war, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of students on over 3,500 college and high school campuses across the country, bringing you your daily dose of clarity in a sea of chaos all from his signature no-holds-barred, unapologetically conservative, freedom-loving point of view.

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Is the Pope Catholic? with Dr. Taylor Marshall and Harmeet Dillion

Pope Francis’s latest remarks on same-sex relationships and ordaining women have U.S. Catholics very worked up — and can you blame them? Catholic YouTube star Dr. Taylor Marshall helps to explain what Francis actually said and what it means for the world’s one billion Catholics. Then, Harmeet Dillion talks about Trump’s ongoing legal battles, the struggle to keep the California GOP conservative, and more.Support the show: for privacy information.
04/10/23·35m 33s

Motion to Vacate: What's the Plan?

For the first time in a hundred years, a motion to vacate has been brought against a House Speaker. Matt Gaetz has made no secret of his intention to topple McCarthy. But Charlie asks: What's the plan? Once McCarthy is gone, who replaces him? And what are the odds that Republicans get a disastrous outcome, like a lengthy power vacuum or, worse yet, a Speaker chosen by the Democrats? It's easy to say "burn it all down" — but what happens afterwards when we have to live in the ashes?Support the show: for privacy information.
03/10/23·33m 31s

The Fall of Kevin McCarthy? with Kurt Schlichter

Is the unfolding House GOP drama a Shakespearian tragedy...or one of his comedies? Kurt Schlichter and Charlie react live as the House GOP votes on the fate of Kevin McCarthy. Will he be Speaker at the end of the day? Heck, will he make it to the end of this hour? Kurt gives his honest thoughts on how we got here, where we're going, and whether it makes you a "RINO" to think this is all one massive self-inflicted mistake.Support the show: for privacy information.
03/10/23·36m 41s

Parents Versus Perverts with Pastor John Amanchukwu and Dr. Eric Nepute

The battle for the future of America's children has divided into two distinct camps: The party of America's parents, and the party of America's perverts. Pastor John Amanchukwu is one of the leaders fighting for the rights of parents and the innocence of children. Charlie chats with him, then talks to Dr. Eric Nepute, who just successfully won a multi-million-dollar staredown with the FTC for promoting a successful but less profitable preventative measure for Covid-19.Support the show: for privacy information.
03/10/23·35m 7s

At Least There’s a New Black, Lesbian, Abortion-Loving California Senator from Maryland with Lara Logan

After Dianne Feinstein’s passing, Gavin Newsom appointed a new Senator for California… except his appointee is from Maryland? But all the other boxes are checked: black, female, and lesbian! Charlie reacts, and talks about Donald Trump’s latest day in court. He also welcomes Lara Logan on to discuss her new docuseries on the untold story behind J6, and gets her shocking description of events at the border.Support the show: for privacy information.
02/10/23·33m 0s

Pull the Fire Alarm...on America!

Jamaal Bowman may have been creating a fake emergency when he pulled a Capitol fire alarm on Saturday — but make no mistake, there's a real crisis in Washington. Charlie reacts to the House's deal to avoid a government shutdown, which does nothing to cut spending, nothing to secure the border, and may only defund Ukraine long enough for Mitch McConnell to find even more money to give them. Charlie confronts the crucial question: Is Kevin McCarthy the GOP leader who can stop the financial bleeding? And if not him, who?Support the show: for privacy information.
02/10/23·33m 9s

Ask Charlie Anything 162: The Roman Legacy? AOC's Tesla? 4-Day Workweek?

Men, it turns out, are thinking about the Roman Empire all the time, so for this AMA, Charlie peppers producer Blake Neff with his own questions about the Roman Empire, such as: Why was Rome successful? What lessons does it offer today? And what are the myths on the right about why Rome fell? Plus, Charlie takes the questions you emailed in at including:   -What should we think about AOC's Tesla? -Is a 4-day workweek better than a 5-day one? -Is the GOP messing up a Joe Biden impeachment?Support the show: for privacy information.
02/10/23·37m 42s

Defund the University Beast: Charlie and Dennis Prager Return to ASU After Controversy

Charlie and Dennis Prager's last appearance at Arizona State University was so traumatic to radical left faculty that the school is now under investigation for sweeping free street violations. But Charlie and Dennis aren't intimidated, so they just made another appearance on campus. They take questions on whether public schools can be salvaged, the difference between what left-wing elites preach and what they do, and far more.Support the show: for privacy information.
01/10/23·1h 17m

THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 15 — Cancel All Debates? Shoot Looters? Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

In this latest THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Tyler Bowyer, and Blake Neff, the gang explores dramatic questions like:   -Was there any upside to the second GOP debate, besides reminding us that we are sinful and deserve God's wrath? -How much force is acceptable to stop looting and rioting? -Does the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce story matter?Support the show: for privacy information.
30/09/23·1h 23m

Black Privilege with Heather Mac Donald and MTG

The press says America has "white privilege," but if that's the case, why does nobody lie about being white on college applications in order to get in? In reality, America does deliberately treat one group more favorably than other ones in hiring, school admissions, and more...and as Heather Mac Donald explains, it's not white people. Plus, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene takes a victory lap about a majority of Republican Congressmen now voting against additional funding for Ukraine.Support the show: for privacy information.
29/09/23·36m 31s

The Nursing Home Ruling Class with Rep. Matt Gaetz

California Senator Dianne Feinstein has died, hanging on to her Senate seat until her very last breath at 90. The men who wrote our Constitution were in their 30s and 40s, so what does it mean when modern America has a geriatric ruling class that refuses to retire? Charlie explores that crucial topic, then speaks to one of America's youngest lawmakers in Rep. Matt Gaetz. The two of them get to the bottom of a key question: Will the government be shut down when Monday rolls around?Support the show: for privacy information.
29/09/23·36m 9s

Is the American Dream Healthy? with Sean Spicer and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna

Donald Trump ran on the slogan to "Make America Great Again." President Biden is obviously doing his best to not let that happen. So why are some Republican candidates arguing that the American Dream is better than ever? Charlie reacts to one of the most jarring aspects of the second Republican debate, and discusses the GOP's messaging with former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna talks about GOP's strategy for the newly-begun Biden impeachment push.Support the show: for privacy information.
29/09/23·33m 16s

Battle Lines in Ukraine and the Senate with Sen. Rand Paul and Kash Patel

The biggest sticking point of the 9/30 funding showdown isn't Jack Smith or the border — instead, it's Washington's fanatical desire to funnel as much money as possible into the Ukraine maw. Sen. Rand Paul is one of the few people looking to stop it, and joins Charlie to discuss his battle. Plus, Kash Patel talks about the New York court ruling looking to dissolve Donald Trump's businesses and the release of his new book Government GangstersSupport the show: for privacy information.
29/09/23·33m 32s

The GOP's Dreadful Second Debate

Charlie gives his reaction to the second GOP debate. Sure he didn't watch it, but who cares? Nobody did. Charlie rattles off the lowlights of a grim evening, then turns to the more important question: How does any of this help conservatives get more ballots into the box in 2024?Support the show: for privacy information.
28/09/23·33m 40s

Charlie Tackles Deion Sanders Buzz: Is He Ready for Prime Time? + Hide Your Children with Liz Wheeler

Charlie's favorite college football team just scorched Deion Sanders's University of Colorado team, so it's time for Charlie to finally weigh in on the Prime Time question: Is Deion an inspiring Christian leader, a loudmouth with an inflate ego, or a little of both? Charlie digs in to the most fascinating story in sports. Plus, Liz Wheeler explodes the left's sinister agenda to snatch your children away from you.Support the show: for privacy information.
28/09/23·34m 41s

Left-Wing Judges: The Gangsters in Black with Ken Paxton and Stephen Miller

Ken Paxton has survived his sham impeachment scare, and now he's back on the warpath. Charlie talks to the Texas AG about his plan for slowing Joe Biden's illegal migration flood, checking voter fraud, and making Texas as red as voters want it to be, despite constant sabotage from the court system. Plus, Stephen Miller makes the surprising case for why there is a 2024 candidate who should be disqualified for insurrection against the United States...and that candidate is Joe Biden.Support the show: for privacy information.
27/09/23·35m 54s

“Mostly-Peaceful” Philly Riots + Mar-A-Lago Is Worth WHAT? with Donald Trump Jr.

After a judge tossed out murder charges against a cop, the streets of Philly convulsed with riots and looting just like the “mostly peaceful” incidents of 2020. Charlie explains who these riots fit into the "anarcho-tyranny" of Joe Biden's America, where the law is deliberately ignored, except for when it can be used against Donald Trump or his supporters. And speaking of Trump, Don Jr. joins to dissect a preposterous New York judge's ruling about the value of Mar-a-Lago and other Trump properties.Support the show: for privacy information.
27/09/23·34m 52s

Bidenomics, Year Three with Collin Plume

Under Joe Biden, the cost of everything is rising nine, ten, even twenty percent in a given year. When does "transient" inflation become permanent inflation? And what would it look like for the U.S. to have low unemployment and a recession at the same time? Is that even possible? Collin Plume of Noble Gold helps Charlie navigate the confusing and unprecedented world of Bidenomics, where nothing is as it was before.Support the show: for privacy information.
27/09/23·36m 15s

Down with the (Burger) King with Michael Seifert and Russ Vought

If America's largest companies can't even support basic free speech, why should we support them? That's the question every conservative should be asking after Burger King pulled ads from Rumble simply because it refused to deplatform Russell Brand. Michael Seifert talks to Charlie about the continued conservative push to build a parallel economy free of left-wing control. Then, Russ Vought talks about 9/30, and whether it's more important to strike a bad deal, or accept the risk of shutdown looking for a good one. Plus, Charlie reacts to Bob Menendez's comical defense in the face of a bribery indictment.Support the show: for privacy information.
26/09/23·34m 52s

Does RFK Jr. Hurt Biden...Or Trump?

Millions of conservatives are excited for RFK Jr. to make a serious presidential run. For some, he's simply the best candidate, but to most conservatives, an RFK run is exciting because of his potential to damage Joe Biden's reelection campaign. But is that actually likely? Charlie lets the audience answer that question, explaining how their enthusiasm for RFK is actually the strongest possible sign an RFK candidacy could hurt Donald Trump.Support the show: for privacy information.
26/09/23·32m 42s

Wake Me Up When September Ends with Rep. Dan Bishop and Alex Marlow

As the 9/30 funding fight drags on, what should conservatives hope for, and is a shutdown the best way to get it? Rep. Dan Bishop joins Charlie to explain the current situation. Then, Alex Marlow jumps on to talk about the southern border crisis as the Biden regime deliberately chops open barriers to allow more migrants into America.Support the show: for privacy information.
26/09/23·34m 59s

Canada Applauds a Literal Nazi with Ezra Levant and Scott Presler

It's like a real-life Curb Your Enthusiasm episode: Canada's entire House of Commons standing up to applaud a Nazi SS soldier as a "freedom fighter." Rebel News Editor in Chief Ezra Levant joins Charlie to break down one of the most darkly comedic stories of the year. Plus, Scot Presler gives an update on ballot harvesting prep in Wisconsin, and explains why raising $5 million for GOTV efforts now is vastly superior to twice as much money in October 2024.Support the show: for privacy information.
25/09/23·34m 55s

Is Trump Really Up By Ten?

Is Donald Trump really beating Joe Biden by ten points? Is he really winning young people in a landslide? A new poll says so — and it's one from the left-wing Washington Post. Charlie explains why we should be just as suspicious of good polls as we are of bad ones. He digs into the Democrat push to force Joe Biden aside, and their efforts to inflate conservative hopes to sabotage the GOP get out the vote operation.Support the show: for privacy information.
25/09/23·31m 58s

Ask Charlie Anything 161: Unpacking Trump’s Controversial Answers on Abortion and Trans

It's a special AMA this week, because one question has utterly swamped everything else this week: What does Charlie think of President Trump's recent comments about signing (or not signing) a 15-week abortion ban? Charlie dives into his knowledge of Trump's personal beliefs, his long record of pro-life accomplishments, and striking the right balance between moral advocacy and being pragmatic enough to win elections.Support the show: for privacy information.
25/09/23·34m 40s

Tough Love with Charlie and Erika Kirk

On this Sunday edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie sits down with his wife Erika, founder of Proclaim Streetwear and Biblein365, to answer some of her fans' most-asked questions on dating, relationships, and marriage. They provide some clear insight on “missionary dating,” Gen Z relationships, and how to prepare for your future spouse.Support the show: for privacy information.
24/09/23·36m 50s

THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 14 — Ukraine's Top Tranny Gets Fired. Russell Brand vs. The World. Thinking About Rome?

In this latest THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Andrew Kolvet, and Blake Neff, the gang explores crucial questions like:   -Did Ukraine just fire its creepy tranny propagandist because of Charlie? -Is Russell Brand going to survive one of the most aggressive government-backed hit jobs ever? -How often do YOU think of the Roman Empire?   THOUGHTCRIME streams LIVE exclusively on Rumble, every Thursday night at 8pm ET.Support the show: for privacy information.
23/09/23·1h 39m

Getting to the Ray Epps Truth with Darren Beattie and Kane

Nobody did more to make Ray Epps a national name than Darren Beattie of Revolver News. So, what does Darren think of the DOJ suddenly bringing a flimsy misdemeanor against Epps two and a half years after J6? And what does he make of Merrick Garland's continued evasions about both Epps and the rigged investigation of Hunter Biden? Charlie gets the full rundown, then talks to Kane of Citizen Free Press about the 9/30 funding showdown and whether Ron DeSantis's presidential run has permanently damaged his political brand, even in Florida.Support the show: for privacy information.
22/09/23·32m 41s

Bob Menendez: Joe Biden, But Lazier

A top Democrat is headed to jail soon after being caught selling America out to foreign power. Nope, it’s not Hunter or the Big Guy: It’s Sen. Bob Menendez, the flagrantly corrupt head of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. Charlie goes through the allegations and explains how the only difference between Menendez and Joe Biden is that one was smart enough to launder money through his son. Then, Charlie reacts to the continued meltdown at the border and asks: Is America still great?Support the show: for privacy information.
22/09/23·33m 34s

A Full Hour with Roseanne Barr

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when Roseanne Barr hears the name “Hillary Clinton?” What’s it like to go from the biggest name in TV comedy to getting canceled off the face of the Earth? The legendary Roseanne Barr joins Charlie for a full hour to tell her story…and play a hilarious game of word association.Support the show: for privacy information.
22/09/23·32m 50s

How to Win Gen Z with Isabel Brown and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Facts may not care about your feelings, but should conservatives? According to TPUSA's Isabel Brown, picking up a more "humanistic tone" is critical to winning Generation Z over to conservative values. Charlie has a very different attitude, which leads to a fascinating conversation on hookup culture, abortion, and more. Plus, is the 9/30 deal going to cut off Ukraine funding or not? Is it going to secure the border? MTG stops in to help Charlie get to the bottom of things.Support the show: for privacy information.
21/09/23·33m 19s

Why Your Leaders Don’t Care About the Border Crisis

There is no issue in America more pressing than the border crisis. Every day, 4,000 or more people flood into the U.S. and the Biden administration doesn't ignore it — it actively enables it. Charlie explores the unprecedented suicidal behavior of America's government, and searches for reasons to be optimistic as more Republicans are finally standing up to Volodymyr Zelensky's latest demands for cash.Support the show: for privacy information.
21/09/23·34m 19s

The Democrat Party Hates America with Mark Levin and Julie Kelly

America's schools are useless. Its border is open. Its streets are filled with crime and mayhem. Its foreign policy is a mess. None of these ailments are natural disasters. All of them are human creations, and the humans creating them are all members of one political party. Mark Levin joins Charlie for an extended interview on his brand new book, which lays out the evidence that Democrats aren't just incompetent, but profoundly hostile to the vast majority of Americans. Plus, Julie Kelly reacts to the new indictment against Ray Epps. Does the indictment resolve the questions about Epps's role in January 6...or does it just intensify them?Support the show: for privacy information.
21/09/23·39m 55s

Why Democrats Are Losing Blacks and Hispanics with Vince Everett Ellison

The Democrat bid for permanent domination on America is built on the assumption they will always win a supermajority of non-white voters. But right now, that assumption is falling apart. New polling suggests the GOP could gets its strongest results with black and Hispanic voters in more than half a century. "Crime, Inc." author VInce Everett Ellison talks about the issues, from transgenderism to open borders to inflation, that are devastating Democrats with their traditional base. Plus, Charlie responds to the calculated hitjob against Russell Brand, which has nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with his new stature as a political dissident.Support the show: for privacy information.
20/09/23·33m 15s

The Screaming Women of Flagstaff + The Media’s Outrageous Spin

Yesterday, Charlie went to Northern Arizona University to take on the woke mob face-to-face and answer any questions they wanted to ask. The response? Screaming, yelping, and even some barking (yes, really). Charlie recaps his entire visit, the amazing conservative students he met, and the media’s bizarre spin on the entire story.Support the show: for privacy information.
20/09/23·34m 33s

Fake "Christians" Who Fear Death More Than God with John Zmirak

If we are sincere Christians, we ought to have no fear of death. The only thing we should fear is the judgment of God. So why do so many alleged Christians seem far more terrified of earthly authorities than the decrees of God? Author and The Stream senior editor John Zmirak breaks down the psychology of fake, liberal Christians, and the obligation of authentic Christians to stand against tyranny no matter what the cost. John also offers some tough words for Pope Francis, discusses Christian inaction under Nazi Germany, and explores how the right to bear arms, far from being "un-Christian," flows directly out of historical Christian doctrine.Support the show: for privacy information.
20/09/23·34m 47s

The Two Sides of the House Funding Fight with Reps. Byron Donalds and Andy Biggs

Is the House's new continuing resolution to prevent a government shutdown a good idea? Or should conservatives hold firm for more concessions — or even embrace a shutdown? Reps. Byron Donalds and Andy Biggs both have plenty of credibility with the MAGA base, but they're on opposite sides of this big issue. Each of them joins Charlie to state their case on the biggest political fight of the fall.Support the show: for privacy information.
19/09/23·35m 17s

Debt Doomsday is Coming + The Truth on Social Security

Barely a decade ago when TPUSA was born, the national debt was at $11 trillion. Now, it's erupted past $33 trillion. Can this ever possibly be paid back? What are the consequences if we don't? Charlie works through the math, and the touches the hottest of all hot buttons: What if fixing America's budget requires touching the holy grail of Social Security? It's a wild and provocative hour that produced a massive response from Charlie's audience, both for and against.Support the show: for privacy information.
19/09/23·33m 36s

The Evidence: How Hunter’s 459 Crimes Connect to Joe Biden with Marco Polo Founder Garrett Ziegler

Nobody understands the full scope of Hunter Biden's criminality and depravity than Garrett Ziegler, former Trump staffer and creator of the infamous Marco Polo Report. Garrett debunks the media's claims there is "no evidence" of criminal activity, and lays out how he found evidence of more than 400 total crimes, including sex offenses, drug offenses, white collar crimes, and even inappropriate behavior around his 13-year-old niece.  Garrett explains how more than enough evidence exists for prosecutors in Louisiana and Arkansas to start an investigation immediately, why it's so crucial that they do so, and how all of it can potentially trace back to The Big Guy, Joe Biden himself.Support the show: for privacy information.
19/09/23·46m 23s

The Trump Paradox with Brent Bozell and Tony Buzbee

The left-wing media hate Donald Trump, but they're also obsessed with him. Not only that, but their ratings depend on covering him non-stop. Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center explores this paradox at the heart of U.S. politics, and also shares a fun story about Rush Limbaugh.  Plus, Ken Paxton's lead defense attorney Tony Buzbee joins for a victory lap after Paxton's huge victory against the sham effort to force him out office. Buzbee explains the establishment forces that were behind Paxton's impeachment and why it's so important that they were stopped cold.Support the show: for privacy information.
18/09/23·32m 39s

Ken Paxton's Victory Is Your Victory

A three-month effort by the GOP establishment to take down Texas AG Ken Paxton failed spectacularly on Saturday, after a heroic outcry by listeners of The Charlie Kirk Show. Charlie reacts to the news and explains how this was an overwhelming victory for grassroots politics and a defeat for establishment control.Support the show: for privacy information.
18/09/23·33m 4s

Ask Charlie Anything 160: Will AI Kill Us All? CIA Covid Disinfo? Down Goes Rodgers?

Charlie takes the questions you emailed in at including:   -Is AI a threat to civilization? -How do we get smut out of our public schools by reading its contents out loud in public? -Did the CIA bribe people to hide Covid's Chinese origin? -What does he think of Aaron Rodgers's stunning injury on his first drive as a New York Jet?Support the show: for privacy information.
18/09/23·35m 2s

The State of the American Church — LIVE from TPUSA Faith’s Pastor’s Summit

On this Sunday edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, enjoy Charlie’s speech from TPUSA Faith’s Pastor’s Summit, where he spoke to more than 1,200 pastors about the danger of Marxism in the modern day church and how to prevent the infiltration of woke doctrine, then answered questions from the crowd.Support the show: for privacy information.
17/09/23·57m 41s

THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 13 — Willard Romney's Revenge? Dems Legitimizing Prostitution? Oliver The Fake?

In this latest THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Andrew Kolvet, and Blake Neff, the crew explores all-important questions like: -What's the final word on Willard "Mitt" Romney has he goes into retirement? -Are Democrats going to let politicians be literal prostitutes, as well as figurative ones? -Is Oliver Anthony's shtick just one big act?Support the show: for privacy information.
16/09/23·1h 27m

Re-Evangelizing Britain with Calvin Robinson and Sen. Mike Lee

Modern Protestant Christianity emerged from Britain, but today the country has more atheists than Christians and Pride has become the state ideology. Deacon Calvin Robinson of the Free Church of England talks about speaking Christian truth in a country that has abandoned it, and about pushing back on the many lies Britain's regime tells about the country's history. Plus, Sen. Mike Lee describes "The Firm" — the four-person cabal of party leaders in Congress who collude to prevent spending cuts by crafting omnibus bills in secret.Support the show: for privacy information.
15/09/23·31m 59s

The Ukraine Mafia Threatens to Kill Tucker, Bannon, and Us

Ukraine's lunatic U.S.-born wants-to-be-a-woman spokesman is uttering deranged threats that his new country will assassinate any voices, worldwide, that oppose continued funding for the forever war against Russia. Meanwhile, mafia don Zelensky is threatening Ukrainian terrorist attacks against Europe if it backs off on supporting him. assassinate Americans if Ukraine doesn’t get its way, Charlie reacts and delivers a powerful warning for anyone who believes giving a single extra cent to Ukraine is a good idea.Support the show: for privacy information.
15/09/23·35m 4s

The Biden War on Speech with Sen J.D. Vance and Owen Shroyer

Owen Shroyer didn't even go inside the Capitol on January 6. So why is he being shipped off to federal prison for months? Among other things, his offenses include chanting "1776" and "U-S-A, U-S-A." As Charlie explains, Owen's case is just one part of a sweeping Biden administration push to criminalize the speech of its enemies. Plus, J.D. Vance reacts to the brand new indictment of Hunter Biden, and discusses his effort to ban renewed mask mandates and protect American steel manufacturing from the green agenda of "Scranton Joe."Support the show: for privacy information.
15/09/23·36m 45s

Halting a Dem Gun Grab with Brian Festa and Rep. Dan Bishop

New Mexico's Democrat governor has launched the most outrageous attack on U.S. gun rights all year. But did she overreach? Are Democrats now being forced to confront the reality that the 2nd Amendment protects the right of all law-abiding Americans to carry a gun in public? Brian Festa of We the Patriots breaks it down. Also, Rep. Dan Bishop summarizes what the chief demands of House conservatives are with a government shutdown just two weeks away, what tactics they'll use to get them, and how regular people can contribute. Plus, Charlie explains why he isn't thrilled with Brian Kemp declaring a "state of emergency" over Bidenflation in Georgia.Support the show: for privacy information.
14/09/23·34m 46s

How to Defund Jack Smith with Rep. Jim Jordan

Would you let Hunter Biden go free if it meant stopping Jack Smith? That is Charlie’s provocative new idea for salvaging the 2024 election, which already has Twitter on fire with debate. Charlie explains his reasoning, and also reacts to a fascinating parting shot from Mitt Romney that exposes DC’s deep-seated loathing of the MAGA base. Plus, Charlie talks to Rep. Jim Jordan about the four pillars of the 9/30 funding fight — Jack Smith, Ukraine, Border, and Budget.Support the show: for privacy information.
14/09/23·33m 45s

Real Christian Nationalism with Lance Wallnau

"Christian nationalism" is used as a slur by the press. But as Lance Wallnau explains, we should embrace that label as a badge of honor. If Christians don't love their countries, or seek to counsel rulers while protecting the common people, then they are unworthy to call themselves members of the faith. Lance also discusses the challenge of retaking captured institutions, and how the text of the Bible contains prophetic foretellings of events today.Support the show: for privacy information.
14/09/23·33m 50s

Matt Gaetz and the Motion to Vacate with Matt Gaetz and Arden Young

A new undercover, Project Veritas-style investigation has exposed a top official at the world's largest pornography website admitting that his company profits off of child exploitation using a legal "loophole." Charlie talks to investigative journalist Arden Young about her scoop. Plus, Charlie chats with Rep. Matt Gaetz about his viral remarks on Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and reacts to Sen. Mitt Romney's announcement he won't be running for reelection...and the possibility that he may be planning to run for an even higher office.Support the show: for privacy information.
13/09/23·32m 6s

Is the Democrat Machine's 2024 Plan Falling Apart?

Things are not going according to place for the Regime. As the Democrats gear up for 2024, is it possible that Joe Biden really won’t run? There’s a lot that’s changed since 2020, so is it possible the Democrat Machine has over-engineered 2024 given all the new variables at play? Charlie reacts to the current layout of the election, where Republicans need to get stronger, and where we might be surprisingly ahead.Support the show: for privacy information.
13/09/23·34m 3s

How Common Are Child Predators? with Victor Marx

"It's beyond what you can imagine." So says Victor Marx about one of the most horrifying phenomena of modern life: The intentional sexual abuse of young children. Victor talks to Charlie about his heroic life as a warrior for God, traveling the world to rescue children and punish the pedophiles who prey on them. Charlie and Victor dig into the causes of abuse, what allows it to happen, and how to stop it.Support the show: for privacy information.
13/09/23·34m 37s

Convicting a Murderer with Candace Owens and Rep. Bob Good

Why are so many on the left sympathetic to criminals and hostile to the police to protect the public from them? One big reason is the nonstop stream of propaganda from the national media. Candace Owens has a new documentary, "Convicting a Murderer," debunking one of the most famous liberal crime documentaries of all time. She joins Charlie to discuss it and the wider phenomenon of true crime documentaries training people to become pro-criminal. Plus, Rep. Bob Good discusses the tactics of a House impeachment battle and the coming 9/30 funding fight, and Charlie reacts to compelling new remarks by Tucker Carlson.Support the show: for privacy information.
12/09/23·34m 22s

The Impeachment Trap?

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has just announced that an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden is imminent. Mission accomplished? Not so fast. As Charlie explains, this might not be the good news we want. Instead, it could come at a high cost. Charlie explains how the most important political battle of the present is the funding showdown coming on 9/30. If conservatives must choose between that battle and one over impeachment, then the choice is clear, even if the answer is not obvious.Support the show: for privacy information.
12/09/23·32m 3s

Joe Biden's War on Oil...and Ceiling Fans? with Harold Hamm and Tim Stewart

America wasn't born rich. It became rich thanks to the heroic efforts of hardworking people to make it so. Harold Hamm is one of those heroes. Born the last of 13 children and starting his own company at 21, Harold became a legend at getting fossil fuels out of the ground so they could power American wealth and prosperity. He joins Charlie to reflect on his career and the importance of fossil fuels to America's future prosperity. Then, Tim Stewart of the U.S. Oil and Gas Association talks about the Biden Administration's newly-proclaimed jihad against ceiling fans.Support the show: for privacy information.
12/09/23·33m 56s

The Process is the Penalty with John Eastman and Rep. Andrew Clyde

The targeted prosecution of Donald Trump and all his close associates will be a success even if not a single person is convicted. That's because the process itself is the punishment. Trump White House adviser John Eastman talks about how the coordinated attack on his personal freedom and livelihood isn't just about him, but also about intimidating all lawyers from ever working with Republicans. Also, Rep. Andrew Clyde talks about the prospects for using an approaching government shutdown to force out concessions on Jack Smith's prosecution. Plus, Charlie gives a rare bit of good news from a blue state, courtesy of Glenn Youngkin in Virginia.Support the show: for privacy information.
11/09/23·33m 43s

22 Years Since 9/11 — What Have We Learned?

No event has changed America more in the past half-century than 9/11 — and the change wasn't for the better. Instead of fixing America's immigration laws, leaders created a surveillance state and squandered trillions on useless wars. On the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Charlie looks back on the country America used to be, and how that country was forever lost through our ill-considered reaction to that horrendous tragedy.Support the show: for privacy information.
11/09/23·30m 1s

Ask Charlie Anything 159: Limousine Liberal Poverty Simulation? Call It Quits, McConnell?

Charlie takes the questions you emailed in at including:   -What does he think of a "poverty simulation" in a posh Chicago suburb? -Why isn't Joe Biden dropping out when his polling is absolutely disastrous? -Should Mitch McConnell resign?Support the show: for privacy information.
11/09/23·37m 35s

What Country Are We Living In?: Live with Riley Gaines at Dream City Christian Church

It's a common feeling on the right: "This doesn't feel like the country I grew up in." In their appearance at Dream City Christian Church, Charlie and Riley Gaines explain that this feeling is correct. The left is refounding America, with a twisted new constitution that is a "throbbing middle finger" against God himself. The two also take questions on how to rally women to stand up for themselves, forgiving those who leave the LGBT lifestyle behind, and more.Support the show: for privacy information.
10/09/23·1h 22m

Swing State Update with Tyler Bowyer and Austin Smith

Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin. Three states Trump won in 2016, but lost in 2020. If Republicans can retake these states, they will retake the White House. Now, Austin Smith and Tyler Bowyer have a regular podcast, Swing State Update, chronicling the effort to flip these three states back into the winning column. Join Charlie as he discusses angry professors at ASU, then stick around for impeachment drama in Wisconsin, special session shenanigans in Georgia, and a lot more.Support the show: for privacy information.
09/09/23·56m 8s

THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 12 — Boycott the NFL? Liberty UnSafe? Is Obama Gay?

In this latest THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Tyler Bowyer, and Blake Neff, the crew explores crucial questions like:   -How did Liberty Safe wreck its entire business model in one day? -Can the world's richest man defeat the tyranny of the ADL? -Is Obama America's first gay president? And if so, what does THAT mean?Support the show: for privacy information.
09/09/23·1h 37m

The Investigation of Jack Smith + Biden’s Impeachment War Room with Kash Patel and Darren Beattie

Kash Patel joins Charlie to dissect Jim Jordan’s ongoing investigation into Jack Smith and Georgia’s newly released grand jury report, which show that Lindsey Graham of all people was nearly indicted. Then, Charlie welcomes Darren Beattie on the show to react to the rumors of a Biden Impeachment War Room, ad to explore why Republicans lack their own legal indictment machines to compete with the left’s.Support the show: for privacy information.
08/09/23·33m 22s

What is a Traitor ? + A Surprising Contender for 2024

When does incompetence and malice cross the line into treason? After Eric Adams announced the illegal immigrants are going to “destroy” NYC, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has a new plan: Make them all stay in Texas. Charlie reacts, exposing the left’s long term plan, then reacts to the surprising candidate the press and GOP elites are now pushing for 2024.Support the show: for privacy information.
08/09/23·33m 44s

To Catch A Trans Pedophile with Kalen D'Almeida and Noel Fritsch

Transgender sex perverts have become the mascots and high priests of America's ruling regime, but they are still predators, and if police won't stop them, then Turning Point will.  Kalen D'Almeida of TPUSA Frontline recounts his bold sting operation against a suspected transgender sex predator, and explains how Nebraska, a red state, has shockingly pro-predator laws. Plus, is Kevin McCarthy dropping the ball in the U.S. House? Noel Fritsch of National File thinks so. Noel joins Charlie to present a bold, original plan to save Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro from Nancy Pelosi's bogus criminal referrals — a plan he says only requires McCarthy's sign-off to take effect. Then, Noel makes his argument for why McCarthy is being dishonest about the release of January 6 footage, and why it's time he was replaced.Support the show: for privacy information.
08/09/23·38m 48s

Digging Up the Truth in Ukraine with Col. Douglas Macgregor and Michael Seifert

How many Ukrainian troops have died fighting Washington's war? Col. Douglas Macgregor believes the number is far higher than you'll hear from anyone in the U.S. media. He joins Charlie to discuss the war's reality as Biden requests another $24 billion, and describes the global political disaster America is sleepwalking into. Plus, Michael Seifert of PublicSq reacts to Liberty Safe's shocking betrayal of its conservative customer base, and offers some alternatives that we can turn towards in the future.Support the show: for privacy information.
07/09/23·37m 54s

The 110-Year War

The U.S. government has had many budget showdowns over the past ten years. The one coming up on September 30 isn't the first, and it isn't the largest, but it could be the most important. Charlie explains why “the opening kick of the 2024 election" could also be the climax of a 110-year-long war between centralized power in Washington and the American people. He also responds to events in New York City, where Eric Adams is breaking the rules by admitting that Biden's migrant flood isn't just a could destroy the city forever.Support the show: for privacy information.
07/09/23·35m 31s

Jack Smith's Secret Plan To Make Trump a Traitor with Julie Kelly and Gene Bailey

Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio wasn't even in Washington on January 6. His group didn't bring any guns to the Capitol and killed nobody. Nevertheless, Tarrio was just hit with a 22-year prison sentence for supposedly making a terrorist attack to try and overthrow the government. Julie Kelly joins to explain how this wildly punitive sentence is setting the stage for new, even more drastic charges against President Trump. Plus, Flashpoint's Gene Bailey discusses the prospects for churches to reject Lockdowns 2.0, and what Christian leaders have to do to win over the "based" members of Generation Z.Support the show: for privacy information.
07/09/23·35m 55s

Defending Against Demoralization with Sebastian Gorka and Kane

The left is on the attack everywhere: In the courts, in the media, and in the streets. More than anything, these attacks are meant to demoralize you — to make you give up without bothering to fight back. Charlie and Sebastian Gorka talk about how to stay firm against this relentless offensive, and why there are reasons for optimism despite the seemingly steep odds. They also react to Mike Pence's attack on populism and an interview given by the freakshow pervert male who just gained admission to a University of Wyoming sorrority. Plus, Kane of Citizen Free Press talks about the unfolding psy-op to use a bogus 14th Amendment case to kick Trump off the ballot, and the betrayal of conservatives by Liberty Safe, which handed over gun owners' safe passwords to the government without a fight.Support the show: for privacy information.
06/09/23·35m 58s

The Fallacy of Limitations

“Stop worrying so much. The Left has to back down soon.” How many of you have heard something like that from friends or relatives? In this episode, Charlie exposes the Fallacy of Limitations — the mistaken belief that there are any remaining limits on the Left’s ambitions or what they will do for power. Charlie also dives into his thoughts on Mike Pence, how they have changed, and what he predicts for his future.Support the show: for privacy information.
06/09/23·33m 15s

Seven Counties in Three States with Rich Baris

How will the 2024 presidential race be decided? It will all come down to the voting decisions made by a few tens of thousands of voters, concentrated in just a handful of counties in three critical states. Charlie asks why the RNC keeps maintaining its useless, costly office in Washington when it could be deploying every cent available to winning these critical states. Rich Baris joins in with the latest polling figures on Trump after his 4th indictment and the mugshot seen 'round the world.Support the show: for privacy information.
06/09/23·35m 53s

The Vast Graveyard of Ivermectin Lies with Dr. Pierre Kory and John O'Shea

400,000 Americans died in World War 2. More than 600,000 died in the Civil War. What is the graveyard of the FDA's assault on ivermectin? Dr. Pierre Kory joins to react to a recent court victory by pro-ivermectin doctors suing the FDA, and gives his take on the global cost of the FDA's smears against the Nobel Prize-winning drug. Plus, Texas businessman John O'Shea gives the real story on the push to impeach Texas AG Ken Paxton, and explains what conservatives can do to support him.Support the show: for privacy information.
05/09/23·35m 16s

The Anti-Conservative Defamation League with Will Scharf

Whatever the ADL started as, it's clear what they are today: A left-wing shakedown organization that stokes hate against conservatives and demands mass censorship from corporate America. Now, Elon Musk is gearing up for battle against them, and Charlie is here to offer his support to #BantheADL. Missouri AG candidate Will Scharf joins in the conversation to help lay out the ADL's long history of sensationalism and lies.Support the show: for privacy information.
05/09/23·33m 12s

Ask Charlie Anything 158: The Mass Graves Hoax in Canada? DOJ v. Tesla? #BantheADL is Trending?

Producers Andrew and Blake take the questions you emailed in at including:   -What's the deal with fake mass graves at Christian schools in Canada? -Is Oliver Anthony actually a traitor— or was he never one of us at all?  -Where should conservatives fall on #BantheADL? -What is the real reason the DOJ is investigating Elon Musk?Support the show: for privacy information.
05/09/23·38m 37s

The Rising American Caste System: My Speech at PHP Las Vegas

The Declaration of Independence says that all men are created equal, but in Joe Biden's America, there is a new rising caste system that orders people based on sex, sexuality, and skin color. Charlie talks about how to escape the mindset the regime wants to impose on you. Then, he explores why TPUSA has been so successful in such a short time, what happens when a society becomes too feminized, why men dress the same for weddings and funerals, and more.Support the show: for privacy information.
04/09/23·56m 52s

The Most Important Elections to Win: My Conversation with Patrick Byrne at ActCon

Patrick Byrne, the founder of, has gone headfirst into investigating our elections, and he sat down with Charlie for an exclusive conversation at ActCon in West Palm Beach, Florida to detail everything he’s uncovered— and how we can save them for the future.  The rest of this conversation is available at Sign up TODAY for premium content, sit down interviews, ad-free episodes, and more.Support the show: for privacy information.
03/09/23·12m 15s

The Most Evil One-Liner in the History of Parenting: Live at Legacy Church with Pastor Steve Smothermon

All across America, parents are being blackmailed with the most evil one-liner in the history of parenting: "Would you rather have a live son, or a dead daughter?" With this threatening argument, pushed by fake doctors and evil therapists, thousands of families are lured into accepting and enabling the irreversible destruction of their own children. But as Charlie explains to the congregation of Legacy Church in Albuquerque, this crucial battle is only one front in a larger battle — a battle between Christianity and pagan narcissists who are enraged against God. Plus, Charlie answers questions like: Why should the Republican primary end now? What is the most important priority in one's personal life? How do you handle the fear of losing everything if you reveal your true views?Support the show: for privacy information.
03/09/23·1h 38m

THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 11 — The Blexit Mugshot? Oliver Anthony, Hero or Disappointment? Worst Sequel Ever?

In this latest THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Tyler Bowyer, and Andrew Kolvet, the gang explores important questions like:   -How iconic will Donald Trump's mugshot be in a year, or ten years, or a thousand years? And will it boost him with black voters? -Is Oliver Anthony still the hero America needs, or a squishy moderate gigacuck? -Is Covid 2024 an even worse sequel than the second Black Panther movie?Support the show: for privacy information.
02/09/23·1h 15m

Impeachment Time? with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Libby Emmons

MTG is a rock-solid vote in favor of impeachment. But do Republicans finally have the other 217 votes they need to send Joe Biden on to a trial in the Senate? MTG joins Andrew to deliver the surprisingly promising news from the House, and surprisingly bad news from the supposedly "conservative" Georgia legislature. Plus, as Donald Trump faces an endless barrage of "conspiracy" charges, Libby Emmons lays out the pile of evidence indicating where the real conspiracy lies in Washington.Support the show: for privacy information.
01/09/23·34m 16s

Trump's Fulton County Boomerang with Benny Johnson

After news broke that the Trump trial will be televised and live-streamed, Andrew steps in for Charlie to discuss why this actually is a great thing for conservatives. But will it have the same red-pill effect his mugshot did? Benny Johnson also joins the program to inform the audience what hours of interviewing strangers on the street has told him about this upcoming election.Support the show: for privacy information.
01/09/23·33m 45s

Pop Culture Power Hour: The Return with Jobob and Alex Clark

Back by popular demand, it's the pop culture power hour with TPUSA's Jobob and Alex Clark. Andrew and the gang explore crucial questions like: Is Taylor Swift a committed left-wing whackjob, or can she be redpilled? Is the "Golden Bachelor" senior dating reality show must-watch TV, or a horrifying testament to mankind's arrogance? And who the heck is interesting in watching this terrible new podcast featuring underemployed late night hosts?Support the show: for privacy information.
01/09/23·34m 21s

Is Obama a Gay Cokehead? with Jack Posobiec and Natalie Winters

No, that title isn't a joke. Tucker Carlson just set social media afire with a recent interview where he accused the press of ignoring credible claims about Barack Obama's drug use and sexuality. Jack Posobiec joins Andrew to lay out what the evidence is, and also respond to Tucker's jarring clam that America is likely to be in a hot war with Russia within a year. Plus, Natalie Winters evaluates the new propaganda push for a return of Covid mandates, and how this intersects with China's continued push to supplant America as the global superpower.Support the show: for privacy information.
31/08/23·35m 17s

Trump in a Landslide? The Trend is Our Friend with Mike Davis

Donald Trump is steamrolling his way to the GOP nomination. That’s no surprise. But what do the polls say about his rematch with Joe Biden? With Charlie out on assignment, Producer Andrew brings up the latest numbers and the surprisingly rosy picture they paint — but how much can we trust them? Then,Mike Davis of Article III Project deconstructs and debunk the Left’s bid to use the 14th Amendment for a permanent power grab.Support the show: for privacy information.
31/08/23·30m 4s

The Central Contradiction of the Modern Left with Glenn Ellmers

Why is the modern left so profoundly insane and mentally unstable? The Claremont Institute's Glenn Ellmers has a new book arguing that it's rooted in a critical contradiction at the core of leftist thought. On the one hand, liberals revere "experts" who claim to possess special knowledge and elite credentials...but on the other hand, the left adheres to impenetrable postmodern nonsense which rejects the entire idea of factual truth. Glenn and Charlie have a far-ranging philosophical conversation that goes all the way back to Plato, and even makes the unlikely case that conservatives have something to learn from Michel Foucault.Support the show: for privacy information.
31/08/23·34m 22s

What Happened in Maui? What is Still Going On? with Ed Dowd, Michael Seifert and Dr. Dennis Black

The Maui fires were three weeks ago, but even now we don't know what caused the fire, how many people were killed, or even how many people are still missing. Covid commentator Ed Dowd is a longtime resident of the island, and joins in with his own assessment of the tragedy. Dowd and Charlie discuss how Maui reflects the ominous future of America, where the government fails to execute on more and more basic obligations. Plus, Michael Seifert talks about Dylan Mulvaney's repulsive persistence as a mascot of woke capital, and Dr. Dennis Black stops by to discuss pet health.Support the show: for privacy information.
30/08/23·36m 12s

Don't Tread on Me with Jaiden and Jack Hibbs

12-year-old Jaiden of Colorado Springs attends a classical charter school that tried to kick him out of class for sporting a Gadsden flag on his backpack. Charlie welcomes Jaiden on the air to discuss by far the biggest viral story of the week. Plus, pastor Jack Hibbs comes on to discuss the California AG's lawsuit against his town school board for trying to prevent teachers from secretly grooming their students.Support the show: for privacy information.
30/08/23·32m 27s

The Party of "Experts" with David Sacks

David Sacks made a fortune in the world of business, but now he's becoming a louder and more assertive voice in the world of politics. David joins Charlie with harsh words for the unending disaster of the Ukraine War, and then lays out how the Democrats' status as the "expert" party locks them into a regime that makes the same mistakes over and over. Plus, Charlie talks about his recent study of Machiavelli, and how feminism has decayed from a war against men to trying to transform women into men.Support the show: for privacy information.
30/08/23·35m 44s

The Black Exodus to MAGA with Brandon Tatum and John Solomon

For decades, black Americans have been Republicans' white whale: If the GOP could get even 25% of the black vote, it would utterly remake the US electoral landscape, but it never happens. But could that finally be changing? Conservative black radio host Brandon Tatum explains the opportunity Republicans have in 2024, and how they should message to black voters to win success. Plus, John Solomon lays out the story of Joe Biden's fake government email address, and new memos indicating Biden's justification for firing Ukraine's top prosecutor was a lie.Support the show: for privacy information.
29/08/23·34m 42s

A Grassroots Win in New Hampshire, and Everywhere

Yesterday, top New Hampshire Republicans were investigating whether to kick Donald Trump off the ballot. Not anymore! After a very loud response from listeners like you, they are backing off. Charlie takes a victory lap, then launches into an exploration of the left's wider strategy for 2024, explaining how they are using trial dates and more to amass as many advantages as possible, and describing what Republicans must do to stand against this hazard.Support the show: for privacy information.
29/08/23·33m 47s

The Psychology of Fear with Dr. Robert Malone

When you submit to tyranny and refuse to be courageous in your beliefs, you die a little death within your soul. The lesson: Don't submit, don't give in, and live a brave life instead of a simpering, cowering one. That's the message from Dr. Robert Malone as the latest "Covid variant" creeps up. Dr. Malone talks to Charlie about the real facts of the "Eris variant," the "died suddenly" phenomenon, and how to respond when your society's "experts" aren't worthy of the term.Support the show: for privacy information.
29/08/23·31m 35s

A Father's Fight with Harrison Tinsley, Chris Ager, and Tyler Bowyer

Harrison Tinsley thought he could overcome the political differences in his relationship. Instead, those differences might destroy his son's life. Harrison talks about how the mother of his three-year-old son is trying to transition his son into being a girl, and what he has done to protect him.  Plus, New Hampshire GOP Chairman Chris Ager responds to the push by fake "conservatives" to have Trump yanked off the state's ballot on behalf of Joe Biden, and Tyler Bowyer discusses his efforts to make election integrity a priority at the RNC.Support the show: for privacy information.
28/08/23·36m 8s

"Our Oligarchy"

It's like a ritual chant from the left at this point: "Our democracy. Our democracy. Protect our democracy." But as Charlie makes clear, what they actually mean is nothing less than "Our oligarchy." Charlie lays out the left's backup plan for 2024: If unprecedented indictments can't keep Trump off the ballot, then they'll simply have him removed without any criminal conviction at all. Charlie explains the grave danger that the American republic is in, and what must be done to contain the threat.Support the show: for privacy information.
28/08/23·35m 8s

Ask Charlie Anything 158: Why Observe Shabbat? Is Vivek Trustworthy? Low Class Mugshots?

Charlies takes the questions you email him at including:   -Why does Charlie observe shabbat on Saturday despite not being Jewish? -Is Vivek Ramaswamy trustworthy given his rapid rise to prominence? -Is plastering Donald Trump's mug shot on the wall "low class?"Support the show: for privacy information.
28/08/23·31m 12s

The Legend of James Lindsay: A Conversation at the Chapter Leadership Summit

James Lindsay is one of Charlie’s favorite thinkers, and one of the world’s most interesting thinkers period. But how did he get his start? How did he become such an expert on Maoism, and how did he become famous by creating spoof papers ridiculing left-wing beliefs? And most importantly, what do you need to learn to properly resist academic mind viruses? Charlie and James’s discussion at the Chapter Leadership Summit is not to be missed.Support the show: for privacy information.
27/08/23·56m 24s

THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 11 — LIVE Reaction to the GOP Debate & the Tucker/Trump Interview

This week on a special Thoughtcrime PRIMETIME edition, Charlie is joined by Jack Posobiec, Andrew Kolvet, Tyler Bowyer, and Blake Neff as they react LIVE to the first GOP debate of the 2024 cycle, as well as the interview that broke the media with 75 million views in just one hour: Tucker Carlson and President Trump.Support the show: for privacy information.
26/08/23·3h 1m

The Weakness of Southern Republicans with Sen. Colton Moore and Alina Habba

Georgia Republicans have an obvious step they can take to halt the lawfare against their party and their movement: Defund Fani Willis's office and her sinister partisan targeting of Donald Trump and his allies. So why aren't they taking that step by calling a special session to take action? Georgia state senator Colton Moore joins to discuss his struggle to drag his state's GOP in a positive direction. Plus, Trump attorney Alina Habba tells the tale of what happened on Thursday, and lays out Fani Willis's plan to not just send Trump to prison, but to sabotage his campaign for 2024.Support the show: for privacy information.
25/08/23·32m 34s

The Mugshot Heard 'Round the World with Donald Trump Jr.

Strike him down, and he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. That's the energy one day after Fani Willis made a big mistake by forcing President Trump to undergo a mugshot, instantly creating one of the most iconic images of this century — and perhaps any century. Charlie discusses the left's lack of self-control, and how their fanatical hatred of Trump has created a potent symbol for 2024. Donald Trump Jr. joins in to discuss his father and the aftermath of the GOP debate.Support the show: for privacy information.
25/08/23·33m 58s

Hail the Conquering Hero with Vivek Ramaswamy and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

What's it like to be a big winner on a GOP debate stage? Vivek Ramaswamy joins Charlie after a Wednesday night where he was every other candidate's #1 target, yet still emerged unscathed. Plus, MTG was in the crowd Wednesday night, but like millions of others she was even more interested in seeing Donald Trump's interview with Tucker Carlson. She talks about what she saw and where the party stands as the 2024 election season really ramps up.Support the show: for privacy information.
25/08/23·34m 1s

Trump Mugshot Merchandise? with Rudy Giuliani and Kane

Would YOU buy merchandise featuring Donald Trump's mugshot? Who wouldn't! Donald Trump is at his strongest when it's him against the world, and there is no moment that will capture that better than when he appears in Fulton County, Georgia to be arraigned as part of Big Fani Willis's plot to rig the 2024 election. Charlie talks to Trump co-defendant Rudy Giuliani and Citizen Free Press's Kane about the Georgia situation, and then Kane uses his sage wisdom to assess the winner's and (big, big) losers of Wednesday's debate.Support the show: for privacy information.
24/08/23·34m 8s

Did We Just Watch the Old GOP’s Funeral?

The day after the first GOP debate for the 2024 cycle, Charlie has some strong opinions. He names a winner (and more importantly, the many losers), discusses the future of Ron DeSantis’s campaign, and touches on one of the biggest issues of the night— the audience. What's the point of a GOP debate that doesn't have an authentic GOP crowd? Was Wednesday night really a GOP debate...or just a wake for the GOP of old?Support the show: for privacy information.
24/08/23·32m 53s

Do Not Comply with Dr. Joseph Ladapo

The regime is kicking up a new Covid scare, with a new variant coming from some new far-off place. Everyone knows what that means: New mask mandates are on the way, followed by lockdowns and then forced vaccines. As the threat rises, Charlie provides the three-word motto that will protect us from another wave of tyranny: Do Not Comply. Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo joins in the discussion.Support the show: for privacy information.
24/08/23·33m 24s
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