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GMBN Presents The Mountain Bike Podcast

GMBN Presents The Mountain Bike Podcast

By GMBN Presents The Mountain Bike Podcast

Join GMBN for some insider insights with some of biggest names in downhill, cross country and enduro for an in-depth chat drenched with anecdotes, insights and opinions from the world of mountain biking.


62: Is The Bike Industry In Big Trouble? | The GMBN Podcast

We're a little worried about some of the things we're hearing about the bike industry right now. A combination of Covid, external factors and global economies seem to have supply and demand reeling! Martyn sat down with Doddy and Sandy for a hot take on the situation.
10/02/23·56m 53s

61: Riding To Combat Adversity with Nils From Rider Resilience | The GMBN Podcast

In this episode, Martyn Ashton chats with Nils from Rider Resilience about his story and how mountain biking can help combat adversity. Rider Resilience hopes that having a vast pool of inspirational content can help to foster or regain resilience and positivity in people, that it will serve to appreciate the good things in life and become an ever-growing impetus to once again get out and ride.
28/10/22·59m 56s

60: Talking Shop With Sandy From The Trailhead Bicycle Co! | The GMBN Podcast

This week we are joined by Sandy Plenty from The Trailhead bicycle company. Sandy has worked in bike shops almost all of his life and has built one of the best bike shops in the UK with a great community focus. We find out how E-Bikes saved his shop, his thoughts on EMTBs Vs MTBs and why he sold one of the most iconic bikes of all time from his personal connection. 
20/05/22·1h 6m

59: From Bullets To Bikes With Ben Deakin | The GMBN Podcast

The Ben 'Deakinator' Deakin story is one that is very different from the traditional way in which people become pro mountain bikers. From former Royal Marine Commando to MTB Professional Influencer in a matter of just a couple of years and a catchphrase that you just can't forget! #OiOi 
29/04/22·47m 55s

58: How Extreme is the World Trials Champion? | The Jack Carthy Interview

This week Martyn is joined by Jack Carthy, Jack is the 9X UCI Elite world champion and multiple UCI World Cup champion of competition bike trials. Jack is one of the most decorated MTBers, but hasn’t had the recognition of riders in other disciplines. What will he do if, or once he reaches his lifetime goal of a 10th world championship title?
01/04/22·1h 8m

57: Managing A Factory Racing Team With Nigel Page | The GMBN Podcast

This week Martyn is joined by Nigel Page, masters downhill extraordinaire and team manager of the Nukeproof Sram Factory Racing Team (formerly CRC Mavic and team Chain Reaction Cycles). What is it like to manage a team with some superstar EWS athletes and how what is the role of a team manager in their success? 
25/03/22·2h 6m

56: How to Have the Most Fun on Your Mountain Bike, With Tracy Moseley | The GMBN Podcast

Martyn is joined by EWS Champion, Downhill Champion, Downhill World Champion, and Mum Tracy Moseley on the Podcast this week. Listen now as they recount her career, her work for Trek and Bosch, being a mum vs mountain biker, and how to keep riding fun!
18/03/22·57m 24s

55: Catching Up With Youtube Sensation Sam Pilgrim | The GMBN Podcast

Martyn sits down for a chat with FMB Champion and Youtube Sensation and life-long friend Sam Pilgrim to chat about his beginnings in mountain biking and how it's not always a good idea to listen to the teacher! 
11/03/22·57m 10s

54: Trials & Tribulations With Chris Akrigg | The GMBN Podcast

This week, we've had a visit from Chris Akrigg so that Martyn can talk to someone about Trials (who actually wants to listen!). We've also got a great announcement that Chris will be one of the cycling superstars joining us at the Global Bike Festival, Saalbach from June 16th to the 19th! 
04/03/22·1h 17m

53: Growing Into Mountain Biking With Chopper Fielder | The GMBN Podcast

Whilst over filming for the latest Dirt Shed Show, Martyn thought he'd revive the GMBN Podcast, and what better guest to kick things off (again) than Grant Fielder. Chopper, the godfather of the UK scene was a kid who was good at everything, so what was it that made bikes stick? 
25/02/22·1h 6m

52: Recovering From Spinal Injury, With Brook Macdonald | The GMBN Podcast

The GMBN Podcast is back with a very special guest, none other than Brook Macdonald! Listen now as he and Martyn discuss his crash and injury at Mont St Anne 2019, his surgery and the recovery steps that followed, and getting back on the bike for 2020's shortened season.
04/01/21·36m 57s

51: EWS 2020 Round 3, Finale Ligure | The GMBN Podcast

Just like that, the weekends racing in Finale Ligure marks the end of the Enduro World Series 2020 season. Ric, Ruaridh, and Duncan recap all the action, speculate on signings over the off season, and discuss the changes in bike setup over the years
28/09/20·24m 53s

50: EWS & EWS-E 2020 Round 2: Pietra Ligure | The GMBN Podcast

Neil is joined by Ric McLauglin and Duncan Philpott as they recap all the action from the weekends racing of the penultimate round of the 2020 Enduro World Series. Sudden thunderstorms meant a change in conditions for finals, the French riders had a field day, and a couple of crashes meant early baths for Martin Maes and Robin Wallner. Listen now for all the details
21/09/20·45m 50s

49: EWS & EWS-E 2020 Round 1: Zermatt | The GMBN Podcast

The GMBN Podcast returns along with the first round of the 2020 Enduro World Series and EWS-E from home of the Toblerone - Zermatt, Switzerland. Neil and Ric bring you a recap of the weekend's racing; discussing the challenges of holding an event during a pandemic, the less than ideal conditions and how the riders dealt with them, and talk the significance of the inaugural EWS-E event.
01/09/20·39m 21s

48: Wheelies With Jake100 | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 48

In this episode of the GMBN Podcast Martyn speaks with Nike Athlete and Instagram sensation Jake100, talking about how wheelies and riding bikes can bring communities together, the #bikelife scene, and his new project @downtoride 
01/06/20·37m 46s

47: The Sam Pilgrim Interview | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 47

Sam Pilgrim is the special guest in this episode of the GMBN Podcast! Listen now as he and Martyn chat about his early career, becoming FMB Champion, and reaching a million subscribers on YouTube.
25/05/20·45m 42s

46: Dyfi Bike Park & Atherton Bikes With Gee Atherton | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 46

In this episode of the GMBN Podcast Rich is joined by none other than Gee Atherton. Listen now as they reminisce over school days in Somerset, chat about Gee's involvement with Dyfi Bike Park and Atherton Bikes, and Rich finds out if anyone has ever tried to split the Atherton family up. 
18/05/20·52m 46s

45: Tech Talk With Jordi Cortes | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 45

Henry and Jordi Cortes of Fox talk all things suspension, the development of Fox's RAD program, geometry, and interpreting the suspension demands of world's best racers in this episode of the podcast. There were some technical difficulties due to the remote nature of recording this podcast, we hope they're not too distracting. Enjoy.
11/05/20·41m 32s

44: 29ers & Tight Trousers With Loic Bruni | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 44

In this Episode of the GMBN Podcast Steve chats with the fastest man in Downhill mountain biking, Loic Bruni; about the current French domination of the sport, his massive crash in Fort William, his fondness of tight trousers, and more.
20/04/20·47m 52s

43: A Chat With Greg Minnaar | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 43

On the GMBN podcast this week we're joined by the G.O.A.T, Greg Minnaar. Listen now as we hear his thoughts on the COVID-19 situation and it's effect on the World Cup season, some of his stories of the circuit from back in the day, his involvement in the Honda team and development of the bike, and what he would be doing if his wasn't a mountain biker. Enjoy.
03/04/20·46m 6s

42: Coronavirus & The EWS With Iago Garay | The GMBN Podcast Ep.42

On this Episode of the GMBN Podcast Neil is Joined by Spanish Enduro Racer Iago Garay. Listen now as they talk about the COVID-19 lockdown in Spain, the effect on the bike industry, and the upcoming Enduro World Series.
20/03/20·40m 16s

41: The 2020 Race Season With Ric McLaughlin | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 41

Neil is joined by EWS host Ric McLaughlin on the GMBN podcast as we announce our partnership with them for the coming season! Listen now as they chat everything from Cross Country to Downhill, Mathieu Van Der Poel to Sam Hill, the Olympics and the year to come!
10/03/20·42m 22s

40: What Does It Take To Become An Olympic Mountain Biker? | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 40

Martyn is joined by Oli Beckingsale in this episode of the GMBN podcast; a Cross Country rider who took part in the 2000, 2004, and 2008 Olympic Mountain Biking.  They discuss what it takes to become an Olympic Athlete, the change in the process and event over the years, and whether British Cycling is biased towards Track cycling.
24/02/20·56m 19s

39: Pole Bikes With Designer Leo Kokkonen | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 39

On this episode of the GMBN podcast Henry is joined by Pole Bicycles founder and designer, Leo Kokkonen.  Listen now as they discuss progressive geometry, the lack of carbon in Pole's line up, and the direction of the mountain bike industry.  Follow Leo on Instagram here: @leo_kokkonen
10/02/20·51m 11s

38: Changing Teams With EWS Rider Greg Callaghan | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 38

This week on the podcast Henry is joined by EWS racer Greg Callaghan; listen now as they talk team changes, negotiating contract law as a mountain biker, getting used to new equipment, and making the switch from privateer to factory rider.
03/02/20·36m 51s

37: Olly Wilkins Talks the Surrey Hills Scene and Brendan Fairclough's Rampage Gap | The GMBN Podcast EP. 37

This week we sit down with Olly Wilkins to ask about him growing up in the UK’s famous Surrey Hills. Why has it produced so many UK pros? Does he ride illegal trails? Does the UK have a Dirt Jump scene anymore? What was the story behind Brendan Fairclough's CRAZY Rampage Backflip?- 🔈 Listen now to find out and more.
27/01/20·48m 47s

36: From EWS Or Bust To GMBN - With Rich Payne | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 36

We welcome our latest presenter on this episode of the GMBN Podcast, Rich Payne,  former World Cup 4x and EWS racer. Listen now to find out his background, thoughts on the British MTB scene, the Enduro World Series, and life living in Jersey 🤘
20/01/20·36m 12s

35: Fashion & Trends In The Mountain Bike Industry | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 35

In this episode of the GMBN Podcast we're discussing trends and fashion in the MTB industry. Is the latest kit and componentry really necessary? Are energy drink helmets trendy? Who is the most fashionable mountain biker? Listen now to find out.
13/01/20·46m 27s

34: Can A Youtuber Race World Cup Downhill? With Ben Cathro | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 34

This week on the GMBN Podcast - Henry is joined by Ben Cathro; a veteran of the downhill MTB scene known for his analysis and insight of World Cup Racing; being one of the tallest men in downhill; and, THAT skinsuit. Listen now as they discuss Ben's career and his plans for the coming season
06/01/20·43m 52s

33: The Best Mountain Bike Riders Of The Decade | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 33

As 2019, and the decade, draw to a close; Henry, Martyn, and Neil discuss who they think have been the best MTB riders of this decade. Who has had the greatest comeback? Who was the biggest game changer? Who had the most bad luck? Listen now to find out!
30/12/19·45m 30s

32: The Most Influential MTB Tech Of The Decade | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 32

The last ten years have seen mountain bike technology advance rapidly. From geometry to tubeless tyres, the bikes we ride are a far cry from that available in 2009. In this episode of the GMBN Podcast; Steve, Doddy, and Henry discuss what they think has been the most influential MTB tech of the last decade🔧
23/12/19·54m 34s

31: Is Mountain Biking Worth The Risk? With Martyn Ashton & Neil Donoghue | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 31

In this episode of the GMBN Podcast; Henry, Martyn, and Neil sit down to talk all about risk. What does it mean to them? How do they measure up risk vs reward? Do they take risks in other areas of their lives? Find out all of this and more inside... 
16/12/19·1h 2m

30: Is Boutique Best? With Starling Cycles | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 30

This week on the GMBN podcast we're joined by Joe McEwan of Starling Cycles. With a background in aerospace engineering, steel might seem like a strange choice of material for Joe's bikes; but there's reason behind it. Listen now to hear Joe's thoughts on frame manufacture, industry standards, and suspension kinematics.
10/12/19·36m 18s

29: Rob Warner Talks About His Mountain Biking Career | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 29

This week Martyn Ashton and Neil Donoghue interview mountain biking’s biggest character Rob Warner to discuss commentating on live XC and downhill racing as well as his past, present and future projects 🤘
25/11/19·44m 50s

28: The Mountain Bike Podcast Presented By GMBN #28 | The Importance Of Dirt Jumping With Steve Geall

Join Henry, Chris, and special guest Steve Geall as they talk all things dirt jumping in this week's GMBN Podcast; from it's origins in BMX to riders making the transition to Red Bull Rampage
11/11/19·33m 16s

27: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #27 | Talking Trials With Martyn Ashton

Henry is joined by our very own Martyn Ashton as they discuss his transition from motorbike trials to mountain bike trials, how trials skills can help on the trial, and how Danny Macaskill became such a sensation.
04/11/19·34m 42s

26: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #26 | Managing A Race Team With Harry Molloy

Henry is joined by World Cup racer and manager of Insync Racing, Harry Molloy, in this episode of the Mountain Bike Podcast presented by GMBN. They chat about what it takes to run a team, development and testing of bikes, and the influence of social media on sponsorship.
28/10/19·22m 10s

25: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #25 | Has Mountain Bike Geometry Reached Its Extreme? With Paul Aston

This week on the GMBN podcast Neil is joined by industry veteran Paul Aston to talk carbon rims, e-bikes, mullets, gearboxes, and more! 
21/10/19·25m 58s

24: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #24 | Mountain Bike Design With Nukeproof

This week on the GMBN Podcast Henry is joined by Rob and Dale from Nukeproof to discuss whether all mountain bikes are created equal, the development of the modern MTB, and if mullet bikes are all that.
14/10/19·36m 33s

23: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #23 |Talking Freeride with Blake Samson & Chris Smith

This week on the MTB podcast Henry sits down with Blake and Chris to discuss their freeride careers, thoughts on the sport, and where it has got them.
07/10/19·38m 45s

22: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #22 | EWS Trophy Of Nations

Henry and Neil recap all of the action from the weekends racing in Finale Ligure - The Enduro World Series Trophy Of Nations.
30/09/19·36m 55s

21: Climbing Everest's Elevation & The Leadville 100 | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 21

It's Adventure Week here at GMBN, so Neil sat down with Henry and Chris to chat about their recent rides. Both featuring high altitude but in two different ways.
23/09/19·28m 6s

20: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #20 | What Is It Like To Run A Bike Shop?

Something a bit different on the podcast this week as Neil sits down with Sandy of The Trailhead to chat bikes, bike shops, direct sales models, and the importance of a local mountain bike scene 🤘
16/09/19·28m 17s

19: The GMBN Podcast Episode 19 | UCI World Cup Finals

What an incredible weekend of racing! Henry is joined by Ex Cross Country racer Oli Beckingsale as they recap the action from a brand new venue. It's fair to say that Snowshoe did not disappoint.
09/09/19·43m 24s

18: The GMBN Podcast Episode 18 | 2019 World Champions Are Crowned

Steve is joined once again by special guest Oli Beckingsale to chat about everything to do with this weekend's World Champs Race in Mont St Anne. From jersey designs of the past, to track evolution in both XC and DH and the one-off atmosphere of the Worlds competition, tune in and enjoy!
02/09/19·29m 36s

17: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #17 | Is Crankworx The Biggest Mountain Bike Event?

Neil is joined by Steve Jones in the shed as they discuss everything from Crankworx, the random tandem, and E-Bike Racing in the Alps.
19/08/19·24m 1s

16: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #16 | What Are We Doing In Whistler? World Cup & EWS Recap

Join Martyn and Neil in Whistler Olympic Village as they recap the action from a busy weekend's racing at the Lenzerheide World Cup Downhill and Cross Country and EWS Whistler.  Plus, Find out what the GMBN team are getting up to during Crankworx!
12/08/19·26m 2s

15: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #15 | Val Di Sole World Cup Downhill & Cross Country

The UCI World Cup returns to the classic Italian venue of Val Di Sole. Neil Donoghue and Steve Jones recap all the action in this episode of the GMBN Podcast.
05/08/19·29m 49s

14: The GMBN Podcast Ep.14 | The Future Of Mountain Bikes With Chris Porter

Our mountain bikes have changed drastically over the last decade, but how will they look in 2030?  In this Podcast our ex world cup Downhill mechanic, Henry Quinney, picks the brains of one of UK mountain biking’s most influential figures, Chris Porter.
29/07/19·43m 44s

13: The Mountain Bike Podcast #13 Tour de France Special - Is Road Cycling easier than MTB?

Could a Mountain Biker compete at the Tour De France? Neil is joined by Si from GCN, a former pro Mountain Biker and Road Cyclist to chat about this years race and how multi talented riders like Van Der Poel, Schurter and Sagan compare. 
22/07/19·24m 3s

12: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #12 Les Gets World Cup Downhill & Cross Country

World Cup Mountain Bike racing returned to a classic French venue and the racing was as hot as the weather. Neil is joined by Oli Beckingsale and Steve Jones to go through all the happenings. 
15/07/19·38m 12s

11: The Mountain Bike Podcast By GMBN #11 EWS Les Orres & The Vallnord World Cup

Steve, Henry, and Doddy give you the run down of a busy weekend of mountain bike racing. Covering the EWS from Les Orres, France; as well as the World Cup Downhill and Cross Country from Vallnord, Andorra.
08/07/19·48m 50s

10: The Mountain Bike Podcast #10 EWS Round 4 Val di Fassa

EWS racing returns in the Italian Dolomites at Val Di Fassa with plenty of hot topics on and off the race track. The return of Richie Rude, the departure of Martin Maes and the scorching hot form of Cordurier fill the news. 
01/07/19·36m 30s

9: Retro Week- How Has Mountain Biking Changed?

Neil, Martyn and Doddy are getting nostalgic about Mountain Biking, delving deep into 90’s bikes, racers and how the scene has matured since the early days in Marin County.
24/06/19·52m 47s

8: GMBN Presents The Mountain Bike Podcast with Brendan Fairclough

We catch up with Downhill racer, Freerider and all round super skillful Mountain Biker, Brendan Fairclough for a chat about bikes, videos, money, cars and other topics...
17/06/19·1h 5m

7: The Mountain Bike Podcast by GMBN #7 Leogang DH

It’s back to back weekends for Downhill Mercedes Benz UCI MTB World Cup as the circus moves to Leogang, Austria. Neil and Steve talk about what happened and get sidetracked occasionally 
10/06/19·31m 44s

6: The Mountain Bike Podcast by GMBN #6 Fort William DH

The 2nd round of the 2019 Downhill Mercedes Benz UCI MTB WorldCup took place this weekend on the brutal track at Fort William, Neil and Martyn talk through the crashes, the mechanicals and some amazing runs. 
03/06/19·45m 11s

5: GMBN presents The Mountain Bike Podcast #Ep.5 XC Nove Mesto Featuring Oli Beckingsale

Round 2 of the UCI Cross Country World Cup has just taken place in Nové Město, Czech Republic. Neil welcomes back Oli Beckingsale to pick his brains on overtraining, bike choice, the importance of a good start to the season, and the Cape Epic Endurance race. Two clear battles are emerging in the mens and womens fields; Kate Courtney once again beat Jolanda Neff to the post, whilst in the mens Nino Schurter returns to form to finish second behind jack of all trades Mathieu Van Der Poel. Will we see another clash at the next round in Andorra?
27/05/19·42m 23s

4: The Mountain Bike Podcast by GMBN #4 XC Albstadt Featuring Oli Beckingsale

Neil is joined this week by ex pro Cross Country racer and Olympian Oli Beckingsale to chew the fat over the very first Cross Country World Cup race of the year in Albstadt, Germany.
20/05/19·41m 34s

3: The Mountain Bike Podcast by GMBN #3 EWS Madeira Featuring Tracey Moseley

This week on the GMBN podcast we're joined by Downhill and Enduro veteran Tracy Moseley. Chatting about her current role at Trek; making the switch from Downhill to Enduro; the growth and success of the Enduro World Series; the rise of the young guns in the EWS, and new Enduro venues for 2019! So what are you waiting for? Search ‘The Mountain Bike Podcast’ on: – Spotify – Google – iTunes And get set to sit back, listen and enjoy!
13/05/19·40m 44s

2: The Mountain Bike Podcast by GMBN #2 The Life Of A World Cup Mechanic

Hi and welcome to the Mountain Bike Podcast presented by GMBN, I am Neil Donoghue and I’m back, ready for round 2! For this episode we have an ex world cup race mechanic and the new GMBN tech presenter- Henry Quinney. Does spannering for some of the world’s fastest Downhill racers, like Tracey Hannah, prepare him for life at GMBN?
05/05/19·1h 3m

1: The Mountain Bike Podcast by GMBN #1 Maribor

Welcome to the Global Mountain Bike Network’s (GMBN) all-new Mountain Bike Podcast for a casual chat with the experts of mountain biking about the biggest and best races on the planet, and much more!  Co-hosted by Neil Donoghue and Steve Jones, this first episode kicks things off an in-depth look at all the action from the first UCI World Cup Downhill race of the year: Maribor, Slovenia. 
29/04/19·34m 59s
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