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Alien Nation with Jo Wood

By Alien Nation with Jo Wood

Welcome to Alien Nation – the ongoing series about extra-terrestrials, UFOs, and asks the question “Are we alone?” Hosted by broadcaster Jo Wood, herself an avid believer since seeing strange lights in the sky in Brazil in 1998 (well she’s believed all her life really, but that really sealed it), she talks to other celebrities, experts, and everyday Earthlings who have had close encounters or simply think we cannot be the only planet with life in this vast universe. Listen to their incredible stories every week. Are we alone? Certainly not. Have we been visited by advanced societies? Well how else do you explain the unearthly aerial sightings from around the world? And don’t even get her going on how the Pyramids were built.


43: David Icke

Jo is back for a one off Christmas special exploring how 'The Greys' and 'The Reptilians' are manipulating human society with special guest David Icke.
22/12/21·29m 26s

42: An Interstellar Break

Alien Nation is on a short break but will be back soon! Catch up on all our great episodes you might have missed including Shaun Ryder, Robbie Williams and Jean Michel Jarre
04/03/20·1m 2s

41: The Rendlesham Enigma!

In part two of her conversation with Jim Penniston, first on the scene at the Rendlesham Forest Incident, Jo finds out what he thinks he saw that night - and it will surprise you!
26/02/20·27m 38s

40: Sgt Jim Penniston

On December 26 1980 Sgt Jim Penniston lead a security team to investigate a strange object outside RAF Woodbridge. What he found became the most infamous UFO sighting in the UK - The Rendlesham Forest Incident.
19/02/20·37m 6s

39: Aliens Rock!

Ahead of next week's Brit Awards Jo revisits some of her favourite chats with musicians who've seen UFOs including Shaun Ryder, Brix Smith Start and Robbie Williams
12/02/20·31m 25s

38: Future Humans!

Author Diane Tessman joins Jo to explain her theory that some aliens are actually humans from the future
05/02/20·29m 25s

37: Calvin Parker

After being abducted in 1973 Calvin Parker refused to speak about his encounter until publisher Philip Mantle convinced him to share his incredible story.
29/01/20·49m 49s

36: The Alien Autopsy Hoax Part 2

So how did the world and UFO community react when Spyros Melaris released his fake autopsy film?
22/01/20·33m 46s

35: The Alien Autopsy Hoax Part 1

Film maker and illusionist Sypros Melaris tells Jo how he lead a team to create one of the biggest hoaxes in UFO history.
15/01/20·35m 39s

34: Dr Dan Farcas

The author of UFOs Over Romania tells Jo about his latest book Hyper-Civilization: An Answer to ET Contact on Earth.
08/01/20·30m 21s

33: Alien Nation's Christmas Hits!

Jo looks back on 2019 with highlights of some of her favourite guests. Enjoy! We'll be back in your feed January 8 2020.
18/12/19·33m 56s

32: The Entity on Tannyoky Road

Arfon Jones was driving down the Tannyoky Road in Northern Ireland when he came face to face with an ET.
11/12/19·27m 4s

31: Hollywood UFOs

Film expert and UFO researcher Robbie Graham tells Jo how Hollywood has shaped our understanding of the UFO phenomenon.
04/12/19·30m 57s

30: Jan Harzan of MUFON

The Executive Director of the Mutual UFO Network tells Jo about the organisation's history and his own close encounter.
27/11/19·38m 22s

29: We found Jo!

We found Jo and are about to record new shows coming soon! Stay tuned!
20/11/19·1m 30s

28: Half term at Alien Nation

Hi, we're taking a short break to catch our breath but will be back in your feed in a couple of weeks!
06/11/19·1m 59s

27: Whistleblowers and Hypnotta!

Artist and composer Doug Auld tells Jo about his Whistleblowers portrait series and his musical Hypnotta
30/10/19·33m 44s

26: What happened on January 16 2012? A lot!

Event organiser and UFO enthusiast Scott James tells his amazing story and his plans for a UFO conference in London
23/10/19·29m 17s

25: Joanna Summerscales

The founder of the ETNewsrooms and producer of the Eklectia compilation album of Experiencer Musicians tells Jo of her many projects in music, books, and Ufology
16/10/19·39m 48s

24: Investigate the Unknown

Nicholas Martin, founder of Investigate the Unknown joins Jo to talk about his new UFO app ITU
09/10/19·25m 24s

23: 'They have no face features'

Listener Annette Williamson got in touch with an incredible story.
02/10/19·34m 44s

22: Sev Tok

25/09/19·36m 50s

21: Flying Disk Press

Philip Mantle, founder of Flying Disk Press, joins Jo to chat about alien autopsies and crop circles.
18/09/19·39m 52s

20: Tuned In: Grant Cameron

Canadian author Grant Cameron tells Jo about the many musicians who have had sightings.
11/09/19·35m 1s

19: 'There's a lot going on out there.'

Jo and her good friend Lin Cotton talk about how they bonded over their shared belief in UFOs and the mysteries of the universe. 
04/09/19·29m 52s

18: Rendlesham Forest

UFO Truth Editor Gary Heseltine comes back to talk about the famous Rendlesham Forest Incident and previews his upcoming documentary Capel Green. See the trailer here. You can also get a complimentary copy of UFO Truth by emailing him on and say you heard him on Alien Nation. 
28/08/19·21m 53s

17: UFO Truth!

UFO Truth magazine's Editor Gary Heseltine joins Jo to talk about his Police UFO sightings database and his extensive research into extraterrestrials. 
21/08/19·33m 3s

16: Bruce and Daniella Fenton at the Awakening Conference

Authors of Hybrid Humans, Bruce and Daniella Fenton, chat to Jo at the Awakening UFO Conference in Salford.
14/08/19·30m 51s

15: The Awakening UFO Conference Part 1

Jo attends her first UFO conference. The Awakening UFO Conference was held in Salford on July 20 where Jo spoke to audience members with sighting stories and well known speakers such as David Childress from Ancient Aliens.
07/08/19·37m 49s

14: The Consciousness Architect.

Janine Regan-Sinclair is one of the Top 5 psychics in America and has had numerous Alien encounter. She believes they come to her because she's not afraid of them.
31/07/19·28m 5s

13: Abduction or Reunion?

Dr Bruce Solheim has had, continues to have, visitations from alien beings. But to him, they're not abductions, they're reunions.
24/07/19·33m 40s

12: Pixie Geldof

The model and activist joins Jo to talk about the mysteries of the universe.
17/07/19·18m 16s

11: Robbie Williams Part Two

In this special bonus episode Robbie Williams delves into the paranormal and other 'weirdness' he's experienced since he was a boy.
10/07/19·15m 43s

10: Robbie Williams Part One

In the first of a two part special International pop star Robbie Williams dazzles Jo with his many unexplained arial sightings.
03/07/19·29m 21s

9: The Betty and Barney Hill Story

Betty and Barney Hill were one of the first famous UFO abductees. Their niece and UFO researcher in her own right, Kathleen Marden, tells Jo the story in full as well as her decades long work with other abductees. 
26/06/19·38m 5s

8: Collette Cooper

The blues singer, artist, and actor and UFO enthusiast joins Jo about aliens trying to contact her and UFOs in old paintings.
19/06/19·26m 56s

7: 'Let me tell you where I saw an alien.'

Eco-Fashion Warrior Vin of the designers Vin and Omi tells Jo he's seen not just UFOs but maybe an alien being too.
12/06/19·28m 38s

6: Murray Lachlan Young

Poet and playwright Murray Lachlan Young digs deep with Jo about inter-dimensional beings and other theories about aliens and asks the all important question, 'Could there be curry on Mars?'
05/06/19·30m 36s

5: Brix Smith Start

The musician, author, TV personality and fellow believer tells Jo of her many sightings, including her first when she looked into the sky and said 'Come get me. I want to go home.'
29/05/19·26m 33s

4: 'We completely lost eight hours.'

'Ted' and four friends went camping in the South of France. They heard strange noises at 9pm. The next thing they knew it was 5am. What happened in those eight hours? Were they abducted? Listen to his story and decide for yourself.
22/05/19·26m 40s

3: Dan Aykroyd

Actor, writer, and comedian Dan Aykroyd shares is deep knowledge of UFO sightings based on his research and personal experience.
15/05/19·24m 51s

2: Jean Michel Jarre

The French Electronic music pioneer talks to Jo in his Parisienne flat about his love of space, his friendship with Arthur C Clarke and his belief we are not alone in the universe.
08/05/19·27m 2s

1: Shaun Ryder

Happy Mondays and Black Grape Singer Shaun Ryder joins Jo to tell about the time he saw a UFO when he was 15 years old.
01/05/19·18m 16s

1: Alien Nation Promo

Welcome to Alien Nation the show about aliens, UFOs and asks the question 'Are we alone?' Hosted by Jo Wood. Coming soon.
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