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Everyone needs a little help being a human. From sleep to saving money to parenting and more, we talk to the experts to get the best advice out there. Life Kit is here to help you get it together.

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Teeth: an owner's manual

Brush twice a day. Remember to floss. Visit the dentist twice a year. We know the drill...or maybe not? In this episode, how to take care of your teeth, from finding a good dentist, to home teeth whitening, to the best brushing techniques. This episode originally published on February 27, 2023.
26/09/23·21m 14s

How to talk to your parents about their money

For many families, there comes a time when it's the kid's turn to take care of their parents. But caretaking is expensive and draining. Make it easier on yourself by talking to your parents ahead of time about their finances, their long-term care plans, and their wishes. In this episode, how to approach your parents, what to ask them, and what to do if they're already experiencing dementia or cognitive decline.
25/09/23·19m 24s

Ace Your Freshman Year of College

Congratulations! You've been accepted into college. Now you've got to find your way around campus, pick out classes, make new friends, and figure out a plan to graduate — on time. Here's how to make it easier. This episode originally published on September 3, 2019.
21/09/23·17m 7s

We've heard we need more fiber in our diets. Here are 8 easy tips for getting there

NPR's Maria Godoy is a self-proclaimed fiber fanatic. She explains how to add fiber to your diet (munch on popcorn!) and provides a grocery list of high-fiber foods that you can print out at home.
19/09/23·15m 6s

The consequences of overindulging your kids

Giving in to your kid too much can be harmful to their development. Take the 'Test of Four' to examine your relationship with your child — then find out how to say 'no' and enforce rules that stick.
18/09/23·20m 3s

What to know about the new COVID boosters

Updated versions of the mRNA vaccines roll out this week. Experts say they offer good protection against current COVID variants. Who should get them, and when's the best time to roll up your sleeve?
14/09/23·16m 20s

How to avoid 'lifestyle creep'

Making more money tends to lead to spending more money. It's a phenomenon known as "lifestyle creep." Paco de Leon, author of Finance for the People, shares advice on keeping your long-term financial goals in check and fending off the subconscious urge to automatically increase spending when your income increases. This episode originally published on July 14, 2022.
12/09/23·22m 23s

Scarfing down your food? Here's how to slow down and eat more mindfully

Lilian Cheung, a mindful eating lecturer at Harvard, shares helpful tips on how to slow down while eating — including saying 'The 5 Contemplations' by Buddhist master Thích Nhất Hanh.
11/09/23·15m 14s

Dear Life Kit: My husband shuts down any time I try to talk about our finances

I'm struggling to get my husband to make a family budget with me. Whenever the topic comes up, he completely gets defensive. How do I get him to talk to me about money?
07/09/23·11m 21s

Stomp, scrape, repeat: What you can do to stop the spotted lanternfly

An entomologist shares surprising insights about the invasive bug, which is wreaking havoc on crops and trees across 14 U.S. states. Plus: A poster with our facts that you can print out at home.
05/09/23·15m 10s

Don't 'get' art? You may be looking at it wrong

Art professionals explain how to look at paintings and sculptures like an expert — and how to make the most out of a museum visit. This episode originally published January 10, 2023.
04/09/23·19m 44s

Prenups aren't just for the rich and famous. Here's when to consider one

Everyone should consider a prenuptial agreement before getting married, says family law attorney Theresa Viera. Here's how to talk about it with your partner and decide whether it's right for you.
31/08/23·18m 10s

Student loan repayment is resuming. Here's what you need to know

The three-year federal pause on student loans is expiring soon. If your financial circumstances have changed, or you just need an explanation of the many payment plans out there, here's a refresher course on how to pay off your student debt.
29/08/23·14m 10s

Start cleaning your home more sustainably with these tips

Environmentally-friendly living isn't an all-or-nothing equation: think of it as a spectrum of greens. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, green cleaning is one easy way to dip your toe into the green living waters. These tips will help you get started. This episode originally published July 11, 2022.
28/08/23·18m 20s

A guide to forest bathing

Spending an afternoon in a forest isn't just enjoyable, it's good for your health. Taking in the forest through your senses can boost your immune system, reduce blood pressure, lower stress hormones and improve your physical and emotional state in other ways. If you want to try forest bathing, here are some exercises for the next time you find yourself under some trees.
24/08/23·17m 19s

When is it OK to lie?

When are white lies harmless or hurtful? Experts weigh in on when it's appropriate to tell a lie, explain how lying can lead to more lying and share tips for cutting back if you want to break the habit.
22/08/23·19m 17s

Meal prep made easy

What's for dinner? It's a question that can lead to overspending on delivery, unhealthy meals and dread. FitMenCook founder Kevin Curry shares meal prep techniques that can alleviate stress and save money. This episode originally published January 31, 2023.
21/08/23·15m 12s

Protect your hearing and ears

Go easy on the Q-tips. Watch your phone volume. And if you're experiencing hearing issues like muffled sounds or tinnitus, see a professional. This comic offers advice on how to care for your ears.
17/08/23·23m 49s

Start a financial self-care routine

We're supposed to do things routinely for our health, like brushing our teeth, showering and exercising. And there are basic hygiene tasks to maintain your financial health too. Here are five tasks to tackle each year.
15/08/23·15m 58s

The 5-minute playtime ritual that can help your kids listen

Children's health professionals widely recommend a strategy known as 'special time' to help reduce behavioral issues in young children. This episode explains how to do it and why this simple and free tool is so powerful.
14/08/23·13m 49s

Start learning your family's language

Heritage language learners are different from people learning a second language for the first time. They often grow up hearing it, but that can come with its own set of challenges. Experts offer their advice on how to learn your heritage language. This episode originally published May 31, 2022.
10/08/23·23m 36s

Millennial? Gen Z? It may be time for colorectal cancer screening

Colorectal cancer cases are on the rise among people under 50. In this episode, we explain the risk, symptoms to look out for and how to get screened.
08/08/23·14m 2s

Looking for a job? Advice to help you land the gig

How helpful are personal connections? When should you send a thank you email? Cynthia Pong, founder and CEO of the career coaching firm Embrace Change, answers questions about how to find a job.
07/08/23·16m 59s

Dear LK: How should I talk to my kids about their incarcerated uncle?

My brother-in-law was convicted of murder and is serving a life sentence. We haven't shared any of these details with our kids, ages 7 and 9. When should we tell our children where he is and what he did?
03/08/23·12m 24s

Let's have some cheap fun

You don't need to spend a lot of money to have fun. Have you done a chocolate bar taste test? Hosted a themed hangout? Gone to a surprise movie night? Here are some ideas to help you save money and maximize entertainment.
01/08/23·12m 51s

Minimize your back pain while cooking

Many of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. It might not disappear entirely, but you can find ways to comfortably perform everyday tasks like cooking. This episode offers strategies for minimizing your pain when making a meal – like chopping and loading an oven with minimal discomfort.
31/07/23·16m 42s

Start your own business

It's time to get your MBA — the easy way. We're sharing an episode from Planet Money's Summer School. In this lesson: Everyone has a million dollar business idea (e.g., "Shazam but for movies"), but not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. You'll hear two case studies with founders who learned the hard way what goes into starting a small business and a biz school professor who chimes in to explain the fundamentals.
29/07/23·32m 6s

Bring more play into your life

Play isn't just fun. Researchers argue it can help you adapt to difficult circumstances, collaborate better and problem-solve. We'll help you figure out your play personality and how to prioritize play in your life.
27/07/23·19m 53s

Losing a pet is hard. Here's how to cope

Losing a pet can be devastating. Here's how to process the loss of your special friend and open yourself up to the love and lessons they left behind.
25/07/23·21m 53s

How to make a salad you want to eat

We could all be eating more vegetables. One fast way to do that: toss them in a salad. Here's how to make nutritious, affordable and most importantly, crave-worthy salads.
24/07/23·19m 22s

Find books you'll love

It's easy to get into a reading rut. Whether you've gotten into the habit of scrolling at night or just can't find a book you're excited about, in this episode we'll help you find books you actually want to finish.
20/07/23·16m 58s

How to be a supportive adult in a kid's life

How aunties, uncles and other adults can help support the kids in their lives.
18/07/23·22m 24s

How to buy a car with confidence

Buying a car can be intimidating. This episode will help you strategize to avoid all the potential pitfalls, so you can drive away with a good deal. This episode originally published February 18, 2020.
17/07/23·24m 24s

How to tell your own story

Everyone has a story to tell. Writing a memoir is more than just documenting your life — it can help you process what you've gone through, capture a moment in history for descendants and help others make sense of their own lives. Here's how to get started.
13/07/23·25m 9s

How to choose a bank

It's easy to feel stuck with a bank account you've had forever, even if it's inconvenient or racking up fees. But there are lots of other options out there.
11/07/23·16m 41s

What to do when you're constipated

We've got a step-by-step guide for that SOS moment when you haven't pooped in days and days.
10/07/23·16m 13s

Dear LK: My group chat is toxic

In college, I became close with a diverse friend group. Years later, we still stay in touch via text. Some people rely on our group to manage their anxiety. The norm in the group is to reassure whoever is most upset, even when that person is wrong.
06/07/23·11m 5s

Coping with a fear of flying

Whether you're a nervous flyer, you'll do almost anything to avoid flying or you have an actual flying phobia, these tips from psychotherapist Luana Marques can help you overcome a fear of flying.
04/07/23·21m 30s

How to prepare for the return of student loan payments

The Supreme Court has decided to strike down the Biden administration's plan to discharge some or all federal student loan debt. The decision impacts tens of millions of Americans – so what can student loan borrowers do to prepare now that the plan is over? NPR's education correspondent Cory Turner gives context and advice for borrowers.
03/07/23·14m 14s

It's never too late to become a strong swimmer

Knowing how to swim can help you have fun at the pool or beach this summer. But it could also save your life. Here are some tips to start swimming at any age.
29/06/23·20m 6s

How to stop overthinking romantic relationships

Romance makes us feel vulnerable, and dating can feel high stakes. We talk about how to keep things in perspective and take care of your mental health in relationships.
27/06/23·24m 11s

Get grilling this summer

Intimidated by grilling? Cooking over an open flame can do that! In this episode, learn which type of grill to choose, how to maintain a fire, how to create different temperature zones, and other basics and safety tips. This episode originally published May 24, 2022.
26/06/23·21m 32s

How to start running in the body you have

Running is a classic form of exercise for a reason. It gets you from point A to point B, you don't need equipment or a gym membership and it provides cardiovascular benefits. But many people are told that running is not for them because of their body type. We talk to Martinus Evans, author of "Slow AF Run Club," about how you can start running in the body you have. We cover motivation, equipment, pace, form, cross-training and more.
22/06/23·23m 56s

Ultra-processed foods are everywhere. Here's how to avoid them

Ultra-processed foods are tasty, cheap and everywhere. But they come with health risks. NPR health correspondent Maria Godoy lays out ways to spot and avoid ultra-processed foods during your next grocery run.
20/06/23·13m 43s

Get more rest

It's time to make room for more naps. Tricia Hersey, also known as the 'nap bishop' and author of the book "Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto," explains why relaxation and leisure are human rights — especially for communities of color. This episode originally published October 13, 2022.
19/06/23·24m 44s

The do's and don'ts of being a plus-one

It's wedding season. If you've been invited as a plus-one, here's the etiquette you need to be the best guest.
15/06/23·21m 15s

How to spot AI-generated and other fake content

It's easy to be fooled by AI-generated images and other content. We talk about how to identify them, how media literacy can help, plus how to use these tools responsibly.
13/06/23·20m 56s

Renting? Learn to be your own best housing advocate

Does your landlord have to fix that leak? Should you be worried about that clause in your lease? If you live in one of the nearly 44.1 million renter households in the U.S., here's how to spot rental red flags, learn how to speak the language of landlords and how to decode a lease.
12/06/23·24m 34s

How to protect yourself from poor air quality

Canadian wildfires are causing poor air quality in parts of the U.S. The health effects of smoke and poor air quality are dangerous. Here's how to stay safe when the air quality is unhealthy.
08/06/23·12m 18s

Get more out of your dreams

Dreams have inspired works of art, led to breakthroughs in organic chemistry and helped people process their deepest fears and emotions. They're not just weird little movies our brains put on while we sleep. In this episode, we explain why we dream — and how to get more out of them.
06/06/23·19m 2s

Why you should play video games with your kid

Video games get a bad reputation that's often unwarranted. But kids do need guidance in using them wisely. Here's how to help them, starting with spending some time with the games your kids can't put down.
05/06/23·16m 32s

Dear LK: I'm happily married but hate our sex life. Should I ask for a divorce?

I've been in a loving relationship with my husband for years. We're incredibly compatible except for our sex life. The sex started off great, became less interesting over the years, and now it's non-existent. I'm considering divorce even though the rest of our relationship is fine. Initiating a divorce feels cruel, but I also feel like I'm settling and watching time slip away.
01/06/23·11m 26s

To save money on groceries, try these tips before going to the store

Groceries aren't cheap, but there are ways beyond just looking for sales to make budget meals. To help cut down your grocery bill, we have practical tips for saving money on the food you cook at home.
30/05/23·17m 26s

Pick the right sunscreen for you

No matter your skin tone, sunscreen keeps your skin safe from harmful UVA and UVB rays. But to use it right, you need to know a few things: What SPF to use, how often to reapply and the difference between chemical and physical sunscreen. We explain what to look for on the back of a sunscreen bottle and how to use it effectively.
29/05/23·19m 50s

Extend the life of your clothes with visible mending

There's no need to give up on a sweater with a hole in the elbow or a shirt with a tear in the collar. Visible mending is beginner friendly, highly creative and helps extend the life of your clothes.
25/05/23·21m 7s

What to do when you're feeling anxious

Anxiety can feel awful and overwhelming. But it can also be a helpful warning signal — telling us when we're in danger or out of alignment with our true feelings. We share tips on how to turn down the dial on your anxiety symptoms, so you can listen to what they're trying to tell you.
23/05/23·19m 36s

How to have healthy dating expectations

Dating in search of "the one"? Relationship therapist Jeff Guenther, known as Therapy Jeff on TikTok, says that might not be practical. If your goal is a successful, long-term partnership, having realistic expectations and a clear understanding of your values is vital. We'll help you break up with your fantasy partner, do some relationship math and learn what it takes to build a successful partnership based in reality.
22/05/23·17m 55s

Making friends anywhere you move

Whether you're moving into a summer sublet or your forever home, friendships are important to feeling settled in a new place. So how do we do that? A friendship coach walks us through how we can be more vulnerable and resourceful in adult friendships.
18/05/23·18m 37s

Create a better to-do list

Is your to-do list helping you reach your goals? Or is it holding you back? Productivity experts explain how to level up your list so it prioritizes what matters to you. This episode originally published Jan. 5, 2023.
16/05/23·13m 39s

Thrifting 101: Your guide to finding quality pieces

Shopping secondhand is a good way to be more sustainable, explore your personal style or score a deal. We have tips from some diehard thrifters so you can find those hidden gems.
15/05/23·22m 28s

Pregnant? Here's how to deal with the new you

Pregnancy is hard work – for the body, mind and soul. There are seemingly endless resources for all the physical and logistical aspects of pregnancy but far fewer for renegotiating your sense of self. Life Kit spoke with author and journalist Chelsea Conaboy about how pregnancy impacts the brain and how to embrace the changes that parenthood brings.
11/05/23·23m 40s

5 ways to improve your indoor air quality

Want fresher, cleaner air at home? We share practical tips from researchers on how to clean your house (and your air), test your air quality, and change your habits to limit indoor air pollution.
09/05/23·15m 48s

5 ways to explore your gender identity

If you're an adult starting to explore your gender identity, it can be tough knowing where to begin. Here's some advice from trans people to help you on this intimate and powerful journey.
08/05/23·22m 43s

Dear LK: My parents pay my tuition. Do I have to show them my grades?

If your parents pay for your college, do they have a right to demand to see your grades? Berna Anat, the author of Money Out Loud, shares advice on defining financial expectations and boundaries.
04/05/23·13m 2s

A better way to talk to your doctor

Ever leave the doctor's office confused or with unanswered questions? Talking to doctors and other medical professionals can be hard — whether they're good at their jobs or not. We'll give you the tools to get more out of your appointments. We'll talk about how to choose a provider, prepare for your visit, ask the right questions, and get your provider's attention if they're not hearing you. To support our work at NPR and listen to the show sponsor-free, sign up for Life Kit+ at
02/05/23·18m 15s

Want to create a stronger bond with your kids? First relinquish control

It may sound counterintuitive, but if you want to take charge as a parent, stop trying to control your child, says psychologist and author Shefali Tsabary. Her new book, "The Parenting Map," lays out a step-by-step guide for creating conscious parent-child relationships.
01/05/23·19m 49s

When a partner keeps a financial secret

How do you cope when your partner keeps a secret that impacts your personal finances? Meredith Goldstein of the Love Letters podcast from The Boston Globe talks with a couple who worked through financial troubles in their marriage that threatened their hard-earned sense of security.
29/04/23·43m 18s

How to break up with your therapist

Getting into therapy comes with its own hurdles, but what about knowing when to stop it? Moraya Seeger DeGeare, a licensed marriage and family therapist, has advice on how to figure out when it's time to end therapy and what actually to say when you do. Depending on the situation, ending with your therapist could involve anything from ghosting to a sit-down conversation.
27/04/23·21m 1s

A field guide for fledgling birders

You don't need binoculars and a trip to a nature preserve to go birding. If you've ever paused to appreciate a bird, you're already well on your way. Here are some tips to up your game.
25/04/23·22m 19s

Put your savings to work

The current inflation rate in the US is 5 percent. And most big bank savings accounts offer interest rates much lower than that. In this episode, you'll learn how to protect your savings against inflation.
24/04/23·15m 45s

How to clean when you don't feel like cleaning

Therapist and author KC Davis shares a framework to help you get a messy room back to functional quickly. She says that in any space, there are really only five things: trash, dishes, laundry, things that have a place, and things that don't have a place. We help you tackle them, one by one.
20/04/23·16m 0s

Your guide to running for office

If you've ever thought about running for office — your town council or school board, the state legislature, or even Congress, this episode is for you. We'll tell you where to start and how to navigate everything from campaign fundraising to building a "kitchen cabinet." This episode was originally published on October 17, 2019.
18/04/23·25m 9s

So you don't want kids. How to build a child-free life

If you've decided not to have kids, your life will look different from what you might have seen growing up. Here's how to build your child-free life, with or without a long-term partner. We talk about finding community, planning for the future, making a financial plan and responding to some of the comments and judgments of other people.
17/04/23·18m 38s

Find your way to a (high-paying) trade job

There are lots of jobs that don't require a bachelor's degree and pay well. Here's what to consider if you're thinking about a job in the trades — from assessing your options to choosing a training program. This episode originally published April 26, 2021.
13/04/23·22m 32s

Get your debt under control

Life happens, and so does debt. Unexpected car trouble, the high price of food, a family emergency — there is no shortage of reasons why debt can pile up. In this episode, we offer shame-free solutions for digging out of debt.
11/04/23·14m 12s

Practicing the art of saying goodbye

Saying goodbye can be tough, especially if you're parting ways for good. But grief counselor and patient advocate Isabel Stenzel Byrnes says the art of saying goodbye to loved ones can be learned and practiced.
10/04/23·19m 24s

Dear LK: My boyfriend's parents pay for everything. It makes me uncomfortable

She loves her boyfriend's parents, but their generosity feels inappropriate. Maya Lau, host of the podcast Other People's Pockets, weighs in on how to move forward.
06/04/23·11m 53s

Tips for acing that job interview

How should you prepare in advance for a job interview? We discuss what questions to prep for, how to choose an outfit you feel your best in, and what to do if you get nervous. Plus, we walk through a mock interview to model how to answer common questions.
04/04/23·19m 50s

Planning a trip? Here's how to pack like a pro

Getting ready for a trip is fun until you have to start packing. These tips for packing a carry-on will help you figure out what you need in your bag (and what you don't!) so you can have peace of mind while traveling.
03/04/23·17m 0s

How to show up for teens when big emotions arise

Being a teenager is hard. There are emotional highs and lows every day. Clinical psychologist Lisa Damour says instead of jumping into problem-solving mode, parents can learn to ride the wave of emotional management with their teens. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Damour about her book "The Emotional Lives of Teenagers."
30/03/23·20m 30s

Tips for negotiating your medical bills

There's an estimated $195 billion of medical debt in America. But just because a medical bill comes in the mail doesn't mean you have to pay that exact price. Here's how to eliminate, reduce or negotiate a medical bill.
28/03/23·17m 15s

6 tips for raising happy houseplants

From monstera to snake plants, we'll walk you through how to care for your houseplants properly. Plus, troubleshooting tips for knowing when your plant needs water and how to get rid of pests.
27/03/23·19m 45s

How an aerialist uses trapeze to teach students about consent

How do we learn to trust what our bodies tell us and express it to others? Aerialist Adie Delaney speaks with TED Radio Hour host Manoush Zomorodi about how communication, trust and safety in trapeze can provide valuable lessons on consent.
25/03/23·16m 34s

5 things to remember when a friendship ends

Not all friends are meant to last forever. Here are 5 things to remember if you're processing the loss of a friendship — or trying to save one that matters to you.
23/03/23·18m 25s

How to have the STIs conversation

With Dr. Evalene Dacker, we lay out the science of STIs and then give you language to talk about them and, more broadly, about sex, with a potential partner. Because for something so fun, sex can be hard to talk about.
21/03/23·17m 4s

Tricks to boost your credit score

A strong credit score can make major purchases and financial transactions much easier. Here's how to make yours better and keep it high. (This episode originally ran in November 2020.)
20/03/23·18m 54s

Masculinity doesn't have to be restrictive. Here's how to redefine it for yourself

Restrictive expectations of masculinity can be perpetuated by anyone and impact how we view ourselves and others. We spoke with experts for tips on how you or those in your life can begin to redefine masculinity.
16/03/23·24m 51s

5 questions you should ask your partner before getting married

It takes more than love to sustain a marriage. A marriage social scientist goes over five big questions to answer about your relationship and your values before getting hitched.
14/03/23·22m 13s

Braving the 'quarterlife' crisis

Stuck between two conflicting desires and can't seem to move forward? Psychotherapist Satya Doyle Byock shares an exercise called "My Two Conflicting Selves" to help people find a compromise. (This episode originally ran in October 17, 2022).
13/03/23·15m 40s

Finding joy in the face of sorrow

Poet Ross Gay knows a thing or two about finding joy in life's most difficult moments. He talks with It's Been a Minute host Brittany Luse about his new book of essays, "Inciting Joy" — which covers the complexity of joy, the beauty of grace, and meaning in life.
11/03/23·19m 54s

So you want to be a mentor

In this episode, we talk about who can be a mentor, how to structure the relationship, and how to have tricky conversations with your mentees. Also, how to make sure it's not a one-sided relationship.
09/03/23·20m 59s

The truth about caffeine

75% of Americans consume some kind of caffeine at least once a day. Whether your caffeine of choice is coffee, tea, soda or energy drinks, how do you know that it's working for you and not against you? We speak with experts about how you can assess your relationship to caffeine and explore why caffeine may not deserve its bad reputation.
07/03/23·23m 19s

This is the period talk you should've gotten

We asked two experts how they would give the period talk. Here are six pieces of advice — including the science of periods, management techniques, and how to know when something is wrong.
06/03/23·21m 43s

Dear Life Kit: Do I have to listen to my boss complain?

An employee struggles to cope with her boss's constant oversharing and negativity. Journalist and host of the podcast Work Appropriate Anne Helen Petersen shares advice for establishing boundaries ... with your boss.
02/03/23·13m 27s

Can I afford to quit my job?

Longing to quit your job and follow your passion? Or perhaps take a break to travel? Or move to a new place? First, you'll need to look at your finances. In this episode, Jill Schlesinger, a certified financial planner and business analyst for CBS News, walks through her five steps for assessing your financial situation before a possible life change.
28/02/23·19m 8s

'Do I really need to floss?' and other common questions about dental care

We asked experts to answer five questions about how to properly care for your teeth. Here's what they said about finding a dentist, whitening your teeth at home, and whether daily flossing is necessary.
27/02/23·21m 14s

How to file your tax returns: 6 things you should know this year

For something that's legally required, taxes can be confusing. This guide explains when and how to hire a tax preparer, covers the latest credits and deductions — and helps you plan ahead for next year.
23/02/23·12m 47s

Define your personal style

Fashion may not have been at the top of your priority list over the last two years. If you're ready to shake the dust off, here's advice from the experts — from purging your closet to taking fashion risks in a way that feels true to you.
21/02/23·21m 20s

How caregivers can prevent burnout

1 in 5 Americans are acting as unpaid caregivers. The work can be meaningful but also stressful. Caregivers give advice about how to approach the job, find support and make time for yourself.
20/02/23·19m 48s

Earthquake preparedness in 6 steps

Earthquakes strike at a moment's notice. That's why having a plan in place is key. In this episode, emergency and disaster experts share their tips to help prepare you and your family.
16/02/23·17m 39s

The science of finding a partner

Logan Ury, a behavioral scientist at the dating app Hinge, says making dating decisions based on initial chemistry alone is a losing battle. In this episode, dating coach Damon Hoffman speaks with Ury about her book, How to Not Die Alone.
14/02/23·19m 44s

Why the 5-minute walk break is so powerful

Sitting all day isn't good for your health. Long stretches glued to a chair can increase the risk of heart disease and early death. Thankfully, new research shows that five minute walk breaks can be powerful in offsetting those risks.
13/02/23·11m 4s

Dear LK: My husband is still living under COVID lockdown

Three years into the pandemic, one spouse is ready to lift lockdown. The other? Not so much. Epidemiologist and science communicator Jessica Malaty Rivera shares ideas on finding compromise and managing a risk budget.
09/02/23·11m 54s

Creative ways to get kids to eat their veggies

Veggies help kids grow and develop, but it can be hard to convince them to eat their broccoli. These research-backed tips can help you encourage your kids to eat more veggies — or at least try them.
07/02/23·18m 38s

Budgeting for dating

How much should you spend on a date? Who should pick up the bill? Can you talk money on the first date? Kristin Myers, editor-in-chief of The Balance, shares the results of a recent survey on finances and dating.
06/02/23·18m 38s

Be an awesome gift giver

Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one doesn't have to be stressful. With some clever thinking, buying a present can be even more fun that receiving one. 'SELF magazine' editor-in-chief Rachel Wilkerson Miller shares her best tips for birthdays, Valentine's Day or any other occasion.
02/02/23·15m 31s

Meal prep made easy

What's for dinner? It's a question that can lead to overspending on delivery, unhealthy meals and dread. FitMenCook founder Kevin Curry shares meal prep techniques that can alleviate stress and save money.
31/01/23·15m 9s

The five kinds of perfectionists

Are you a 'Parisian perfectionist'? How about a 'messy perfectionist'? Psychotherapist Katherine Morgan Schafler believes there are 5 kinds of perfectionists in the world. Find out which one you are.
30/01/23·21m 21s

Dear LK: My kids are enemies. What should I do?

​A sister relentlessly picks on her brother despite their mom's best attempt to make peace between them. Psychologist Becky Kennedy shares advice with a parent who feels out of ideas — and patience.
26/01/23·11m 23s

Helpful financial advice for creative types

Got a side hustle and not sure how to handle your money? Financial coach Paco de Leon, author of 'Finance for the People: Getting a Grip on Your Finances,' explains why you should put your freelance funds into a separate bank account and how to prepare yourself for tax season.
24/01/23·21m 30s

Practical tips for exercising in the cold

Athlete and activist Alison Mariella Désir and sports medicine specialist Dr. Kelechi Okoroha explain how runners should dress when temperatures drop to the 50s, 30s and below.
23/01/23·14m 49s

'Terrestrials,' a new kid's show from Radiolab, uncovers the strangeness on Earth

This is the story of one particularly devious octopus who lost a limb, was captured by humans — then managed to make an escape from its aquarium tank back into the ocean. This episode comes from our friends at 'Terrestrials,' a podcast presented by Radiolab for Kids.
21/01/23·24m 44s

Looking for a job? Advice to help you land the gig

How helpful are personal connections? When should you send a thank you email? Cynthia Pong, founder and CEO of the career coaching firm Embrace Change, answers questions about how to find a job now.
19/01/23·16m 29s

Pushing back against 'anti-fatness'

All Things Considered host Juana Summers interviews Aubrey Gordon, author of the book " 'You Just Need To Lose Weight': And 19 Other Myths About Fat People." Gordon explains how the concept of 'anti-fatness' keeps fat people on the margins of society.
17/01/23·19m 35s

How to reduce your climate footprint in 2023

Lowering individual greenhouse emissions may be easier than you think. Here are some New Year's resolutions experts agree have an impact in addressing climate change.
16/01/23·8m 23s

Dear LK: I'm tired of my boyfriend's lack of ambition

Can you successfully motivate someone else to change? Clinical psychologist Jody Adewale shares advice with a letter writer feels put off by her partner's lack of direction.
12/01/23·11m 3s

How to look at art (and have a perception-altering experience)

Everyone can have a profound connection with a work of art. You just need the right mindset and attitude. Art professionals share tips on how to navigate museums and observe paintings and sculptures.
10/01/23·19m 44s

Find your authentic personal brand

Life Kit's Andee Tagle talks to networking coach Lynda Peralta about how to present her personal life and her professional life on Instagram. See how her experiment went, then try it out for yourself.
09/01/23·19m 23s

How to make a better to-do list

Is your to-do list helping you reach your goals? Or is it holding you back? Productivity experts explain how to level up your list so it prioritizes what matters.
05/01/23·13m 37s

Clear out your clutter

Got piles of stuff you just can't seem to get rid of? Professional organizer Star Hansen explains how to let go of unnecessary items – and keep your home neat and tidy.
03/01/23·20m 12s

New Year's resolutions from Life Kit

Happy New Year! Team members at Life Kit share some of their favorite tips they are looking to trying in 2023, from how to start an art habit to how to get kids to listen better. For more great New Year's resolution ideas, check out
02/01/23·18m 28s

How to start an exercise routine that works for you

You don't have to be a marathoner or gym rat to get meaningful health benefits from exercise. In fact, that die-hard mentality can actually deter you from getting movement. Here's how to start a fitness routine that you'll actually stick to.
29/12/22·15m 34s

Ready to make a change for New Year's? Behavioral science can help

When is the best time to start a new habit? And why are some habits easier to practice than others? Behavioral scientist Katy Milkman, author of 'How to Change,' explains how to get a behavior to stick.
27/12/22·19m 54s

This acronym will help you give the perfect toast

It's the wild card of every big event — the toast. Done well, it can be a memorable highlight. Done badly, it can be a total cringefest. Here's a helpful way to remember how to give a terrific toast, whether it's at a New Year's party or at wedding reception.
26/12/22·19m 43s

How to help someone at risk of suicide

If you know someone struggling with despair, depression or thoughts of suicide, you may be wondering how to help. Psychologists and researchers explain how to recognize the warning signs and what to do and say when a loved one is in crisis.
22/12/22·19m 35s

How to be a better movie watcher, according to film critics

This guide — which comes with a fun brochure you can download and print at home — offers advice on how to pick a film, get outside your comfort zone and deepen your enjoyment of movies.
20/12/22·20m 59s

How to cut down your alcohol intake

Want to skip the champagne and cocktails this holiday season? Here's how to take a break from drinking alcohol — including in social settings — and start healthy habits.
19/12/22·21m 51s

Can therapy save their friendship?

Would you ever consider going to therapy with a friend? In this episode from NPR Invisibilia, two best friends — who are so close they call themselves brothers — were drifting apart, so host Yowei Shaw asked psychotherapist Esther Perel to help. This episode was recorded in collaboration with Perel's podcast, Where Should We Begin?
17/12/22·38m 49s

Dear LK: We bought a dog instead of rescuing one. It cost me a friend

An ideological difference over adopting versus shopping for a pet causes a rift between friends. Tania Israel, a professor of psychology, shares advice about how to have difficult conversations with people you care about.
15/12/22·11m 9s

How to support people with long COVID

One in five Americans who have had COVID have experienced symptoms lasting three months or more. How can patients navigate this chronic illness? And how can the people in their lives provide comfort and strength? In this episode from our friends at It's Been a Minute, host Brittany Luse talks to the editor and a contributor of a new book, 'The Long COVID Survival Guide.'
13/12/22·21m 18s

Build a healthy relationship with your in-laws

Creating a relationship with your partner's family can be hard work. Experts share how to navigate 5 tricky situations, including dealing with in-laws who can't seem to stop giving unsolicited advice.
12/12/22·24m 24s

How to start new traditions that feel right to you

Traditions can foster a sense of unity with the people we love and help pass down cultural values. But what happens when these events no longer make sense in our lives?
08/12/22·20m 52s

Piece together your family tree

If you're interested in learning more about your family history, genealogist Mica Anders says to get creative. Look through newspaper archives, census data, vital records and more. And who knows, you may find some unexpected gems in the process.
06/12/22·18m 51s

Stressed about talking about finances with a new partner? This framework can help

It can be awkward to discuss money when you're in a new relationship. Financial therapist Amanda Clayman suggests following what she calls the "five components of financial intimacy" to get the conversation started.
05/12/22·18m 50s

Dear LK: My folks guilt-trip me into spending the holidays with them

Between long-held traditions, unfair expectations and clashing personalities, the holidays can be a perfect storm for conflict. Therapist John Kim helps untangle three holiday conundrums.
01/12/22·11m 59s

How to apply the rules of improv to everyday life

Improv comedy is about more than making people laugh. It can help performers be more creative and self-assured — and combat anxiety, both on and off stage.
29/11/22·22m 24s

Transform the way you deal with dread

Worried about deadlines, errands or your holiday to-do list? Reframe your relationship with dread with these simple exercises, from drawing the things that scare you to scheduling worry time.
28/11/22·20m 30s

How much money do you need to become a parent? An episode from This Is Uncomfortable

A couple clashes about how much money they need to save before having children. This episode is from our friends This Is Uncomfortable's podcast series on fights about money.
26/11/22·17m 58s

How to set boundaries with family

Maintaining healthy boundaries is a way of taking care of your closest relationships, but setting those boundaries can be hard. The process starts with asking yourself what you need. (This episode originally ran in January 2021.)
24/11/22·20m 12s

Make holiday travel less stressful

There will probably be long lines, delays and overbooked flights, says aviation journalist Benét Wilson. So take steps to prepare for these situations and make the journey a little more pleasant.
22/11/22·12m 57s

Get better at being grateful

Showing appreciation can improve our mental and physical health. But we don't often express it in our daily lives. Here's how to make thankfulness a habit, from starting a gratitude journal to writing a letter to a loved one.
21/11/22·18m 51s

Dear LK: My boyfriend is too close with his former coworker

My partner is constantly texting his former coworker and even spent the night at her house. He says they're just friends, but I don't like it. How can I trust him when he ignores my boundaries?
17/11/22·12m 43s

Michelle Obama's philosophy on relationships

In her new memoir, 'The Light We Carry,' the former first lady shares her philosophy on the relationships we have with our partner, our family and ourselves. 'You have to evolve with it,' she says.
15/11/22·19m 56s

Connect with your ancestors

Spiritual practitioners and Indigenous educators explain how to set up an special place to honor your loved ones.
14/11/22·23m 38s

How to rethink the way you spend your time — and life

Assuming you live to be eighty, you have just 4,000 weeks to live. While that may come as a brutal dose of reality, it's also an opportunity to think about how you're spending that time.
10/11/22·20m 46s

Life Kit answers your pressing questions about inflation

The prices of goods and services have gone up. How much of that is due to Ukraine or the pandemic? What can our elected officials do to lower prices? And how does inflation slow down? NPR's Marielle Segarra and Stacey Vanek Smith tackle listener queries.
08/11/22·20m 49s

Credit card points are for everyone. Here's how to get into them

Credit card rewards programs can offer big perks like airline miles and hotel upgrades. Finance journalist Katherine Fan explains how to choose the right card and what to know before signing up.
07/11/22·19m 5s

Dear LK: My son is upset his brother didn't make him best man. Should I intervene?

A mother debates whether she should talk to the groom about the issue. Catherine Newman, an etiquette columnist for Real Simple magazine, gives her advice.
03/11/22·11m 33s

Mexican cooking 101

Want to start making authentic Mexican cuisine at home? Here's what you'll need in your pantry and your fridge to get started, according to two Mexican chefs and cookbook authors.
01/11/22·20m 37s

How to stay safe during a night out

Safety experts explain how to prevent harm in nightlife settings like bars and clubs. That includes how to project an air of confidence with your body language — and how to effectively say "no."
31/10/22·21m 44s

How to throw a clever theme party

Party planning experts say to send out invites at least 6 weeks in advance. That can give guests ample time to mark their social calendars — and prepare for the big bash. Read on for more tips.
27/10/22·21m 38s

How to wake up early, even if you're a night owl

Waking up at dawn with the bakers and the baristas may not be for everyone — especially night owls. Whether you have to wake up early or you'd like to become more of a morning lark, here are a few habits that can help you set yourself up for success at that first alarm. (This episode originally ran in November 2021.)
25/10/22·22m 47s

Student loan forgiveness Q&A

Life Kit teams up with NPR Education to answer some common questions about student loan relief, including: What's the application process like? What loans qualify for debt relief? What if you have multiple loans?
24/10/22·22m 47s

Dear LK: I cared for our dad. Now my greedy siblings want the inheritance

She cared for her stepdad through illness and death. Now she's disheartened that her siblings only seem to care about the inheritance. Financial therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin weighs in.
20/10/22·12m 2s

Braving the 'quarterlife' crisis

Stuck between two conflicting desires and can't seem to move forward? Psychotherapist Satya Doyle Byock shares an exercise called "My Two Conflicting Selves" to help people find a compromise.
18/10/22·15m 40s

The 5-minute daily playtime ritual that can get your kids to listen better

Called "special time," the strategy is widely recommended by children's health professionals to help reduce behavioral issues in young children. Here's a guide on how to do it with your kids at home.
17/10/22·14m 15s

How to use music to express your authentic self

For R&B darling Omar Apollo, music has been a powerful way to showcase his Mexican American culture and queer identity. In an episode with NPR's Alt.Latino, he explains why that takes courage and confidence — and a little soul-searching too.
15/10/22·29m 10s

Why rest is an act of resistance

Known to her fans as the 'nap bishop,' Tricia Hersey, author of the new book 'Rest Is Resistance: A Manifesto,' explains why relaxation and leisure are a human right — especially for communities of color.
13/10/22·24m 31s

Tips for finding relief from IBS

More than 25 million Americans have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. While IBS symptoms present in the gut, it turns out that stress and anxiety can actually exacerbate symptoms. Here's how to identify triggers for IBS, eat a diet that decreases gas and bloating — and learn where to seek help.
11/10/22·15m 37s

How to recreate a beloved family recipe

Step 1? Throw your expectations out the window, says NPR's Noor Wazwaz. Your dish won't be the same as the one you grew up eating — and that's OK. Here's how to add your own unique spin to a family dish and pass on it on to the next generation.
10/10/22·19m 49s

Dear LK: Should I give my boyfriend an ultimatum?

Pop musician and reality dating series host Betty Who gives advice to a letter writer who asks if she should give her boyfriend an ultimatum because she's ready to move in together — and he isn't.
08/10/22·8m 49s

Protect yourself from election disinformation

It's almost time to vote. NPR's Miles Parks explains what research can tell us about how to combat fake political news — and why it's so tricky to separate fact from fiction.
06/10/22·14m 44s

How to start professional networking (and feel good about it)

Networking expert Robbie Samuels explains why adapting the attitude of a croissant is more likely to create meaningful job connections — and shares ways to make networking feel more natural.
04/10/22·18m 50s

The markets are down. Here's how to handle your investments

About 60% of Americans have some money in the stock market — and the markets are not doing great. Your knee-jerk reaction might be to sell. But experts explain why that's not a good idea.
03/10/22·15m 51s

Dear LK: My dad's wife died and he won't leave the house

Psychotherapist David Defoe offers advice to a letter writer who is concerned about how to help their grieving father.
01/10/22·10m 39s

What to do when driving during flood conditions

Hurricane Ian is rapidly intensifying, and with that there are predicted storm surges of up to 18 feet. We'll walk you through how you can to stay safe during heavy rain on the road.
29/09/22·9m 52s

When something feels personal, here's how to cope

Being offended by something that someone did or said can be upsetting — but it doesn't have to eat away at us. Mental health experts share how to slow down and gain clarity when things get personal.
27/09/22·22m 8s

When it comes to parenting, lead with connection

It all starts with the assumption that your kids have good intentions and want to do the right thing, says Becky Kennedy, a psychologist and host of the Good Inside parenting podcast.
26/09/22·18m 27s

Dear LK: My parents ran a background check on my boyfriend

A daughter tries to rebuild trust with her parents after they secretly ran a background check on her boyfriend. Therapist and author Nedra Glover Tawwab shares insight on how to move forward.
24/09/22·10m 26s

How much water does your body really need?

Do you really need to drink eight glasses of water a day? Can drinking water help you lose weight? Does coffee dehydrate you? Experts explain the science of hydration.
22/09/22·19m 6s

Stuck doing all the household chores? This practical guide can help

In four steps, experts Eve Rodsky and Jacqueline Misla explain how to fairly split domestic work with a partner or roommate. Don't forget to print out the handy zine!
20/09/22·25m 22s

How to start a new job

Life Kit host Marielle Segarra asks friends and family for advice on how to overcome her new-job jitters, meet new colleagues at NPR — and stay confident.
19/09/22·16m 2s

Dear LK: Do I have to read the book my husband wrote?

What's more, the letter writer hates her husband's writing style. Should she bite the bullet and read his novel? Or can she pass? Family therapist Kiaundra Jackson offers her two cents.
17/09/22·8m 57s

How to counteract common thinking traps

Humans have a tendency to make snap judgments and assumptions due to our cognitive biases, says Woo-kyoung Ahn in her book 'Thinking 101.' So how do we fight them?
15/09/22·17m 11s

A friendship expert shares the science of making and keeping friends

Psychologist Marisa Franco, author of a new book on the science of making and keeping friends, shares how to deepen the bonds in our platonic relationships.
13/09/22·20m 25s

The omicron boosters are here. What you should know about them

They target the original coronavirus strain and the omicron subvariants causing most of the current infections. And they're available at pharmacies, clinics and doctors' offices around the country. Should you get one? And if so, when?
12/09/22·9m 22s

Dear LK: I uninvited my sister-in-law from our wedding

The bride said she was "pissed" because her future sister-in-law was bringing two unauthorized guests. Rachel Wilkerson Miller, editor-in-chief of Self magazine, explains how to smooth things over.
10/09/22·10m 55s

How to gamify your exercise routine

Exercising doesn't have to feel like a chore if you approach it like a video game, say fitness gamification researchers Dr. Mitesh Patel and Elizabeth Lyons. Strategies to have fun while staying active.
08/09/22·18m 6s

3 tips for talking to your Latinx parents about mental health

Shame and stigma play a huge role in discouraging folks in the Latinx community from seeking mental health care — and talking about it with their families. These steps can help you prepare for the conversation with your loved ones. (This episode originally aired in February 2022.)
06/09/22·23m 10s

Simplify dinner (and cleanup) with these clever one-pan meals

NPR's Ayesha Rascoe talks to food writer Melissa Clark about her new book, "Dinner in One: Exceptional & Easy One-Pan Meals" — and gets tips on how to cook flavorsome weeknight dinners without a sink full of dirty dishes.
05/09/22·14m 50s

Dear LK: My co-worker posted a terrible review about me!

A secretary asks if she should tattle-tale on a colleague who wrote an anonymous negative review about her. Career coach and HR professional Shanita Williams weighs in on the conundrum.
03/09/22·11m 9s

Learning a new skill can be easy — if you have the right mindset

Mastering a new hobby, like bowling or baking, can be a frustrating process. But experts say it doesn't have to be that way. If you set yourself up for success at the start and allow yourself to make mistakes — you can improve your chances of sticking with it.
02/09/22·23m 13s

The sex ed most queer students never got

School health classes in the U.S. rarely include instruction about sex for LGBTQ students. Here's what it could look like if they did. (This episode originally aired in April 2021 and was updated in August 2022.)
30/08/22·23m 36s

4 exercises that can prevent (and relieve!) pain from computer slouching and more

Vinh Pham, physical therapist and author of "Sit Up Straight: Futureproof Your Body Against Chronic Pain with 12 Simple Movements," explains why mobility exercises and good posture may be your best defense against muscle and joint pain.
29/08/22·19m 46s

What is 988? And is it safe to call? What to know about the new mental health hotline

When the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline launched in July, some advocates and people who had experiences with the mental health system voiced concerns about 988. Life Kit talks to Aneri Patani, national health correspondent with Kaiser Health News, about how the hotline works, its purpose and the potential risks of calling 988.
25/08/22·19m 28s

How to transition to natural hair — and learn to love it

For many Black people, transitioning to natural hair can feel frustrating, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Experts share what you need to know about growing out natural hair, from washing it and styling it – to learning to love it.
23/08/22·21m 28s

How to deal with online harassment — and protect yourself from future attacks

If you're posting frequently on social media, there's a chance that someday, one of those posts may make you a target of online harassment. Digital security expert Harlo Holmes and artist and independent researcher Ra'il I'nasah Kiam share tips on what to do if that happens — and how to tighten up your privacy online.
22/08/22·20m 15s

Why being resilient might matter less than you think

Is the ability to endure hardship and adapt to difficult life situations always a good thing? Psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker Lourdes Dolores Follins revisits the concept of resilience — and explains why it's OK to let yourself feel angry or frustrated sometimes.
18/08/22·23m 31s

How to make the perfect playlist

So you're planning the perfect candlelit evening — or the perfect road trip, or the perfect afternoon at home. Where do you start? A playlist, of course. NPR Music's Bobby Carter showed us how he crafts them. (This episode originally ran in December 2020.)
17/08/22·20m 15s

The power in embracing your sadness

In the U.S., there's a relentless focus on positivity. But as we all know, with life comes death — and with happiness, sadness. Susan Cain, author of Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole, opens our eyes to the transformative power of melancholy.
15/08/22·22m 34s

How to protect yourself from inflation

High inflation and a possible recession is making life more expensive. Washington Post personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary explains how to manage debt as interest rates increase and prepare for an economic downturn.
11/08/22·14m 19s

Survival 101 with Bear Grylls

Survivalist and adventurer Bear Grylls shares his advice on facing fear, preparing for the worst and the power of courage to get you through any situation.
09/08/22·22m 59s

How to move in with your partner

Deciding to move in with a partner can be an exciting step. Cohabitating can also be challenging and bring up anxieties. Here's what to think about — and discuss — before you decide to move in together.
08/08/22·20m 36s

How to take better (and more distinctive) photos on vacation

When your smartphone can hold thousands of photos, it's tempting to snap away. But that approach may not actually help you capture the best moments. These tips on creating stunning images will help you more meaningfully document your trips.
04/08/22·20m 49s

You can choose a new name for yourself. Here's how

Many trans and nonbinary people choose new names during their transition. Here's advice if you're considering adopting a new name — from brainstorming name ideas to navigating the paperwork to change your name legally.
02/08/22·20m 17s

How to reset your digital life

Author Sammy Nickalls guides readers through the practice of digital minimalism which helps strike a balance between being extremely online and extremely offline.
01/08/22·15m 45s

How to have a healthy adult relationship with your parents

When it comes to having an adult relationship with your parents, there's plenty of baggage: the friction of family history or the weight of unsaid expectations. Here's how to set healthy boundaries and understand generational trauma to help you have a grown up relationship with your parents.
28/07/22·22m 47s

How to financially plan for a baby

Having a baby is one of the biggest and most expensive life changes a person can experience. Farnoosh Torabi, editor-at-large at CNET Money, shares what you need to know about budgeting for a baby.
26/07/22·22m 8s

Crypto 101: blockchains, currencies and security

If the words "crypto," "Bitcoin," "blockchain," "mining," feel overwhelming or confusing Life Kit is here to help. In this episode, experts to demystify cryptocurrencies and give you the tools to decide whether buying some is a good option for you.
25/07/22·22m 17s

How to talk to kids about abortion

Talking about abortion can be complicated, even with adults. How do you talk about the medical procedure and the politics around it with kids? NPR's Ailsa Chang gets tips from Dr. Elise Berlan and parenting expert Reena Patel.
21/07/22·9m 38s

Making ethical, sustainable clothing choices

Fast fashion takes a toll on the environment and on workers. Here's how you can shop more sustainably and build a closet with a better impact. This episode originally published March 8, 2021.
19/07/22·14m 17s

How to help a child at risk of suicide

More families are dealing with their children feeling anxious, depressed – even thinking about or attempting suicide. But mental health professionals say that suicide is preventable. This episode, how parents and family members can play an important role in the mental health of their child.
18/07/22·22m 1s

How to avoid 'lifestyle creep'

Making more money tends to lead to spending more money. It's a phenomenon known as "lifestyle creep." Paco de Leon, author of Finance for the People, shares advice on keeping your long-term financial goals in check and fending off the subconscious urge to automatically increase spending when your income increases.
14/07/22·22m 23s

How to deal with a crush

Having a crush is natural - they're a part of human biology. Sometimes, acting on it is a great, healthy step — or it can create a lot more trouble than it needs to. Certified dating coach Damona Hoffman walks us through how to handle a crush in several common scenarios.
12/07/22·19m 54s

A beginner's guide to green cleaning

Environmentally-friendly living isn't an all-or-nothing equation: think of it as a spectrum of greens. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, green cleaning is one easy way to dip your toe into the green living waters. These tips will help you get started.
11/07/22·19m 17s

How to set boundaries in your daily life

Have you ever felt resentful or responded passive-aggressively to a request on your time or energy? That's a sign your boundaries are being crossed – and it might be because you haven't set them clearly. Therapist and author Nedra Glover Tawwab shares advice on how to set boundaries — and stick to them — in your daily life.
07/07/22·19m 3s

Car maintenance 101

Car ownership can be intimidating — and expensive — especially when it comes to upkeep. Auto educator and journalist Chaya Milchtein shares tips to help you maintain essential safety features in a car, how to find the right mechanic for you and when it's time for a new car.
05/07/22·19m 6s

How to stay safe during extreme heat

About 600 people in the U.S. die from heat related causes each year. While our bodies have ways to dissipate heat, sometimes they just can't keep up with extreme temperatures. Here are four tips from experts on how to stay safe and cool in extreme heat.
04/07/22·12m 36s

How to talk to kids about radicalization

It's a horror to think your kid could be a victim in a violent act of racism, sexism or other radicalization. It's a whole different kind of fear to think they could be the perpetrator of that act. Here's how to spot the signs of radicalization and how to talk to kids about what they're seeing online.
30/06/22·23m 32s

How to reframe your beliefs about aging

Negative age beliefs can impact us on social, psychological and even physiological levels. Here's how to deconstruct ageism and reframe your beliefs about aging with tips from Becca Levy, author of Breaking the Age Code: How Your Beliefs About Aging Determine How Long & Well You Live.
28/06/22·22m 47s

How to raise a good citizen

Talking to kids about civics is kind of like talking to kids about sex - avoiding the conversation can have some really negative consequences. Here's how to talk to kids about civic participation, from discussing our hard history to taking action. This episode originally aired in November 2020.
27/06/22·22m 53s

How to stop stress spending

We could all stand to stretch our cash a little further right now. Life Kit teamed up with financial expert Tiffany Aliche, also known as the Budgetnista, for tips about how to separate needs from wants, stop stress-spending and save for the future. This episode originally aired in September 2020.
23/06/22·20m 29s

Find freedom and create your own path in your first queer relationship

The dating game can be hard, but navigating the dating world for the first time as a queer person can mean even more complexity – and a lot of room for creativity. Here's how to face your dating fears, find queer community and practice comfortable communication while staying true to you.
21/06/22·23m 38s

How to celebrate your heritage through food

Food is more than just fuel for your body. Food is a connection to the stories of your ancestors, and the stories of your descendants. In this episode, a culinary historian, a professor and a nutritionist share their advice on how to carry on culinary traditions.
20/06/22·22m 53s

Life Kit presents: What's in a dad?

Code Switch host Gene Demby and comedian Hari Kondabolu are both new fathers, and they're both learning to raise kids who will have very different identities and upbringings than their own. It's left both of them reflecting on some big questions: How will they teach their children about race? What are the elements of their childhoods that they want to pass on? And what, exactly, is a father anyway?
18/06/22·26m 17s

How to stop revenge bedtime procrastination

When your days are packed, it can be hard to find some "me time" time to unwind. You might find yourself staying up past your bedtime, scrolling on social media or watching an extra episode of your latest show, That's called "revenge bedtime procrastination." These tips can help you overcome it.
16/06/22·19m 31s

How to find a new hobby

When was the last time you did something just for fun — not to make money, or be productive, or because someone else wanted you to? These five tips can help you approach starting a hobby. This episode originally published in May 2021.
14/06/22·18m 55s

How to cope with a fear of flying

Whether you're a nervous flyer, you'll do almost anything to avoid flying, or you have an actual flying phobia, these tips from associate professor of psychiatry Luana Marques, Ph.D. can help you overcome a fear of flying.
13/06/22·22m 11s

Your reproductive health options without Roe v. Wade

For decades, the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision protected abortion access and reproductive health decisions. Now, that has been overturned. Here's what you need to know about birth control, emergency contraception and terminating a pregnancy.
09/06/22·25m 9s

How to be an activist without burning out

Activism can look like big gestures of protest, but it can also look like baking cupcakes for a charity bake sale or reading at an after school program. These tips will help you find joy in activism while avoiding burnout.
07/06/22·23m 40s

How to make dating apps work for you

The idea behind dating apps is to make finding a connection easier — but that's not always the case. These expert tips will help you make the experience less anxiety-inducing, whether you're looking for something long-term or casual. This episode first aired in August 2021.
06/06/22·22m 39s

Life Kit answers your personal finance questions

Whether you want to save for a vacation or retirement, build generational wealth for your kids or figure out how to split expenses with a partner, Life Kit answers your personal finance questions.
02/06/22·20m 27s

How to learn your parents' language

Heritage language learners are different from people learning a second language for the first time. They often grow up hearing it, but that can come with its own set of challenges. Experts offer their advice on how to learn your heritage language.
31/05/22·23m 24s

How to prepare for a hurricane

Atlantic hurricanes are more intense and have heavier rainfall due to the effects of climate change. These tips will help you prepare for hurricane season before disaster strikes.
30/05/22·17m 2s

What to say to kids when the news is scary

The news can be devastating, and tragic events can be incomprehensible for adults — so how do we talk about them with kids? Child development experts offer advice on what parents, teachers and other caregivers can say to help kids process all the scary news out there.
28/05/22·22m 40s

How to talk about Asian American mental health

For a lot of people from Asian American backgrounds, discussing mental health - especially with loved ones - can be difficult. Psychologist and author Jenny T. Wang has advice on everything from working through guilt to defining home on your own terms.
26/05/22·21m 32s

Grilling for beginners

Intimidated by grilling? Cooking over an open flame can do that! In this guide, learn the basics from which type of grill to choose, to how to maintain a fire and create different temperature zones, to tips on tools and safety.
24/05/22·21m 2s

How to get a job after college

Now that you have your diploma, you'll need to focus on a different piece of paper: a résumé. Here's how to think about what you want to do and then go out and get a job — maybe even a career.
23/05/22·25m 39s

Singing 101: How to find your voice

When some of the greatest singers are Whitney Houston, Ariana Grande or Beyonce, it's easy to feel like being a good singer is just a dream. But you don't need to be a Grammy-grade singer to have fun at karaoke. These tips will help you find your voice.
19/05/22·21m 23s

How to overcome FOMO

The fear of missing out isn't confined to our social lives; worrying about whether we're missing out on new experiences, content, trends and even investments can create an existential crisis. Psychologist Aarti Gupta explains how FOMO shows up in our lives and how to battle it.
17/05/22·16m 38s

How to get back what we've lost to the internet

The world has changed a lot since the internet. Remember asking people for directions? If you miss the days pre-internet (or wonder what it was like), Pamela Paul, author of 100 Things We've Lost To The Internet, gives us a few ways you can reconnect with an analog way of life.
16/05/22·18m 44s

How to pay attention to (and appreciate) what's around you

When you're in a familiar place, it's easy to go on autopilot and fail to notice the small joys that surround you. Artist and author Jenny Odell shares tips on how to pay attention to and appreciate what's right in front of you.
12/05/22·19m 46s

How to give mothering the value it deserves

Raising kids is among the most essential work humans do, and yet it's rarely valued as skilled labor. Angela Garbes, author of Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change, guides us through a shift in mindset to help give mothering the value it deserves.
10/05/22·19m 38s

How to cook and eat healthy on a budget

Minding your budget while eating the foods that nourish you takes a little planning — but it's possible. Dietitian Shana Spence shares her tips to help you shop and keep your fridge stocked without breaking the bank. This episode first aired in October 2020.
09/05/22·9m 52s

How to arrange flowers like a professional

Whether you forgot to order flowers for that special occasion, or you just want to flex a new creative muscle, here's how to DIY a professional-looking bouquet with grocery store flowers.
05/05/22·13m 53s

How to give the perfect toast

It's the wild card of every big event — the toast. If you're giving a new year's toast, a best man or maid of honor speech, or any other toasts this coming year, we've got some tips to make sure people remember your toast with fondness and not horror.
03/05/22·17m 13s

How to get the most out of your health insurance plan

Using your health insurance doesn't have to be on an "in-case-of-emergency" basis. Learn how to make the most of your coverage by taking advantage of preventative care, strategically timing procedures and getting exercise classes covered.
02/05/22·21m 54s

Life Kit presents: The power in owning your 'Big Feelings'

Our friends at It's Been a Minute speak with Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy about their new book, Big Feelings: How to Be Okay When Things Are Not Okay. They explore seven emotions — uncertainty, anger, burnout, comparison, perfectionism, despair and grief — with hopes to normalize conversations on these "big feelings" and share what they've learned in that process.
30/04/22·22m 8s

Storytelling 101

Storytelling creates connections and builds community. In this episode of Life Kit, storytelling coaches from The Moth give a step-by-step guide to telling good stories.
28/04/22·26m 38s

How to thrive while working in a hybrid setup

More companies are offering hybrid work schedules, allowing office workers to split their time between the office and home. A hybrid set up has plenty of benefits, but can be challenging to navigate. These tips can help you and your team ease into it. (This episode originally aired in July 2021.)
26/04/22·18m 1s

Become a community scientist in 3 steps

From the songs of sparrows outside your apartment window to the purple crocuses bursting into bloom in a nearby park – all that nature you're observing could actually be helpful to scientists. Here's a step-by-step guide to becoming a community scientist.
25/04/22·20m 48s

What to know about wearing a mask on public transit

Now that a federal judge has thrown out mask mandates on public transportation, many people are wondering, "How safe is it to use these forms of travel if many people aren't masked?" In this episode Life Kit, learn how to assess your risk and make the best choice for you.
23/04/22·8m 48s

Our favorite ways to live sustainably

Climate change calls for long-term, systemic solutions, but that doesn't mean we can't all strive to live more sustainably. Life Kit is here with solutions from your kitchen to your closet.
21/04/22·16m 34s

How to get outside and enjoy nature — on your own terms

Enjoying the outdoors can look like anything from walking the dog to celebrating Indigenous culture — you don't have to hike the tallest mountain peaks or go camping to love nature. Learn how to find your footing in nature in a way that works best for you.
19/04/22·20m 53s

Live more freely with autism, and nurture inclusivity

Autistic people are constantly forced to suppress who they are as a means of pleasing a neurotypical world. Social psychologist Devon Price not only wants to give them permission to take off that mask and be themselves, but believes that doing so allows everyone to lead happier lives.
18/04/22·22m 46s

How to help birds during migration

Bird migration season is starting. But across North America, their populations are in trouble. We asked experts for 8 everyday steps you can take to lend them a hand.
14/04/22·18m 24s

Tips for dealing with conflict in the workplace

When the discomfort of conflict arises, it can be hard to know what to do, especially in the workplace. In this episode of Life Kit, get the tips you need to become a conflict-resolving superhero.
12/04/22·21m 34s

How to cultivate your personal style

Here's advice from the experts on cultivating a personal style — from purging your closet to taking fashion risks in a way that feels true to you.
11/04/22·21m 13s

How to have more fun

Do you have enough fun in life? Catherine Price, author of The Power of Fun, explains the three components of true fun and how to tap into this powerful, everyday source of joy.
07/04/22·17m 12s

How to start bike commuting: tips for a safe and easy ride

Biking is a great way to get to work – it's good for the environment, and it can be faster than driving or public transit. If you ever had an inkling that biking might be for you, now is a good time to give it a try.
05/04/22·18m 14s

Too much pleasure can lead to addiction. How to break the cycle and find balance

Dr. Anna Lembke, psychiatrist and author, explains when too much pleasure-triggering dopamine upsets the delicate balance of pleasure and pain our brains need to feel "normal," which can lead to long-term pain and addiction. In today's dopamine-filled world, here's how keep that balance in check.
04/04/22·23m 33s

How to start gardening

Whether you have big plans for a vegetable garden or a tiny pot of window sill herbs, this episode will help you get your green thumb. We cover the basics of hardiness zones, understanding good soil, and building raised beds so you can turn garden dreams into reality. (This episode originally ran in April 2020.)
31/03/22·18m 23s

Intro to Korean American cooking

In an introduction to Korean American cooking, New York Times food writer and cookbook author Eric Kim walks us through pantry essentials, quick-fix recipes and how to start making Korean American food that feels authentic.
29/03/22·16m 6s

Your tax refund, explained

It's tax season (insert collective groan here). But don't worry: in this episode of Life Kit, CPA and tax analyst Kimberly Washington offers helpful advice on maximizing your refund, what deductions to remember and how the child tax credit impacts your tax filings this year.
28/03/22·11m 19s

How working parents can win back some time

Calling all working parents and caregivers! We see you, and we know you don't have much time. Career coach Daisy Dowling shares time management tips to help working parents find sanity and joy.
24/03/22·16m 13s

Regret is universal, here's what to do when you feel it

Rather than striving for a life with no regrets, Daniel H. Pink, author of The Power of Regret, suggests embracing regret and learning from it. He outlines the four most common categories of regret and explains how looking back can help us move forward.
22/03/22·20m 1s

From bills to appointments, here's how to tackle the homework of adulthood

Life seems full of ever-increasing piles of paperwork — bills to pay, appointments to make, forms to sign, carpools to organize. Here's how to conquer the responsibilities on your to-do list so you can get back to your life. (This episode originally ran in September 2019.)
21/03/22·16m 18s

How to talk to customer service – and actually get what you want

Asking to speak to the manager isn't going to get the results you want. In this episode, negotiation consultant Craig dos Santos gives tips on how to make a customer service representative your collaborator instead of your enemy.
17/03/22·16m 20s

4 tips to stay connected when your friends live far away

Long distance friendships are a common reality of adulthood, as we move around for school, work or family. While they might require some planning and creativity to keep up, there's no reason to let physical distance keep you from staying connected.
15/03/22·19m 27s

Our most valuable lessons from 2 pandemic years

It's been two years since our lives changed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Producers of NPR's Life Kit look back on the most valuable lessons they learned that will shape their lives moving forward.
14/03/22·21m 46s

How to deal with mental health issues at work

Whether it's depression, anxiety, burnout or something else, if you're struggling with your mental health at work, it can be hard to know what your options are and how to seek help. Here's a look at the stigma around mental health at work, how to spot an issue and what to do about it.
10/03/22·19m 44s

Four ways to combat everyday indecision

We make so many basic decisions each day that it's easy to fall into "analysis paralysis." We explore where indecision comes from, why so many of us are sweating the small stuff and what you can do about it.
08/03/22·18m 38s

How to pick a birth control that works for you

Picking a form of contraception can be overwhelming. It involves understanding how birth control works, your preferences, side effects and more. This episode presents the facts so you can choose the contraception that works for you. (This episode originally aired in February 2020.)
07/03/22·25m 8s

The basics to home maintenance

DIY home maintenance can be intimidating. Mercury Stardust, better known as the Trans Handy Ma'am on TikTok, is a maintenance technician with 14 years of experience. She walks us through one simple thing you can do to build your confidence, the four tools that should be in everyone's toolkit and when to call in the professionals.
03/03/22·20m 28s

4 tools to help unblock your creativity

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way and architect of the famous creative practice "Morning Pages," has spent her career teaching "creative unblocking."In her new book, Seeking Wisdom: a spiritual path to creative connection, she combines the creative practices of The Artist's Way, with a new intentional practice – prayer.
01/03/22·14m 40s

How to deal with anxiety from the news

The news is overwhelming right now. Neuroscientist Judson Brewer shares tips on calming your nerves when the headlines won't stop. Take a break and learn about how to better process worry. (This episode originally aired in October 2020.)
28/02/22·13m 29s

Food substitutions 101

Improvising in the kitchen takes a lot of practice. But when you get to that point in the recipe where you realize you're out of white wine/fresh garlic/brown sugar/whatever you absolutely MUST have for this recipe, being able to swap in another ingredient can really come in handy. Chef and author Kenji López-Alt and cook and food writer Deb Perelman walk us through the basics of food substitutions.
27/02/22·20m 10s

What to know and how to talk about disability

Do you find yourself avoiding conversations on disabilities? Worried you'll offend a disabled friend? A disability rights activist shares ways to be a better ally and to destigmatize disability in America.
22/02/22·17m 47s

How to train for your first marathon

A running coach and athlete with a background in exercise science shares tips on building your mileage and finishing your first race injury-free.
21/02/22·22m 35s

Why passing on wealth requires strategy

Wealth isn't just cold hard cash, says strategic investor Pamela Jolly. It's whatever you value, meaning generational wealth can take lots of forms. Here's how to be strategic about leaving a legacy.
17/02/22·21m 16s

What's your attachment style?

According to the field of attachment theory, each person has a unique attachment style that informs how that person relates to intimacy: secure, anxious or avoidant. We talk with Amir Levine, a neuroscientist and co-author of the book Attached, about how your attachment style can impact your relationships.
15/02/22·18m 21s

How to let more joy into your life

Poet Ross Gay sees joy all around him. In infinity scarves, orchards, pawpaws, even weeds. He explains the subtle mindset shift that allows him to let in more self-compassion and more joy.
14/02/22·15m 29s

How to get over someone

Breakups come in all shapes and sizes — slow dissolves, out-of-nowhere endings — and maybe you even initiated the breakup. But they all have a few things in common. Mainly, they can hurt. These six tips can help you move forward after a breakup.
10/02/22·21m 1s

How to lose well — and why it matters

Losing is inevitable, but failure doesn't have to be. Learn how to reframe the way you look at loss, with the help of a former NBA player, a therapist who helps clients build unconditional self-worth and an entrepreneur who challenged himself to experience 100 days of rejection.
08/02/22·23m 31s

Financial advice for artists who think they're 'bad with money'

Getting your finances in order can be intimidating, especially for freelancers, creatives and side-giggers. Financial planner and artist Paco de Leon shares simple, holistic advice for tuning up your finances.
07/02/22·21m 45s

How to talk to your Latinx parents about mental health

Shame and stigma play a huge role in discouraging folks in the Latinx community from seeking mental health care — and talking about it with their families. These steps can help you prepare for the conversation with your loved ones.
04/02/22·22m 48s

Pick a card, any card: How to get into tarot

Even if you've gotten a tarot reading before, you may be intimidated by the cards or wondering whether you're cool enough to learn. Tarot reader and writer Michelle Tea walks budding readers through each card in a tarot deck, shares reading tips and ways you can incorporate tarot into your self-care practice.
03/02/22·15m 28s

It's OK to not be passionate about your job

Passion and work often feel inextricably linked, but that's a fairly new phenomenon — and maybe it shouldn't be the expectation. Sociologist Erin A. Cech talks about why the career-passion combo favors privilege and can lead to burnout.
01/02/22·19m 3s

What 'likeability' really means in the workplace

"Likeability" is a loaded word. And try as we might, none of us has full control over who likes us. Journalist and podcaster Alicia Menendez, author of The Likeability Trap, says who we like is shaped by who we are — and often, likeability is a way of shielding biases in the workplace. (This episode originally aired in June 2021.)
31/01/22·20m 7s

How to cope with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

It's getting darker and colder, and there's still a pandemic. Oh, and then there's seasonal affective disorder. Here's how to spot it and what you can do. (This episode originally aired in October 2020.)
27/01/22·19m 33s

Dog training 101 — How to set realistic goals and where to get started

If you recently searched the internet for "dog trainers near me," there's a good chance you became immediately overwhelmed by the options, certifications and vocabulary. There is a lot of information out there! So we consulted some experts on where to start. Here's what they say.
25/01/22·23m 47s

How to make sure you're paid for your time and work

Time is money. But often, especially in the creative industries, trying to advance your career can mean literally selling yourself short. It's commonplace and borderline expected, depending on where you are in your career, to have to offer time and labor for free or for deeply discounted rates to get work. In this episode of Life Kit, journalist Juleyka Lantigua-Williams shares tools for advocating for yourself and your paycheck, as well as reflections on the value of betting on yourself.
24/01/22·20m 45s

The case for being ordinary

For those in emerging adulthood, there's endless pressure from all sides to chase an extraordinary standard in every aspect of life. But writer Rainesford Stauffer says the so-called milestones are more unrealistic than ever. Now's the time for creativity and carving your own path — and she's got some tips from her book, An Ordinary Age, to get you started.
20/01/22·21m 13s

Need to make a change in your life? Behavioral science can help

When's the best time to start a new habit? And what makes some stick while others fall by the wayside? Behavioral scientist Katy Milkman's new book, How to Change, breaks down the research about how to leverage human nature instead of working against it to achieve your goals. (This episode originally aired in May 2021.)
17/01/22·18m 23s

How to talk about the COVID vaccine with people who are hesitant

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Jasmine Marcelin shares how she has conversations about the COVID-19 vaccine with people who have doubts about getting vaccinated. (A version of this episode originally aired on NPR's Short Wave.)
15/01/22·16m 10s

How to make ethical investing work for you

Money talks, but how do you make sure your money is sending the right message? Ethical investing isn't magic, but it's one way to try and put your money where your morals are. Here's what you need to know before you get started.
13/01/22·16m 53s

How to work through a creative rut

Do you ever try to be creative, but no matter how hard you try, struggle to access that spark in your head? This episode explains how to escape that creative rut — and it all starts with taking intentional breaks.
11/01/22·21m 51s

How to enjoy single life

Singlehood is not the waiting room of life. It's unfair to think single people can't create meaningful lives that are filled with purpose and love. We promise no cheesy advice, but rather tips for how to find peace with singleness and live a full life on your own terms.
10/01/22·21m 58s

A pediatrician's advice on omicron, daycare and travel for kids under 5

Amid the omicron surge, there is understandable anxiety among parents, particularly those with kids under 5. In this episode, infectious disease doctor Ibukun Kalu answers listeners' questions on the latest COVID variant, daycare and travel for unvaccinated children.
08/01/22·9m 46s

How to curb money avoidance and face financial woes head-on

If you wince every time you open up your credit card app or feel stressed just thinking about personal finances, here's how to curb money avoidance and train your brain to face your money woes head-on.
07/01/22·16m 45s

How to divest from diet culture

In 2022, 40% of New Year's resolutions in the U.S. were based on weight loss. Why do we set these goals for ourselves? Diet culture, the social expectations that value thinness and appearance above all else can impact how we view our bodies and treat others. The good news is, we can free ourselves from this mindset.
04/01/22·32m 20s

Mindfulness For Beginners

It's counterintuitive, but an effective way to manage our negative reactions to life's stressors actually involves slowing down and paying very close attention. Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction, explains how to begin a meditation practice — and how doing so can help you seize the present moment.
03/01/22·17m 30s

When it comes to exercise, "all movements count"

Feeling blocked with it comes to starting an exercise habit? You can actually get the health benefits of exercise with just 22 minutes of exercise a day — and you might be surprised what "counts" as exercise. Kiss your excuses goodbye! (This episode originally aired in December 2018.)
30/12/21·16m 9s

How to give the perfect toast

It's the wild card of every big event — the toast. If you're giving a new year's toast, a best man or maid of honor speech, or any other toasts this coming year, we've got some tips to make sure people remember your toast with fondness and not horror.
28/12/21·20m 25s

6 tips on taking a break from drinking

Thinking about taking a break from drinking? Here are ways to help you make a plan, navigate tricky social situations and reassess your relationship with alcohol so you can experience the benefits of dry January. (This episode originally aired in January 2020.)
27/12/21·24m 5s

How solitude can help you regulate your mood

Everyone needs a little alone time, but during this pandemic, you may have felt like you had too much "me" time or not enough. Let's get that balance back! This episode breaks down research behind what makes even small bouts of solitude restorative and what to do when you're alone too much. (This episode originally aired in July 2020.)
23/12/21·16m 55s

How to give thoughtful holiday gifts on a budget

Holiday gift exchanges can feel like a burden, especially if you're shopping on a budget. Here are tips from a shopping expert on how to give more thoughtful presents — without breaking the bank. (This episode originally aired in December 2020.)
21/12/21·17m 27s

Your questions on holiday anxieties, answered by psychologist Andrea Bonior

We asked for your questions on navigating the holiday blues. Clinical psychologist Andrea Bonior guides us through some rough patches involving family, money, loneliness and safety.
20/12/21·23m 56s

What happens in our brain when we grieve — and how it helps us stay afloat

When we lose a loved one, it can feel like we've lost a part of ourselves. And for good reason, our brains are learning how to live in this world without someone we care about in it. In this episode, psychologist Mary-Frances O'Connor explains what happens in our brain when we experience grief. (A version of this episode originally aired on NPR's Short Wave.)
18/12/21·15m 22s

How to shop for sustainable holiday gifts

Shopping secondhand can ease the environmental burden of holiday consumption — and save you money, too. Here are three tips to help you start cutting down this season.
17/12/21·11m 13s

How to squash negative self-talk

Being self-critical comes naturally for a lot of people. It's easy to focus on the one bad review or the tiny flaw in an otherwise perfect presentation. Psychologist Joy Harden Bradford walks us through some strategies to quiet down those negative thoughts, including how to monitor and interrogate your negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-talk.
16/12/21·20m 51s

How to host a meaningful holiday gathering

Hosting family and friends during the holidays can be stressful, but it doesn't need to be. Conflict resolution facilitator Priya Parker discusses ways anyone can host a meaningful, memorable gathering. (This episode originally aired in July 2021.)
14/12/21·21m 37s

Omicron variant, COVID booster shots — and how to stay safe during the holidays

The holiday season is well underway, and with it, a fresh batch of worries over the latest COVID-19 variant, omicron. For those planning end-of-year celebrations and travel, NPR senior science and health correspondent Maria Godoy breaks down the latest coronavirus news.
13/12/21·15m 11s

How to talk about money with friends, from planning a hangout to splitting the bill

Even among the closest of friends, conversations about money and privilege can be awkward. In this episode from Life Kit and The Cut, author Otegha Uwagba discusses how we can break that ice — before it's time to split the check.
10/12/21·16m 58s

How to stop being late

People are late for lots of reasons — being overly optimistic, not accurately gauging how much time it takes to actually get somewhere, even being afraid of being early. Time management coach Rashelle Isip shares some tactics that can help you embrace punctuality and avoid that awkward apology for being tardy ... again.
07/12/21·17m 50s

Coping with grief during the holidays

As we inch toward the holidays, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Tracy K. Smith shares how she's processing grief, a subject at the center of much of her work. (This episode originally aired in December 2020.)
06/12/21·21m 59s

How to be a kinder, more caring neighbor

What does it mean to be a kinder, more caring neighbor? From Daniel Tiger's world of make-believe to Winnipeg, here's how to plug into your community, practice small acts of kindness and boost your mood. We'll also think critically about being neighborly when things get complicated.
04/12/21·20m 52s

How to decide if freezing your eggs is right for you — and where to get started

Freezing your eggs can open doors for your fertility. It's also emotional, time-consuming and expensive. Here are some things to think about before you decide to freeze your eggs — and what to know if you do, including how much it costs and how to prepare for the process.
30/11/21·22m 34s

How to give good advice by less fixing, more listening

When someone comes to you for advice, where do you start? This episode explores how to give good advice to the people you care about. Hint: It's not always about fixing someone's problems.
29/11/21·20m 30s

How To Have Meaningful Conversations At Holiday Gatherings

Having good conversations is an art form. To help you out at end-of-year gatherings, NPR's Sam Sanders tapped longtime radio host and podcaster Celeste Headlee for her tips for really listening and connecting.
25/11/21·18m 0s

How To Make Tastier, Prettier Pies, According To A Self-taught Pie Artist

Just in time for Thanksgiving, self-taught baker Lauren Ko shares her tips for making tastier — and more beautiful — pies.
23/11/21·14m 22s

This Thanksgiving, You Can Carry On Family Recipes In Your Own Way

Making a family recipe for the first time can be daunting. Will it turn out just like you remembered? For those cooking for the holidays, podcaster Noor Wazwaz walks us through what to remember in the kitchen.
22/11/21·19m 12s

How To Document Family Stories

Learning stories about our loved ones helps us to better understand the trajectory of their lives — and it helps us make sense of our own story. Here are five tips to guide you as you document your family history.
19/11/21·20m 37s

Remembering Petra Mayer: Everyone's a 'real writer.' Here's how to write that book

Beloved books editor Petra Mayer believed that all you have to do to be a 'real writer' is to write. We're re-running this episode in honor of Petra who died on Saturday. We hope Petra's generosity, wit and passion for story will help shut down those distracting voices and honor the stories you have to share. (This episode originally ran in April 2020.)
16/11/21·21m 32s

How to simplify your Thanksgiving menu

This Thanksgiving, New York Times food writer Eric Kim is on a mission to help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your food and your company. These tips and recipes will help you cook smarter, not harder. And you don't need a lot — just a skillet and a sheet pan. Oh, and a turkey.
15/11/21·16m 44s

Suleika Jaouad On Working Through Isolation And Life's Interruptions

Writer Suleika Jaouad has made a career out of covering folks living in the 'in between' spaces — starting with herself. Diagnosed with leukemia at 22, she embraced writing as a way to regain narrative control of her life. She shares lessons on making peace with uncertainty and transforming isolation into creative solitude.
12/11/21·20m 6s

5 Tips For Transferring Colleges

Most students who want to transfer colleges don't. The process can be complicated and confusing and differ from state to state and institution to institution. Despite these hurdles, transferring is a common route to a four-year college. So how do you make the process go as smoothly as possible? Start early, stay organized and find a good fit.
11/11/21·19m 28s

How To Build A Sleep Routine For You And Your Children

Getting enough sleep helps you focus, retain information and helps to fortify your immune system. For parents and caretakers struggling to get their little ones to bed on time, here are tips on establishing healthy sleeping habits — that can benefit your entire family.
08/11/21·18m 2s

How To Wake Up Early, Even If You're Not A Morning Person

Waking up at dawn with the bakers and the baristas may not be for everyone — especially night owls. Whether you have to wake up early or you'd like to become more of a morning lark, here are a few habits that can help you set yourself up for success at that first alarm.
05/11/21·21m 40s

What To Do When There's A Flash Flood Warning While You're Driving

What should you do when there's a flash flood warning? In this episode, we'll walk you through why we're seeing an increase in flood events, what you should keep in your car in the event of a flood-related emergency, and how to get from point A to point B safely, if you have to drive during heavy rains.
02/11/21·9m 17s

How To Start A Budget. (And Why You Might Actually Enjoy It)

Whether you're paying down credit cards or saving for daily necessities, the best place to start is with a budget. Some simple tools can help. (This episode first ran in November 2019.)
01/11/21·20m 33s

From Family Planning To Recycling: Your Climate Questions Answered

Ahead of the U.N. climate talks in Glasgow this weekend, we're sharing this episode from our friends at It's Been A Minute with Sam Sanders.In this episode, Sam chats with climate experts Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, marine biologist and writer, and Kendra Pierre-Louis, senior climate reporter with the podcast 'How to Save a Planet.' Together, they answer listener questions about everything from how to talk to your kids about global warming... to how to deal with all of this existential dread.
30/10/21·23m 57s

Your guide to a simple skin care routine

Your skin is your largest organ. If you want to care for it without getting sucked into a wormhole of pharmacological-sounding jargon, this guide to building a basic skin care routine is for you.
28/10/21·15m 23s

How To Learn A New Skill

It can be incredibly gratifying to harness mastery of a skill. But why is learning new things so hard? In this episode, we'll explore that question and give you three steps to start learning something new. Now all you need to do is decide what it is you want to learn!
26/10/21·22m 45s

Climate Anxiety Is Real. Here's How To Address It

The climate crisis is here, and if you feel climate anxiety, that's a totally normal response. It's easy to feel overwhelmed or numb when you start thinking about the bigger picture, but it's important to let yourself feel all those emotions, says ecotherapist Phoenix Smith.In this episode, Smith talks about tools to acknowledge and use these feelings for the decades to come.
25/10/21·17m 32s

Inbox Zero Isn't The Goal Anymore. Try Inbox Infinity

Unread emails can be a source of anxiety for a lot of people. So instead of trying to read, filter or delete everything in your inbox, what if you just ignored it?In this episode, New York Times technology reporter Taylor Lorenz shares how spending less time on email and changing the way she thought about online communication has increased her productivity and given her back hours of time.
21/10/21·13m 53s

Finding agency with a birth plan

For expectant parents, navigating pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum can raise a range of emotions. There are so many things to think about and prepare for, and knowing where to start can feel daunting. But a birth plan can help!In this episode, Martina Abrahams Ilunga and Gabrielle Horton of NATAL, offer guidance on creating a birth plan that works for you, and makes it simple for your support system to pitch in.
19/10/21·22m 57s

How To Choose A Health Insurance Plan

Picking health insurance takes a lot of work. It's not a one-size-fits-all type of situation, and there are a lot of confusing terms that come up every year. You also need to consider your general health and finances. So how can you make sense of it all? That's where we come in. In this episode of Life Kit, we'll have experts guide you on where to look for coverage, how to narrow down plans — and how to get trustworthy help if you need it.
18/10/21·24m 15s

How To Rethink What You Spend Your Time — And Life — Doing

You've only got 4,000 weeks to live — give or take. While that may come as a brutal dose of reality, it's also an opportunity to think about how you're spending that time.In this episode, we talk to Oliver Burkeman, author of Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals, about the idea of time management, why none of us will ever be in control, and how we can better decide what we spend time on, and ultimately, the moments that make up a life.
14/10/21·19m 38s

5 Tips For Getting Started With Strength Training

Strength training is a great way to exercise efficiently while preventing injury. And while it's not that difficult to get into it, it can be intimidating if you don't know what you're doing. Here's how to make a weightlifting plan that works for you.
12/10/21·21m 5s

How You Can Honor Your Heritage — And Improve Your Health — Through Food

Food is more than just fuel for your body. Food is a connection to the stories of your ancestors and the stories of your descendants.In this episode of Life Kit, Michael W. Twitty, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, and professor Devon Mihesuah share their advice on how to strengthen the ties to your food traditions.
11/10/21·22m 53s

Get Your Pantry Organized With These Tips From Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman

Do you feel like you're not an organized person? Deb Perelman of the blog and cookbook Smitten Kitchen says she can relate. But when it comes to the kitchen, she's got a system that works for her. In this episode, she shares her tips for home-cooks working in small spaces with Shereen Marisol Meraji about it.
07/10/21·11m 21s

The Case For A 4-Day Workweek

The five-day workweek can feel as preordained as the number of minutes in an hour, but it hasn't always been the norm. Workers fought for a Monday-to-Friday schedule before it became standard in the U.S. in the 1930s. Since then, the nature of work has changed a lot, and now, workers are once again fighting for better conditions, says U.K.-based researcher Will Stronge.In this episode, Stronge, who co-wrote the book Overtime: Why We Need a Shorter Working Week, discusses what has changed since the '30s and what a shorter workweek offers workers and organizations.
05/10/21·18m 2s

How To Reframe Jealousy In Relationships

Rage, fear, possessiveness, sadness or all of the above — we all experience romantic jealousy differently, but the common denominator is the feeling of that inner alarm bell going off telling you you're going to lose your special someone.When mishandled, feelings of jealousy can lead to anything from internal strife to actual violence. But cultivated correctly, it can also be a "beautiful opportunity" to "deepen our awareness of what we want, who we care about and who we are". In this episode you'll hear how you can unlock jealousy's power.
04/10/21·23m 29s

It's FAFSA Time! Here's How To Apply For College Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid opens to potential college students to fill out on Oct. 1 for the 2022-2023 school year. Here's how to fill out the form to get money for college — and why you should apply now instead of waiting.
30/09/21·14m 25s

How You Can Help Someone At Risk Of Suicide

Research shows that suicide is preventable. And while surveys have shown that Americans know this, they might not know how to help someone who may be at risk.It's National Suicide Prevention Month, and we're looking at ways you can help if you know someone who is struggling.
28/09/21·18m 49s

How Reading Aloud Can Help You Bond With Your Kids

Reading at school is one thing, but reading at home is important too. Though with busy schedules filled with after school activities, homework and lots of tech at kids' fingertips, it's not always easy to convince kids that reading isn't a chore. In this episode, Diana Opong helps us discover that there is so much joy — and value — to be found in reading aloud as a family.
27/09/21·19m 54s

Is It Laziness, Or A Sign You Need To Slow Down?

We don't question whether our pets, friends or family have earned their right to exist, so why do we sometimes think about our own lives in those terms? What we learn about the value of productivity and the negative connotation of "laziness" is part of the problem, says social psychologist Devon Price.In this episode, Price, author of Laziness Does Not Exist, shares tips for rethinking the concept of laziness and how feeling "lazy" is actually a useful signal from our bodies and our deepest selves.
23/09/21·17m 27s

How To Stop Getting Interrupted At Work

Getting interrupted. Getting ideas stolen. Being talked over and ignored in meetings. This happens to women, people of color and marginalized workers a LOT.So what should you do when you get interrupted or talked over or have an idea stolen in a meeting? In this episode, Stacey Vanek Smith, author of the new book Machiavelli For Women, goes over four ways to be heard in the workplace.
21/09/21·19m 42s

In 'We're Not Broken,' Author Eric Garcia Takes On Myths About Autism

Whether you know it or not, you know somebody who is autistic. So if you think autism doesn't affect you, you're wrong, says Eric Garcia.In this episode, Garcia, author of We're Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation, talks about myths surrounding autism, how to talk about it and how to help your autistic loved one live their most fulfilling life.
20/09/21·22m 0s

Dating over 50: It's OK to be nervous, but don't let that stop you

Contemplating dating when you're 50 or older can feel daunting. But in order to find love, you usually have to date.In this episode, relationship experts give their best tips for figuring out what you want in a new relationship and getting back out into the dating scene.
16/09/21·21m 46s

There's More To Getting In Shape Than How You Look

Exercise is important, but balancing exercise with mental health and your own body confidence can be a tricky thing to pull off.In this episode, we talk to experts about how to keep comfortable in your body as it changes, and how to find that balance while exercising.
14/09/21·15m 6s

How To Start Hormone Replacement Therapy

Medical transition-related treatments like hormone replacement therapy are associated with overwhelmingly positive outcomes in terms of both physical and mental health for transgender people. But, it can be hard to know exactly how to get started.In this episode of NPR's Short Wave, reporter James Factora explains where to start, common misconceptions about HRT, and the importance of finding community through the process.You can read James' full reporting for VICE here.
13/09/21·14m 36s

How To Tap Into The Good Anxiety In Your Life

Anxiety can feel like the enemy, and it's easy to want to obliterate those feelings. But that might not be the best approach, according to Wendy Suzuki.In this episode, Suzuki, author of Good Anxiety: Harnessing the Power of the Most Misunderstood Emotion, outlines strategies to turn that sinking feeling into something productive.
09/09/21·13m 34s

How to thrive while working in a hybrid setup

More companies are offering hybrid work schedules, allowing office workers to split their time between the office and home. A hybrid setup has plenty of benefits but can be challenging to navigate. These tips can help you and your team ease into it.
07/09/21·17m 41s

7 Tips To Help You Get Out Of Debt

It's easy to get into debt, but harder to get out of it — especially if you don't have a plan. This episode offers strategies to help you pay off debt.
06/09/21·26m 5s

How To Receive Feedback

Receiving feedback doesn't necessarily have to be terrifying, according to Shanita Williams, a feedback coach, professor and author of Feedback Mentality.In this episode, Williams and Stacy-Marie Ishmael, a writer and editor, provide five tips to make receiving feedback a little less scary and something that's just part of doing the work.
02/09/21·16m 20s

How To Rent Smarter

Whether it's an apartment or a house, finding a place to rent can be taxing. It takes research, a disciplined budget and a strong sense of your priorities to find a place where you can feel like yourself.In this episode, we're giving you the ultimate checklist of things to consider as you're looking for your next place to live, including a detailed list of questions to ask the property manager.
31/08/21·19m 25s

How To Keep Your Kids Safe From The Delta Variant

Returning to in-person schooling is both a relief — and a source of great anxiety — for a lot of parents this year. The pandemic is still happening. The Delta variant is surging. And millions of children are too young to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The news changes fast — updates on vaccine trials and breakthrough infections seem to roll in every day — but there's still a lot the whole family can do to stay as safe as possible.In this episode NPR health reporter Pien Huang shares tips from public health experts — all parents themselves — for keeping kids safe at school.
30/08/21·12m 19s

Sci-Fi And Fantasy Recommendations For Your Summer Reading

If you want to dip a toe in the starry seas of fantasy and science fiction, but you just don't know where to start, Pop Culture Happy Hour is teaming up with Life Kit for a handy beginner's guide. What's the difference between sci-fi and fantasy? Is there one at all? We'll cover all that and throw in some reading recommendations to get you going.
26/08/21·20m 2s

'Can I Ask That?' Tips For Navigating Questions About Booster Shots And More

People are making up for time lost during the pandemic. Weddings are happening again. People are hosting cookouts, and going on vacation. Some people are heading back to in-person school and adjusting to working from the office again. But the health crisis is not over, and people in different parts of the country are taking very different approaches to that fact.These different approaches and thoughts are presenting some tricky situations, like asking people if they have or plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, or requesting that someone mask up.To talk through some of situations, NPR's Michel Martin spoke with Steven Petrow, an opinion columnist with USA Today, who's been writing about matters of etiquette, among other things.
24/08/21·10m 51s

How To Give Good Feedback

Massella Dukuly understands that the simple act of giving somebody feedback can be terrifying. But her job as director of learning and development at LifeLabs Learning is to teach people how to give good feedback.In this episode, Dukuly shares five things to keep in mind as you're giving feedback to another person.
23/08/21·23m 34s

5 Tips For Becoming A Stepparent

Becoming a parent is challenging, and the same is true for those becoming stepparents. In this episode, we talk to experts — some of whom are stepparents themselves — about how you can navigate the process. They share their do's: let the biological parent deal with discipline — and their don'ts: don't say anything to the child that you wouldn't want them to repeat to the other parent.
19/08/21·21m 22s

5 Ways To Rethink Money In Your Relationship

Talking about money can feel intimidating, even taboo. But it's also the key to fostering a closer connection with your partner. In this episode, financial therapist Amanda Clayman breaks down five crucial elements to a healthy financial relationship with your significant other.
17/08/21·18m 9s

Do's And Don'ts For Parents Whose Kids Have Gained Weight In The Pandemic

If you've noticed that your kid put on some weight during the pandemic and you're not sure what — if anything — to do about it, you're not alone.Weight is an incredibly fraught topic — and an imperfect indicator of health. As parents, a kid's sudden weight gain can be hard to know how to tackle — the last thing we'd want is to do anything that might create poor body image for our children or set the stage for eating disorders.We spoke to doctors and specialists who work with kids. In this episode, they share their tips for how to get kids back on track and support healthy habits.
16/08/21·10m 22s

Life Kit Presents: CNN's Chasing Life

Hi Life Kit listeners! We want to share an episode from another podcast we think you'll really enjoy. It comes from our friends at CNN's Chasing Life. It's hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and it helps listeners find balance in their lives. This episode is all about something very important — getting a good night's sleep. Dr. Gupta talks with experts about why we sleep in the first place, the latest research about sleep and how we get a full night's rest. Hope you enjoy!
14/08/21·22m 16s

How To Navigate The World Of Dating Apps

The idea behind dating apps is to make finding a connection easier — but that's not always the case. These expert tips will help you make the experience less anxiety-inducing, whether you're looking for something long-term or casual.
12/08/21·22m 16s

Letter Writing 101: Tips From A Hallmark Card Writer

Be it snail mail, a text message, a work email or a birthday card to grandma: good personal writing can foster authentic connection, boost your creativity and brighten someone's day. But personal writing can be tough. In this episode, Courtney Taylor, a senior writer at Hallmark Cards offers tips to make finding the words a bit easier.
10/08/21·19m 41s

A Business-Minded Way To Make Tough Family Decisions

Having elementary-aged kids at home can mean a maze of tough decisions about how to run your family and what's right for your small children. Economist Emily Oster offers ways to streamline decision-making with strategies — and data — that work in the business world.
09/08/21·17m 0s

The Process Of Becoming A Mother Has A Name: Matrescence

Becoming a mother is a huge, complicated life transition that can rock every fiber of a person's being. The process even has its own name: matrescence.That postpartum feeling of being on an emotional rollercoaster, not recognizing your body in the mirror, thinking that you've lost yourself—it's all part of the process. Yet, not a lot of people talk about it, leading many new moms to think that there's a problem with them if they feel anything but joy. In this episode, host Grace Bastidas of Parents Latina offers guidance for mothers trying to make sense of this life stage. Here are five takeaways that can help moms-to-be (and moms already in the thick of it) get their footing, ​​including tips on how to manage expectations, get the support you need and prioritize time for yourself.
05/08/21·24m 14s

Money Talks: How To Teach Kids About Finance

Money can feel like a taboo topic in a lot of households, but talking about it regularly can take the awkwardness out of it.Kids see and do everything that we do, and that's true when it comes to money, says financial expert Jen Hemphill.In this episode, Hemphill shares her top tips for financial literacy for kids and families, including how to start those conversations and creating a healthy money mindset for everyone.
03/08/21·19m 44s

Here's How Relationship Contracts Can Help Couples

Despite its legal-sounding moniker, a relationship contract isn't a binding agreement. Rather, it's a tool for couples to express their needs and work together to craft the parameters of their own unique relationship roadmap: including anything and everything from health and housework, to sex and intimacy.Writer Mandy Len Catron says crafting a relationship contract is a powerful exercise that "steers couples away from those problematic, passive notions of romance and toward agency and thoughtfulness in our love lives."In this Life Kit episode, Catron shares her tips and takeaways for creating a useful relationship contract.
02/08/21·21m 18s

Summer Reading Starter Kit: Young Adult Novels

Whether you're a longtime fan or just thinking about how and where to get started in YA, we've got you covered with some recommendations, some thoughts about what YA is and is not, and some things to look for as you wade into the inviting but turbulent waters of Young Adult fiction.
29/07/21·25m 2s

Smart Investing Tips For Beginners

Investing is the most powerful way that we can save for retirement, college for our children and similar long-term goals. But if you're just getting started it can be hard to separate the good advice from the bad.In this episode, NPR Life Kit host Chris Arnold offers up a few tips for those who are just entering the world of investing.
27/07/21·11m 2s

How To Talk About Divorce With Your Children

Even the most amicable split is world-changing for young children. Here are a few key tips for grown-ups trying to help their kids navigate this big transition.(This episode originally published April 26, 2019.)
26/07/21·21m 9s

What You Should Know About The Delta Variant

We're in another unsettling moment in the pandemic. Even people who are vaccinated are wondering if it's time to be cautious again, given the rise in cases, the fast-spreading Delta variant and reports of vaccinated people testing positive. NPR health correspondent Allison Aubrey offers some guidance and answers questions on what we know about the Delta variant.
24/07/21·8m 53s

4 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Social Media Diet

Social media is designed to be addicting, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you're looking for a full detox or just trying to find balance, here are four tips to help you create a healthier relationship with social media.
22/07/21·23m 22s

'Managing Up' And The Art Of Leadership At Work

Career development expert Kimberly B. Cummings went from studying her bosses to becoming one, and that process shaped how she approaches being a leader at work. Whether you're managing employees or shaping your relationship with your boss by managing up, Cummings shares tips on how to do both.The audio portion of this episode was produced by Clare Marie Schneider, with audio engineering support from Neal Rauch.We'd love to hear from you. Leave us a voicemail at 202-216-9823, or email us at For more Life Kit, subscribe to our newsletter.
20/07/21·18m 10s

4 Tips To Beat Extreme Heat

Record-breaking temperatures resulting from climate change are a global problem. And while our bodies have ways to dissipate heat, sometimes they just can't keep up with extreme temperatures. Here are four tips from experts on how to stay safe and cool in extreme heat.
19/07/21·13m 37s

How To Host: The Art Of Having People Over

Hosting can be stressful, but it doesn't need to be. Conflict resolution facilitator Priya Parker discusses ways anyone can host a meaningful, memorable gathering.
15/07/21·20m 33s

How To Use Less Plastic

It's not your fault that single-use plastic is everywhere. But with a little planning, you can curb your use of disposables and maybe even save some money in the long run. And after you've reduced and reused, we'll teach you how to recycle — properly!
13/07/21·24m 28s

Flirting Advice That Will Help You Talk To Anyone

Flirting can be scary. What if you get rejected? Reframing that mindset is key to an enjoyable flirting experience, according to experts. We got concrete advice on how to strike up a conversation, how to tell if the other person is into it and how to ask for someone's phone number (spoiler alert: don't).
12/07/21·19m 57s

Retirement 101: How To Save What You Need

It's never too early to start putting away money for retirement. In this episode, NPR's Chris Arnold decodes what you should know — from the types of retirement accounts to strategies for saving. (This episode originally published in October 2020.)
09/07/21·14m 53s

Tricks To Improve Your Credit Score

A strong credit score can make major purchases and financial transactions much easier. Here's how to make yours better and keep it high. (This episode originally ran in November 2020.)
08/07/21·19m 9s

Spend Savvier, Save Smarter: 5 Tips to Stop Stress Spending

We could all stand to stretch our cash a little further right now. Life Kit teamed up with financial expert Tiffany Aliche, also known as the Budgetnista, for tips about how to separate needs from wants, stop stress-spending and save for the future. (This episode originally published in September 2020.)
07/07/21·20m 49s

How To Navigate A Financial Crisis

Whether you lose your job or the economy is in a recession, weathering a financial crisis is tough. Personal finance expert Michelle Singletary guides us through tough decisions to get through money struggles.
06/07/21·17m 27s

5 Steps To Eating Healthy On A Budget

Dietitian Shana Spence joins Life Kit to share her tips to making nutritious meals without spending more than necessary. (This episode originally ran in October 2020.)
05/07/21·10m 13s

How To Find Art You Love For Your Space

How you decorate your home can be a form of self-expression and a way to share personal stories. Curator and author Kimberly Drew explains how to find art and objects that fit your taste and budget (framing concert tickets counts!), and how to safely display the work in your space.
01/07/21·16m 48s

Making The Workplace More Equitable For Trans People

How can your workplace be truly equitable to transgender people? Gender Reveal host Tuck Woodstock answers questions about making the workplace safer and more inclusive for trans people and provides simple ideas to help you be a trans ally at work and beyond. (This episode first ran in June 2020.)
29/06/21·20m 42s

So You Want To Start A Podcast. NPR Pros Have Advice

If you have a podcast idea, you've come to the right place. In this episode, NPR producer (and frequent Life Kit host) Lauren Migaki guides us through the steps to making one, with advice from folks at Code Switch, Throughline, Planet Money and more.
28/06/21·21m 6s

Summer Reading Starter Kit: Romance Novels

It's hard not to love romance books. They're flirty, steamy, and by definition, they end on a high note. Life Kit teamed up with NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast to get book recommendations to add to your summer reading list.
24/06/21·23m 57s

What 'likeability' really means in the workplace

"Likeability" is a loaded word. And try as we might, none of us has full control over who likes us. Journalist and podcaster Alicia Menendez, author of The Likeability Trap, says who we like is shaped by who we are — and often, likeability is a way of shielding biases in the workplace.
22/06/21·20m 28s

Supporting A Teen Through An Abusive Relationship

Teens face dating violence at alarming rates — but don't always have the experience to know what to do. Adults play a critical role in supporting them by talking frankly about relationships and taking action when a teen needs help.
21/06/21·19m 57s

A Personal Antiracism Tool For People Who Think They're Allies

Me And White Supremacy author Layla Saad explains the work of undoing white supremacy and why being an ally isn't enough. (This episode first ran in July 2020.)
17/06/21·17m 0s

You're Probably Apologizing All Wrong

We all screw up. What comes afterwards can make or break a relationship. In this episode, psychologist Harriet Lerner shares her tips for apologizing well and moving forward.
15/06/21·16m 23s

The Importance Of Mourning Losses (Even When They Seem Small)

It's normal to grieve when someone close to you dies. But what about the feelings that come with the loss of a job, or a long-awaited milestone? That's grief too, experts say — and it's normal.
14/06/21·14m 3s

How to Harness and Transform Anger

Anger can be a powerful teacher — if we know how to use it. In this episode, Lama Rod Owens, a teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, explains how he learned to love his anger, and gives listeners a six-step meditation to recognize it and let it go.
10/06/21·19m 52s

Navigating The Coming Out Conversation

Coming out looks different for everyone. Kathy Tu and Tobin Low (formerly of the podcast Nancy) talk with people about their coming out stories to learn what went well, what could have gone better, and what to say if someone comes out to you. (This episode originally ran in June 2020.)
08/06/21·23m 7s

Honoring Your Heritage Through Food

Food is more than just fuel for your body. Food is a connection to the stories of your ancestors, and the stories of your descendants. In this episode, a culinary historian, a professor and a nutritionist share their advice on how to carry on culinary traditions.
07/06/21·23m 23s

A Field Guide To Birding

You don't need binoculars and a trip to a nature preserve to go bird watching. If you've ever paused to appreciate a bird, you're already well on your way. Here's how to get started.
04/06/21·22m 57s

What You Need To Start Biking

Bike sales shot up last year and lots of cyclists dusted off their old wheels. If you're itching to get out there, this episode covers what you'll need to hit the road and strategies to stay safe. (It originally ran in August 2020.)
03/06/21·18m 37s

Breaking Ground On A Garden

Whether you have big plans for a vegetable garden or a tiny pot of window sill herbs, this episode will help you get your green thumb. We cover the basics of hardiness zones, understanding good soil, and building raised beds so you can turn garden dreams into reality. (This episode originally ran in April 2020.)
02/06/21·18m 22s

A Sunscreen Evangelist Explains The Importance Of SPF

If you're making plans to enjoy the weather, don't forget to pack your sunscreen. What's that? You don't need it? Yes, you do. Here's why, and how to use it effectively. (This episode first ran in July 2020.) This is the second in our week of episodes all about getting outside.
01/06/21·20m 5s

New To Camping? Here's Your Orientation

This week, Life Kit is heading outside! We're sharing our favorite episodes about getting out there, just in time for summer. Today, we're talking camping, which can be intimidating if you don't have much experience. We'll cover what to bring, how to make meals, how to stay safe and how to honor the land. (This episode first ran in July 2020.)
31/05/21·21m 54s

Why Leaving A Legacy Takes Self-Reflection

Wealth isn't just cold, hard cash, says strategic investor Pamela Jolly. It's whatever you value — and that means generational wealth can take lots of forms. Keisha "TK" Dutes speaks with Jolly about how to get strategic about leaving a legacy.
27/05/21·21m 37s

Rational Advice For A Chaotic Housing Market

Home prices have shot up in the last year. But with so many people eager to buy, the competition is stiff. If you're in the market to buy a home, this episode offers some advice for how to navigate this seemingly impossible market.
25/05/21·12m 17s

Understanding — And Coping With — Racial Trauma

Psychotherapist April Preston speaks with Tonya Mosley of NPR's Here and Now about what racial trauma is, how it can be passed down, and how to address it.
24/05/21·10m 47s

Understanding The Latest CDC Mask Guidance

The CDC says vaccinated folks don't need masks in most settings. NPR's Short Wave team breaks down that guidance and the pushback.
22/05/21·11m 19s

Be A Better Bystander

What would you do if you saw someone being harassed on the bus, or attacked in broad daylight? Most of us would like to think we know how we'd respond — but intervening in dangerous situations is easier said than done. Here's how to step in.
20/05/21·17m 11s

Need To Make A Change? Behavioral Science Can Help

When's the best time to start a new habit? And what makes some stick while others fall by the wayside? Behavioral scientist Katy Milkman's new book, How to Change, breaks down the research about how to leverage human nature instead of working against it to achieve your goals.
18/05/21·19m 26s
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