Mufti Menk

Mufti Menk

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Mufti Menk, (Doctor, Mufti, Ismail Menk) is a leading global Islamic scholar born and raised in Zimbabwe. He studied Shariah in Madinah and holds a Doctorate of Social Guidance from Aldersgate University. Mufti Menk’s work has gained worldwide recognition and he has been named one of “The Top 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World” since 2010. He has millions of followers across his social media platforms. Mufti Menk’s personable style and down to earth approach has made him one of the most sought after scholars in our time. He has endeared himself to people with his much loved lecture series, a Mufti Menk hallmark. He travels the world spreading a simple but profound message: “Do good, help others while preparing for the Hereafter”. He is active in the international arena and is a strong proponent of peace and justice, speaking up against all forms of terrorism.


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Go Easy on Your Child

08/03/23·3m 31s

Lowering your Gaze Online

04/03/23·18m 20s

Responsibility and Respect

Qurtuba Academy
02/03/23·16m 50s

It could have been worse

02/03/23·3m 56s

Look at the Positives

24/02/23·2m 55s

Disease of the Heart

16/02/23·2m 36s

Why is my heart broken

15/02/23·4m 13s

Facing Reality - Light Upon Light

in Harrogate
10/02/23·3h 46m

Facing Reality - Light Upon Light in Harrogate

With Imam Omar Suleiman
10/02/23·1h 33m

Character of the Prophets

Jumu’ah Khutbah
04/02/23·7m 35s

When Calamity Strikes

02/02/23·24m 27s

Benefit of serving others

20 Jan 2023 – Zamboanga – Philippines
23/01/23·1h 3m

Get Married

30/12/22·27m 5s

Facing Reality - Love the way Allah Made You

Leeds, 28 Dec 2022
29/12/22·40m 15s

Facing Reality - Holding on to Your Faith

Leicester 27 Dec 2022
29/12/22·37m 54s

Working your way up!

28/12/22·38m 0s

Greater than your issues!

Motivational Evening – North London. 23 Dec 2022 – Mufti Menk
24/12/22·31m 45s

End of Year Holidays

Jumu’ah in London
24/12/22·16m 15s

Blocked you

23/12/22·6m 32s

Keep Asking Allah Almighty!

Live from Madinah
19/12/22·6m 40s

Magic and Casting Spells

06/12/22·29m 23s

Patience and Forgiveness

Sun 27 Nov 2022 Lagos Nigeria
28/11/22·49m 4s

Give It Up

Jumu’ah 25 Nov 2022 Lagos, Nigeria
26/11/22·21m 35s

Cash or Respect

23/11/22·40m 18s

Paradise is Yours

20 Nov 2022 Perth, Australia
20/11/22·34m 21s

Is this even Halal

Some Crazy Questions Answered – FULL Podcast
19/11/22·47m 22s

The Best Invitation Ever

Jumu’ah Lecture 18 Nov 2022 Adelaide Australia
18/11/22·21m 10s

Why invest in Family and Children?

Sydney Australia, 15 Nov 2022
16/11/22·37m 17s

The Bright Side of Darkness

Dedicated to struggling sisters.  Sydney Australia 13 Nov 2022
13/11/22·34m 37s

You are NOT worthless!

Brisbane Australia 11 Nov 2022
13/11/22·36m 5s

Cash or Respect?

Melbourne Australia 12 Nov 2022
13/11/22·40m 26s

How to earn Allahs Mercy

05/11/22·23m 42s

Dealing with Family Problems

Maldives 2022
03/11/22·49m 23s

Productive Muslim

in Maldives 2022
01/11/22·59m 39s

Islam, Kindness and Benevolence

Maldives, 31st October 2022
30/10/22·57m 4s

Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Maldives, October 2022
29/10/22·1h 2m

Revive your Relation with Allah

Maldives 2022
29/10/22·17m 54s

Speaking to Teens

at the Apax Academy
16/10/22·23m 2s

Surah Al Baqarah

Let’s go for a Boat Ride
07/10/22·15m 6s

How to deal with Sadness

04/09/22·28m 47s

Answers Your Questions!

02/09/22·33m 38s

Best Remedy for anxiety and stress

Hifzul Qur’aan Graduation1 Sept 2022Blackburn, UK
02/09/22·24m 18s

How to pass with all A's

30/08/22·33m 18s

You WILL go to Paradise!

28/08/22·33m 45s

Sharing is Caring

27/08/22·27m 7s

Don't Curse Your Children

26/08/22·38m 13s

Will Dua Change Destiny?

25/08/22·36m 31s

Let's Chat

25/08/22·41m 32s

It will be taken away!!!

12/08/22·26m 16s

Why am I a Muslim

29/07/22·17m 51s

How do I seek forgiveness

24/07/22·16m 55s

James Webb Discovers Just a Droplet

Jumuah Lecture 15 July 2022 Bosmont Masjid
15/07/22·24m 25s

Day of Arafah and Eidul Adha

Jumuah 8 July 2022
13/07/22·26m 40s

Pelting the Devil

Powerful Eid Lecture
10/07/22·24m 56s

What about Ten Best Days

01/07/22·20m 28s

Children and Habits

Friday Sermon
25/06/22·21m 53s

Why do we have to go for the Hajj

Jumu’ah Sermon – 2022
17/06/22·21m 10s

Preparing for YOUR Loss

10/06/22·19m 52s

Chosen by Allah

Jumuah from Edmonton Islamic Centre
04/06/22·10m 47s

Are you rightly guided

Jumu’ah Lecture
29/05/22·22m 51s

Discover the Book Within

With Na’ima B. Robert
21/05/22·10m 38s

Speech at Imams Seminar

12/05/22·29m 33s

When Will Eid Be

30/04/22·9m 24s

Last Friday of Ramadan

29/04/22·14m 33s

Ramadan is ending

29/04/22·6m 35s

How to get rich quick

21/04/22·10m 53s


20/04/22·9m 41s

Ramadan Explained

Katara Amphitheatre – Qatar
18/04/22·51m 19s

Ramadan 2022 – Boost #09 - 10 Days are up! - Powerful Dua

A third of Ramadan has passed…
12/04/22·9m 12s

Ramadan with Paradise as your goal

Dubai 2022
09/04/22·50m 22s

Ramadan 2022 – Boost #4

From Makkah
05/04/22·8m 30s

Ramadan 2022 – Boost #2

03/04/22·13m 31s

Ramadan 2022 - Boost #1

01/04/22·16m 34s

Ramadan is Perfect

31/03/22·1m 47s

Do you belittle others?

29/03/22·2m 30s

He Only Does What's Best

25/03/22·48m 20s

Watch your mouth

25/03/22·2m 47s

The Arrogant Worshipper

24/03/22·2m 54s

How will you survive?

24/03/22·44m 36s

I love you

22/03/22·2m 13s

Girl, you look hot

22/03/22·4m 52s

Pre-Ramadan Boost 2022

22/03/22·46m 13s

Haram Money

19/03/22·5m 29s

Not much time left...

13/03/22·9m 44s

The Value of the Masjid

12/03/22·29m 7s

Hijab Includes...

02/03/22·12m 49s

Are You a Know it All?

28/02/22·4m 18s

Healing in the Qur'an

25/02/22·2m 40s

The Gift of True Friends

24/02/22·2m 52s

Dress well and modest

24/02/22·1m 59s

The Gift of Wisdom

23/02/22·3m 54s

The weight of a deed

21/02/22·5m 17s

Why is it so difficult?

19/02/22·22m 13s

When will I get justice?

11/02/22·17m 6s

It's Almost Ramadan

07/02/22·24m 6s

Wanna be my friend?

03/02/22·2m 46s

Celebrating The Prophet Pbuh with a Powerful Reminder

Musgrave, Durban 30 Jan 2022
01/02/22·41m 7s

Social Media Tips

28/01/22·40m 38s

The Effectiveness of Social Media

Light Upon Light
19/01/22·51m 31s

Jumu'ah from ExCel London

01/01/22·22m 26s

A Message from Medina

06/12/21·8m 36s

What are your Blessings?

Dubai 2021
03/12/21·59m 0s

Advice to Recent Reverts

25/11/21·9m 56s

Losing a Loved One

05/11/21·14m 19s

Is your Family Crumbling?

01/11/21·22m 51s

The Prophet as a Husband

30/10/21·40m 5s

Serious Warning!

Friday Reminder
16/10/21·23m 0s

The Most Powerful Advice Ever Given!

Jumu’ah Reminder
13/10/21·6m 50s

Get back to 'The Best Places on Earth'!

Jumu’ah Lecture
18/09/21·21m 19s

Did you just suffer a Loss?

Jumu’ah Lecture
28/08/21·17m 2s

Without a Life Vest You Won't Survive!

Jumu’ah Khutbah
21/08/21·19m 45s

How to thank Allah

Jumu’ah Lecture
13/08/21·14m 35s

Becoming Wealthy and Successful

Jumu’ah Lecture
30/07/21·14m 48s

Is It Coming Home?

15/07/21·9m 14s

No Fear, No Sadness!

Friday Sermon
10/07/21·14m 13s

Conviction during hardship always Helps

Friday Lecture
19/06/21·13m 56s

Fearless Heroes

07/06/21·1m 35s

Today is the Day!

05/06/21·1m 8s

The Hour is Near!

05/06/21·3m 6s

The Biggest Sins Are...

03/06/21·3m 22s

Riba! Interest!

01/06/21·2m 35s

Will You Leave a Legacy?

01/06/21·58m 51s

Do you have this Trait?

01/06/21·2m 28s

We are Not perfect!

23/05/21·1m 28s

False Accusations

23/05/21·2m 10s

When the Ummah Bleeds

Friday Jumu’ah
22/05/21·10m 35s

Don't Give Up!

21/05/21·1m 22s

Never Give Up

17/05/21·2m 33s

A Forgotten Duty

17/05/21·1m 22s

Resolve Matters Today

Jumuah Lecture
15/05/21·14m 0s

Celebrating Amidst Oppression

15/05/21·19m 16s
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