Mufti Menk

Mufti Menk

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Dr Mufti Ismail Menk is a leading global Islamic scholar born and raised in Zimbabwe. He studied Shariah in Madinah and holds a Doctorate of Social Guidance from Aldersgate University. Mufti Menk’s work has gained worldwide recognition and he has been named one of “The Top 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World” since 2010. He has millions of followers across his social media platforms. Mufti Menk’s personable style and down to earth approach has made him one of the most sought after scholars in our time. He has endeared himself to people with his much loved lecture series, a Mufti Menk hallmark. He travels the world spreading a simple but profound message: “Do good, help others while preparing for the Hereafter”. He is active in the international arena and is a strong proponent of peace and justice, speaking up against all forms of terrorism.


What is Halal?

20/10/202m 18s

What is your PURPOSE

20/10/201m 50s

Writing a Will

19/10/205m 34s

It's Not All About Money!

Friday Sermon in Sandton
18/10/2018m 20s

Do NOT Believe Everything!!

17/10/2015m 25s


16/10/203m 47s

A Great Investment and a Good Cause!

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13/10/201m 13s

ALERT Merchandise

11/10/2012m 4s

Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past

10/10/2015m 59s

Save Your Daughter!

08/10/2011m 4s


06/10/204m 5s

Say HasbunAllah

04/10/204m 48s


02/10/203m 11s

Smile! There is Hope!

01/10/202m 23s

The Power of Sujood

30/09/204m 59s

Welcome the Refugees

29/09/207m 34s

Migration within Ourselves!

Lockdown Conference
29/09/2030m 13s

Religious Blackmail

26/09/2025m 12s

The GPS In Our Life

24/09/202m 0s

Young and Ugly

21/09/203m 54s


20/09/202m 52s

My Parents are Harsh!

19/09/209m 17s

Not Your Child

17/09/201m 8s

I am Angry

16/09/202m 18s

Spying is HARAM!

14/09/203m 23s

Porn on Dads Phone

14/09/203m 33s


11/09/207m 21s

These TWO are CURSED

11/09/204m 29s

Call your parents NOW

11/09/202m 34s

Drives a Lamborghini

10/09/201m 45s

Sujood vs The Virus

08/09/2022m 0s

Prayer, Prostration & Corona

Jumu’ah Lecture
04/09/2020m 57s


04/09/2017m 1s

Halaal Tattoo Ideas

03/09/207m 51s

Preparing for a Good Death

28/08/2023m 58s

FAILED My Exams!

24/08/207m 58s

The New Year 1442 and Muharram

Friday Lecture
21/08/2021m 28s

Pious yet EVIL

14/08/2028m 38s

The Beirut Tragedy

07/08/2024m 36s

The Fortunate Few of Hajj 2020 #3 - Dreams Do Come True!

A Sister from Cape Town, South Africa has just given us the most detailed account of Hajj 2020. May Allah Almighty bless one and all. Aameen
06/08/201h 2m

The Fortunate Few of Hajj 2020 #2 - FULLY SPONSORED HAJJ 2020!

06/08/2023m 32s

When YOU will no longer be YOU!

Allahu Akbar – MUST LISTEN
27/07/201m 34s

First Death in My Family

17 July 2020
17/07/2016m 42s

Mental Health - Faith & Medical Perspective with Dr TK Harris

Challenges and Taboos of mental health are discussed. We ALL go through ups and downs in our mental health. Depression, anxiety, low self esteem etc. Please follow Dr TK Harris on YouTube and instagram. His books Instant Insights and Instant Action are available on Amazon.
15/07/201h 7m

Religious Blackmail during Corona

Masjid Al Falaah, 10 July 2020
10/07/2020m 47s

Remedy Your Anxiety

03/07/2026m 31s

The Best Remedy

The eKhutbah comes to you every Friday. This is not A Jumu’ah Sermon but simply seizing the opportunity to present that weekly reminder. The topic this week is The Best Remedy
01/07/2024m 56s

Lessons from the Liverpool Victory

Liverpool won the Premier League after 30 years! The victory has wiped out the pain of loss for 3 decades. Here is a lesson from this victory.
01/07/202m 44s

Mental Health and Suicide

21/06/2025m 15s

Do People Deserve Second Chances

eKhutbah – Mufti Menk
12/06/2025m 34s

After the Lockdown

30/05/2020m 51s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #30

O Children of Adam!
23/05/2012m 47s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #29

The Unwritten Sin
22/05/2012m 48s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #28

Stand for Justice
21/05/2012m 49s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #27

The Bad Deeds
20/05/2012m 50s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #26

The Worst of Sins
19/05/2012m 48s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #25

Test or Punishment?
18/05/2012m 49s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #24

Keep Doing Good
17/05/2012m 49s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #23

Why The Prohibitions?
16/05/2012m 51s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #22

Saving Lives
15/05/2012m 48s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #21

Blessings after Hardship
14/05/2012m 47s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #20

13/05/2012m 49s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #19

Your Enemies
12/05/2012m 46s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #18

11/05/2012m 43s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #17

10/05/2012m 46s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #16

Ponder & Reflect
09/05/2012m 47s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #15

How Sinners Enter Paradise
08/05/2012m 50s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #14

Winning the Race
07/05/2012m 48s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #13

Good Advice
06/05/2012m 48s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #12

Silence & Devotion
05/05/2012m 50s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #10

The Day of Return
03/05/2012m 46s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #9

02/05/2012m 46s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #7

Caring for Others – Ramadan 2020 Series by Mufti Menk
30/04/2012m 44s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #6

Ramadan 2020 Series – Episode 6 – Diet and Fasting
29/04/2012m 45s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #5

Patience and Prayer
28/04/2012m 44s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #4

27/04/2012m 43s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #3

Countless Favours
26/04/2012m 45s

Ramadan Boost 1

Ramadan 1441H / 2020
25/04/205m 28s

Comfort in Times of Crisis #2

25/04/2012m 48s

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Comfort in Times of Crisis #1

The Most Merciful  – 1st Episode in the Series, Comfort in Times of Crisis, Ramadan 2020
24/04/2012m 41s

The Month of Mercy has Come

The eKhutbah comes to you every Friday. This is not A Jumu’ah Sermon but simply seizing the opportunity to present that weekly reminder.
24/04/2021m 52s

Bringing the Masjid Home

Ramadan 2020
24/04/2028m 4s

Praying Salaah Online

Important opinion on joining online congregational prayers via TV, radio, Internet, receiver etc.
18/04/208m 25s

Blessings from the Outbreak

The eKhutbah comes to you every Friday. This is not A Jumu’ah Sermon but simply seizing the opportunity to present that weekly reminder. The topic this week is Blessings During The Outbreak
17/04/2028m 51s

Embarrassing TikTok Content!

“I want this content deleted! My sister would never want to be remembered for this. Nobody is helping us as a family.” The email of a brother who lost his sister to Covid-19 leaving behind some embarrassing content on TikTok. Be responsible. That’s my message.
15/04/203m 1s

A Stern Warning

Differ by all means, but very respectfully. Those who hurl abuse at others are WRONG! They have no concern for the Ummah or Humanity. They are so desperate to shove their opinions down the throats of others and have run out of respectful ways of doing it. The price of insulting and abusing others is ... Read more
12/04/206m 55s

Marriage during Lockdown!

Zoom, Skype & Houseparty
11/04/202m 7s

Something Has Changed

The eKhutbah comes to you every Friday. This is not A Jumu’ah Sermon but simply seizing the opportunity to present that weekly reminder.
11/04/2020m 26s

Something Has Changed

Original Audio Episode Link - Mufti Menk – Something Has Changed

Should I give my Zakaah & Charity Before Ramadan

Should I give my Zakaah & Charity Before Ramadan
04/04/203m 1s

Why fast on Mondays & Thursdays

Earn the Love and Mercy of Allah during difficult times by reviving a Sunnah. Here, in recommending two beautiful practises of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Both connected to fasting.
30/03/203m 11s

How We Should Approach The Coronavirus As Muslims

18-03-20 Lifestyle With Safeera Kaka
18/03/2024m 42s


Jumuah Khutbah, Australia. Friday Sermon. Corona Virus Update. Sydney, Australia, 14 March 2020
13/03/2017m 30s

How you make others feel

Motivational Evening – Bradford, 23 February 2020
24/02/2050m 51s

Half of faith?

Motivational Evening, Manchester 22 Feb 2020
23/02/2049m 12s

Allah is in Control

Masjid Umar, Leicester 21 Feb 2020
21/02/2030m 21s

Don't judge me!

Motivational Evening London, 20 Feb 2020
21/02/2045m 0s

Giving your child a knife

Motivational Evening – London, 19 February 2020
20/02/2039m 30s

What have You done for others

Friday Sermon 14 February 2020 Newclare Masjid South Africa
14/02/2025m 24s

Cleaning up your Mess

Roshnee, South Africa 9 Feb 2020
09/02/201h 2m

False accusations against Prophet Muhammad SAW

Seerah Jalsa PMB, 26 Jan 2020
26/01/2043m 16s

We appreciate you, yes you

Friday Sermon, Harare 24 January 2020
25/01/2024m 8s

Seerah Jalsa

Lenasia, South Africa 25 January 2020
25/01/2032m 28s

Real Challenges Faced by Youth

Male, Maldives, 17 Jan 2020
18/01/2057m 8s

Importance of Halaal Earning

Friday Sermon, 17th January 2020, Maldives. Masjid al Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam
17/01/2015m 58s

Different Interpretations in Islam

Maldives, 16 January 2020
16/01/201h 5m

Why some Muslims Deviate?

Addu City, Maldives, 15 Jan 2020
15/01/201h 0m

The Need For Religious Rehab

Male, Maldives, 14 Jan 2020 A Muslim believes in the Maker, the Worshiped One,  to whom we owe our worship, the one to whom we shall return. And every action of a Muslim shall be rewarded even when the action is not followed through. Allah rewards us our intention. Allah knows what is best for ... Read more
14/01/2048m 14s

The Game of Life

10/01/2028m 17s

When the Sound System Failed

Motivational Evening. Luton UK, 02 Jan 2020
04/01/2040m 53s

Simple Miracles of Quran - Part 2

Leicester, Light upon Light 2020
03/01/2033m 3s

Dealing with Doubts

Leicester, Light upon Light 2020
03/01/2033m 41s

Shadows of Doubt

Light Upon Light, Lecture Seven
31/12/1928m 54s

Simple Miracle of the Qur'aan

Light Upon Light 2019/2020, Lecture 1
30/12/1942m 34s

Dealing with differences

Motivational Evening, 26 Dec 2019
26/12/1953m 32s

Don't be Trapped

Motivational Evening, 24 Dec 2019
24/12/1945m 23s

Why Your Doors Close

Motivational Evening talk offering an alternative perspective on closed doors. The bright side of it.
24/12/1951m 10s

What makes you happy

Many people search for happiness where it is not found. Listen to what the Almighty says about this. Jumu’ah at Mayfair Masjid, Johannesburg, South Africa.
20/12/1926m 28s

Going on Holiday

Some great guidelines and reminders about the end of year holidays, where to go and what to do.
13/12/1926m 24s

Was it Adam or Eve?

08/12/1931m 48s

Mercy, Respect & Service

Australia, December 2019
07/12/1924m 5s

School Children's Talk

07/12/1918m 40s

Family & Community

6 December 2019, Australia
06/12/1945m 48s

From the Elevations - Surah Aaraaf

Peace and Unity Convention Abuja Nigeria, 1 December 2019
02/12/1952m 13s

The Connection between Love and Obedience

An Noor Mosque, Abuja.
30/11/1923m 45s

Challenges of Youth at University

Nile University of Nigeria, 27/11/2019 The concerned  Sheikh Mufti Menk faces a room full of eager young adults, all gathered to hear him, wondering what advice he has for them. So what does he tell them then in order for them to manoeuver the sharp corners and curve balls that university life will shell at ... Read more
27/11/1934m 54s

Family Values - Part 2

Brothers Program in Kaduna Nigeria, 25 Nov 2019
25/11/1934m 24s

Family Values - Part 1

Sisters Program in Kaduna Nigeria 25 Nov 2019
25/11/1952m 40s

Blessings & Salutations

Jumu’ah from Lagos,Nigeria 22 Nov 2019
22/11/1928m 52s

Towards a Happy Family

East London Mosque
06/11/191h 1m

Preparing to meet Allah

Jumuah Lecture 1 Nov 2019 Masjid Al Falaah Harare, Zimbabwe
02/11/1925m 32s

Powerful explanation of Arabic Sermon

Why miss out if you don’t know Arabic? Here is an explanation of what the Imaam often says in the Friday Khutbah or Sermon.
04/10/1923m 45s

Dealing with Tough Times

Masjid Al Falaah, Harare, Zimbabwe 2 October 2019 Why am I being tested? Is this a punishment or a test? When is this going to end? Why does this keep happening to me? Theses are coming questions today. In this lecture Mufti Menk puts things into perspective.
02/10/1922m 9s

Effects of Irresponsible Speech

Many of us use harsh words, abusive, vulgar, hurtful, hateful, false etc. This talk highlights what happens as a result. May Allah Almighty make us more conscious of the words we use.
27/09/1921m 11s

Fire in the Masjid

20 September 2019 Lakefield, South Africa MY house. Whose house? Allah’s house. A house where Islam is taught, peace is enjoined upon us. Allah’s house will beat witness of our deeds, good and bad. You might wonder who could be bad in a masjid? It could very well  be a person focussed on the dunya ... Read more
20/09/1924m 22s

Back to Islamic Values

Fri 13th Sept 2019, Soweto, South Africa
13/09/1933m 12s

Why Xenophobia?

Friday Sermon 6/09/2019 Houghton, Johannesburg
06/09/1928m 56s

Respect Each Other

Advice at Wedding Kannur, Kerala, India 30 August 2019
30/08/1913m 49s

Solutions to your Problems

Friday Sermon 16/08/2019 Harare, Zimbabwe
16/08/1924m 14s

What Did They Have?

Eidul Adha Lecture, Harare Zimbabwe 2019
12/08/1928m 46s

Lessons from Mina

Friday Lecture, Harare, Zimbabwe 9 August 2019
09/08/1927m 13s

Severe Hardship for a Believer

26 July 2019, Harare, Zimbabwe   Does man not see how insignificant he was one? Wallahi those who don’t believe this world is a test are deceived.  This jummah khutbah is related to the severe hardship a believer faces in this dunya. Running water from the tap is something we are accustomed to while for ... Read more
26/07/1928m 53s

Soldier On

Motivational Evening, Luton, UK – 20 July 2019
21/07/1933m 58s

Nikah Officiation Talk

Upton Lane London, 20 July 2019
21/07/1912m 41s

Share to Repair

Motivational Evening 19 July 2019
19/07/1931m 13s

The Search for Peace : Back to Basics

Jumu’ah Lecture, London 19 July 2019
19/07/1913m 4s

Lessons from Life

Jumuah lecture – 12 July 2019 Bolton, UK
12/07/1929m 55s

Sacrifice in Marriage

6 July 2019 Harare, Zimbabwe
06/07/197m 43s

Why you might be struggling?

Jumu’ah Lecture 5 July 2019, Treatment of Workers.
05/07/1922m 43s

What is your score?

Umar Musa Yar’Adua University, Katsina Nigeria, 30 June 2019
30/06/1955m 2s

Ask the Owner

Katsina, Nigeria, 30 June 2019
30/06/191h 3m

Seize Opportunities

Kano, Nigeria 29 June 2019
29/06/191h 21m

VIP Dinner in Kampala

Kampala, Uganda, Building Bridges, 22 June 2019
22/06/1930m 9s

Being Dutiful to the Most Merciful

Mufti Menk, leading Jumu’ah Sermon & Prayers. National Mosque of Uganda in Kampala. Capacity of 30,000 worshipers.
21/06/1930m 21s

The Best of Both

Jumuah Lecture 14 June 2019 Arcadia Harare
14/06/1922m 54s

Make the Most of It

11/06/1919m 19s

Eid Khutbah 2019

Eid in the Park, London
05/06/1916m 56s

Let Ramadan End Well

01/06/1931m 9s

Jumuah with Volunteers

Excel London, 31 05 2019
31/05/199m 46s

Towards Human Happiness

Address to Non Muslims & Recent Muslims in Muscat Oman, 24/05/2019.
25/05/1933m 14s

Ramadan 2019 Boost - 5

Don’t waste your deeds, Nurul Islam Lenasia, 10/05/2019
10/05/1926m 41s

More than one

Jumuah Lecture – 10/05/2019 Midrand, South Africa
10/05/1931m 9s

Ramadan 2019 Boost - 4

Women and orphans, Sandton South Africa, 09/05/2019
10/05/1938m 6s

Ramadhan Pep Talk

07/05/192m 41s

Ramadan 2019 Boost - 2

2nd Ramadan Boost Polokwane, South Africa
07/05/1938m 14s

Ramadan 2019 Boost - 1

Klerksdorp, North West Province South Africa
06/05/1921m 41s

Love, Care and Kindness

Ankara, Turkey – 04/05/2019
05/05/191h 3m

Marriage of Musa AS

Motivational Evening Dinner London 27/04/2019
27/04/1946m 10s

Connecting to 5G

Motivational Evening, London 26/04/2019
26/04/1931m 4s


Jumuah Lecture : Redbridge Masjid – London
26/04/1928m 48s

Get Closer to Allah, NOT Mufti

Newport Masjid 22 April 2019
22/04/1913m 29s

When is fasting a Shield?

Light Upon Light Cardiff 22 April 2019
22/04/1945m 47s

A Fresh Start

Light Upon Light Cardiff 22 April 2019
22/04/1930m 57s

Change must happen!

Lecture delivered in Northampton hosted by al Rahma, delivered at Al Jamatul Muslimeen Masjid on St George’s St. This was initially beamed on Instagram live.
21/04/1950m 30s

Run up to Ramadhaan

Light Upon Light Harrogate. 21 April 2019
21/04/1924m 57s

Dealing with the post Ramadhaan dip

Light Upon Light, Glasgow, 20/04/2019
20/04/1958m 36s

Success by Contributing to the Masjid

Milton Keynes, UK, 19/04/2019
19/04/1928m 8s

Taboos regarding Divorce

Hong Kong 14/04/2019
14/04/191h 0m

Taboos Regarding Marriage

Hong Kong 13/04/2019
13/04/1948m 59s

Hope through Turbulent Times

Doha 12/04/2019
12/04/1923m 34s

Pag Asa - Hope

Zamboanga, Philippines, 09/04/2019, Building Bridges Tour.   In this talk, the learned Sheikh Menk addresses the topic of Hope. He touches upon the need for us to have hope in the mercy of Allah s.w.t.. You do not know what the future holds for you but Allah knows. Put in the effort after which turn ... Read more
09/04/1959m 21s

Those Who Depend on Allah

From the Light Upon Light Winter Conference
07/04/1934m 59s

Islam : A Message for Humanity

2nd talk of the day, Al Manar International Tolerance Convention, 05/04/2019
06/04/1941m 12s

Muhammad pbuh. A Beacon of Tolerance and Hope

1st talk of the day, Al Manar International Tolerance Convention, 05/04/2019
06/04/1941m 5s

Islam - A Message of Peace

Al Manar International Tolerance Convention, 04/04/2019
04/04/1945m 49s

Importance of Tolerance

Al Manar International Tolerance Convention 03/04/2019 This important talk is about tolerance. Tolerance is a necessary characteristic, specially in the times we live in today. People have become Islamaphobic because of the heinous crimes committed by a few in the name of this beautiful religion of tolerance and mercy. Islam is tolerance. Anyone born on ... Read more
03/04/1945m 24s

What should we do to the criminal?

Powerful Reminder. 20/03/2019
23/03/1924m 33s

Why did Allah Almighty do that?

Friday Lecture, Topic: Why did Allah Almighty do that? 22/03/2019 The Christchurch Mosque Tragedy. Cyclone Idai that wiped out almost 90% of Mozambique. Why did these things happen? More importantly, the question on most person’s tongue is – why did Allah allow this to happen? What happened was not Allah’s doing. Rather it was the ... Read more
23/03/1926m 32s

Tafseer Lesson - Surah 6 Verse 91

Tafseer Lesson, Surah 6 V 91, 22/03/2019
23/03/1931m 35s

From Christchurch to The Netherlands. From Ethiopian Airlines to Cyclone Idai!

The Huge loss of life. Just as we condemned the terror in Christchurch, so we do in the Netherlands. This insta-live video outlines four major incidents where life was lost and damage to property and infrastructure in some.
18/03/1920m 24s

New Zealand Shootings

Friday Sermon, New Zealand Shootings, Friday 15/03/2019. Some advice and guidance in the aftermath of the terrorist attack at two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are in desperate need of healing. This will only come about through love, kindness, respect and understanding.
15/03/1926m 54s

Protection from Magic and the Evil Eye - Part 02

Speaking about what to do. Olive Oil (Extra Virgin Cold Pressed) Zamzam, Ajwa Dates, Black Seed and its oil, Raw organic Honey etc… Figs are beneficial too. Don’t let people fool you by making you do silly things with the excuse of curing you…
07/03/1917m 4s

Planning to Divorce

I’m going to fix her!” “I will show her what I can do!” These are statements made by men when the level of relationship with Allah is at its lowest. But Allah Almighty is the Most Just. It’s important to know how Allah helps those who are wronged and punishes the wrongdoers. Release them upon ... Read more
07/03/1922m 6s

Navigating through the distractions.

AMS Youth Forum Durban, South Africa 26/02/2019
26/02/1936m 20s

Tafseer Lesson - Surah An'aam V65

Tafseer Lesson 22/02/2019 Surah An’aam V65
22/02/1927m 59s

Have You Declared

22/02/1926m 13s

The Weed Controversy

21/02/199m 46s

Being Helpful and Hopeful

London – 18/02/2019
18/02/1940m 56s


17/02/2019, London Allah the Almighty tests not on what we achieve. Rather it is the good we try to achieve. Trying to wake up in time for fajr prayers even though you slept at three; trying to get out of bed even though all you want to do is sink back into it. Trying to ... Read more
17/02/1939m 58s

Motivational Evening

17/02/1951m 20s

Marriage Advice

Nikah of Muhammad Fudhail & Halima 16/02/2019
16/02/1913m 57s

Allah Promises You

Mufti Menk Jumu’ah Lecture 15/02/2019
15/02/1916m 47s

Gift of Friends

Friday 08/02/2019
08/02/1923m 57s

Dying With Hope

Bulawayo Zimbabwe, 01/02/2019
01/02/1947m 21s

Appreciate What You Have

Jumu’ah Lecture Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 01/02/2019
01/02/1923m 50s

Why They Loved the Prophet SAW

Mufti Menk discusses the attributes and character of the Nabi SAW that resulted in so many loving Nabi Muhammad SAW
31/01/1924m 17s

Short Advice at a Marriage

Houghton, Johannesburg 26 Jan 2019
26/01/1914m 26s

Love The Prophet SAW

Seerah conference – 20/ 01/2019
21/01/1947m 40s

Marrying should be easy

Jumu’ah Lecture Johannesburg
18/01/1921m 54s

Fajr Reminder - The Heart

Masjid Taaleemul Islam Lenasia, South Africa The prophet s.a.w. says behold in the body is a piece of flesh which if good and pure the whole body will be good and pure and if dirty and diseased the whole body will be  dirty and diseased. It is the hidden sins in the heart for eg ... Read more
18/01/195m 32s

Tafseer Lesson

Al An’aam Verse 31, 32 Harare Zimbabwe
11/01/1921m 55s

The Deepest Regret

Jumu’ah Lecture, 11/01/2019
11/01/1927m 3s

Making your Parents Happy

Light Upon Light London In this talk, the venerated Sheikh reminds us of our duty to our parents. He helps us to find the balance between our daily affairs and our duty to our parents. Simple acts such as including the Dua for parents after each salah, calling your parents at least once a week ... Read more
06/01/1940m 37s

Reality of Happiness

Light Upon Light 12, London In this talk our respected Sheikh takes us on our  quest for happiness. Allah says in the Quran ,“I have not created mankind or jinkind  except that they worship me”. What this verse refers to is leading your entire life according to what Allah has ordained. That is your first ... Read more
06/01/1925m 23s

Sins to the Sky

East London Mosque
04/01/1925m 2s

The Repentant

Light Upon Light. Cardiff
01/01/1933m 23s

Trust in Allah

Light Upon Light, 2018/2019, Cardiff
01/01/1934m 34s

Making your Spouse Happy

Light Upon Light 2018, Oldham
29/12/1854m 11s

Perfecting your Deeds

Light Upon Light Event in Glasgow
28/12/1831m 28s

Nikah in Mangalore India

This is the officiation of a Marriage in India lead by Mufti Menk. The Khutbah is in English.
23/12/1819m 14s

Simple Ways to Brighter Days

Jawatta, Colombo Sri Lanka – 15 Decemeber 2018
16/12/181h 4m

Keys To A Happy Home

Expanding Horizons Tour – Mayura, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
14/12/181h 10m

Lessons From Hujurat

Jumuah Lectrute, Kolpetty Masjid, Columbo, Sri Lanka – 14-12-2018
14/12/1828m 30s

Hope with the Effort

11/12/1812m 7s

Beware of Fraud

11/12/1811m 41s

Lessons from women's contribution to the Islamic Civilization

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Muscat, Oman
08/12/181h 3m

Islam & the Modern World. Challenges & Opportunities

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat, Oman. 8 December 2018
07/12/181h 5m

Message of all Prophets PBUH

Muscat Oman
07/12/181h 5m

The Prophet PBUH - The Best Husband

Jumuah 23 November 2018 Masjidul Quds
23/11/1841m 5s

Lessons from the nights of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH

1 Ummah Peace and Unity Convention, Abuja Nigeria
23/11/1856m 37s

Being Productive

Peace and Unity Convention in Abuja Nigeria 2018
19/11/1851m 9s

Lessons from Surah Ikhlaas

Teen Session – Peace and Unity Convention 2018 , Abuja Nigeria.
18/11/1831m 57s

Watch How You Speak

Jumu’ah Lecture Abuja Nigeria
16/11/1827m 35s

Striking a Balance

Maiduguri Women’s Lecture, Nigeria November 2018
15/11/1846m 43s

Being Responsible

Maiduguri Men’s lecture – delivered at the birthplace of Boko Haram
14/11/1839m 13s

Don't Drown in Luxuries

Jumuah Lecture, Alausa Masjid, Lagos, Nigeria. 9/11/2018
09/11/1842m 58s

Respecting Differences

Independence Stadium, Banjul, the Gambia Building Bridges Tour
04/11/181h 26m

Your Own Book

Jumuah Lecture – Banjul The Gambia 02 November 2018
02/11/1829m 31s

Natural Disasters -The Islamic Response

Jumu’ah Lecture at Masjidul Quds 12 October 2018
12/10/1831m 48s

Relations, respect & serving

Lecture delivered at Masjid Cut Meutia in Jakarta, Indonesia
06/10/1853m 46s

Why Build Bridges?

Part of the Building Bridges Tour. Davao, Philippines. Hosted by Faredatunnisa Foundation Building bridges. The first bridge the venerated Sheikh informs is the bridge with Allah. He is Rabbun – the one how nourishes,who protects, the one in absolute control of all aspects of existence. So we build the bridge to Him to connect with ... Read more
02/10/181h 1m
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