The Strange Death of Innes Ewart

The Strange Death of Innes Ewart

By BBC Scotland

Unravelling the strange death of a man who seemed to have everything to live for. Was it suicide, as the police said, or something more sinister? Mick Morton investigates.


Episode 7: The Eighth Floor

Strange Death host Mick Morton makes a final trip to the 8th floor of the car park in Stratford where Innes Ewart died he meets a man who knows what it was like there in 2001.
09/05/1922m 45s

Episode 6: Someone knows something

Why is there so little footage CCTV of Innes Ewart. A woman calls saying she knows what happened to him but who is she and why has she waited so long? hosted by Mick Morton.
09/05/1921m 33s

Episode 5: The Tapes

Innes Ewart's parents Pat and Ron believe their son was mugged outside the Stratford Picture House. What's the evidence for this? Hosted by journalist Mick Morton.
09/05/1928m 34s

Episode 4: We have to talk about suicide

Innes Ewart's sister recalls a conversation about suicide she once had with her brother. Hosted by journalist Mick Morton.
09/05/1920m 12s

Episode 3: The Investigation

On a visit to the car park where Innes died his parents hear something which changes everything they thought they knew about the investigation. Hosted by journalist Mick Morton.
09/05/1923m 54s

Episode 2: Something's missing

We learn what Innes Ewart had on him when he died - and what was missing. Hosted by journalist Mick Morton.
09/05/1924m 1s

Episode 1: Death at the mall

In 2001, Innes Ewart died after falling from the top of a car park in East London. The police said it was suicide but it's never been that simple for journalist Mick Morton.
09/05/1922m 23s

Introducing The Strange Death of Innes Ewart

A new podcast coming from BBC Scotland investigates a mysterious death ruled suicide.
02/05/192m 42s
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