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Surprising personal stories from across England, with handpicked treats from BBC Local Radio - each episode a new theme. Becca Bryers is your guide to the colourful characters and emotional experiences which make up a diverse country.


Caring and Sharing

Three stories of people who have found themselves giving or receiving care.Including 26-year-old Hannah who was recently diagnosed with FND, in conversation with her mum Alison - about the wide-ranging impact of the disorder on relationships, work and hobbies. And the importance of celebrating the small wins.And Nina from Essex, who last year volunteered at a care home in order to see her dad Roger during the first national lockdown, and shared their journey with dementia with an online community.Plus radio producer Bob, on returning to university in his mid-40s to train as a nurse, during a global pandemic.Multi Story is presented and produced by Becca Bryers.With thanks to BBC Essex and BBC Radio Solent.
01/09/2132m 4s

Carry On Campervanning

Marianne and Chris Fisher swapped their five-bedroom family house in Shropshire for Trudy the camper van back in 2018.This is not a holiday, but a complete change in lifestyle - the married couple are aiming to step foot in every country in the world. But plans have been somewhat altered by a global pandemic.Multi Story is presented and produced by Becca Bryers. With thanks to BBC Radio Shropshire.You can follow Chris and Marianne's adventures at
18/08/2118m 47s

Life and Lyrics

Two singers share how personal experience has shaped their song lyrics - from escaping a bad relationship, to long night shifts.Jackie thought she'd found the man of her dreams, but his behaviour soon became suffocating - and even when they split, he wouldn't leave her alone. She now hopes her music will help empower other women in the same situation.Spencer Flay has used the isolation of his crane cabin - 30 metres above sea level - to hone his song writing and ukulele playing skills.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers - with additional production from Shivani Dave. With thanks to BBC Radio Bristol and Juno Women's Aid. You can find details of organisations who can provide information and support in relation to domestic abuse at out how to share your music through BBC Upload ( and BBC Introducing (
04/08/2130m 45s

Only One Twin Can Win

Team GB athlete Jake Wightman and his actor brother Sam, talk identical twin rivalry and companionship, on and off the track.Plus former Olympic runners, Angela and Susan reflect on the pros and cons of being known as "The Tooby Twins".Presented and produced by Becca Bryers.With thanks to British Athletics for commentary from the Muller British Athletics Championships 2021.
21/07/2132m 45s


Two stories of people making and continuing legacies - from making space in the equestrian world, to sharing the spiritual teachings of yoga.Freedom found a passion for horse riding as a teenager, when his parents moved the family from Leicester, to the Caribbean island of Antigua. Returning to the UK five years later, he was struck by how much he stood out in the equestrian world, as a young black man from the inner city. He now dedicates his time to ensuring kids from all backgrounds have the opportunity to share his passion. Kids like Kanane, one of The Urban Equestrian Academy's biggest success stories to date.Jal grew up in Preston, thinking yoga was just something grannies did in the temple and resisting suggestions she gave it a go herself. It wasn't until her husband Richard suggested a spontaneous year-long adventure in India that she truly connected to the spiritual practise - a life-changing experience. Presented and produced by Becca Bryers, with additional production from Versha Nayee at BBC Radio Lancashire.
23/06/2133m 7s

The New Normal

Three stories of people adapting to new and changing situations.Including Ewan, who lost his hearing following a surfing accident and channelled his energy into his passion for tennis; playing the game at the top level, representing Team GB in deaf tennis. Until another change in his hearing forced him to step away.And Emilie, who was volunteering for a children's charity in Uganda when she met five day old Adam - and formed an emotional bond she couldn't shake.Plus 19-year-old Wiki reflects on her changing relationship with food and her recovery from anorexia.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers, with additional production from Shivani Dave.With thanks to Sue Kinnear from BBC Radio Wiltshire, Toni McDonald from BBC Hereford and Worcester, and Jo Loosemore from BBC Radio Devon.You can find details of organisations who can provide information and support in relation to eating disorders at
09/06/2139m 37s

Keeping Company

Three stories of the way technology can help us form connections and feel less alone.Including Jo from Liverpool and Martin from Skelmersdale, single strangers who weren't looking for love - until they met in a virtual pub.Plus Sheila and her daughter Lynn from Rotherham, who have both found comfort in a very low maintenance cat, called Willow.And Dean, a retired psychiatric nurse from Ipswich who has found happiness in a hobby, which involves "love" dolls as artistic collaborators.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers, with additional production from Shivani Dave.With thanks to Peggy Walker and Grace Stead at BBC Radio Sheffield, Christine Willis at BBC Radio Merseyside, Jane Downs at BBC Radio Newcastle and Graham Tempest.You can listen and subscribe to the Dementia and Me podcast on BBC Sounds here: - and on Twitter @BBCdementiapod
26/05/2140m 41s

Within The Rules

Three personal stories reflecting on how we interpret and respond to the rules.Including 81-year old Patricia, who has finally found her birth family after a 30 year search - right in the middle of a global pandemic. She's desperate to be reunited with her birth mum on her 100th birthday – but equally determined not to break national lockdown rules. And Wayne, who lives in Oxford with his husband, reflects on the rules that impact him because of his identity as a sexually active gay man - from blood donations to safari holidays.Plus the Nottinghamshire biology teacher living a double-life as a pirate radio show host... until the BBC came knocking.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers, with additional production from Shivani Dave.With thanks to Justin Dealey at BBC Three Counties Radio, Clodagh Stenson at BBC Radio Oxford, and Dean Jackson and Kenny Burton at BBC Radio Nottingham.You can find out more about BBC Introducing here: And blood donation in the UK here:
12/05/2141m 17s

Single Story: Expectation vs Reality

After a year-long hiatus, Multi Story is back for a fourth series! On 1st January 2020, we released "New Start" - a hopeful episode of the podcast, sharing positive stories of change as we looked forward to a fresh year, full of promise: then the global coronavirus pandemic hit, and suddenly we all had to alter our expectations and plans. Including Claire (aka "Becca's mum"), whose retirement story we revisit in this taster episode.Plus a taster of what to come in the new series, launching on 12th May 2021.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers, with additional production from Shivani Dave.
05/05/218m 4s

Single Story: Piano Man

How a spontaneous duet between two strangers at a London railway station sparked a viral video and a valued friendship, bringing joy to uncertain times.Last spring, Denis Robinson was playing one of the pianos at St Pancras International, when he was approached by passing musical theatre actor Ceili O'Connor. A video of their performance of Somewhere Over The Rainbow has been shared across the world. But what happened next?The fourth series of Multi Story has been postponed, while the team focus on making a new podcast sharing stories of good people, doing good deeds during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out more and listen here: and produced by Becca Bryers. With contributions from Jim Davis at BBC Radio London
09/04/2013m 42s

New Start

To welcome in the new decade, stories of life-changing moments and new directions. Including Kate, a Lancashire mum who has taken control of her alcohol addiction, and is now helping others do the same. Plus boxer Tom Hill shares the impact, and the silver lining of losing his job at the Redcar steelworks. And meet Mark Winkless - a huge Leicester City supporter who has gone from being a bad guy, to simply acting one on screen.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers. Executive producer: James StewartWith contributions from: Garry Scott at BBC Radio Lancashire Matty Jones at BBC Tees Harris Millar at BBC Radio LeicesterWith thanks to Andrew Fewster
01/01/2033m 10s

Christmas II

Getting in the mood for Christmas - a selection of festive audio treats from across England. Featuring the pub serving turkey and mince pies in August; the teen mum preparing for her baby's first Christmas in their new home; and a hospice chaplain and volunteer reflect on bringing festivities to their patients and families. Plus a Victorian Christmas card collector explains why his hobby is so important - and presenter Becca speaks to BBC Radio Leicester's Martin Ballard about his 30 years of switching a microphone for stage make-up in panto.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers.With contributions from: Laura Clemson at BBC Hereford and Worcester Philippa Goymer at BBC Tees and the Pregnant Teens podcast Emily Jeffrey at BBC Sussex and The Listening Project Caroline Adams at BBC Radio Devon Martin Ballard/Widow Twanky from BBC Radio LeicesterListen to the Pregnant Teens podcast here:
18/12/1941m 15s


Four stories reflecting on what makes us who we are. Including Ash, aka Maria - a drag queen from Stoke, who mixes heavy metal and pop music. Mike from Bristol shares the impact of being part of the Windrush generation, and his hopes to gain official UK citizenship. Plus a Carlisle councillor and street artist swap thoughts on the place of graffiti in their city. And poet Jodie Langford, explains why she's proud to call Hull her home.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers.With contributions from: Perry Spiller and Liz Ellis at BBC Radio Stoke Tom Bigwood and Michael Jenkins at BBC Inside Out West Andrew Carter at BBC Radio Cumbria Ian McMillan and Kathryn Morrison (for the National Poetry Day and Local Radio programme from BBC Radio Humberside)
04/12/1941m 26s


Four stories drawn from across England, celebrating the power of words. Featuring the World War II letters sent to Gilbert, from his lover - the mysterious "G". Ninety-seven-year-old Maurice Rutherford is gaining an online following, with his poems reflecting on love and older age (among other things!) Plus, Mansfield's former town crier explains the importance of the role in medieval times. And poet Hollie McNish reflects on the confusion and embarrassment that can come from a difference in regional dialect.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers.With contributions from: Genevieve Tudor and Allan Price at BBC Radio Shropshire Dominic King at BBC Radio Kent Pip Watts at BBC Radio Nottingham
20/11/1937m 6s


Four surprising tales of changing body modifications. Featuring Jayne, who has a prosthetic nose for every occasion (including when she's had a few drinks!). Rising kayaking star, Helena explains why she made the huge decision to have her leg amputated at 22 years old. And Lucy, a Bradford tattooist explains how and why she's created specialist 3D nipple designs.Plus radio presenter Claira Hermet explains the tough journey she went through, to finally love her body.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Claira Hermet and Jim Davis at BBC Radio London Charlotte Broadbent and Lauren Clemson at BBC Hereford and Worcester Beth Parsons at BBC Radio Leeds
06/11/1939m 19s

Relationship Status

Reflections on what it means to be in a relationship, or single. Featuring Charlie, Nick and Sydney sharing the emotions and logistics of their polyamorous romance. Plus, nuns Sisters Anne-Marie, Aelred and Gabriel explain why they don't fully consider themselves to be single. And childhood friends, David and Christine on the joy of finding love later in life.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Letitia George at BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Emily Jeffery at BBC Radio Sussex Melvyn Prior at BBC Radio Lincolnshire
23/10/1939m 7s


Three stories exploring the power of tuning in - from the buzzing of bees, to the shared thoughts of our friends.Featuring the Kent man who has cycled around the UK collecting unique sounds and voices as he goes, in order to make a special piece of music.The Listening Project brings two friends together in Scarborough, for an unexpected conversation about food and body image.Plus the Devon doctor who learnt to lip read to treat his patients, after losing his hearing as a young man - and how a cochlear implant has made things a little easier all round.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Nathan Moore and Bek Homer from BBC Radio York Michael Chequer from BBC Radio DevonFind out more about The Big Record UK here: https://www.thebigrecord.comHear more excellent conversations from The Listening Project:
09/10/1937m 24s

Hidden History

Three secret, untold or unexpected personal stories. Featuring the Wiltshire woman who had no idea her husband was a spy, until three years after his death. Plus childhood memories of a Fenland village once home to elephants, lions and zebras; and the British engineer who has left his mark on the 1969 moon landing.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Graham Seaman at BBC Wiltshire Hannah Saunders and Heather Noble at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Steve Harris from BBC Radio Solent's Dorset breakfast showAnd with thanks to tour guide Lynne Dyer, plus Margaret Thirwell and John Mellors from Beaumanor Hall
25/09/1941m 32s

Single Story: House Block 6

Liam has served over 50 convictions, but is hoping this will be his last time in prison.BBC Tees producer Lee Johnson visited him at the Therapeutic Community Wing at Holme House prison in Stockton-on-Tees.This is an extract from the full length documentary House Block 6; part of the England Unwrapped series on BBC Sounds.Multi Story is presented and produced by Becca Bryers.
11/09/197m 13s

Single Story: Reunion

Warwickshire firefighter Tony Dumbleton helped save the life of American police officer Andrew Dahring, after he was injured during a mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017.A year on, the pair were reunited over the phone.This is a chance to revisit a story from the first series of Multi Story - with an update, and an insight into the work that went into making the reunion a reality.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers, with contributions from Marian McNamee from BBC Coventry and Warwickshire.
28/08/1917m 31s

Single Story: Dilemma

Revisiting the story of a Leicestershire man facing saying goodbye to the family home he's struggling to afford.John's dilemma featured in the first ever episode of Multi Story - has anything changed since? A reminder of the original story, plus an all important update!This mini episode of Multi Story was presented and produced by Becca Bryers.
14/08/1914m 14s

Single Story: Awake Wake

Samanda Ford, aka "the queen of positivity" was never one to miss a party - even her own funeral wake.The charity fundraiser and radio agony aunt was diagnosed with colon cancer in late 2017, and last summer was told she had just months to live. It was in Sam's nature to continue to find the silver lining in everything.This mini episode of Multi Story was presented and produced by Becca Bryers. With contributions from Stuart Howells at BBC Radio Suffolk.
31/07/1911m 6s


Three stories of fighting back. Featuring the Leicester kickboxer who is "striving", not just "surviving" after her father was imprisoned for child sex offences. Plus the Shropshire wrestler who was (temporarily) forced out of the ring by a cancer diagnosis; and the surprising rise of bare knuckle boxing in the UK.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Ady Dayman at BBC Radio Leicester Jim Hawkins at BBC Radio Shropshire Johnny I'anson at BBC Radio Leeds
17/07/1938m 5s


Three stories of breaking the law. Featuring a Manchester student who makes money through escort work; a long-term cannabis user who wants to educate others about the potential dangers of the drugs; and the Berkshire woman who accompanied her husband to an assisted suicide facility in Switzerland. This episode reflects some adult themes - including references to drug use and sex work.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Chelsea Norris from BBC Radio Manchester John Darvall from BBC Radio Bristol Andrew Peach from BBC Radio Berkshire
03/07/1930m 48s


People with at least four decades between them, share and compare their life experiences. Featuring a Nottinghamshire woman who came to the UK from Czechoslovakia with The Kindertransport; the two Coventry men sharing their stories of coming out and living as gay men in 2019; and the two Oxford women in an intergenerational conversation... about intergenerational conversation!Presented and produced by Becca Bryers. With contributions from: BBC Radio Nottingham BBC Coventry & Warwickshire BBC Radio Oxford
19/06/1932m 36s


Stories of how the appearance of our skin can impact our identity. Featuring the Leicester woman whose skin has been lightened by the drugs keeping her alive; the Derby woman who's paid for her sleeve tattoos with her pension; and the Leeds student who has grown to embrace her birthmarks.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers. With contributions from: Ben Jackson at BBC Radio Leicester Alex Howick at BBC Radio Derby Oly Woodcock at BBC Radio Leeds
05/06/1934m 21s


Three stories of making a conscious choice to live somewhere, with someone, in some particular way. Featuring the family of four living completely off-grid in Cumbria; a hunt for the residents of a Suffolk town who camped overnight to secure their new-build homes in the 1970s; and the Older Women's Co-Housing group who've built a new community in London.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers. With contributions from: Ed Hanson at BBC Inside Out North East and Cumbria Matt Marvel at BBC Radio Suffolk Claire Brennan and George Henton at BBC Inside Out London
22/05/1938m 9s


Stories reflecting the important impact other people have on our mental health, good and bad. Featuring a Warwickshire teenager dealing with the death of his paratrooper brother; a Brighton woman explains the challenges of finding love with Borderline Personality Disorder; and two British Somalian women from London, share their experience of intergenerational conversations about mental health in their community. Plus Leicester-based artist David Parkin’s musical response to recovering from clinical depression… and playing Scrabble.Details of organisations offering information and support with mental health are available at and produced by Becca Bryers. With contributions from: Rachel Stonehouse at BBC Inside Out West Jake Tyler at BBC Radio Sussex Alice Williams at BBC Radio London David Parkin
08/05/1942m 54s


Stories of people impacting the opinions and actions of others, on- and off-line. Featuring the Birmingham teacher with Tourette's Syndrome and a positive message to share; the former EDL member from Suffolk who now teaches "love not hate"; and the Shropshire medical scientist turned social media influencer. Plus Zanna Van Dijk, from 5Live's Fit and Fearless podcast on recovering from life-saving surgery, under the gaze of her online followers.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Anthony Bartram at Inside Out East Midlands Amir Suleman and Heather Noble at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Eric Smith and Clare Ashford at BBC Radio Shropshire
24/04/1935m 5s


Stories of the unknown, the untold, and the under-wraps - featuring a secret society in Cambridge who only appear after dark; the Welsh man who accidentally uncovered a tragic family case of murder and the death penalty; and the story of Starlite - a material which could change the world - and the details behind its hidden recipe. Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Chris Berrow at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Anna King at BBC Radio Gloucestershire Lee Johnson at BBC Tees
10/04/1939m 8s

Single Story: Reaction

Natalie Pearson, from Birmingham, is thought to be the only teacher in the world with a form of Tourette's syndrome which causes involuntary swearing. She shares some of her experiences of strangers reacting negatively to her tics, in public places, and suggests an alternative; education and compassion.This mini episode was presented and produced by Becca Bryers. With contributions from Anthony Bartram at BBC Inside Out East Midlands.You can hear more of Natalie's story on series two of Multi Story, coming soon.
27/02/194m 4s

Single Story: Book Club

Lee has just turned 30 years old, lives in Leicester and has been homeless for four years. Reading is his passion - one he wants to share with others, by starting a book club.This mini episode was presented and produced by Becca Bryers. With contributions from James Carpenter at BBC Radio Leicester.You can hear more of Lee's story on series two of Multi Story, coming soon.
30/01/196m 29s

Episode 11: Christmas

This week: festive audio treats. Featuring the Ipswich man who is preparing for his first Christmas since release from prison and reflecting on five years inside. Also, Derbyshire mum Lisa Foster died from bowel cancer this year but has made sure she'll be a presence in every significant moment of family life. Plus a re-imagining of the nativity story with poet Toby Campion taking the role of the innkeeper, and meet the Nottingham woman who has created her own version with ex-display mannequins.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers.With contributions from: Jon Wright at BBC Radio Suffolk Pamela Gupta and Heidi Booth at BBC Radio Derby Sandish Shoker at BBC Radio Nottingham Emma Britton at BBC Radio Bristol
19/12/1838m 59s

Episode 10: Wheels

This week: motors, wings and sails, feat. the Shropshire couple who've swapped a five-bedroom house for a van. Plus the 96-year-old man who lives on a yacht in Portsmouth Harbour, and the 18-year-old Essex woman who flew before she drove. And the Leicestershire vicar spreading the word of God, on his Harley-Davidson motorbike. Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Eric Smith at BBC Radio Shropshire Sarah Bennett at BBC Radio Solent (for the H20 Podcast) Dave Monk at BBC Essex Jo Bostock at BBC Radio Leicester
12/12/1831m 59s

Episode 9: Animals

This week: fur and feathers. Featuring a woman chasing a deep pet desire - and how her story of buying two loves birds went viral. Plus meet the UK's first guide horse, as he learns to navigate his new job - and the shepherdess who has swapped city for country, following her love of animals. Finally, the canal board home to two humans and three dogs.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Anna Snowdon at BBC Tees John Bowness at BBC Radio Cumbria Jo Good and Elisa Kennedy at BBC Radio London
05/12/1832m 26s

Episode 8: Fam

This week: the people closest to us. Featuring the two girls, one English and one German, whose friendship was formed in the shadow of WWII. Plus the Lichfield man who has waited over 70 years to meet his Jamaican family. And the Bristol couple married for 45 years, on why they’re determined to stay together following one them undergoing gender reassignment.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Chris Browning at BBC Radio Berkshire Craig Lewis and Alex Lester at BBC WM Natalie Trusswell at BBC Stories Ben White at BBC Inside Out West Poet Caleb Femi
28/11/1833m 22s

Episode 7: Traditions

This week: celebrating cultural rituals. Featuring a tale of two fairs, Hull and Loughborough - and their importance to both the people who work, and ride the waltzers. Plus an Australian's first experience of a particular English pastime loved by his girlfriend; Morris dancing. And the Russian delicacy with a secret family recipe, attracting Sheffield fans.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: David Reeves at BBC Radio Humberside Kat Harbourne at BBC Radio Sheffield
21/11/1835m 15s

Episode 6: Strangers

This week: unknown friends. Featuring the LA cop and the Warwickshire firefighter, reunited a year on from the Las Vegas shooting. Also, the man whose daughter helped arrange a big surprise for his 80th birthday. And Bill Palmer, the 95-year-old who made international news when he was invited into his local radio station. Plus, door-to-door poet Rowan McCabe on connecting with strangers (before they shut the door in his face!).Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Trish Adudu and Marian McNamee from BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Malcolm Boyden and Justyn Surrall from BBC Hereford & Worcester Alex Dyke and Bob Diggles from BBC Radio Solent Simon Logan from BBC Radio Newcastle
14/11/1837m 15s

Episode 5: Searching

This week: stories of the space between lost and found. Featuring the manager of Transport for London’s lost property office, providing insight to how the operation works and what attracted him to the job. Plus, Chryssy grew up in Hull, but study and work has taken her all over the world since, always looking for something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. And Annalisa shares her thoughts on being adopted and reconnecting with her biological parents.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Rob Oxley at BBC Radio London Kat Harbourne and Jen Eells from BBC Radio Sheffield/Naked Podcast
07/11/1833m 52s

Episode 4: Relocation

This week: making a move. Featuring a Bristolian woman whose drug addiction led to homelessness, then prison - and now a new life in London. Plus the Sheffield student who has happy memories of growing up in a refugee camp, and a World War II evacuee revisiting her childhood refuge in Wiltshire.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Andy Kershaw at BBC Radio Sheffield Rebecca Rooney at BBC Wiltshire
31/10/1832m 25s

Episode 3: Love Letters

This week: words of love. Featuring a relationship saved by poetry in Shropshire, a Leicestershire husband and wife who’ve never had a “real” chat, and a divorced couple from Devon discussing the impact of autism on their communication breakdown.Presented and produced by Becca BryersWith contributions from: Jim Hawkins at BBC Radio Shropshire Jo Loosemore from BBC Radio Devon
24/10/1836m 9s

Episode 2: Parenting

This week: navigating parenthood. Featuring a Yorkshire couple discussing the impact of miscarriage, the coming together of a digital nomad with a single mum and her 7-year-old son in Brighton, and the Derbyshire man who is biological father to over 70 children. Presented and produced by Becca Bryers With contributions from: Kay Crewdson and Steve Bailey at BBC Radio York Martyn Williams at BBC Radio Derby
17/10/1835m 46s

Episode 1: Swallows

This week: childhood homes. Featuring a Lincolnshire farmer's first train ride, an unexpected house move from busy Bristol to rural roots, and a Leicestershire man facing saying goodbye to the family home he can't afford.Presented and produced by Becca Bryers.With contributions from: William Wright at BBC Radio Lincolnshire Laura Rawlings at BBC Radio Bristol
10/10/1833m 1s

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