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Felons of the Land Down Under


S4 Ep3: Wayne Edward Jones

In December of 2012, Michelle Reynolds and her friend Wayne Jones would find themselves in the sunny city of Coffs Harbour. Michelle and Wayne like many others who visit the city, were on a holiday to enjoy some downtime. But in a motel on the south side of town, their beachside getaway would soon turn in to a gruesome tragedy.
04/05/2434m 6s

S4 Ep2: Michael Phillip Martin

On the 13th June, 2014, just after 5am. Scott Collingwood on a morning walk, not far from his home, made a disturbing discovery. At the base of an external set of stairs to a second floor apartment, lying on the ground was 25 year old, Michael Phillip Martin. Michael was bound at the hands and feet and blindfolded with gaffer tape, struggling to move and calling out for help.  Scott quickly approached him and removed the tape.  No longer bound there came an emotional plea from Michael... 'my Dad’s up there!  they got my dad! I think he’s dead' 
14/04/2436m 42s

UPDATE: Felon True Crime presents... The Underland.

Australia. The Land Downunder. The Great Southern Land. World renowned for its pristine beaches. Red sands of the outback. Rolling mountain ranges. Tropical rainforests. Sun and surf. But if you dig below this shiny surface. Below its sunny, smiling exterior. You'll expose a murky history of violence, murder and organized crime. This is the Underland. The underbelly of the land down under. A new true crime series, from the creator of Felon True Crime. Coming soon.
05/04/241m 24s

S4 Ep1: Daniel Jack Kelsall

On the 8th of September, 2013, at approximately 2.30am, Jean Redmond stirred from her sleep to the sound of shuffling coming from the room of her flat mate. As she listened closely, she could hear faint scratching, similar to the scratching of chalk on a board. This scratching was soon followed by a thump, then a mumbling which became what sounded like snoring except it was different from the usual sound of snoring that she was used to hearing. It seemed louder. Jean had previous woken up when her flatmate Morgan Huxley had entered his room around an hour earlier. She had assumed he had gone to sleep and she tried to do the same. But now this strange series of noises had stirred her. After around 5 minutes the irregular snoring had not stopped.  Jean got out of bed and made her way to the nearby room to investigate. The scene waiting for her only metres from where she had been sleeping would be horrific.
01/04/2434m 24s

FTC - 2024 - TEASER 3


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FTC - 2024 - TEASER 1


Felon Presents...The Underland

The Underbelly of the Land Down Under - December 2021
31/10/211m 19s


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S3 Ep8: A Christmas Tragedy in Orange

Dearne Louise Nonnenmacher was born on the 4th January 1972. In 1990 she was eighteen and living with her family and working as trainee chef at the Robin Hood Hotel. She had shared with family her dreams for the future and looked forward to the day she could work as a chef on a cruise liner. On Christmas day of 1990, like many families, the Nonnenmacher family gathered together to celebrate with a Christmas lunch. Little did her family know that this would be the last time they would see their beloved Dearne. By boxing day, Dearne's family had not heard from her and made repeated attempts to reach out. Feeling uneasy about her sudden disappearance and lack of contact they soon reported her missing at the Orange Police Station. ..
20/12/189m 53s

S3 Ep7: The Nowra Bodies in the Barrels

The Nowra Bodies in the Barrels On the 29th of January 2006, Peter Dalton and his wife were cycling along a track through the Tomerong State Forest, not far from the township of Nowra. During their ride they had noticed burning smell that grew stronger and stronger. As they drew nearer to a clearing in the forest they could see the source of the smoke. The flames had died down but two barrels were smoldering and black smoke rose from within them.  Sponsor: shipstation .com Promo code: FTC
16/12/1828m 36s

S3 Ep6: The Belanglo Forest Axe Murder

Located south 2 hours south west of the NSW capital of Sydney, is an area of known as the Southern Highlands. If you travel 3 kms west from the Hume Highway that runs through this region you will soon end up in the towering trees of the Belanglo State Forest. The title of the forest ‘Belanglo’, has become synonymous with the callous serial killings of several young backpackers who died at the hands of Ivan Milat. From 1989 to 1993 this tranquil forest would become a dumping ground for Milat. Over a series of searches authorities would discover the remains of 7 individuals who had fallen victim to Milat while hitchhiking through the region. Despite this gruesome history and the negative association with its name, Belanglo forest has still continued to be used as a popular recreational destination for trail bike riders, 4 wheel drive enthusiasts, and campers. But despite locals and tourists alike trying to shake the memory of Milat, In 2010 a disturbing event would bring the names Belanglo and Milat to the media spotlight once again. Sponsor: ShipStation  https://www.shipstation.com/  Codeword: FTC Podcast Suggestion: Human/Ordinary http://humanordinary.com/
29/11/1828m 43s

Felon Update 8th July 2018

Due to a series of unexpected events Felon True Crime Podcast has been put on hold indefinitely. While this is frustrating, I feel that it is a good opportunity to address some issues I've had with the podcast and put some changes in place that will improve the content. I will be sure to keep you posted with any developments. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience.

S3 Ep5: The Queen Street Massacre (Part 2 of 2)

Frank Vitkovic (Part 2) On the 8th of December 1987, Frank Vitkovic, armed with high powered, sawn off rifle, shot indiscriminately at unsuspecting office workers as he moved through the Australia Post Building at 191 Queen Street in the Melbourne CBD. 8 lives were cut down at the hands of Vitkovic in a brutal attack that lasted 17 minutes. During Vitkovic's frenzied attack Police gathered in the street below. They had received an alert from the building when a worker inside had triggered the bank alarm. Initially assuming they were dealing with an armed robbery they swooped on the scene. But as a shots echoed from the floors above they soon realized that were not dealing with a robbery. Podcast Recommendation: True Crime Enthusiast https://audioboom.com/channel/the-true-crime-enthusiast-podcast https://truecrimeenthusiast.wordpress.com/ Sponsor: Hayu Head to hayu.com or download the app today to start your 30-day free trial. Thanks to Ben and Doug for lending their voices.
26/05/1836m 53s

S3 Ep4: In Sight (Featuring Felon) - Darcey Freeman

While you wait for Part 2 of Frank Vitkovic.... I was honoured to guest host an episode of In Sight Podcast. If you haven't had a chance to listen via In Sight's stream, here is it.  For those unfamiliar with In Sight, I highly recommend checking it out. On January 29 2009, Arthur Freeman was driving his three children across the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne. It would be his 4-year-old daughter, Darcey’s first day of school. Unfortunately she would never make it. For reasons no one would ever be able to explain, Freeman calmly exits his vehicle with Darcey in his arms and tosses her off the bridge. Freeman goes back to his car with his other two children inside and drives away. It would not be long before Freeman is apprehended, arrested and charged with the little girl’s murder. What would cause a loving, doting father to murder his own daughter?  www.patreon.com/insightpod Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod insightfulpod@gmail.com insightpod.com Music by Scott Buckley
14/05/1832m 13s

S3 Ep3: The Queen Street Massacre (Part 1 of 2)

The 8th of December, 1987. In the Vitkovic family home in West Preston, Frank Vitkovic wrote in his diary, packed a large bag with some items and with this bag in hand boarded the number 4 tram towards the city. The events that would soon unfold would shut down the city of Melbourne and shock the nation. Podcast Suggestion: Canadian True Crime  https://canadiantruecrime.ca/
27/04/1833m 40s

S3 Ep2: Marshall Haritos

Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory is a popular holiday destination for both Australian Residents and international visitors alike. Also known as Australia's Tropical capital, its warm weather, night clubs, beach markets and laid back life style are among the many reasons why people choose to live in or visit Darwin. But behind this carefree façade hides another face of Darwin that is much more sinister. Per capita Darwin has the highest crime rate of any Australian city. In 2004, It would be the backdrop to an horrific crime that would be etched in to Darwin's history for many years to come. Vote for Felon in the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards https://australianpodcastawards.submittable.com/gallery/2829f195-1021-4d7c-853f-f0ce775f4fa4/9795253 Felon Social Media facebook.com/felontruecrime Instagram @felontruecrime Twitter @felontruecrime
15/04/1833m 39s

S3 Ep1: Anne Redman and Pirjo Kemppainen

Season 3 Episode 1 Anne Redman and Pirjo Kemppainen lived over 60 kms from each other. Their paths had never crossed. Anne lived in the seaside south Australian Suburb of Seacliff. Pirjo lived in the small town of Callington, in the Eastern slopes of the Adelaide Hills. Despite being complete strangers to each other, their names would soon be spoken regularly in the same breath for years to come…. Vote for Felon in the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards https://australianpodcastawards.submittable.com/gallery/2829f195-1021-4d7c-853f-f0ce775f4fa4/9795253 Felon Social Media facebook.com/felontruecrime Instagram @felontruecrime Twitter @felontruecrime True Crime Finland https://truecrimefinland.squarespace.com/
27/03/1847m 44s

Felon - S2E12 - A Christmas Tragedy

Christmas Day. 2008. In the New South Wales suburb of Gosford. Police were called to a brutal crime scene. Loretta Watts had received a panicked phone call for from her daughter, Tamie Melehan, urgently requesting her help. Loretta arrived at Tamie’s home and made her way to the bathroom. In the shower area Loretta discovered the lifeless body of Tamie’s boyfriend, David Vaughn. Music Credits Silent Night (Dark Piano Version) - Dark Christmas Music By Myuu Dark Christmas Song. Silent Night (Holy Night) in minor key. Free to use as long as credit is given. iTunes ● http://apple.co/2jhZwWC :: Google Play ● http://bit.ly/2nuoztX Bandcamp: https://myuu.bandcamp.com/album/silen… MP3 Download ► https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/299… ● Support me on Patreon (Early Access & more perks) ● http://patreon.com/myuuji Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht. Sheet Music + Piano Tutorial + MIDI ► https://youtu.be/_bq-66NuKIo ♫ Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/myuusic ♫ Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/myuusic ♫ Follow me on Facebook: http://facebook.com/myuusic ♫ Follow me on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/myuu ♫ Follow me on Tumblr: http://myuusic.tumblr.com ♫ Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/myuusic ■ iTunes http://apple.co/2dJKrtd ■ Google Play http://bit.ly/2e0qkH0 ■ Bandcamp http://myuu.bandcamp.com/ ■ Spotify http://spoti.fi/1Uda2ci ROYALTY FREE BACKGROUND HORROR MUSIC DRONE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvzVKEKe9ew
25/12/1713m 24s

Melbourne Listener Meetup Sat 16th Dec 2017

Melbourne Listener Meetup Bloody Murder, True Crime Island and Felon 1pm December 16, 2017 The Park Hotel 191 Nicholson St, Abbotsford. Melbourne.
13/12/171m 51s

Felon - S2E11 - Tara Costigan

On average, at least one woman a week is killed by a partner or former partner in Australia…… If you or anyone you know has been or is a victim of domestic violence there are a number of hotlines you can call. https://www.whiteribbon.org.au/find-help/domestic-violence-hotlines/ http://www.taracostiganfoundation.com/ https://www.ourwatch.org.au/ Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/better-days
05/12/1723m 34s

AMA Session 1 - 18/11/17

Audio from the AMA Video recorded 18/11/17.
21/11/1752m 46s

Felon - S2E10 - Belinda Van Krevel (Part 4 of 4)

The final piece of the puzzle in the Van Krevel Family story. Two years after Jack Van Krevel was hacked to death, his daughter confessed to being the mastermind behind the murder. Belinda Van Krevel was jailed for six years. But her release in 2007 didn’t spell freedom from her murderous violent past...
20/11/1725m 2s

Felon - S2E9 - Jack Van Krevel (Part 3 of 4)

Friday the 18th August 2000. Two weeks after Mark Van Krevel was sentenced, police were called to a home in Albion Park. It was a home that they had visited before. The scene that greeted them there, inside the master bedroom, seemed reminiscent of the horror inflicted by Mark Van Krevel. In the room a man was discovered kneeling beside the bed. He was slumped over with his head and chest resting on the mattress with arms hanging alongside his torso. He was covered in blood and naked. His back and head had received extensive wounds. Twenty five chop wounds in total to the neck and head had left his neck partially severed. There were also multiple stab wounds and lacerations inflicted to the torso blood covered the bedding and curtains. At the foot of the bed close to the victim’s body lying side by side were a hatchet a large kitchen knife and a fire poker. All of which were covered in blood. Sponsor: Dollar Shave Club Dollarshaveclub.com/FELON
07/11/1723m 45s

Felon - S2E8 - The Samford Tragedy (Bonus Halloween Episode)

There are two backdrops for this story. Boggo Road Gaol and Samford. One, a notorious Gaol that housed some of the most disturbed and violent offenders in Australian history, where many of these offenders met their end at the gallows. The other, a small quiet farming town around a 30 minute drive from the Queensland capital of Brisbane. Two very different places but one tragic incident would forge a connection between the two that would still be remembered over a century. Credits: Jack Sim jacksim.com.au boggoroadgaol.com Sponsor: Unburnable Podcast https://audioboom.com/channel/unburnablethepeoplevsarcticoil savethearctic.org
31/10/1721m 24s

Felon - S2E7 - David O'Hearn and Frank Arkell (Part 2 of 4)

Two weeks after the brutal death of David O’Hearn, investigators had seemed to have reached an end to their leads…it would take another murder to help get the investigation back on track…. Sponsor: Wordpress Listener offer: 15% off any new plan purchase. Visit: Wordpress.com/FELON Podcast Recommendations Bloody Murder True Crime Story Time Content Warning: Tornts https://tornts.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Tornts/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVvIgZzsAQGgW4I6lwLuw
26/10/1724m 3s

Felon S2E6 - David O'Hearn and Frank Arkell (Part 1 of 4)

A group of David’s family and friends banged on the front door….There was no answer. The rapped on the windows and tried to peer through but the blinds were all down. The verandah light was still on and his car was still in the driveway and so they assumed he couldn’t be far away….They tried the handle of the front door…it was unlocked. Kris and Josh cautiously opened the door and eased themselves through making their way towards the living room…. Sponsor: Dollar Shave Club Listener offer: 15% off any new plan purchase. Visit: Dollarshaveclub.com/FELON Content Warning: Tornts https://tornts.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Tornts/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVvIgZzsAQGgW4I6lwLuw
11/10/1718m 58s

Felon - S2E5 - Nona Belomesoff

Episode 6 of Season 1 shared the story of Carly Ryan, a teenager who was catfished through myspace by a middle aged man from Victoria who had befriended her online under the guise of Brandon Kane, a teenager from Texas who shared Carly’s interest in music and fashion. The crime was the first of its kind in Australia….Unfortunately it would not be the last. Sponsor: Wordpress Listener offer: 15% off any new plan purchase. Visit: Wordpress.com/FELON Content Warning/Outro Song: Tornts https://tornts.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Tornts/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVvIgZzsAQGgW4I6lwLuw
26/09/1727m 20s

Felon 15th July 2017 Update

#felontruecrime #australiantruecrime
15/07/172m 6s

Felon - S2E4 - Tracey Wigginton

In the early hours of the 22nd of October 1989, Steven Kerin was rowing in the waters of the Brisbane river. It was earlier than normal for him and he was the only person out on the water. With each pull of the oars he skimmed across the peaceful water’s surface… but the peacefulness of the morning would soon be swept away by a gruesome discovery. Outro Piano: Katie C Instagram: @naarasleijona
04/06/1727m 37s

Felon - S2E4 - Update

20/04/171m 27s

Felon - S2E3 - The Backpacker Murders

Seven skeletons had been discovered in a State Forest near Bowral, in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. The realisation of Australia’s worst solo serial killer and the uncovering of a killing ground would stun a small community and the news would ricochet internationally, transforming the attitude of potential visitors to Australia for years to come...
20/03/1728m 46s

Felon - S2E2 - The 'Kill Seven' Murders

In 1973 a tragic event in the life of a troubled individual led to a violent killing spree in Sydney. Seven individuals were marked for death when a voice from beyond the grave spoke the words 'Kill Seven'. #truecrime #felon #killseven Sponsor: Marley Spoon http://www.marleyspoon.com.au/ code word: FELON
20/02/1732m 46s

Felon - S2E1 - The Schoolgirl Strangler

Melbourne in the 1930’s would be the backdrop for a spate brutal crimes against young girls. The perpetrator of the crimes would be dubbed the Schoolgirl strangler. #truecrime #melbourne
17/01/1731m 19s

Felon - S1E14 - Christmas Mini Episode - Nightmare on Crown Street

Christmas 1988. The inner eastern Sydney suburb of Surrey Hills would play host to a little known but extremely brutal crime.
23/12/168m 49s

Felon - S1E13 - The Gonzales Family / The De Gruchy Family

Two families, two eerily similar cases. #thegonzalesfamily #thedegruchyfamily #truecrime #australian truecrime Sponsors: https://www.mackweldon.com/ https://www.blueapron.com/felon
14/12/1638m 8s

Felon - S1E12 - Kapunda & Quorn

Two unrelated crimes committed in two different towns but both extremely brutal in nature and both driven by a disturbing obsession. Sponsors Blue Apron www.blueapron.com/felon Mack Weldon www.mackweldon.com promo code: felon
14/11/1636m 7s

Felon - S1E11 - The Sydney Mutilator

In the early 1960’s a series of violent attacks on vagrant males horrified the city of Sydney and the nation of Australia…It would take a man coming back from the dead for police to crack the case. Sponsor Blue Apron www.blueapron.com/felon
01/11/1629m 42s

Felon - S1E10 - Vincent Stanford (Episode 10 Bonus Audio)

The murder of Stephanie Scott shocked a community in New South Wales. This mini episode gives a disturbing insight in to the mind of the man that took her life.
24/10/1618m 7s

Felon - S1E10 - Stephanie Scott

A brutal crime in the rural New South Wales town of Leeton.
16/10/1631m 19s

Felon Update & Episode 10 Preview

#Felon #truecrime #australiantruecrime
06/10/162m 2s

Felon - S1E9 - Anna & Gracie

In 2004 Anna Kemp and her baby daughter Gracie vanished in Mornington, Victoria. Her husband John appealed to the public to assist in finding them. Anna's family in New Zealand waited anxiously for news on their whereabouts.
27/09/1626m 40s

Felon - S1E8 - The Night Caller

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, during the 1950’s was described as being more like a big country town rather than a city. Neighbours knew each other, cars were left parked in the driveway and streets with the keys still in the ignition. Front doors were left unlocked, house windows were left wide open day and night. In January of 1959 in the peak of summer. Residents within the city and outlying suburbs slept with doors and windows open in attempt to cool their dwellings during the above average temperatures the city was experiencing at the time. It wasn’t unusual to find residents sleeping outdoors on balconies, porches and even on the ground in the front yard. People had a laid back approach to home security. Crime was low and it seemed that everyone trusted those around them. It wouldn’t be long before a string of violent and seemingly unrelated crimes would make them question this trust and turn a once quiet and peaceful city in to panicked frenzy.
19/09/1634m 12s

Felon - S1E7 - The Tinder Experiment

A 26-year-old from Melbourne enlists friends to help to him trap and expose paedophile’s online.
28/08/1625m 42s

Felon - S1E6 - Carly Ryan

In 2007 a South Australian teen was the victim of a brutal crime that was the first of its kind. For further information visit: http://www.carlyryanfoundation.com/
22/08/1625m 3s

Felon - S1E5 - Penny Pratt

On the 28th of November, following a visit to the Maroondah Hospital Psychiatric Ward, Penny Pratt disappeared. Links: The Age Article http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/womans-triple0-call-on-night-she-was-killed-not-passed-to-police-20121030-28hrq.html Coroner’s Report http://www.coronerscourt.vic.gov.au/resources/a3dca188-4600-41b1-8608-8bd4737e50ea/penelopepratt_481810.pdf Sentence Report http://resources.news.com.au/files/2012/10/30/1226506/889993-hs-file-james-john-potter-sentence.pdf Potter’s Appeal http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/sinodisp/au/cases/vic/VSCA/2013/291.html?stem=0&synonyms=0&query=potter%20pratt
14/08/1625m 53s

Felon - S1E4 - Eugenia Falleni

The conclusion to Episode 3. A tale of love, deception and tragedy.
09/08/1626m 13s

Felon - S1E3 - Harry Leo Crawford

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead
30/07/1624m 3s

Felon - S1E2 - Truro

Before Belanglo there was Truro...
23/07/1624m 21s

Felon - S1E1 - The Crawford Family

A tragic true story of a Melbourne family. Music Credits ‘Atmospheric Bad Dreams’ Composed by Darren Curtis Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/desperate.measurez Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/desperate-measurez Download: https://soundcloud.com/desperate-measurez/atmospheric-horror-bad-dreams-royalty-free ‘Drone In D’ Composed by Kevin Macleod Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kevin-9-1 Download: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/mp3-royaltyfree/Drone%20in%20D.mp3 Touch Composed by Mattia Cupelli Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uqa... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MattiaCupelliComposer iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mattia-cupelli/id650088758 Personal Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/mattia.cupelli.7 Second Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZqKfsFYygekqlVN5mmIyIw Bandcamp Store: http://mattiacupelli.bandcamp.com/ Official Mattia Cupelli Music Website: http://mattiacupelli.weebly.com/ruins-of-a-lost-dream.html © Music Copyright 2015 Mattia Cupelli For further reading on this case check out the book 'Almost Perfect' by Greg Fogarty
06/07/1636m 27s
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