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The Gemma Collins Podcast

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The Gemma Collins Podcast is a no-holds barred look inside the life of The GC, with plenty of candid chat, laughs and insider gossip direct from the diva herself.

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Has Gemma met her match in Kitty Scott-Claus?

Gemma’s not been feeling well, but even a chest infection can’t stop the festive fever spreading at The GC Palace. She’s been out on the town with Rami, and narrowly avoided an ostrich feather emergency!You’re not seeing/hearing double this week, but Gemma’s guest could well be her long-lost twin sister – it’s Kitty Scott-Claus from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. They share so much in common that Gemma hatches a plan to send Kitty out on jobs she doesn’t want to do!
05/01/2224m 3s

Keith Lemon answers Gemma’s questions about fairies

With Christmas coming, The GC is very excited about all things festive! And to help her get to the bottom of whether elves and fairies are really real, she turns to her pal Keith Lemon – who investigated them for one of his TV shows and even visited a Fairy School. Our curious pair also discuss Bigfoot and time travel. Should they now set up their own X Files-style agency to investigate strange phenomena?Meanwhile, how many reindeers is too many reindeers? Gemma gives a behind-the-scenes peek into the mammoth three-day operation to get Christmas decorations ready at The GC Palace. Plus, our beloved diva gives us an exclusive walk-through of her glitzy wardrobe for an upcoming wedding, and listener Sandy has an Ask Me Anything question linked to one of Gemma’s favourite things ever.If you’d like to put an Ask Me Anything question to Gemma, just email your voice note or message to for a chance to be on the podcast.
29/12/2120m 18s

Gemma surprises a fan with an amazing gift!

Gemma is in a charitable mood this week as she offers a behind-the-scenes peek at her sequinned appearance at Sophie Ellis Bextor’s 24-hour Kitchen Disco for BBC Children in Need. Plus, Christmas has also come early for one listener who is recovering from beating cancer – thanks to Gemma’s surprise act of kindness. The charity continues, as animal lover Gemma chats to BBC wildlife presenter Megan McCubbin – and invites her guest and her stepdad Chris Packham to stay at The GC Palace, now that things are quieter after Jedward left to go to LA. Gemma asks Megan for tips on making her dream of setting up an animal sanctuary come true – and we hear how our beloved diva thought she was going to die, after being bitten by an eight-legged creature this week.In Ask Me Anything, listener Jared gets a GC birthday treat for his best friend. Would you like to ask Gemma a question? Just email your voice notes or messages to and you could appear on the podcast.
22/12/2130m 8s

The ultimate GC Christmas celebration

Gemma’s recovering from three days of partying but is already planning the next event – and challenges top party-planner-to-the-stars, Julie Perry, to create the ultimate GC Christmas celebration. Meanwhile, as it’s nearing the end of 2021, what will be her personal and professional highlights of the year? And what are her dreams for the next 12 months? Clue: they include babies and Hollywood.And, as a special festive treat, there’s not one but two Ask Me Anything questions for Gemma this week – including one from one of The GC’s cheeky celeb pals.
15/12/2127m 3s

Lady Gaga’s kindness expert joins Gemma

As Jedward get ready to finally leave The GC palace, Gemma is starting to feel sad and reminisces about the latest antics the trio have been up to – including a mishap at the fireworks display and leading a conga dance through a hotel, and reveals the chores she’s enlisted them to do around her house. Also hear the twins do their own impression of Gemma’s Essex accent.It’s National Anti-Bullying Week so Gemma’s talking with kindness expert and best-selling author and speaker, Dr David Hamilton, whose fans include Lady Gaga.Gemma has her mind blown when she learns how kindness is a super power – and discovers how science even proves it can make you look younger! Plus, she finds out why her favourite colour of pink is a ‘kind’ colour, and invites you to take part in her Seven Day Kindness Challenge.In Ask Me Anything, Gemma is genuinely touched by a kind message from listener Rebecca – which moves our beloved diva to do an unexpected act of kindness in return. Would you like to ask Gemma a question? Just email your voice notes or messages to and you could appear on the podcast.
15/12/2127m 23s

Jedward visit The GC Palace

Gemma loved her time in Ireland with her new besties John and Edward so much that she’s flown them over to stay with her and is now thinking of ‘adopting’ them and buying them the house next door to hers. Get ready for a window into the joyful mayhem that happens when they’re all together.The trio reveal the unexpected Marvel film star they bumped into, reflect on watching the wedding of Gemma’s pal Jess Wright and discuss collaborating on next year’s UK Eurovision entry. The boys also help Gemma with this week’s Ask Me Anything question from Gina, who has a dilemma that’s close to all their hearts.Meanwhile, Gemma is determined to make her own dream of becoming a West End musical star come true, so calls on acting coach and star of hit shows like Evita and Wicked, Emma Hatton, for tips on how to smash auditions. If you’d like to put an Ask Me Anything question to Gemma, just email your voice notes or messages to for a chance to be on the podcast.
08/12/2132m 42s

“It’s just got so out of hand…”

Ahead of her eagerly awaited trip to Dublin, Gemma reveals how her last visit resulted in a surprise star joining her on a mission to track down her favourite Irish boyband. Plus, The GC reveals why she’s a kindred spirit with Bridget Jones as she chats with her friend and sustainable fashion designer, Patrick McDowell. He gives Gemma a lesson in why we all need our wardrobes to be more eco-friendly – as Gemma decides she needs to gate-crash The UN’s Climate Change Conference, COP26. Patrick also answers our beloved diva’s burning questions, such as: ‘Is cotton a tree or a worm?’.
01/12/2126m 22s

Gemma’s dog dilemma

For a long time, Gemma’s wanted to get a pair of Alsatians, as well as two black cats. But she knows she shouldn’t rush making that decision, which is why she’s getting a sense check from Becky Lodder from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Gemma’s also joined by her nephew Hayden – aka her “favourite person in the world” – and together they decide who they’re going to dress up as for Halloween. Listener Ollie has a question for Gemma that causes her to reveal which soap she wants to star in, and which one she’d have to say no to.Do you have a question for Gemma? Email your voice notes or messages to and you could appear on the podcast.
24/11/2129m 21s

Gemma has a surprise offer for Adele

This week The GC shares her thoughts on Adele’s comeback and makes her a surprising offer. Gemma also announces her return to the ice rink after her unforgettable Dancing on Ice appearance. Meanwhile, in Ask Me Anything, Gemma takes another probing question from a listener – this time revealing the weirdest thing that’s happened to her since she became famous.If you have a burning Ask Me Anything question for The GC, email it to - and if you send it in as a voice note, you can put the question directly to Gemma yourself!
17/11/2111m 27s

Gemma reveals her chosen baby name

It’s been another eventful week in the life of The GC, including a girls’ weekend away. She has a chat with TV gardener Lee Burkhill, aka the Garden Ninja, as Gemma tries to secure her own fabulous gardening show, and has a eureka moment as she lands on the flower-inspired name for her longed-for baby. Plus, another listener probes The GC with this week’s Ask Me Anything question. What would you like to know about Gemma? Email your question to - and if you send it in as a voice note, you can put the question directly to Gemma yourself!
10/11/2130m 35s

Gemma’s Lady Gaga and Bake Off plans

GC world this week: Gemma lifts the lid on that headline-grabbing gold-leaf steak, gardening with Gaga and her Grinch home makeover as she prepares for Christmas. Our beloved diva also reveals her Bake Off dreams, her crush on a certain TV name, and the surprise food challenge she’s set her boyfriend Rami.Plus, we discover more GC secrets as Gemma turns over the mic to you in her Ask Me Anything feature. What would you like to know about The GC? Email your probing questions to - and if you send it in as a voice note, you can put the question directly to Gemma yourself!
03/11/2123m 14s

Gemma x Chelsea Flower Show

Gemma is bursting to share her fabulous day out at the Chelsea Flower Show. She reveals the Oscar-winning actress she was too in awe of to speak to, which Disney character inspired her headline-grabbing dress and much more.The GC is also offering the chance to get truly up close and personal as she turns over the mic for you to ask her anything! Just email your must-know questions to - and even better, why not put the question directly to Gemma yourself by sending it in as a voice note.
27/10/2111m 45s

Ask Gemma Anything!

The GC offers a peek inside her celeb bestie’s Kardashian-style engagement party and confesses to an unfortunate wardrobe mishap. Plus, Gemma hints at her own wedding and baby plans, and reveals which of her celeb friends is an ever bigger diva than she is!With love in the air, The GC also helps a listener with some wedding planning, and motivates another who is feeling low to develop some self-love. Gemma is also offering the chance to get truly up close and personal as she turns over the mic for you to ask her anything! Just email your must-know questions to - and even better, why not put the question directly to Gemma yourself by sending it in as a voice note.
20/10/2120m 38s

Gemma is Queen Bee

The GC spends a day rescuing bees, reveals how Madonna brought her and Rami together and also picks the name she wants to give her child.In this week’s dilemmas, Gemma offers her help to one listener who needs some design inspiration straight from The GC Palace, while another listener wants help with some school troubles. Need some direct and personal advice about a dilemma you’re having? Email with a message, or, ideally, send your dilemma as a voice memo.
13/10/2116m 57s

‘I’m a real-life Cinderella’

Gemma shall go to the ball! It’s been a week of fulfilled dreams for The GC as our favourite diva is invited to the opening night of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s all-new West End production of Cinderella, fuelling her desire to star in a musical. There’s ‘Giraffe-Gate’ as Gemma adds another life-size animal item to her growing ‘zoo’ at The GC Palace. Can you help her name it? Email with your suggestion. Gemma also reveals that she’s taken her first steps into the world of serious documentary-making, and that she’s been working on a forthcoming TV programme about self-harm. If you are affected by self-harm, help and support is available at, Radio 1’s Jack Saunders is in the Celebrity Dilemma Hot Seat this week, with a quandary about Gemma’s home county of Essex. Plus, one listener turns to The GC for advice about the consequences of a family affair while another needs some confidence behind the wheel. Gemma welcomes all your dilemmas, big or small. Email with a message, or, ideally, send your dilemma as a voice memo.
06/10/2125m 59s

Gemma is back - and in love!

The GC has so much to share after her fabulous summer podcast break! Gemma introduces the new man in her life and we get an exclusive peek behind-the-scenes into her Cornwall holiday. Discover how she coped with camping, and which real-life animal she ended up taking with her. Elsewhere, Gemma talks about rubbing shoulders with royals, winning a big award, fabulous new additions to her house... and so much more. The first Celebrity Dilemma of the series features Radio 1’s very own brand-new afternoon show co-host, Vick Hope, who has a dilemma close to The GC’s own heart. Meanwhile, Gemma helps a listener with confidence issues channel their inner GC, while another listener who previously turned to Gemma for advice gets back in touch with an amazing happy ending.
29/09/2132m 44s

Summer Forever

Summer might nearly be over, but there’s one ray of sunshine that’s about to come back into our lives… it’s Gemma! What better way to banish those post-summer holiday blues than to get ready for a new series of her podcast, which begins on Wednesday 1st September. Here’s a little reminder of what you can expect…
25/08/212m 59s

Summer break

Gemma’s more than ready for her summer break. But first she’s got to sort out the roses in her garden – or her ‘children’ as she now calls them. She’s also got advice for two listeners and for musician Holly Humberstone. It’s the last podcast for a few weeks, but you can still get in touch by emailing
07/07/2115m 53s

Costa del Essex

It’s been a busy week for Gemma. One minute she’s out with drag queen Tayce, the next she’s turning her garden into a wild meadow. She’s had one eye on the summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the other on the finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. How she’s got time to also advise comedian and YouTuber Amelia Dimoldenberg on hats is anyone’s guess!
30/06/2122m 27s

Are flamingos pink dinosaurs?

It’s all go this week, as Gemma takes us from the nail salon to her bedroom, via a broken-down car. Along the way, we hear how she’s coping with not being able to visit Mykonos, how her BBQ season is off with a bang and why she’s still on course for a hot girl summer. She’s also got tips and advice from the Natural History Museum’s Professor Paul Barrett on how to become a dinosaur expert.
23/06/2123m 15s

Big-up to the universe!

One week after admitting she has a soft spot for Fred Sirieix, who does Gemma find herself sitting next to at a TV shoot? No wonder she’s happy with the universe! With Father’s Day approaching, Gemma shares just how much she loves her dad and makes a promise to spoil him rotten. In the Celebrity Dilemma Hotseat this week, Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac has a question about chafing thighs… and Gemma has the perfect solution.
16/06/2119m 53s

Friend or fake?

This week Gemma is thinking all about her friendships, thanks to National Best Friends Day. She offers a peek into her friendship with her celebrity bestie, Dawn Ward, after a weekend visit to ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’ star’s mansion. Gemma’s also got advice from body language expert Judi James to help listeners spot fake friends. In the listeners’ dilemmas section, she has advice on wedding hairdos and how to deal with a tricky best friend – plus she hears an update from one listener whose life has completely turned around after taking The GC’s straight-talking advice.
09/06/2127m 53s

The GC’s Eurovision dreams

Gemma throws down the gauntlet and reveals her 2022 UK Eurovision dance track entry - and calls on Scott Mills to play it on his Radio 1 Chart Show. Our diva also reveals why she’s been having a rough time, as well as her new obsession with elephants. Plus, this week’s dilemmas sees The GC helping a listener suffering with acne and another who feels like Lockdown has robbed her of kicking off her 18th year in style. Finally, BRIT winner Mabel turns to Gemma for some dating advice.
02/06/2127m 9s

A special message from Gemma

The GC has some news about this week’s podcast and Love Lounge.
28/05/211m 28s

The GC’s BRITs backstage secrets

Gemma’s got the BRIT Awards gossip: from partying in the box to the story behind her bling outfit and the megastar she took inspiration from. She also has a sock drama and spends the day on her own in town. Gemma offers advice to a listener who’s an aspiring singer and offers her self-care tips to a wellbeing group. Meanwhile, rising star Jade Bird turns to The GC for some emergency friend advice.
19/05/2124m 21s

Joe Wicks gives The GC a boost

Gemma reveals how The Body Coach Joe Wicks has made her week. She also shares her day out at the farm, reveals her self-care tips, and is excited about being invited to this year’s BRIT Awards. Gemma gives her beans on toast tips to a listener who is struggling to make her big dreams become a reality, and advises another who is addicted to fizzy drinks. Finally, Mollie King asks Gemma for some urgent boyfriend advice.
12/05/2125m 14s

Unleash the sequins!

Gemma dresses up for a day in town to cheer herself up and reveals a garlic bread/paparazzi dilemma. She also shares some sad news with her ‘podcast family’ and how her spirits are raised by news from a listener, along with offering top tips to another looking to start their own podcast. Meanwhile, Jordan North turns to Gemma with his celebrity ‘happy place’ dilemma.---If you’ve been affected by bereavement - help and support is available.Details of organisations offering information and support with bereavement are available at
06/05/2120m 30s

At home with The GC: a virtual tour

This week, Gemma shares her post-lockdown adventures and reveals much more than she intended during a virtual tour of her Alice in Wonderland style-garden. Our podcast queen also challenges Chelsea Flower Show organisers to allow her to do a fabulous GC display and chats to a ‘tree whisperer’ to discover how she can talk to her own trees. Plus, Gemma gives her no-nonsense advice to a listener who’s having best-friend troubles, and helps another who’s a wannabe actress but is scared of making the next step. Meanwhile, Fearne Cotton turns to Gemma with a problem that’s really got under her skin, as the latest star in the Celebrity Dilemma hotseat.
21/04/2128m 17s

“The name’s Bond, Gemma Bond”

This week, Gemma is thinking about the world of ‘fabulous secrets’ and decides she wants to become the first female Bond super-spy, including having her own 007 gadget for dealing with boring boyfriends. The GC also reveals some surprise secrets about her own real-life - including her special code language, her secret names, and a very unusual skill involving a tea towel. Plus, Gemma answers listener dilemmas around work/life balance and PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome), giving her straight-talking heartfelt advice based on her own experience. Meanwhile, Keith Lemon is in her Celebrity Dilemma hot seat this week - and turns to Gemma with a problem with Hollywood actress Emma Stone.
14/04/2123m 30s

Mind-blown Gemma

The GC reveals her plan to meet her idol Rebel Wilson, while her mind is blown by some of the universe’s amazing discoveries hitting the headlines. Gemma reveals her mission to Mars and why she’s planning her own Jurassic Park in her garden. Plus, Greg James turns to The GC to solve his sticky dilemma regarding friends’ social media.
07/04/2124m 43s

Gemma’s fabulous fitness secrets

The GC gives us a peek into her healthy new regime, including her motivational mottos to get her up early and exercising, as well as creative ways to keep fit without going to the gym. Plus, Gemma answers listener dilemmas about body confidence and offers advice to an aspiring actress, while comedian Joe Lycett is the latest star name in The GC’s Celebrity Dilemma hotseat.
31/03/2124m 47s

Through the keyhole of The GC's palace

With the clocks going forward, it’s got Gemma excited about the start of spring and thinking all about new beginnings - including her new pink house. Plus, The GC answers listener dilemmas around dealing with anxiety and is invited to give her ultimate iconic diva quote for a school yearbook. And Radio 1’s very own Rickie, Melvin and Charlie are in the Celebrity Dilemma hot seat this week with a rather cheeky question for Gemma.
24/03/2121m 2s

“I want a job as a Panda Cuddler”

National Panda Day has got Gemma thinking about how she can land a job as a Panda Cuddler (it’s a real job) and she turns to an expert for advice. Plus, The GC answers listener dilemmas around peer pressure and her tips for being a top auntie, while DJ Trevor Nelson is in her Celebrity Dilemma hotseat this week - and turns to Gemma with a pooch problem.
17/03/2121m 51s

Celebs ask for The GC’s help!

Gemma answers celebrity dilemmas ahead of Red Nose Day on March 19 and reveals the fabulous women who inspire her in honour of International Women’s Day. What advice will The GC give to one of Radio 1’s queens of the airwaves, a well-known comedian and her daughter, and a king of daytime TV? Don’t forgot to head to BBC Sounds to hear more from the GC on the Love Lounge – only available on BBC Sounds.
10/03/2124m 39s

Self-love for Valentine’s Day.

Gemma wants you to love yourself this Valentine’s Day. She also wants to run a ‘glam campaign’ to get everyone dressing up and feeling fabulous this weekend!
10/02/2128m 38s

Dream homes vs haunted houses

As Gemma moves into her dream home, she's telling us some stories about haunted houses. Why is one room in particular in her new house giving her a strange but nice feeling?
03/02/2124m 14s

The Big 4-0

Gemma’s about to turn 40, and here’s how she’s going to celebrate. It’s made her think about how quickly time goes and how she just wants everything to slow down.
27/01/2124m 39s

GC for President

Gemma walks you through what her campaign for presidency would look like. She talks about what her first power play would be and how everyone would get champagne.
20/01/2133m 21s


Gemma loves the idea of superheroes, but what powers would she want? Hint hint, it involves having multiple Gemma Collins in the world!
13/01/2121m 9s

New Year Goals

Gemma lays out her goals for 2021 and what she’ll do to achieve them. What will she be trying to manifest to get the New Year off to a good start?
06/01/2114m 33s


A pandemic will not stop Gemma from growing and achieving! Gemma reflects on the year and what she learnt from it. She’s focusing on the positives as we move forward to Christmas.
16/12/2029m 49s

Aliens making contact

Gemma’s been reading lots of stories on aliens and wanted to share some of her findings. Did someone see Robbie Williams when they were abducted? Gemma certainly has an opinion on it.
09/12/2020m 21s

Witchy December

Gemma talks about her favourite holiday of the year, the Winter Solstice. She tells us how witches celebrate it each year and what she will be doing to mark December the 21st.
02/12/2029m 19s

What a week…

Gemma’s feeling fed up and needs to get it off her chest! She’s reflecting on what lockdown 2.0 has taught her, and answering your listener dilemmas.
25/11/2018m 17s

“What is that smell…?”

What would the GC never do? She’s got a long list of things and she’s raring to share them. After a bad incident recently, number one is not letting you use her toilet (for a number two).
18/11/2031m 20s

“Some people might never wear a bra again…"

If Gemma had the power to make something go extinct, what would she choose? Gemma reveals a few of the things she would love to get rid of and why they bother her so much.
11/11/2013m 13s

“Where does stress come from?”

Gemma puts on Madonna and dances when she’s stressed, but what does an expert say? As it's International Stress Awareness Week, Gemma talks to stress expert Neil Shah about what stress actually is and how it can be beneficial.
04/11/2027m 11s

“Can we do apple bobbing this year?”

Gemma reveals her Halloween highlights and her concerns over apple bobbing. She also plans what’s going on her bucket list, inspired by the big London bike journey she took this summer.
28/10/2028m 19s

GC on world peace

After being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Gemma is reflecting on her peaceful ways. She gives you top tips on how you can be doing your bit for this peace mission too.
21/10/2026m 16s

Can a robot rub my feet?

Gemma speaks to robot expert Adam Kushner about what chores she could get a robot to do. She also asks if she could make her ideal partner out of a robot, and if it could look like one celebrity in particular…
14/10/2019m 3s

It's the Love Lounge, baby!

Gemma’s back properly next week, but here’s a bonus Love Lounge dilemma for you. Find out why setting boundaries within a relationship is so important - and why it starts with not always picking up your partner's dirty underwear!
07/10/209m 30s

“How can we prove aliens are real?”

Dr. Becky Smethurst, an astrophysicist and researcher, is answering some of Gemma’s big questions. Can stars be pink? How can we prove alien life exists?
23/09/2032m 8s

Smiling in Milan

Gemma’s delving into some of the oddest laws in the world. Some of them may or may not be true… but she’s now less keen on going shopping in Milan than she was, just in case.
16/09/2020m 53s

Zombie Apocalypse

Gemma and Ryan plan how they would survive a zombie apocalypse. Gemma also talks about her other fears, such as being trapped, as well as some of the more unusual phobias she’s discovered.
09/09/2025m 38s

A horse with a disco ball and a baby grand piano...”

Gemma is giving us some insight into what will be going into her first house. She’s very excited about a few of the decorations she’s found for it.
02/09/2028m 59s

Gemma’s Hollywood dream

Gemma reveals why she loves the idea of Hollywood so much. She reckons she could conquer America… but are they ready for her?
26/08/2022m 53s

GC the history teacher

After giving her nephew a history lesson, Gemma wants to share her knowledge with you. Expect the dancing plague and clown sightings.
19/08/2027m 33s

Manatees and mermaids

This week Gemma talks to Doug Allan about what really is down in the deep blue sea. They talk about giant squids, mermaid and if there could be life we don’t yet know about.
12/08/2025m 38s

“Give the girl some fish!”

Gemma talks about fashion and why she’s not over Jess Glynne getting refused some fish. She also wants a robot to give her foot rubs and be her boyfriend.
05/08/2031m 40s

“You might find me in Cornwall this year”

From sticks of rock to Cornish pasties, Gemma is talking about the highlights of UK holidays. She also talks about the camping trip she attempted, which didn’t last too long.
29/07/2024m 25s

“What if the robot says no thanks?”

Gemma's looking into the future. Will we have robots at home in 2050? And if the robots are conscious will they say 'no thanks' to doing Gemma’s washing up?
22/07/2026m 45s

What is money anyway?

Gemma is questioning who invented money and if we could live without it. She puts her ideas forward on what we could use to replace money with.
15/07/2027m 37s

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Gemma explains her way of delivering good and bad news to people. She also reflects on that time she got the giggles in a really inappropriate place...
08/07/2038m 14s

Alien Tea Party

Gemma plans out what sandwiches she would provide for her alien tea party. Also, how did the origins of life begin? Gemma looks into some theories.
01/07/2027m 21s

The G.C. recommends: Have you listened to The Reality Tea?

Looking for something new to listen to while you wait for the next episode of The Gemma Collins Podcast? You'll love The Reality Tea! Join Raj and Pilar for their weekly get together for everyone that loves reality TV, where they bring you the latest news and gossip from the celeb world. They've spoken to Jack Fowler about whether influencers should be activists, Charlotte Crosby on her Litty Lockdown birthday, Lauren and Cameron from Love is Blind and many more.
24/06/205m 54s

Do you remember the first time?

From bra fittings to broccoli fights – Gemma is reliving some memorable firsts. Plus she reveals why she used to be down on sleepovers.
24/06/2026m 28s

GC on the afterlife

Gemma is looking into different afterlife theories and wants to explore her thoughts. Her mum, Joan Collins, joins in to add her ideas on what happens to us in the afterlife.
17/06/2031m 29s

"I think it's an Essex thing.."

Gemma addresses her pronunciations of certain words... She also wants to tell you why it's felt like Christmas recently.
10/06/2023m 3s

The GC is back, baby!

Gemma has really missed you during the lockdown, she is so excited to be back with you.
03/06/201m 27s

Please air your nether regions

Gemma talks about the importance of not wearing pants in bed. She's also talking about how she finds her confidence and what she does on the days she's not feeling it.
29/04/2034m 56s

"Some of my arguments with my friends are laughable.."

Isolation has given the time for Gemma to reflect on past arguments with friends. She and friends are sharing some funny private memories, and she also talks to her nephew Hayden about how they've been keeping themselves entertained.
22/04/2028m 24s

“Where do the pigeons think we’ve gone?”

Gemma is wondering what the pigeons must be thinking now that we’re all indoors. And she’s just discovered how long snails can sleep for.
15/04/2023m 35s

Relaxing with the GC

This week Gemma is giving you some tips on how to wind down at home. Expect some ASMR and interesting breathing techniques.
08/04/2020m 18s

Gemma v Self-Isolation

Gemma brings you her first podcast where she is 'working from home’. She talks about how she is coping and where her mind has been wandering to now that she has all this extra time on her hands.
01/04/2028m 9s

“Love don't cost a thing, J.Lo girl you was right”

Gemma talks about her experience with love and twin flames. She explains what a twin flame is and how she believes that everybody has one.
25/03/2028m 34s

"There's a lot of people out there that have got pigeon issues"

Gemma is setting the world to rights and wants to start appreciating the small things. She's making a list of the things she wants to show more love to, and would like you to get involved!
18/03/2030m 47s

Gemma Collins - Dream Machine

This week Gemma chats to a dream expert to see if her dreams have meanings behind them. She finds out what her recurring dream means and also wonders how the ice age came about... can you help her? Email
11/03/2030m 21s

'I hope I don’t have to go through what I saw on I Am Legend’

This week Gemma is talking us through what kind of witch she believes she is. She also talks about how she believes there are signs and messages within movies and what she’s taken away from certain films.
04/03/2025m 2s

"Get me to Stonehenge ASAP"

Gemma looks further into the secret tunnels of the UK. She also makes plans to go to Stonehenge after a listener asks for her theories on how those big old rocks got there.
26/02/2029m 42s

Gemma versus ghosts

Gemma takes her friends Ryan, Lisa and Laurence on a ghost hunt in Essex. They enjoy a peaceful walk in the woods until things start getting spooky…
19/02/2025m 8s

"I could have washed 10 million towels with all the water in my body”

Gemma talks about the new moon and how it’s affected her. She's wondering what people thought the moon was before humans had any knowledge about it, and she has a few theories herself. She also reads through your responses about Big Brother listening to our phones, and Holly, who has a friend who puts conditioner on their butt, is back in contact.
12/02/2030m 14s

“Who is Big Brother?”

Gemma is curious about who big brother is, and are they watching us all the time? Email if you think you know! She also finds out that spooky events have been happening after people have been listening to the podcast whilst at home.
05/02/2030m 54s

It’s my birthday and I’ll make cake if I want to.

It’s Gemma’s birthday and she’s making a vegan cake to celebrate! She calls up her school friend Vicky to chat about birthday memories and recalls the cake fight they once had. She also calls her ex, David, who confirms just how much she loves cream (it’s a lot), as well as answering all of your life dilemmas and questions.
29/01/2029m 59s

Is this an accolade to our vaginas?

Gemma is joined by friends Lucas and Ryan while she spends an afternoon in the salon. She chats about cracking on with your New Year’s resolutions even when it’s a struggle, plus Gemma’s new connection to Gwyneth Paltrow
22/01/2025m 8s

"Nice smells and peace will resume…”

Gemma’s back and ready for another series! She’s got a busy day of meetings but she’s still got time to answer your questions and life dilemmas. If you need support with mental health, help is available
15/01/2022m 43s

The GC’s Fave New Podcast: The Reality Tea

The Reality Tea: A weekly get together for everyone who loves and lives for reality TV. This week, Raj, Pilar and social media star Oloni chat cuffing.
20/12/1934m 54s

Have Yourself a Merry GC Xmas, Honey

The GC’s back at the BBC to turn on the Radio 1 Christmas lights. She’s got a choir to sing some Xmas classics, and she sits down to answer your dilemmas, so join her for some festive feels!
06/12/1927m 3s

‘What animal was I in a past life?’

Gemma takes an online test to find out what animal she was in a past life. She calls up Arg to tell him the results of the test and answers listeners’ life dilemmas.
27/11/1925m 23s

"Who do I need to call to become the Illuminati?"

Late at night, you’ll often find Gemma going down online rabbit holes, researching topics as varied as the Illuminati, elephants and self-diagnosis. She also calls her friend Jay to help her join the shadowy elite that runs the world.
20/11/1932m 57s

Are Robots trying to replace Humans?

Gemma is wondering why she’s seeing fewer and fewer human cashiers at supermarkets. She also takes us through her pet hates and the little things she’s passionate about, and she talks about why we, as humans, need to communicate more.
13/11/1934m 40s


This week Gemma is wondering who invented time? Can you let her know? She also talks about why she loves handing out advice and what the best piece of advice she’s ever received is.
06/11/1922m 32s

‘I’m being a bit of a diva today...’

Join Gemma as she gets ready to host a party in London. She also gives us tips on how to GC up your house and how to stay organised.
30/10/1924m 52s


Gemma talks about the highs and lows of fame in her experience. She talks about her first encounter with fame and how that legendary fall at the Radio 1 Teen Awards impacted her career.
23/10/1925m 46s

“Balls of Energy”

Gemma and friend, Pree, chat about what she means when she says ‘we’re balls of energy’. They talk about accessing Gemma’s subconscious mind and the Reiki sessions they have together, as well as giving Gemma a lesson in meditation.
16/10/1921m 43s

“I know I’ll see an alien....”

Gemma tells us about her belief in angels and why she thinks they’re looking after her. She also talks about her dream of meeting and hugging an alien, and how her mum may have already met one.
09/10/1932m 10s

Hard at Work

Gemma visits her brother’s warehouse to get to work on her latest delivery. She talks about how her family have inspired her to work hard and reflects on harder times in her family’s life.
02/10/1922m 53s

Be Kind, Guys

Gemma talks about one of her greatest passions - saving animals. She talks about what upsets her the most and how she shares the message online. And, as ever, she helps solve listeners' life dilemmas and questions. Email with yours.
25/09/1923m 40s

Paps and Trolls

Gemma believes the media is like a double-edged sword - bringing plenty of problems as well as the opportunity for fame. She reveals how being in the spotlight has been good and bad for her, and asks what can be done about online trolling. Gemma also starts getting excited about Christmas, and of course answers all your life dilemmas and questions! Email with yours.
18/09/1925m 32s

‘I’m like GC day care...’

Gemma chats about her big life debate - whether to have children or not. She also answers your questions on vision boards and tells us her own favourite meme catchphrase.
11/09/1923m 0s

‘Is St Tropez and Cannes the same place?’

This week we join Gemma on her travels and we meet her psychic friend, Jackie Rocks. She also answers your dating questions and holiday concerns.
04/09/1922m 50s

A Bad Day

What are Gemma’s top tips for when you’re having a bad day, we hear you ask. The answer is in the play button. Listen in for Gemma’s advice on how to get through the tougher times, as well as answering your questions. Remember, you can email Gemma at
28/08/1920m 28s

Body Confidence and Life Mottos

This week Gemma tells us how she stays so confident within herself and gives you her top tips to be your best self. We’re also chatting about how to bag a pay rise and her thoughts on going to University.A podcast from BBC Radio 1.
21/08/1929m 41s

Welcome to The Gemma Collins Podcast

Welcome to The Gemma Collins Podcast! A no-holds barred look at the life of The GC, full of candid chat, laughs and insider gossip, direct from the diva herself.A podcast from BBC Radio 1.
14/08/191m 43s

Fake Tan Fails

Gemma welcomes us into her home to give an insight into her daily life. This week, we're chatting fake tan fails, spirituality, nature and tips on how to start your day off right.A podcast from BBC Radio 1.
14/08/1926m 56s
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