Desert Island Dicks

Desert Island Dicks

By Desert Island Dicks

A podcast about sex, dating, and the 8 people you’d take with you to a desert island to bang.


2: EPISODE 1: The Only Girl In The World

Cass is joined by her long time friend Laura, where they drink a lot of red wine and as a result lose their way somewhat. Expect talk about Rihanna, nudity, Rihanna, Christmas trees, Rihanna, body confidence, and Rihanna. Music by Harry Harris.
12/12/1826m 50s

1: PILOT: Fizzy Knickers

Desert Island Dicks host Cass is joined by her friend Vicki, and together they take a sexy stroll through the 8 people she would take with her to a desert island to bang. Featuring a Swedish popstar, 2003's Sexiest Vegetarian Alive, and a Really Wildcard entry. Music by Harry Harris.
01/11/1824m 51s
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