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The DriveTribe Podcast

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Your not-so-serious weekly round-up of car news from the team behind Clarkson, Hammond and May’s motoring website.


S05E09: Driving all the cars & James May's pub

This month we&aposve been driving lots of things – from £100k classic Minis to £15k classic BMW M5s, Polestar 1s, VW Touareg Rs, Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid Sport Turismos and that&aposs probably the character count used up. Basically we review lots of cars.But there&aposs more! Tim and Rach have both been hanging out with James May at his pub – find out what that&aposs like and excuse Tim&aposs bunged-up nose.
04/06/2143m 51s

S05E08: We review loads of cars and talk about YouTuber life

After a mild hiatus Rachael and Tim are back to talk about the huge pile of cars they&aposve reviewed over the past month – from €1.5m super GTs to electric Skodas, 600hp hybrid Hondas and two Lotuses that Tim used to make the internet angry. We also chat about what life&aposs been like since starting our fledgling careers on YouTube – from the comments to the algorithm to the MONEY.
30/04/2145m 0s

S05E07: Camping nightmares, fast electric Kias and car-branded clothing

On this week&aposs slice of nonsense, Tim&aposs joined by Rachael Hogg and Lucy Brown to talk about the NEWS (a 3.5-to-60mph Kia and a Mini pace car), but mostly we talk about our attempts at camping. Why? Because there&aposs a new small VW Caddy California campervan coming to the UK for the first time and we get a bit excited. Well, Tim does.
30/03/2138m 6s

S05E06: Filming with Clarkson, Hammond & May (also new M3, Puma ST, LR Discovery & more!)

Hello, we&aposre back! This week Lucy talks us through a tough day of filming at Clarkson, Hammond and May&aposs respective houses. Rachael spills the beans on off-roading the latest version of the Land Rover Discovery, and Tim talks about the new BMW M3, Ford Puma ST, Mach-E and the Porsche GT3 RS.
22/03/2146m 30s

S05E05: James May on the moon, Motorway manslaughter, Audi RS goes electric

This week we chat about the slightly sensible topic of Smart Motorways, the less sensible topic of the Spirit of Ecstasy turning 110, the definitely less sensible topic of influencers blagging stuff, and Tim talks about his time in the rear-whee-drive Porsche Taycan. We also talk about the Polestar One, James May sending cheese to the moon, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Enjoy.
15/02/2144m 9s

S05E4: Sexy DS4, ridiculous F-150 Raptor, brown LFA, Katsu McNuggets

This week&aposs podcast is a more relaxed affair than usual – join us for a chat about the chic new DS 4 (and some of Lucy&aposs fondest memories of growing up French), a very British take on the new Ford F-150 Raptor, Dubai&aposs largest 4x4 and a Brown Lexus LFA.We also chat about James May&aposs electric scooter (and Lucy&aposs inability therewith), McDonald&aposs Katsu chicken nuggets and spam. Obvs.
05/02/2144m 27s

S05E03: What's it like working with Clarkson, Hammond and May? What's wrong with Tesla?

This week we&aposre joined by DT&aposs Marketing Director Lucy Brown – who has the enviable job of spending lots of time chatting to Clarkson, Hammond and May. We chat about her time getting off a transatlantic flight and going straight to a pub to film Jeremy, and obviously we&aposve got the usual car news and updates on what we&aposve been driving. Enjoy!
29/01/2135m 12s

S05E02: Tiny V10s for project cars, hypercar racing, the new biggest car company and MORE

This week on the DriveTribe podcast Tim and Rachael are joined by Mike Fernie off of the DriveTribe YouTube channel.Together we chat about the news of the week: the new budget Porsche Taycan, the new giant car-nglomerate Stellantis, the Renault 5 and Toyota&aposs new hypercar… which may be going to race in a series that no longer has the sparkle we were once promised.
20/01/2137m 50s

S05E01: We're BACK

After a sojourn of 9 months we&aposre back with The DriveTribe Podcast – Tim&aposs joined by car journo Rachael Hogg to discuss the latest car news and what we&aposve been driving. Get some behind-the-scenes looks at the world of motoring journalism, and some nonsense about Swarovski sex toys
14/01/2140m 29s

Series 4 Episode 4: James May on planes, boats, bikes and cars (briefly)

This is a good one – DriveTribe and FoodTribe founder James May joins Tim for over an hour of chat about flying, boating, driving, riding and everything else May&aposs been up to in lockdown. Find out how many miles May&aposs done in his Ferrari in the past year, and what vehicle he&aposs assembled in his lockdown spare time. He also chats about the beauty of flying yourself around to country to sample chicken and mushroom pies. It&aposs a good one. Enjoy.
19/08/201h 3m

Series 4 Episode 3: Aston Martin DBX and LR Defender reviewed, new Audi S3 news, 800hp AMGs, and why SUVs are GREAT

This week&aposs DriveTribe podcast is brought to you by the heat-addled brains of Rachael and Tim. We discuss the slightly underwhelming new Audi S3, the upcoming 800hp Mercedes-AMG S73, the Bentley Bentayga Speed, and Tim reviews the Aston Martin DBX and Land Rover Defender. Rachael makes the case that SUVs aren&apost evil and that people on the internet need to chill out (again).
12/08/2044m 10s

Series 4 Episode 2: The new V8 Defender, Merc-AMG A45 review and cars that won't let you speed (and something about Tapas cars)

God, the future&aposs bleak, isn&apost it? Luckily for you, Tim and Rachael are here to cheer you up with news that soon, cars physically won&apost let you break the speed limits! Yay! Oh. That&aposs not actually good news.Oh well, we also bring you news of a V8 version of the new Land Rover Defender, the Hyundai i20N, a weird SEAT Tapas bar (in Austria) and Forza Motorsport 8.Tim also reviews the Mercedes-AMG A45. It&aposs a very fun car.
04/08/2041m 14s

Series 4 Episode 1: We're BACK, a bit better and here's a 1,400hp electric Ford Mustang

After a brief Coronavirus hiatus that gave us very little to talk about, the DriveTribe Podcast is back for its fourth season.And we&aposve actually put some effort in this time, with new (and deeply pornographic) music recorded by the one and only Jonathan Morris (aka CEO of DriveTribe), punchier news, reviews and gear-grinding unpopular opinion segments.This week we take a look at the 1,400hp Mustang Mach-E, the upcoming V8-powered Jeep Wrangler, Rachael gives us the lowdown on her Honda E review and I&aposll talk about the Audi RS4, RS6 and why you should never call your car &aposshe&apos.
24/07/2043m 34s

Season 3 Ep 12: Ferrari's filmic fail – and we review the Honda Jazz (it's better than you think)

This week Tim and Rachael sink their teeth into the latest audio-visual offering from Ferrari - which sets a new low for manufacturer-backed films. We chat about the brand&aposs remake of the classic Rendezvous, and try to find out exactly how Ferrari managed to be so desperately uncool.Speaking of uncool, Tim&aposs been driving the new Honda Jazz and argues that you should probably care about it. No, really. 
19/06/2035m 26s

Season 3 Ep 11: Porsche 911 Turbo and Taycan ride-along reviews

This week you join Tim as he gets behind the wheel of the new Porsche 911 Turbo S (the 992 generation. Thank god we have all these numbers to use). If that wasn&apost exciting enough, he then takes you on a bit of a tour of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S to see if it&aposs worthy of the Turbo badge. He swears a bit. They&aposre both quite good cars.Rachael catches us up with the week&aposs news and reminisces about why drifting front-wheel-drive cars on ice isn&apost as bad as it sounds.
10/06/2035m 57s

Season 3 Ep 10: Maurice Hamilton on why Niki Lauda was one of the smartest F1 drivers ever

While Lewis Hamilton would have plenty to say about the late, great Niki Lauda, we&aposve found an even more qualified Hamilton to tell us about the Formula 1 icon. Maurice Hamilton is a motorsport journalist who&aposs just written a new book about the man in the red hat and his incredible career. He joins Phill Tromans for a chat about Lauda&aposs life, as well as the latest goings on in modern Formula 1.
14/05/2054m 43s

Season 3 Ep 9: Our VMAX Autobahn stories, more used supercar bargains and… bicycles?!

This week Tim is joined by Phill and Russ from the DriveTribe Editorial team to chat about the falling prices of supercars, which now mean you can get a McLaren 720S for about the same money as a well-specced Ford Fiesta. Almost.We also hear about the time Phill hit 205mph on a (closed) public road, and the rest of the guys reminisce about the good times of maxing a car on the Autobahn. In between there&aposs some errant chat about throwing yourself down hills on mountain bikes, the problem with pooing in campervans and lots more highbrow chat.
01/05/2055m 37s

Season 3 Ep8: Best fast car bargains with Will Beaumont

The eagle-eyed DriveTribe Podcast team invite ex-Evo magazine writer Will Beaumont back to the show for an hour-long daydreamy walk through the used-car classifieds.We go through various price points, picking out our £5k, £12k, £40k and £100k used car buys. We have no concept of money, clearly, so don&apost actually buy anything purely on our advice. But this is all a good excuse for some drives down memory lane in some of the finest cars you can buy.
24/04/201h 5m

Season 3 Ep 7: A test driver talks about the Nurburgring and his manual M3 CSL

This week we&aposre joined by David Chapman, who is a test driver for a big car company by day, and the owner of the finest manual-converted BMW M3 CSL by night. David explains what the job of a test driver is, the challenges of testing cars on the Nurburgring and how you can improve your own driving skills.He&aposs also owned some very interesting cars and talks us through his back catalogue – including the Mk1 Ford Focus RS, the Noble M12 and the humble Ford Puma. Enjoy!
16/04/2053m 46s

Season 3 Ep 6: Meet Angus MacKenzie – the man who built MotorTrend

You might not have heard of Angus MacKenzie, but you&aposll know his work – he helped turn MotorTrend from a dated auto magazine into the full-on automotive media giant it is today. He explains his journey through the car journalism industry, what led him to kickstart the car video revolution and what cars he&aposd take home if he won the lottery. Sit back, relax and enjoy.
09/04/2053m 9s

Season 3 Ep 5: First cars, crashes, crushes and press cars

We&aposre all isolating – but that just means we&aposve had more time than usual to dredge through our memories to talk about our motoring firsts. Tim, Russ and Phill join together to share our first cars, first press cars, first crashes and first press launch celebrity crushes. Maybe.
06/04/2035m 46s

S03E04: Covid-19, small violins, Tim's Touareg, Up GTI and off-road biking

This week&aposs podcast dabbles briefly in the global misery that is Covid-19 and the effect it&aposs having on the global car market – and, of course – the launch of all the shiny new cars we were meant to be driving. Bring your tiniest violins. Then we chat about Tim&aposs new budget Bentley Bentayga (also known as the Volkswagen Touareg), Russ extols the virtues of the VW Up GTI, and then Tim finishes by talking about popping his off-road cherry on a motorbike adventure course.
13/03/2036m 27s

Season 3 Ep 3: The 2020 Geneva Motor Show round-up, feat. Koenigsegg and Bentley

The Geneva Motor Show was a weird one this year – simply because it didn&apost actually happen. That said, Coronavirus couldn&apost keep the manufacturers from unleashing their latest and greatest wares on our eyeballs.In this episode of the DriveTribe Podcast we run you through all the most important cars of the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, and some of the most dull.
07/03/2049m 39s

Season 3 Ep 2: Are Porsches really that good? Kia Stinger and BMW M235i reviewed

This week we&aposre joined by esteemed motoring journalist and Porsche specialist Kyle Fortune to get to the heart of why us journos love Porsches so much. Can they really be as good as everyone says? We also discuss the new Honda Civic Type R, Cupra Leon and we&aposve been out driving the Kia Stinger and BMW M235i Gran Coupe.
21/02/2050m 25s

Season 3 Ep 1: Who are the worst drivers? Why does James May like beans? SEAT Leon Cupra R, Honda E and Ford Puma reviewed

We kick off season three of the DriveTribe podcast with a new presenter, and an in-depth look at James May&aposs baked bean habits. Rachael&aposs been locked into May&aposs cramped kitchen knocking up some fibrous delights, Tim&aposs been out driving the Honda E and Ford Puma, and Russell Campbell joins the team with some extra cynicism.We also discuss the worst drivers on our roads – is it delivery men, or angry people in Smart cars?
05/02/2036m 56s

Season 2 Episode 12: Alex Goy is here! Carlos Ghosn is not! How to get into motoring journalism 101

This week we&aposre joined by YouTube sensation Alex Goy, who explains how he got into the world of motoring journalism and why he bought an Aston Martin V8 Vantage and a Morgan Three-Wheeler. We also discuss which kind of band Japanese police will disguise themselves as to re-capture Carlos Ghosn, and why Sony has made a car. It&aposs a good&aposun. 
10/01/2039m 16s

Season 2 Ep 11: 2019 Christmas Special! Our highlights and lowlights of 2019

Rob, Tim and new boy Phill huddled together to talk through our highs and lows of 2019 in the world of motoring journalism.Rob confesses to vomiting in a plane (admittedly an upside-down one), Phill talks about missing his old Renault Clio 172 Cup, and Tim explains the wood he got in a Bentley. A special thank you goes to anyone who&aposs suffered through our podcast this year. May your 2020 be wonderful.
24/12/1954m 44s

Season 2 Ep 10: Ladies from Mini talk McDonald's (and hot hatches… and their speeding fines)

Oh this is a good one. This week we&aposre joined by the lovely Helen and Georgina from the Mini UK PR team who tell us about the Mini Electric (or Cooper SE, if you&aposre not in the UK), and the Mini JCW GP hot hatch. Which is the silliest Mini of all time.We also chat about the news: Gordon Murray&aposs fan car and the Mercedes-AMG Project One fall under our spotlight.Tim talks about his new BMW R1250 GS motorcycle, and passes on Hogg&aposs assessment of the BMW M8.Then we speak about the dirtiest food of all time: The Pizza Hut Buffet. And why some Mini PRs eat their McDonald&aposs off a plate because they&aposre so extra. 
16/12/1947m 37s

Season 2 Ep 9: The Great Escape, driving AMGs and drinking champagne before 10am

We&aposve been out and about with James May comparing two of his favourite cars – the Tesla Model S and the Toyota Mirai. Then we made up for it by razzing around in a Mercedes-AMG G63 and a few other German V8s. We&aposve also been blown away by Merc&aposs EQC electric SUV. That&aposs not all – we talk about Guy Martin&aposs recreation of the motorbike jump from The Great Escape, why stop-start is a generational thing and what it&aposs like to quaff champagne for breakfast in one of London&aposs most iconic skyscrapers. Finally, we also talk about ordering burgers with James May. It&aposs confusing, but worth a listen.
09/12/1936m 39s

Season 2 Ep 8: DBX, RSQ8, Mach-E – and why car designers can be right idiots

No really, because some car companies think that ladies need extra help when it comes to designing cars. Anyway. This week&aposs been big – we&aposve had the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Aston DBX and the outrageous Audi RSQ8. We also talk about James May&aposs obsession with crap sandwiches and why MotoGP is going to be an excellent, excellent series next year. Remember to email with your ideas and abuse.
25/11/1945m 24s

Season 2 Ep 7: Tiff in Tanks, silly new supercars, horrid Hogg YouTube comments and GUESS THE SMELL

This week&aposs episode of the DriveTribe podcast is a proper variety show. Mike shows up late because he&aposs been busy racing Jeeps against Tiff Needell in tanks in incredibly muddy fields. Tim and Rachael bang on about the new Ferrari Roma and McLaren Elva (not vulva), and Rachael reads aloud some of the most horrific YouTube comments she&aposs received. To wrap things up Mike and Rachael smell a very expensive in-car fragrance and try to guess which part of the world it represents. We&aposre proper high-brow, us.
15/11/1939m 17s

Season 2 Ep 6: A man from VW cometh. We've driven the 911 Speedster, the M2 CS is here and you should ride a motorbike

This week&aposs brand of automotive nonsense is helped along by Tom Lynch, a PR person for VW in the UK. We talk about why the new ID 3 and Golf 8 are still significant, and why a grey Passat has sparked so much internet interest.Tim&aposs been out driving the Porsche 911 Speedster and 718 Spyder, and he&aposs been commuting by motorbike and explains why it&aposs the best thing ever. We also talk about V10 estate cars and there&aposs a lot of innuendo. Sorry.
11/11/1944m 20s

Season 2 Ep 5: Find out what we've been doing in James May's garage. And what we think of the BMW M2. And a Bentley. And a Skoda.

Sorry for the hiatus everyone, but we&aposve all been rather busy or ill or both. But rejoice! The podcast team has reformed with new member Rachael Hogg, who is here to talk about FoodTribe. We talk about what we&aposve been doing in James May&aposs secret underground garage, what we think of the BMW M2 Competition, the Bentley Continental GTC and the Skoda Kodiaq vRS. We also explain why the Ford Fiesta ST is better than all of them.
01/11/1946m 9s

Season 2 Ep 4: How much driving talent do you need to be a car journalist? Are petrolheads irrelevant? Should you buy a TVR?

This week we remembered to book A GUEST. We&aposre joined by Mr Will Beaumont, a freelance motoring journalist who previously worked at Evo magazine – one of the UK&aposs leading performance car magazines. He tells us his tales of ridiculous supercar roadtrips, what level of driving talent you need to succeed, why you should buy a TVR Tuscan and why he doesn&apost wear socks. We also chat through the usual motorsport and motoring news, and discuss which cars we&aposd buy for £40,000.
03/10/191h 19m

Season 2 Ep 3: The new Defender! Learning to drift (with penguins)! The VW ID3!

It&aposs Frankfurt motorshow week which means we&aposve gone a bit in-depth on the new Land Rover Defender (and why, yes, it is important), the new VW ID 3 – which is shaping up to be one of the most important cars ever. Tim&aposs also been to the Porsche Experience Centre to find out why your car control is probably not as good as you&aposd hope. At least his isn&apost.
16/09/1942m 23s

Season 2 Ep 2: Bugatti's smashed 300mph – but should we go further? Are e-sports the future of racing?

Welcome back! In this episode we talk about the hottest news of the week, which is undoubtedly the fact that Bugatti&aposs hit 305mph in the Chiron. We talk about how the car was modified to hit it. We&aposre also looking at ex-Jag designer Ian Callum&aposs latest car, a tragic week of motorsport news and also Mike talks about his time behind the wheel at the latest Gran Turismo e-sports series.
06/09/1934m 29s

Season 2 Ep 1: We're back! Why Spa is the best place ever, and why classic cars should be converted to electric power

We moved offices and lost the microphones – but the DT podcast is BACK! And how.Join Tim Rodie, Rob Burnett and Mike Fernie as we meander through some car news and the huge pile of cars we&aposve been driving lately, including the Audi TTRS, RS3, Ducati Panigale V4 (erm, that&aposs a bike) and the incredible Renault Zoe.Also, Rob talks about the magic of the Spa 24 hour race, and Mike presents a solid case for converting crappy old classic cars to electric power.
03/09/1942m 2s

Ep 18: Animals that drift, McLaren 720S Spider, Honda Civic Type R, 2019 F1 Season & Senturion Key

In this bumper episode of the DriveTribe podcast we discuss the hot topics of today, including which animals would be best at drifting, what the new McLaren 720S Spider is like to drive, why we love our Honda Civic Type R and the new Jeep Wrangler – and what 2019 has in store for motorsport fans. We also chat to the lovely people from Senturion Key, who have kindly sponsored this episode of the DriveTribe podcast.
08/03/1954m 27s

Ep 17: Is 2019 is the year supercars jump the shark?

In this week&aposs podcast we welcome in the new year with a shedload of cynicism. Lamborghini may have finally made the Huracan we actually want, McLaren may have a Senna fire problem, and Pagani may need to make a facelifted Huayra. We&aposve also met the future of resto-modding classic American cars, and his 3D printer.
18/01/1922m 21s

Ep 16: Shmee explains his secret to YouTube success

This week we&aposre joined by Shmee150 – aka Tim Burton. Not only is he a lovely chap, but also very transparent about how he&aposs become one of the most successful and respected YouTube vloggers. He visits the DriveTribe team and spills all about what motivates him…
23/11/1854m 13s

Ep 15: Spitfire pilots, coitus-avoiding sheep and why car reviews are POINTLESS

In this episode we hear from real-life Spitfire pilots and Bremont watch company founders Nick and Giles English, talk about the new Porsche Panamera GTS, why Forza Horizon&aposs sheep are insanely smart and why everyone should stop writing car reviews because no one gives a fig.
19/10/1857m 51s

Ep 14: The no-BS best of the Paris Motor Show and some sexy ideas for McDonald's

This week we have a bumper run-through of hot cars from the 2018 Paris Motor Show, plus a guest announcer who rhymes with Mames Jay. We also bang on about why McDonald&aposs needs to introduce the nugger butty. Enjoy…
12/10/1848m 4s

Ep13: Driving the 600LT and passing your test

This week&aposs podcast is a corker – and now you can watch us as well as listen to us with your ears. We&aposre joined in the DT studio by the one and only Emma Voltaire – blue-haired community influencer extraordinaire. We chat about whether the UK driving test is completely pointless, and whether or not it should really include advice on avoiding drones, as some people thing. Tim bangs on about how he didn&apost crash an expensive McLaren, Mike spouts forth on an amazing drone light show put on by Audi, and Jack talks about James May&aposs knob. Of course.
04/10/1832m 40s

Ep12: Car games, being a racing driver, and dressing up

This week we welcome special gust Mike Channell from the Outside Xbox YouTube channel to discuss Goodwood Revival, being a racing driver, and which is the best racing game of all time.
26/09/1858m 15s

Ep11: Driving a Tesla Roadster to the Arctic Circle, an electric Aston Martin, and the death of the car

On this week&aposs podcast, special guest and EV expert Beth Lily discusses what it&aposs really like to drive over 6,000 miles through Norway in a Tesla Roadster, we fail to get excited about Aston Martin&aposs electric Rapide E, and discuss why the world is doomed if Britain doesn&apost fix its trains.
18/09/1844m 27s

Ep10: An electric Mercedes, why driving in London is just the worst, and why go-karting is wonderful

On this week’s podcast we discuss the Mercedes EQC electric SUV, what it’s really like to enter the Hunger Games world of London driving and also why if you’ve not ridden a motorbike you’re not a real petrolhead.
11/09/1838m 41s

Ep9: The MX5, 1:1 Lego Bugatti Chiron, car shows and why speed just doesn’t matter

This week we discuss the merits (or lack thereof) of the Mazda MX-5, Tim talks about his time up close with the life-size Lego Bugatti Chiron and we have a little rant about motorshows.
06/09/1844m 2s

Ep8: Dogs in Range Rovers, men in forests and the new BMW Z4

This week we chat about how old pooches need a little help when it comes to cars, why rallying is the most deadly motorsport for iPhones, and what it’s like standing in a room with 100,000 computer game fans. Hint: smelly
29/08/1834m 30s

Ep7: Vintage racecars, Modern Mondeo Man and Madonna’s expensive banger

This week’s podcast comes live from Goodwood Motor Circuit and features some of the most beautiful sounding classic race cars – oh, and us talking about the new BMW 3 Series, Madonna’s Mini and why classic race cars are achingly cool
22/08/1836m 4s

Ep6: Strippers, bar bills and crashes – the inside scoop on car journalists’ real behaviour

We get the scoop on exactly what journalists do to destroy cars, how big their bar bills are and what the biggest divas are really like. Oh, and we also chat about Mustangs, pop-up headlights and NSXes.
14/08/1849m 57s

Ep5: Pornstar cars, Prince Harry and movie cars

This week we discuss the top movie cars of all time, Tim talks about the time he punched Audi RS6 owner Prince Harry and we descend into the depths of adult entertainers and the cars they own…
06/08/1840m 45s

Ep4: Electric car charging, awful driving shoes and sexy SUVs

On this week’s electrifying episode we chat charging with CEO of EO Charging, Charlie Jardine. We also take a look at the geeky issue of driving shoes, the gorgeous new Porsche Macan and whether SUVs can ever be cool.
30/07/1839m 7s

Ep3: New Supra, vapourware cars, cows and journalists’ cars

This week we tackle the thorniest issues facing the car industry: non-existent hypercars, cows in cars, the new Toyota Supra and why car journalists tend to own seriously crap cars.
23/07/1844m 17s

Ep2: McLaren, Senna, Vehicle Virgins and Forza Horizon 4

This week we go camping with McLaren and Mr Vehicle Virgins himself, Parker Nirenstein. We get the inside scoop on the McLaren Senna, 600LT and Forza Horizon 4, as well as hearing Parker’s plans for the fastest ice cream truck in the world. Oh, and we uncover Bruno Senna’s unhealthy cake obsession…
15/07/1843m 25s

Ep1: Campervans and Dogging

This week we discuss showing off your tattoos at Goodwood, sharing beds with campervan owners and whether the new Renaultsport Megane is a new hot hatch king
06/07/1837m 18s
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