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Introducing Get The Scoop, the weekly podcast presented by boohoo’s very own James Atkinson. From relationships and body image, to career goals and the latest gossip (you heard it here first!) James sits down with an exciting guest each week for the scoop – and no topic is off limits! Subscribe for a new episode every Thursday.


Get The Scoop S2 Ep #15: Rose and Rosie and the Art of Oversharing

It’s two for the price of one this week as we sit down with our fave YouTube couple, Rose and Rosie! The pair have grown up online – even sharing snippets of their wedding - after what started as a side hobby turned into a full time job. Their bang-on-brand debut book, Overshare, was released in 2018 and saw the girls talk everything from sexuality to… well… snot. This week James chats to the couple on how they manage mixing business with marriage, what being an LGBTQ role model means to them and the habits they’re trying to kick this year… even the gross ones. We did warn you about the oversharing!
15/04/20·44m 5s

Get The Scoop S2 Ep #14: Sophie Kasaei and Why Loving Yourself is Best

We love a Geordie lass here on Get the Scoop, and this week, we’re chatting to the hilarious Sophie Kasaei! Since 2011 she’s been a reality TV fave, recently stepping out her comfort zone to star in the latest series of Ex on the Beach. In this episode, James gets the goss on Sophie’s new bachelorette pad (named #KasaAmor, naturally), the ups and downs of single life, plus Sophie bravely speaks for the first time on an attack that happened on her own doorstep. When we said no topic was off limits – we meant it!
09/04/20·45m 26s

Get The Scoop S2 Ep #13: Mariam Musa and the Importance of Being Relatable

This week’s Get The Scoop episode with our beautiful guest, Mariam Musa, takes a look at the importance of being relatable. Some of us may know her as the winner of Survival of The Fittest, but most of us will know Maz  as one of our go-to YouTubers, serving us the real talk AND the on-trend beauty looks. Seeing her platform as a way to start important conversations, Maz talks to us about the way shows are progressing in diversity and representation, how we should stay true to our own goals and how it’s important to not let social media define our healing process – especially when it comes to her insane breakup bounce-back! Sponsored by Klarna.
18/03/20·34m 48s

Get The Scoop S2 Ep #12: The Vivienne and Life as the First Winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK

Joining us this week on Get the Scoop is none other the dazzling, The Vivienne. As the first winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK, she hardly needs any introduction! Travelling the world to meet her adoring fans, The Vivienne made a pit stop on our set to fill us in on all things glam in the world of drag. While also taking the time to touch on some sensitive and relevant topics within drag culture, The Vivienne opens our eyes to the not-so-glamourous BTS of Drag shows and how we can support the LGBTQ community.
11/03/20·40m 3s

Get The Scoop S2 Ep #11: What They Don’t Tell Us About The Real Housewives of Cheshire

Joining us on Get The Scoop this week we have not one, but two fabulous guests – Real Housewives of Cheshire legends, Dawn Ward and Tanya Bardsley. We catch up with the pair on life behind the lens, with Dawn’s interior business making it to our screens and Tanya’s life coaching shining a beam of positivity on to our Instagram feeds. With two very different experiences on the drama-fuelled, gossip-driven yet widely aspirational show, they chat to us about the experiences they’re thankful for and acknowledge THAT three-year feud!
04/03/20·31m 2s

Get The Scoop S2 Ep #10: Marnie Simpson and Looking Back on Geordie Shore

This week on Get The Scoop, we were joined by Geordie Shore beauty Marnie Simpson. Travelling back in time to those infamous Geordie Shore days, Marnie shares the perks of growing up in such a supportive TV family and equally, how she’s had to come to peace with her adolescent mistakes being ours for the viewing! Before embracing motherhood with the birth of her baby Rox, Marnie was diagnosed with a condition that effects millions of girls worldwide. Sharing the vulnerable, personal side of her life when discussing the diagnosis, Marnie opens up in the hopes to encourage more girls can seek proper help.
26/02/20·20m 15s

Get The Scoop S2 Ep #9: Charlotte Dawson and Everything You Need to Chuffin’ Know!

Joining us on Get The Scoop this week is none other than self-confessed drama queen and Ex on The Beach babe, Charlotte Dawson. As part of her ‘too glam to give a damn’ mantra, Charlotte blesses us with the chuffin’ best love advice when it comes to finding your other half and equally, when it comes to loving ourselves. With an infectious chuckle and positive bounce in her step (and her perfectly blow-dried hair), Charlotte talks us through her plans for the future, and what it’s like being the daughter of famous comedian, the late Les Dawson (plus the story behind that infamous tattoo)!
19/02/20·36m 18s

Get The Scoop S2 Ep #8: Rebecca Spencer and Life behind the Lens

Our go to photographer, Rebecca Spencer, joins us on Get The Scoop this week to share what it’s REALLY like to be an influencer’s go to camera girl! Rebecca bares all in this episode; telling us the wildest things she’s heard on influencer press trips (Drake may or may not be involved), what it was like to work with Stella Maxwell, and an experience with a psychic that gave us goosebumps…
12/02/20·28m 29s

Get The Scoop S2 Ep #7: Gabby Allen and Life’s Balancing Act

This week on Get The Scoop we welcome birthday girl Gabby Allen to our famed pool full of sweets! She’s the ex-Islander that got us seriously crushing on her style back in 2017’s Season 3, and in this episode, she opens up on how she handles fame and headlines – both good and bad. James also gets the goss on how she carved out a niche as a fitness guru, her work with Fiit, PLUS her top exercise tips for those needing a bit of extra motivation (us, guilty!)
05/02/20·31m 3s

Get the Scoop S2 Ep #6: Kady McDermott and the Reality of Reality TV

Kady McDermott stepped out of her villa flipflops and into the world of influencers – with over a million new followers on Instagram alongside her! Now an online entrepreneur; she opens up about the reality of growing a huge following overnight, dealing with “cancel culture” and how life in the villa differed back in 2016. Determined not to let mistakes define her, Kady spills all on a Season 2 reunion (we’d LOVE to see it) and what’s next for her beauty brand, By Kady.
29/01/20·28m 44s

Get the Scoop S2 Ep #5: The Plastic Boy and Beauty Trends, Men in Makeup & Representation in the Industry

The Plastic Boy, AKA Gary Thompson, has a simple message: make-up should be catering for everyone, and NOT just as part of a box-ticking exercise. In one of our most energetic episodes, Gary and James talk top tips on how to tackle prejudice in the industry, how to tell the trolls ‘Bye Felicia!’ and nailing THAT Insta baddie look. With 2020 looking to be everybody’s year, it’s time for the beauty giants to take notes… and they can start by listening to this week’s episode of Get the Scoop!
22/01/20·30m 51s

Get the Scoop S2 Ep #4: Ellie Brown and Life after the Villa

Not just the nation, but the whole WORLD is obsessed with Love Island – and to tell the truth, we’re obsessed with the islanders too. In this episode, Ellie Brown – cast member of Love Island 2018 and MTV’s brand new Celebrity Ex On The Beach – chats to us about post show fame, her plans for 2020 and why she hates the word ‘influencer’.
15/01/20·31m 41s

Get the Scoop S2 Ep #3: Imogen Horton and Love, Life & Growing out of Insecurities

On the chattiest episode to date for boohoo’s Get the Scoop, Imogen Horton joins us to discuss her career journey; from being an actress and working with the likes of Guy Ritchie to becoming a full-time YouTuber. She’s gorgeous, a certified girl boss, an inspiration to us all and – according to herself – would make a sick beat with Drake.
08/01/20·36m 57s

Get the Scoop S2 Ep #2: Miss Joslin and Setting Goals for 2020

Welcome back to Get The Scoop, and Happy New Year! This week, boohoo’s very own James Atkinson sits down with internet Queen, Miss Joslin, to spill the tea, play Stick or Lick (yes, really!) and chat goals for 2020. We hear what it’s like to be her own boss, how she survived the trolls, plus her weirdest Insta collab request to date – it’s one you won’t want to miss!
01/01/20·34m 57s

Get the Scoop S2 Ep #1: Chloe Sims and TOWIE Truths

As one of the OG members of The Only Way is Essex, Chloe Sims is reality TV royalty. We’ve seen her through a whopping 24 seasons of the show, and so we couldn’t wait to get her in the hot seat on Get the Scoop to tell all! Having spent nearly 8 years of her life on screen, Chloe tells us about setting up her own business; raising a family away from the spotlight and how she landed the TV gig that changed her life.
25/12/19·33m 19s

Get the Scoop S1 Ep #11: Sophie Lee and Recovery From A Life-Changing Accident

This week dancer, model and influencer Sophie Lee tells me the story of her life-changing fire breathing accident, and gets real about the lessons it’s taught her about mental health and body confidence. You don’t wanna miss this one! Love, Maura xox
04/12/19·19m 41s

Get the Scoop S1 Ep #10: Jenna Meek and The Gypsy Shrine

Join me and my guest this week – Jenna Meek! Jenna is the boss behind The Gypsy Shrine (you know the people who made glitter bootys go viral in 2017?). We chat about the highs and lows of setting up your own beauty and body jewels business. Love, Maura xox
27/11/19·15m 26s

Get the Scoop S1 Ep #9: Jasmine Jobson and Top Boy

Welcome back to Get the Scoop. This week I’m with Top Boy Season 3 legend Jasmine Jobson. Jas tells me what it’s really like to work with Drake, as well as trying to teach me a bit of London lingo! Love, Maura xox
20/11/19·27m 34s

Get the Scoop S1 Ep #8: Tess Daly and Being an “Inspiration”

Get the Scoop this week from fashion and beauty influencer, Tess Daly! We discuss how she built her following, why she hates being called inspirational, and the one thing you can say to trolls that will *really* rile them up. Enjoy! Love, Maura xox
13/11/19·32m 50s

Get the Scoop S1 Ep #7: Maura Higgins and Life in the Spotlight

Get the scoop on what’s being going on in MY life since Love Island – from my brand new party edit with boohoo, to going official with Curtis, and the hardest thing about my new life in the spotlight. Love, Maura xox
06/11/19·9m 50s

Get the Scoop S1 Ep #6: Stef Williams and Instagram Fitness

This week’s scoop is from fitfluencer, Stef Williams! Stef shares some invaluable advice for anyone wanting to start up on the gram, as well as her experiences with endometriosis. Love, Maura xox
30/10/19·28m 53s

Get the Scoop S1 Ep #5: Holly Hagan and Reality Fame

We’re getting the scoop this week from Geordie Shore OG, Holly Hagan! Holly talks to me about whether fame was everything she wished for, how she deals with online bullying, and what being a reality star looked like in the days before IG. Love, Maura xox
23/10/19·36m 14s

Get the Scoop S1 Ep #4: Kris Hallenga and Coppafeel

Kris Hallenga is in the studio this week! It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, so Kris is talking to me about setting up CoppaFeel, what it was like getting diagnosed with breast cancer aged 23, plus a live demonstration on how to actually check your boobs. Love, Maura xox
16/10/19·20m 48s

Get The Scoop S1 Ep #3: Emily Shak and Building an Online Empire

Scooping this week is Emily Shak, Queen of the internet. She tells me how she grew her following and reveals who *really* takes her IG snaps. Love, Maura xox
02/10/19·18m 46s

Get The Scoop S1 Ep #2: India Reynolds and Life after Love Island

India Reynolds in the houuussee! Now we’re both out the villa, I invite India over to my pool of glitter/studio to record a special episode on the highs and lows of instant fame. Love, Maura xox
25/09/19·17m 43s

Get The Scoop S1 Ep #1: Maura Higgins and the F Word

This week, you’re getting the scoop on me! I’m answering your burning questions in the first ep of my iconic podcast with boohoo. Love, Maura xox
14/09/19·13m 46s
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