No Bull Business Women

No Bull Business Women

By No Bull Business School

No Bull Business School founder Sarah Akwisombe meets the best businesswomen in the game. From founders to artists to C-level executives, each woman shares her own perspective on what it takes to be successful in business.


Influencer and Fashion Illustrator, Tuula Rose: "Always go with your gut and keep to your own style"

Tuula Rose has an enviable illustration style: it's cool, sleek and approved by brands like Nike and British Vogue. Not only that but her personal style is also on point. In this episode, she talks about how her content creation has adapted and evolved in lockdown, how she's working with huge brands and why not all business women have to fit a cookie cutter mould to be a success.
24/05/2024m 25s

Fashion Sustainability Consultant, Shaunie Brett: "It turned from a moment, into a movement and now the industry has shifted"

In today's episode in partnership with Office x Nike, we meet Shaunie Brett, who after working in a fashion tech startup decided she wanted to do a year of no clothes purchasing. She shares how that turned into a movement that then kick started her new career in fashion business sustainability, and how building a capsule wardrobe is the new smart way that we can make our consumer habits more sustainable. 
17/05/2028m 42s

The Coven Founder: "I'm never going to grow if I'm busy stressing about what everyone else is doing"

Sapphire Bates is the founder of the Coven - a membership platform with a community of over 950 female entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers. The Coven offers a place for women in business to connect and promises to make the jump into self-employment an enjoyable one. Sapphire also teaches other women to start and run their own online memberships, encouraging collaboration over competition - so how did she and our host Sarah fall out publicly over their social media communities? In this special episode, Sarah and Sapphire chat openly about their feud, how misunderstandings occur even when you're succeeding in your own lane and most importantly, how you overcome them and move on.    
26/04/2035m 53s

Kidchup Founder: "You shouldn't be afraid to fail, that's where the next idea comes from"

Milly Cundall is the founder of healthy tomato sauce brand, Kidchup. In 2015, she was looking for a low-sugar tomato ketchup for her son and when she realised one didn't exist, she made her own. Her entrepreneur story is a little different because she has recently made the tough decision to close her business. In this open and honest chat, she tells us why she decided to call it a day, what she's learned from the experience and why ultimately, shutting down your business doesn't have to be viewed as a failure.
19/04/2027m 58s

Archive 12 Bridal Founder: "To stay a step ahead, you have to know what's selling or not selling and move on quickly"

Archive 12 is a boutique bridal shop in Belfast run by Claire Leese. It started out as the go-to place to pick up beautiful vintage dresses and has since evolved into a designer dress shop, selling exclusive pieces to Ireland's savviest brides. Claire is a pivot queen, before moving her career into bridal wear, she was a fashion stylist on Game of Thrones. In business, she listens to her customers and is constantly changing up what she offers. In this episode she gives her fascinating insights into how she stays one step ahead of the game, second guessing what people want and building a winning retail model off the back of it.
12/04/2028m 5s

Founder of Neom Organics London: "Starting a business is like walking up Mount Everest in your flip flops"

Nicola Elliott Moss worked for years as a magazine editor before retraining as nutritionist and aromatherapist. In 2005 she launched Neom Organics. She defies the stereotypes of many people working in the wellness industry by being outspoken and truly a no bull business woman. In this episode she talks about the challenges she faced to launch the company, her current job and how it compares to her journalist career and how you successfully roll with the punches in business.
05/04/2033m 45s

Mere Soeur Founder: "I will never be embarrassed of any success I have"

Carrie-Anne Roberts is a business woman, single mum and the perfect embodiment of the 'No Bull Business Woman' title. She's so unapologetically herself that you'll love her and her company but if you don't, she's not going to lose sleep over it. She built a cool mum-merch brand, Mere Soeur from nothing after her son was born and really does prove that attitude and determination can lead you anywhere. She talks us through how she got started, the process of working with big brands like and how she turns negativity on social media into cold, hard cash.  
29/03/2031m 47s

Co-founder of Black Girl Fest: "We are black women, so when a brand speaks to us, they speak to our community"

Nicole Crentsil is a public speaker, curator & festival director. She's passionate about supporting and promoting diversity through various industries and in 2017, she co-founded The Black Girl Festival, an event celebrating Black British women and girls. In this episode she explains why creating a community is key to not only survival but business growth and how she's building a movement that truly represents women of colour.
22/03/2034m 15s

Romilly Wilde Founder: "You've got to understand customers, you're p*issing money up the wall otherwise"

Susie Willis is the founder of clean, luxury beauty brand, Romilly Wilde. She knows her audience inside out - she doesn't try to appeal to everyone and as a result has built a cult-like following with consumers and celebs alike. In this episode she talks to us about how she used her knowledge from a previous baby-food business and applied it to the beauty industry, why she uses data to drive sales and how her products stand out in a saturated market. 
15/03/2032m 12s

Don't Buy Her Flowers Founder: "Does anyone have a 5 year plan? Because we don't."

Steph Douglas launched her gifting business in 2014. She was a new mum and inundated with floral bouquets that she didn't have time to care for so her alternative gift box company, 'Don't Buy Her Flowers', was born. Steph has grown the business from her spare room to a warehouse filled with staff. She talks frankly about how she's built the company, why five year plans are not for her and how she has grown without investment.   
08/03/2034m 1s

Fashion Influencer Pose and Repeat: "I gave up everything and moved country to be a fashion influencer"

Rubi is a fashion influencer - known for her blog Pose and Repeat. She works with huge brands, has thousands of followers and over a million views on her YouTube channel but her path to fashion blogging was a bit unconventional. 
01/03/2032m 9s

Huckletree Co-Founder Gabriela Hersham: "My perspective on running a business changed after having kids"

Gabriela Hersham is a go-getter. She's also a mother of two small children and the co-founder and CEO of Huckletree. Her combination of optimism and realism has helped her create a unique co-working empire which helps the businesses that use them to thrive. Huckletree was born in London's Shoreditch and has now got branches all over London and in Manchester, Dublin and Oslo. In this episode, she gets real about what it takes to own your own company and be a mother and she tells us why celebrating wins in business is not only important for morale but paramount to the success and growth of your venture.
23/02/2035m 53s

Hula-hooping world champion Marawa: "If you take gigs for free, the whole industry suffers"

Marawa Ibrahim is a hula-hooping acrobat, author, teacher and leader of the all star dance troupe, the Majorettes. She's performed at the London Olympic ceremonies and has countless world records, including one for spinning 200 hoops at once. In this episode she tells us straight how she juggles being a creative with making money, she talks us through her career highlights and gives us a pep talk on knowing your own worth.
16/02/2025m 3s

Lucy and Yak co-founder: "It's important to us to know who is making our products"

Lucy Greenwood is one of the co-founders of the sustainable dungaree brand, Lucy and Yak. She and her partner Chris have turned ethical clothing on its head - their dungarees are cool, eye catching, comfortable and most importantly, don't screw anyone over. In this episode she tells us the amazing story of how they began selling from the back of a camper van, the relationship they have with their Indian factory and why hiring the right team is paramount to success. 
09/02/2036m 28s

Artist Frankie Noller: "Chat to everyone... you never know who they could end up becoming"

Frankie Noller is an up and coming artist specialising in line drawing, spray painting and customising clothing. She makes retro pictures look cool and as a result, brands are crawling over each other to work with her. In this episode, she explains how she went from graffiti shop assistant, to set assistant, to artist. She's all about networking and tells us how she navigates the London creative scene, using every contact successfully to get ahead.
02/02/2034m 56s

YouTuber Patricia Bright: "Personal branding is overrated"

YouTube star Patricia Bright built her beauty blogging channel with her face front and centre of her brand but in this episode of No Bull Business Women, she explains why personal branding isn't everything and how and why you should build your business without one. She also delves into what it takes to build a multifaceted media empire and when you should cut your losses on a business idea.
26/01/2033m 15s

Talk and Tell Founder, Chloe Boulos: "We use influencer marketing to grow our business.. but it doesn't always work!"

Talk and Tell create modern, fashionable, affordable tech accessories. In this episode, founder Chloe Boulos gives her top tips on how to successful navigate the world of influencer marketing, she explains what it's really like to be a solopreneur and talks about the No Bull Business School phone case collaboration. 
17/11/1932m 59s

Poodle and Blonde Founders: "Working in a partnership can be emotional sometimes"

Ever thought about starting a business with your mate? You'll want to listen to this episode before you do. Whinnie Williams and Kierra Campbell are the co-founders of quirky, mid-century interiors brand, Poodle and Blonde. Their style is influenced by the shapes and materials of the 1970s - think velvet shell chairs and bamboo wallpaper. In this episode they bare all on what it's like to really run a business with a friend and how to do it successfully and they list their tips on making products sustainable. 
10/11/1935m 14s

Black Ballad founder Tobi Oredein: "I've learnt so much about raising investment"

Tobi Oredein is the founder of Black Ballad, a UK based lifestyle platform that creates content for black women, by black women. She speaks frankly about diversity in business, building a new media brand and breaks down what it takes to get investment.
03/11/1929m 48s

Artist Kelly Anna: "This is how I get big brands to commission me as an artist"

Kelly Anna is an artist and print designer renowned for her bold and confident figurative works. She has a client list bursting with some of the world's biggest brands including Nike, Air BnB and H&M and has had some incredible names wear her prints, from Beyonce to Cara Delevingne. In this episode she explains her successes and breaks down how anyone can successfully work with big brands.
27/10/1929m 40s

MDMflow Cosmetics founder Florence Adepoju: "I took a full time job alongside my startup, and people thought I was crazy"

Flo had everything going for her business - she had been stocked in Harvey Nichols, Nasty Gal and Colette in Paris, but then she decided to do something completely unexpected... take a full time position in a new startup agency. Why did she do it? Florence breaks down her unusual choice and how she dealt with the public perception of being a founder turned employee.
20/10/1932m 8s

Aelfie founder Aelfie Oudghiri: "I fell out of love with my decor business. This helped me to fall back in!"

Ever felt like you are falling out of love with your business? That's what happened to Aelfie Oudghiri when she realised the rapid growth of her design textiles company Aelfie was going a different way to what she wanted. After much creative soul searching, she found a way to fall back in love with her business and defined her own version of success. 
13/10/1931m 54s

Online food and beverage expert Dachinii Lee-Hewitt: why you need to build a brand with purpose

Have you heard of the B-corp movement? Sarah Akwisombe gets food and drink expert Dachinii Lee-Hewitt to break it down. She also gives her top three growth hacks for indie food businesses.
06/10/1927m 15s

The Pineapple Lounge Founder Emma Worrollo: "I expanded my business to New York, and it didn't work out"

Sarah Akwisombe speaks to the Emma Worrollo, founder of specialist kids insight consultancy The Pineapple Lounge, to understand how you take a small brand global.
29/09/1934m 21s

Prick LDN Founder Gynelle Leon: adapting your business to work with a baby

Can you run a business and raise a baby? Of course you can. Sarah Akwisombe speaks to the founder of cactus boutique, Prick London to find out how you do both successfully without burning out. 
22/09/1926m 52s

Money Coach Jen McFarlane: "You can attract more money into your life. Here's how"

Ever wondered why you're not making the kind of money you've always wanted to? Sarah Akwisombe speaks to Jen McFarlane, The Money Medium. She explains how you can improve a difficult relationship with money and how you can unlock your earning potential. Find out more:
15/09/1941m 36s

Bexfast Founder Bex Walker: "I crowdfunded 20k to take my food business from my home kitchen to the masses"

Sarah Akwisombe speaks to Bex Walker, founder and creator of the vegan breakfast pots, Bexfast. In this episode Bex gives us a peek behind the curtain at exactly how she raised £20k on a kickstarter campaign.
08/09/1937m 37s

WA Green Founder Zoe Anderson: "Building a business after grief saved me"

Sarah Akwisombe speaks to Zoe Anderson, founder of maximalist interiors store W.A.Green. She shares her personal story of family grief and how she overcame it to build her business.
01/09/1932m 41s

DJ Nikki Beatnik: "I've toured with Kelis for years, we've battled through a male dominated industry"

Sarah Akwisombe speaks to DJ Nikki Beatnik on how she succeeded in a male dominated industry and on being unapologetically yourself at work.
01/09/1931m 12s

Headspace CCO Caroline Pay: "I left my lifetime career in London to take a chance in LA"

Sarah Akwisombe speaks to Caroline Pay, Chief Creative Officer at Headspace. She explains why she left a job she adored in London for a new life in LA. 
01/09/1932m 50s

Floom Founder Lana Elie: "I've built a tech platform, this is what you need to know..."

Sarah Akwisombe speaks to Lana Elie, CEO of Floom. She shares the secrets of building a thriving tech platform and gives a no bull guide to raising investment.
28/08/1929m 11s
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