Open Mind with Frankie Bridge

Open Mind with Frankie Bridge

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1 in 4 people experience mental health problems every year – half of them say that isolation and shame is worse than the condition itself. In Open Mind, Frankie Bridge opens up about her ongoing journey from her breakdown to her breakthroughs, and invites her guests to share their own experiences with mental health. In opening up about her battles, Frankie hopes to help a generation of people to be more open about their mental health. Speak out. Ask for help. And be helped. Open Mind, the podcast accompanies Frankie’s book ‘OPEN’.


Ellie Goulding

Singer, Ellie Goulding, joins Frankie to discuss how she combats anxiety and the joy she's found since having her son, Arthur.
21/09/2144m 41s

Ollie Locke

Ollie Locke joins Frankie to talk about identity, coming out on TV and his surrogacy journey.
14/09/2136m 32s

Dr Zoe Williams

TW: this episodes includes mentions of alcohol abuse and suicide. Dr Zoe Williams answers your medical questions and retraces her long, and difficult, journey to becoming a TV doctor.
07/09/2145m 45s

Elizabeth Day

Frankie is joined by 'How To Fail' podcast host and 'Magpie' author Elizabeth Day. The two talk about how to deal with failure and miscarriage. TW: This episode contains mentions of miscarriage.
24/08/2151m 16s

Russell Kane

Frankie is joined by multi-award winning comedian, writer and presenter Russell Kane to discuss mens mental health and internet addiction. TW this episode contains mentions of suicide. TW: This epi
17/08/2148m 31s

Megan Rose Lane

Frankie is joined by Empowerment and Mindset Mentor, Megan Rose Lane. TW this episode contains mentions of eating disorders.
10/08/2136m 46s

Hope Virgo

Frankie is joined by author and campaigner, Hope Virgo, to discuss her battle with Anorexia. TW: This episode contains references to eating disorders and sexual abuse.
03/08/2144m 26s

Millie Gooch

Frankie is joined by Millie Gooch - journalist, author and founder of Sober Girls Society - to talk about creating a new relationship with alcohol.
27/07/2136m 24s

Fleur East

Fleur East joins Frankie to talk about representation and identity, making it in the music industry and growing up in London.
20/07/2147m 9s

Sasha Louise Pallari

Frankie is joined by Sasha Louise Pallari, a make-up artist and model who is exposing the danger of Instagram filters with her new social media campaign and hashtag ‘FilterDrop’.
13/07/2134m 27s

Open Mind Series 5!

Frankie Bridge is back with the fifth series of Open Mind, where she speaks to famous faces and wellness advocates about their mental health experiences.

Self-Care Sessions: Body Image with Holli Rubin

In the final installment of Self-Care Sessions, Frankie is joined by psychotherapist and body image expert Holli Rubin, who answers your listener questions around the topic of body image.
20/04/2135m 14s

Self-Care Sessions: Parenting with Philippa Perry

Frankie is joined by psychotherapist and author, Philippa Perry, who answers your listener questions around child mental health and parenting.
13/04/2134m 5s

Self-Care Sessions: Screen time and mindfulness with Tanya Goodin

Digital detox expert and author of 'Stop Staring at Screens', Tanya Goodin, joins Frankie and answers your listener questions around mindfulness and finding peace away from screens.
06/04/2134m 52s

Self-Care Sessions: Lockdown and anxiety with Joshua Fletcher

Frankie is joined by psychologist and author, Joshua Fletcher, who answers your listener questions around coping with anxiety after lockdown.
30/03/2136m 8s

Self-Care Sessions: OCD with David Veale

TW: mentions of infanticide and acts of extreme violence. Psychotherapist and author, David Veale, joins Frankie and answers your listener questions on OCD.
23/03/2124m 28s

Self-Care Sessions: Loneliness with Karen Dolva

Frankie is joined by Karen Dolva, Co-founder and CEO of NoIsolation - a company using tech to help challenge loneliness. Karen answers your listener questions around the topic of loneliness.
16/03/2124m 24s

Self-Care Sessions: Stress with Rachael Welford

Founder of Welford Wellbeing, Rachael Welford, answers your listener questions around the topic of stress.
09/03/2131m 50s

Self-Care Sessions: Food disorders and phobias with Felix Economakis

Frankie is joined by psychologist and author, Felix Economakis, who answers your listener questions on our complex relationships with food.
02/03/2134m 20s

Self-Care Sessions: Bereavement with Julia Samuel

TW: This episode discusses themes of suicide and death, only listen if it feels safe to you. Psychotherapist and author, Julia Samuel, answers your listener questions around the topic of bereavement. For help and support, head to or to any of the organisations mentioned throughout the show.
23/02/2139m 32s

Self-Care Sessions: Boundaries with Michelle Elman

Frankie is joined by the author of 'The Joy of Being Selfish', Michelle Elman, who answers your listener questions on setting boundaries.
16/02/2133m 55s

Open Mind: Self-Care Sessions

Frankie Bridge is back with a special season of 'Open Mind' we call Self-Care sessions. In each episode, she's joined by a mental health advocate, to answers your questions. To get your questions answered on the show simply follow Frankie on Instagram @frankiebridge. Launching on the 16th of February 2021.
09/02/211m 1s

Maleha Khan

Frankie's psychologist, Maleha Khan, answers the questions which were sent in online.
15/12/2059m 38s

Tess Daly

Tess Daly joins Frankie to talk about all things I'm A Celeb, making it as a model and how to keep your children safe online.
08/12/2030m 23s

Krissy Cela

Frankie is joined by fitness coach and entrepreneur Krissy Cela, to discuss the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle on your mental health, doing things for you and the dangers of living your life through social media.
01/12/2041m 26s

Dr. Alex George

Dr. Alex discusses the recent loss of his brother as well as his expert opinion on how we can all improve our mental health.
24/11/2037m 52s

Dev Griffin

Dev Griffin joins Frankie in a discussion about the impact of therapy, promoting forgiveness and how to prepare for an uncertain future.
17/11/2046m 26s

Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg and Frankie sit down to talk about coping with anxiety, trolls and trying to be a role model.
03/11/2044m 45s

Amanda Prowse and Josiah Hartley

Frankie is Joined by mother and son duo Amanda Prowse and Josiah Hartley to discuss the tragic suicide attempt that led them to co-author the book 'The Boy Between: A Mother and Son’s Journey From a World Gone Grey'. TW: this episode discusses themes of suicide, only listen if it feels safe to you.
27/10/2031m 56s

Zoe Hardman

Heart's Zoe Hardman opens up about her life altering battle with body dysmorphia and eating disorders.
20/10/2042m 58s

Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison joins Frankie to discuss Geordie Shore regrets and how she has finally found peace in her 30s.
13/10/2038m 49s

Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh joins Frankie to discuss keeping your head above water in the height of girlband well as during a global pandemic.
06/10/2042m 55s

Rosie Ramsey

Frankie is joined by podcast host and author, Rosie Ramsey to discuss life with her comedian husband Chris and how they dealt with a tragic miscarriage.
29/09/2043m 21s

Series 3! Open Mind returns on the 29th September

Frankie Bridge is back with a third series of Open Mind, the show where famous faces reveal all about their mental health. Launching on the 29th of September 2020.
22/09/201m 29s

Scarlett Moffatt

For the last episode of season 2, Frankie is joined by Scarlett Moffatt to discuss body image and dealing with online trolls.
21/04/2033m 32s

Alice Liveing

Frankie is joined by author, personal trainer and health & wellbeing expert, Alice Liveing.
14/04/2046m 9s

Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson joins Frankie to discuss the pressures of living life on reality TV and social media.
07/04/2028m 44s

Laura Whitmore

Frankie is joined by presenter Laura Whitmore to discuss Love Island and self isolation.
31/03/2042m 40s

Nick Grimshaw

Frankie is joined by Nick Grimshaw to discuss strategies for coping with anxiety.
24/03/2035m 10s

Anita Rani

Presenter Anita Rani joins Frankie to discuss her experience of miscarriage.
17/03/2035m 18s


Frankie is joined by magician Dynamo to discuss his struggles with Chron's disease and arthritis and its impact on his work.
10/03/2036m 0s

Matt Johnson

Tv presenter and fellow Mind ambassador, Matt Johnson talks to Frankie about his journey with depression (and their shared love of pugs!)
03/03/2039m 39s

Emma Gannon

Frankie is joined by author and podcaster Emma Gannon to discuss how social media and life online can impact on mental health.
25/02/2033m 0s

Tor Cook (Frankie's sister!)

Frankie kicks off series 2 of Open Mind with an intimate conversation with her sister, Tor Cook. They share stories of growing up together and dealing with anxiety and panic attacks – as well as Tor's recent battles with miscarriage and fertility treatment.
18/02/2040m 9s

Open Mind LIVE with Vogue Williams

Frankie is joined by model and presenter Vogue Williams at the Very Wellness event 2020.
28/01/2031m 17s

Jenny Ryan

Star of The Chase and The X Factor: Celebrity, Jenny Ryan talks to Frankie about her difficult times as a teen suffering from depression and the lessons she learned about herself en route to the final of The X Factor.
10/12/1943m 4s

Candice Brown

Bake Off winner, Candice Brown joins Frankie to share her experiences with trauma, PTSD and depression.
03/12/1933m 15s

Jamie Laing

Star of Made In Chelsea and founder of Candy Kittens, Jamie Laing joins Frankie to discuss life in the limelight and the effects, excess, anxiety and therapy.
26/11/1944m 52s

Rhik Sammader

Frankie is joined by Sunday Times best seller, and author of 'I Never Said I Love You', Rhik Sammader to discuss the infinite ache of being alive.
19/11/1935m 22s

Layton Williams

Layton Williams, star of the West End's, Everybody's Talking About Jamie joins Frankie to discuss bullying, coming out and self-pride.
12/11/1932m 50s

Cat Sims

Frankie is joined by Cat Sims of #thenobullblog to discuss her journey through postnatal depression and relationship counselling.
05/11/1938m 47s

Andrea McLean

Frankie is joined by Loose Women's Andrea McLean to discuss her experiences of bullying, counselling and Hormone Replacement Therapy.
29/10/1941m 10s

The Mac Twins

Frankie is joined by The Mac Twins to discuss all things gut health and mental health.
22/10/1940m 24s

Giovanna Fletcher

This week Frankie is joined by Giovanna Fletcher for an honest and open talk about the realities of motherhood and the impact it can have on mum's mental health.
15/10/1944m 47s

Mollie King

In our first episode, Frankie is joined by best friend and former Saturdays member, Mollie King. Mollie was there when Frankie suffered from anxiety and depression during her time with The Saturdays and the two friends talk openly and honestly about Frankie's experiences.
08/10/1937m 7s

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