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Poet & Vuj Podcast

By David Vujanic

The Poet and Vuj Podcast, brought to you by the football entertainment forefathers. The ethnic ant and Dec, conversations unfiltered, with no rules. Expect the unexpected.


Episode 1: Don Strapzy talks Music, staying true to himself, SE Dons and Family | Poet & Vuj Podcast

We talk to Don Strapzy about his early days of music and staying true to himself, SE Dons of course and how Family impacts his life
04/11/2153m 52s

Specs - From PE Teacher to Online Hero, Meeting Ancelotti & Lessons from Prison

Sat down with the online sensation, our friend and the NO RULES master Specs Gonzalez himself. The podcast really speaks for itself but Specs shares many stories that he hasn't opened up on before, from his journey as a PE teacher to working in football and meeting footballers to the experiences in prison after a set of unfortunate circumstances. Specs also opened up on other topics but we will leave that for you guys to watch and soak up. This was probably one of our favourite chats and is worth watching the whole way through. Make sure to check out Specs on all of his platforms, his No Rules show on Filthy Fellas and may the best of luck continue to follow this brilliant man!
07/10/201h 10m

Chunkz & Filly - That Soccer Aid Game, Brotherhood & Struggles Coming Up

After a while away from the sofa Poet & Vuj are graced by the presence of two Internet sensations that have taken the online world by storm over the last few years. From Vloggs and insta videos, to playing at soccer aid with their heroes, hosting shows on SkySports, a true inspirational story for anyone looking to do well in entertainment and Youtube. Chunkz speaks on the struggles when he was coming up to get his family on board, Filly shares how his relentless drive and belief got him to where he is now. Both of the lads speak of their brotherhood and how tight their relationship is and why they’ve gotten to where they are. The boys also talk in depth about the soccer aid game amongst other things. No more needs to be said Though, gems were dropped all over the Gaffe, moving like Adam Sandler in that movie that came out recently.
24/09/2059m 22s

Harry Pinero - Staying Authentic, Corporate Projects, Relationships & Masturbation

Filmed before corona and the lockdown we managed to chat to one of the rawest and realist guys on the social media airwaves over the last few years...man like Harry Pinero. As always the convo was unplanned and we spoke about everything, from staying authentic and working with corporations to cheeky wanks. A true filthy fella and one to definitely watch and follow on your socials, shout out to man like Harry. A saucy gentleman, true HP standard. We send our vibes and well wishes in these strange times. Have a nice.
21/04/201h 24m

Jordan - Love Island Lowdown, Sex & We find out Who’s Jordan?

Just before the lockdown we managed to sit down and chat to Jordan who was one of the main stars of Love Island 2019. Recently he’s been branching off in to new ventures & we find out all things about the nations favourite show. We also chat girls, sex and how he’s doing a year on after the show. And if you’re wondering who’s JARDANNNN, this should help you out. Big up and have a nice x
24/03/2054m 5s

Andre Gray - Playing Lower League Football, Riding a Horse in Colombia & Premier League Life

We chatted to Andre Grey about all sorts, although initially rather intimated we grew in vibes with the man himself and bonded over Horse Riding. Not much else to say apart from enjoy and have a nice!
12/03/201h 20m

Alhan - Running for Mayor, Using the Internet & Pursuing What You Want

The internet sensation, the Turkish Don, Alhan, a man of controversy, many words and much entertainment joins us on the casting couch. (Food through the window as always) Talking about manifesting what you want, the power of just doing, his background, politics and much more....it was a real pleasure to chat to the hairy young legend and hear a bit more from him. There isn't much more to be said but to enjoy the 2 hours and make sure to leave a comment like and have a nice ! Big Up Alhan for joining us and may the gas keep working. Vuj also apologises for being a bit distant in the audio at times, this shall be improvedddd!
07/02/201h 51m

David James - Painting, That Ronaldo Free Quick & Goalkeeping Mentality

This week on the casting couch, ex Liverpool, England and Portsmouth legend, David James sits down for an unscripted convo with the lads. Speaking about his time at Liverpool, Portsmouth, Hobbies outside of football and that Cristian Ronaldo Free Kick a true nice was had. In iconic Poet & Vuj fashion, food arrived through the window again, but this time with a tad more organisation. Big up David James for joining and keep a look out for new episodes! Godspeed and nice a have. Xoxo
23/01/201h 56m

Robbie - AFTV, Facing Mainstream Criticism & Life As A Reggae Artist

One of the Legends in Online football content comes to the couch to talk about his very unique journey online. Robbie mostly known for his channel AFTV sits down to discuss all the controversy surrounding the channel as well as the that convo with Simon Jordan which we can all see...wound him up just a bit. Robbie also spoke about early days being an artist and Poet bought the of iTunes, 79p ting. Hope everyone enjoys and tries to have a good time watching. As a wise man once said 'Have a Nice"
10/01/201h 52m

Will Poulter - Arsenal, Acting in Hollywood & Social Media Usage

Bit of a different one, but there are absolutely no rules (word to Specs), but we got Will Poulter on the couch at Poets. Will is a huge Arsenal Fan and has had a great success in Hollywood as an actor, appearing in many movies with the stars whilst remaining a very humble and normal dude. We'd list the names of the movies but we can't be arsed, just go on Google innit. Will and Vuj particularly got a tad self reflective on this one, discussing self reflection, identity and awareness stuff. The topic of how we use social media was also touched upon We hope you enjoy the content and have a nice !
08/12/191h 39m

Troopz - Everything Arsenal, Living Through a Hurricane & Being in FIFA20

Sat down with the one and only Troopz. The bludfam hero. Realness meter off the richter. Someone we always wanted to sit down and have a long chat with, no rules. A passionate Arsenal fan, one of the voices of Arsenal Fan TV and now a voice on FIFA20, Troopz tells us how he found he went from just a normal passionate fan to an online sensation. His adaptation from the real world to the "online" and navigating something he never thought would lead him to become a voice on the new FIFA. This aside, Troopz opens up about getting sent back to Jamaica and living through a hurricane as a young man. We thoroughly enjoyed this one and shout out to Troopz for being himself and opening up to things we never knew about him. A legend. HAVE A NICE. Poet and Vuj.
27/10/191h 40m

Troy Deeney - Learning From Mistakes, Finding Peace & Life

This one went everywhere. We got real comfortable and deep. Talking learning from errors, finding that inner peace and all things life, honestly felt like a few mates catching up more than anything. Troy let us know about his past, relationships, learning from his errors, how he became a footballer and much more. Big love to Troy ! There's no rules. Love and blessings and Have A Nice. Poet and Vuj. ps. IF ANYONE WANTS TO BE THE TIMESTAMP GUY COS WE CBA, WE WILL MAKE YOU Vice President OF THE POVUJ WANDERERS NATION XOXO.
09/10/191h 40m

Rio Ferdinand - Parenthood, Community & Racism in Football

We hosted England International, Man United Legend and now one of the better pundits Rio Ferdinand at Poet's house. Food through the window stuff, discussing how Parenthood has changed Rio's life, the challenges kids face today. We also touch about Community and Racism in Football and his own uncomfortable experiences in the game. Also, Vuj was dying from jet lag as he had just landed from New York and got a cab straight from the airport....but a nice must be had so fair play young Serb. Thank you for your continued support and let's all just have a good time !
22/09/191h 57m

Ian Wright - Life In Football, Prison Time & Working At Sainsbury's

The people have been asking for a podcast...so here's the DAMN PODCAST FINALLY!! We haven't even really got a name for it..so keeping it slick and simple....welcome to the Poet and Vuj podcast. In depth convo, real stories and a no rules approach, expect the unexpected. ANYWAY enough chatting shit, for our first episode.....we had the absolute pleasure to sit down with the absolute don Ian Wright and talk how he got in to football, his incredible journey and the bumps on the way. ANYWAY, let us know what you'd like to see more of in the future....
26/08/191h 7m
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