Mothers' Meeting with Louise Pentland

Mothers' Meeting with Louise Pentland

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From baby blankets and #MumHacks to daily struggles and the tougher stuff, this podcast covers it all, offering insight into the parenting styles, personal struggles, and points of view of some Britain's best loves mums.


Nadiya Hussain

Welcome to the last episode Mothers' Meeting Series 2! In this last episode of Mothers' Meeting, Louise meets a lady who burst onto our screens winning The Great British Bake Off. Since then she's presented numerous tv shows, and written books for both children and adults, as well as speaking openly about her struggles with anxiety. Nadiya and Louise talk about Nadiya's births, the feeling following birth that she wasn't expecting, having three children under 4, talking to her children about mental health and anxiety, the 'talkie' step, and her beautiful new children's book 'Spreading my Wings'. Nadiya Hussain @nadiyajhussain **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
29/11/2143m 24s

Liam O'Neill

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! This week, another special episode in which we welcome back Liam to the podcast! Nearly two years on, a proposal and a pandemic later Louise and Liam chat how they handled the pandemic, extra-curricular clubs, the kinds of parents they are, bigger picture parenting, and are any more kids on the horizon? **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
15/11/2128m 28s

Fleur De Force

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! We've got just a few more episodes for you before the end of series, and this weeks' guest is a goodie. An OG Youtuber, fashion and beauty influencer and mum, Fleur de Force. Fleur and Louise chat their different birth stories, Fleur's planned C-section, River's unusual name, Fleur's fertility struggle second time round and dealing with baby loss, mum crushes and Fleur's exciting new business Raven James Jewellery. Fleur De Force @fleurdeforce **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
08/11/2131m 42s

Steve Pentland

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! This week, it's a special episode of Mothers' Meeting - a Fathers' Meeting, with none other than Louise's own dad Steve. This is an episode dedicated to Louise's mum, who passed away when she was young. They chat about how her dad wooed her mum, the happy years, a poignant trip to Disney, believing that a china doll was Louise's sister, the hard times after cancer diagnosis and how the death of Louise's mum impacted them. **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
18/10/2147m 33s

Kate Ball

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! On this week's episode is entrepreneur and mum of 6 Kate Ball. Kate and Louise chat about finding out Kate was having a second set of twins, the juggle struggle, a plea to IKEA for just one colour cup, the moving origins of her business Mini First Aid and what it's like appearing on Dragon's Den. Kate Ball @noahsarkfamily **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
11/10/2145m 4s

Marie Bits & Clips

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! This is a very special episode of Mothers Meeting, featuring a very special friend from across the pond, yes Glitterbits be excited, it's Marie! Marie and Louise talk about how their friendship began, how self reflection can make you a better parent, parenting each other, their shared faith, and how to make Louise happy on a trip to the States. Marie **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
04/10/2150m 18s

Amy Hardcastle

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! On this episode Louise meets rugby player and nurse Amy Hardcastle. Louise chats to Amy about being on the front line throughout the pandemic, smashing it on the rugby field, being a role model and baby names. Amy Hardcastle @amy.hardcastle.03 **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
27/09/2129m 1s

Charlene White

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! This week Louise is joined by newsreader and presenter Charlene White. Louise and Charlene talk about raising kids without their mums being there, how grief has shaped them, the origins of Charlene's children's names, mum crushes, and letting things go. Charlene White: @charlenewhite **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
20/09/2135m 25s

Marley Hall

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! Marley Hall a.k.a Midwife Marley, mother of 5, author of ‘Midwife Marley’s Guide for Everyone’, and resident midwife for channelmum is joining Louise today! They reminisce on all the free time pre kids, pregnancy being harder but birth being easier as an older mum, their shared passion of hypnobirthing, pubic hair, potty training and the importance of being informed in decision making. Marley Hall: @midwifemarley **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
13/09/2142m 19s

Dr Julie Smith

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! This week Louise and sits down with psychologist and social media sensation Dr Julie Smith. They chat births, possible baby names, whether the meanings of names reflect in children, Julie outside of motherhood, confessions and what Julie has coming up! Julie Smith: @drjulie **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
06/09/2132m 28s

Laura Dockrill

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! In this week's Mothers' Meeting, Louise catches up with poet, author, podcaster and mum Laura Dockrill. They talk through traumatic births, Laura's experience with postpartum psychosis, motherhood mountains, and sharing their parenting confessions. Laura Dockrill: @lauraleedockrill **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
30/08/2136m 7s

SJ Strum

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! Joining Louise in the studio this week is SJ Strum. SJ chats to Louise about her rogue Mum crush, her love for the Sound of Music, her birth stories, baby names, synaesthesia, gentle parenting and a word of advice. SJ Strum: @sj_strum **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
23/08/2134m 30s

Dr Zoe Williams

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! This week on Mothers' Meeting we hear from Dr Zoe Williams. Zoe sat down with Louise whilst she was still pregnant with her little boy Lisbon. They chat about Zoe's 'knowing' at first sight with her partner Stuart, her journey to become a mum, the importance of exercise during pregnancy, baby names and a shared love of Ruth Langsford. Dr Zoe Williams: @drzoewilliams **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
16/08/2128m 51s

Ruth Langsford

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! This week on Mothers' Meeting we have the tv icon that is Ruth Langsford. Ruth and Louise chat birth, being an older mum, the unexpected emotions around her son Jack leaving for uni and being a working mum. Ruth Langsford: @ruthlangsford **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
09/08/2142m 2s

Jess Jones

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! Welcome back! This week sitting down with Louise for a Mothers' Meeting is Jess Jones a.k.a Thefatfunnyone, she's an award winning blogger, podcaster, speaker and advocate and is a mum to 3 with a baby on the way. Louise and Jess chat about Jess' tocophobia, changing your mindset towards birth, how savage young girls can be, their mum crushes and Jess' golden pieces of advice. Jess Jones: @thefatfunnyone **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
02/08/2133m 30s

Anna Williamson

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting Series 2! In this first episode back, presenter, author, life coach and podcaster Anna Williamson joins Louise. Together they talk through their similar birth stories, chat about mental health, play a game of I have never, and share their nipple stories. Anna Williamson: @annawilliamsonofficial **CONNECT WITH ME** @LouisePentland
26/07/2140m 36s

Mothers' Meeting Series 2

Welcome to Mothers' Meeting with Louise Pentland. We're back for series 2! From birth stories and parenting confessions to life outside motherhood and mental health, this podcast covers it all, the hilarious, the brilliant, the challenging and the often ridiculous parenting moments from some of Britains best loves mums. Make sure you're subscribed NOW to hear the new series from 26th July.
19/07/211m 1s

Mothers' Meeting LIVE: Anna Williamson & Lucy Jessica Carter

In this very special bonus episode of Mothers' Meeting, Louise sits down with two more fabulous mums! The first is Celebs Go Dating star, mum of two, and one half of LuAnna The Podcast, it's Anna Williamson. Joining Anna is vlogger and mother to four (!) Lucy Jessica Carter. Together they discuss the highs, lows and funny bits we experience as parents.
23/03/2028m 14s

Sarah Ellis & Philippa Bloom

Bloggers, stylists and two halves of WeAreTwinset Sarah Ellis and Philippa Bloom join Louise in this final episode of Mother's Meeting season one. Together they talk through parenting bug bears, pass on life saving mumhacks, reccomend favourite products and share some of the best advice they've ever been given. Sarah Ellis: Philippa Bloom: WeAreTwinset: **YOUTUBE** **CONNECT WITH ME**
16/02/2029m 5s

Nadia Sawalha & Kat Farmer

This week Louise welcomes two more incredible mums onto the podcast - Loose Woman Nadia Sawalha and blogger Kat Farmer. Now we've talked a lot about young children in this series, but this episode is all about teens! These two teach Louise a thing or two about what's to come as Kat wonders which version of her daughter she'll get each morning, Louise asks how girls and boys differ, and Nadia offers some wonderful advice for those challenging moments: "Remember what they can do". Nadia Sawalha: Kat Farmer: **YOUTUBE** **CONNECT WITH ME**
09/02/2034m 34s

Caroline Hirons & Lily Pebbles

In this episode of Mothers' Meeting Louise is joined by skincare queen and fierce mamma Caroline Hirons AND vlogger, mother and friend Lily Pebbles. Caroline rages over, well quite a few things really, Lily offers a huge verity of #mumhacks whilst Louise wonders where the line lies when it comes to sharing on social media. Warning this episode is explicit! Caroline Hirons: Lily Pebbles: **YOUTUBE** **CONNECT WITH ME**
02/02/2035m 38s

Scummy Mummies

This week comedians Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson AKA The Scummy Mummies take a seat at the Mothers' Meeting. Together they discuss their parenting peeves and explain why roast potato and coke-a-cola can be a deadly combination. They also offer some incredible bedtime hacks and myth busting facts (sort of) about talcum powder vs corn flour. Louise reveals some details about her own difficult childhood and poses a tricky question: when is it okay to intervene if parents are rough with their children in public?
26/01/2036m 59s

Kimberly Wyatt & Alison Perry

In this episode The Pussycat Dolls' Kimberly Wyatt and Twin Mum Alison Perry sit down with Louise to discuss some of the trickiest moments, thier favourite mumhacks and ask how we can be more sustainable as modern parents. Kimberly Wyatt: Alison Perry: **YOUTUBE** **CONNECT WITH ME**
19/01/2040m 15s

Ruth Crilly & Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens and Ruth Crilly join Louise this week where they talk through dealing with celiacs in children, the loneliness breast feeding can bring, their favourite mumhacks and hero products whilst also sharing thoughts on the 'breast is best' debate. Rachel Stevens: Ruth Crilly: **YOUTUBE** **CONNECT WITH ME**"
11/01/2031m 54s

Happy New Year with Esther Sooriah

In this second special episode Louise is joined by an incredible mother and a brilliant friend Esther Sooriah to usher in the new year. Together they discuss some unconventional 'helladay' hacks, crying over cheese and wine and struggling with feeling enough. Louise also reveals what she thought of Esther when they first met and recalls some beloved best-friend moments. **YOUTUBE** **CONNECT WITH ME**
04/01/2030m 43s

Christmas Time with Liam O'Neill

In this very special episode of Mothers' Meeting, Louise is joined by her boyfriend and father to baby Pearl, Liam O'Neill. Together reveal the hacks that get them through Christmas, Liam turns into Santa, Louise asks if she'll be unwrapping a ring this Christmas, and lets us in on a lovely family tradition.
22/12/1928m 50s

Hannah Michalak & Siobhan Miller

This week, Positive Birth Company founder, writer and hypnobirthing queen Siobhan Miller is joined by content creator and founder of maggslondon Hannah Michalak to discuss vaginas, birthing journeys and awkward mummy moments. Hannah laments the endless bickering between her boys, Louise wonders why women must always be good at EVERYTHING and Siobhan explains the importance of affordable antenatal care. They also discuss mothering without support from a mother of your own and how hypnobirthing changed the way they think about labour and delivery. Siobhan Miller: Hannah Michalak: **YOUTUBE** **CONNECT WITH ME**
15/12/1929m 20s

Louise Recommends: Ellie and Anna Have Issues

Firstly, we want to thank you so much for supporting and listening to Mothers' Meeting. As you (obviously!) love the podcast, Louise wants to recommend another show she thinks you also might like. It's called Ellie and Anna Have Issues with Ellie Taylor and Anna Whitehouse. On this podcast everything’s up for discussion from family, dating and sex to fashion disasters and those little things you just need to get out. Listen to Ellie and Anna Have Issues on Global Player OR wherever you get your podcast and keep an ear out for the latest episode of Mothers' Meeting coming this Sunday!
12/12/193m 36s

Katie Piper & Katie Ellison

Katie Piper and Katie Ellison join Louise in our third episode of Mothers' Meeting to discuss struggles at the school gates and mummy WhatsApp groups whilst Katie Piper offers so truly inspired hacks which might help us all, all year round. Katie Piper Katie Ellison: **YOUTUBE** **CONNECT WITH ME**
08/12/1935m 27s

Konnie Huq & Kate Murnane

Author and presenter Konnie Huq and mummy vlogger Kate Murnane sit down with Louise to discuss the happiest, scariest and most joyful aspects of parenthood this week. Konnie wonders who created white shirts for the under 10's, Louise rages at constant mess and Kate shares some top tips for natural bleaching. They also discuss grieving your own parents and how to prepare if the worst should happen. Konnie Huq: Kate Murnane: **YOUTUBE** **CONNECT WITH ME**
01/12/1925m 21s

Angela Scanlon & Emily Norris

Broadcaster Angela Scanlon and vlogger Emily Norris join Louise in this first episode of Mother's Meeting. Together they talk through parenting bug bears, pass on life saving mumhacks, reccomend favourite products and share their thoughts on adoption and surrogacy. Angela Scanlon: Emily Norris: **YOUTUBE** **CONNECT WITH ME**
24/11/1930m 23s

Mothers' Meeting with Louise Pentland

Welome to Mothers' Meeting with Louise Pentland. From baby blankets and #MumHacks to daily struggles and adoption, this podcast covers it all, offering insight into the parenting styles, personal struggles, and points of view of some Britains best loves mums. Subscribe for brand new episodes every Sunday from the 17nd of November
13/11/191m 26s
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