Matt Morgan’s Funny How?

Matt Morgan’s Funny How?

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Matt is obsessed with what people find funny and why. In each episode he’ll be joined by a special guest to explore what tickles their pickle answering those all important questions such as ‘Which parent does Noel Gallagher get his funny bones from?’ or ‘Does Jimmy Carr find his own laugh as disturbing as the rest of the world?’ It’s going to get a bit dark, more than a bit weird and sometimes you might even learn something useful as he enlists the help of celebrities and experts in a futile attempt to make sense of what makes us laugh.


EP20: Look for the clues (with Noel Gallagher)

Imagine Columbo had been kicked in the head by a horse. You’ve just imagined Detective Inspector Noel Gallagher. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
17/06/201h 7m

EP19: The Moral Maze (with Noel Gallagher)

Matt and Noel Gallagher navigate their way through some moral conundrums with a quick pit-stop at a dojo. Follow Matt in Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan Watch Puddle Of Mudd cover Nirvana:
07/06/201h 4m

EP18: The Dregs (with Noel Gallagher)

Matt is joined by Noel Gallagher who among other things is crushed that Matt didn’t know there’s a ‘Best of Oasis’. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
31/05/201h 38m

EP17: Would He Like Me? (with Joe Lycett)

Matt and Joe Lycett are still wittering on. Part 2/2 Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
27/05/2051m 34s

EP16: Bulging Portfolio (with Joe Lycett)

Matt checks in on Joe Lycett who comes up with some bullshit about owning a cat when it’s probably just a balloon with lipstick on it or something. You know what he’s like. Part 1/2 Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
24/05/201h 16m

EP15: Operation Ironcock (with Paul Hayes, AKA Hazeoutdoors)

Matt catches up with Hazeoutdoors. Who should be called Hazeindoors smoking weed and playing GTA5. This episode marks the launch of Operation Ironcock. Info inside... Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan Find Paul here: / /
17/05/201h 48m

EP14: Is Jagger ‘ere? (with Noel Gallagher)

More of your questions to Noel Gallagher who was sat on his mountain bike in full pony-riding gear throughout, his caramel jodhpurs just tight enough to show his figure without being restrictive. Then he was off clip-clopping up the lanes to solve local countryside mysteries and be home in time for tea. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
10/05/201h 10m

EP13: Screw your file size (with Noel Gallagher)

Matt and Noel Gallagher combat technical difficulties to bring you half a podcast, several days late and with an incomplete description that just suddenly Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
30/04/2058m 31s

EP12: The Guitar Show (with Noel Gallagher)

Are they both starting to lose it? Matt talks to Noel Gallagher. Matt’s shaved his head and Noel has decorated his children’s bedroom doors. Also Noel gives Matt a guitar lesson but learns more about soul, beauty and Rock n’ Roll from his pupil than he could ever teach. Both men drunk, sadly. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
14/04/201h 40m

EP11: Sitcom Writing

Matt has the audacity to profess some understanding of how sitcoms are written. He conveys this in a garbled fashion at 1AM sat at his kitchen table, probably half-drunk. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan Recommended reading: The Little Book of Sitcom by John Vorhaus Save the Cat by Blake Snyder The Eight Characters of Comedy by Scott Sedita
07/04/201h 22m

EP10: Isolation (with Noel Gallagher, Rob Beckett and Paul Hayes)

This week’s show is a self-isolation extravaganza featuring Noel Gallagher, Rob Beckett and Haze Outdoors all coping with lockdown in their own special ways (basically alcohol). Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
24/03/201h 16m

EP9: Q&A

Matt's guest is no one. Just himself at his kitchen table at 1AM talking into his laptop answering your questions. Strange times. Humanity will come out of this stronger. (The pandemic, not this hour of podcast drivel) Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
17/03/201h 4m

EP8: Spencer Jones

Matt talks to prop comic Spencer Jones about French clowns, undercover fathers and having white eyelashes. If you want to watch The Passenger which they talk about you can here - Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
02/03/201h 3m

EP7: Joe Lycett

The delightful Joe Lycett fills Matt in about how he used to listen to Matt in the bath, snuff videos and lots of sex stuff that got cut out. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
24/02/201h 11m

EP6: Terry Mynott

On this episode Matt talks to impressionist Terry Mynott about ‘doing’ Kevin Spacey, ‘messing around’ with Peter O’Toole and the pain of making sitcoms. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
17/02/201h 8m

EP5: Rob Beckett

Matt visits Rob Beckett's house to talk about class, teeth sensitivity and telling people to fuck off. See all of Rob's tour dates at and to learn more about the Matt Palmer trust visit Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
10/02/201h 14m

EP4: Paul Hayes, AKA Hazeoutdoors

Paul Hayes, AKA Hazeoutdoors is Matt's guest and they talk about drunken bushcraft, exploding testicles, male mental health and outdoor poos. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan Find Paul here: / /
03/02/2056m 47s

EP3: Tom Davis

Matt and Tom Davis get into it about home-made porn, Tom’s intimate relationship with Frank Bruno and Matt’s little problem Down Under. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan Conversation links... Kay's Cooking: Geo Wizard:
27/01/201h 3m

EP2: Roisin Conaty

Hear Matt talking to, and eventually hugging, Roisin Conaty. Expect really obvious lies, productivity life-hacks and Matt stabbing himself in the chest. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
20/01/2054m 46s

EP1: Noel Gallagher

The first person to face Matt Morgan is Noel Gallagher. Matt and Noel discuss his love of Seinfeld, the perks of having a solo tour bus, never taking his own advice and asks, will the real Paul McCartney please stand up. Follow Matt on Instagram: @mattunderscoremorgan
13/01/201h 0m

Matt Morgan's Funny How? The Trailer

Matt Morgan's Funny How? The Trailer
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