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The Story of Decca Records

The Story of Decca Records

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In Conversation: The Story of Decca

2019 marked a major milestone in the history of recorded music: the 90th birthday of the prestigious Decca Records label. This December, Classic FM celebrates this significant anniversary with a five-night series of programmes, presented by a man who knows the Decca story inside-out - and who also knows a fair amount about Classic FM. Darren Henley is the former Managing Director of Classic FM, and is currently Chief Executive of Arts Council England. In this special podcast, Darren talks to two individuals who are very much steeped in Decca’s heritage and history, and will be integral to the future of the label as well: Rebecca Allen, President of Decca Records, and Dickon Stainer, President and CEO, Universal Classics and Jazz.
20/12/19·18m 18s
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