Le Pod with Le Tiss and Lambert

Le Pod with Le Tiss and Lambert

By Left Peg Media

Southampton legends Matt le Tissier and Rickie Lambert tackle modern football, with tales from their careers, special guests on the sofa, and a bit of healthy competition thrown in as well. Presented by former Olympic 400m runner (and big Saints fan) Iwan Thomas.


Academies, hidden potential and creating winners

Why are Southampton so good at producing young footballers? Academy manager Edd Vahid joins Matt and Francis Benali to talk about development, identifying talent and the future of the club.
07/01/20·41m 14s

Christmas special! Parties, 'unwanted' suspensions and too much turkey

First team assistant coach Kelvin Davis joins Matt, Francis Benali and Iwan Thomas to don their Christmas jumpers and talk about being a footballer over the Christmas period: the pitfalls, the excitement of playing on Boxing Day and how it's changed since they stopped playing.
23/12/19·42m 30s

Gaffers, coaching and the label Matt hates

How soon does it take for players to work out whether a manager is any good or not? Matt and Rickie are joined by Marieanne Spacey-Cale, head coach for Southampton FC women's team, to talk coaching, coaches and how to get the best out of players. Rickie lifts the lid on what made Mauricio Pochettino so special in his time at Saints. With Iwan Thomas
06/12/19·47m 36s

Teammates, pranks gone wrong and big club cliques

What really goes on in the dressing room when the manager walks out? James Beattie joins Matt le Tissier and Rickie Lambert to talk teammates - the good ones, the outrageous pranks and the fights that have gone too far. Rickie and James also compare their time in the England dressing room and ask whether the big club culture cost the golden generation success on the pitch. With Iwan Thomas.
27/11/19·43m 35s

Health and Nutrition

Matt, Rickie and Iwan are joined by Southampton FC's Head of Sports Science Alek Gross. They discuss the eating habits of the modern footballer and how the approach to health and nutrition has evolved over the last twenty years.
14/11/19·36m 51s


Saints legends Matt le Tissier and Rickie Lambert join former Olympic runner Iwan Thomas to talk debuts: from the highs of Rickie's winner for England against Scotland, to Ali Dia.
06/11/19·39m 28s

New podcast coming soon

Matt, Rickie and Iwan tell us about their new pod. First episode coming soon.
29/10/19·1m 1s
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