Johnny Vaughan's LBC Recall

Johnny Vaughan's LBC Recall

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Join Johnny Vaughan for a hilarious weekly review of the best calls and interviews from LBC!


Episode 7: Shock, Anger, Denial

On this episode of The LBC Recall; Eddie Mair comforts an airport boss, James O'Brien gives out a "Ray Liotta", Nigel Farage gets over-excited about his passport and Tom Swarbrick finds out about self-quarantine. Please subscribe, rate & review!
11/03/20·28m 40s

Episode 6: I Happened To Be On A Hill

This week, James O'Brien fires up a man who was already quite fired up, Iain Dale does some digging into Extinction Rebellion, Nigel Farage entertains himself with American Dems and Andrew Pierce finds out why Mary from Hemel Hempstead is NOT a fan of the Animal Rights lot. Please subscribe, rate & review!
04/03/20·17m 0s

Episode 5: Obscene Pyjamas

This week, Nigel Farage spoke to a woman in Croydon who’s annoyed with Boris Johnson’s hair, Matt Frei welcomed a Labour Deputy Leadership candidate with a winning strategy that Johnny found hilarious, James O’Brien grilled the Mayor of London and Iain Dale brought us Rory Stewart – the politician who wants to don pyjamas and sleep on your floor. Please subscribe, rate & review!
26/02/20·25m 36s

Episode 4: Move FORWARDS & Get BACK To Being Brits

This week, James O'Brien grills John Bercow, Mark Francois explains his hangover to Matt Frei, Shelagh Fogarty tussles with Susie from Slough, Nigel Farage gets an apology & Lili Pohlmann leaves us all lost for words. Please subscribe, rate & review!
19/02/20·33m 37s

Episode 3: Taps Nose, Goes on Facebook

Episode 3 is here and it confirms what many of us new all along: It's James O'Brien's universe and we're all just living in it. Find out why, plus - What does Gove say about chlorinated chicken? Is Farage sorry for waving his flags? Is there a Parisian media conspiracy? You'll find out! Please subscribe, rate & review!
12/02/20·24m 29s

Episode 2: We Can't Be Friends

In this week's edition: Iain Dale fails to make friends to his left, Ferrari learns a LOT about The Simpsons from a schoolboy and Matthew Stadlen has a difficult issue on his hands. Please subscribe, rate & review!
05/02/20·17m 0s

Episode 1: Ding-Dongs & Bell-Bongs

Welcome to the brand new LBC Recall with Radio X's Johnny Vaughan. Each week he’ll be highlighting some of his favourite calls and exchanges between LBC’s legendary presenters. MPs, Experts and the lovely listeners who call in. On this week's episode Ferrari scorns a lord, O'Brien has a heated climate debate, Eddie Mair goes mad with sound-effects and a Royal SUPER-FAN tells LBC how he feels about the departure of Harry & Megan. Please subscribe, rate & review!
28/01/20·15m 23s
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