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ITV Pridecast


ITV Pridecast is the podcast about all things LGBT+ brought to you by ITV. Join Liam McConkey where he speaks to people from across the community and finds out where they are on their journey. As well as that, listen for all the latest LGBT+ news, events, and the things that matter to you.


The importance of being visible (with Jen Yockney)

Happy Bi-visibility Day! In this episode, Simon Callisto joins Liam to host the show. They speak to Jen Yockney MBE, one of the UK's most prominent bisexual activists. She tells them why celebrating Bi-Visibility Day on 23rd September is so important and why she has spent over 25 years campaigning for the rights of bi-people. Links: Bisexual support organisations in your area: BiPhoria: Follow Jen on social media: @jenyockney
22/09/2147m 19s

Finding your people (with Jo Lewis)

In the latest episode of the ITV Pridecast, Reece and Liam catchup with ITV Pride co-chair Jo Lewis about working on shows like Countdown, 60 Minute Makeover and the new generation of the Up series. She also talks about being queer and why it's so important to meet fellow LGBTQ+ people to help her with her identity.
26/08/2129m 15s

June 2021 - Welcome back to the Pridecast! (with Matt Scarff on ITV Pride Day)

Welcome to the relaunch of the ITV Pridecast! On ITV’s second Pride Day, Reece Dunn and Liam McConkey introduce the new show and talk to Matt Scarff, the previous host, about his time presenting the podcast, lockdown, and coming out as LGBT+.
30/06/2127m 59s

December 2020 (with the ITV Pride LGBT+ Network Co Chairs)

In this Pridecast, Matt Scarff catches up with the ITV Pride Co Chairs Joanna Lewis, Stephen Smyth and Oliver Julian for a review of the year and to see how the LGBT+ network supported colleagues during lockdown.
23/12/2021m 34s

August 2020 (with Group Director of Diversity & Inclusion at ITV, Ade Rawcliffe)

In this Pridecast, Matt Scarff catches up with the new Group Director of Diversity & Inclusion at ITV, Ade Rawcliffe, to find out more about ITV's accelerated diversity action plan, what the new role aims to focus on and what it will mean for staff at ITV and our viewers and customers.
31/08/2014m 9s

July 2020 (with Dr Ranj Singh, Ash Palmisciano and Ali Hannon)

In this Pridecast, Matt Scarff catches up with the ITV Pride Co-Chairs to talk about the first ever company-wide ITV Pride Day that took place on June 30th and we join Dr Ranj Singh, Ash Palmisciano, Ali Hannon and Liam McConkey for a panel discussion on being LGBT+ in Britain today.
20/07/201h 6m

June 2020 (with ITV Pride, ITV Embrace and Coronation Street)

In this Pridecast, Matt Scarff introduces a recent ITV held event with 2 of our diversity networks: ITV Pride and ITV Embrace where they are joined by 3 of the cast from Coronation Street and one of the storylining team about building storylines affecting the Bailey Family, namely Racism and Homophobia.
15/06/2044m 40s

May 2020 (with Coach Nikki Hinksman and The Off Duty Doctor)

In this Pridecast Matt Scarff talks to Nikki Hinksman, coach and facilitator about how we can plan for the moment when we get to the end of the rainbow and out of lockdown. And ITV Pride's Oliver Julian talks to 'The Off Duty Doctor' about working from home, mindfulness and keeping our mental health in top-top condition.
11/05/2039m 43s

April 2020 (with Artist, Facilitator and Mentor Wanda Canton)

In this ITV Pridecast, Matt Scarff talks to Wanda Canton, Artist, Facilitator and Mentor about the power of music in isolation.
27/04/2024m 47s

March 2020 (with ITV's Lorraine Kelly)

In this ITV Pridecast, Matt Scarff talks to presenter Sarah O'Connell about Trans Day of Visibility and joins Lorraine Kelly and Managing Director of ITV Daytime Emma Gormley on set of the weekly show.
23/03/2018m 36s

February 2020 (with ITV Pride's new co-chairs & Dr Ranj at National Student Pride)

Matt Scarff talks to the new Co-Chairs of ITV Pride to find out how they plan to make it the best network LGBT+ Network in British media. We also attend National Student Pride in London to catch up with the next generation of LGBT+ employees with a special guest appearance from ITV's Dr Ranj!
25/02/2023m 19s

January 2020 (with Dancing on Ice's H from Steps & Matt Evers)

Matt Scarff and the ITV Crew talk to Dancing on Ice's H and Matt Evers about being the first same sex couple to don their skates and take to the ice. They also catch up with UTV's head of News, Terry Brennan who drops in to talk about same sex marriage in Northern Ireland. Plus, Clare Phillips, the Director of Social Purpose at ITV comes through for a chat.
27/01/2028m 48s

Welcome to ITV Pridecast!

Welcome to the ITV Pridecast, the monthly podcast about all things LGBT+ at ITV. Matt Scarff and the Pridecast Crew will be here every month with the latest updates on all things LGBT+ relating to our programmes and what it’s like to work at ITV.
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