Campaign Unwrapped

Campaign Unwrapped

By Sky News

Sky News correspondents go behind the scenes of the 2019 general election to let you know what's really happening on the campaign trail Monday to Friday by 5pm. Expect hotels, service stations, village halls and battle buses as our team travel the length and breadth of the UK to make sense of it all.


Campaign Wrapped Up!

After six weeks on the road, the Sky News team reflect on the general election campaign trail after a decisive victory for Boris Johnson.Kate McCann hosts the final episode of Campaign Unwrapped from Westminster where she's joined by Lewis Goodall, Laura Bundock, Tom Rayner, producer Louis Degenhardt and a special guest appearance from Sky's head of politics Dan Williams. The team discuss the highs and lows of the campaign, the memorable moments, the best merchandise and whether their election predictions came true.
16/12/1921m 58s

The final countdown

It's the final day of a long, gruelling campaign and the message from Sky's on-the-road correspondents is...get the election done!Kate McCann hosts the behind the scenes podcast and today she's been clocking up the miles with Boris Johnson. Diana Magnay and Tom Larkin have been following Jeremy Corbyn while campaign regular Laura Bundock has had to deal with some Johnny Come Latelys on a packed Lib Dem battle bus.
11/12/1916m 24s

Keen eye for a steak pie

There is a real buzz on the penultimate day of election campaigning as the Sky News team go behind the scenes on the trail.Kate McCann and the Tory battle bus have been stopped in their tracks by climate protesters dressed as bees. And Nick Martin reflects on his tour of the UK, speaking to voters abut their concerns ahead of polling day. But Nick always made sure he was never far away from his food of choice..
10/12/1915m 49s

Johnson reels them in as Corbyn gets an interesting proposal

We are into the home straight on the election campaign but plenty can happen between now and poling day.Kate McCann has spent the day with the Prime Minister in north east England where - after an early start in a fish market - he's been targeting Labour 'leave' seats.Kate's joined by Diana Magnay and producer Tom Larkin who have been with Jeremy Corbyn on the Labour campaign - and they have a rather intriguing story about a somewhat 'amorous' reception for Mr Corbyn.
09/12/1914m 53s

Where has Sir Keir Starmer been - and who is Midge Ure?

The election teams set their alarms for early campaign events on the trail today. Kate McCann, Tamara Cohen and Jason Farrell discuss whether Boris Johnson's running scared of a big interview ahead of tonight's leaders debate, a senior Labour figure makes an appearance and find out which of our peckish correspondents had their music knowledge put to the test.
06/12/1918m 17s

Binge-eating on the election trail and small talk with Jeremy Corbyn

Kate McCann is joined by Lewis Goodall who's heading back to his old school, and Jason Farrell who's spent the day chatting with the Labour leader.
05/12/1919m 53s

Lib Dem battle buzz and answering difficult questions

Difficult questions require smart answers on the campaign trail and today's podcast includes a discussion about handling those tricky interviewers.Kate McCann is joined by Laura Bundock who has had an eventful day on the Lib Dem battle bus and producer George Coote talks leggings, gifts for Jeremy Corbyn and naked protestors.
04/12/1921m 1s

Celeb spotting and Christmas GIFs

Sky's Kate McCann steps off the battle bus and into the studio to host today's edition of the Campaign Unwrapped podcast.She talks about a chaotic morning in Salisbury with the Prime Minister; technology correspondent Rowland Manthorpe comes bearing Christmas political 'gifs' while producer Louis Degenhardt reveals what it's like to be on the campaign trail with 'celebrity' correspondent Lewis Goodall. Later in the podcast, producer Valerio Esposito joins the celebrity discussion as singer Dua Lipa enters the election fray.
03/12/1926m 46s

Cakes 'n' ladders, container ship dreams and the UKIP Mountain

It's the penultimate week of the general election campaign and the tone has changed somewhat following the events of Friday at London Bridge.Kate McCann hosts this behind the scenes podcast and is joined by fellow correspondents Laura Bundock and Rob Powell to reflect on the subsequent political fallout.Laura has also been on the Lib Dem battle bus while Rob examines what proved to be a 'difficult' interview for UKIP's interim leader Pat Mountain.
02/12/1920m 44s

Legging it after Dawn!

The end of another week and time to reflect on the highs and lows of the general election campaign trail so far.Kate McCann looks back on her week with Boris Johnson, Beth Rigby shares her views on the media coverage of the campaign as the PM is accused of 'ducking' some events. Lewis Goodall talks of his admiration of 'Molly' - the internet sensation he met while reporting from Hampshire. Plus, there's a special guest appearance from Beth's producer George Coote whose new found love of leggings has become apparent.
29/11/1933m 49s

Fiscally prudent excitement!

We are into the final fortnight of the general election campaign and the pace is about to quicken as we head to December 12th. Plenty can happen in that time and today Kate McCann presents from a soaking Plymouth where the Prime Minister failed to show for a photocall and then 'failed' a science test at school. Laura Bundock's been with Jo Swinson as the Lib Dems make a political pivot to go on a Johnson attack. And Paul Kelso's been listening to who he calls his 'fiscal uncle' as the IFS questions the credibility of the Conservative and Labour spending plans.
28/11/1918m 56s

Cornish cuisine and the jam/cream debate

The campaigns collide today as Sky's Kate McCann and Diana Magnay cover key south west constituencies with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn respectively.As the Prime Minister visits a clotted cream factory, the big debate is whether it's jam or cream on the scone first?Diana and producer Tom Larkin started the day in London where Mr Corbyn reignited the 'NHS for sale' row and planner Kate Wilsea explains how she juggles all the logistical demands of the campaign.There's news on seagulls, an allegation of tie theft and a baby update too...
27/11/1918m 24s

Late night swims, spicy ties and the Mansfield mystery

Kate McCann hosts the Sky News podcast that goes behind the scenes on the general election campaign trail. She is embedded with the Boris Johnson camp as she follows the PM from Surrey to Edinburgh and then on to Norfolk where she is met by a Campaign Unwrapped fan club.. Kate is joined by producer Lucy Plint who has been looking after the logistics, the broadcast demands and making sure the right questions are being asked of Mr Johnson! And Tom Rayner has been with Jeremy Corbyn in London on a day of difficult headlines for the Labour leader. Tom is also wondering why he was not told about a visit to Mansfield...
26/11/1918m 52s

Spin room spats, Cheeky Vimtos and campaign Crystal Maze

We have reached the halfway point and our glass half-full team of correspondents are ready to attack part two of the campaign trail.In this episode, Kate McCann has the inside story on Friday night's spin-room dispute in Sheffield between Dominic Raab for the Conservatives and Andy McDonald for Labour. Tom Rayner reveals how Jeremy Corbyn prepares for his campaign - and how he always knows exactly where he is going. And Lewis Goodall looks ahead to what promises to be a feisty constituency hustings in Surrey. The team also have a novel idea on how to break the deadlock in the event of a hung parliament.
25/11/1927m 33s

Campaign pets and battle bus bans

It's Friday night and the leaders of the main parties are preparing to answer questions in a TV studio.Sky's Kate McCann is at the venue in Sheffield where she's been celeb spotting, Lewis Goodall can't stop talking about his trip to Peterborough with the Brexit Party while Tamara Cohen discuses battle bus etiquette.
22/11/1919m 22s

Lovelies, duckies and small talk with the PM

The Labour manifesto is revealed in the West Midlands but is it cheaper or more expensive than the Liberal Democrat book? Sky's Diana Magnay and Tom Larkin have been with Jeremy Corbyn in Dudley while Kate McCann thought she was on a day off but instead found herself hosting the podcast with fighting talk about her conversations with the Prime Minister on the campaign trail.
21/11/1921m 45s

Policy slips, fish 'n' chips and a £10 manifesto

The campaign goes on as the fallout over the first TV debate continues. Kate McCann is with the Prime Minister in a north east England chippy where he may have let slip a major policy announcement, Laura Bundock has interrogated the Liberal Democrat manifesto which is apparently available to buy and Rowland Manthorpe examines the controversy over the Conservative Party's social media mischief.
20/11/1918m 44s

Debate trivia, constituency bingo and Saint & Greavsie

Ahead of the first big set piece event of the general election campaign, the live TV debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson, Kate McCann and Jon Craig follow the leaders to Manchester via a boxing ring. Lewis Goodall's negotiating the fens as he heads towards Great Yarmouth armed with a book of trivia. And how do Saint & Greavsie make it into a podcast about the general election campaign? Listen and find out...
19/11/1915m 17s

Managing the message, fighting embargoes and Jeremy Corbyn's souffle

Despite a lull in the campaigning, enthusiasm is certainly not waning among the Sky News team as they swap buses and trains for the comfort of the Westminster studio. Lewis Goodall reflects on his campaign journey so far, Sam Coates and Rob Powell continue to wait for the call to hit the road while political producer Clare Parry - who's always in the engine room of the operation - reveals, among other things what it's like to work with Jon Craig.
18/11/1922m 50s

Blackpool rock, bus snacks and the battle for notifications

Boris Johnson has a new bus, so he'll have paid close attention to what's written on it, right? Today on the campaign trail, the team compare notes on hotels, photo opportunities, push notifications and rival podcasts.
15/11/1917m 10s

Brexit, Wexit and Christmas lights

Labour's position on a second Scottish independence referendum has been dominating election coverage for the last 24 hours, so Tom Rayner has the inside line as he follows Jeremy Corbyn around Edinburgh. Plus Lewis Goodall's in Wales where some voters are also talking about independence. And Laura Bundock's following the Lib Dems in London.
14/11/1921m 22s

Hecklers, Haircuts and an £80 pint

As the political response to the floods continues to make headlines, there's plenty going on behind the scenes on the general election campaign trail.How are the leaders responding to hecklers, why has a pint of lager in one Midlands establishment shot up to £80 and what of some of the, er, interesting language being deployed to make a political point?Kate McCann is sent to Coventry with the Conservative campaign, Tom Rayner is on the Labour beat near Glasgow while Jon Craig is in nostalgic mood in Westminster as he recalls some classic campaign moments.
13/11/1922m 31s

Preparing for Nigel Farage & the floods furore

It's one month until polling day. A long time away for those on the campaign trail as the weather becomes a political football. Beth Rigby reveals the 'punt' she took to land an interview with Nigel Farage, Laura Bundock watches the Lib Dem leader's response to the floods and Tom Rayner examines the energy -or lack of it - on the Labour campaign.
12/11/1929m 27s

Crisp controversy and the Lib Dem fun bus

Into week two of the general election campaign (well, the official one anyway) and there's already chaos and controversy as Sky News correspondents try to lift the curtain on what's happening behind the scenes. Kate McCann's in a pub with the Prime Minister in Wolverhampton, Lewis Goodall's spent the day in Hartlepool with the Brexit Party while Laura Bundock is in the Westminster studio longing for a return to the Lib Dem fun bus.
11/11/1912m 56s

Missing kittens, hair straighteners and a new pledge from the PM

A cold and wet day 3 has emboldened our political correspondents on the election campaign trail. Kate McCann's on board the Prime Minister's battle bus with her campaign essentials and some insider info from the PM. Beth Rigby reveals she was a whisker away from missing an early morning dash to Edinburgh for the SNP's launch while Tamara Cohen minds the shop in Westminster as she prepares to join the travelling pack next week...
08/11/1921m 17s

Planes, poetry and...Jeremy Kyle

It's day two of the campaign. Kate McCann has been been in three of the four home nations with the Prime Minister, Tom Rayner has been following Jeremy Corbyn's battle bus in Lancashire while Lewis Goodall has been reflecting on a day in Cumbria with Nigel Farage. The miles are being wracked up on the road to December 12th.
07/11/1918m 4s

The calm before the campaign storm

In episode one Kate McCann, Sam Coates, Lewis Goodall and Tom Rayner are nicely tucked in a studio in Westminster as they prepare to hit the roads and railways for Election 2019. Here's a taster of what to expect Monday-Friday at 5pm..
06/11/1910m 26s
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