A New Climate

A New Climate

By Sky News

A New Climate is a special series of podcasts from Sky News Daily


Greta Thunberg: Climate champion or political pawn? | 28 February 2020

On this edition of the Sky News Daily podcast with Dermot Murnaghan, we take a look at the Swedish environmental activist's approach to the climate debate - is it the right one?We also discuss the impact of such global attention on the teenager herself with James Woudhuysen, visiting professor at London South Bank University, and co-founder of the movement Green New Deal UK, Fatima-Zahra Ibrahim.
28/02/2028m 22s

Antarctica - Beneath the Surface

In the third and final part of Sky News' Antarctica series, Science correspondent Thomas Moore chats deglaciation, the temptation to mine the seabed for valuable commodities and the threat of plastics.Thomas is on board the Royal Research Ship the James Clark Ross, making its way up the peninsula. Sunlight hits the seabed as the ice retreats and a team of scientists are up at 4am trawling a net on the bottom of the fjord. Other teams are examining the quantity of plastic found in the Antarctic - extraordinary given the remote nature of the location.
13/02/2013m 38s

On the edge - Antarctica's melting ice shelves

In part 2 of our special reports from Antarctica, Sky's science correspondent Thomas Moore is in Rothera, British Antarctic Survey's main research base.He speaks to a scientist who camped in an area of Antarctica that is most vulnerable to climate change and not visited by humans for half a century. She warns that a huge ice sheet in the region could be about to break off into the sea.There's an extended interview with an ice diver on the beauty and the perils of diving in minus 2 water.And Thomas meets a marine biologist about the elephant seals scattered around the research base.
13/02/2017m 46s

Ice Bound - en route to Antarctica

What is happening in Antarctica? It's feared that if the ice sheet melts, it could add metres to sea levels putting many low lying towns and cities under water.Sky News' science correspondent Thomas Moore is travelling to the Antarctic to check out the latest research in one of the most vulnerable places on earth.In this episode, Thomas is on board the Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross for the journey to the site of the British Antarctic Survey's main science base on the Antarctic Peninsula. He talks to scientists and crew on the 1,300 mile voyage south form Chile.
13/02/2014m 18s

How far are climate change protesters prepared to go?

As activists continue to block roads in central London with some also glued to Government buildings, we take a look in today's podcast at the impact it's having and whether public support could soon wane. Also, we discuss the Brexit blame game after the German Chancellor tells Boris Johnson a deal is now "overwhelmingly unlikely".
13/02/2033m 7s

Amazon rainforest decline: Can we save the Lungs of the World?

On today's podcast we explore the impact of deforestation and commercial farming on the Amazon rainforest as a UN report warns land use must alter to limit climate change. We also discuss (16:39) the situation in Kashmir as tensions between Pakistan and India continue to grow.
13/02/2027m 44s

Greta Thunberg - the 16-year-old leader of the climate movement

Our climate change correspondent Hannah Thomas-Peter talks to the Swedish activist - who is criticising UK carbon emissions targets. Also on the podcast, are our elderly being let down by the police? And the Prime Minister's final speech.
13/02/2026m 59s
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