Any Other Business

Any Other Business

By Sky News

The Brexit-free politics podcast from Sky News. Sophy Ridge and Matt Lavender are joined by politicians to discuss issues close to their hearts. But the B-word is banned - and using it will result in a forfeit.


Andy Street: Which is more cut-throat, business or politics?

The former John Lewis boss turned West Midlands mayor is this week's guest. Andy Street joins Sophy and Matt to discuss Boris Johnson, devolution, HS2 and the transition from retail to politics. But will he avoid the trap of mention Brexit on the podcast where the subject is banned?
17/07/1936m 11s

Caroline Flint: Difficult childhood shaped my politics

In an open and frank discussion, the Labour MP Caroline Flint talks to Sophy Ridge and Matt Lavender about her difficult childhood, living with an alcoholic mother, her tribal loyalty to Labour and who she'd choose from the House of Commons to be the Prime Minister. But can she get through the podcast without mentioning the B-word?
10/07/1930m 30s

Frank Field: Telling "Mrs T" her time was up

Independent MP Frank Field tells Sophy and Matt why he left the Labour Party, how support for children needs to start before they are born, and about the night he visited Downing Street to tell Margaret Thatcher to quit. But can he survive the whole interview without mentioning Br**it?
03/07/1943m 57s

Justine Greening: We haven't delivered for young people

Conservative Justine Greening reveals her blueprint for increasing opportunities for the young, why she feels the Treasury is not fit for purpose and what happened when she quit the government - including her meeting with Theresa May. But can she get through the conversation with Sophy and Matt without mentioning the B word?
26/06/1933m 45s

Stella Creasy: The culture of the Labour movement is toxic

Labour's Stella Creasy talks about the abuse she receives, her views on feminism and equality and explains why her parents are troublesome constituents. But can she get through the conversation with Sophy and Matt without mentioning the B word?
19/06/1942m 18s

Tom Watson: My job is to hold the Labour Party together

Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson tells Sophy and Matt about his 'craziest moment' at Glastonbury and how he's learned to love the Labour supporters who dislike him. But on the podcast where mention of Brexit will result in a forfeit, will he come through unscathed?
12/06/1941m 9s

Margaret Hodge: What I really wanted to say to Corbyn in Commons confrontation

Dame Margaret Hodge joins Sophy Ridge and Matt Lavender to discuss racism, equality and why she didn't quit Labour to join Change UK. But on the podcast where Brexit is banned, will she survive the interview without facing a forfeit?Warning: In Dame Margaret's own words - "I do swear occasionally".
05/06/1944m 46s

James Cleverly: I'd make a better prime minister than Boris

Brexit is banned on this podcast, so how will James Cleverly - the MP for Braintree and Br*xit minister - survive the interview? He joins Sophy and Matt to discuss what the next prime minister might look like, and how the Conservative party can reconnect with voters.
29/05/1940m 46s

Tom Tugendhat: Centrism is not a dirty word

In the augural Any Other Business podcast, Sophy Ridge and Matt Lavender talk to the Conservative MP for Tonbridge and Malling and former Army Officer Tom Tugendhat about his career, his political priorities and the future of politics - basically anything other than Brexit. Can he get through the interview without mentioning the B-word? A forfeit is on the cards if not. Subscribe now!
22/05/1945m 48s

Trailer: Don't mention the B-word

"Hi, this is Sophy Ridge, and I'm very excited about our new podcast Any Other Business. I'll be interviewing politicians about anything and everything - other than Brexit. The B-word is banned." Subscribe now.
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