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Route 66 With Marcel Theroux

Route 66 With Marcel Theroux

By The Telegraph

The world’s most famous road is full of surprises. Join Marcel Theroux and his producer Pete, who went looking for them - and came back with a podcast. Launching Spring 2021.



Route 66 winds from Chicago to Los Angeles, across eight states and 2,500 miles of the USA. It starts by a lake and ends at the ocean. It goes through major cities and one-horse towns, sweeps across prairies, over mountain passes and deserts.It's the most famous road trip on the planet.But why? Of all the roads in the world, what is it about Route 66 that seizes people’s imaginations? Marcel Theroux and his producer Pete went to find out. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
10/09/19·2m 13s
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