The Slow Newscast from Tortoise Media

The Slow Newscast from Tortoise Media

By Tortoise Media

The Slow Newscast takes news slowly. We investigate, we report, and every week we try to focus on the stories that really matter in the UK and around the world. Your host is Basia Cummings.


What if they don't turn up?

Every year, millions of students migrate around the world. How will university towns survive if they stay at home because of COVID-19?
28/05/2024m 22s

Cash and caring: the business of care homes

The tragedy of COVID-19 exposes deep problems in UK care homes: too little money at the front line, too much in tax havens.
21/05/2027m 45s

The jobs tightrope

Can the UK government afford to pay the wages of 7.5m workers? Can it afford not to?
14/05/2027m 15s

Undercrowded and overfunded: the Nightingale hospitals

What the empty super-hospitals tell us about the UK’s handling of Covid-19
07/05/2028m 58s

Coronavirus in Africa: the final straw?

In DR Congo, aid workers left as the virus arrived. One man chose to stay.
30/04/2025m 40s

No weddings and fourteen funerals

For a parish priest, joy is in short supply and tragedy is everywhere. But hope lives on.
23/04/2028m 41s

Covid-19: The 5G conspiracy

How a bizarre theory went viral
16/04/2028m 0s

The zoo-keeper: surviving coronavirus

Can a celebrated zoo live through lock-down?
09/04/2029m 9s

Coronaviolence: domestic abuse in a lockdown

For victims of domestic abuse, home is not a place of safety; and to be locked in with an abuser is a nightmare.
02/04/2025m 50s

Lives on the line: why is coronavirus killing so many health workers?

Health workers aren't meant to die at work. There should be ways to keep them safe - equipment or procedures. But in the coronavirus pandemic health workers are getting sick and dying in deeply troubling numbers. James Harding goes in search of answers.
26/03/2032m 23s

How pandemics end

We talk about the fight against coronavirus as if it's a war to be won or lost. The truth is more complicated.
19/03/2030m 0s

The rules: can we fix our broken politics?

British politics is in a mess. If we want to fix it, should we write some new rules?
12/03/2024m 40s

A college with secrets

A college at Cambridge University faces multiple allegations of sexual abuse and assault. Is this the #MeToo moment for UK universities?
05/03/2033m 22s

My mother's murder - episode 4: The last domino

The investigation into Daphne's death seemed stalled then, suddenly, arrests & resignations. Could the prime minister survive?
27/02/2033m 3s

My mother's murder - episode 3: Truth to power

One of Daphne's investigations held the key to her assassination. But which one?
20/02/2033m 15s

My mother's murder - episode 2: An assassination foretold

Daphne's murder was 'shocking but not surprising' to her family. They knew that a lot of people wanted her dead.
14/02/2039m 28s

My mother's murder - episode 1

Daphne Caruana Galizia exposed corruption in her home in Malta, and paid with her life. Her son Paul seeks the truth about who ordered her assassination.
14/02/2031m 54s

Trailer: My mother's murder - a Tortoise special

Paul Caruana Galizia seeks the truth about who ordered his mother's assassination
14/02/201m 34s

Trump in Bethlehem

This week we're in Pennsylvania, where Trump won in 2016. Can he win here again?
14/02/2033m 25s

The world inside

The most promising and fascinating medical frontier lies between your mouth and your bottom
14/02/2028m 49s

Coronavirus: is this the one?

A hero who fought the last epidemic, SARS, has lessons for today
14/02/2024m 31s

Three women, homeless

Life is hard on the streets; even harder for women than men. Three women tell their powerful, heartfelt stories.
14/02/2053m 18s

Labour's North Star

A surprise candidate shines in the UK Labour leadership race
14/02/2022m 50s

The man who counts trees

Trees are critical in the fight against climate change. Why was counting them so controversial?
14/02/2023m 8s

The new superpowers: Apple

Big tech is more powerful than most countries. It's time we treated it as seriously.
14/02/2025m 29s

Labour: anatomy of a catastrophe

The inside story of Labour's disastrous election campaign
14/02/2023m 38s

Nameless, stateless: N3

N3 is a man without a country or a name we're allowed to use. Why is the British government so determined to banish him?
14/02/2026m 37s

Murder in Malta

Paul Caruana Galizia’s mother was Daphne, a journalist in Malta who uncovered layers of corruption in the country. Two years ago she was assassinated by a car bomb. This week, justice began to be done.
14/02/2033m 59s

The PRince disaster

Prince Andrew’s interview was intended to repair his reputation. In this week’s podcast, we ask why he took the risk, and how much damage he has done to the monarchy
14/02/2026m 34s

Techno Tories

In this election, the Conservatives are betting on youth to win the social media campaign. The kids running their digital strategy don’t know what a 30th birthday is like but they’re aggressively in charge. And, for better or worse, they’re changing the game.
14/02/2034m 58s

It’s Your Identity, Stupid

UK general elections are too good a moment to miss if you want to think about the big ways in which British society and politics are changing. In the first Tortoise election podcast, Tortoise editors Basia Cummings and Ceri Thomas are captivated by the role that the politics of identity is already playing in the campaign.
14/02/2044m 9s
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