My Wardrobe Malfunction with Susannah Constantine

My Wardrobe Malfunction with Susannah Constantine

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We’ve all had wardrobe malfunctions – moments when our clothes badly let us down. Susannah Constantine has had many. Like the time she was at a Windsor Castle supper when her dress straps snapped, releasing her breasts into the soup. Clothes and how they define us have fascinated Susannah for years – and were famously explored in her seminal 'What Not To Wear' TV series and bestselling books. Now, she returns to her first and true love in the ‘My Wardrobe Malfunction’ podcast in which she meets a dazzling array of well-known figures to discuss their relationship with clothes – as they reveal everything from their 'comfort blanket' to their 'burial suit' and, of course, their ultimate wardrobe malfunction... Submit your wardrobe malfunctions to Susannah @mywardmal


My Wardrobe Malfunction update

As Susannah says, we’ve taken a break from your ears but My Wardrobe Malfunction is still continuing with weekly video episodes on our website!
30/05/201m 58s

Stacey Dooley and her shivering skirt

Intrepid and inspiring Stacey Dooley joins her friend Susannah Constantine in this week’s My Wardrobe Malfunction. Known for her hard-hitting documentaries, Stacey came to even greater popular attention when she entered and won BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2018 with her partner Kevin Clifton. Susannah was voted out first that year but tries not to hold it against her. The pair discuss oversized cashmere, cardboard outfits, the impact of fast fashion, inside out knickers, flashing on Strictly and ‘Nan sandals’ – and Stacey reveals how an attempt at teenage chic ended in disaster…
12/03/2038m 32s

Dame Kristin Scott Thomas and her competitive corset

We’re honoured to have a real-life Dame in this week’s Wardrobe – the fabulous Dame Kristin Scott Thomas. Her list of stage and screen credits could fill a whole podcast in itself but you’ll have seen her in everything from Four Weddings to Fleabag. And she stars in the new feel-good movie Military Wives which is out this week. She and Susannah discuss jumble sales, deflected compliments, lost jewellery, Catherine Deneuve’s astute observation, the power of high heels and getting stuck in a clothes rut – and Dame Kristin reveals how wearing a corset brought out her competitive spirit…
05/03/2039m 39s

Joe Sugg and his supermarket ID check

To teenagers, he’s Thatcher Joe – a YouTube megastar with eight million subscribers and over a billion video views. The rest of us got to know and love Joe Sugg on TV’s Strictly Come Dancing. He’s also an actor, entrepreneur, author, West End star and is soon taking a variety show on the road with his girlfriend and former Strictly partner Dianne Buswell. Joe and Susannah discuss Indiana Jones hats, presentable thatching, floral ties, armpit hair, bad circulation and ninja moths – and Joe reveals how his youthful looks continue to cause him trouble in Sainsbury’s…
27/02/2039m 15s

Trinny Woodall and her pink suit farce

She needs no introduction but here’s a quick one: Susannah reunites with best friend, What Not To Wear partner and make-up brand entrepreneur Trinny Woodall for this very special episode of My Wardrobe Malfunction. The pair discuss mourning their separation, ‘peacock fathers’, failing memories, breaking their own fashion rules, face yoga, the joy of sequins – and Trinny reveals the extreme measures she took to avoid a ferocious mother of the bride...
20/02/2039m 9s

Nile Rodgers and his priceless dog chains

He’s a genuine music legend and the Chicest man on earth. Nile Rodgers has worked with everyone from David Bowie and Madonna to Sam Smith and Lady Gaga and produced music that has sold over half a billion albums. He and Susannah meet at Abbey Road Studios where they discuss baggy trousers, hand washing suits, blue suede shoes, mascara hair dye, his debt to Madonna, remarkable pets – and Nile reveals his stylish tribute to his beloved late Dalmatian.
13/02/2040m 22s

Elizabeth Hurley and her stolen car

Mum, actress, model, farmer, bikini designer – the incomparable Elizabeth Hurley joins her old friend Susannah for this episode of My Wardrobe Malfunction. The pair discuss matronly skirts, sewing machines, THAT dress’ birthday, compulsive hoarding, froggy cellars, grandmothers’ advice – and Elizabeth reveals how car thieves ruined her day…
06/02/2037m 50s

Tan France and his wedding day sacrifice

It’s a meeting of two fashion gurus as the wonderful Tan France joins Susannah for this episode of My Wardrobe Malfunction. British-born Tan made his name in Netflix’s smash hit show Queer Eye. He wrote the bestselling memoir Naturally Tan and hosts Dressing Funny and the newly launched TV fashion competition Next In Fashion. The pair discuss pattern cutting, red carpets, skin bleaching, Victoria Beckham’s high-heeled slippers, floral shirts, ‘tit soup’ – and Tan reveals his ultimate wedding day sacrifice…
30/01/2040m 28s

Michelle Visage and her Strictly secret

Michelle Visage, the absolutely glorious diva of divas, is My Wardrobe Malfunction’s first ever guest! She and Susannah discuss seven-inch heels, body shaming, fast fashion, white Spandex, breast reductions, dragging up in Tesco – and Michelle reveals a very intimate Strictly secret…
23/01/2044m 58s

Launching 23rd Jan 2020

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