Wafflin' by Joe Weller

Wafflin' by Joe Weller

By Joe Weller

Joe Weller & Theo Baker present the crazy new talk show: Wafflin', whereby they aim to discuss and debate anything and everything, through questions sent in from YOU, the listeners!


The S*x Guru Returns! Fighting & Getting Attacked by a Fan

The Wafflin' Boys have returned from their trip to Cornwall with all to tell! From getting attacked by a fan to Joe the Sex Guru, this episode has it all!
26/07/201h 17m

Filming Intimate Videos, Making an Onlyfans & Joe Falls in Love

The boys are back and this time it's Joe's turn to be interrogated, Luke & Theo try to find out what really happened last weekend! From making home videos to making an OnlyFans, this is a true Wafflin Podcast!
12/07/201h 11m

Finding A Lover, Body Transformation & Weller Addresses Deji

The boys are finally back in the Wafflin' Studio! From addressing Joe addressing Deji to their experience at festivals and the aftermath of certain substances, this is a true Wafflin' Podcast.
05/07/201h 28m

Falling Out, Female Complaints & Baiting Weller Out

The boys are back and reporting live from a very special location! They answer your dodgy questions and even address some complaints. From baiting out Joe to discussing their fallouts, this is the true Wafflin' Vibe!    
28/06/201h 4m

Stealing a Fan's Girlfriend, One Night Stands & THE REAL WAFFLIN' IS BACK!!

Finally! The boys reunite face-to-face in an outdoor location. The true Wafflin' vibe is back better than ever as the lads take on your dodgy questions and bait themselves out in true Wafflin' style. 
20/06/2056m 45s

Dirty Lies, Trying Substances & How to be Successful

The boys are back with another hilarious edition of Wafflin'. With discussions on their experiences with psychedelics and how to become successful, the conversation takes a rare solemn turn with a conversation on the black lives matter movement and how we can all make a difference.
13/06/201h 16m

Breaking Up, Bedroom Disasters & Reflecting on the KSI Podcast

The boys cover an array of interesting talking points from how they approach breaking up with girls, to being worried about never finding the one. They answer your questions about our advice to exchange nudes through lockdown backfiring and our most fatal bedroom mistakes, resulting in a hilarious, cringeworthy discussion!
04/06/201h 15m

KSI vs Joe Weller - The Beef

Joe Weller & KSI, for the first time since their boxing match, discuss their beef and everything that has gone down between them. #WafflinMafia
15/05/201h 0m

Funny Confessions, UFO Conspiracies & Friends with Benefits

The boys discuss their funny confessions, body transformations and answer some hilarious questions!
06/05/201h 9m

Breaking Down, Rating YouTubers & Exposing Quarantine Stories

In this episode we discuss Joe's new emotional video in which he opened up about YouTube once and for all, Logan and Jake Paul plus Mike Majlak's significant effect on us. Whilst exposing some truths about our quarantine journey thus far and answering your embarrassing questions!
21/04/201h 21m

How to Initiate Sex, YouTuber Scandals & Why Life Has Changed Forever

Another big podcast during isolation. The boys delve into more of your questions including how they're dealing with having a girlfriend during isolation, gym anxiety, how to initiate sex with a girl you like, TGF's video scandal and how life has changed forever. Enjoy!
14/04/2055m 34s

Opening Up to a Therapist about Our Mental Health

Joe Weller & Theo Baker open up to mental health, psychology and body language expert: Believing Bruce. The boys delve into questions about their own personal experiences and lay it all down in an emotional conversation.
11/04/2041m 51s

Isolation, Older Women & Getting Deep

The Wafflin' Isolation special! We take on more of your embarrassing questions and Joe exposes his weird thing for older women. We also get deep about life and YouTube, which inevitably leads to another Weller Therapy Session! LOL 
02/04/201h 13m

Coronavirus, Hot Parents and Female Masturbation

The boys debate the deadly Coronavirus whilst also addressing your crazy questions - Theo and Joe interrogate each other about both strange sexual and non-sexual experiences, including what to do about hot parents, having relationships against your parents' wishes, Theo's peeping on England rugby player, Martin Johnson, story, Joe's outrageous foreplay claims - plus much more. Enjoy the show during these isolated times!
23/03/201h 10m

Should I Allow My Girlfriend to Sell Nudes on OnlyFans?

The boys debate selling nudes on OnlyFans, specifically when in a relationship. Is it the done thing? 
05/03/2022m 58s

Responding to Your Embarrassing Questions

We asked you to send in quick-fire questions via our Instagram page, @WafflinPodcast, and we answer openly and honestly to the best ones in this episode! 
04/03/2027m 58s

Does This Prove You're Still in Love with Your Ex?

Theo confronts Joe about liking ex-girlfriends' Instagrams posts. Does it mean you're still in love? Or is it harmless? Find out now!
29/02/2012m 42s

Experimenting with Sex Dolls & Using Tinder

Joe Weller humiliated as Theo interrogates him about experimenting with sex dolls and Tinder.
29/02/2044m 6s

Paranormal Encounters & Conspiracies - "Why Spirits Are Real"

Joe Weller explains and debates his most convincing paranormal encounter, which he believes proves ghosts are real. 
29/02/2038m 20s
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