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The Kid's Podcast provides magical children's stories in audiobook format without advertisements. Each story is told with music and sound effects and is told by a professional voice actor. New stories are added frequently, so make sure to subscribe.


The Horn of Madness - Episode 1

Episode 1 of the fantasy adventure called the Horn of Madness. Ira blows a magical horn and is taken away to a bizarre and dangerous world. Will he survive? Let's find out. Enjoy the madness.More audiobooks available at say hi through Instagram @adamjamesbooks
20/12/1912m 44s

Goodnight Witch

The story of a little witch and her daily routine. Happy Halloween! Find more of my audiobooks here
14/10/1913m 18s

Hey Jude - Ad-free Kid's Audiobook

Teach kids to have confidence and be brave. Best for ages 4+. Hey Jude is about a small boy who finds the courage to save his friends. Find out how Jude rescues his friends from an angry dragon.
12/03/1910m 26s

The Great Snow Owl - Advertisement-free Kid's Podcast

Teach kids to believe in themselves in a magical and fun way. The Great Snow Owl is a story about a mysterious Snowy Owl who ushers in the first snow every year. If you enjoy these stories please don't forget to subscribe and rate. Thank you!
11/03/1914m 6s

The Tooth Fairy

Welcome to the very first edition of the Kid's Podcast! In this first story, we'll explore a new twist on the classic tale of The Tooth Fairy. Enjoy the free audiobook and please don't forget to subscribe and rate this podcast.
07/03/1911m 44s
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