Coronavirus Global Update

Coronavirus Global Update

By BBC World Service

News on Covid-19 and its impact on health, business and travel worldwide. When there are developments, we will bring you the latest updates. From the Global News Podcast team.


North Korea sends in army to cope with Covid surge

State media says North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un strongly criticized healthcare officials for what he called a botched response to epidemic prevention, as cases soar to more than a million. Also China's weakening economy is blamed on lockdowns.
16/05/224m 32s

Face mask rules relaxed for EU air travel

Wearing a mask on flights and in airports in Europe will no longer be mandatory. Also: Shanghai gradually eases its lockdown restrictions, and Denmark suspends its general immunisation programme.
15/05/223m 49s

North Korea says its covid outbreak is spreading

Kim Jong-Un said it was a "great disaster" for the country. Also: China pulls out as host of the Asian Cup football finals next year, and New Zealand's prime minister tests positive for Covid-19.
14/05/224m 7s

The White House says more than a million Americans have now lost their lives to Covid-19

President Biden says the US must remain vigilant against the pandemic. Also: A former British prime minister calls on rich countries to do more to increase funding for global vaccinations, tests and treatments, and North Korea orders a nationwide lockdown to contain a rise in cases.
12/05/223m 36s

WHO: True Covid pandemic death toll is 15 million

The World Health Organisation says nearly 15 million people have died because of the coronavirus pandemic since 2020. Also, more cities across China look to ease restrictions as Covid cases fall, and health bosses in England urge hospitals to tempt retired employees back to work.
05/05/225m 51s

Huge mass testing programme in Beijing

Chinese capital is looking to avoid the fate of Shanghai, which is under strict lockdown. Also; a planned ban on night-time prayers in mosques in Egypt during Ramadan has been dropped.
26/04/223m 54s

China puts several cities in lockdown

China imposes lockdown measures on a whole province amid rising cases. Also, Germany records a seven day high of infections, and Britain decides to remove all travel restrictions later this week.
15/03/224m 3s

Covid-19 pandemic anniversary

Also: New data indicates the total number of deaths may be three times higher than records show; what lessons have we learnt from this pandemic to help prevent new outbreaks and meeting the scientists developing the vaccines of the future.
11/03/224m 58s

Second WHO vaccine hub for poorer countries

Second WHO vaccine hub for poorer countries. Also, South Korea approves Covid jabs to children, and Poland is to remove most of its Covid restrictions from the first of March.
23/02/224m 4s

Hong Kong orders compulsory testing for all residents

The territory is also launching a vaccine passport from Thursday. Also; Canada's parliament backs emergency powers for the government, and Queen Elizabeth cancels virtual engagements because of mild Covid symptoms.
22/02/224m 17s

Australia re-opens international border

Tourists return to the country for first time since lockdowns were imposed. Also: The UK government sets out plans to scrap all COVID-19 restrictions in England and Novak Djokovic returns to tennis after being prevented from playing at the Australian Open for refusing to be vaccinated.
21/02/224m 35s

Queen Elizabeth tests positive for Covid

Buckingham Palace says she's experiencing 'mild cold-like symptoms'. Also: England is set to drop the legal requirement for people to self-isolate, and the streets around the parliament building in the Canadian capital are finally quiet after weeks of protests.
20/02/224m 30s

Canadian police say they're in control of the truckers protest

Vehicles have been towed away and demonstrators handcuffed. Also: plans for mass testing in Hong Kong, and restaurants and shops in Switzerland are hoping for more customers after almost all restrictions were lifted.
19/02/224m 15s

Six African nations to get mRNA vaccine technology

The countries should be able to replicate Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna jabs. Also, Hong Kong struggles with a surge in cases; and Japan lifts tough border restrictions.
18/02/223m 50s

Chinese police search for possibly infected migrants

A reward is offered for three people after cases were discovered among their group. Also, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands press ahead with easing restrictions, and nightclubbers in France may have sore heads this morning after discos reopen.
17/02/223m 31s

China piles pressure on Hong Kong's Covid response

The Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged Hong Kong to take "all necessary measures" to curb the soaring number of cases. Also: Moderna seeks volunteers for its Omicron booster vaccine; and South Korean boy band BTS finally returns to the stage in Seoul.
16/02/224m 41s

Novak Djokovic: I will sacrifice trophies if told to get jab

Novak Djokovic has said he would rather miss out on future tennis trophies than be forced to get a Covid vaccine. Speaking exclusively to the BBC, he said he should not be associated with the anti-vax movement, but supported an individual's right to choose.
15/02/223m 9s

US-Canada border crossing cleared of protestors

Canadian truckers leave the busiest bridge between the two countries. Also: Hong Kong hospitals overwhelmed after a surge in Covid infections.
14/02/223m 38s

Canadian PM warns protesting truckers

Justin Trudeau has said he's not ruling anything out in order to clear border crossing. Also: Police in New Zealand deploy a noisy secret weapon to disperse protesters.
13/02/224m 13s

China has given approval for Pfizer's Covid-19 drug

China has for the first time given conditional approval for a foreign-made drug to treat Covid-19, an injunction comes into force in Canada to end Truckers' protests, and a study finds the pandemic caused some Australian health workers to consider suicide
12/02/224m 52s

New Zealand police turn the sprinklers on

Protestors against vaccine mandates get soaked. Also: US officials urge Canadian Government to end blockade, and President Macron refuses Russian PCR test.
11/02/224m 43s

Protests in Canada continue at a key bridge which crosses the US border

The three-day closure of the Ambassador bridge has badly hit the automobile industry. Also, vaccine supplies assigned to North Korea have been reallocated and the heir to the British throne tests positive again for covid-19.
10/02/224m 52s

WHO asks for billions to help solve pandemic

The global initiative launched by WHO and partners wants 16 billion dollars, it funds Covid testing, treatments and vaccines around the world. Also: Spanish tourism takes a hit because of its child vaccine policy, and Sweden aims to start 'living with Covid'.
09/02/224m 38s

Canadian PM demands end to truckers’ protest over Covid restrictions

Justin Trudeau held an emergency debate on demonstrations which have paralysed Ottawa for twelve days. Also, Chinese scientists say they have developed a new quick and accurate method of coronavirus testing and Hong Kong announces further restrictions to control the virus.
08/02/224m 54s

AstraZeneca vaccine: Oxford professor criticises EU decision makers

Sir John Bell says reputation of the vaccine was damaged and lives were lost as a result. Also, Australia opens its borders to tourists and protests by lorry drivers continue in Canada.
07/02/223m 41s

Thousands protest across Canada against Covid measures

Thousands of people across Canada have been protesting against the government's Covid measures, China detects ten new cases among Olympic Games-related personnel, and Copenhagen is holding Europe's largest lights festival following the repeal of restrictions
06/02/224m 35s

Mandatory Covid vaccinations in Austria

A law comes into force requiring the vast majority of adults to be vaccinated. Also: The number of Covid deaths in the United States surpasses 900,000, and the African Union's annual summit hears calls for a fair distribution of vaccines.
05/02/223m 35s

South Africa makes its own version of Moderna vaccine

South African copy of the Moderna vaccine could be a breakthrough for poorer countries. Also, trials on experimental nasal vaccine show promise, and the number of dead with coronavirus in India passes half a million.
04/02/224m 45s

New Zealand plans to reopen borders

New Zealand announces plans to reopen its borders in five stages as it starts to ease some of the world's toughest Covid restrictions. Also, scientists discover why some people have remained untouched by the virus, and Novak Djokovic speaks in public for the first time since being deported from Australia.
03/02/224m 39s

Cases rise at Beijing Olympics

Cases are rising in Beijing - though the authorities aren't too worried. Also: Tonga goes into covid lockdown; and the WHO says the new subvariant of omicron is more transmissible - but not more serious.
02/02/224m 21s

Concern over pandemic waste

The WHO says tonnes of medical waste have been created responding to covid – including used masks, syringes and test kits. Also: Pakistan aims to administer 35 million vaccine shots in two weeks; and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, condemns three-days of protests against pandemic restrictions.
01/02/224m 58s

The British PM receives a report into parties during lockdown

The inquiry is into alleged Covid-nineteen lockdown violations at his office and residence. Also: Spotify announces plans to take action against Covid disinformation, and a woman aged one-hundred-and-one receives more than 30-thousand birthday cards.
31/01/224m 55s

Portugal votes as coronavirus hits economy

Fears some people may struggle to cast votes. Also: Canadian truckers take their objections to Covid-19 measure to the country's capital; and a pregnant New Zealand journalist turns to the Taliban for help...
30/01/223m 50s

Beijing Olympics organizers optimistic despite rising coronavirus numbers

Winter Olympics' medical chief says the measures work well. Also:10 billion Covid jabs administered worldwide, and Austria to lift some restrictions.
29/01/223m 56s

British scientists urge to do more to help poorer countries manufacture their own vaccines

Scientists in the UK urge the government to do more to help poorer countries manufacture their own vaccines, Doubts have emerged over the timing of the positive Covid test Novak Djokovic used to enter Australia and Pakistan records its highest daily number of coronavirus cases
28/01/224m 21s

A new record for cases in the Americas.

More than eight million people have tested positive in the past week. Also: Kanya plans to vaccinate 19 million adults and in England, Covid restrictions in care homes are to be relaxed.
27/01/224m 34s

Study: majority infected with Omicron likely to be reinfections

100,000 volunteers took part in one of the largest Covid infection studies in England. Also, the IMF downgrades global economic growth forecasts, and Tonga battles to contain the virus.
26/01/224m 15s

Covid outbreak on Australian relief ship heading to Tonga

The government of Tonga fears foreign aid workers could bring coronavirus. Also, British police investigate whether parties at Downing Street broke lockdown rules; and Japan extends restrictions to more of the country.
25/01/223m 34s

WHO chief warns of danger of assuming pandemic is ending

The head of the World Health Organisation says it's dangerous to assume the pandemic is coming to an end; Also tens of thousands of Germans are due to protest against Covid restrictions. And the airline, Cathay Pacific, is operating at just two percent of its pre-pandemic capacity.
24/01/224m 7s

World's first Covid lockdown anniversary

Eleven million people were quarantined in the Chinese city of Wuhan on this day in 2020. Also: Red list restrictions come into force in New Zealand and a new sub variant of Omicron is detected in 40 countries.
23/01/224m 20s

BBC investigation reveals true number of deaths in Iran

The figure is double that of the official tally. Also: Scientists fear Covid could spread to wild animals, and tourists bring the disease to an island that had escaped it
22/01/224m 17s

Anti-coronavirus measures are re-imposed in Japan

It comes as the country registers record daily infections driven by the Omicron variant. Also: Australia reports its deadliest day of the pandemic, President Biden's chief medical advisor warns it's too soon for life to go back to normal and could new clip-on devices detect covid in the air?
21/01/224m 7s

South African frustration over Omicron research

Researchers say people outside the country did not believe their research; Spain wants to treat coronavirus like seasonal flu. And: a court in Australia explains why it allowed Novak Djokovic to be kicked out.
20/01/223m 24s

British PM under attack in parliament for lockdown violations

Britain's Prime Minister has come under sustained attack in parliament today over allegations that parties at his residence broke Covid lockdown rules, France’s education minister is facing calls to resign after announcing Covid protocol for schools while holidaying in Ibiza, and museums and theatres in the Netherlands are opening up as temporary hair dressers and gyms to evade Covid lockdown measures.
19/01/224m 50s

Research in Israel shows fourth doses do not stop Omicron infections

The government says it will continue the programme for people over 60. Also: Quebec is banning alcohol sales to unvaccinated people to encourage them to get jabbed; and thousands of hamsters are being culled in Hong Kong over concerns of animal to human transmission of the virus.
18/01/224m 31s

China tells population to stop ordering from overseas

Beijing fears items delivered from overseas could spread the Omicron variant. Also: tsunami-hit Tonga fears foreign aid could bring coronavirus to the country; and Greece begins to fine people over 60 who haven’t been vaccinated.
17/01/224m 30s

Djokovic deported from Australia

Novak Djokovic is on a flight from Australia after a court ruled the tennis star should not be allowed stay in the country. Federal judges upheld the government's decision to cancel his visa on the basis that his presence risked encouraging anti-vaccine feeling. Also: why Omicron is spreading concern for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the cargo train from North Korea to China that might signal an easing of Covid restrictions.
16/01/224m 58s

The Chinese city of Tianjin begins its third round of mass testing

Authorities want to eradicate Covid in the city of 14 million residents ahead of the Lunar New Year and Beijing Winter Olympic Games after cases were found in previous testing rounds. Also: an update on why Novak Djokovic's visa was cancelled, and why pink face masks haven't gone down well with police in Italy.
15/01/224m 30s

Novak Djokovic: Australia cancels tennis star's visa

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the decision followed "careful consideration." Also, the US Supreme Court blocks a plan for workers at large companies to be vaccinated or tested weekly and the British Prime Minister's office has apologised to the Queen for parties held in breach of Covid rules the night before her husband's funeral.
14/01/224m 49s

Two hospitals in Chinese city of Xi'an closed over lockdown failures

China responds to public anger about patients being refused medical treatment. Also: teachers in France go on strike over the government's handling of the pandemic, and Hungary says it will offer a fourth Covid jab.
13/01/224m 21s

British PM admits attending lockdown gathering

Boris Johnson apologises for attending a garden event at his official residence in May 2020 but rejects opposition calls for him to resign for breaking lockdown rules. Also: Quebec plans world's first tax for all unvaccinated residents; Djokovic admits Australia travel declaration error; and US scientists say hemp could help prevent Covid infections.
12/01/224m 58s

WHO warns of spread of Omicron across Europe

Dr Hans Kluge says half the population will be infected in the next six to eight weeks. Also, people working in private offices in Delhi are told to work from home and, Mexico's president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, tests positive for coronavirus for the second time in a year
11/01/224m 49s

Djokovic wins Australian Open vaccine battle

A judge rules the unvaccinated player was unfairly treated and shouldn't be deported - but officials say his visa could still be revoked. Also: Uganda's schools reopen after nearly two years; and why the common cold could lead to better covid vaccines.
10/01/224m 58s

Mass testing takes place in the Chinese city of Tianjin

14 million people have to stay at home after 20 cases were reported. Also: the UK becomes the first country in western Europe to surpass 150,000 coronavirus deaths and protests have been held in France against President Macron's controversial vaccine pass.
09/01/224m 15s

A weekend lockdown comes into force in India's capital, Delhi.

Residents of India's capital, Delhi, are allowed to leave their homes only for essential trips. Also: Novak Djokovic's lawyers say he had Covid last month, and a warning for the Africa Cup of Nations.
08/01/223m 52s

Another tennis player joins Novak Djokovic in detention in Australia

Renata Voracova was also granted an exemption to compete in the Open in Melbourne. Also: hospitals in London call in the troops and the man in India who got at least eight jabs.
07/01/224m 52s

Australia denies Djokovic entry

The health minister defends the decision not to admit the tennis player. Also: hospital staff in the Chinese city of Xi'an have been suspended after staff refused to treat a pregnant woman due to her Covid test, and election rallies in India are called off due to a surge in cases.
06/01/224m 44s

Hong Kong announces strict new Covid rules

The measures include a ban on flights from eight countries, such as the US and Britain. Also: Australian anger over a vaccine exemption for the tennis star Novak Djokovic, and Rio will see another subdued carnival.
05/01/223m 42s

WHO angered by lack of vaccine sharing

A leading World Health Organisation scientist says she's enraged by the global failure to give poorer countries vaccines. Also: a Chinese city of more than a million people has been put into lockdown after three Covid cases were detected. And the world tennis number one Novak Djokovic will defend his Australian Open title after being granted a vaccine exemption.
04/01/224m 40s

Cases in India surge - almost tripling in a week

There are fears that the sheer scale of Covid infections could once again severely strain India's health system. Also: Israel begins fourth vaccine dose to over sixties and health workers, and scientists say Omicron attacks the throat more than the lungs.
03/01/224m 51s

Vietnam urges China to ease tough Covid border restrictions

China has increased controls along its border with Vietnam, to stop the spread of the pandemic. Also: Israel says Omicron could lead to herd immunity, and Lionel Messi is among a number of PSG footballers who have tested positive for coronavirus.
02/01/223m 50s

Omicron has become the dominant variant in France

The variant accounts for nearly two thirds of new infections. Also: concerns about the unequal distribution of vaccines, and a subdued start to the New Year.
01/01/223m 51s

WHO boss 'optimistic' Covid-19 can be defeated in new year

The WHO Director-General says he's optimtistic Covid-19 can be defeated in 2022; Israel approves a second booster dose for vulnerable citizens; and South Africa believes it's passed the peak of its fourth coronavirus wave.
31/12/214m 19s

Chinese lockdown residents complain of lack of food

Reports say people in Xian are struggling to access supplies. Also Greek hospitality venues brace themselves for new restrictions and there's a tax windfall on the way for the German city that's home to vaccine maker BioNTech.
30/12/213m 52s

US records its highest ever number of daily infections

The United States records its highest ever number of daily infections. Also disruption in Delhi as the authorities impose passenger limits on public transport. And a super-spreader event in Thailand.
29/12/214m 35s

US slashes isolation period

Health officials have halved the quarantine time for people without symptoms to five days. Also: France tightens restrictions and what's next for English nightclubs?
28/12/213m 55s

New York City introduces extra vaccine mandates

Over 12s will need proof of full vaccination to access some sports and entertainments. Also, Delhi introduces a night-time curfew, and a hospital in Israel is trialling a fourth dose of a coronavirus vaccine.
27/12/214m 25s

Omicron travel disruption continues

Tens of thousands of airline passengers have had their flights cancelled as a surge in Covid cases causes staff shortages. Also: France records more than 100,000 new infections in a single day. And booster jabs are rolled out for key workers and the elderly in India.
26/12/213m 38s

England pushes Xmas day booster jabs

Staff keep vaccination centres open as fight to contain the virus continues. Also: travel chaos for thousands worldwide as flights grounded; and the Pope calls for more dialogue and warns against a tendency to withdraw during the pandemic.
25/12/213m 59s

A Judge urges India to postpone elections.

Surge in cases puts Uttar Pradesh election at risk. Also: Spain and Greece return to outdoor masks and Bethlehem has its second Christmas without pilgrims.
24/12/214m 50s

Omicron is milder according to preliminary studies

The wave of Omicron appears to be milder according to preliminary studies, former British Prime MInister says uneven vaccine distribution is stain on global soul and Bulgaria offers financial incentives to get vaccinated
23/12/214m 58s

Lockdown in northern China

13 million go into lockdown in the north eastern city Xi'an,
22/12/214m 53s

Omicron becomes dominant variant in US

Figures show Omicron now accounts for nearly three quarters of new infections. Also; the WHO urges people to take prevention measures seriously as the spread of the variant accelerates and South African scientists discuss the risk of new variants emerging from people with weakened immune systems.
21/12/214m 52s

Switzerland imposes tough new restrictions

The unvaccinated will be hit the hardest. Also: the EU approves the use of the Novavax vaccine; and Omicron infections put the Premier League Christmas schedule in disarray.
20/12/214m 57s

European countries introduce restrictions amid Omicron surge

The Netherlands begins a new lockdown. Denmark, Ireland and Switzerland are all stepping up or re-introducing measures. In Britain, the health secretary, Sajid Javid, said an estimated 60% of new Covid cases in England were Omicron.
19/12/214m 57s

WHO: Omicron spreads to 89 countries

The WHO says it's only taking three days for Omicron cases to double. Also: in the UK warnings of a surge in hospitalisations, and stricter rules take effect in South Korea.
18/12/214m 54s

Fewer serious illnesses and deaths from Omicron in South Africa

The officials say fewer people infected with the Omicron variant of coronavirus appear to die or require hospital treatment. Also: president Biden warns Americans they face a winter of severe illness, and calls for football to be suspended in England
17/12/214m 52s

France restricts travel from the UK

France is imposing Covid restrictions for travellers arriving from the UK. Also: South Korea is reintroducing social distancing, and doctors warn that Afghanistan's health system may be on the brink of collapse.
16/12/214m 51s

Vigil held in the US for coronavirus victims

A vigil in the US mourns more than 800 thousand people who have died from Covid-19. Also: Students and workers are allowed back into Australia, and the government in Britain survives a vote on new restrictions.
15/12/214m 40s

Covid passports drive increase in vaccinations, study finds

The study examined six countries that had introduced such passes, and found they drove an uptake in vaccines in four of them. Also: The US Air Force discharges twenty-seven people for refusing the jab. And the British Prime Minister faces a significant revolt within his own party over restrictions.
14/12/214m 41s

South Africa's president recovers from Covid symptoms

The South African president is recovering from Covid symptoms after testing positive; Also the British health secretary warns Omicron is spreading at a "phenomenal" rate. And tearful family reunions in the Australian state of Queensland, as it opens its domestic borders.
13/12/214m 54s

Brazilian judge rules that foreign visitors must show proof of vaccination

Brazil's lenient regulations had made it a destination for non-vaccinated tourists. Also: pressure mounts on the British prime minister after he's pictured taking part in a Christmas quiz last year, and Austrians come out a lockdown - but only if they're fully jabbed.
12/12/213m 51s

Formula 1 drivers urge people to get vaccinated, UK minister warns against Omicron and two zoo hippos test positive in Belgium

Formula 1 drivers promote vaccines, UK says Omicron challenging, Belgian hippos get Covid
11/12/214m 24s

WFP says Coronavirus has created a hunger pandemic

The executive head of the WFP has called it an unprecedented perfect storm. The UK makes face coverings mandatory in more indoor venues, and Japan develops glowing Covid masks.
10/12/214m 28s

The WHO urges rich countries not to hoard vaccines

It issued the call as booster shots are accelerated because of Omicron. Also: the UK announces measures to 'buy time' against the new variant, and the Cathay Pacific pilots who could have to relocate to Los avoid tough rules in Hong Kong.
09/12/214m 22s

Pfizer and BioNTech say three jabs can block Omicron

They expect to have an omicron-specific vaccine by March. Also: Boris Johnson apologises after fresh claims about a Christmas party at Downing Street and the Brazilian president says no to vaccine passports.
08/12/213m 54s

WHO says focus should be on Delta

A top World Health Organisation official says the focus should be on Delta, which will help deal with any future surge of the Omicron variant. Also, a study has found that inequality has increased in all parts of the world because of the pandemic. And Tottenham Hotspur have a Covid outbreak.
07/12/214m 11s

Creator of vaccine warns about next pandemic

Vaccine creator says next pandemic could be worse. Also: The UK adds Nigeria to the travel red list and protests in Belgium turn violent.
06/12/214m 58s

Omicron around since September

Health officials say it could already have spread widely before travel bans were imposed. Also: 40,000 anti-lockdown protesters have marched through the Austrian capital, Vienna, and an Indian state is celebrating after fully vaccinating its entire adult population.
05/12/214m 15s

Omicron spreading twice as fast as Delta

Scientists say the number of cases recorded in South Africa has shot up over the past week. Also: Brazilian president to be investigated for linking Covid vaccines to AIDS, the Cook Islands record their first case of coronavirus and an Italian man tries to dodge vaccination using a fake arm.
04/12/214m 57s

Omicron variant takes hold in South Africa

Health officials say coronavirus cases in South Africa are surging at an unprecedented rate. Also: A UK study finds the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines give the best overall booster response, and should we give into fears about the new variant -- and cancel Christmas parties?
03/12/215m 13s

Scientists breakthrough on AstraZenica vaccine

Discovery of link to rare blood clots. Also: Pfizer to roll out vaccine which can be stored in a fridge and South Africa sees a surge in Omicron cases.
02/12/214m 42s

Governments tighten travel rules

Governments brings in restrictions despite WHO warnings. Also: Fiji opens up to tourists after 600 days and the UK PM is accused of having party during last year’s lockdown.
01/12/214m 53s

Confusion over Omicron variant

Concern varies over vaccine effectiveness for Omicron. Also: the UK introduces new restrictions and Greece will fine unvaccinated pensioners
30/11/214m 59s

WHO warns new variant poses a very high global risk

As the Omicron variant spreads, borders close and health leaders call for action. Also: a couple are arrested in the Netherlands for fleeing a quarantine hotel, and a three day vaccine blitz begins in the Philippines.
29/11/214m 56s

Israel imposes travel ban

Israel bans foreigners coming in as it tries to limit the impact of the Omicron coronavirus variant. Also, England brings back mandatory face coverings in shops and public transport. And Moderna says it needs a fortnight to know if its vaccine will work against Omicron.
28/11/214m 56s

European countries check Omicron cases

The mutated virus has been listed as a variant of concern by the World Health Organisation. Also, South Africa says it is being punished for detecting the new variant, and airlines want the EU to extend Covid passport validity to 12 months.
27/11/214m 58s

WHO meets to consider new variant found in southern Africa

Experts in Geneva will decide if it should be designated a variant of concern. Also, South Africa has expressed disappointment after several countries imposed travel bans, and stock markets have fallen in reaction to news of the discovery.
26/11/214m 53s

Scientists discover new coronavirus variant

A new strain with a high number of mutations is being investigated. Also, countries in Central Europe struggle to respond to a surge in Covid cases, and Pfizer accuses an employee of stealing confidential documents on its vaccine.
25/11/214m 56s

New Zealand to reopen to vaccinated citizens

The move eases strict curbs that have locked out many citizens and tourists since borders were shut at the start of the Covid pandemic. Also, South Korea considers the introduction of new emergency measures around Seoul, and more teenagers in Kenya and Rwanda receive vaccines.
24/11/213m 51s

US travel warning for European countries

The US State Department warning comes amid increasing Covid infection rates. Also, France appeals for calm in Guadeloupe following unrest over Covid restrictions, and AstraZeneca is to unveil a 1.3 billion dollar research facility in the UK.
23/11/213m 40s

WHO condemns the world's failure to act together to end the pandemic

The WHO is warning that progress the world is making is too slow. Also: Austria re-enters Covid lockdown as Europe battles a surge, and Australia to ease its border ban on some foreign citizens.
22/11/214m 43s

A second night of rioting in the Netherlands

Nearly 30 are arrested over further rioting in the Netherlands. Also: a review into potential racial bias in the design of medical devices, and Britain puts its faith in booster jabs.
21/11/214m 47s

The Dutch justice minister condemns rioting in Rotterdam

Ferd Grapperhaus said the police faced extreme violence. Also: the WHO calls for a debate on compulsory vaccination, and Vietnam welcomes its first foreign tourists in nearly two years.
20/11/214m 59s

Austria announces general lockdown

New restrictions imposed by Vienna include a vaccine mandate. Also, Japan approves a multi-billion dollar Covid relief stimulus package. And a British doctor calls for health workers to receive better care.
19/11/213m 50s

Germany's parliament approves stricter Covid restrictions

The move comes as more than 65,000 infections are registered. Also; studies find that mask-wearing is the most effective non-pharmaceutical way to tackle the spread of Covid-19, and the election in Tonga sees many citizens unable to vote because of travel restrictions.
18/11/213m 40s

US hopes COVID-19 could be reduced to endemic illness early next year

Dr Anthony Fauci believes an increase in vaccination rates could lessen its impact. Also: The UK Health Security Agency has warned of a "hidden pandemic" of antibiotic-resistant infections if people don't act responsibly when all Covid restrictions end, and New York's Times Square will be open for revellers on New Years Eve if they've been vaccinated.
17/11/214m 37s

Low-cost access to Pfizer's Covid pill

Pfizer is sharing the licence to its antiviral pill but not to its vaccine. The medicine is yet to be approved in the US. Also: the Dutch government lodges a police complaint against a provider of Covid tests and vaccination certificates. And Austrians react to the lockdown for 2 million unvaccinated people.
16/11/215m 0s

The UK extends boosters to 40-year-olds

UK extends second vaccines to 16 & 17 year-olds. Also Austria imposes a lockdown on unvaccinated people; and Germans prepare to work from home.
15/11/214m 10s

Lockdown for unvaccinated people in Austria

The Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg says the step is "necessary". Also: three people die in a fire at a covid hospital ward in Bulgaria and Cambodia relaxes quarantine for immunised visitors.
14/11/213m 47s

WHO criticises global vaccine gap

Booster shots in rich nations six times the number of primary doses in poor countries. Also: Tough restrictions come into force in the Netherlands after surge in cases; Japan to boost hospital bed capacity; and is the office Christmas party likely to be a superspreader event?
13/11/214m 10s

Covid cases rise in Europe

Also: Restrictions in Austria for people who haven't been vaccinated. And infection rates start falling in England, bringing some hope.
12/11/215m 22s

Covid cases in Germany hit new record

The number of daily Covid cases in Germany hits a new record. A hospital fire in Romania kills two patients on a Covid ward. And England may be recovering from the pandemic, but hospital waiting lists are at a new high.
11/11/214m 22s

New Germany lockdown warning

Leading virologist speaks out as country continues to register record coronavirus infection and death rates.Also: booster requirements for over-65s in France; Hallowe'en parties blamed for spike in infections at US college; and two fast food rivals team up in the Philippines to offer jabs to customers.
10/11/214m 9s

All UK health workers to be vaccinated

Front-line NHS staff must have double vaccine. Also Ukraine to be taken off EU Covid safe list and a man due to be hung in Singapore gets Covid.
09/11/214m 48s

US borders reopen

Fully vaccinated travellers from more than 30 nations able to enter country. Also: WHO casts doubt on Turkmenistan's zero-covid claim and the NFL star in hot water over vaccine comments.
08/11/213m 57s

US court temporarily blocks President Biden's plans for vaccine mandates for companies

Law would apply to some private companies; covid cases in Germany continue to spiral and France announces face mask rules for skiers.
07/11/213m 46s

The Netherlands Toughens Covid Measures

The Netherlands toughens Covid measures. The move comes as infection rates soar and hospitals become overwhelmed. Also Russia registers its worst daily figures for Covid cases as it struggles to contain the virus and two hyenas test positive for the disease in a zoo in the United States.
06/11/214m 0s

Pfizer new antiviral pill effective in high risk cases

The Covid pill cuts the risk of hospitalisation or death by 89% in vulnerable adults. Also, cases in Europe soar and scientists have identified a gene, prevalent in the South Asian community, which doubles the risk of lung failure and death from Coronavirus.
05/11/213m 29s

Europe once again at epicentre of pandemic, warns WHO

Half a million people in the region could die in the next three months. Also: the world's first anti-viral pill to treat Covid is approved for use in Britain; and in Italy, the Three Wise Men are issued with covid passports.
04/11/214m 6s

US approves Pfizer vaccine in children aged 5 to 11

It's the first opportunity for Americans under 12 to get any Covid-19 jabs. Also, the World Health Organisation says it has approved an Indian-made Covid vaccine for emergency use, and England's deputy chief medical officer says the pandemic in the UK isn't over.
03/11/214m 59s

Infections spread through Chinese regions

Despite rising cases, China sticks to zero-Covid policy. Also, British MPs are being urged to wear face masks, and North Korea breeds black swans for food.
02/11/214m 53s

Global Covid deaths reach new milestone

Johns Hopkins University researchers confirm 5 million deaths worldwide. Also, Thailand reopens its borders to tourists, university students return to class in Uganda and Tonga prepares for its first lockdown.
01/11/214m 12s

American Airlines cancels hundreds of flights due to staff shortages

Many staff remain on standby because of the pandemic but the company says they will return soon.Also, Jordan threatens to expel unvaccinated foreign workers and a promise by the world's richest countries to help the poorer ones.
31/10/213m 55s

New York faces shortage of emergency workers as thousands miss vaccine deadline

NY municipal workers who remain unvaccinated on Monday face being put on unpaid leave. Also, US intelligence agencies say Covid-19 origins may never be known, and the rush to get vaccinated in Tonga after it reports its first coronavirus case.
30/10/214m 57s

Western countries urged to share surplus vaccines

World leaders call on western powers to begin an air-lift of surplus vaccines to less developed countries. Also, the WHO calls for an extra 23 billion dollars to address vaccine inequality, and England removes all countries from its so-called travel 'red list'.
29/10/213m 57s

Moscow lockdown measures come into force

Non-essential shops in the Russian capital will be closed, and workers are being given nine days off. Also, Romania's vaccine drive is rebounding after a slow start. And Kenyan pub owners suggest turning their establishments into vaccination centres.
28/10/214m 1s

A Brazilian senate inquiry recommends criminal charges against the president

The report will be sent to Brazil's prosecutor-general. Also: England's test and trace system comes in for heavy criticism, and Hollywood actress Charlize Theron calls on nations to start sharing jabs
27/10/214m 58s

US imposes new travel rules

Washington says foreign nationals must be vaccinated to enter the country. Also, the Chinese city of Lanzhou, home to four million people, goes into lockdown. And Russia reaches a new record for daily deaths.
26/10/214m 44s

China restricts entry to the capital, Beijing, as outbreaks are recorded in the north of the country

People arriving from districts with even one Covid case won't be able to access the city. Also: Germany's health minister wants state of emergency to end, and Pakistan records lowest number of Covid deaths in nearly a year.
25/10/213m 32s

Coronavirus cases in eastern Europe surpass 20 million

One of the worst affected countries is Romania. Doctors there say hospitals are at breaking point. Also: cheaper tests are introduced for travellers returning to England, and in China the Wuhan marathon is postponed.
24/10/213m 40s

US officials say the Pfizer vaccine looks effective for children

The FDA says the benefits of the jab outweigh the risks. Also: Vietnam opens up to tourists again, and South Korea achieves a key vaccination goal.
23/10/213m 53s

The WHO says 100,000 health workers have died

Head of WHO criticises countries that control vaccines. Also: England continues with Covid strategy despite 50,000 new cases and Thailand prepares to welcome tourists again.
22/10/214m 49s

WHO says jab inequity means pandemic will drag on

Slow vaccine supply to poorer nations will make the crisis last a year longer, experts say. Also, China cancels flights and train journeys in the north - in a bid to contain a Covid outbreak across five provinces, and India crosses the billion jabs mark.
21/10/214m 59s

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro accused of crimes against humanity

An inquiry recommends that he face at least 10 charges over his handling of the pandemic. Also: President Putin orders a week long shutdown in Russia and New York city workers will be given 500 dollars when they get their first jab.
20/10/214m 25s

EU sends emergency aid to Romania

The EU sends emergency aid to Romania as it records one of the highest covid mortality rates in the world; Russia reports a record daily number of deaths. And why an Indian man wants a photo of Narendra Modi removed from his vaccine certificate.
19/10/214m 46s

EU hits vaccine export milestone

More than a billion doses have been exported, many via the Covax programme. Also: more than 50,000 children in Iran have lost a parent to the pandemic; and the former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, has died from Covid complications.
18/10/213m 39s

Former UK Prime Minister urges emergency vaccine airlift to Africa

Gordon Brown says hundreds of thousands of deaths could be prevented. Also: the Grand Mosque at Mecca is back to operating at full capacity; and the Covid-delayed T20 cricket tournament gets underway in Oman and the UAE.
17/10/213m 50s

Russia registers a record number of daily deaths

Russia records over 1,000 deaths in 24 hours; US set to welcome vaccinated travellers and New Zealand's ‘Vaxathon’ is underway.
16/10/214m 0s

Italian dockers strike over Covid rules

About 2,000 workers are outside Trieste port, angry at a mandatory Covid pass. Also: Sydney is to scrap quarantine for vaccinated Australian travellers, and English health officials warn of a hard winter ahead.
15/10/214m 52s

Lateral flow tests more accurate than first thought

Tests had been criticised for accuracy; Russia reports record number of new cases and India rows back on mandatory quarantines for British vaccinated travellers.
14/10/213m 25s

US to open borders for vaccinated travellers

Authorities say they will reopen land borders with Mexico and Canada to fully vaccinated travellers from November. Also: Elderly Muscovites get financial rewards for Covid jabs, and Catholic worshippers return for the first pilgrimage without restrictions.
13/10/213m 53s

AstraZeneca trials a new antibody cocktail

AstraZeneca's experimental drug has helped cut the risk of severe disease or death. Also, Wales introduces a Covid pass, and Sydney comes out of lockdown after nearly four months.
11/10/214m 56s

Protests in Italy over health pass

But the prime minister vows to press on with his vaccination plans. Also: warnings of an uncertain winter in the UK; and Australia's most populous state prepares to reopen.
10/10/213m 49s

Russia breaks its own pandemic record

Official figures reveal a record number of deaths and infections. Also today: Singapore abandons its zero Covid strategy. And India deploys drones to deliver vaccines to remote communities.
09/10/214m 51s

Japan’s PM pledges to end Covid crisis

Japan’s new Prime Minister promises to carve out a new era. Also, Britain launches its largest-ever flu vaccination programme, and how restaurants in the US are using robots because of Covid staff shortages.
08/10/214m 57s

Ivermectin: How false science created a Covid 'miracle drug'

Investigation casts serious doubt on research which was used by Ivermectin's promoters. Also, Romania experiences a major surge in Covid case-numbers and deaths, and how the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine has been shipped to a remote research-station in the Antarctic.
07/10/214m 41s

What causes Covid toe?

Scientists think they have the answer. Also: figures are still rising in Russia, and a court in the Netherlands rejects a bid to ban covid passes.
06/10/214m 25s

UN: Pandemic has severe toll on child mental health

Unicef says the pandemic has amplified the mental health crisis affecting young people. Also: in Guatemala anti-vaccine villagers attack and detain nurses administering Covid jabs.
05/10/213m 36s

New Zealand changes strategy

Prime Minister Ardern says they will have to live with virus, due to the delta variant. Also: UK ends most of its travel restrictions, and Venezuela welcomes 900,000 doses of vaccine from Cuba
04/10/213m 27s

Systems crash causes Israel Green Pass delay

Tough new controls delayed for days by glitch. Also today: Liverpool’s manager likens refusing a jab to drink-driving, and the head of United Airlines defends firing workers who refuse to get vaccinated.
03/10/214m 53s

US passes 700,000 Covid deaths

Millions of Americans remain unvaccinated. Also: hundreds protest in Auckland; and Morocco says it will soon be giving a third jab.
02/10/214m 49s

Australia to end strict travel ban

The country will re-open its borders to fully vaccinated residents from November. Also: With 85 percent of its population fully vaccinated, Portugal lifts almost all of its Covid restrictions, and the delayed 2020 Expo opens in Dubai - the first world fair to be held in the Middle East.
01/10/214m 55s

Britain finishes its furlough scheme

18 months of financial help for workers come to an end. Also: A call for more Covid vaccines to be sent to poorer countries, and Argentine rugby players banned from Australian training camp.
30/09/213m 55s

Vitamin A treatment trial for Covid loss of smell

UK researchers are assessing if vitamin A nasal drops might be able to treat the loss or altered sense of smell in some people who have had Covid. Also, South Africa's former health minister is implicated in alleged corruption over a multi-million-dollar communications contract. And James Bond is back after repeated pandemic delays.
29/09/214m 54s

Record deaths in Russia

The 852 deaths in 24 hours come amid a surge in Delta variant cases. Also: Japan's state of emergency to end; President Biden gets booster jab as New York's unvaccinated teachers and health workers face being fired; and BTS are heading back to the stage.
28/09/214m 57s

Australia restrictions to ease

New South Wales lockdown likely to end for fully vaccinated in two weeks. Also: the most deprived parts of the UK have to wait longest for health care, and EU officials may continue to limit vaccine exports.
27/09/214m 42s

France to double vaccine supplies to poorer countries

France says it will double the number of vaccine doses for poorer countries. A Chinese health official says Covid may have lain hidden for up to 50 years. And the Japanese Prime Minister says he hopes to lift a state of emergency.
26/09/213m 50s

India to restart vaccine exports

They had been suspended in April because of a Covid wave. Also: the Netherlands eases restrictions; and the son of the Brazilian President tests positive for the virus.
25/09/213m 25s

Portugal has world's highest vaccination rate

More than 87% of the country's 10.3 million population is fully jabbed. Also: Russia records its highest daily death toll; and Norway announces an end to all restrictions.
24/09/214m 4s

US pledges another 500 million vaccine doses to poorer countries

US will donate more than one billion vaccines, how the brain of a Covid survivor could help treatments. Australia tells British cricketers that they won't get special treatment.
23/09/214m 54s

The US pledges to vaccinate 70% of the world

President Biden is hosting a global Covid-19 summit, the UK says it will recognise India's main vaccine and why llamas could help in the fight against coronavirus.
22/09/213m 51s

US eases travel restrictions

White House announces plans to relax restrictions for fully vaccinated foreign nationals. Also: India plans to restart exports of vaccines, a bishop from the Greek-Catholic Church in Slovakia, who met Pope Francis last week, has tested positive for COVID-19, and people in Melbourne protest against the shutdown of construction sites in the city.
21/09/214m 19s

WHO head in Afghanistan

Dr Tedros will discuss the pressure on hospitals amid a funding crisis. Also: lockdown restrictions are relaxed in New Zealand's biggest city; and the Chelsea Flower Show gets underway in the autumn for the first time.
20/09/214m 55s

Italy vaccine demand spikes

Demand for coronavirus vaccines in Italy has risen by forty percent after it extended its Green Pass requirement to all public and private workplaces. Also; more than a million people in England will be invited for a booster jab this week, and a huge illegal drinking party by students in Madrid has been condemned.
19/09/214m 48s

Hundreds arrested in Australian anti-lockdown protests

Protesters clashed with police officers at rallies in Sydney and Melbourne. Also; booster jabs of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine are recommended for people 65 and over in the US, and can we say when the pandemic will end?
18/09/214m 20s

Austrian Government sued

Austrian Government sued over Europe's first Covid outbreak, England to change its travel rules, and Italy introduces a compulsory Covid ‘Green Pass’
17/09/214m 57s

France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers

The country has made vaccination mandatory for all healthcare and care home workers. Also: a leading British immunologist calls for more research into the link between Covid jabs and menstrual problems, and why the singer Nicki Minaj has sparked a global backlash over vaccine sceptical tweets.
16/09/214m 50s

EU warns of 'pandemic of the unvaccinated'

It pledges an additional 200 million vaccine doses to speed up global immunisation. Also: the governments of France and Zimbabwe introduce punitive measures against workers who aren't vaccinated; and the German company BioNTech sets its sights on Africa to produce the world's first mRNA vaccines against malaria and tuberculosis.
15/09/214m 15s

President Putin will go into self-isolation after cases of coronavirus were detected in his entourage

The president's spokesman said Mr Putin had tested negative for Covid-19 and was absolutely healthy. Also, the UK government gives more details about a vaccination programme in England for teenagers aged between 12 and 15 and Broadway theatres re-open to audiences.
14/09/214m 13s

UK recommends vaccines for younger teenagers

Chief medical officers say 12-15 year olds should be given 1 dose of Pfizer vaccine, South Africa says it will introduce vaccines passports, and Sydney slightly relaxes lockdown rules.
13/09/214m 45s

Plans ditched for vaccine passports in England

The health minister, Sajid Javid, says passports are not needed. Also: 13 gorillas test positive at an American zoo, and the motorcycle Grand Prix in Argentina is cancelled.
12/09/214m 37s

Former French health minister under formal investigation

Agnès Buzyn faces a potential charge of 'endangering lives.' Also: An Australian official says some people are dying at home from Covid without seeking help, and why dogs are losing their pandemic appeal in the UK.
11/09/214m 26s

Biden widens vaccine mandate

President Biden announces new measures to boost vaccination. Also: UK economic recovery falters; Denmark lifts restrictions; and the England v India cricket match is called off.
10/09/214m 56s

Dr Anthony Fauci encourages third Pfizer dose

The senior US adviser for Covid-19 says booster jabs should not be delayed. Also, Italian police carry out raids after anti-vaccine activists allegedly planned violent attacks. And 14 patients are dead after a fire at a treatment facility in North Macedonia.
09/09/214m 41s

China vaccinates almost a billion people

Beijing says two thirds of the country’s population have now had two doses of a vaccine. Also: flooding kills Covid patients in Mexico. And could the pandemic mean poor countries' voices won't be heard at November's big climate change conference?
08/09/213m 57s

Vietnamese man jailed for spreading Covid

He was sentenced to five years in prison for breaking quarantine rules. Also: Brazil's president has issued a decree aimed at restricting social media - after Facebook and Twitter blocked misleading comments about Covid-19. And Australia's prime minister has been criticised for travelling to see his family during a lockdown.
07/09/213m 29s

Brazil's World Cup qualifier against Argentina abandoned minutes into the game

A group of Argentine players were accused of breaking coronavirus rules, also: New Zealand eases restrictions, except for Auckland, and Vietnam carries out testing blitz in Hanoi.
06/09/214m 9s

Paralympics end - 'still overshadowed by Covid'

Tokyo hospitals continue to be under severe strain – with thousands unable to find beds. Also: the former UK prime minister, Gordon Brown, condemns rich countries for stockpiling vaccines, and Americans are warned not to take a drug for de-worming horses to treat Covid.
05/09/214m 54s

Decision on jabs for UK children due in days

The government says there is a 'strong case' for vaccinating 12 to 15-year-olds. Also: the fierce debate in Australia over reopening borders; the pandemic: a recipe for weight gain; and mapping the sounds of the world in lockdown.
04/09/214m 58s

EU ends bitter row with AstraZeneca

The European Union ends its row with vaccine maker AstraZeneca. Also: Volunteers try to help contain a Covid outbreak in Australia. And Japan's Prime Minister says he can't deal with Coronavirus and stand for re-election at the same time.
03/09/214m 9s

The WHO appeal for more vaccines to be donated to Central American countries

The World Health Organisation says that vaccination levels remain very low in the region. Also: a pandemic early warning centre is opened in Germany and a study suggests being fully vaccinated greatly reduces the risk of catching Long Covid.
02/09/214m 12s

World leaders urged to come up with Covid strategy

Nearly a hundred individuals and organisations write an open letter to delegates at the UN General Assembly. Also: WHO monitoring new variant, schools reopen across India and Japan finds black particles in Moderna vaccine.
01/09/214m 8s

EU reaches vaccination milestone

70% of European adults have now received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine. Also: warnings of a new variant emerging in South Africa and a British teenager warns young people to stay cautious.
31/08/213m 41s

WHO warns of 230,000 winter deaths in Europe

Health officials say delays in vaccination programmes and increased transmission rates are deeply worrying. Also: Australia has reported its one thousandth COVID death and the Canadians turning to pet shops to try to cure themselves
30/08/213m 56s

Australia logs a record number of new cases

Canberra debates best way of dealing with virus. Japan considers mixing vaccine doses and Andy Murray says tennis players have a responsibility to get the vaccine.
29/08/213m 47s

China denies US claims on Covid origins

President Biden has stated that Beijing withheld vital information on how the pandemic started. Also: new research shows that those with the Delta variant are twice as likely to end up in hospital as those with previous strains, and why some Indian children have forgotten how to read.
28/08/214m 59s

AstraZeneca 'does raise the risk of blood clots'

A major vaccines review suggests jabs raise the clotting risk, but this is dwarfed by getting Covid. Also: New Zealand's national lockdown will be extended, and two London clothing stores become vaccination clinics.
27/08/214m 54s

NZ to stick with 'zero Covid' policy

PM Jacinda Ardern says she'll continue with the strategy to eliminate all cases despite a fresh outbreak. Also: Russia records a new daily high of deaths, and Qantas says Covid will cost billions in lost revenue.
26/08/214m 0s

Vaccine protection ‘wanes within six months’, says UK study

Leading Covid-19 vaccine protection starts to fall within six months, a study suggests. Plus a report into the origin of the pandemic is handed in to the White House; and Vietnam offers recovered patients money to stay on in hospital.
25/08/214m 15s

President Biden urges Americans to get vaccinated

Pfizer's two-dose COVID-19 vaccine has received full approval. Also: The Paralympics are underway in Tokyo under the shadow of the Coronavirus and Liverpool refuse to allow Mohamed Salah to play for Egypt next month over quarantine restrictions.
24/08/214m 19s

Taiwan rolls out homegrown vaccine

Clinical trials are yet to be completed, but the government says the vaccine is safe. Also: Iran reports another record number of deaths, despite a six day shutdown; and how a Nigerian entrepreneur is helping ease the oxygen crisis.
23/08/214m 40s

Delta variant forces NZ to rethink strategy

New Zealand casts doubt on its Covid zero strategy, as outbreak in Wellington grows. Also: a new study in the UK will test how many antibodies participants have after testing positive, and Olympic sports venues in Japan could become medical centres.
22/08/214m 58s

Australian police clash with anti-lockdown protesters

Hundreds of people are arrested after rallies in Melbourne and Sydney. Also: India approves the world's first DNA vaccine, and it's been delayed three times due to the pandemic, but there's now a date for the world premiere of the latest Bond film.
21/08/214m 28s

Sydney extends lockdown and puts two million under curfew

Australia's largest city faces stay-at-home order until at least the end of September. Also: A Covid-antibody therapy - given to former US President Donald Trump - has been approved for use in the UK, and for the first time in more than a year, the Taj Mahal in India is to re-open for night viewings.
20/08/214m 30s

Covid vaccines still effective against Delta variant

But they don’t appear to be successful in preventing infected people from passing it on. Also: The World Health Organisation condemns the rush by wealthy countries to provide Covid-19 vaccine booster shots, and the first positive case has been detected in the Tokyo Paralympics village, just days before the Games are due to start.
19/08/214m 42s

New Zealand battles first Delta outbreak

New Zealand says its recently-detected cases are linked to Australia. Also: WHO flags fake jabs in India and Africa, and Israel requires tests for children aged three and up.
18/08/214m 5s

WHO fears Afghanistan surge

The WHO is worried the virus could spread amid chaos after the Taliban takeover. Also: New Zealand locking down after one case and what's next for American booster jabs?
17/08/214m 37s

Canada calls pandemic election

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the government needs a mandate for its response to Covid 19 and how it can 'build back better'. Also: Over 50s in Israel are offered a third vaccine dose -- while world leaders are again urged to address vaccine inequality; and the health minister who endorsed magic potions loses her job.
16/08/214m 56s

Soldiers help to enforce Covid restrictions in Sydney

New coronavirus cases across New South Wales reached a record high on Saturday. Also: thousands protest on vehicles in Bangkok over the handling of the pandemic, and Iran orders a new lockdown.
15/08/213m 21s

Russia releases worst pandemic death numbers

Russia recorded 819 deaths on Saturday, a day after Moscow reported highest number of monthly deaths. Also: New South Wales in Australia goes into lockdown; and there's a much more local feel to this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
14/08/213m 50s

China says it won't co-operate with new WHO investigation

Beijing believes the investigation into how the virus emerged has been politicised. Also: An outbreak of cholera is hampering Nigeria's attempts to deal with rising Coronavirus infections and Israel continues it's roll-out of third vaccination jabs.
13/08/214m 0s

Australian capital goes into a snap lockdown

Canberra locks downs for one week after recording first Covid-19 in case in more than a year. Also: New Zealand's borders will remain closed for the rest of the year, and the mayor of a Japanese city in trouble after biting into a competitor's Olympic gold medal.
12/08/214m 58s

The number of Covid deaths in Iran may be double the official figure

Research by BBC Persian has found that the number of lives lost to coronavirus in Iran may be as high as two hundred thousand. Also: Germany is among a growing list of countries tightening rules on access to public spaces; and a writer of the sci-fi zombie film, I Am Legend, cited by anti-vaxxers tells them - it's not real!
11/08/213m 32s

Vaccines look set to become mandatory for US military

The Pentagon says it's seeking to make jabs compulsory for all 1.3 million US military personnel. Also: riot police in Thailand clash with protestors angered by the government's handling of the pandemic; and Bangladesh begins vaccinating thousands of Rohingya refugees.
10/08/213m 56s

French show health passes for bars and restaurants

From today people in France have to show a health pass to enter bars, cafes and restaurants. also: Canada reopens its border to non-essential American travellers; and the New Orleans Jazz festival is cancelled for a second year running
09/08/214m 4s

Tokyo Olympics hailed as a success despite pandemic

As the Games come to a close, there's praise for the organisers. Also: Britain relaxes Covid restrictions on travellers from a number of countries including France, Germany and India; and Saudi Arabia is to begin accepting foreign pilgrims - so long as they are vaccinated.
08/08/214m 34s

Bangladesh launches major vaccination drive

15,000 centres open across the country. Also: Thai police clash with protesters, angry at the government's handling of the pandemic; and why there is no such thing as vaccine shedding.
07/08/213m 30s

Italy launches COVID "green pass"

It admits the holder to restaurants and cinemas. Also: CNN sacks employees who've entered the office without being vaccinated and the UK Government launches $1billion insurance scheme for the live music industry.
06/08/214m 37s

WHO urges delay in booster jabs to help poorer nations

It says a moratorium until September would help ease vaccine inequity. Also: several African countries will receive the first shipments of vaccines acquired by the African Union; and are we reaching the final stage of the pandemic?
05/08/214m 57s

Long Covid rare in children

A study finds very few children who test positive develop long-term symptoms. Also: New York is to become the first US city to require proof of vaccination for indoor venues, and the new Barbie doll in honour of a vaccine scientist.
04/08/214m 55s

Mass testing in Wuhan

Everyone in the central Chinese city will be tested after seven cases of the Delta variant were reported on Monday. Also: rising case numbers prompt an increase in vaccinations in the US, and there's a warning that working from home could be bad for young people's careers.
03/08/214m 38s

A new outbreak in China reaches Wuhan

Seven cases of the Delta variant detected where the pandemic began. Also: Australia uses the army to tighten Covid curbs, and in the UK quarantine is scrapped for fully vaccinated arrivals from the US and most of the EU.
02/08/214m 44s

US eviction ban could leave millions homeless

The United States ban on residential evictions during the pandemic expired on Saturday at midnight putting millions of renters at risk of becoming homeless. Also: Saudi Arabia demands people be fully vaccinated to carry out every day activities, and Cambodia is giving out booster jabs.
01/08/214m 10s

China hurries to contain new outbreak

China is rushing to contain its largest outbreak in months. Also, the Australian city of Brisbane goes into lockdown. And we look at the teams of police and firefighters collecting the dead in Indonesia, the new epicentre of the pandemic.
31/07/214m 44s

Japan extends restrictions as cases rise

The Prime Minister says the virus is spreading with unprecedented speed. Also: Israel starts giving a third jab to people over 60; and the Proms returns to almost full capacity.
30/07/214m 47s

World leaders discuss pandemic-hit schooling

Britain and Kenya host a summit in London to raise aid to tackle a global education crisis sparked by Covid-19. Also: the Australian state of New South Wales sees the highest daily rise in new infections since the start of the pandemic, and world champion pole vaulter, Sam Kendricks, is ruled out of the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive.
29/07/214m 12s

US announces tougher rules to combat a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases

The Centers for Disease Control advises even vaccinated people to wear masks in public indoor spaces. Also: the British government says fully vaccinated travellers from the US and EU will be allowed to enter England without the need for quarantine.
28/07/214m 57s

Tokyo registers highest daily figure of new infections

More than 2,800 cases were registered in the Olympic host city. Hospitals have asked to prepare more beds. Also: World Bank to finance extra Covid jabs for poor nations, and scientists in the UK try to understand why recorded number of cases are falling.
27/07/213m 28s

The South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa eases some Covid restrictions

In South Africa, overall infections are said to be down twenty per cent as a result of the country's vaccination programme. Also, Australian police have said anti-lockdown protests will no longer be tolerated after thousands of demonstrators in Sydney defied coronavirus restrictions, and one of Bolivia's greatest contemporary artists, Roberto Valcárcel, has died of Covid-19 complications.
26/07/214m 11s

Australian PM calls anti-lockdown protests 'selfish'

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, condemns recent anti-lockdown protests as dangerous and self-defeating. Also: Brazilian demonstrators call for President Bolsonaro to be impeached over his handling of the pandemic, and Olympic athletes are briefly allowed to remove their masks.
25/07/214m 58s

Biden warns of a 'pandemic of the unvaccinated'

President Joe Biden says unvaccinated people account for nearly all Covid-related deaths and hospitalisations in the US. Also, thousands of Australians protest against lockdown restrictions. And spectators in Tokyo have attended an Olympic cycling race, ignoring government advice.
24/07/214m 13s

Tokyo Olympics begin a year late

Opening ceremony remembers all those who've died during the pandemic. Also: New Zealand to suspend trans-Tasman bubble for two months, Eurozone economy rebounds and footballer Karim Benzema tests positive for Covid-19.
23/07/214m 35s

China rejects second WHO probe into Covid origins

China rejects a plan for a second WHO probe into the origins of Covid-19. Also: YouTube removes videos by President Bolsonaro of Brazil, saying that they spread misinformation; And Australia and New Zealand pull out of the Rugby League World Cup, over Covid concerns.
22/07/214m 8s

Health pass needed in France to visit museums and cinemas

The measure could be extended to restaurants and public transport. Also: WHO chief wants Olympics to go ahead, and Tunisian health minister sacked over 'mismanagement' of coronavirus crisis.
21/07/214m 30s

India's excess deaths 'could be ten times official figure

Researchers say it's India's worst humanitarian disaster since independence. Also: Iran reports its highest number of new cases in a single day; and Australia and Thailand reintroduce lockdown measures.
20/07/214m 55s

Is England's 'freedom day' safe?

England has lifted covid restrictions despite a sharp rise in infections. Dubbed 'freedom day, the legal requirement to wear masks and limit venue capacities has been scrapped. Also, the International Council of Nurses says health workers are being forgotten in the global vaccine rollout and South Sudan has closed down vaccination centres after a shortage of doses.
19/07/214m 47s

British PM to self-isolate in U-turn

Downing Street says Boris Johnson will conduct meetings remotely at his official country residence. Also: new research into the effects of long Covid, and people in LA to wear face masks indoors again.
18/07/214m 14s

First Covid case in Tokyo's Olympic village

The first Covid case is detected in the athletes village at the Tokyo Olympics. Also Saudi Arabia sharply reduces the number of pilgrims allowed on the Hajj. And President Biden says social media platforms are killing people by spreading misinformation about vaccines
17/07/214m 36s

Face masks become mandatory again in LA

The rule covering indoor spaces even applies to people who have been vaccinated. Also: record cases in Russia and a delegate at the Tokyo Olympics is hospitalised.
16/07/214m 11s

23 million children miss out on routine vaccines due to pandemic

The World Health Organisation says the pandemic has undone years of progress protecting children from illnesses such as measles, diphtheria and polio. Also: Thailand is told it will be waiting months for promised deliveries of AstraZeneca doses; and a ceremony is held in Spain to remember victims of the virus.
15/07/214m 39s

Olympic hotel in Japan reports Covid-19 cluster

Seven staff members test positive at a hotel hosting Brazilian athletes in the city of Hamamatsu. Also: face coverings will remain compulsory on London's public transport network despite England's restrictions easing next Monday, and France's traditional Bastille Day parade goes ahead with extra safety measures.
14/07/214m 28s

Iraqi hospital fire kills 80

Oxygen cylinder explosion blamed for blaze at Covid ward in Nassiriya. Also: UN warning over rise in global hunger levels due to coronavirus. And no music banned in South Korean gyms.
13/07/214m 56s

Covid vaccine: Thailand decides to mix jabs as cases spike

Instead of two Sinovac shots, people will now receive the AstraZeneca vaccine after their first Sinovac shot. Nigeria: Lagos Covid rule breakers to face harsh measures. Long Covid: Early findings bring hope for diagnostic tests.
12/07/214m 47s

Being infected by two variants at the same time

Experts warn of the 'rare' risk of dual infection, after the death of an elderly woman. Also: Taiwanese companies try to buy Chinese vaccines - to get round a diplomatic row, and Australia announces its first Covid-related death this year - amid rising cases.
11/07/214m 55s

The Netherlands reimposes restrictions

Nightclubs are closing until mid-August as infections skyrocket. Also: the Maltese government defends its decision to ban all visitors unless they've been fully vaccinated, and the UK government is reportedly tweaking its Covid app in England, so that fewer people are told to self-isolate.
10/07/214m 42s

No fans to greet Olympic torch

There were no crowds as the torch reached Tokyo due to a dramatic rise in cases. Also: the WHO weighs in - to the debate over booster jabs, and French nightclubs are reopening - to revellers with a health pass.
09/07/214m 57s

Tokyo Olympics: fans to be banned

Japan declares state of emergency as cases rise. Also: the total global death toll passes four million; and lockdown in New Zealand leads to more children with respiratory illness.
08/07/214m 46s

India's health minister resigns

Harsh Vardhan had been criticised for his handling of coronavirus in India, which crippled its health services. Also: residents in Sydney face another nine days in lockdown; and Heathrow airport says it will pilot fast-track lanes for vaccinated arrivals.
07/07/214m 58s

'Uncharted territory' ahead as England plans to drop restrictions

Minister warns Infections could reach 100,000 per day after rules are relaxed on July 19th. Also: Israel and South Korea have struck a deal to exchange shipments of Pfizer vaccines, and the artist Damien Hirst's lockdown canvases go on display in Paris
06/07/214m 58s

Israel races to unload vaccine surplus

About a million doses of Pfizer vaccines are due to expire by the end of July. Also: the UK honours the National Health Service; and President Biden says the US will soon declare independence from Covid nineteen.
05/07/214m 54s

Thousands protest in Brazil against Bolsonaro's handling of the pandemic

Tens of thousands took to the streets across Brazil to protest against the government of President Jair Bolsonaro. Also: doctors in France have signed an open letter calling on the government to make it compulsory for healthcare workers to be vaccinated against Covid-19, and how will the development of babies who were born during the pandemic be affected?
04/07/214m 58s

Emergency restrictions enforced in Indonesia as Covid-19 infections rise

Hundreds of road blocks have been set up by police in Java and Bali. Also: Iran has expressed fears that the whole country could be engulfed by a fifth wave of the pandemic, and South Africa has approved the use of the Chinese coronavirus vaccine Sinovac.
03/07/214m 57s

Australia to halve international arrivals to fight Delta strain

Australia will halve the number of international arrivals to just three thousand people a week after a spike in Covid cases. Also, India has passed four hundred thousand Covid-related deaths, and the Russian city of St Petersburg is hosting a Euro 2020 quarter final amid concerns over a sharp rise in cases.
02/07/214m 49s

New restrictions in Indonesia

Indonesia’s vital tourism industry is expected to suffer as Java and Bali lock down. Also, a travel certificate goes live in the European Union. And Australia tries to boost vaccine use in Aboriginal communities.
01/07/214m 39s

UN: Pandemic has devastated tourism

Report says the coronavirus pandemic is costing the global economy trillions of dollars. Also, Putin says vaccination is not compulsory, and the plea for help from Spanish students confined in a quarantine hotel.
30/06/214m 17s

Russia records its worst official Covid figures since the start of the pandemic.

Moscow and St Petersburg are badly affected, while vaccine rates are low amid widespread scepticism. Also: Germany urges fewer football spectators, and Shangai serenades people who've just been vaccinated.
29/06/214m 56s

Australia considers new restrictions as Delta variant spreads

Prime minister Scott Morrison has met state and territory leaders to discuss measures, also: Italy drops the mask mandate for outside settings, and Japan tightens Covid checks on athletes arriving for the Olympics.
28/06/213m 46s

Ibiza prepares to open nightclubs

The Spanish island of Ibiza prepares to open up nightclubs again. Also: Moscow records the highest death toll in a Russian city since the start of the pandemic; And in South Africa officials say the Delta variant dominates new infections in the country.
27/06/214m 26s

Thousands leave Dhaka ahead of lockdown

Tough restrictions across Bangladesh begin on Monday. Also: Namibia warns of oxygen shortages, and 'grab a jab' for over-18s in England.
26/06/214m 56s

Week-long lockdown imposed in parts of Sydney

Authorities in Australia order a week- long lockdown for four areas of Sydney. Plus, doctors in South Africa are forced to choose between patients; and thousands are hit by fake vaccine scams in India.
25/06/214m 31s

Study reveals impact of long Covid

More than one third of people in England who reported coronavirus symptoms had at least one long-lasting effect. Also: EU leaders consider new travel measures to cope with the Delta variant and the 72-year-old man who is getting better after testing positive 43 times.
24/06/213m 58s

New Zealand: Covid alert level raised in the capital

A single virus-infected Australian triggered the alarm. There are also new curbs in Australia as authorities fight an outbreak in Sydney. Also: Oxford University explores an anti-parasite drug as a possible treatment for Covid in the UK.
23/06/214m 59s

Infections in India drop below 50,000

The number of daily infections in India drops below 50,000 for the first time in 3 months. Also: The WHO says a large number of poorer countries don't have enough doses under the Covax scheme; And Thailand is to reopen its main resort islands, as it relaunches its tourism industry.
22/06/214m 56s

Japanese spectators will be allowed at Tokyo Olympics

There will be a fifty per cent limit on venue capacity. Also: India's central government takes control of the nation's vaccine campaign; and hundreds of people ignore official advice by attending the summer solstice at Stonehenge.
21/06/214m 59s

Brazil records more than 500,000 deaths

Health experts say vaccination programme in Brazil must rapidly expand. Also: US donates millions of vaccines to Taiwan; and for the first time an Olympic athlete tests positive in Tokyo.
20/06/214m 31s

Palestinians cancel a vaccine swap with Israel

Palestinians cancel a vaccine swap with Israel; a second record day of cases in Moscow and trials for a nasal spray vaccine in Australia.
19/06/213m 26s

Will spectators be allowed at the Toyko Olympics?

Japan wrestles with prospect of thousands of Olympic spectators coming to the country; there are fears in India about coronavirus breaches and another major festival becomes a victim to the pandemic.
18/06/213m 33s

Japan eases state of emergency

Relaxed measures in Tokyo and other regions ahead of Olympics. Also: New restrictions come into force in the Russian city of St Petersburg, one of the venues for the delayed Euro 2020 football tournament, and the 5 metre long face-mask for a giant statue of a Buddhist Goddess.
17/06/214m 52s

Vaccinations compulsory for many Moscow workers

Authorities have ordered 60% of service workers to get the jab, as cases surge. Also: India reopens the Taj Mahal, and New York and California ease restrictions.
16/06/214m 58s

New Zealand works on ways to re-use PPE

Researchers begin final stage of a study to see if masks and gowns can be decontaminated. Also: Russia says it's worried about low vaccine take-up and US airlines report thousands of cases of passengers exhibiting bad behaviour on flights - many refusing to wear a face mask during the pandemic.
15/06/214m 59s

G7 makes global vaccine promise

Leaders pledge one billion doses for poorer countries. Italy eases restrictions as infection rates continue to fall across Europe, and the Argentinian football star Lionel Messi says he's concerned about contracting the virus at the Copa America in Brazil
14/06/214m 58s

South Africa stops use of contaminated vaccines

Millions of doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccines made in Baltimore are affected. Also: Saudi Arabia restricts this year's Hajj to its own citizens; and a new wave of infections in the Democratic Republic of Congo delays the return of the only remains of Patrice Lumumba.
13/06/214m 58s

G7 to adopt new pandemic plan

The Carbis Bay declaration promises measures to prevent a repeat of the Covid-19 crisis. Also: politicians in Pakistan have threatened to block the mobile phones or withhold the salaries of people who refuse to be vaccinated; and 16,000 mask-wearing fans have been at the world's biggest international sporting event since the outbreak of the pandemic.
12/06/214m 59s

One billion vaccines expected to be donated by G7 leaders

Grand gestures of Covid vaccines from the leaders of the G7, the world's richest nations, at the summit in Cornwall, but critics warn they won't be sufficient. Also: Chile's back in lockdown despite high vaccination rates and there's to be more freedom of movement for the vaccinated in much of Europe
11/06/214m 59s

Pandemic hits global campaign to end child labour

The United Nations is warning that nine million additional children are at risk of exploitation as a result of Covid-19. Also: a new study finds that vegans and vegetarians are less likely to become severely ill from the virus than meat-eaters; and we hear how the pandemic has affected global plastic production.
10/06/214m 59s

US accuses Russia and China of vaccine intimidation

The US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, says Russia and China had twisted arms and demanded concessions in order to deliver coronavirus vaccines. Also, France is further easing coronavirus restrictions, and Brazil's Supreme Court will consider whether to allow the Copa America football competition because of coronavirus restrictions.
09/06/214m 59s

Call to stagger global vaccine donations

Unicef warns wealthy nations not to overwhelm poorer countries with leftover vaccines that may then go to waste. Also: hospitals in Kenya prepare for an expected surge in infections; and why some Americans are about to be told it's "high" time they got a jab.
08/06/214m 59s

Thailand begins mass vaccination campaign

Thailand starts a mass vaccination campaign to curb a third wave of infections. Also: Taiwan extends lockdown measures amid increasing case numbers, and vaccine stickers come to dating apps in the UK.
07/06/214m 59s

US donates vaccines to Taiwan

Washington pledges 750,000 doses, as Taiwan struggles with a surge in Covid-19 infections. Also, the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, is expected to urge wealthy countries to commit to a global vaccination programme. And we look at the precautions being taken for the Tokyo Olympics, as athletes arrive in Japan.
06/06/214m 59s

Easing of lockdown in Indian capital

The authorities in Delhi announce a partial lifting of Covid restrictions -- just weeks after the city suffered a devastating second wave of the virus. Also: Beijing accuses Taiwan of playing politics with the pandemic, and the G7 rich nations say they'll only share vaccines with poorer countries when they've protected their own people.
05/06/214m 58s

Nepalese PM says Britain has a duty to help his nation

Prime minister KP Sharma Oli says the two countries share close ties, Also: Taiwan gets more than a million vaccine doses from Japan, and a cautious welcome to Biden vaccine offer.
04/06/214m 58s

Olympics 100% on says Tokyo 2020 president

But she warns they could be held without local fans if there is a coronavirus outbreak. Also: India's Supreme Court has strongly criticised the government's Covid-19 vaccination programme, and the dogs filling a visitor void for prisoners during the pandemic.
03/06/214m 59s

Urban crime 'falls by more than a third' during pandemic

New study of major cities find lockdowns led to 37% decrease in overall crime, cases of so called “black fungus” among Covid 19 patients are on the rise in India, and cricket resumes at Lords for the first time since 2019.
02/06/214m 59s

Malaysia battles rise in infections

Covid infections are more than five times higher than at the start of the year prompting new restrictions on travel and store openings. Also; there are fears of a third wave in the UK, and the WHO introduces a new convention for naming strains of the virus.
01/06/214m 58s

Vietnam bans international flights to Hanoi

Officials have warned of a new hybrid variant, which is highly transmissible. Also: Burkina Faso receives its first vaccines, and the King of Spain gets his first jab.
31/05/214m 59s

Brazil protesters denounce Bolsonaro over Covid crisis

Thousands gathered in front of Congress calling for President Bolsonaro's impeachment. Also: the leaders of New Zealand and Australia rub noses, and tennis crowds return to the French Open.
30/05/214m 59s

Vietnam reports new hybrid variant

The country’s health minister says it is a combination of those first identified in India and the UK. Also: The EU regulator approves the use of the Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine for children aged 12-15, and the Indian premier league cricket tournament is to resume in the United Arab Emirates.
29/05/214m 59s

New centre for global collaboration to prevent future health crises

Oxford University's Pandemic Sciences Centre hopes to ensure the world is never caught unprepared again. A new computer programme can identify Covid-19 from just the sound of a cough. And Japan extends its coronavirus emergency, less than two months before the Tokyo Olympics.
28/05/214m 58s

US calls for deeper probe into virus origins

China says politicising Covid-19 could undermine global efforts to curb the pandemic. Also: Doctors' groups in Japan warn of potential Olympic virus strain, Australian state of Victoria enters another snap lockdown and Ohio's first Vax-a-Million winners.
27/05/214m 58s

US joins calls for a transparent investigation into the origins of Covid 19

Reports in American media suggest there's growing evidence that the coronavirus could have emerged from a laboratory in Wuhan. The former chief advisor to the British prime minister has told MPs that the government failed when the public needed it most. And an official partner of the Tokyo Olympics has called for the Games to be cancelled over COVID.
26/05/214m 57s

Hong Kong may throw away huge stores of covid vaccines

A mistrust of government and a lack of urgency has meant vaccine take-up has been slow in Hong Kong. The United States is warning against travel to Japan weeks before the Olympics. Austria is to ban direct flights from the UK.
25/05/214m 58s

Japan opens mass vaccination centres ahead of Tokyo Olympics

Japan is trying to curb a surge in coronavirus infections that's left much of the country under a state of emergency. Also, WHO chief describes vaccine inequality as scandalous, and India registers more than three hundred thousand Covid-19 deaths
24/05/214m 59s

Pfizer and AZ jabs 'work against Indian variant'

A study says they are effective but protection is low after only one dose. Also: tourists will be allowed back into Spain from Monday, and fans hope the Eurovision Song Contest will be a blueprint for future live entertainment.
23/05/214m 58s

Oxfam criticises rich nations' new pledge to poor countries

The charity says their promise to boost vaccination efforts is too little, too late. Also: India asks social media to avoid using the term 'Indian variant' as it hurts its image, and - pop music in a pandemic: the Eurovision song contest is being held on Saturday night.
22/05/214m 58s

WHO says number dead from Covid-19 is vastly underestimated

Coronavirus death total 'likely' two or three times higher than officially reported; plus patients in Africa are found to be much less likely to survive severe Covid; and the Mayor of Moscow says the number refusing to be vaccinated Russia's capital is "astonishing".
21/05/214m 59s

WHO warns against international travel

New variants mean travel still too risky. Also: Taiwan faces a surge in new infections; and a boom in billionaires - thanks to the pandemic.
20/05/214m 58s

India records the world's highest ever daily death toll

4,529 people in India died from Covid-19 in the latest 24-hour period, as the country's main supplier of vaccines says it won't be able to resume exports until the end of this year. Also: EU member states recommend reopening borders for countries with low infection rates; and Malawi publicly burns thousands of expired vaccines.
19/05/214m 59s

ICRC says unvaccinated communities are breeding grounds for variants

The International Red Cross says wealthy countries and the pharmaceutical industry must radically change their vaccine strategy. Also: President Biden has announced he will give an extra 20 million doses to Covax, and there are calls for a revolution in ventilation.
18/05/214m 58s

COVAX calls on world's richest countries to step up

The vaccine sharing scheme is more than 100 million doses short; Also: Indonesia sets up roadblocks to question travellers after Eid celebrations; and Britain eases restrictions, despite scientific concerns about the Indian variant.
17/05/214m 59s

Japan extends Covid-19 restrictions as Olympics draw near

Japanese officials have extended the state of emergency to Okayama, Hiroshima and Hokkaido, where the Olympic marathon will take place. Also: lockdowns and panic-buying in Taiwan as Covid-19 cases rise, and a member of the Polish delegation at Eurovision tests positive for coronavirus.
16/05/214m 57s

Australian flight arrives half empty from India

Many of the intended passengers on the repatriation flight were barred after positive Covid19 tests. Also: WHO warns that this 2nd year of the pandemic is likely to be deadlier than the first, and China cancels Everest climbs from the Tibetan side over fears of coronavirus.
15/05/214m 59s

Japan extends restrictions to three more prefectures

Japan extends its State of Emergency to three more prefectures. India's PM warns rural residents. Plus, Greece welcomes back tourists at the start of the summer season.
14/05/214m 59s

Indian state governments to buy vaccines from international companies

Indian state governments to buy vaccines from international companies. There's been a surge of coronavirus infections inside Thailand's overcrowded prisons. And a million reason in the US state of Ohio to take the vaccine...
13/05/214m 58s

A damning report into how the world handled Covid 19

A report into the world's response to the pandemic says both the WHO and individual governments made serious mistakes. Also: the British Prime Minister announces a public inquiry into his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and why some health care professionals are quitting their job.
12/05/214m 57s

Africa urged to speed up vaccinations

Health officials warn Africa could see rapidly escalating infections and deaths unless more people receive jabs. Also, Facebook says it will remove pages that discourage vaccine use. And Pakistan tries to avoid a surge in cases during the festival of Eid.
11/05/214m 59s

Saudi Arabia gives the green light for international pilgrims at this year's Hajj

Only ten thousand Saudi nationals were permitted to attend last year. Also,Germany lifts priority limits for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and the IOC head cancels his trip to Japan in advance of the Olympics.
10/05/214m 57s

Spain lifts Covid state of emergency

The Spanish measures had restricted travel. Also, the Olympic stadium in Tokyo holds a test event, and Dracula's castle offers free jabs.
09/05/214m 59s

India records more than 4,000 daily deaths

There are fears the real number of deaths is higher, and infections may not peak until the end of May. Also: new restrictions for Pakistan, and the WHO approves China's vaccine Sinopharm.
08/05/214m 58s

Japan extends Covid restrictions as Olympics loom

Officials have extended the state of emergency less than three months before the Games. Also: India's Supreme Court orders the government to increase oxygen supplies, and Australia is to resume some India flights.
07/05/214m 58s

US backs waiver on vaccine patents to boost supply

One hundred of the WTO's members are said to be in favour, and a panel on intellectual property is expected to discuss the issue next month. Also: India has reported another record rise in cases, and the makers of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine have agreed to supply their jab to all athletes in the Tokyo Olympics.
06/05/214m 59s

India's delegation at the G-7 talks in London is self-isolating after two people test positive

Foreign ministers from the G-7 group are discussing the global distribution of coronavirus vaccines, also,Australian man takes his own government to court over a ban on returning home, and a test half-marathon in Japan - 11 weeks before the start of the Olympics.
05/05/214m 58s

India suspends IPL cricket tournament after rise in Covid-19 cases among players

An Indian Cricket Board official said they would try to hold the matches as soon as possible but no date had been fixed. Also: G7 foreign ministers meet in London face to face to discuss a range of global challenges, including access to vaccines. And the European Union's medicines regulator has started reviewing data on a Chinese coronavirus vaccine.
04/05/214m 58s

EU unveils plans for tourists to return

People who have had two vaccine doses will be allowed to travel. Also: the Indian army is asked to set up covid-care facilities in Delhi; and Covax agrees a deal with Moderna to supply up to 500 million vaccine doses.
03/05/214m 58s

India records its highest daily number of coronavirus deaths

The country is still struggling with lack of oxygen supplies, bordering nations raise fears about infections spreading. Wuhan, where coronavirus first emerged, hosts a huge music festival.
02/05/214m 58s

India's vaccination programme expanded

But states say they don't have enough doses - as new cases pass 400,000. Also: Australians returning from India could face jail, and Hong Kong is accused of discrimination - after ordering all foreign domestic workers to have Covid tests.
01/05/214m 58s

Indian Supreme Court rules citizens can criticise handling of the pandemic

The Indian Supreme Court rules that people can complain about the handling of the pandemic, after the government tries to get social media posts removed. Portugal emerges from lockdown. Why the American podcaster Joe Rogan has been telling his listeners that he is a moron.
30/04/214m 58s

Indian hospitals promised ventilators from abroad

Aid comes as India suffers another record number of Covid cases. Also, Turkey enters its first national lockdown and the boss of London Heathrow calls on the UK government to tackle delays at immigration control.
29/04/214m 58s

India surpasses 200,000 deaths

Many say the real total is higher - as people struggle to find oxygen. Also: one vaccine dose 'halves transmission', and US relaxes guidance on wearing masks outdoors.
28/04/214m 57s

India: covid pandemic 'beyond crisis point'

It's thought officials have under-reported the death rate. Also: Brazil launches inquiry into President Bolsonaro's handling of the pandemic; and police officers in the Philippines are cleared of wrongdoing after they were found holding people in a secret jail cell.
27/04/2126m 10s

India accused of under-reporting Covid deaths

One study suggests that deaths recorded by crematoria in Delhi may be double the government figures, which reflect only those who've died in hospital. Also: Brazil's president faces possible impeachment over his handling of the pandemic; and organisers of an experimental indoor concert last month in Barcelona say the results show such events can be held safely.
27/04/214m 59s

Countries send aid to ease India's oxygen emergency

Doctors say people are dying because of a shortage of oxygen and beds. Also, Italy, France and Belgium ease coronavirus restrictions; and the European Commission launches legal action against the vaccine maker, AstraZeneca.
26/04/214m 58s

Delhi extends lockdown as cases soar

For the fourth day in a row, India sets world record for new infections as oxygen shortages continue. Also: The Brazilian president threatens to deploy the armed forces in response to coronavirus restrictions imposed by state governors, and a new vaccine Valneva goes into phase three trials.
25/04/214m 58s

India Covid surge: Hospitals send SOS

In India 346,000 new cases of the coronavirus were reported today - another world record. The United States lifts its pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Scientists have recommended that people who have experienced smell loss due to Covid-19 should try “smell training”.
24/04/214m 57s

Japan announces emergency Covid-19 restrictions just months before the Olympics

In Japan, restaurants and bars serving alcohol will be asked to close for two weeks from Sunday, as will shops. Also: the Indian PM, Narendra Modi, says the government is trying to boost the supply of oxygen to hospitals as the pandemic there escalates, and a climber on Mount Everest has tested positive for Covid-19.
23/04/214m 59s

India sees the world's highest daily cases

The rise comes amid an acute shortage of oxygen supplies at hospitals. Also: Organisers of the Tokyo Olympics report the first infection connected to the torch relay through Japan, and the Brit Awards will go ahead with a live audience, as part of research into how large scale events can reopen safely in the pandemic.
22/04/214m 59s

Oxygen leak leaves many Covid patients dead in India

The accident in an Indian hospital in Nashik city happened when an oxygen tanker was refilling a storage tank. Also: president Putin praises Russia's vaccine work, and the passport helping Denmark open up after Covid19.
21/04/214m 57s

India's surging cases threaten to overwhelm health system

India's surging cases threaten to overwhelm health system. India's latest official daily death toll, more than seventeen-hundred, is its worst yet. Also, a covid-19 community foodbank in the Philippines suspends operations over fears volunteers could be assassinated, and senses dulled by the virus, French wine tasters call for vaccine priority.
20/04/214m 59s

Delhi announces a week-long lockdown

The city had imposed a weekend curfew but reported its highest single-day spike so far on Sunday with nearly 25,000 cases. Also, half of the adult population in the US has now received at least one dose of vaccine, and Australia and New Zealand have opened a quarantine-free travel bubble.
19/04/214m 59s

The president of Germany says deep wounds have been left by the pandemic

Bells ring out as Germany remembers those who've died during the pandemic. Also, in Brazil, six out of ten households now face food insecurity due to the pandemic, and easing out of lockdown and into hugging.
18/04/214m 59s

More than 3 million dead from Covid-19

Johns Hopkins University says most of the world’s Covid-19 deaths have been recorded in the US, Brazil, Mexico and India. Also, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urges worshippers not to gather for the Hindu festival Kumbh Mela. And Peru’s former president has been suspended from holding public office over allegations he used his influence to jump the queue for the vaccine.
17/04/214m 59s

WHO chief warns of deadly new surge

New countries risk big outbreak says Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Also today: Angela Merkel warns that the third wave has Germany firmly in its grip. And a tale from the sharp end of England’s love affair with the beer garden.
16/04/214m 58s

India records 200,000 Covid cases in a single day

The country is suffering a huge surge, with figures doubling in the past ten days. Also: A senior member of Japan’s ruling party has said cancelling the Olympics remains a possibility because of the pandemic, and Sir David Attenborough on what lockdowns have meant for the natural world.
15/04/214m 59s

Denmark drops AstraZeneca vaccine

First country to stop use of the jab completely over blood clot fears. Also: the UK trial into whether different vaccines can be mixed expands, and the Dutch experiment into whether cafes and restaurants can open safely.
14/04/214m 57s

President Biden's chief medical adviser casts doubt on use of AZ

Dr Fauci says safety concerns over vaccine must first be resolved, also, India authorizes the Russian coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, and WHO demands an end to the sale of live wild animals in food markets.
13/04/214m 58s

Most of the severely ill patients in Brazil are under-40

Doctors say more under-40s are developing severe symptoms and needing intensive care. Also: wealthy nations urged to fund vaccines for poorer countries; England's lockdown eases; and the Dutch holiday experiment in Greece.
12/04/214m 57s

India could pass Brazil in total infections

It has reported a record daily rise of over 150,000 cases and more than 800 new deaths. Also: France increases the gap between first and second vaccinations, and could sunshine help beat Covid?
11/04/214m 58s

Brazil reports another record daily high number of deaths from Coronavirus

Brazil reports another record daily high number of deaths from Coronavirus. The World Health Organisation criticises the vaccine gulf between rich and poor nations. And the world's most famous steeplechase - the Grand National - goes ahead - with no spectators
10/04/214m 58s

New vaccine blood clot inquiry

EU regulator investigates potential link with Johnson & Johnson jab. Also: France to mix vaccine doses in response to AstraZeneca concerns, testing plan unveiled to reopen travel from England and Norway's PM fined for breaching her own Covid restrictions.
09/04/214m 58s

AstraZeneca vaccine: how safe is it?

The makers of the vaccine are trying to maintain public confidence in it. Also: India accuses Europe and the US of depriving it of raw materials to make the vaccine; and the French Open tennis tournament is delayed by a week.
08/04/214m 58s

Brazil daily Covid deaths top 4,000

Hospitals are overcrowded, but President Bolsonaro opposes any lockdown measures. Also: the Covid link to an increased risk of brain conditions, and India records its highest number of daily cases.
07/04/214m 58s

North Korea pulls out of Tokyo Olympics over Covid-19 fears

North Korea pulls out of the Tokyo Olympics after an increase in cases, New Zealand and Australia announce a quarantine-free travel bubble and restrictions ease in Portugal and the United Kingdom.
06/04/214m 58s

India hits record number of daily cases

India hits a record number of daily cases, the UK government steps up testing as lockdown lifts and Thailand hopes vaccinating an entire holiday island will bring tourists back.
05/04/214m 58s

Pope calls vaccines an 'essential tool' in Covid fight

In his Easter address, Francis urged rich nations to help vaccines reach poor countries. Also: England's plans for a Covid passport, and dancing in Central Park to beat the pandemic.
04/04/214m 59s

Italy returns to strict lockdown for Easter

Italy is battling a third wave of the pandemic, with more than 20,000 new cases daily. Also: the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is linked to rare blood clot deaths in the UK; and Argentina's president tests positive for the virus despite having already been vaccinated.
03/04/214m 59s

India cricket legend hospitalised

As cases in India surge Sachin Tendulkar is admitted to a Mumbai hospital. AstraZeneca reports 30 examples of blood clots from its vaccination programme in the UK, and Vietnam's plea for vaccines.
02/04/214m 59s

WHO criticises European vaccine roll-out

The World Health Organization blames Europe's 'unacceptably slow' vaccine campaigns for prolonging the pandemic. Also: India widens its immunisation programme to include everyone over the age of 45, and the Eurovision Song Contest becomes a Covid-19 event experiment.
01/04/214m 59s

War-torn Yemen gets first vaccine shipment

The country is facing a public health disaster and the vaccines will be a 'game changer'. Also: Germany suspends the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for people aged under sixty; and Russia registers the world's first Covid vaccine for animals.
31/03/214m 59s

World leaders call for international pandemic treaty

A new global coalition urges action now to prepare for the next global pandemic – declaring that ‘nobody is safe until everyone is safe’. Also today: police in Sicily say health officials on the Italian island fiddled the figures to avoid lockdown. And could a government shake-up in Brazil help it beat Covid?
30/03/214m 58s

Mexico under-reports Covid deaths by 60 percent

The Mexican government says Covid related deaths have risen to 320,000. Also, some regions in Germany are opening up - against the wishes of Chancellor Merkel, and how soothing organ music at a vaccination centre inspired an album.
29/03/214m 58s

There's growing concern in Germany about the rapid rise in coronavirus infections

Germany's health minister, Jens Spahn, says he'd like his country to enter a complete Covid19 lockdown immediately. Also, the president of the Pacific nation of Palau has flown to Taiwan to launch Asia's first post-pandemic air corridor, and a pilot concert has taken place in Spain to test the viability of holding large cultural events during a pandemic.
28/03/214m 58s

Poland introduces stricter coronavirus measures

Poles are being urged not to travel at Easter. New daily infections have reached record highs in the country. Also: new booster jabs are being planned in England, and we hear some of the songs inspired by lockdown.
27/03/214m 59s

Germany: Third wave could be the worst yet

The head of the German agency for disease control warns of grave consequences unless the current wave of infections is limited. Also, the French foreign minister accuses Russia of using its Sputnik V vaccine as a tool of propaganda and "aggressive diplomacy". And Thailand loosens its quarantine rules for tourists.
26/03/214m 59s

EU leaders hold a virtual summit likely to be dominated by a third wave of infections.

The twenty-seven EU leaders will look at how to increase vaccine production and tighten export controls. Also: A global alliance says low-income countries will be most affected by India's decision to suspend vaccine exports, and a mixed response to suggestions that people prove their vaccination status to get into pubs.
25/03/215m 0s

Germany cancels its strict Easter lockdown

Chancellor Angela Merkel abandons plans following widespread criticism. Also: The EU plans tougher controls on vaccine exports, and the lockdown artwork that has become one of the most expensive paintings ever sold at auction by a living artist.
24/03/214m 58s

Germany tightens restrictions to fight third wave

Angela Merkel announces the toughest measures yet as Germans brace for an Easter lockdown. Also today:America's top infectious diseases expert demands more evidence over the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine, and one man's fight for vaccine justice in Lebanon.
23/03/214m 57s

US trial: AstraZeneca jab is safe

The study of 32,000 people showed the vaccine is effective and had no link to blood clots. Also: cases continue to climb in India, and the row between the UK and EU over supplies continues to deepen.
22/03/214m 59s

Covid curfew in Florida's Miami Beach

The mayor said the South Beach entertainment district was being overwhelmed by visitors. Also: a mass vaccination programme is under way in the West Bank and Gaza, and why the Dutch government is backing a live music festival in lockdown.
21/03/214m 59s

Tokyo Olympics ban international fans

Covid fears mean overseas spectators won't be allowed at the delayed event. Also: France and Poland impose new lockdowns, and 'Covid outbreak' at Trump's Florida residence.
20/03/214m 58s

European countries start using Astra Zeneca's vaccine again

Several European countries start using Astra Zeneca's vaccine once again after more assurances about its safety. Also, pressure grows on the German government to reimpose lockdown restrictions and a sharp u-turn from South Korea over coronavirus tests for foreigners.
19/03/214m 58s

EU countries wait for AstraZeneca decision

EU countries are waiting to find out if they should restart AstraZeneca vaccinations as the regulator looks at possible links to a small number of blood clots. Also, Tanzania has denied that President John Magufuli died of Covid-19 and victims of the pandemic are remembered in Italy.
18/03/214m 58s

EU threatens to block vaccine exports

Warning aimed at UK and other countries with high vaccination rates. Also: EU plans rollout of digital travel certificates, Donald Trump publicly backs vaccination programme and celebrating St Patrick's Day under lockdown.
17/03/214m 58s

European Medicines Agency says benefits of AstraZeneca vaccine outweigh any risks

The European Medicines Agency says it's convinced the benefits of the AstraZeneca covid vaccine outweigh any risks. Drug regulators in Nepal have launched an investigation into how a Bahraini prince brought vaccine into the country. And the organisers of the Tokyo Olympics announce further restrictions - barring spectators from the launch of the torch relay.
16/03/214m 58s

More countries suspend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine

WHO says AstraZeneca vaccine is safe, Somalia gets its first supplies and the Bollywood star accused of breaking covid rules.
15/03/214m 58s

London police condemned over Covid policing

Police handcuffed and arrested women who had defied Covid rules to attend a vigil. Also: why some US Catholic bishops oppose the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and the Grammy nominees who partly put their success down to Covid restrictions.
14/03/214m 58s

Covid wave intensifies in Europe

New cases are rising in Germany, Poland and Italy - which is tightening restrictions. Also: the role of sewage in Covid detection, and the French actress making a bare faced plea for a pandemic handout.
13/03/214m 57s

Biden eyes 4 July as 'Independence Day' from virus

In his first prime-time speech, the US president said he was boosting vaccination efforts. Also: Austria has accused the EU of distributing vaccines unfairly, and the WHO has said AstraZeneca jabs should continue after reports of blood clots in some who have had the shot.
12/03/214m 59s

The pandemic has taken a severe toll on nature conservation efforts

Experts say conservation budgets have been hit hard, especially in Africa and Asia. Also: the UN warns that vaccination programmes are unequal, and the Australian government is offering subsidised domestic flights to boost the tourism industry.
11/03/214m 56s

British PM denies 'vaccine blocking' claims

British PM Boris Johnson denies 'vaccine blocking' claims, saying he opposes vaccine nationalism "in all its forms". Also, India and South Africa propose suspending patents to increase vaccine production; and athletes' families may be banned from Tokyo 2020.
10/03/214m 59s

Global economic activity likely to rise above pre-pandemic levels

The OECD says global economic activity will increase by the middle of this year. Also: Italy surpasses 100,000 coronavirus deaths, and PPE is washed up on coral reefs close to Manila.
09/03/214m 57s

Israel starts vaccinating Palestinians with Israeli work permits

Human rights activists say Israel should vaccinate all Palestinians. Also: Italy approves the Astrazeneca vaccine for people aged over 65; and an experiment in the Netherlands to see if large-scale gatherings are safe.
08/03/214m 57s

US passes $2tn stimulus package

Long-awaited Covid relief package is passed in the US senate. Also as Israel reopens its borders, its prime minister says the country is almost done with Covid, and UK nurses demand better face masks.
07/03/214m 57s

WHO warns of a risk of further surges if restrictions are relaxed

WHO officials said it was a mistake to think the pandemic was almost over. Also, police clash with anti-lockdown protesters in Paraguay and, nine apes in a zoo in the US have been vaccinated after some gorillas test positive.
06/03/214m 58s

Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda start vaccine rollout

Health workers are among the first to receive the jab. Also: the Brazilian president says there's 'no point hiding under the bed', and Switzerland holds a minute's silence.
05/03/214m 59s

Obese countries have 'highest' Covid-19 death rates

The WHO says the correlation between weight and mortality is clear and compelling. Also: Germany changes its mind and recommends the AstraZeneca shot for older people, and Pakistan suspends its domestic cricket league.
04/03/214m 59s

Biden: vaccines for all US adults by May

President Biden says the United States will have enough coronavirus vaccines for every American adult by the end of May. Also, an explosion has damaged a coronavirus test centre in the Netherlands; and Dolly Parton sings for her vaccine urging fans to take the jab.
03/03/214m 52s

Sri Lanka plans covid burials on remote island

The move, which comes days after the end of forced cremations, has angered Muslims. Also: a large shipment of vaccine has arrived in Nigeria, and there's a warning that greenhouse gas emissions are rising above pre-covid levels.
02/03/214m 58s

Vaccines: Rollout begins in West Africa

President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana is the first person to receive a vaccine from the global sharing programme Covax. Also: Dr. Anthony Fauci says the US could start vaccinating children later this year, and New Zealand's Prime Minister urges people to inform on Covid rule-breakers.
01/03/214m 59s

Johnson & Johnson to begin vaccine distribution in US

The vaccine was formally approved by US regulators. Also, Philippines get first vaccines from China, and UK churches urge vaccine uptake.
28/02/214m 57s

Biden’s 1.9 trillion Coronavirus relief bill passes House vote

The ‘American Rescue Plan’ seeks to boost vaccinations and testing and stabilize the economy, Also: New Zealand’s biggest city will begin a seven-day lockdown after the discovery of a new coronavirus case in Auckland, and the UN Security Council has unanimously approved a resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in armed conflicts around the world so vaccines can be delivered.
27/02/214m 57s

Queen Elizabeth urges vaccine-hesitant to think of others

In a video call with British health workers she said 'it didn't hurt at all', and while she understood getting a jab could be a 'difficult' experience for some people she urged everyone to 'think about other people rather than yourselves'. Also: Sri Lanka ends the forced cremation of people who have died from Covid-19, and Russian diplomats find an original way out of North Korea because of coronavirus travel restrictions.
26/02/214m 59s

EU leaders discuss speeding up vaccine distribution

European Commission criticised for taking longer than Britain and US to order jabs. Also: the organisers of the Tokyo Olympics have confirmed that the Games' torch relay - delayed because of the pandemic - will now begin next month as planned, and in rugby, Sunday's Six Nations match between France and Scotland has been postponed, after an eleventh French player tested positive for coronavirus.
25/02/214m 58s

World's first Covax vaccines delivered to Africa

It is a milestone for a scheme aiming to distribute jabs fairly to poorer nations. Also: Uganda denies the president and officials were vaccinated before other Ugandans, and the debate in Japan over whether the Olympics should go ahead.
24/02/214m 58s

WFP warns Covid protocols putting North Korea help at risk

The World Food Programme warns Covid-19 protocols may force it to abandon its operation in North Korea; President Biden speaks of his heartbreak over the half a million Americans who have died in the pandemic; and the UK weighs up the ethical and practical dilemmas of vaccine certificates.
23/02/214m 59s

Single vaccine jabs 'prevent serious illness'

UK data shows one dose of Biontech and AstraZeneca vaccines gives up to 94% protection. Also: Air New Zealand to trial digital passport app, another five top-level French rugby players test positive for Covid-19, and scientists find wearing glasses makes you less likely to catch coronavirus.
22/02/214m 58s

Israel eases restrictions after vaccine success

Shops, synagogues and gyms re-open but entry limited to people who've been immunised. Also: UK confirms one in three adults have now received their first vaccination shot. France considers partial lockdown for Nice region after spike in Covid cases. And Russia registers its third coronavirus vaccine.
21/02/214m 58s

G7 boost global vaccination rollout

World's wealthiest nations pledge 7.5 billion dollars to Covax initiative. Also: Covid deniers protest in cities across Australia, Thai TV host given suspended jail sentence for holding a birthday celebration in defiance of coronavirus restrictions and Florida women pose as grannies to try and jump the vaccine queue.
20/02/214m 58s

Rich nations accused of hoarding vaccines

So far, 130 countries have had no vaccines at all. Also: Israeli study finds Pfizer jab is 85% effective after one dose. And how gum disease can increase your risk of developing severe covid symptoms.
19/02/214m 58s

US life expectancy falls by a year

It is the largest decline in decades and the pandemic is a major factor, experts say. Also: poor financial results for the airline industry, and how some Brazilians try to buy a house to jump the vaccination queue.
18/02/214m 58s

S Africa is first to roll out new vaccine

South Africa has started vaccinating health care workers with Johnson and Johnson jabs. Also: the UK healthy volunteers who will be exposed to Covid, and international tributes to Sir Tom Moore.
17/02/214m 58s

Dutch court strikes down coronavirus curfew

Dutch courts strike down a night-time curfew designed to stop the spread of coronavirus; judges say the ban on public outings has no lawful basis. Plus, North Korea is accused of trying to steal the secrets of one of the world's most effective Covid-19 vaccines; and to help citizens cope with the crisis, Norway brings snow to the heart of the city.
16/02/214m 59s

Vaccinations see huge drop in cases, Israel study shows

It has carried out one of the biggest real-world tests so far of the effectiveness of two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Also: suspects behind the production and distribution of fake vaccines are arrested in China, and Japan's economy shrinks 4.8% in 2020 due to the pandemic.
15/02/214m 59s

New Zealand imposes a three-day stay-at-home order in Auckland.

A three-day lockdown to deal with a coronavirus outbreak in Auckland. Also, the US criticises China over its refusal to hand over some data from the earliest stages of the pandemic, and hope that the world's biggest competition on natural ice might just go ahead this year.
14/02/214m 57s

Scientists demand speedy global access to vaccines

Scientists writing in the medical journal the Lancet, say it could take years to control Covid unless all countries including the world's poorest, are vaccinated. Also: fears over a fake steam remedy promoted in South Asian communities, and, Peru's health minister resigns after a vaccine scandal involving the president.
13/02/214m 58s

Snap lockdown in Victoria with tennis fans barred from Open

The Australian state shuts down over a dozen Covid-19 cases. Also: the British economy suffers its biggest decline on record, and President Biden says he's ordered enough vaccine doses to inoculate every American.
12/02/214m 59s

Israel begins vaccinating Palestinian labourers

Believed to be first time Israel has offered jabs to non health workers from the West Bank. Also: new figures say people with disabilities accounted for more than half of all coronavirus deaths in England last year, and France decides not to extend its biggest airport - partly because of the pandemic.
11/02/214m 59s

European Union admits vaccine shortcomings

The European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen tells the Brussels parliament 'we're still not where we want to be'. Also: South Africa may swap or sell AstraZeneca vaccine, and Europe's oldest person survives Covid19 just before 117th birthday.
10/02/214m 57s

WHO: 'Extremely unlikely' that Covid leaked from a lab

The WHO was providing details of its fact-finding mission to the Chinese city of Wuhan, and a vaccination programme gets underway in Iran.
09/02/214m 59s

UK tries to allay vaccine concern

British government tries to ease worries about AstraZeneca vaccine; some European countries ease lockdown restrictions; and Dr Fauci says: don't delay the second dose.
08/02/214m 58s

Oxford jab protection against S Africa variant 'limited'

AstraZeneca says the trial involved over 2,000 mainly healthy and young patients. Also, Israel begins easing its third nationwide lockdown, and real fans join cut-outs at the NFL Superbowl.
07/02/214m 59s

China approves second vaccine

Beijing’s medical regulators have endorsed the Sinovac jab, which is already in use in China and abroad. Also, one year after his death, tributes are paid to the doctor who raised the alarm about the virus. And, President Joe Biden urges Congress to approve his economic relief plan.
06/02/214m 59s

Mental health problems surge in South Korea

A new study in South Korea shows that depression and suicidal thoughts have increased since the start of the pandemic, with young women and girls at particular risk. Also, the UK says that from February 15th, travellers returning from coronavirus hotspots must quarantine in government-approved hotels.And all tennis players and officials at the Australian Open have tested negative, after an infection scare.
05/02/214m 59s

International Red Cross plans to bring vaccines to poorer countries

The plan will cost more than 100 million dollars, also: Britain looks at the effect of mixing vaccines, and Australian Open to go ahead as planned next week.
04/02/214m 58s

WHO inspectors visit Wuhan lab

Members of the Trump administration had speculated research centre was source of pandemic. The visit to the Chinese city is part of a probe into the origins of Covid-19. Also: Pakistan begins the rollout of its vaccination programme and a 100 year old war veteran who raised millions for health worker charities in Britain, has died.
03/02/214m 59s

China arrests scores over fake vaccines

About three-thousand counterfeit doses containing a saline solution were seized. Also: one of the biggest healthcare providers in Israel says the country's inoculation programme is highly effective, and Japanese authorities insist the delayed Olympics will go ahead.
02/02/214m 59s

Europol warns against fake Covid certificates

EU's law enforcement agency says criminals are selling fake negative Covid test certificates, allowing people to avoid travel bans. Also, Pakistan has received its first batch of vaccines from China, and hundreds of bars and restaurants in France and Hungary threaten to open in defiance of restrictions.
01/02/214m 58s

WHO investigators visit Wuhan market

World Health Organisation investigators have visited the market in China where the first coronavirus outbreak is thought to have begun. Also, the Australian city of Perth has imposed a sudden lockdown after its first case of coronavirus transmission in ten months, and Dubai has set out plans to act as a global logistics hub for vaccine distribution.
31/01/214m 55s

EU backtracks on UK vaccine threat

The EU says it was a mistake to attempt to impose vaccine export controls on the Northern Irish border -- in breach of the post-Brexit agreement. Also, the WHO calls for rich countries to pause their inoculations to let the rest of the world catch up and the Australian Open to allow up to 30 thousand fans a day.
30/01/214m 58s

Janssen's single dose vaccine 66% effective

Trials of the vaccine involved more than 40-thousand people, none of whom needed hospital treatment or died from coronavirus after the jab took effect. It's not the only experimental vaccine that's performed well in trials: the Novavax two-shot jab has been shown to be 89% effective. Also, we hear from the world's biggest tennis stars as they emerge from quarantine in Australia.
29/01/214m 59s

Germany warns of tough weeks ahead

The health minister, Jens Spahn, says a shortage of vaccines is to blame as the European Union and AstraZeneca fail to resolve a row over supplies. Also: a team of World Health Organisation experts are allowed out of quarantine in Wuhan to investigate how the pandemic started, and why people in Britain are being urged to take up sculpture during lockdown.
28/01/214m 58s
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