Coronavirus Global Update

Coronavirus Global Update

By BBC World Service

A daily round-up on the spread of the coronavirus, with reports from affected areas, details of the latest medical information and the impact on health, business and travel.


Brazil registers a record number of cases

Brazil has recorded its highest number of new coronavirus cases in a single day. Also: South Korea is shutting more than eight-hundred schools, and the Boston Marathon has been cancelled for the first time.
29/05/204m 59s

English Premier League football poised to return

The Premier League re-start date is set for June the 17th, subject to government approval. Also: US pandemic jobless claims top 40 million, and BBC Proms goes virtual.
28/05/204m 58s

US coronavirus deaths pass 100,000

However the number of new infections is slowing and the economy is beginning to reopen. Also: Britain's testing and tracing system launches, and Rugby League in Australia is restarting.
28/05/204m 58s

Job losses among the young are creating 'a lock-down generation'

United Nations research says one in six young people out of work due to pandemic. Also European Commission outlines an 800-billion dollar proposal to build EU economies. And England's top football clubs agree to resume contact training.
27/05/204m 59s

Health officials say Latin America is now the centre of the global pandemic

The WHO's Pan American Health Organization says it's worried about the rapidly spreading outbreaks in Brazil, Chile and Peru. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe has arrested 40,000 people over the past two months for breaking lockdown rules. And the state of New York starts to re-open some businesses.
27/05/204m 59s

No school in Philippines until Covid-19 vaccine available

President Duterte says without a vaccine, the risk to children is too great. Also, the New York Stock exchange trading floor re-opens. And wanted in Britain -- the plasma of Covid-19 survivors.
26/05/204m 58s

WHO suspends Hydroxychloroquine tests amid safety fears

Health officials say an "abundance of caution" is necessary, after a recent study suggested the anti-malaria drug could lead to more deaths among COVID-19 patients. Meanwhile, the US state of California will let shops and places of worship re-open, albeit with restrictions. And Haiti braces for a spike in cases.
26/05/204m 59s

Japan lifts its state of emergency

The Japanese PM says it got the outbreak under control in less than two months. Also: Germany stumps up $10bn to bail out the airline Lufthansa, and the curators documenting Covid-19 for future generations.
25/05/204m 57s

South Africa: President warns of spike in cases as lockdown is eased

Cyril Ramaphosa says the risk of a COVID-19 resurgence has never been greater, as the country prepares to lift its curfew next week. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson defends his top adviser, who is accused of breaking lockdown rules. And as India restarts domestic flights, each state has its own quarantine measures for travellers.
25/05/204m 59s

China condemns coronavirus lawsuits

The Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, said the US and China should work together. Also, The New York Times devotes entire front page to victims of Covid-19 and Eid celebrations under lockdown.
24/05/204m 59s

Eid al-Fitr: Pandemic disrupts Muslim celebration

Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others order a complete lockdown during this festival, which is traditionally a time for feasts and gift-giving. Meanwhile, Russians begin to question the accuracy of their country’s official death toll. And Mexican officials say drug cartels have been less active under the lockdown, though murders are on the rise.
24/05/204m 59s

Kenya announces a half billion dollar package to deal with pandemic impact

President Kenyatta said funding would help vulnerable families, tourism and agriculture sectors. Also: one of the world's biggest car hire firms, Hertz, has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US, and La Liga football season can resume next month.
23/05/204m 59s

South America: a new centre of the pandemic

The WHO says many countries in the region have seen a worrying rise in cases. Also: a study says hydroxychloroquine increases the risk of patients with Covid-19 dying from the disease, and the mystery of the Paris park pandemic lock-picker.
23/05/204m 58s

UN warns of collapse of health systems in Yemen

Aid agencies say there's a shortage of equipment and oxygen. Also, India records its highest daily increase in cases and researchers in the UK begin a trial using immunotherapy.
22/05/204m 59s

Researchers warn of Covid-19 conspiracies

Psychologists say a “disconcertingly high” number of people hold conspiracy theories. Also: Brazil registers a record number of deaths, and France fines protesting healthcare workers.
22/05/204m 58s

More than five million virus cases worldwide

The cases are recorded by John Hopkins University. Also: A Syrian refugee who works as a hospital cleaner helps persuade the British PM to abandon a policy, and the Tokyo Olympics must be held next year or will be cancelled.
21/05/204m 58s

Global virus cases soar

The WHO reports the biggest rise in new infections in a single day. Also: new rules come into force in Spain and Greece prepares for the summer holiday season.
21/05/204m 58s

Chinese experts report changes to Covid-19 symptoms

The National Health Commission says new infections also have longer incubation. Also: Brazil authorises the use of hydroxychloroquine; infected mink could have passed the virus to a worker at a Dutch fur farm; and 'adopt a grandparent' -- how people in Bolivia are helping each other's elderly relatives.
20/05/204m 57s

WHO agrees to investigation of international pandemic response

The US and China have traded accusations over who has done more damage, but most WHO member states say the probe should be about building a plan for the future, not trying to lay blame. Meanwhile, health officials say Indigenous communities in the Amazon are under threat from COVID-19. And we take a look at the outsized role American women are playing, at work and at home, during the pandemic.
20/05/204m 59s

China accuses President Trump of shifting the blame for the US outbreak

Reaction from Beijing after Mr Trump threatens to withdraw US membership of the World Health Organisation. Also: carbon emissions fall to levels not seen since the Second World War as a result of the pandemic and why Chopin won't be heard outdoors in Warsaw this summer.
19/05/204m 57s

Trump says he takes the unproven drug Hydroxychloroquine

The president says he’s heard “good stories” about the anti-malaria medicine, though US authorities have warned against its use for COVID-19. Meanwhile, Germany and France propose more than $500 billion in funding to help the European Union recover financially from the pandemic. And we introduce you to the Cuddle Curtain – one man’s plan to hug his loved ones while social distancing.
19/05/204m 59s

WHO promises independent inquiry into its handling of the coronavirus pandemic

The head of the World Health Organisation has promised an independent review of its handling of coronavirus – ‘at the earliest opportunity’. Also: US firm Moderna reports promising early results in its vaccine trial; and a Ghanaian war veteran aims to follow in Colonel Tom Moore’s fundraising footsteps.
18/05/204m 58s

Brazil: Mayor says Sao Paulo health system is close to collapse

Bruno Covas calls for a full lockdown in Brazil’s largest city, citing the failure of partial social distancing guidelines. Meanwhile, Japan is headed for its worst economic slump since the Second World War. And the WHO weighs in on sending children back to school.
18/05/204m 59s

Thailand reopens shopping centres after lockdown

Thais have been returning to department stores, museums and other public spaces. Also: Spain reports fewer than 100 Covid-19 deaths since before the country entered lockdown and Qatar enforces some of the toughest penalties in the world for not wearing a face mask.
17/05/204m 58s

Obama again condemns Trump pandemic response

The former president says COVID-19 has “torn back the curtain” on US leadership, during an address to graduating university students. Meanwhile, Brazil installs an army general with no medical experience as its interim health minister, as the country’s outbreak becomes the fourth-largest in the world. And police in London arrest 19 people during anti-lockdown protests.
17/05/204m 59s

Football kicks off in Germany

Millions of Germans can finally watch a match after two months but fans aren't allowed into stadiums. Also: doctors say some patients who are severely ill with coronavirus have developed dangerous blood clots and how rabbis are getting round the lockdown.
16/05/204m 58s

Italy opens borders

From June Italians can travel abroad and foreign visitors can enter. Also: Germany’s professional football league resumes and the Dutch government changes its sex advice.
16/05/204m 58s

Pandemic pushes German economy into recession

Germany's economy shrank by 2.2% in the first three months of this year as the coronavirus pandemic pushed it into recession. Also: The newly appointed Brazilian health minister has resigned after disagreements with President Jair Bolsonaro's handling of the crisis, and Slovenia becomes the first European country to declare an end to its virus epidemic.
15/05/204m 59s

The WHO warns that quarter of a billion Africans could catch Covid-19

The WHO warns quarter of a billion Africans could catch Covid-19, the surrogate babies who can't be collected by their parents and the Hollywood actor Matt Damon surprises a frontline healthworker.
15/05/204m 59s

COVID-19 reaches the world's biggest refugee settlement at Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh

Two Rohingya refugees have tested positive for coronavirus in the world’s largest refugee camp. Also: A US virus expert warns that America faces the darkest winter in its modern history, and New Zealand reopens with midnight queues for hairdressers.
14/05/204m 59s

US accuses China of trying to steal coronavirus research

US says Chinese hackers are trying to steal research on Covid-19 vaccines, the WHO warns the virus "may never go away" and how the pandemic is affecting two pandas far away from home.
14/05/204m 59s

China seals off city after fresh Covid-19 cluster

Restrictions on movement are re-imposed in Jilin after new cases emerge. Also, Lebanon shuts down again as "total" lockdown begins for four days. And the extra burden of Covid-19 for some people living in rental accommodation.
13/05/204m 59s

Brazil sees record rise in coronavirus deaths

Brazil has seen a record rise in the number of deaths from coronavirus, Doctor Anthony Fauci warns over easing the restrictions in the US and Spain's oldest woman survives the virus.
13/05/204m 59s

Fauci warns Senate of 'serious consequences'

Top US infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, warns Senate of 'suffering and death’ if US reopens too quickly. The W-H-O says the Americas are now driving the pandemic. And, a German man has finally left Delhi airport after being stuck there for almost eight weeks.
12/05/204m 59s

White House: Masks made mandatory for staff in the West Wing

The new precautions come as Donald Trump claims the US has ‘prevailed’ at testing for the virus. Meanwhile, Twitter has said it will start putting warning labels on misleading posts about COVID-19. And India has seen its first drop in carbon emissions for almost 40 years.
12/05/204m 59s

Russia to end partial national lockdown

President Putin says Russia will begin a gradual exit from its coronavirus restrictions -- despite a record daily increase in infections. Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been defending his plan for the easing of restrictions in England. And, South Dakota Sioux refuse to take down 'illegal' coronavirus checkpoints.
11/05/204m 59s

Boris Johnson reveals his plan to lift England’s lockdown

The prime minister encourages Britons to get back to work, but Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland remain cautious over easing their restrictions. Meanwhile, Australia slowly re-opens its schools. And Italy faces a backlash after releasing mafia members from prison.
11/05/204m 59s

Fears of a second wave of infections in South Korea

President Moon Jae In warned people to remain vigilant after a spike in new cases – the highest for a month. Also: infections rise in Germany just days after the country eases its lockdown restrictions, and the airline passengers paying more than 200 dollars to be tested in Austria.
10/05/204m 58s

Obama condemns President Trump's pandemic response

The former president said the Trump administration's efforts had been a "chaotic disaster". Meanwhile, Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro goes jet skiing, as the country observes three days of mourning for COVID-19 victims. And athletes have been testing positive as football and mixed martial arts restart competition.
10/05/204m 59s

Senior Chinese official admits health system weaknesses

China says it will improve public health systems after criticism of its early response to the virus. Also: thousands attend a military parade in Belarus despite the Covid-19 risk, and scientists investigate whether the female sex hormone oestrogen protects against the coronavirus.
09/05/204m 59s

US accuses China of Covid-19 disinformation

The US said fake Twitter accounts amplified propaganda tweeted by Chinese diplomats. Also: South American countries raise concerns over Brazil's outbreak and billions are made available to support Eurozone countries.
09/05/204m 58s

What are the exact origins of the coronavirus?

The World Health Organisation says it could take at least a year to determine the exact origins of the coronavirus; also: Disney is to reopen its Shanghai theme park but at reduced capacity, and celebrations take place to mark 75 years since Victory in Europe and the end of the second world war.
08/05/204m 59s

Brazil records big increase in deaths

President Bolsonaro's government warns of economic collapse if regional lockdowns remain. Also: Europe commemorates VE Day with events held despite restrictions and India begins to repatriate hundreds of thousands of citizens.
08/05/204m 59s

France announces measures to ease lockdown

Shops and some schools allowed to reopen - but restrictions remain in Paris. Also, there's been a further steep rise in unemployment in the United States with increasing numbers of white collar workers losing their jobs.
07/05/204m 58s

United Nations launches new coronavirus appeal

Over six and a half billion dollars are being sought to support fragile countries. Also: Donald Trump says the pandemic is the worst attack ever on the United States and hear why Covid-19 has seen an unlikely friendship form between Ireland and Native Americans.
07/05/204m 58s

The German Chancellor reaches deal on easing lockdown

All restrictions on shops will be lifted and schools will gradually re-open. Also: the European Commission has warned that the EU faces its worst economic downturn since the 1930s, and Uber announces job cuts.
06/05/204m 58s

White House plans to disband virus task force

Vice-President Mike Pence suggests it could be disbanded within weeks. Also: Germany prepares to ease lockdown restrictions and why the pandemic has helped reduce emissions.
06/05/204m 58s

UK reports highest coronavirus death toll in Europe

The United Kingdom has outstripped Italy in the number of coronavirus deaths, becoming the worst affected country in Europe. Also: India is to bring home hundreds of thousands of its citizens who have been stranded overseas because of the government lockdown, and can naval divers help coronavirus patients recover?
05/05/204m 56s

US to borrow record 3 trillion dollars in pandemic spending

It’s a stark demonstration of how quickly the country's financial situation has changed. Also: doctors suggest the virus arrived in France almost a month earlier than previously thought, and the list of animals known to be at risk of being infected just got longer.
05/05/204m 59s

European Commission launches global effort to fund vaccine research

A virtual conference for world leaders and philanthropists took place in a bid to raise $8.3bn. Also: Japan extends its state of emergency until the end of the month, and getting a haircut in Germany after many weeks.
04/05/204m 58s

Trump believes vaccine will be ready this year

Most experts say it will be at least 12 to 18 months before a vaccine can be developed, but President Trump says the US is "very confident". Also: the number of infections in Brazil surges beyond 100,000, and countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa are easing some lockdown restrictions.
04/05/204m 59s

Russia has recorded its biggest one day rise in coronavirus cases

More than ten thousand new infections have been registered -- the highest such figure in Europe. Also: the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has said there is enormous evidence that the coronavirus pandemic originated in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and the Philippines has suspended repatriation flights for citizens stranded overseas because its quarantine facilities are full.
03/05/204m 58s

Boris Johnson: "There were plans in case I died"

The British prime minister reveals he needed "litres and litres of oxygen" while he was seriously ill in hospital with coronavirus. Also: Thailand becomes one of the latest countries to relax its lockdown measures, and Madrid has found a way for some of its residents to go to the cinema without leaving their homes.
03/05/204m 59s

Spain says adults can leave home for exercise for the first time in seven weeks

With its infection rate in decline, Spain is slowly easing its tough lockdown restrictions. Meanwhile, Malaysia has defended its mass detention of undocumented migrants, saying the arrests were carried out to stop the spread of COVID-19. And India has ordered workers to use a smartphone app that can trace people who may have been infected.
02/05/204m 59s

US authorises use of Ebola drug Remdesivir

The experimental anti-viral drug can now be used to treat people who are hospitalised with severe cases of Covid-19. Also: several European countries are easing different elements of their lockdown measures, and firefighters in Corsica are training dogs to sniff out the virus.
02/05/204m 59s

Half of US states prepare to ease coronavirus restrictions

Concerns about the economy are driving the lifting of lockdown measures. Also there are worries that personal protective equipment (PPE) isn't well designed for women, and celebrating the coming of summer on May Day in England - online.
01/05/205m 0s

President Trump says he's seen evidence that Covid-19 came from a Chinese lab.

President Trump says he has seen evidence that the virus came from a Chinese lab, the Russian prime minister tests positive for Covid-19 and how the band Queen are paying tribute to healthcare workers across the world.
01/05/204m 59s

British PM gives upbeat message despite high death toll

Boris Johnson said Britain was past the peak of the outbreak and on the downward slope; also France enters recession amid warnings of an unprecedented economic slump in Europe, and a new long lasting disinfectant developed in Hong Kong.
30/04/204m 59s

Drug has 'clear cut' power to fight coronavirus

Hopes that a drug could reduce the recovery time for Covid-19, South Africa reverses a decision to allow people to buy cigarettes and the couple who were together for more than 60 years and died just hours apart.
30/04/204m 59s

US economy shrinks at fastest rate since 2008

The world's largest economy contracts by nearly 5% as pandemic measures take a toll. Also: the role genetics play in how badly you suffer from the coronavirus, and the 98-year-old doctor still caring for patients.
29/04/204m 59s

US coronavirus cases pass one million.

The number of known cases in the US passes a million, President Putin admits Russia has a shortage of PPE for medics, the campaign to stop racist attacks on Asian Americans.
29/04/204m 59s

UN warns of effect of coronavirus pandemic on women

The United Nations Population Fund says lockdowns restrict access to contraception
28/04/204m 58s

President Trump 'not happy with China'

President Trump believes China could have stopped coronavirus at the source, Nigeria extends lockdown for a week and why Belgians are being encouraged to eat chips.
28/04/204m 58s

The US denies that it is reducing spending on global healthcare

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells the BBC he was confident the US would increase its aid. Also: France registers a record monthly rise in the number of people seeking unemployment benefits, and hairdressers go back to work in Switzerland.
27/04/204m 59s

Italy to gradually ease strict restrictions imposed seven weeks ago

The prime minister Giuseppe Conte has outlined a timetable for easing quarantine measures in the country that's recorded the most deaths in Europe. Also: senior US doctors say social distancing will be needed throughout the summer, and millions of Syrian students are told school won't return until next year.
27/04/204m 59s

Spain eases curbs on children as daily toll drops

The number of deaths in Spain in a day from coronavirus is at its lowest level since the 20th of March. Also: the Chinese authorities have confiscated more than eighty-nine million poor-quality face masks, and more countries are using or adopting tracing apps in the fight against the pandemic.
26/04/204m 59s

British Prime Minister returns to work after recovering from coronavirus

Boris Johnson will return to the helm of a government facing growing criticism over its handling of the coronavirus crisis, with more than 20,000 deaths recorded. Also: President Trump has said daily pandemic briefings are no longer worth his time, and Spanish children are allowed out of their homes for the first time in six weeks.
26/04/204m 59s

WHO challenges 'immunity passports'

The World Health Organisation warns that past infection is no guarantee of future immunity. Also: the fear of new waves of infection in Iran, and the zoo chimps and covid-19.
25/04/204m 57s

Doctors criticise President Trump's 'sarcastic' disinfectant comments

President Donald Trump says his suggestion that coronavirus patients could be injected with disinfectant was sarcastic, but doctors say it was dangerous and unhelpful. Also: Belgium prepares to ease its lockdown, and psychologists in Italy say the country is facing a mental health emergency.
25/04/204m 59s

Global leaders launch initiative to speed up development of drugs and vaccines

The WHO calls for solidarity in tackling the pandemic. Also: President Trump's suggestion that Covid-19 can be treated by injecting disinfectant is widely criticised, and South Korea records no new coronavirus deaths for the first time in more than a month.
24/04/204m 57s

US Congress passes $484 billion economic relief bill

President Trump says the fourth coronavirus relief bill will help more than 26 million Americans who have filed for unemployment benefits in the last five weeks. Also: South Africa begins to ease a nationwide lockdown and children in Spain receive an apology after being confined to their homes for weeks.
24/04/204m 58s

China cases 'may have been four times official figure'

China's ambassador to the UK denies a cover-up. Also: the German Chancellor says she regrets having to impose restrictions on the elderly, and how Muslims are observing Ramadan under lockdown.
23/04/204m 57s

Top US doctor urges caution on easing restrictions

Anthony Fauci said there was no doubt coronavirus would return later in the year. Also: Brazil digs mass graves for victims of the pandemic and EU leaders to discuss how to end lockdowns.
23/04/204m 58s

Migrant remittances at risk, says World Bank

The money sent by migrant workers to families back home could fall by as much as 20%. Also: Koranic schools across northern Nigeria are being shut, and Germany is the latest country to announce human vaccine trials.
22/04/204m 56s

Trump to temporarily halt immigration into the US

The President said the move would protect American jobs during the coronavirus crisis. Also: the Spanish government is seeking parliamentary approval to extend the national lockdown and Singapore struggles to stop cases surging among migrant workers.
22/04/204m 58s

The UN warns of multiple famines due to the pandemic

The head of the World Food Programme says the number of hungry people could double. Also: President Trump says immigration to the US will be suspended, and the UK will begin trialling a vaccine on people from Thursday.
21/04/204m 59s

Pandemic sends US oil prices into negative territory

Producers paid buyers to take their supplies as demand dries up. Also: Italy reports a fall in the number of people in intensive care and Ghana uses drones to speed up testing.
21/04/204m 58s

Millions return to work in India

Some areas ease restrictions so farmers can get back to normal due to food shortage fears; also a lack of personal protection equipment (PPE) such as gowns and masks causes concern in Britain and Malawi, and vulnerable leatherback turtles return to beaches in Thailand left empty by tourists during lockdown.
20/04/204m 59s

Governor Cuomo says New York is past the peak of infections

The state announces widespread testing for COVID 19 antibodies, to find out how many New Yorkers have survived the virus. Meanwhile, India’s president calls for unity and brotherhood as the pandemic sparks anti-Muslim rhetoric. And Disney puts half its workforce on unpaid leave.
20/04/204m 59s

UK Prime Minister missed string of emergency meetings in run-up to the outbreak

A senior British cabinet minister has admitted that Boris Johnson missed five of the government's top level emergency planning meetings as the coronavirus pandemic was taking hold. Also: Russia has registered a steep rise in new cases for the second day running, and a football team from the Chinese city at the centre of the outbreak has finally arrived home.
19/04/204m 59s

Several US states set to re-open

Texas, Vermont and others are preparing to lift restrictions, as anti-lockdown protests continue around the US, with President Trump's encouragement. Meanwhile, Russian hospitals struggle to cope with the country's growing outbreak. And South Korea records just eight new cases in 24 hours.
19/04/204m 59s

Number of dead in Spain rises to more than twenty thousand

Spain is third country after the US and Italy to surpass twenty thousand. Also: Pakistan says mosques can reopen during Ramadan and performers link up for a concert to pay tribute to frontline workers across world.
18/04/204m 59s

Trump calls for ‘liberation’ of three states in lockdown

The president has tweeted his support for anti-lockdown protests, prompting a Democratic governor to accuse him of fomenting rebellion. Meanwhile, UK hospitals are running out of protective equipment for doctors and nurses. And Turkey continues its weekend lockdowns, despite calls for full-time restrictions.
18/04/204m 59s

Germany's coronavirus outbreak under control

Germany says infection rates reduced due to lockdown measures and extensive testing, Swedish officials have raised concerns about the health impact of strict Covid-19 lockdowns, and what does Earth look like after months on the space station ?
17/04/204m 59s

US unveils plan for lifting lockdown

Donald Trump has said it will be up to individual states to decide when and how they implement the government’s three-phase strategy. Meanwhile, China’s economy has shrunk for the first time in decades. And the World Health Organisation has predicted Africa could be the next epicentre of the pandemic.
17/04/204m 59s

22 million Americans file for unemployment in a month.

A week where five million more Americans lose their jobs as the coronavirus crisis intensifies, Japan declares a state of emergency after a spike in new infections, and a Vietnamese businesswoman provides free rice for those affected by Covid-19 from an ATM machine.
16/04/204m 59s

Economies in Asia will see zero growth this year, warns IMF

The International Monetary Fund says the impact on Asia will be "severe, across the board, and unprecedented". Also: President Trump says data suggests that the US has passed the peak of new infections, and researchers in Britain are hoping to fast-track new treatments for the virus.
16/04/204m 59s

WHO rejects President Trump's criticism over pandemic

World Health Organisation calls on the international community not to get caught up in recriminations. There's been a record fall in US retail sales in March -and forecasters say worse is yet to come, and a solo round the world sailor tells us how best to overcome self-isolation
15/04/204m 59s

US halts funding to WHO

President Trump says the World Health Organisation "failed in its basic duty" over coronavirus, but his comments have been widely criticised by health experts. Also: South Korea's parliamentary elections go ahead with tight hygiene measures in place, and the island in Europe which has been labelled by locals as "corona island" after becoming a virus hotspot.
15/04/204m 59s

World faces worst economic decline since 1930s

IMF says corona pandemic is "crisis like no other" The number of coronavirus cases recorded worldwide is nearing two million although the true figure is higher,and what's good for Amazon may not be good for everyone.
14/04/204m 58s

Trump defends US virus response

During a bad-tempered White House briefing, the president said his actions had saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Also: several European countries are taking steps to ease lockdown measures, and doctors in India are concerned over the lack of testing.
14/04/204m 59s

WHO says lockdown must be lifted slowly and with control

World Health Organisation warns that lifting of Covid-19 controls must be measured; Spain begins relaxing some lockdown restrictions; Indonesia uses an age-old superstition to keep people indoors.
14/04/204m 52s

Italy and Spain relax lockdown measures

Infection rates appear to be slowing and governments in Madrid and Rome want to revive their economies. Also: China sees a spike in cases, and millions watch Andrea Bocelli perform inside an empty cathedral.
14/04/204m 59s

Pope Francis calls for global solidarity in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

The Pope expressed particular concern for the future of the European Union, saying it was facing an “epochal challenge”. Also: the philanthropist Bill Gates has said compromises may have to be made if a vaccine against the virus is to be ready in eighteen months, and the British PM Boris Johnson has spoken emotionally of his gratitude to the doctors and nurses who he says saved his life.
14/04/204m 58s

US outbreak now the world's deadliest

More than 20,000 Americans have died from coronavirus. Meanwhile, Italy has said some businesses will re-open, despite a three-week extension of the country's strict lockdown. And Canada pledges more than $50 billion to protect workers during the crisis.
14/04/204m 59s

Sweden not properly prepared for Coronavirus says prime minister

Stefan Löfven says it's obvious not enough was done in advance of the pandemic, also: New York mayor says public schools to be closed until September and how a New Zealand headmistress created new Coronavirus lyrics to an old favourite
14/04/204m 58s

Trump creates committee aimed at ending US lockdown

The president has said he wants restrictions relating to the pandemic to be lifted in May. Meanwhile, Christians around the world have found new ways to celebrate Easter. And Apple and Google are working together on software that can track the social interactions of people who test positive for the virus.
14/04/204m 59s

Tough new restrictions in Tokyo

Governor of Tokyo announces tough new measures including cinema closures, Also: German church organizes drive-in Easter services and how some Russians are trying to beat the virus by drinking vodka
14/04/204m 59s

New York opens mass graves for coronavirus victims

Photos show workers in hazmat suits stacking coffins in long trenches. Meanwhile the European Union has agreed to a rescue package worth over $500 billion. And new research suggests social distancing should be vastly increased around joggers and cyclists.
14/04/204m 59s

Big leap in US unemployment numbers

The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits has surged for a third week as the economic toll tied to the coronavirus pandemic intensifies. Also: the World Bank says sub-Saharan Africa will go into recession for the first time in a quarter of a century, and three astronauts escape the pandemic by going into space.
14/04/204m 58s

WHO warns countries not to lift lockdown measures

As China eases restrictions in Wuhan, some European governments have discussed giving their populations more freedom. Meanwhile, statistics from New York City show a disproportionately high number of black and Hispanic residents are dying from coronavirus. And one of Russia’s most popular ballet troupes keeps the show going, with videos from self-isolation.
14/04/204m 59s

Coronavirus: 'Drop in global trade to be worse than 2008 crisis'

In a new report the WTO forecasts a contraction of between 13% and 32% this year. Also: The online criminals taking advantage of the pandemic, and the child prodigy in Greece composing his own Isolation Waltz.
14/04/204m 59s

People of Wuhan allowed to leave after ten-week lockdown is lifted

The months-long lockdown in the city of Wuhan in China's Hubei province - where the coronavirus pandemic started - has been lifted. Also: Britain's prime minister Boris Johnson spends another night in intensive care, and veterinary scientists recommend cat-owners keep their pets indoors.
14/04/204m 59s

What next for UK government as Prime Minister remains in intensive care?

British government to carry on working, despite Boris Johnson's hospitalisation. Also: Chinese authorities have reported no deaths from Covid-19 for the first time since the outbreak began, and a story of neighbourly good will from the Turkish city of Istanbul.
14/04/205m 0s

Austria to relax some lock-down restrictions

Despite the restrictions, Austrians will still have to wear face masks in shops and public transport. Also: Spain has recorded it's lowest daily total in nearly two weeks and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in hospital but says he's "in good spirits".
14/04/204m 59s

Some good news for Spain as Covid-19 death toll falls

The latest daily number of deaths recorded was six hundred and seventy-four. Also: Criminal investigation launched into the Australian cruise ship responsible for nearly a tenth of all cases in the country, and how people in Italy are helping each other by dangling baskets out of their windows.
14/04/204m 59s

Italy’s daily death toll at lowest level for six days

The outbreak in Italy continues to take a heavy toll on the medical profession as more than 60 doctors have died. Also: the authorities in the Netherlands are investigating whether group or ‘herd’ immunity could stop the spread of Covid-19, and the Wimbledon tennis championships have been cancelled.
14/04/204m 58s

US coronavirus death toll overtakes 9/11 fatalities

Over 3000 people have died from the virus in the US. New York's governor is re-organising the state's entire health system. Also: Spain suffers its deadliest day so far, and why are so many young people in Australia testing positive?
14/04/204m 59s

Spain’s COVID-19 cases surpass China

It comes as the country announces new lockdown restrictions. Also: Japan reports a surge in coronavirus infections, and how motor racing engineers helped build a new device to assist breathing.
14/04/204m 58s

Spain and Italy say they're near the peak of the outbreak

The two European countries are hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Also India's prime minister, Narendra Modi asks for his country's forgiveness for imposing a sweeping lockdown, and the world's oldest man has to celebrate his birthday with no fanfare due to the outbreak.
14/04/204m 59s

Spain has largest coronavirus daily death toll to date

There's been a surge in the number of deaths from the coronavirus in Spain. Also: the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the pandemic began, has partially re-opened, and the world's biggest manufacturer of ventilators - in Germany - says demand is currently outstripping capacity ten-fold.
14/04/204m 57s

British PM Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

The British health minister also has the virus, while England's chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, is showing symptoms of COVID-19. Also: the OECD has estimated that every month major economies spend in lockdown will cut growth by two percentage points, and we hear what it's like to be tested for the coronavirus.
14/04/204m 58s

National lockdown in Spain extended

The Spanish parliament voted to prolong the restrictions. Also: millions of people in the United States filed claims for unemployment last week due to the coronavirus, and getting married during a lockdown.
14/04/204m 57s

US Senate agrees huge stimulus package with Trump

The US deal worth $1.8 trillion is to ease the impact of coronavirus. Spain becomes only the second country after Italy to record more deaths than China, and Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus.
14/04/204m 57s

Worldwide cases top 300,000

Italy records a record jump of nearly 800 deaths in just 24 hours. Also: Iran rejects US help offer, and the new toilet paper calculator trying to discourage hoarding.
14/04/204m 59s

UK joins the global shutdown

UK urges people not to panic buy, as pubs, restaurants and leisure facilities close. Also: South Korea threatens to bring in new restrictions as cases begin to rise again; and how to keep young children informed.
14/04/204m 59s

EU plans to close border for 30 days

Coronavirus travel restrictions have forced airlines to ground planes. Also Africa implements the lessons learnt from Ebola and we hear about the first coronavirus vaccine trial.
14/04/204m 58s

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