Love In The Time Of Corona

Love In The Time Of Corona

By Bauer Media

Absolute Radio’s Matt Dyson and The Motherload’s Kate Dyson are facing 14 days of self-isolation after Kate seemingly contracted Covid-19. This would be bearable if they weren’t parents to three kids - Bess, Maggie and Ted. And if the schools hadn’t shut. While Kate languishes in bed, googling random stuff like ‘Can cats die from Coronavirus’, Matt is single-handedly playing nurse, parent, running the household, and broadcasting from the dining room every weekday morning. Can they and their marriage survive Coronavirus? From Matt and Kate's virus-stricken household to your own, this is their diary. Contact us at Produced by Dave Howard for Bauer Media.


One Billion Questions!

Why are elephants big? What is comedy? The girls put all their burning questions in the pink kitten ‘handbag of doom’, while Kate and Matt look back on their last 14 days of isolation in this, the final podcast.
09/04/2013m 19s

Ghost in the Baby Monitor

As the Dysons start to properly lose the plot, Kate is convinced there’s a ghost in Ted’s bedroom…
08/04/2013m 27s

Does cheese go with Nutella?

Matt tries to wrap his legs around Cosmic Yoga, Kate lobbies to turn the shed into a virtual pub, and the girls get creative with toastie fillings in the kitchen…
07/04/2014m 8s

Lockdown Glamping Garden Pod

Camping in the garden shed with Kate and the girls – featuring face-masks, Truth or Dare, and possibly Northamptonshire bears. Meanwhile Matt, who refuses to camp in April, braves spiders in the loft, and picks up cat poos on the lawn.
06/04/2014m 27s

Daddy’s Drunk

Matt is missing male company. After Kate catches him hiding in the car to watch old football matches, he calls Dave Berry for some male bonding and he and his brothers enjoy a half-naked house party which cheers him up no end. Meanwhile, Kate orders new clothes that no one will see.
03/04/2013m 5s

The Great Outdoors

The Dysons charge outside for a one hour walk in the wilderness. But Matt’s cut-throughs are leading them in circles. Will they make it back in time?
02/04/2011m 8s

Let's Just Lilo

Matt does dance classes with Oti Mabuse, and may or may not be threatened by Joe Wicks. Meanwhile Kate goes back to her sick bed and fantasises about turning the back room into a soft play area. Her vision did NOT involve DIY lilos or going to hospital. Do not try this at home.
01/04/2012m 32s

Social Media Distancing

Kate’s Mum and her Facebook friends hit peak boomer and Ted chooses the worst time to drop his nap. Matt and the girls scoot to the corner shop while Kate gets lost in the madness of conspiracy theories…
31/03/2012m 45s

A Taste of Freedom

Out of the house! The Dysons have never been so excited about a trip to the supermarket, Kate can’t stop talking to the checkout operator, and Matt is horrified to create ‘wine-ageddon’ with the rations.
30/03/2015m 4s

A YouTuber’s guide to housework

“I gave birth to all the kids, wrecked my body, now you put out the bins!” With a day to go until the Dysons are allowed out for their one hour, state-sanctioned, socially distanced walk, tensions are running high over housework. Now you can also email the Dysons! Get in touch:
27/03/2012m 51s

Standards Have Slipped

Nearly two weeks into their coronavirus-induced self-isolation, Kate channels her inner hairdresser, while Matt presents the breakfast show in just his pants, and considers making his own toilet paper…
26/03/2013m 0s

There’s a bee in my teepee!

Day 11 in the Coronavirus house. Matt’s thinking of becoming a milkman, Kate is obsessed with buses and binmen, the kids are camping in the garden, and the school has made an unwelcome delivery.
25/03/2014m 41s

Home-schooling with Mr Dyson

A PE lesson in the garden involves learning the Swine Flu Skank while avoiding cat pooh and nettles. Plus a small cry in the bath, and that was all before Boris announced that the UK is in coronavirus lockdown.
24/03/2016m 2s

The Story So Far

One family’s descent into chaos during the coronavirus crisis. A coughing Kate Dyson details her symptoms and googles ‘Can cats get coronavirus?’ Meanwhile Matt Dyson watches a lot of Harry Potter, shares his special recipe for ‘Italian baked beans’, and bribes his local corner shop for a 2-pack of toilet paper.
23/03/2029m 7s


Matt and Kate have gone viral. Possibly. Prepare for some infectious laughter…
20/03/201m 53s
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