By David Millar & Ned Boulting

Hosted by Ned Boulting with David Millar, as ever, by his side. The two talk about lots of things, although they never stray far from the core issue, bike racing. Expect guests from the racing world and some proper old school reporting from the road side. Sponsored by CHPT3 and The Road Book.


NEVER STRAYS FAR Pre-Tour Race Catch-up

Ned and David catch up on the Tour of Switzerland, Tour of Slovenia, Tour of Belgium, Route du Sud. Those might not be the accurate names, yet the races do exist. They also talk about other stuff. CHPT3 IS HEREROAD BOOK IS HERE
14/06/2149m 38s


Ned and David are in Girona commentating on the Criterium du Dauphine in France for British television. They talk about the week-long race, and dabble in the history of Girona and also meet the Australian Mitch Docker, the African Dan Craven and a real life Girona local, Cristian Casals.CLICK HERE FOR CHPT3CLICK HERE FOR THE ROAD BOOK
06/06/211h 36m


The Giro is finished, and so the morning butterfly show flutters away with it. Ned and David have compiled some of the best bits from their three weeks of dawn discussions. There&aposs a bit of everything. We hope you like it. Please click the link below and sign up to stay in touch.CLICK THIS LINK
31/05/212h 2m


It&aposs the final flutter of the Morning Butterfly show. Ned regales us with stories of the gladiator Caruso and David tries to keep his children out of his office. Plus some time trial talk...CLICK THE LINK FOR AMAZING STUFFMILLAR&aposS DAY - LINK TO A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TIME TRIAL BY NIGEL DICK
30/05/2142m 21s


Seemon Yaatez is coming good. Bernal is in control, we think. Ned and David read some reviews. Switzerland, do we like it?CLICK HERE FOR WONDERFUL THINGS
29/05/2135m 17s


We&aposre back and have two days of racing to catch up on. Some talk of T-shirts, and a lot of talk about Dan Martin.  CLINK THE LINK HERE!
28/05/2143m 28s


Ned remembers "The Doc".
27/05/216m 17s


No dreams for Ned. Although some biking on his rest day and discussion of a new climb for the Giro that promises to be very hard to ride up. Leave us a review, don&apos t be embarrassed about being honest and giving us five stars. Thank you.CLINK THE LINK WE TALK ABOUT HERE
26/05/2142m 11s


Matt Rendell joins Ned and David to talk about the Giro d&aposItalia... Ned regales us with his latest dream, we talk about Bernal and the weather.BUY MATT&aposS BOOK ABOUT COLOMBIA AND CYCLINGCLICK HERE FOR CHPT3 AND THE ROAD BOOK WONDERS
25/05/2136m 4s


Ned and David discuss crashing, and the Victor. Also a bit on war memorials, and fascist symbolism, and the daily investigation into Ned&aposs dream from the previous night.CLICK THE LINK HERE FOR AWESOMENESS
24/05/2140m 12s


Ned and David share and appreciate the Contador commentary. Zoncolan is done, Astana pull a Movistar. Another dream and some talk of Mars, the planet, not the confectionary. CLINK THE LINK HERE FOR AMAZING THINGS
23/05/2143m 25s


Ned and David discuss flat stages, and today&aposs hilly stage. Also Juliet&aposs balcony and why it reminds Ned of King&aposs Cross. Nizzolo is a buffalo, and Hemingway&aposs love of bicycle racing. Find the wonderful Hemingway New Yorker interview here.CLICK HERE FOR COOL STUFF
22/05/2139m 3s


Two gentlemen in Verona, well actually, it&aposs just one, and it&aposs Ned. David remains in fair Girona. That doesn&apost stop them discussing the Shakespeare play though, nor chat about stage 12 and talk briefly about 13.  Also the film Norfolk by Martin Radich.CLICK THIS LINK FOR GOOD STUFF
21/05/2146m 17s


Ned has a troubling dream, Remco has a bad day, or was it? Well it was, but we mean, WAS it? Buchmann attacks. Soler’s career highlight reel in 10km. Newer humans win. Again.CLICK LINK HERE
20/05/2135m 47s


In the heart of Tuscany, and ahead of what promises to be a magnificent race, David and Ned ponder the nature of the soul of the Belgian nation in the company of Remco, Gilbert and Brel. Plus there is also some Hungarian.CLICK LINK HERE
19/05/2135m 6s


Ned and David talk to Perry about bike racing, Wales, and music. CLICK THE LINKFIND PERRY HERE
18/05/2133m 2s


David&aposs gravelly tones add gravitas to the gravelly stage that was won in style by Bernal. Meanwhile he awaits a reply from Dan Martin and starts work on his Remco Control Centre. Also, Connor Swift dials in. Plus, there is some Paginini.
17/05/2139m 6s


Ned is in Italy at the bike race. David is at home occasionally watching from afar. Every morning the two of them chat about the goings-on of the previous day, while also talking about the day ahead, as well as other stuff. Like nicknames...CLICK LINK FOR CHANCE TO WIN HERETHE PLANK ATTACK VIDEO
16/05/2140m 28s


Ned and David talk about sprinting and less about the universe.CLINK LINK HERE
15/05/2140m 49s


Ned and David talk about stage 6 of the Giro d’Italia. They also talk about entropy, Chinese explorers, Hungarian language, and some more about REMCO. CLICK THE LINK THEY TALK ABOUT HERE
14/05/2142m 57s


How to do not crashing. How to do no wind. How to eat octopus. And what happens when you discover the mountain you are standing on is actually hollow.CLICK THE LINK WE TALK ABOUT HERE
13/05/2138m 34s


Yesterday it rained at the Giro, and there was an overhill finish. Ned and David talk about it.HERE IS THE LINK WE TALKED ABOUT
12/05/2137m 32s


Ned and David celebrate the success of Taco Van der Hoorn and also reminisce about Steele Van Hoff and his welding past time, and don&apost really ever stray far from talking about the bike race to the point of even dabbling in the dark arts of breakanomics.ALL THE LATEST NEWS HEREFIND CHPT3 HEREGO TO THE ROAD BOOK HERE
11/05/2135m 58s


In a major creative break through Ned and David decide to label each episode as a half stage, therefore calming the brewing storm over whether it should be referred to as the previous days stage versus the upcoming stage. So here we have Farfalle Stage 2.5. They talk about racing. Remember Wouter. Ned offers some quite bizarre bird sounds from an assault while out running. Here is more information about the Black Madonna of Oropa. GET ALL THE LATEST NEWS HERE FIND CHPT3 HERE GO TO THE ROAD BOOK HERE
10/05/2137m 19s


David and Ned discuss the difference between a TT and a prologue, as well as gladiators, hunting lodges, whether to call this stage 1 or 2, and of course, REMCO.STAY UPDATED HEREFIND CHPT3 HEREFIND THE ROAD BOOK
09/05/2139m 22s


David and Ned do the Giro d’Italia. After the post-presentation review we move on to the race preamble chat. We also discuss other stuff, like the King of Italy and the Turin velodrome, and something about breakfast.CLICK HERE TO FIND MORE AMAZING INFORMATION
08/05/2136m 36s


David Millar and Ned Boulting begin their own grand tour of Italian morning shows reviewing the Most Beautiful Race in the World aka the Giro d&aposItalia. David is hosting from his home in Girona, Ned is our man on the ground in Italy. There is no race to review yet,  so we talk about the riders, and the Dante inspired team presentation, and Ned tells the funniest joke ever told...SIGN UP HERE TO GET ALL THE NEWS
07/05/2132m 42s


A taster of what&aposs to come, as David Millar and Ned Boulting reveal their limited edition daily podcasts from the 2021 Giro d&aposItalia. David anchors from his home in Spain, while Ned reports every morning from the race in Italy.SIGN UP HERE TO STAY IN THE LOOP
02/05/211m 39s

THE ROAD BOOK #35: 2020 is almost over. It hasn't been without incident. Ned and David take a bit of time to reflect.

The racing season is over, and to conclude it comes the publication of The Road Book 2020 - the third edition, edited and published by Ned Boulting celebrating and compiling a years of road racing. David and Ned discuss races, pandemics, castles and broken bones.BUY THE ROAD BOOK HEREVISIT CHPT3 HERE
05/12/2039m 41s

THE ROAD BOOK #34: Flanders, the Giro, the Vuelta - It's still all insane.

Ned and David dissect a truly monumental Flanders. Plus we hear from two Matts at the Giro, Rendell and Winston - the DS who could be on the the brink of an amazing win. And, right at the end, a quick look forward to the Vuelta......talking of which: Never Strays Far becomes "Revuelta" once again for the duration of the final Grand Tour. Update your subscriptions to carry on listening, folks!
19/10/2050m 44s

THE ROAD BOOK #33: The wait is over. Ned's Sagan lunacy comes tumbling down as the the Great Man wins in Italy.

Reflections on a champion ride from the 3-time World Champion.Plus, a look back to Gent-Wevelgem, a look forward to Flanders, a little think about Mark Cavendish. And an extended interview with the latest British winner on the continent - the hitherto unheralded Simon Carr. Quite a
13/10/201h 0m

THE ROAD BOOK #32: The Maddest Week. From Imola to Liège - the busiest schedule in history.

More action than you can possibly keep track of, unless you&aposre couchbound with a broken arm. Luckily, Ned is. David and Ned discuss the maddest week of racing, Worlds, Giro, Ardennes, Binckbank (Eneco, or Benelux as we prefer to call it), and other stuff. It&aposs a lot in a short space of time.
04/10/2045m 52s

THE ROAD BOOK #31: In Praise Of Alaphilippe. A homage to the 2020 World Champion.

Ned has dodged the surgeon&aposs knife for another day and has used his time to read aloud Philippe Auclair&aposs masterful and fulsome portrait of Begbie (aka Julian Alaphilippe) as first published in the 2019 Road Book, in which the Frenchman was voted Rider Of The Year.For special offers, and to enter the joint Road Book and CHPT3 competition, visit
28/09/2029m 26s

THE ROAD BOOK #30: The End Of The Tour. It's Like Falling Off A Bike. Literally.

Last ditch drama at the castle, as David and Ned reflect on the end of a wonderful Tour and how Ned ended up in Lewisham hospital.Plus, an extended interview with Eurosport&aposs Rob Hatch on how his three weeks of commentary went.And details of a fantastic competition to enter, with 4 great prizes up for grabs.COMPETITION HERECHPT3 is here.
23/09/2054m 21s

THE ROAD BOOK #29: Dauphiné Stage Five. Drama to the end.

Ned and David look back at Mountain Squash - a race that lived up to its name. Matt Rendell and Steve Cummings report from Lombardy, and we all draw breath in this punishing cycling season that has barely started.Ned - The Road Book 2018 & 2019 for nearly HALF PRICE hereDavid - CHPT3 is here
16/08/2037m 41s

THE ROAD BOOK #28: Dauphiné Stage Three. The Winning Formolo.

David and Ned show signs of race fatigue as the GC pack gets a minor re-shuffle and there&aposs a splendid individual ride to admire from the Italian Champ.Plus, which climbs strike fear into you heart and which don&apost? And what is it about Tignes.This episode features no Wittgenstein.BUY THE ROAD BOOK HERE - 2018 AND 2019 FOR THE PRICE OF ONEVISIT CHPT3 HERE
14/08/2022m 37s

THE ROAD BOOK #27: Dauphiné Stage 2. The Tractatus Of The Summit Finish.

With a kilometre to go on the Col de Porte, there were a good dozen leaders left, including Porte.David and Ned love stuff like this. They salute the winners and not so winners of the day, and hear from Matt Rendell in Piedmont, as well as update the ever developing Life And Times Of Ludwig Wittgenstein.Ned - The Road Book 2018 & 2019 for nearly HALF PRICE hereFind David&aposs CHPT3 here
13/08/2043m 49s

THE ROAD BOOK #26: Dauphiné Stage One. Plus, Wittgenstein.

For the first time ever Ned and David are commentating remotely. These were their takeaways:Ned: A great day&aposs racing in the very heart of France. We got excited about it all over again, then we launched off into another voyage of fruitless intellectual discovery. David: I think Clermont Ferrand is like the town called Rugby in England. We&aposve heard of it yet we have know idea where it is. Ned - The Road Book 2018 & 2019 for nearly half price hereDavid - CHPT3 and your next chapter here
12/08/2041m 31s

THE ROAD BOOK #25: The Dauphiné - "Mountain Squash"

Ned&aposs back in London. David&aposs still stuck in Spain. From tomorrow their voices will meet in France, as they resume commentary roles for the Dauphiné. This pod contains proper preview-type punditry on the route and the riders as well added REMCO!
11/08/2039m 10s

THE ROAD BOOK #24: 2020 Milano Sanremo Report

Ned Boulting is in Sanremo. He takes us inside the pre-race buzz and transfers us to the finish line frenzy - he is our guide, and you&aposd have to have been in the race to have seen more than he witnessed today, fortunately for David that&aposs useful because he&aposs only watched a bit of it. They discuss the race and everything that happened while also straying yet never too far.Check out The Road Book and the offer Ned mentions here.Check out David&aposs CHPT3 and find his Milan Sanremo stories here.
08/08/2047m 46s

THE ROAD BOOK #23: From Siena to SanRemo and beyond. Ned and David post-lockdown re-boot racing

Ned&aposs passion for racing remains undiminished, his constant surprise at the mediocrity of a bike racing hotel is surprising. Meanwhile David sits at his desk somewhere near Girona. The two of them discuss quite a few things that have happened the past few days, none of them particularly stand out. They also try and commentate on a race that happens to be on the TV in the background.Link here to Ned&aposs letter to Fabio.Link here to David&aposs piece on Milan Sanremo.
06/08/2053m 27s

THE ROAD BOOK #22: From Siena With Love. Cycling restarts.

Ned&aposs broken free and finds himself in Italy. David&aposs been watching the telly. And finally we get to talk about racing again: Van Vleuten, Van Aert, Remco, Froome. All that kind of stuff. Plus an interview with Steve Cummings about drinking beer and riding bikes.Here&aposs the photo Ned talks about.Find The Road Book 2018 + 2019 offer here.Find CHPT3 here.
02/08/201h 7m

THE ROAD BOOK #21: David and Ned come of age and talk bookshelves.

A thorough examination of Chris Froome&aposs latest transfer gossip, plus Daniel Mangeas and enough literature to last a lockdown or two, as David and Ned delve into their bookshelves. Books Ned talks about:Maillot Noir. Published by Goater Noir.Tell Them of Battles, Kings and Elephants, by Mathias Enard.Blindness, by José Saramago.How Late It Was, How Late, by James Kelman.The Bridge Over The Drina, by Ivo Andrić.Colombia es Pasión, by Matt Rendell.Books David talks about:The Memory Palace, by Mira Bartok.Bicycle Road Racing: The Complete Program for Training and Competition, by Eddy Borysewicz.Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy.Fragrant Harbour, by John Lanchester.Planet of the Blind, by Stephen Kuuisto.Find Ned&aposs stuff here.Find David&aposs stuff here.
15/05/2044m 19s

THE ROAD BOOK #20: Another Bloody Quiz

After a few weeks of lockdown, David and Ned reminisce, via the loose medium of quizzing on two wonderful stages of the best Tour de France in living memory.
29/04/2027m 31s

THE ROAD BOOK #19: A wonderful Paris Nice comes to an end, thank heavens.

Mixed feelings as Ned and David go their separate ways.Discount codes: POD15                           NSF2020
14/03/2019m 20s

THE ROAD BOOK #18: Paris Nice Stage Five. Love in the time of Corona: a great stage, and an even greater idea.

David and Ned review another unexpectedly good day&aposs racing, reveal the Best Idea In World Cycling, and there&aposs another little audiobook, and it&aposs about Phil
12/03/2028m 3s

THE ROAD BOOK #17: Paris Nice Stage Four. It's time trial day. But on the plus side, we have an interview with Nairo Quintana's bodyguard, the wonderful Connor Swift.

David and Ned salute Max Schachmann, the chess master. Has he got them in check mate? Yes, probably. But also, maybe not. Because the future is not known.
11/03/2035m 36s

THE ROAD BOOK #16: Paris Nice Stage Three - More wind but different! And Sagan almost wins but doesn't.

A Sagan special as Ned tries to back up his ludicrous prediction, and David has to listen to him reading from one of his
10/03/2036m 2s

THE ROAD BOOK #15: Paris Nice Stage Two (and there's more carnage)

The winds blow, the bordures bordure and Ned&aposs predictions grow wings.Ned and David talk about the oft and aforementioned predictions regards certain professional cyclist&aposs future, not just in 2020, but forever, aka the Dark List of Ned&aposs that can be found in their genesis state here.  They also talk about the bike race, and Ned interviews Molly Weaver about her life in cycling.  BARGAIN:Free UK Delivery of the Road Book for the duration of Paris Nice - just use the discount code NSF2020
09/03/2043m 45s

THE ROAD BOOK #14: Paris Nice Stage One

David and Ned are reunited in France* and begin the first of eight world class podcasts from Paris** and then Nice****Ealing**Ealing***EalingFor Free UK delivery on all Road Book orders during Paris Nice visit and enter NSF2020 when you checkout.
08/03/2027m 24s

THE ROAD BOOK #13: Unlucky for some. Matt Rendell joins Ned on the line, from quarantine in the UAE.

Ned and Matt discuss the ramifications for cycling of the Coronavirus, with Matt in lockdown in Abu Dhabi
28/02/2026m 36s

THE ROAD BOOK #12: Nairo, Remco, Pog, van der Haar and Yates all get repeated hat doffs - and we dive headlong into the history of Dave and Ned's much loved Park Run movement.

A look back at the welter of fantastic racing over the last week, as well as a fascinating insight into the mind of the creator of Park Run phenomenon, podcast listener Paul Sinton-Hewitt.
25/02/2045m 26s

THE ROAD BOOK #11: Our Man In Asia. Dave and Ned are separated by seven time zones, but remain in contact via the World Wide Web..

A round-up of recent racing (already dated, because Ned couldn&apost find any WiFi - though the points are good ones), and then a special focus on Asia and the Tour de Langkawi - we hear from a rising star of sprinting, and chew the cud of the British cycling scene with John Herety, who happens to be in Malaysia.
08/02/2038m 22s

THE ROAD BOOK #10: Let 2020 rip! David and Ned chat Froome, Australia, Dogs, Yorkshire, Theatres and stuff

Ned is back from spending a few days with Chris Froome, and David has been watching the Tour Down Under (well, bits of it)
27/01/2036m 0s

THE ROAD BOOK #9: A bumper Xmas special, featuring Rendell and all sorts...

Ned and David have a little think about mismatching kits, Steve Cummings, the Vuelta and Marathon running, while Rendell tells us all about his holiday with Peter Sagan, Nairo Quintana, Egan Bernal and Richard Carapaz...Visit CHPT3 here.And discover the delights of The Road Book here.
18/12/1955m 30s

THE ROAD BOOK #8: Steve Cummings has something to say.

Steve Cummings talks to Ned about a difficult decision, and looks back on a prestigious career.Visit CHPT3 here.And discover the delights of The Road Book here.
19/11/1938m 23s

THE ROAD BOOK #7: The Editor's Cut. A scripted review, lifted from the pages of The Road Book of a glorious year.

With David otherwise detained, Ned reads from his Editor&aposs Introduction which opens the 2019 Road Book, and looks backs on the best year on the road for a long, long time.Visit CHPT3 here.And discover the delights of The Road Book here.
29/10/1932m 3s

THE ROAD BOOK #6: A big bike race announces the route for 2020. It's going to be held in France, seemingly. And it finishes on the Plank. Plus there is Darts with Lionel Birnie.

David and Ned turn their considerable attentions from Italy to the Tour de France 2020. And then there&aposs a bit of straying. Obvs.Visit CHPT3 here.And discover the delights of The Road Book here.
15/10/1950m 28s

THE ROAD BOOK #5: David and Ned continue their Italian voyage from the comfort of Spain and Lewisham, while Yoann Bagot, one day into retirement, talks about the awe he feels at the size of the universe.

It&aposs all about Italy in the Autumn. Plus astrophysics (obvs) and theology. The latest transfer news gets a airing, all while we wait for the climb up the Superga and the finale of Milano-Torino. Spoiler: we tell you what happens in the end.Follow @Yoannbagot on Twitter and find Bike’N Connect here.Visit CHPT3 here.And discover the delights of The Road Book here.
09/10/1940m 57s

THE ROAD BOOK #4: David (in Catalonia) joins Ned (in Lewisham) and they talk to Matt (in Madrid) about Lombardia (Italy) and Films (Sweden)

In our first attempt at remote podding we take a look ahead to the final, wonderful block of European mainland action. Matt Rendell previews the Italian autumn races. Then we stray off to space, this time as a metaphor for wonder and fear in the heart of a child. Visit CHPT3 here: www.chpt3.comBuy The Road Book here: Episode is LivePublished: Sep. 29, 2019 @ 4PM EditUnpublishAmplify this EpisodeAdd Chapter Markers$.10/minuteTranscribe this EpisodePromote this EpisodeCreate a Video SoundbiteShare on FacebookShare on Twitter
02/10/1936m 0s

THE ROAD BOOK #3: David and Ned shout loudly about Mads - because....well, mads

At the Harrogate finish line, Ned and David are put through a mixture of emotion, including irritation and occasional boredom. But it ends with colossal love. What a race. Visit CHPT3 here: www.chpt3.comBuy The Road Book here:
29/09/1931m 11s

THE ROAD BOOK #2: Ned & Dave stray unusually close (for them) to the Women's Road Race at the 2019 World Championships in Harrogate

David and Ned hang out at the finish line of the Elite Women&aposs Road Race, to follow events with a variety of guests, and a family perspective.
28/09/1943m 30s

THE ROAD BOOK #1: Ned & Dave go rogue. In Yorkshire - in the Worlds - and in Space.

This is the first episode from the CHPT3 and The Roadbook sponsored channel - there will also be a series of interviews called THE NEXT CHAPTER, coming soon.  In this, the inaugural THE ROADBOOK episode, Ned and Dave talk about this new podcast, a continuation of the ground-breaking, and much researched REVUELTA podcast.We mention Stephen Fry, this is the link: find The Roadbook here: CHPT3 here:
23/09/1940m 47s
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